The first NCO meeting in South Jamaica took place this recent Tuesday and residents brought up many quality of life issues including abandoned vehicles, unlicensed mechanics working on cars near people’s homes and prostitution which seems to be a big problem from 157th Street to Sutphin Blvd.

Resident Oyinade Ogunbanjo who lives at 153rd St at Tuskegee Airmen Way (formerly South Street) said “There is a guy that fixes car at the side of my house. There are three cars that have been parked there for the past two weeks. … They are occupying space that residents should have.”

Zaheer Hamid had issues with prostitution creeping up in the area. He tried to take his daughter out for ice cream one evening when he saw a call girl propositioning people for sex.The places for solicitations for sex were along 157th Street to Sutphin Boulevard, according to residents.

When I did a google search of that area, this is what popped up. HMMM, I don’ think this woman in red is waiting for a bus. It looks like we have the epitome  of South Jamaica in this photo, graffiti, vacant overgrown lot, abandon vehicle, garbage, some crappy auto/whatever place, a john and a lady of the afternoon. This photo says it all about Jamaica, especially South Jamaica.


From Times Ledger:

Police hear Jamaica residents’ concerns

Neighborhood Community Officer Ryan Watson participates in the first NCO meeting with members of the public in Downtown Jamaica at Concerned Parents Day Care to discuss quality of life issues plaguing the area.

Officers of the 103rd Precinct held a neighborhood community meeting Tuesday on unlicensed mechanics, abandoned cars and prostitution.

In attendance at the meeting Concerned Parents Day Care, located at 143-04 on 101st Ave., was Community Board 12 Chairwoman Adrienne Adams.

 This was the first of what will be a series of quarterly meetings between officers and residents who live between 157th Street to the Van Wyck Expressway, and from 110th Avenue to Archer Avenue.

During the meeting, police and members of the public discussed how hard crime had gone down, but quality-of-life issues still plagued the region.

“This is a collaborative effort,” Officer Ian Johnson said. “You guys can work with us and you guys can work with each other to make where you live in a better place. We are going to listen to what you have to say.”

One of the major complaints for the area was about unlicensed mechanics taking up parking, forcing inhabitants who don’t have garages adjacent to their homes to walk long distances to find places for their cars.

“There is a guy that fixes car at the side of my house,” said Oyinade Ogunbanjo, who lives at 153rd Street at Tuskegee Airmen Way. “There are three cars that have been parked there for the past two weeks. … They are occupying space that residents should have.”

According to Ogunbanjo, the cars either had out-of-state license plates or no license plates at all, and the ones that were not repaired were so filthy that they attracted raccoons and stray cats.

“Illegal parking is a major problem that we have in this area,” Johnson said. “They shouldn’t be there for an excess of seven days, and when it hits that seven-day mark, it is considered to be abandoned.”

 The officers asked the residents to get in touch with the precinct and provide the location of the vehicle, the make and model of the car.

“They are getting out of hand,” Johnson said. “We need your help to pinpoint them.”

The officers also explained that they could only do so much because they have three towing companies and the parking lots they have for towed cars sometimes reach full capacity. Some of the cars, however, will be taken by the Department of Sanitation if they are considered to have no value and classified as scrap metal. The plus side is that residents no longer have to wait for 311 to respond.

Zaheer Hamid had issues with prostitution creeping up in the area. He tried to take his daughter out for ice cream one evening when he saw a call girl propositioning people for sex.The places for solicitations for sex were along 157th Street to Sutphin Boulevard, according to residents.

“We are going to do another prostitution operation,” Alexander said. “We will have an officer that is undercover calling it out [signaling the johns and prostitute­s].”

There was not a definite date given out for the operation, but “it will be at the end of June,” according to Officer Ryan Watson.

Once the meeting concluded, the officers and the residents exchanged contact information and chatted.


