AND you wonder why Jamaica looks the fucking way it does. Now imagine this times 100,000. Fucking slobs.

Photo was taken by The Daily News for some bullshit sob-fest about Zara Realty & immigrants, some illegal immigrants (http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/queens-landlord-pushes-dhs-tip-line-scare-immigrants-tenants-article-1.3237351). Hell if I was Zara Realty, I would throw those slobs out of the building. Maybe they want you out, not because you are an immigrant, but look at your fucking apartment, can you imagine the rest of it, they probably want you out because you are a fucking slob and your place is a safe haven for roaches, mice and other rodents.

And the Daily News photographer, if I were you, I would burn every stitch of clothing you had on when you took this photo of this fucking garbage mess and take a long bath in Clorox.

AND you know what, if I owned a building, I would not want illegal immigrants living in it or fucking slobs, that just makes fucking common sense.

Anwar Hossain (r.) and his son Ali, 11, sit on a bed in the beleaguered Jamaica apartment. (Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)


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