Just when you think that Mayor Dumbo cannot outdo his own stupidity, he hits his stride all over again.

You have a jail in an isolated area, where damn jails should be. Just fix the fucking thing up and fix the fucking system as opposed to putting jails in already completely over-developed and over-crowded boroughs (BUT Manhattan will NOT get a prison if this shit goes through). Christ, the inmates are in Rikers and they are running the damn government.

What a major fucking mess this shitty city is. People talk about idiot Trump (which he is), well we have our own progressive version of Trump. DeTrumpio.

Rikers Island DOES NOT NEED shuttered so that the criminals, the mentally ill, the violent, the highly dangerous can be placed in the boroughs and you can bet your life on it, that if this happens, these smaller prisons will be placed in communities of color, just like waste stations are dumped there, homeless shelters by the dozen are dumped there and drug clinics as well.

So folks in Jamaica and in SE Queens, time to ask your city council member how they will vote on this. People like I. Daneek Miller, Donovan Richards and Ruben Wills, who will sell his grandmothers pussy in a flash. Because you know damn well if this bullshit passes, it will becoming to your HOOD, not Melinda Katz’s hood or Melissa Mark-Viverito’s hood or not at all in Manhattan.

AND Jamaica folks, that majorly corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks endorsed deBlasio. Say HELLO to the JAMAICA/SE QUEENS PRISON.

Some excellent comments on this issue over in Queens Crap:

Anonymous said…

If anyone was still supporting this mayor, this is (yet another) reason to vote him out in November. At his point, anybody would be better. If you look at the rikers plan on the new city website, they mention that almost 40% of the people in rikers have some kind of mental illness. Those people need treatment. But where is the discussion of closing rikers and building mental facilities? There is none! Close rikers, let the mentally ill wander the streets and the others can be spread throughout the boroughs. This benefits no one. Friday, June 23, 2017

JQ LLC said…

Like the scoundrels at REBNY might say, it’s all about location location location. (location cubed)

OK, There will be two way west in Staten Island near South Jersey. I guess that was the real reason De Faustio went there first to scarf canolis with Oddo.

There is one that looks like the border of Brooklyn and Queens near Ozone Park and East New York like where the low level and project housing are by Linden Blvd. Wanna bet a bulk of the shelters are going to be built there too. This is where the city is going to thrust the homeless and next to be homeless to after East New York’s government sanctioned gentrification(yes, I’m being redundant for effect).

No jails for Manhattan, shocker there. And yet again the needs of the tourists outweigh the needs and security of the native citizenry, the people who pay to live here full time. I tie this to De Faustio’s earlier claim that people out of town know what’s best for the city than his constituency does.

Of course for this to become a horrible reality, crime has to go down enough to ensure it’s transformation, and I don’t see that happening (new bad days, shameless plug)in the near or way ahead future and see it exploding in the next few hot months of a very suffering, humid, oppressing summer. Especially oppressing, considering the stunt De Faustio and councilwoman Chen pulled at the mayor’s bogus town hall on the L.E.S. and Chinatown. Cellphone robberies, shootings, stabbings, slashing and of course sexual deviancy have seen an dramatic uptick in the past few months.

And the widening economic disparity and people being displaced from their apts from gentrification is going to produce more bitter and frustrated people, and will lead to more gangs.

The gentrification industrial complex has been gifted with generous rezoning and upzoning that has upended and changed/ruined the boroughs with their blade runner towers and fabricated market rates enabled by this corrupt mayor, but this time he and they will fail trying with this demented sociology project.

And damn right I don’t want this in my backyard assholes. Or anyone other sane person’s backyard.

resist. peace. Friday, June 23, 2017

ELECTION TIME: DUMP deBlasio and ALL incumbents in Jamaica/SE Queens. Make a statement or continue being idiotic sheeple.




From DNA Info New York:

Rikers Island Closure Depends on City Council NIMBYs, Mayor Says

By Gwynne Hogan | June 22, 2017 3:32pm
 Bill de Blasio called on city council members to support new jails in their districts.

Bill de Blasio called on city council members to support new jails in their districts.View Full Caption

DNAinfo/Theodore Parisienne

NEW YORK CITY — A plan to close Rikers Island unveiled Thursday won’t happen without the support of local city council members willing to clear the way for local jails in their districts, the mayor said on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer’s show.

The 85-year-old jail has been plagued by concerns for inmate mistreatment and deaths, security issues and mismanagement, won’t close without new satellite jails, Mayor Bill de Blasio, said Thursday morning.

While de Blasio’s ten-year-plan included a combination of criminal justice reforms to drive down the city’s inmate population by making it easier to pay bail, investing more in mental health programs and decreasing crime rates, details of the satellite jails are conspicuously absent.

The mayor put the onus squarely on neighborhood NIMBYs.

“We’re going keep driving [the inmate population] down with every tool we have, but we can’t get off Rikers, unless there are specific places where the local leadership accept a jail facility,” he said. “It just cannot happen without a vote of the City Council.”

No new jail facility is being considered on Staten Island because of low numbers of arrestees who come from there, he said, but in the other four boroughs, local leadership will have to step up and support new jails.

“We got four other boroughs. We need a specific location and a specific councilmen to step forward in an appropriate location and say, ‘I’m ready to get this process going,” he said. “We need to see a commitment from the city councilmembers in the districts that have been initially proposed to start the land use process to achieve it.”

In March of 2016, DNAinfo exclusively reported that the city was quietly eyeing several sites for new satellite jails including locations in Hunts Point in the Bronx, in College Point in Queens, at 287 Maspeth Ave. on a vacant lot owned by National Grid in East Williamsburg, at 803 Forbell St. in East New York and at two sites on Staten Island.


The 2016 report shocked and enraged local officials who represented those districts who came out in ardent opposition against new jails in their districts.

Local City Councilman Antonio Reynoso, a vocal advocate on behalf of the Close Rikers campaign, slammed the plan for proposing to put a satellite jail in his district on Maspeth Avenue though he didn’t immediately respond to a request for further comment.

Councilman Rafael Salamanca who represents Hunts Point also opposed a lockup in his district.

“Council Member Salamanca is in favor of closing Rikers, but feels strongly that the fact that the South Bronx has historically been overburdened with correctional facilities should be taken into consideration when it comes time to site new jails, ” spokesman Ryan Monell said.

City Councilman Paul Vallone, who represents College Point, said the city still hasn’t given him a specific location for a new jail building but that he was against the idea.

“Any attempt by the city to target College Point for a proposed jail site will be met by fierce and complete opposition,” Councilman Vallone said.

“They just say College Point as if it’s a dumping ground for the city,” Morales said. “We’ve been working hard to create a Renaissance down there and we really feel that putting a jail in that area would be really detrimental.”

De Blasio touted a 23 percent reduction in Rikers Island inmate population in the time he’s been in office, down to an average of 9,400 people a day, but said local jails will have to be built in the neighborhoods.

“Even a jail population of 5,000 — significantly smaller than the jail population today — will still require identifying and developing appropriate sites for new jails as well as renovating existing facilities in the boroughs,” the report said.



  1. Notice they are not going to place it in DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, and Sunset Park which assholes are now calling “industry city”.

    The one planned for Forebell st. is in Ozone Park by the Grant ave station, there are schools in that area. That town is getting redlined.


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