Ah, clean up Jamaica Style, which means totally half ass as Ms. Hazel reports on Jamaica’s famous tourist attraction, BUSHWALK.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

Over the weekend, the corner of 107th. Avenue & 171st. Place was cleaned. But the garbage was placed elsewhere. A neighbour contacted me and he was furious. He said that he was watching outside from his home; when two black men arrived at the site, that had a discarded mattress surrounded by bush. Armed with machetes, the men began chopping down the bush and filled a few garbage bags.


Mr. D. said, that he stared in disbelief what ensued next. The two men hoisted the filthy mattress and tossed it over the wooden fence adjacent to the sidewalk. Then, one by one they dragged the large, bags and tossed them over the fence as well.


I asked Mr. D, “why didn’t you call out to them.” He retorted, “mam, I will not confront two strong, black men; especially when they are holding sharp weapons.”


Several neighbours told me that their nostrils urged them to peek through the fence. Animals are living under the mattress and the odor is permeating.


Photos were taken yesterday,(7/9/17). Location, 107th. Avenue &. 171 Place. (Bushwalk/sidewalk) Outside the fence.


Inside the fence.

Inside the fence.

Five weeks ago.

Borough President, Katz and Councilman Miller where do you stand on resolving this problem once and for all? Katz has created an atmosphere; where some people believe it is ok for Jamaica Queens to remain unattractive and stink.

Ms. Boranian, you are in charge of constituents services in Katz’s office. You All are responsible for this mess. Weeks ago I reported the growing bush, but none of you responded. You all waited until the bush, garbage and yes, the filthy mattress engulfed the side walk.

Please tell these two menacing butchers, to return to the scene of their quality of life crime. They have to retrieve the filthy mattress and garbage. It is a violation to dispose of garbage improperly.

By the way, the butchers left the bush about 12 inches high. Please have them cut the bush properly. They should use a lawn mower. Voters in Jamaica Queens deserve the same quality of services.



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