The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

As usual not a peep out of questionable Queens Borough President Melinda Katz with this homeless drop-in center being placed in Ozone Park, which DOES NOT HAVE A HOMELESS ISSUE, but it will now when all the problematic bottom of the barrel folks made there way to Ozone Park for a nap, shower (I doubt that), get something to eat, etc. This is the equivalent of putting out milk for stray cats. Once they know where the milk is, they keep coming back and they bring their buddies. But the folks in Ozone Park would rather have cats (no pun intended) than problematic homeless folks, which will more than likely being very problematic single males.

So Katz, why didn’t  you have this put on your block, I mean “if it’s good for families, it’s good for Queens.” I guess as long as it is not in your own backyard, but someone elses like people of color and  immigrant communities.

So black people and immigrants, remember Melinda Katz when it comes time for election. She stood by silently, while they dumped more homeless shit in your community.



From Queens  Chronicle:

Ozone Park anti-drop-in center crowd promises resistance


Ozone Park residents said Sunday they will not be deterred in their opposition to a homeless drop-in center on Atlantic Avenue, even as the lease for the building was finalized days before.

“We’re not giving up the fight,” resident Joe Maldonado said at a protest in front of the building.

The Department of Homeless Services and Breaking Ground last Thursday signed a lease agreement with the landlord of 100-32 Atlantic Ave., which previously housed Dallis Bros. Coffee, to turn the site into a drop-in center. The center will not be a permanent place of residence, but rather a place for homeless people on the street to go to take a shower or get something to eat. It will be operated by Breaking Ground.

Details of the lease or when the site will become operational were not immediately available.

A few dozen residents, along with Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Woodhaven), stood outside the site Sunday to protest the move.

“You’re getting the worst of the worst over here,” said Maldonado, a Republican who unsuccessfully challenged Miller in November. “It’s unsafe.”

He and others cited the presence of public and private schools within a one-mile radius of the site, including the High School of Construction, Trades, Engineering and Architecture — which is less than 200 feet from the drop-in center.

“Why didn’t they think about that?” said concerned resident Wanda Torres. “I think it’s too close to homes and too close to the school.”

When the drop-in center was first proposed last summer, the community raised concerns over its proximity to the high school because any sex offender potentially staying there would be in violation of state law mandating they stay 1,000 feet from any educational facility.

DHS and Breaking Ground officials told residents late last year it would not serve sex offenders at the site – but that still remains an issue for some who believe the nonprofit will have trouble accurately identifying them.

Councilman Ruben Wills (D-South Jamaica) discussed the matter in a statement, issued in conjunction with Miller last Friday.

“The current deficiencies within the Department of Homeless Services and its providers have led to both unintentional and blatant violations of State statutes that govern the movement of certain sex offenders (i.e. Skyway); the same is likely to happen here,” the councilman said, referring to the South Ozone Park shelter. “I cannot in good faith endorse any such proposal under these circumstances, and have repeatedly urged DHS and Breaking Ground to reconsider.”

Looking for a way to stop the center, residents wondered if they could seek a court injunction against it. Miller said he would contact the law firm that fought a proposed homeless shelter in Glendale.

“Do you see them in there, in Glendale?” the assemblyman responded when asked by a resident if the firm was a good choice.

Stanley Shuckman, a realtor who owns the strip of stores across the street from the Atlantic Avenue site, volunteered to pay for the legal services.

Shuckman said he showed the DHS and Breaking Ground several sites he believes would have been more suitable for the center.

“I had a very specific criteria,” Shuckman said. “It would’ve solved all these problems.”

He did not specify which sites he showed told the two groups but last month officials from both the DHS and Breaking Ground Community Board 9 none of the suggestions he gave them would have been suitable.

But Shuckman believes that’s because the landlord of the Atlantic Avenue site, Fred Khalili, was able to give them an attractive deal.

“Why else would you hold onto a vacant property for months and not put it on the market?” the realtor said.

Miller, in his statement, said, “When Breaking Ground and Department of Homeless Services was given the opportunity to find viable alternative locations they appeased the community by looking at other sites and then claimed the original location was the best fit. They settled for this location because it was available and the landlord was looking to rent it.”

