Ok, Spain is not a third world country but this barbaric tradition is.

I am fuck and tired of third worlders always claiming about some of their fucked up traditions, like bull fighting, which is just plain and simple animal cruelty.

Be warned, this video is disturbing.

There have been many barbaric traditions throughout history, like gladiator fighting to the death at the Colosseum, but eventually civility takes a stand.

So FUCK YOUR FUCKED UP TRADITION. Bunch of third world ghetto assholes.

And this country is no fucking better with factory farms and puppy mills.


From New York Post;

Bull commits suicide after men light its horns on fire

A large bull committed suicide in Spain on Saturday after men lit the animal’s horns on fire while it was tied to a post, a graphic video showed.

The video, which was shot in Foios in Valencia and went viral earlier this week, occurred during the “Bulls in the Street” festival, The Telegraph reported. The fiesta imitates the famous Running of the Bulls festival that takes place every year in Pamplona.

In the video, the large, black bull is seen tied to a post in front of a crowd; its horns are lit on fire and a man is holding the bull to the post. When the man lets go, the bull runs away for a moment before turning around and dashing full speed ahead into the post, where it collapsed instantly. After the bull laid dead on the ground, the shocked crowd walks over to the deceased animal.

Earlier that day, the bull allegedly stabbed a man in the leg with its horn. It was not immediately clear if the animal was tied up for reportedly injuring the man.

The video was posted on Facebook by Bull Defenders United. The group describes itself as an “international page against bullfighting. Torturing an animal is destroying a part of kindness. Stop animal abuse!”

The group wrote in the post’s description: “A bull despairs with the fire on its horns and crashes the trunk to which it was tied. How many lives will still be taken in the name of traditions that are nothing but barbarity?”

Bullfighting has come under intense criticism in recent years with regions of Spain such as Catalonia doing away with bullfighting, and the Balearic Islands also trying to quash the Spanish tradition.



  1. Joe, don’t forget cock fighting and pit-bull combat. Also, where do you stand on the “sport” of boxing and mixed-martial arts? Why do these even exist in 2017? I’d outlaw all of these and many others.


    • I was going to add the pit-bull and cock fighting. The whole Violent sport thing especially in this day and age is a turn-off, especially the mix-martial art thing which tends to attract the criminal element giving one a license to brutally beat the other person to a pulp. At least boxing still has some rules.


  2. I thought I was the only one who has contempt for “ultimate” fighting, which I find to be savage and reverse Darwinian. It’s massive and universal popularity in addition to it being competed by a lot of women too explains a lot about culture and society today. Other than the obvious blight of the Trump presidency

    There is nothing artistic or even scientific about this sport, it’s glorified street fighting.

    The only way this heinous sport ends if it leads to an outbreak of CTE or widespread usage of painkillers and steroids. Or if competitors start dying young. But I don’t see that happening soon.


    • While back in the day I could enjoy a boxing match, the whole ultimate fighting crap just encourages violence, which we have enough in our society, we don’t need to make this Rollerball. This is just an excuse to make street fighting legal as you pointed out.


  3. Well, it’s legal now in NY. Fun fact, walking free convict Shelly Silver actually refused to give permits for MMA to operate in the state. The only good thing he advocated in his last year in office.


  4. ” At least boxing still has some rules.”

    Joe, the basic goal of boxing is to clobber your opponent and knock him onto the mat senseless by punching him in the face and head. While the assembled frenzied audience screams their heads off for more. Those are the “rules”, right? Uh-uh, in my book, boxing has got to go as well.


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