You may take the person out of the ghetto, but you cannot always take the ghetto out of the person, as the crooked ebony hood rat, asshole Councilman Ruben Wills proved as he shouted at the judge after he removed five witnesses from the trial.

Wills, your punk ass does not even act like a man, you are such a fucking boy. GROW THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE.

AND this is the fucking asshole that some of you folks voted for, TWICE. AND this is the fucking asshole that the local good ole boys like Meeks and Comrie are refusing to call him out on his fucking shit.

I can’t wait till your political thug ass goes down Wills, because you are one major ghetto punk-ass. Look how the fuck our tax dollars are being wasted on this Jamaica political gangster and a stupid fuck at that.

Just call it quits and start paying your damn fucking child support that you are behind on. Hopefully that kid never has to see your ass or be involved with you at all.

Councilman Ruben Wills: number 1 asshole in Jamaica politics and that is hard to do with all the competition here.


From Times Ledger:

Wills shouts at judge, who scratches five witnesses for councilman from trial

Queens Supreme Court Judge Ira Margulis dismissed five witness who were to testify on behalf of Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica) Monday as he faced 12 counts of fraud, falsifying business records and grand larceny charges during motions before the trial resumed. Then at 11 a.m. after speaking to the jury for five minutes, the judge sent them on a three-hour recess.

Wills was livid as he shouted at the judge at what he considered an unfair ruling. Before he could be held in contempt, his defense attorney, Kevin O’Donnell, jumped in to speak up on what he considered a one-sided trial.

“You are preventing us from defending ourselves,” O’Donnell said. But the judge was unmoved.

 Since the trial opened July 5, the prosecution led by Assistant Attorney General Travis Hill and fellow prosecutor John Chiarro have presented their witnesses for testimony.

The prosecutors and then the judge Monday called into question the relevancy of O’Donnell’s witnesses. The defense attorney was hired on May 11 and had two months two prepare for the case, according to Margulis.

O’Donnell argued the witnesses that he intended to call to testify were necessary in substantiating his client’s claims that a luncheon for fathers that Wills’ held with his New York for Life charity with a grant from taxpayers’ money indeed happened and that the lack of a paper trail was simply bad recordkeeping.

The prosecution contended Wills’ purposefully schemed to defraud the city and state out of $30,500 from the city’s Campaign Finance Board and the state’s Office of Children and Family Services to go on a shopping spree, according to an indictment.

The CFB matches contributions from residents to political candidates that may not otherwise be able afford to campaign for an office on their own. It also reimburses need-based participants seeking to be an elected representative if they have spent money on a campaign initiative that is beyond their means.

The luncheon Wills held for New York 4 Life doubled as campaign platforms, and according to O’Donnell during his opening statement, his client spent his own money for luncheons in 2006 before receiving matching funds from the CFB in 2008.

The Office of Children and Family Services provides money to organizations that support children’s health and safety. It donated money to New York 4 Life for a childhood obesity program that Wills said he would host through his charity, according to Hill.

One of the dismissed witnesses was Danilo Ignacio, a videographer, who O’Donnell said worked on the fathers’ luncheon that cannot be accounted for by the CFB.

“It’s reasonable to have them testify that these events took place, and that the money came from New York 4 Life and this is about poor bookkeeping,” O’Donnell said. “You are taking the rug from under out feet.”

The judge found O’Donnell’s lists of witnesses to be immaterial because even if the events did happen, he said there was no way that any of them could testify that the money came from the CFB or the OCFS.

“Which of these people are going to testify that this is a reimbursable event?” Margulis said. “These people cannot testify to that at all.”

Despite being displeased with having to hold up the jury for another day with “not much in the way of testimony or evidence,” the judge was considering allowing the testimony of a sixth witness, Rashida Smith, for the following day before closing statements. Smith was on vacation in Alaska and was heading back to New York Monday. She was a part of the planning stages of New York 4 Life’s creation and could testify against Shawn Garrick, a witness for the prosecution who claimed he had no knowledge of being signed on as an executive director for the organization, according to O’Donnell.

“There is so much on the line for Ruben,” O’Donnell said. “We shouldn’t be forced to fight to get witnesses here.”



  1. What a retard. It’s certain that Sheldon Silver didn’t yell at the judge during his trial.

    Wills is finished. The greedy pig that he is. What I find amusing is that the amount of money he pilfered barely compares to the amounts his corrupt peers stole or doled out favors for. It makes me wonder if a bunch of people didn’t want to give money to his failing charity in the first place.


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