Reading both of these articles make me think of the young 15 year black girl in the Jamaica community who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS by St. Alban’s thug, Joseph Gilbert at Rev, Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd ( and that the Flakes, Greater Allen Church, local black elected officials like Meeks, Comrie, Hyndman, Miller (all in that district)  local Jamaica church leaders, Greater Allen Church sheeple, I mean worshipers, Queens Borough President & mother Melinda Katz, black Public Advocate Letitia James and a whole host of others who have to this day, have yet to make a comment or speak out about this atrocity that happened in Flake’s HUD senior residence. It is as if this 15 year old black girl never existed. Nor have they commented on the number of underage girls of color who have had this same fate in Jamaica and SE Queens ( Again, like it does not exist or never happens.

When Howard Beach’s  Karina Vetrano was viciously murdered in 2016 while jogging, the news media played this story with numerous photos of Vetrano continuously for months and months, yet when young D’aja Robinson was fatally shot in the head on a MTA bus by a couple of hood rats, the story played for maybe two days at that. Both females and young, though Robinson was a young teen, both pretty, but one was white, the other black. Not to take anything away from Vetrano and what her family went through, but Robinson had a family as well and she did not deserve this fate caused by Jamaica hood rats with guns.

D’aja Robinson who life was taken by some punkass with a gun.

But back to the young girl pimped out for FOUR MONTHS at Flake’s Senior Residence. Everyone should be appalled by this act, but also appalled by a community and it’s so-called leaders silent on this issue, because they put politics first over constituents and a young girl. AND if you are a black women and especially a black woman in the Jamaica community, you should be majorly angered at how this community and the powerful Flakes and Greater Allen Church are sweeping this under the rug. YOU SHOULD BE DEMANDING that elected officials speak up and the Flake’s and Greater Allen Church come clean on this.

As The Daily News Shaun King stated in the 2nd article:

It’s no accident that we hear so little about missing black girls in this country 

and it is no accident that we hear NOTHING, not a little, but NOTHING in regards to this young girl kidnapped and forced into prostitution at Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence for FOUR MONTHS.


From The Daily News:

Adults view black girls as less innocent than white girls, research shows

The report, “Girlhood Interrupted: The Erasure of Black Girls’ Childhood,” was published Tuesday by the Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality.

(kali9/Getty Images)

American adults view black girls as less innocent than white girls, new research shows.

A study Georgetown University academics conducted found adults view black girls as more adult-like than their white peers, especially in the 5-14 age range.

The report, “Girlhood Interrupted: The Erasure of Black Girls’ Childhood,” was published Tuesday by the Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality.

The study revealed that adults think black girls seem older and require less nurturing and protection than white girls of the same age. It also found adults think black girls know more about sex than their white counterparts.

KING: It’s no accident we hear little about missing black girls

“What we found is that adults see black girls as less innocent and less in need of protection,” said report author Rebecca Epstein.

“This new evidence of what we call the ‘adultification’ of black girls may help explain why black girls in America are disciplined much more often and more severely than white girls — across our schools and in our juvenile justice system,” she added.

Epstein’s study was based on a survey of 325 adults from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds and educational levels from across the United States.

The report also cites stats showing black girls are five times more likely to be suspended from school as white girls, and twice as likely to be suspended as white boys.

Additionally, the study found black girls make up just under 16% of the female school population, but account for 28% of referrals to law enforcement, and 37% of arrests.

From The Daily News:

KING: It’s no accident that we hear so little about missing black girls in this country

Eight-year old Relisha Rudd has been missing for 3 years.


Have you ever heard of Relisha Rudd?

Today, through all of the noise about Donald Trump and his lies, I heard her name for the very first time. The sweet little 8-year-old girl, which is the same age of my precious daughter, Savannah, has been missing for three long years. She lived in a D.C.-area homeless shelter with her mother before she was last seen on camera with a janitor at the facility. That janitor in March 2014 was suspected of killing his wife and days later, committed suicide. While many people presume Relisha is dead, clues of her whereabouts have gone cold. She has vanished.

I study and obsess over injustice and inequity for a living and haven’t heard anyone talking about Relisha.

