Remember before the election, when Republicans felt they were going to lose the election and everyone, including most of the media said that the Republicans needed to do some soul searching if they ever want to win an election ever again, well, it turned out the opposite was true and the Democrats are the ones who need to do some soul searching, major soul searching.

They also need to grow BIG BALLS, learn how to brawl against Republicans hard core like Charles Bronson in “Hard Times”, stand up and own the  good that they do like The Affordable Health Care, even though it had some issues, was good and heading our health insurance into the right direction as opposed to this AWFUL TrumpCare crap, which millions and millions of people will lose health care over the years, premiums  will go up high, seniors, middle class and the poor will suffer much with the gutting of Medicare and that includes plenty of Trump supporters, while the people that Trump supporters supposedly dislike, the 1% will get richer with the tax cuts to them from this awful bill. This is not a healthcare bill, this is a get rich tax cut for the 1%.

They also need to stop with the identity politics (which NYC Democrats LOVE to do) and stop calling everyone who speaks out against religion or Islam or has an opinion as racists, Islamophobia (a pretty much made up word) or any other bullshit they say when someone who has their right to speak their mind. AND if you are going to be a liberal, you MUST be a liberal across the board, not be a “selective liberal”.

Case in point and this ass below, Spencer Sunshine, whose heart is in the right place but not his logic or brain. If you are going to stand up for women and gay rights, you need to stand up all the way and call out Islam and some Muslims with their horrible viewpoint of both women and gays. AND wearing a burka is not a fucking fashion statement or a women’s right, it is a total degrading of females by male Muslims, yet people like Spencer and many other, mostly WHITE LIBERALS, never do that, afraid of being called a “racists” or some other bullshit.

Like the article below where Sunshine calls an anti-Sharia Law rally a far-right demonstration and people say that the protesters are anti-Muslim. WHAT THE FUCK, Sharia Law is FUCKED. Sunshine, you seem to be an intelligent person, do you have any idea what it is like to live under Sharia Law. How about asking the many Muslims who can live very openly in the United States about that. Ask any feminist Muslim woman. Ask any gay or lesbian Muslim. Your blanket statement is just as bag as your counterparts, the far right conservative Republicans. Being anti-Sharia Law is NOT anti-Muslim, it is being a HUMANITARIAN.

What has happened with liberals in this day and age. Everything is “racist” and you pick and choose your liberal ideals as not to offend everyone.

AND this goes beyond Islam and religion, people like Sunshine do this with all kind of shit and most of them tend to be white as well and also tend to be “Limousine Liberals” or “Armchair Liberals” and no one is more “Limousine Liberal” like Mayor deBlasio, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, Public Advocate Letitia James and a whole host of others, who want all of us to make sacrifices, but yet they make NONE, while living in their gated communities, in their nice lily white communities, on their clean blocks where the nearest homeless shelter, drug clinic or any other bullshit that gets dumped into mostly communities of color, is in a far off neighborhood that they never go to. AND when was the last time any of these clowns rode the worst subway system in the world with every kind of nonsense like tons of dangerous smelly homeless people, ghetto pole dancers, panhandlers saying the same bullshit like they took a Panhandler 101 class, fucking religious nutts preaching from some made up book and all the other crap hard working people deal with on a daily basis.

AND while we are on the subject of these misguided “liberals”, the working class “conservatives” are no better, with their “anti-union” rhetoric, while the CEO’s of companies make billions on the back of the working class or that Russians hacking our elections (a FACT, not a factoid or “fake news”) is nothing to be concerned about or Trump’s henchman avoiding answering questions during hearings on the Republican/Russian collusion (again FACT not “fake news”). I mean what happened to the party of Regan, who must be rolling over in his grave 24/7. What happened to Republicans who were all about putting America first and being patriotic.

It is time to get all of your shit together, because these powers that be love this shit, because while you are all being irate about fake bullshit or being distracted by non news crap, the powers to be are gaining more power, more wealth and turning you all into the walking dead.

It is still time to wake up, but unfortunately I don’t have much faith in the sheeple, which is why people like Donald Trump, John Gotti and Rev. Floyd Flake are pretty much made out of the same unholy cloth and do or did the shit they have done. They brainwash you, while stealing right in front of you and making their wallets fatter and fatter, the whole time telling you it is in your best interest.

So how is all this working out for you.

AND liberals, get back to being true liberals as opposed to being cry babies when someone speaks their mind, whether in print, in public or on college campuses, where you tend to get your little feelings hurt.

AND Spencer Sunshine, learn about the British Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz, who appeared last night on Bill Maher’s Real Time (



From Metro New York:

With far-right movement rising, one New Yorker hopes education can change tide

“They saw (Trump) say he was going to build a wall and register Muslims, and it was lit like a match on gasoline.”

While the presidency of Donald Trump has inspired a resistance of marches and art exhibits and plays, it’s also stirred another movement that isn’t grabbing as many headlines.

“I went to an Ethiopian restaurant in Bushwick on Monday and had to pull a neo-Nazi sticker off the wall,” Spencer Sunshine told Metro. “I never would have seen one two years ago.”

Because such propaganda and its believers have become more visible in the city — and country — Sunshine, who has researched and reported on the far-right movement since 2005 and is an assistant fellow at social justice think tank Political Research Associates (PRA), felt it was time to “have a public discussion about this.”

Sunshine will host “The Far Right Today in the U.S. and New York City” at Verso Books in Brooklyn on Wednesday, June 28. During the PRA-sponsored talk, Sunshine will shed light on the different groups within the far-right movement and break down their beliefs.

Metro: How important is it to hold this event now? 

Spencer Sunshine: There’s a real uptick in far-right presence on the streets of New York right now. I’ve lived in New York for 17 years, and I’ve never seen so many people at a far-right demonstration as I saw at the anti-Sharia rally on June 10. This is in concert with an upsurge of far-right work and racist organizing across the United States.

What do you hope is the takeaway?

I want people who are concerned about the rise of the far-right to not just know that it’s here, but to look at it in color and notice these different kind of groups have names, organizers and pay attention to how they’re organizing and what kind of things they’re talking about because that’s a necessary step to taking action against them.

Can you pinpoint when this recent far-right movement came to the surface?

It all happened with (Trump’s) campaign, 100 percent, especially the racist part of it. They saw him say he was going to build a wall and register Muslims, and it was lit like a match on gasoline.

Do you think the country can or will step back from this post-Trump?

That’s a really vexing question. Trump has broken this post-civil rights movement consensus that you cannot, in polite conversation, say these bigoted things. Will that genie go back in the bottle? I have a feeling that’s going to be hard to do. Him leaving won’t resolve those underlying tensions. Many white Americans don’t want to live in a multi-racial society.

You’ve been called an instigator, a war criminal, a political hit man and worse. How do you describe yourself?

(laughs) People say those things because they want to shut people down like me from speaking out. I’m a researcher of the far-right. That’s my description of myself, and I am completely against them. I want them to change their beliefs and embrace different views of society.


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