Cleanup Jamaica goes on summer hiatus as I leave ghetto Jamaica, this crappy Queens borough, this highly overrated NYC and totally corrupt NY state to venture west to get  away from this over-populated shithole, ghetto madness and third world country nonsense as I scope out future places for my eventual future exodus from Ghetto Jamaica & Shitty NY.

In the meantime, check out the following sites for all the CRAP in Queens in this awful overcrowded, congested, super expensive and HIGHLY overrated city:

AND remember, you get the community and government you deserve.

And for fun on this maddening holiday in the summer of hell (but then aren’t all summers in NYC FUCKING GHETTO HELL). See how close you get to these counts during the 4th of July holiday:

  1. Number of shootings at barbecues, parties,family gatherings etc in Jamaica/SE Queens.
  2. Number of deaths from the above in Jamaica/SE Queens by young men against other young men.
  3. Overall number of shootings in the ghetto communities of NYC.


See you eventually or maybe not…………………………………………………………… never know.




  1. Your picture of a gun and bullets scare me. Hope someone on this blog reports you before you go and do something violent.


    • Then you need to get a life, because what you should be scared of is the ghetto hood rats in Jamaica (and elsewhere) that actually have the guns and bullets like the ones used to kill 2 people at a July 4th party in Jamaica. I guess irony of the photo in that blog went straight over you clueless head.


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