Jesus Christ, I can’t type fast enough to keep up with the influx of Jamaica Hotels. This one replaces the car wash at Archer and 165th St.

As one reader stated:

The is getting out of hand! Another freaking hotel! and look where this guy has his other hotel, in the South Bronx! I spoke to an Indian Coworker of mine about the homeless people living in hotels in the area and he said “The Patels own most of these hotels, and housing homeless is steady income for them. They aren’t going anywhere”. Where is Commmunity board 12 to put a stop to this?

And for that Umbrella Hotel in the Bronx, while it looks nice on the outside and reviews were mostly positive, one review on Trip Advisor stated:

If 0 was an option, that would’ve been my choice. This hotel is a complete mess. Very hard to work with, nasty service, room was tiny and stank, as did the rest of the building smelling like weed & cigars etc. I booked a room for my family and I for two nights before even traveling to New York and everything was all set. Next thing you know, I was charged for parking when arrival, which certainly was included with my reservation. I go by my first horrible night, I was told I needed to leave the same day because I only booked for one night, whereas I already payed for both nights. If only I didn’t have a proof of my two-night reservation, I would’ve been sleeping in the streets, especially when that day was a holiday. Besides, when I needed and constantly asked for the manager all I was told was “the manager is busy and I don’t think he’s coming so…”, with the most disgusting attitude.
When it comes to breakfast, there’s not any except for stacks of Activia yogurt and stacks of cups/sugar. I wake up at 7:30 am to get myself and my family breakfast and all I see is literally two slices of toast, that’s it! Not only that, but the total amount I payed was $693.22 for only two nights. Ripoff+unacceptable service= Avoidance.
I do not recommend this hotel to any unless you want to spend a day or more in the most awful, garbage hotel.

Now how about putting something up where that shitty Slaughterhouse is. I mean the hotel developer said:

“You’ve got to make some money, you know?” he said. “The car wash is definitely not the right fit. The zoning allows a lot more buildable square feet than we have.”

But a slaughterhouse two doors down from this hotel is a right fit. But I am guessing, time is not on the side for this slaughterhouse either.


From The Real Deal:

Developer plans 206-key Holiday Inn Express for Jamaica

Manny Chadha’s hotel would span 72K sf on Archer Avenue

By Eddie Small | June 15, 2017 05:10PM

165-20 Archer Avenue

Hotel developer Manny Chadha plans to build a Holiday Inn Express with 206 rooms in Jamaica, according to Chadha and plans filed Thursday with the city’s Department of Buildings.

The 10-story, 72,062-square-foot hotel would be located at 165-20 Archer Avenue and feature seven rooms on the cellar level, 14 rooms on the first floor and between 19 and 23 rooms on the second through 10th floors. It would also include a rooftop bar, according to Chadha.

A car wash currently occupies the site, but Chadha plans to demolish the structure and hopes to begin construction on the hotel in early 2018.

“You’ve got to make some money, you know?” he said. “The car wash is definitely not the right fit. The zoning allows a lot more buildable square feet than we have.”

Chadha previously developed the Umbrella Hotel in the South Bronx at 681 Elton Street and said he plans to build another Holiday Inn Express in the Bronx as well at 4729 Third Avenue that would be nine stories tall and include 86 rooms.

Other major developments planned for Jamaica include George Xu’s 109-unit residential building on 88th Avenue and the Chetrit Group’s four-building complex at 150-13 89th Avenue.


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