He also said the agencies were not being transparent with the community on the details of the plan.

“No matter how many times I asked for updated information, both organizations were not forthcoming,” the legislator said. “This is the process? Where is the community involvement?”

Community Board 9 Chairman Raj Rampershad said at last Tuesday’s board meeting he plans to meet with the DHS and Breaking Ground in the near future.

Officials from the nonprofit told CB 9 last month it plans to phase in the number of homeless people it serves at the site, starting with 10 per day. That number will remain steady until next year, when it will go up to 50 and ultimately 125.



bullshitWe do not have a “fake news” issue that dictator wanna be Trump keeps saying to discredit the media and make Trump Media his only state run media to give him free rein to discredit truth & science and oppose all opposition against him (certainly sounds like a dictatorship in the making) while the Republicans do whatever the hell they want to hurt this country and it’s people while making the 1% the rulers of the world. NO, the major issue is the BULLSHIT spilling out of politicians mouths like Trump and our own Mayor deBlasio and trying to be passed off as real while as usual not focusing on the REAL issues at hand, corrupt politicians who want free rein to do whatever the hell they want and  be damn to the people, up know, the folks tat these clowns work for.

So called “fake news” was an invention of Trump and his cronies so that they can say whatever lies and bullshit they want without any type of checks and balances that the a FREE PRESS provides or in plain terms for you so-called “American patriots” that voted for this dangerous clown Trump, a little something called the 1st amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Politicians like Trump and deBlasio NEED to be called out on their bullshit and their lies.trump-dump


From Observer:

Bill de Blasio’s ‘New’ Jobs Plan Isn’t So New After All

Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at a press conference where he unveiled a new, $500 million life sciences initiative.

Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at a press conference where he unveiled a new, $500 million life sciences initiative. Madina Toure/Observer

Nearly everyone noticed the lack of detail in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s State of the City proposal to create 100,000 “good-paying jobs”—and it appears that’s because it’s simply an extension of what the city’s mayoral-controlled Economic Development Corporation has done for the past 15 years.

The jobs proposal was the centerpiece of the State of the City address de Blasio delivered at the Apollo Theater in Harlem last Monday night. De Blasio vowed his policies would produce 100,000 positions over 10 years in a variety of sectors throughout the city, with salaries ranging anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000 a year or more.

The mayor promised work in film and TV, technology, life sciences and “advanced manufacturing,” though declined to offer much in the way of an explanation of how the city would generate these jobs.

 “This new addition, this new focus on creating more and more good-paying jobs, this will be the new frontline in keeping New York City affordable,” he said.

For the mayor’s emphasis on what a “new” and ambitious undertaking this is, a 2016 report from the New York City Industrial Development Agency, a public benefit corporation that the EDC runs, credited its combination of tax incentives and bond financing with the creation and preservation of approximately 146,000 jobs since 2002. That would average roughly 10,428 jobs a year.

This would suggest that the mayor’s plan for 100,000 jobs between Fiscal Year 2018 and Fiscal Year 2028 is merely a projection of a pattern of growth the IDA and EDC established over the past decade and a half.

An EDC spokesman confessed that the mayor’s jobs proposal will rely heavily on the same toolkit of subsidies and tax relief that the IDA has utilized for years. The key difference, the entity insisted, will be that de Blasio’s program will emphasize higher salaries at each position.

“Mayor de Blasio is applying traditional job generating tools and focusing them specifically on quality jobs that pay middle-income wages or provide a career pathway to the middle class,” Anthony Hogrebe, senior vice president for public affairs at the EDC, said in an emailed statement. “The job numbers and previous investments cited in the IDA report don’t reflect those same targeted job-quality goals.”‎

The mayor pledged in his speech to wring 10,000 new jobs from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and to create an additional 1,500 jobs in the borough by transforming a city-owned property in Sunset Park into a “Made in New York campus” for fashion manufacturing. EDC President James Patchett appeared to admit at a press conference last week that a certain percentage of the companies and and positions at the latter location will have migrated from Manhattan’s shrinking Garment District.