This is not an accident. Thousands and thousands of young black girls and women are missing all over the country, but most people can’t name a single one of them. I asked a few people this morning, just as a test, if they could. They couldn’t. They didn’t even know that anybody was missing.

D.C. cops hunt another man in search for missing 8-year-old girl

Chareah Payne, 17, went missing on Friday March 17, 2017.

(Metropolitan Police Department)

How would they? The stories of young black girls and women who are missing don’t get the Elizabeth Smart or Natalee Holloway treatment. We don’t see primetime television specials on them. Their images don’t become permanent fixtures on Twitter. Their names don’t get hashtags or trending topics. Nationwide manhunts or search parties don’t ensue. Crying black parents, pleading for their children to be found, don’t interrupt our sitcoms as breaking news.

Shaniah Boyd, 14, went missing on March 18, 2017.

(Metropolitan Police Department)

It appears that having blonde hair and blue eyes, and having white parents in suburban America, makes it far more likely that a story of a missing young girl will be told.

Washington, D.C., appears to have a particular problem. Two young black girls, Shaniah Boyd and Chareah Payne, have gone missing just this past week and many other open cases remain open from 2017 alone.

Phoenix Coldon has been missing since December 18, 2011.


None of this is OK. It’s not OK that so many people go missing, but the fact that being young and black makes it so unlikely that we will ever hear the story or know the name or see the face is particularly disturbing. Officials in D.C. are quick to say that 95% of the cases of disappearing girls and women have been resolved, but the fact remains that of the 5% that haven’t, all 37 of the girls and women are black and Latina. This trend is not unique to D.C. Black girls and women represent an outrageously disproportionate percentage of the number of people missing in this country.

Khalil Tatum found dead in D.C. park, Relisha Rudd still missing: police

Have you heard of Phoenix Coldon? She’s been missing since 2011.

How about Makayla Randall? She’s been missing since 2012.

Here in New York, more than a dozen black and Latina girls in the Bronx went missing in recent years — prompting many to believe they were being abducted or forced into prostitution.

Makayla Randall, 15, missing since October 1, 2012.

(North American Missing Persons Network)

So, the crisis is two-fold. The sheer volume of missing people in this country, particularly young black girls, must be addressed. The complex systems and structures and mechanisms needed to address this problem must be better. Of course that’s no easy feat. Each story behind each missing person is unique, but it’s often felt by families that their missing children just aren’t seen as the priority that they should be. Secondarily, how the media covers these cases, and how we all become aware of them, must change. While we can cross our fingers that mainstream outlets will do better, history tells me that’s a bad bet. Those of us who care and are passionate about this crisis would be better off building and funding our own solutions or supporting those that have already started.

Search for 8-year-old girl is ‘recovery mission’ as police scour Washington park

I’ve heard many times that if your child is missing, that as soon as you hang up with the police, you should call a PR firm. Some families, particularly families who can afford it, have done just that. Perhaps a network of PR firms would be willing to donate their services around this issue to ensure that these stories are widely known? Whatever the case, what we have right now is simply not enough.



You can smell the powerful stench of MENDACITY in NYC as election time rolls along and the hack politicians are doing cart wheels to get your attention of how great they are, how anti-Trump they are and how cool and down with the people they are.

Case in point, lily white Jewish Queens Borough President Melinda Katz gives the “Key to the City” to the  Trinidad beauty, hip-hop star, Nicki Minaj, who Katz probably has never heard a song from her, but I would not give her shit on that. Minaj is pretty much a black Yoko Ono, just a screeching annoying voice that shows how  crappy most music is today and force fed down millennial’s throats who take it and say “thank you sir, give me more.”

But what did Minaj ever do for South Jamaica or Queens to deserve this pretty much toss it away meaningless accolade. WHAT KATZ? Well, more importantly, the same can be said for Katz.

Oh yeah, it is election time and you are looking for votes and thought  you would get down with the hip-hop crew to show you how “relevant” and cool a lily white Jewish political hack can be.

