A recent Queens Courier article ( had the Greater Development Corporation, President Hope Knight and bullshit artist Queens BP Melinda Katz boasting

Jamaica is already seeing major benefits from ‘Action Plan,’ with many more to come

Wow, excuse me while I head to the shitter and blow all that bullshit smoke that was blown up my ass by GJDC.

REALLY, benefits, like what kind of benefits. You mean like this problematic vacant lot smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica at the NW corner of 162nd St & 89 Ave, that has been an eyesore for years. Besides the typical chronic garbage that surrounds it and getS dumped all the time, despite the sign of “NO DUMPING, FINE $500 and the more than likely fake “security camera” signs, the weeds surrounding the place are completely out of control, not unlike the Jamaica community itself, but the lot has been storing commercial vehicles like big dump trucks, which is totally ILLEGAL in a residential area. So the owner who put up this sign needs to know the damn laws of the storage of commercial vehicles in residential areas.

This mess is ILLEGAL, storage of commercial vehicles in the Downtown area residential section.

Department of Transportation laws state:

Street storage of commercial vehicles prohibited

When parking is not otherwise restricted, no person shall park a commercial vehicle in any area, including a residential area, in excess of three hours.

BUT of course ENFORCEMENT is a rarity. I have been filing complaints about commercial vehicle storage in this location for several years to DOB, who this falls under, but to no avail, they are always stating “can’t find the location”. Doubt this would be the case in Forest Hills. AND because so many laws are NOT ENFORCED in the Jamaica area, the folks all know this and so it is the perfect place to store commercial vehicles on streets, in vacant lots and inside LIRR overpass tunnels. Auto body shops know that laws are rarely enforced and so that is why you see tons of junked and unlicensed vehicles on Merrick Blvd up on sidewalks, on residential streets and blocking the right hand lane of Merrick Blvd, one of the busiest stretches. SO pretty much it is a free-for-all for all kind of bullshit and nonsense.

Photos below  by the roving reporter “The Philster”.

AND speaking of BULLSHIT & NONSENSE, what is the deal with Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and all the bullshit and lies that have been flowing out of it lately. I mean, we have this whole Queens Courier bullshit propaganda about “Jamaica seeing benefits from the Jamaica Now Action Plan”, but as I posted early, what benefits (

Because the Queens Chronicle is stating something opposite with actual FACTS. So GJDC, Hope Knight, Melinda Katz and Gregory Meeks, someone is FULL OF SHIT and it certainly is not the Queens Chronicle.

So how about you all do something about this eyesore lot in downtown Jamaica, the homeless encampments at both Rufus King Park & Major Mark Park to start with. In the meantime, it is Jamaica nonsense as usual.


From Queen Chronicle:

GJDC: Still no news on station, 168th St.

Group still working to complete two high-profile development projects

The Greater Jamaica Development Corp. is once again pushing back deadlines for projects it had touted with much fanfare years ago.

Back in December, Hope Knight, president and CEO of the GJDC, told the Chronicle that the organization was negotiating with a potential tenant for the Shops at Station Plaza that it could not disclose at the time.

In the same email, she said that the GJDC was examining “a number of proposals” to develop what is now a parking lot at 168th Street and 90th Avenue in Jamaica; the site back in May 2013 was the subject of a press conference that included U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens, Nassau) announcing an agreement to develop a $50 million shopping mall and parking garage.

Knight said she expected to have a signed contract “most likely in the first half of 2017.”

This week, a representative for the GJDC said a tenant for the Shops at Station Plaza, as well as a developer for the 168th Street property, are expected “in the coming months.”

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Station Plaza, located beneath the Long Island Rail Road trestle on Sutphin Boulevard, directly across from the main entrance to the LIRR’s Jamaica station, had its ribbon cutting in 2012, one of the final touches on the revitalization of the ancient rail hub.

The siting places it at a transportation crossroad for multiple bus routes, two subway lines and the JFK AirTrain. It was part of a $12.7 million project.

