Thug Auto Body Shop at 102-80 Merrick

So concerned residents of Jamaica, do you want to be just innocent bystanders who just bitch, but do nothing or are just victims of all the nonsense in the area or do you want to be the eyes and ears of your community and put a stop to the nonsense and bullshit that has been going on way too long in this community,  like the take over of the thug auto body shops of our sidewalks, side streets and the right hand lane of Merrick Blvd.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

WHY are you folks, especially those that live in that area between 104 Ave and 110th Ave, where these auto body shops have completely taken over and cause major safety issues on Merrick Blvd, putting up with this daily and ILLEGAL nonsense. DO SOMETHING.

The other day while driving during rush hour on Merrick Blvd, several auto body shops along that stretch had the right land completely blocked with vehicles, so that cars, buses, etc all had to be bottle-neck into the left hand land causing a major safety issue. BUT this is not a isolated incident, this is a daily issue with these outlaw shops that our local elected officials, including Councilman Miller, whose office is over that way, have done nothing for years on this issue.

So now with the great NCO (Neighborhood Coordination Officers) program, which was put into place in October of 2016, these officers are cracking down on these shops and other quality of life issues, BUT, you need to take a more proactive stance and be the eyes and ears of the precincts to let them know whenever you see such bullshit. For more on this great program, read

Know which sector you live in and which officers are in your sector, but you do not need to live in that particular sector if you see an issue, you can still report it to those NCO’s.

The sector where these outlaw body shops are operating in is Sector D and the officers for that sector are Office Matthew Langone ( & 929.248.0463 and Officer Michael Henderson. I contacted them via email about that issue the other day when I was in a car and they responded swiftly:


            As of right now Officer Henderson and myself have spoken with owners of the auto body shops involved regarding the issues on Merrick Boulevard.  We have issued five summonses and have had two cars marked by sanitation to be towed away. All other vehicles that were double parked or on sidewalks have been moved and warnings have been issued.  We will be in the vicinity frequently and will continue to summons and tow vehicles until the problem is completely taken care of.  Please let us know if you have any further issues, thanks you.


New York City Police Department

103 Precinct NCO Sector David

Cell #: (929) 248-0463

E-Mail: Matthew.Langone@NYPD.ORG

So USE THIS PROGRAM, IT WORKS. They handle all quality of life issues relating to NYPD issues. Issues like those auto body shops, illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal parking of tractor trailer trucks, noise issues such as fireworks and loud music, constant loitering involving drug dealing or other criminal activity. Any issues that falls under NYPD (sorry no garbage issues, that is DOS).

So get to know your NCO’s and attend meetings this month and introduce yourself and bring up quality of life issues that you are dealing with. These meeting are scheduled to be quarterly.

I can personally say that my NCO’s, Officers York and Sclafani have been amazing in my area. They pretty much have put a gigantic dent in the illegal truck driving on my residential street and are now working on the issue of trucks parking in the LIRR overpass tunnels south of Archer.

I cannot praise this program or the officers involved in it. Yesterday, I attended another meeting for Sector B, where the drug clinic on Hillside Ave and 175th has been an issue since it moved there last year.

So just don’t be a victim, take a pro-active stance and take back your block, your neighborhood, your community. Take back Jamaica from those who want to make your life miserable.

There are two more meeting this month:

► Sector Charlie (between the Van Wyck Expressway and 157th Street and between Archer and 110th avenues) — Tuesday, June 20, at the Concerned Parents of Jamaica Early Learning Center at 143-04 101 Ave.(NCO’s assigned to monitor Sutphin Boulevard will also be there).

► Sector David (between 157th Street and Francis Lewis Boulevard and between Archer and 110th avenues) — Thursday, June 15, at the South Hollis Library at 204-01 Hollis Ave. (NCO’s assigned to the South Jamaica Houses will also attend).

All meetings will begin at 7 p.m. and doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

ATTEND THEM. Be active in your community.


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