King Manor Museum in Rufus King Park.

In this corner is the Garbage Champion, RUFUS KING PARK, (with it’s $2.2 million dollar renovation, that could have just been flushed down the crapper) and loads of garbage and litter thanks to many of our slob residents, our homeless folks (since the big homeless shelter El Camino is just a few blocks away and who knows what other little shelters are abound in the area) who have made this “could be a beautiful park” & historic park an outdoor homeless shelter and who cause a good bit of the litter, bottles, shit and piss. On any given day, step right up to see drunk homeless sleeping on a bench, dazed and confused drug addicts walking around or passed out and of course our vibrant & diverse slobs who think nothing of tossing pizza boxes, bottles, plastic bags, cans and other assorted shit on the soccer field and all throughout the park. AND let’s not forget the lousy NYC Department of Parks & Recreation who seem to not know how to trim. Thanks to a follower of this blog and resident for the Rufus King Park photos (6.23.17).


In this corner, our welterweight, but very scrappy little Garbage Challenger, MAJOR MARK PARK, which has the distinction of being across the street from the Opiod Clinic (where you will see the most white people in all of Jamaica, many who arrive from Long Island) and make this little scrapper a place to nod off, hang out and get into that nice drug induced stage of the “walking dead”. Most benches are taken up by them and the countless homeless crew who sleep here over night to wake up to the bright sunshine, take a piss and dump, throw there shit on the ground and begin their hectic jam packed day. Then of course we have our homegrown vibrant & diverse residents who want to feel like they are in their mother country and toss all kind of shit on the ground.

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

So hurry, hurry, step right up and get your tickets to the 1st annual Jamaica battle of the garbage dump parks.

SO any thoughts from our fearless leaders from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz  & Senator Comrie to Councilman Rory Lancman (Rufus King Park) and I. Daneek Miller (Major Mark Park) and all the others in between.

Speaking of thoughts, still not one peep from any of these hacks about the 15 year old girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in the almighty Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Cathderal Senior Residence on Merrick. NOT ONE WORD or COMMENT ( This underage black girl was just thrown completely under the bus and NOT ONE ELECTED OFFICIAL STOOD UP FOR HER. Maybe if she was an illegal homeless immigrant, someone would have stood up for her.

Rev Floyd Flake all pimped out.



  1. The bearded guy in the green windbreaker who can barely keep his head straight – ie, ‘nodding-out’ – is likely a heroin addict connected to the methadone clinic just across the street.
    As you mentioned, almost certainly not a native of Jamaica or Queens, likely coming in from LI – or even further away.
    Take a walk around NYU sometime and see how many people you can see ‘nodding-out’ in the park, or even motionless, barely able to stand on a street corner or in the middle of the sidewalk.
    Never seen things so bad wrt to this opioid epidemic.


  2. I am tired of living a boring normal life free of the pleasures of heroin and painkillers. I am going to one of these parks and ask these denizens where I can score some fentanyl laced heroin which is so big these days and affordable. But first I have to find some abandoned rolling luggage.

    These are the new hobos, the new kings of the road.


    • I think I can definitely get you some rolling luggage, they are always all over the damn place in Jamaica on sidewalks, sometimes with articles of clothing in them, but normally empty. Tell me your size and color and remember shipping is always free here at Jamaica Elegant Luggage.


  3. Not sure what your complaint about King Manor is, or why the photo – or the building – is ‘cheesy’. I didn’t know a ~ 250 colonial bldg could be ‘cheesy’.
    Jamaica has very little to commend itself for, but this beautifully-restored Federal-era building – now the ‘King Manor Museum’ – has great family-oriented activities for the surrounding community, year-round.
    There are only 23 such Trust house in the entire city: Jamaica is lucky to have one.
    The biggest residential conversion project in Jamaica is moving toward completion on the northern edge of King Park: the former Mary Immaculate Hospital; the view of the Park and the Manor house certainly weighed into the developer’s decision to invest there.
    (Let’s hope by the time it opens these encampments will be history).


  4. I wasn’t complaining about the actual manor, it was just an observation about the picture that was published. It looked kind of digitally enhanced.

    Speaking of the former hospital, with all the hyperdevelopment going on in that area, where are the new citizens going to go when they get critically ill or injured?


  5. As someone who lives in Jamaica, and walks through that area frequently (but not with the same indefatigable intent and strength of our ‘Joe’), the photo is real: somehow the sign hasn’t been destroyed: give it a few more months: it’ll get tagged.
    Your point about the hospital is ‘dead-on’ correct.
    Right before it closed, York College held a business breakfast on upcoming ‘changes’ to the downtown area: rumors about MIH – not yet shuttered – were flying but unconfirmed.
    I was sitting next to a mediator from NY State who was working on the ‘MIH closure case’. She claimed the following:
    Unremimbursed/unrecoverable services and fees for that hospital had increased maybe 20-fold or more in the last decade (~ 1999 – 2009), and the state – who had carried the bulk of these expenses – was unwilling to continue to do so. The reasons given? MIH was a small hospital that had not installed current benchmark procedures and equipment to ‘qualify’ for State Certification for certain specialties. But that wasn’t the full truth.
    The TRUTH was that in that decade, Jamaica was FLOODIED, INVADED, by UNCHECKED illegal immigration from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador: they found Jamaica go to be an ideal place to pack multiple generations of families in a single apt – as long as the landlord of these dumps got (and continues to get) paid, he could give a shit about safe-occupancy rules. All these new ‘immigrants’ new the drill long before they set foot here: are your kids sick? take them to the emergency room. Time to have your baby (and the next one, and the next one, etc)? Just walk in – they know NYC and NYState law requires care for anyone, from anywhere, regardless of ability to pay, and in a few years, a landmark neighborhood hospital was destroyed.
    The hospital was DRIVIEN into the GROUND by this onslaught, period.
    So, every asshole who voted Democratic – full slate – for the last 10, 20, 30 years, have no one to blame, no one to complain to, but themselves, period.


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