By the way this hack has a competitor in the race for Queens BP.

Queens Borough President
Melinda Katz, Democrat, incumbent
Anthony Pappas (party TBD)

Again, I don’t know anything about Pappas, except the MOST IMPORTANT thing, HE IS NOT KATZ the HACK.

Whenever I read shit like this and it is MASSIVE SHIT or just living in this awful community of Jamaica in this awful Queens Borough in this awful city in this awful majorly corrupt state, I think of the lyrics to “Destroyer by the the greatest rarely heard on radio anymore band, The Kinks:

Dr. Dr. help her please I know you’ll understand
There’s a time device inside of me I’m a self-destructin’ man
There’s a red, under my bed
And there’s a little green man in my head
And said you’re not goin’ crazy, you’re just a bit sad
‘Cause there’s a man in ya, knawin’ ya, tearin’ ya, in to to
Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer. paranoia, they destroy ya’
Self-destroyer, wreck your health
Destroy friends, destroy yourself
The time device of, self-destruction
Lies, confusion, start eruption
paranoia, they destroy ya
(Here’s to paranoia) paranoia, they destroy ya
(Hey hey, here it goes) paranoia, they destroy ya
(And it goes like this)
Paranoia, they destroy ya (and it goes like this)


From DNAInfo New York:

Nicki Minaj Receives Key to The City From Queens Borough President

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | June 27, 2017 12:06pm

 Nicki Minaj received a Key to the City from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.

Nicki Minaj received a Key to the City from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.


Queens will always be Nicki Minaj’s home.

The rapper, who grew up in South Jamaica, received a Key to The City from Borough President Melinda Katz for her “outstanding career achievements in music.”

Minaj, 34, shared a photo of the key on Twitter Monday night.

“This is a #MajorKeyAlert I just got the #KeyToTheCity #ProudQueensGirl Thank you #MelindaKatz Queens Borough PRESIDENT,” Minaj wrote.


Despite losing the best female hip-hop artist award at the BET Awards to Bronx native Remy Ma Sunday night, Minaj remains one the most successful female rappers in the country.

Originally from Trinidad, she immigrated to Queens with her family when she was 5.

Her mother, Carol Maraj, still has deep ties to the borough, where she works with the local community to prevent domestic violence.


When I first read that this noisy polluting freight rail repair facility was moving out of a residential area of Glendale, after constant complaints, and to East New York, I thought, great, dumping more shit in communities of color. BUT they moved it to a non-residential area of East New York, where businesses like this should be, not in residential areas as is Royal Waste at Douglas and 170th Street, which is right in the middle of thousands of homes, across the street from a park and right next to a small church.

Royal Waste comprises the entire blue rectangle. As can be seen thousands of homes and a park are at risk.

Polluting solid waste company, Royal Waste, dumped into a residential area, a few blocks from Downtown, thanks to elected officials.

See the difference is that the people of Glendale actually care about their community and don’t back down or give up the good fight and DEMAND that over-paid elected officials do something. Here in Jamaica, most residents don’t seem to care, they don’t keep up the fight, don’t hold their do nothing elected asshole officials accountable instead putting the same shit in office over and over and our do nothing crooked elected officials have sold out the community to the highest bidder and say they care about the community and the constituents, but their actions say otherwise. I mean if they REALLY CARED, they would have never allowed polluting Royal Waste to be dumped in a residential area of Jamaica right in the downtown area a decade ago, where Royal Waste trucks pollute the air, cause noise issues and destroys streets as they tear up downtown Jamaica and residential roads. Or they would be fighting to have this place re-located. But hell, they don’t even make a comment about a 15 year old black Jamaica girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS at Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence (


AND where the hell are you young Jamaica residents, this mess is being handed down to you by these entrenched elected officials, church leaders and so-called community leaders. Young people are always shooting their mouths off about INJUSTICE, well, step up to the damn place and take the establishment on. Because I cannot think of a more INJUSTICE place that Jamaica and SE Queens.

Didn’t you learn a damn thing from the man, Bernie Sanders.


