168 pl at 90 ave in downtown Jamaica

We deserve better than this. This is a first class community,” said Archie Spigner, former Council Member, to applause, about not learning of upcoming events until he sees signs in the community.

That was the famous quote from former three term Councilman Archie Spigner, who Comrie worked for and then took his place for three terms followed by Comrie’s boy, I. Daneek Miller (see a pattern there), which appeared in the Communities of Color article recently (


Sure the small area of the historic district Addesleigh Park with it’s gorgeous homes and beautiful manicured lawns make you feel you are not even in Queens, let alone Jamaica and a few spots in St. Albans are nice and there are smatterings of other areas and blocks over on Foch Blvd and parts of Laurelton, Springfield Gardens and Cambria Heights, but let’s be real, the majority of Jamaica is on par with Motel  6 and would not even be considered a 5th or 6th rate community. I mean walk around most of the area or bike it, like I do and I have seen much of it. Garbage & litter are everywhere, major amounts of illegal dumping, garbage strewn and high weed vacant lots, abandoned homes and buildings, illegal conversions, illegal curb cut & parking spaces, abandoned, junked, unlicensed & high amount of out of state vehicles all over the place, Merrick Blvd thug auto body shops have made a mess of that area, the poisonous & polluting Royal Waste dump in the downtown area, numerous hanging wires from telephone poles, illegal truck driving & parking on residential streets, large waste trucks parking inside LIRR overpass tunnels, tons of homeless shelters with tons of the homeless walking dead all over the place, homeless encampments in parks and the local subway stations, major noise issues, drug clinics with bad behaving clients, do I need to go on and I have not even mentioned the high crime of shootings, killings, prostitution and drug dealing. Plus Rev. Floyd & Elaine Flake’s underage house of prostitution at the Greater Allen Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd, where a 15 year old girl was kidnapped and pimped out of this location for FOUR MONTHS with not one comment by the Flakes, Greater Allen Church, elected officials and folks like Spigner.

171st and 107 Ave THE FAMOUS BUSHWALK

FIRST RATE MY ASS, so let me show you your first class community of Jamaica, Spigner.

Ruben Wills District of prostitution, garbage and other ghetto messes. 157 and Tuskegee Airman Way

Rufus King Park

Over a million dollars and you would think this is some little kid playing the slums of Calcutta.

Cause from over a two week water main break on Hillside Avenue that the city took their damn good old time getting to.


The running of the bulls in downtown Jamaica


Royal Waste comprises the entire blue rectangle. As can be seen thousands of homes and a park are at risk.

The future of Jamaica

168 pl at 90 ave in downtown Jamaica

Elderly man’s legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.


Vacant “condo” where Con Ed has put up a sign that “electricity of off due to lack of payment. Can you say ghetto B&B.

Another ghetto crook, Yolanda Vitulli, the executive director of Tender Care Human Services Inc. has been charged with stealing $100,000 from the not-for-profit company.

Parked all last weekend from Friday thru Monday.

Come visit Jamaica Ave, home of low-class ghetto & crap third world shopping.

Totally Illegal blocking of sidewalk. Pretty Girl is one of many stores on Jamaica Ave doing this. Besides making it difficult to manuever, it is low-class ghetto/third world country EYESORE.

She certainly does not look like some starving young girl in Africa.

Problematic Drug Clinic at 175 st and Hillside Ave

Downtown Jamaica, UNACCEPTABLE

Watch your step!

Is that Assembly Member Vivian Cook addressing her constituents.

Queens City Council members Ruben Wills, Shirley Huntley and Bill Scarborough have all been investigated for corruption. Photo: Ellis Kaplan/Paul Martinka/AP

Good old Downtown

Jamaica Center Station

A pattern of illegal garbage dumping for years.

Is this an example of being on “the right track”.

Homeless shelter with local residents hanging out all day. Two blocks from downtown Jamaica Ave

Supportive housing



Asshole leaders. The same shit over and over in different positions.

Jamaica Waste Transfer Station near homes and York College

Miller’s District

No this is not a quality of life issue that destroys a neighborhood’s quality of life…………no not at all, this is just ghetto parking in the hood.

More third world dreck, no green.

Jamaica’s corrupt web

Merrick and 108 Ave


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