Same old fucking Jamaica ghetto issues over and over again, same shit, same locations, with no permanent solutions and no response from any of the local Queens politicians, including Katz, one of the biggest fake elected officials of all and two-faced. Just more TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. What a bunch of fucking useless Democrats in the area, and they have the nerve to criticize Trump. Sure Trump is a major asshole, but then what do these local Democrats think they are.


From Pamela Hazel:

The abandoned house, raccoon dwelling was cleaned last week. However, only the front of the yard was cleaned. Ms. B. called me last Friday to say thanks to CleanUpJamaicaQueens. She said, that she  noticed the front yard was transformed; the bush was cut and the lawn was the cleanest in years.
Photos were taken on 7/7/2017.  Location, 167-05 144th. Avenue, front yard.



On Sunday, the crew returned to complete the job; or so she thought. She spoke to one of the crew members who identified himself as part of the Wild Cat Program. They are responsible for cleaning up areas. At that point, she wanted to know when they will complete the job. Once again she and other neighbours reached out to CleanupJamaicaQueens.

I contacted Jason who said that he is affiliated with Wild Cat, sanitation, NYPD and other organizations. I asked him why the crew did not complete the job. He replied, “the crew has permission to go in the front yard, but not in the back.”
back yard




I could not believe such nonsense; after a deep breath I responded. “So, the raccoons can live in the back, but not in the front!” He said that he was just telling me the process. Sanitation has to contact the owner. If the owner does not respond within a certain time, then sanitation will get permission to enter the back yard. “That may take awhile,” he said.

This is the kind of idiotic decisions made by the so-called leaders. Those in charge to institute policies that affect voters’ lives.

Meanwhile, neighbours are living in fear; the raccoons have taken over the back yard. Neighbours said that at night the chittering sound from the raccoons are driving them crazy. In the day, they have to keep their children inside. Their children cannot even enjoy the Summer.

Boranian, you are employed at Borough President Katz’s office. You are responsible for resolving constituents/voters problems. Can you please contact the wise guys at the Department of Sanitation? While you at it, please tell them that James Fobb’s area is filthy again, yes again.
Sidewalk, 107-58 164 th. Street


The garage.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


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