Some clueless person over at a Times Ledger article (http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2017/30/105barber_2017_07_28_q.html ) made this comment to me, when I commented on the most recent shooting of another young black man in the Jamaica community

Ruthie from South East Queens says:
Hi Joe,
South East Queens doesn’t need a racist ignorant bastard like yourself trying to tear them down. Racist people like you love to ignore the reality of the country we live in. White people kill in their communities just like everyone else and guess what the media and people like yourself ignore that. You don’t care about the community members so please keep your comments to yourself. If you want help the community how about you report how Albany, City Hall and Washington aren’t giving South East Queens their fair amount of resources.
Well, Ruthie, like our elected officials,  has a warped sense of REALITY. AND while yes, white people kill in white communities, but not like anything of the magnitude that happens in African-American communities. And when I compared a African-American community like Jamaica with a mostly white community like Forest Hills to prove how wrong she is, she went off with more bullshit:
Ruthie from South East Queens says:
Joe, You’re not interested in facts, reality or the the truth.
You aren’t a member of that community so why are you reporting on these issues that you don’t know about? Do you really know the hard working community members in Jamaica? Do you really know how many people are killed in Forest Hills? The fact that you are comparing Jamaica to Forest Hills is very racist. It’s obvious what you’re trying to do comparing these two different neighbors. These “communities of color” didn’t happen by accident. If you aren’t trying to offer solutions do us all a favor and keep your comments to yourself! Thanks!itt
So since she opened up that door of white and black communities, I made a point using Forest Hills and in her fucked up mind, using Forest Hills to compare to Jamaica is now a “racist thing”. So when you have no intelligent answers, pull out the “racist card”. But the last time I checked Forest Hills was not the gunfight at the OK corral, where young white men and women were getting popped in the head left and right and the streets and sidewalks of Forest Hills are stained with blood from young white men. It is the apocalypse in Forest Hills.
AND this is the mentality that one deals with in the Jamaica community and others like it, THE GHETTO MENTALITY, THE VICTIM GAME & NO ACCOUNTABILITY that our elected officials help to perpetuate.
And just like there are not shooting go off left and right in white communities, white communities are not littering every inch of their streets and sidewalks with litter and garbage. Sure, many people from the lower-class tend to be slobs (not all) and having 26 homeless shelters in the community does not help, but this litter and garbage shit has been going on for a LONG time in Jamaica. AND it has nothing to do with “lack of services” in such communities or even do-nothing crooked elected officials. To use a phrase from disgraced former Councilman Ruben Wills when a reporter asked him about the garbage problem in Jamaica, ‘IT’S THE PEOPLE”.
AND yes it is the people and the one time I agreed with Wills. The garbage and litter is not falling from the sky and elves are not bringing it in or it is magically appearing, it is caused by many low-class ghetto slobs in this community (of all colors and ethnic groups) who have not one ounce of pride or respect for the community. Now this is not an indictment of black and brown people, it is an indictment of black and brown communities, which the majority look like crap due to the people.
So no, you will not see the below photos that I took on 7.28.17 mostly on 89 Ave from 170 St to Sutphin Blvd and elsewhere, in a white community, but you will see them in a ghetto ass community of color like Jamaica. AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT. By the way, these are ALL IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA.

Flower pots in ghetto communities of color are for garbage, not flowers


Teddy , the ghetto trash finder.


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