From Times Ledger:

Noisy freight rail repair facility to move out of Glendale

Meng announced that NYA will move its noisy train repair facility out of Glendale.

Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-Flushing) and other Queens officials announced last week that the New York and Atlantic Railway will reduce noise in Glendale by moving its train repair facility to East New York, providing needed relief to residents in the area.

The freight line will relocate its “Track 11” repair track – which runs alongside Otto Road from 67th Place to 69th Place – to a non-residential area in East New York. The track is located in the railway’s Fresh Pond Rail Yard and is currently used to fix rail cars. Repairs usually consist of hammering, drilling, welding, and includes everything from changing wheels and brake shoes, fixing mechanical problems, and repainting identifying letters and numbers.

NYA plans to complete its repair track move by the end of June. The new location will be in an area that abuts the L train in the NYA’s East New York Tunnel and the existing NYA rail yard.

The train company, which is based in Glendale, operates on Long Island Rail Road tracks and carries lumber, paper, plastics and food, among other types of freight.

Meng said the relocation is good news for Glendale residents, who have been plagued by noise caused by rail car repairs.

“I thank NYA for making this decision,” she said. “I look forward to building on this positive development, and working further with company officials to address other train-related issues that impact the community.”

James Bonner, president of New York and Atlantic Railway, said he worked closely with Meng, other elected officials and community leaders to bring this benefit to New York and Atlantic Railway neighbors.

“We have historically engaged in improvements, when we can do so in a way that allows us to preserve the benefits we provide to our customers and residents of Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island,” he said. “We look forward to continuing the positive collaboration evidenced by this project.”

State Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Woodhaven) commended Meng for her efforts working with the NYA to move their repair yard out of Glendale. Miller said the repair noises were a nuisance to residents who live in that area and that quality of life is of the utmost importance.

“I know from being a longtime resident of Glendale, the noise and smell that accumulates from repairs on Otto Road disrupts the lives of local residents,” he said. “The removal of the repair yard is a significant win for the residents of Glendale’s quality of life.”


We got a ghetto trifecta in Queens with a ghetto South Ozone Ma Barker, a suicidal hood rat criminal & the a blast from the past, more Gotti family members go down in flames.

Like I said, you can’t make this shit up.

Good ole SE Queens, still dirtier than ever.


From The Daily News:

Close call for man who tried to strangle himself with phone cord in Queens precinct

A cop monitoring the call ran into the holding cell and ripped the cord from Hodges neck.

A man arrested on suspicion of menacing a woman in Queens tried to turn his one phone call into his last when he wrapped the cord around his neck and tried to strangle himself, police sources said Tuesday.

Antoine Hodges, 22, was in a holding pen at the 103rd Precinct stationhouse in Jamaica at about 2 p.m. Monday when he asked for his one phone call — he wanted to talk to his mother.

Cops rang his mother and gave him the handset, the cord stretching to a phone on the wall, authorities said.

In the middle of the conversation with his mom, Hodges ripped the cord from the phone and wrapped it around his neck.

A cop monitoring the call ran into the holding cell and ripped the cord from Hodges neck.

Medics took him to Queens General Hospital for a psychological exam.

Hodges was accused of pulling what appeared to be a gun on a 19-year-old woman on Pine Grove St. near Shore Ave. on Sunday, officials said.

He didn’t have a weapon on him when police took him into custody Monday, authorities said.


The Daily News:

Woman robs Queens bodega at gunpoint, takes off with $400 and cigarettes

A woman robbed the 24-Hour Minimart on Lefferts Blvd. near 115th Ave. in South Ozone Park early Tuesday at gunpoint

A pistol-packing, bike-riding woman raided a Queens bodega early Tuesday, making off with $400 and a pack of cigarettes, authorities said.

The woman walked into the 24-Hour Minimart on Lefferts Blvd. near 115th Ave. in South Ozone Park about 1 a.m. and pulled a gun on a worker inside.

“Hurry up and give me all the money!” the gun-toting suspect screamed as she ordered the employee to empty the register.

