Jamaica is spiraling DOWNWARDS and FAST, especially in the past year and no amount of development nor Chipotle’s or Starbucks or even a massive expansion of Resorts Casino is going to help ( I mean certainly $2.2 million dollars down the proverbial fucking ghetto drain did not help Rufus King Park, that Queens BP Katz loves to talk about. That park has pretty much turned into an big outdoor homeless shelter, with an encampment in the Pavilion and the much much smaller park, Major Mark Park at Hillside Avenue & 175th Street (WHICH WAS A MAJOR DISASTER THIS MORNING), is an utter complete disaster of mounds of garbage, litter, liquor bottles and a big homeless encampment, where not only have homeless taken over the benches, but are now making the lawn their new home. My eyes have witnessed arguments, drug use and shitting & pissing in public. The situation has gotten even worse with the drug clinic, which was moved from Archer & Parsons, to right across the street next to a liquor store (who thought this one through). Last year a shooting erupted by two drug addicts from the clinic in the park. AND the park in is in the district of Congressman Meeks, Senator Comrie, Councilman Miller & Assembly Member Hyndman, who have all been completely silent on the issue, no surprise.

A rise in young black underage girls being kidnapped into prostitution, the latest being the 15 year old girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence (, while not one local elected official, including Queen BP Katz or that wonderful useless black female Public Advocate Letitia James, have not said ONE WORD or COMMENT about this situation which took place in the beginning of June. I mean how does the Flakes, Greater Allen Church or the management of this HUD senior residence have no idea that a 15 year old girl is being held against her will in a senior’s apartment while johns go in an out taking advantage of this young girl, while her kidnapper, St. Albans hood rat, Joseph Gilbert makes this place his home and office. I mean what has to happen to young black girls in this community for elected officials to speak out against this. AND just the other day, a pervert pastor in Queen Village, Rueben Chizor, went to prison for raping two sisters, age 12 & 14 in the basement of his church (

AND NOW comes the most horrifying and atrocious story of a mother of two, who was brutally beaten, robbed and raped at gun point by five fucking hood rats with guns (no doubt all of them from Jamaica),  a block from her church, Celestial Church of Christ (150-08 Liberty Ave) that she attended and was heading to the subway ( AND have we heard from any of these spineless local elected officials on this. You do know this story made the cover of The Daily News.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

Then the usual bullshit and nonsense of constant garbage dumping, that this blog and Ms. Pamela Hazel has been reporting on for years with no solutions or results. The lack of enforcement of so many quality of life issues, like the ILLEGAL sidewalk parties with loud music, going on most weekends on 90 Ave (169 & 170 St) by residents of an apartment building at the SE corner of 169 St & 90 Ave) that start in the afternoon and go well past 11pm. A situation that has been going on for years, despite numerous 311 complaints and illegal issues of sidewalk obstruction, outdoor parties on public sidewalks complete with loud music from speakers.

ILLEGAL Sidewalk Party almost every weekend on 90 Ave by 169th St

YES, we are obviously sliding down the ghetto spiral and heading into the NEW BAD DAYS OF JAMAICA, which is evident in every direction you go.

So elected official and so-called community leaders…………………………what do you have to say?

Douche Bag elected officials on trail for corruption, stealing and falsifying documents, yet still is running for election and backed by the douche bag Queens Democratic Party and it’s leaders.

The media center. We are still waiting for the HD television

Five weeks ago. Jamaica’s Famous Bushwalk that Ms. Pamela Hazel reports on over and over again.

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

Rufus King Park

The face of Jamaica.


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