More loud music playing on the sidewalk Sunday night at the same spot as on Saturday night on 90 Ave & 169 St between 169 St & 170 St, closer to 169 St on the South Side of Street near small apartment building. File a 311 noise complaint and this.

NOW, when I filed the complaint for the location, I put the following, very clear and I finally get this.

REALLY, a very detail location and right across from the 103rd and you tell me:

Your Service Request was closed.The Police Department reviewed your complaint and provided additional information below.

not enough information on location of noise

REALLY, what did you need me to do, stand right there where the music was coming from holding an American flag, shooting off fireworks and yelling over the music, RIGHT HERE OFFICERS.

GO FIGURE and this is why so many people get pissed off in the city, the INEPITUDE and blatant lack of caring. I really like the 103rd precinct, one of the hardest working precincts. And I know they are understaffed, but REALLY folks.



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