She took the cash and the smokes and was last seen pedaling away from the store on a bicycle.

She was wearing a gray hoodie and black sneakers, according to police, who continue to investigate.


From The Daily News:

Gangster Vincent Asaro admits he ordered man’s vehicle torched, John Gotti’s grandson cops to driving getaway car

Vincent Asaro — who beat 2015 charges in the infamous $6 million Lufthansa robbery at Kennedy Airport — said he didn’t know and never met the person responsible for the road rage revenge. (Joe Marino/New York Daily News)

If he ends up dying behind bars, Bonanno family oldfella Vincent Asaro won’t take anybody down with him.

Mob veteran Asaro, 82, informed a federal judge that he was no rat before she accepted his guilty plea Tuesday for ordering the April 2012 road rage torching of a Queens man’s car.

“I would never cooperate . . . I would never cooperate against anyone,” the capo declared during a Brooklyn Federal Court hearing.

Asaro was the first defendant of the day before late Gambino boss John Gotti’s 23-year-old grandson admitted driving the getaway car from the arson blaze ordered by the mob vet.

The octogenarian gangster, his arms folded across his chest, insisted he never knew or met the person who actually set the fire.

Asaro acknowledged only making a phone call to order up the attack.

Asaro acknowledged calling some mob associates to set the car ablaze after its driver cut the Bonnano family capo off in Howard Beach.

(AndrisBarbans/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“Another person burned a car at my request,” Asaro declared during his appearance. “I made arrangements with this person to take care of it, and it was done.”

Depending on his sentence, Asaro — once charged as part of the robbery gang featured in Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” — may already have breathed his last as a free man.

Both Asaro, held without bail, and the Gotti grandson faced up to 20 years in prison, but defense lawyers were hopeful for lesser terms at their Oct. 24 sentencing.

A long term would almost insure that Asaro dies behind bars.

“We’re hoping for a fair and just sentence that not only takes into account his crimes committed, but also factors in his age and health,” said Asaro defense lawyer Elizabeth Macedonio.

John Gotti is already serving a term of eight years for his conviction for running a $1.6 million oxycodone ring in his Howard Beach neighborhood.

(Todd Maisel/New York Daily News)

Asaro beat charges in 2015 for the infamous $6 million Lufthansa heist at Kennedy Airport. The 1978 heist became a centerpiece of the Scorsese mob classic.

The young Gotti — with his dad Peter in the courtroom — confessed his role in the arson. Gotti is already serving a term of eight years for his conviction for running a $1.6 million oxycodone ring in his Howard Beach neighborhood.

“I agreed with others to set fire to a vehicle in Broad Channel, Queens,” said Gotti, wearing a navy blue prison outfit. “My role was to drive the getaway car.”

Asaro made it clear that his long-ago oath of omerta remained in effect when asked by Federal Judge Allyne Ross if he wanted to change lawyers.

Macedonio represents Asaro’s nephew in a separate case, raising conflict-of-interest issues. Ross said the dual representation could prevent Asaro from cutting a deal to testify against his nephew.

Asaro, after a four-minute meeting with the lawyer, said he both planned to keep her around and his mouth shut.




We have all seen this shit, especially in communities of color and ESPECIALLY in heavily immigrant population communities like Queens, you know the worlds borough of CRAP. Yards completely cemented over in front of houses, illegal parking pad put in, with sometimes numerous vehicles and illegal curb cuts. Not only does all of this make your block look like ghetto shit, but it also causes much flooding, especially during heavy rains, where water has no place to go except onto the streets and flood our already taxing sewer system.

Illegal curb cuts and illegal driveway. This individual was charging people to park here and in front of his illegal curb cut.

The problem is many people do not know what to do about this or where to file a complaint, since this city loves to hide everything on the shitty 311 website and calling them, you have a 50-50 chance of getting some stupid knucklehead that does not know anything or doesn’t really want to work. And some people do not which ones are legal, meaning they got a permit from DOB and which ones are not. The majority of them are illegal and you can pretty much tell if a car is directly in front of the damn house or squeezed in, it is illegal. But file it anyway and let DOB determine if it is legal or not. Make them work for their money.

