This was passed onto me from a reader of this blog, who said Perhaps a SE Queens version of this would make it to NY1.

Well, NY1’s Ruschell Boone, did come out and do a 4-part story back in 2014, with yours truly, about the garbage dumping and mess here in Jamaica (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/trashing-jamaica-here-is-the-complete-ny1-4-part-jamaica-garbage-series-by-ruschell-boone/), which she won a journalist award and which that now dead idiot, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, was on film saying she had no idea this was going on, dah!!!! AND NY1 has done several “garbage” stories on Jamaica.

TWC News: NY1 Reporter Honored by New York Association of Black Journalists
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Right now there are a few readers of this blog, who are always out and about with their cameras, when they are walking, going to work, etc and snapping photos of the garbage mess here in Jamaica, plus the REAL COMMUNITY ADVOCATE & ACTIVIST, Pamela Hazel, is ALWAYS filming and taking photos of the bullshit here and calling elected officials on their bullshit. BUT does she ever once get credit for her hard work, while holding down a full-time job and taking care of her family. NO, not once. She does more in one day, than these so-called Jamaica elected officials and so-called community advocates do in a year.

BUT it would be great if we could get several people like Detroit’s Jonathan Pommerville, who rides around catching people illegally dumping garbage in his suburb of Detroit. Here is a thought. Once a month SE Queens council members ride around their community they are responsible for videotaping all the nonsense like this that goes on, I mean, they hardly do anything to begin with except appear at events for photo-ops anyway. This way they would actually be working for their salary that is paid for by us the tax payers. So Miller, Vanel, Richards and Wills, bust out your camera’s and you each pick which four days a month you will actually be PUBLIC SERVANTS and start shooting (not Jamaica style shooting, camera shooting) and take Comrie with you, he needs the exercise. Have some of your staff also pick a day to do this as well and then get so-called “community advocates” like former Councilman Archie Spigner, whom Councilman Vanel refers to as “The Dean”, like he is the Black Godfather of Jamaica or Manny Caughman or any other number folks who call themselves “community advocates” and actually get your fucking hands dirty. Here is another novel idea, people in the community always say “the young teens have nothing to do, that is why they just hang out”. Well, that is not why they “just hang out”, but get some of the more creative ones, get some funding and pay them to go around the community filming such bullshit. And for the non-creative ones, get them to help clean up areas. Instead of stealing money, like Ruben Wills, actually put some of that money to young teens or the homeless and have them sweep up sidewalks and pick up the litter, Jamaica’s own version of the DOE FUND.

In the meantime, you never know when some Clean Up Jamaica Queens guy riding on a bike will film you doing something stupid like garbage dumping or other shit or parking a truck illegally.


From Fox News 2:

Illegal dumpers cry after being caught on video

– Illegal dumper cries after being caught on video

A man on a mission, catching people coming from the suburbs to dump their trash illegally in Detroit.

Jonathan Pommerville recently busted a couple from Shelby Township and streamed it live on Facebook – then posted the whole thing on YouTube.

He spotted a red truck driving in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood. Pommerville, a community activist and blight fighter’s instincts kicked in.

“It had a full load and I’m like what are the chances be dumping in my neighborhood,” he said.

He posting a YouTube Monday busting the dumpers. Pommerville says he recorded the man and woman claiming to be from Shelby Township a month ago dumping on Detroit’s Riverdale Street.

“Pick it all up right now,” Pommerville tells them.

A man answers, “I will.”

Beginning to quickly scoop up the leaves, bags, and junk like siding, Pommerville tells the duo he is calling the cops.

“When I confronted him, that’s when the waterworks ensued,” Pommerville said.

On video, the man says “Aw man I’m begging you, please I’m so sorry.”

But Pommerville was not feeling too empathetic.

“We really just want these folks to get it,” he said. “We don’t want them dumping in our neighborhoods.”

On video, Pommerville says to the crying man: “It’s not the end of your life man. Are you on drugs? No? Then relax.”

Pommerville then calls police which handed out two tickets to the distressed duo.

“This is a good learning experience for you,” Pommerville said.

When the dumpers drove away the man even told Pommerville he appreciates what he is doing. But when Pommerville followed them to make sure they would toss the stuff legally he called the police on him.

“Madison Heights police had a really good laugh about that one,” Pommerville said. “And sent him on his way.

“So he pulled into another business and came clean.”

While Pommerville says chasing dumpers can be exhausting. Pommerville says he’s never giving up on his mission to fight blight.

“My job is never done because as soon as we clean up one mess, another one gets dumped right behind it,” he said.



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