Damn, Ruben Wills is found guilty on five counts and will be heading to prison for up to 7 years and the last hood rat involved in the brutal gang rape of mother of two, surrenders his sorry ass. A week of some justice.

YET, still not one local elected official has not talked about this viscous atrocity in their community or the fact that NO ONE knew about this group home, which have young folks with long arrest records NOR have any of them step forward to talk about the 15 year old black girl that was kidnapped and pimped out for FOUR MONTHS at Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2017/06/12/11-days-the-flakes-and-greater-allen-church-have-made-no-comment-about-underage-girl-being-pimped-out-of-greater-allen-cathedral-senior-residence-for-four-months-plus-some-new-info-arises/)

NOT ONE. Not Katz (what is good for families is good for Queens), not COMRIE, NOT MEEKS, NOT MILLER, NOT HYDMAN in which this brutal crime happened in their own district.

WHY FOLKS? Cowards, no balls, no spine, no morals, scared of the Flakes, don’t give a shit, don’t want to rock the boat. WHAT THE FUCK IS IT.

Katrina Vetrano from Howard Beach who was brutally murdered last year, many came forward to comment on this. Yet in Jamaica, the coward elected officials don’t stay shit about these atrocities happening and there are many atrocities going on here, especially the kidnapping and pimping out of underage females of color and the disappearance of many as well. BLACK GIRLS LIVES DON’T MATTER TO BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS. They just try and sweep them under the rug. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG IN COMMUNITIES OF COLOR.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.


From The Daily  News:

Fourth suspect surrenders in sex assault of woman leaving Queens church

Shorter was the final suspect wanted for the sick robbery and sex attack on the 50-year-old victim after she left Jamaica’s Celestial Church of Christ around 11 p.m. July 11.

(Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)

The fourth man accused of sexually assaulting a woman as she left her Queens church has surrendered to authorities, police said Friday.

Isaiah Shorter


Shorter was the final suspect wanted for the sick robbery and sex attack on the 50-year-old victim after she left Jamaica’s Celestial Church of Christ around 11 p.m. July 11.

The suspects, all from the same halfway house on South Road in Jamaica, robbed her at gunpoint then forced her to strip and perform oral sex on them.

FUCKING SCUM HOOD RATS who gang raped a mother of two in Jamaica July 11th/12

Julisses Ginel, Brandon Walker and Justin Williams were charged July 14 in the attack.

(Sam Costanza for New York Daily News)

Shorter has 14 prior arrests, mostly for low-level offenses, police said.

Queens church members afraid to attend Mass after woman’s attack

“They said, ‘If you don’t do that, I’ll shoot you,’” the victim recounted to the Daily News. “So I did what I had to do.”

She first tried to scare the fiends away by claiming to be HIV-positive — even though she is not — but the threat of infection didn’t scare the attackers.

One of them ran off, then returned a few minutes later with a condom, the stunned woman told police.

“You’re a stupid African woman,” one of the men said as he slapped her.



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