Illegal curb cut in Jamica

So here are two ways to file those complaints. As usual do it regularly and OFTEN. BUT YOU HAVE TO PLAY, you cannot just look at it and bitch. SO START FILING NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS. Don’t bother with you city council member, you will have better luck finding a unicorn.

REPORT THIS BULLSHIT of illegal parking pads/driveways:



I am pretty sure that F is FUCK YOU to dumBlasio, because I know that is how I feel and so do many Queens residents and others who watched this Mayor flush this city further down the toilet with failed policies, handcuffing the NYPD, allowing homeless to run free all over the damn place and turning our already shitty subway system into a homeless shelter on wheels, not to mention his bullshit progressive agenda, which is not really progressive at all. His idea of progressive is talking about illegal immigrants and trashing Trump. Instead of worrying about Trump, there are at least 100 fucking things at the top of my head and to make NYC better, but you can’t do that when you spend all your time trashing Trump (even though he deserves it) along with SE Queens elected officials and in the meantime, we have a failing infrastructure, a decaying subway system that breaks down every hour, fire hydrants that don’t work, trucks galore ruining our residential streets and polluting the air and a hell of a lot more of shit and nonsense that is not being addressed. AND Mayor if you are such a progressive, why are all the waste dumps in communities of color, SE Queens, North Brooklyn and South Bronx. That is not progressive at all, that is environmental racism.

In the meantime this boob spent a week in the borough he never comes to, because, well, it is election time, otherwise it is a BIG FUCK YOU to Queens (

Toss this clown, along with Melinda Katz, Letitia James and the majority of city council incumbents, especially ASSHOLE Ruben Wills.

I don’t know much about Albanese, except the most important thing, HE IS NO DEBLASIO and that is good enough for me.


From Queens Courier:

Photo by Anthony Giudice/QNS
Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese told the members of the Juniper Park Civic Association what he plans to do if he becomes mayor.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s main opponent in September’s Democratic Primary, Sal Albanese, was at the June 22 Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA) meeting in Middle Village to make his case to residents that he will do a better job as mayor of the city.

Albanese, a former councilman from Brooklyn, said that “the city needs a hands-on mayor” who will address the important issues and problems facing the city such as mass transit, traffic congestion and affordable housing among other major issues.

The mayoral hopeful feels that the de Blasio administration has mismanaged taxpayers’ money and has failed to bring about positive change on myriad issues.

“I am running against de Blasio because I believe major issues are not being addressed under this administration; major issues that are important to the city’s future,” he told those in attendance. “And also, the mismanagement of the de Blasio administration has caused huge amounts of taxpayer money to be wasted.”

Albanese gave the mayor an “F” when it comes to how he has dealt with the city’s growing homelessness crisis, and how he has been virtually “invisible” in helping to fix the problem-riddled mass transit system. He criticized de Blasio’s handling of traffic congestion, the rise of violence on Rikers Island, the failure of the Agency of Children Services (ACS), and the lack of affordable housing, among other issues.

“I think he’s miscast for this job. He’s a terrible mayor, one of the worst we’ve ever seen in this city’s history,” Albanese said. “And we can beat him; we can beat him with help from groups like yours.”

As mayor, Albanese — a former school teacher for 11 years who represented Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights in the City Council from 1982 to 1997 — says he would expand community policing; build more affordable housing units; create supportive housing for seniors, veterans, the homeless and domestic violence survivors; pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act; expand bus service and Select Bus Service (SBS) routes; enhance the highways, roads, signaling systems and streets in order to reduce congestion; and make major changes to the city’s education system.

“Any opponent to Bill de Blasio is a favorite of ours,” said Robert Holden, president of JPCA. “We wish you the best.”

Holden is also running his own campaign against Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley in the Democratic Primary for control of the 30th Council District.