Two artists’ organizations, Chashama and BroLab, both active in New York City, were reported to be coming there in 2012.

But to date the only tenant is the Resorts World Casino in South Ozone Park, which opened a waiting room for its shuttle bus service there in 2013.

The 168th Street property sits across the street from the NYPD’s 103rd Precinct stationhouse and is a paid parking lot.

In May 2013, Meeks was the featured speaker at the GJDC’s Harvest Room when the group announced an agreement worth about $50 million with the Long-Island-based Blumenfeld Group, whose resume includes the transformation of the old Bulova Watch factory in East Elmhurst into a business office and conference center complex.

Blumenfeld executives at the time envisioned a big-box retail anchor and a 500-space parking garage. At an unknown point in 2015 Blumenfeld, according to sources, agreed to add an affordable housing component.

But by March 2016 the project was reported dead and the contract terminated. Neither Blumenfeld representatives nor GJDC officials would discuss the nature of the termination, with Knight saying that they would be putting out a request for proposals in spring 2016.

They did so last summer, with a call for a mixed-use project with at least 250 affordable apartments, including set-asides for artists, with retail space on the ground floor. The announced deadline for proposals was Dec. 2, 2016.

It was shortly after the deadline last December when Knight emailed the Chronicle with the new target date coming within the first half of this year.

Meeks, interviewed at the 2013 press conference, said he did not believe that the project would be subject to the numerous delays that have plagued some projects in New York City, such as the ongoing Kingsbridge Armory saga in the Bronx.

In 2009 a national developer proposed stores and shops that would bring 1,200 jobs, until Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. made demands for wages and other benefits that the developer would have to secure from all retailers signing a lease.

Diaz was quoted as saying, “The notion that any job is better than no job no longer applies.”

But the developer pulled out. It was another four years before a consortium headed by former New York Rangers star Mark Messier proposed a recreation center with multiple skating rinks. But that has been tied up in litigation for years, though in January Gov. Cuomo pledged some financial backing for the project.

Downplaying any chance of the 168th Street project meeting the same fate at the 2013 press conference, Meeks said, “The developer is on board and everyone is working together.”

Greater Jamaica has, however, been able to point to several development success stories in the last year alone.

In April, BRP Companies broke ground on The Crossing at Jamaica Station, a $407 million, two-tower apartment complex slated to bring 669 affordable housing units and retail space when it is competed in 2019; it is considered the largest single-project investment in Jamaica in decades.

Additional projects include but are not limited to:

• the planned 338-room Marriott Courtyard and Fairfield Inn Suites at 148-18 Archer Ave., scheduled to open in 2019;

• a mixed-use building with more than 350 affordable housing units at 92-33 168 St. scheduled to be completed in 2019; and

• 380 apartment units, including 20 percent of them affordable, in a 26-story building under construction at 147-20 94 Ave.

But all have, with the exception of The Crossing at Jamaica Station, proceeded without the initial fanfare accorded Station Plaza and the 168th Street lot.



  1. It looks like I was right about “false” Hope, she’s a public relations shill for the Gentrification Industrial Complex and an amateurish one at that. All this nonsense about flux was just a ruse to attract the predator developers and hoteliers and their piles of cash made possible with tax abatements at the cost of the average workers paycheck. Starbucks and Chipotle are just as ubiquitous as Mcdonalds now and will not improve anything. Having Resorts World as the only tenant just stains it more that Jamaica Now (as well as Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn) has to rely on the gambling industry to keep their delusional mission going.

    It’s a safe bet that those art collectives (Brolab?? HA!) probably don’t even exist anymore or were just as made up as Ruby’s NY 4 Life non-profit.

    All of this is just a lame attempt to imitate the bubble infused obnoxious success of the Brooklyn Brand (not Brooklyn). The funny thing is that everyone is on to this scam now accept the dopes orchestrating this charade of neighborhood improvement.


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