From 2008:

‘Airport village’ in Jamaica, Queens (


From 2013:

Jamaica Could be New York’s Next Tourism Hotspot, New BID Director Says (


WELL, let me give you an update on some of Downtown Jamaica’s Hotels, that are SMACK in the downtown area:

RAMADA INN at 164-40 Hillside Avenue: This shit hole hotel either last year or the year before, became this “hybrid” of half hotel/half homeless shelter and any day, you will see the dregs of society hanging out by it.

Hybrid Hotel/Homeless Shelter in DOWNTOWN JAMAICA

The reviews off this place on Tripadvisor are let’s say NOT POSITIVE:

“Don’t stay here!”
Reviewed January 3, 2016

Hotel very old, ac/heating system old, noisy and a foul smell was coming from it. Towels dingy and stained, we slept on top of the covers. The staff was very unfriendly and unhelpful!

“Terrible Area”
Reviewed December 30, 2015

This area is ina pretty bad neighborhood. The hotel has about 5 parking spots for customers. Good luck finding street parking. Their hot breakfast are all cooked using the microwave including the eggs. Cable is not digital/HD. Staff in not accomadating. Paid 150 a night. If you re looking for something decent dont book here.

Reviewed December 15, 2015

This was a very regrettable experience. I will never return to this ‘hotel’. The first room had hair on the bed when I pulled back the sheets as well as a pillow with mold. The carpet was filthy.

Reviewed November 17, 2015

Dirty room, broken sofa, very slow room service, weird environment drunk people from neighboring room banged on the door tried to unlock it in the morning.

Reviewed November 11, 2015

I’m been traveling NY for the past 14yrs and never had a issue until now! This is the second time I’m came here. The first night I woke up and went out my door and my room was on a corner there was diarrhea all on the floor and when I called them about it they didn’t even cleaned the floor thatgood it still stunk..

AND this review obviously seen the future of this shit hole:
Rather Stay In A Homeless Shelter”
Reviewed January 10, 2016

From the front desk check-in, to the staff, the room all at best are sub-standard. Wyndham reservation informed me that this Ramada was a tier 4….NOT!

The COMFORT INN at 89-34 162nd St: After seeing some shady folks going inside here and seeing the homeless “doorman” out front yesterday (7.18.17), I talked to a worker there who stated “three floors are for hotel guests and three floors are for homeless:

Downtown Jamaica Comfort Inn. Worker inside told me that 3 floors are for hotel guests and three floors are for homeless. Nothing like being greeted at a hotel than by a half naked homeless man sitting in hot weather.

And now some reviews:
  • B F.
  • Baltimore, MD

They Have Bed Bugs!!! I showed the bites to the front desk, they refunded partially for one night. I was there for three nights. I tried to contact the hotel. No response.

We stayed here on an overnight between airports. I booked since it seemed average and I’m not picky when all I’m going to do is sleep. I just want safe and clean – nothing fancy. We checked in late and the reception staff was very friendly. The room reeked. We had a non-smoking room but the room smelled like smoke and people were smoking weed on our floor and it was wafting in all night. If I had not been set to depart at 6am for the airport, I would have asked for another room on another floor or moved hotels. The breakfast is not that great – you go down into the basement and it has quick items. I opted out and waited for the airport. The staff is very nice but it does not make up for the discomfort of the room.

The room looked great at first but until further inspection we discovered our toilet seat was very loose (my mother almost fell off), the closet door was missing a handle, there were stains on the carpet, and headboard. Stains I understand are a bit difficult but the closet door handle missing and the headboard being dirty with hand prints belonging to someone else? Disgusting. We immediately asked for a change of rooms. Our second room again did NOT have a secure toilet seat or a closet door handle, so the maintenance man came and put one on while we were out. My family and I came back to the room to find hair in our “fresh and clean” new room. Guess the maid didn’t change the sheets. We immediately asked for a change of sheets and by this point we felt the staff was being rude and dismissive with our room requests. (We just wanted a clean, stable room that’s it) We paid over $500 for 3 nights in a horrible area with horrible service. I will never stay here again and DO NOT recommend this hotel.

AND this is another reason why the homeless population is BOOMING in Downtown Jamaica. So GJDC, Jamaica BID, Sutphin BID, HOW DO YOU SELL THIS SHIT AS UP-N-COMING REVITALIZED JAMAICA.
AND this does not even cover the surrounding hotels that have been turned into full blown HOMELESS SHELTERS like the QUALITY INN at 136-68 94 Ave.
AND THIS is what happens to the surrounding area from ALL THIS SHIT. IT AIN’T FUCKING PRETTY. AND IT AIN’T REVITALIZED OR UP-N-COMING OR ANY OTHER BULLSHIT THAT THE POWERS THAT BE SAY. After 6 years in this shit hole, this downtown area and surrounding area is the WORST it has ever been and believe me, it was CRAP before. Now package this in your promotional materials.

Bad Mexican Hombres drinking in public, white white boy in background, cuts up some drugs. A few blocks from where Mayor and crew were doing their bullshit publicity stunt.

Damn, that white boy in the back is cutting up some good shit.


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