The mayor’s office claimed in a fact sheet released before the State of the City address that the mayor’s longstanding plan to retrofit buildings across the city for improved energy efficiency would yield 30,000 jobs. Yet the mayor asserted at the press conference on Tuesday that the initiative would create a tenth that much work.


What you need to be on the look out for is what you cannot see behind the curtain of the Trump Circus. Slowly, little by little, the Republicans who not too long ago were so-called “proud patriots” seem to be selling out this country and our freedoms, not to mention all the shit they are pulling while everyone gets distracted with clown Trump. Imagine Clinton if she won, pulling this exact same shit, think the Republicans would stand silently by.

By the way, the first thing Putin did when he took over Russia is discredit the media and put his own media in place………………………………..does that sound familiar folks. All of a sudden all news media according to Trump is fake news and the “enemy of the people”.

BE VERY AFRAID because this reality train-wreck show is not funny anymore. You have been warned.


From The Huffington Post:

Bill Maher Just Made A Very Serious Point About The Trump Administration ‘Circus’

“While you’re watching the clown screw the pony, they’re breaking into your car,” he said.

Bill Maher warned people not to get distracted by the circus surrounding President Donald Trump’s administration on Friday.

The “Real Time” host admitted it was “fun to watch the wheels come off the Trump car” — using the president’s 77-minute “brain fart” of a news conference the previous day as an example. 

But it’s only amusing “until we remember we’re riding in the back,” Maher cautioned. “Then it’s not so fucking fun any more.”

Maher said the administration’s refusal to discount Sarah Palin, the 2008 vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor, as a possible candidate for ambassador to Canada was merely one of its several distraction tactics.

“While you’re watching the clown screw the pony, they’re breaking into your car,” he said.capture

Maher then listed some things we we should actually be paying attention to, like the confirmation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s longtime adversary, Scott Pruitt, as its new chief, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s resignation as national security adviser amid allegations that he discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador in the weeks before Trump took office.

Check out the full segment above.


There are many major problems in the Jamaica and SE Queens area, which most of you are aware of and much starts with many of the residents who show complete and utter disrespect and no pride for their community they live in, they would rather just trash the hell out of it. BUT an even bigger problem, especially due to this, is the complete lack of upstanding hard working public servants, you know, our elected officials. Many have just been so entrenched in the system for years and decades while doing very little and not serving the people & community and not standing up for what is right, people like Senator Leroy Comrie, Assemembly Member Vivian Cook and Congressman Gregory Meeks. Others are plain corrupt assholes how never really cared about the community and instead cared about their bank accounts, people like former Assembly Member William Scarborough (in jail), Senator Malcolm Smith (in jail), former Senator Shirley Huntley (out of jail) and of course the big asshole,  that low-class ghetto trash, crooked Councilman  Ruben Wills, who has not just done nothing, but caused more problems while in office. His ass hopefully will be going to jail soon.

Enter community activist Richard David, who recently announced his bid for city council member in the 28th district. At least David is aware of the the problems in the area and how the area has not been properly served by elected officials.

Of course newbies running are always on best behavior, but throwing out the status quo, who have done NOTHING for the community and the constituents, like Wills, is the first step, even though one does not know how a new person will be. BUT why put back in those who continue to do nothing for the area. At least take a chance on someone new and if that person does not live up to expectations and become a proper public  servant, you toss them out down the road. I mean would you pull a carton of bad milk out of your refrigerator, smell it and put it back in, hoping it will be better tomorrow, hell no, you toss it out and buy a fresh one.

BUT stop voting stupid and the status quo who have not helped make the area better. Also the demographics are changing in the area and the elected leaders (mostly all black) no longer represent those changes, which would not be a problem if they were doing a bang up job, but they are not, they continue to keep Jamaica and SE Queens down in the ghetto gutter.

Talk about a need to drain the swamp, the ghetto Greater Jamaica area swamp.


From Queens Press:

Richard David Announces Bid For 28th District


Community activist and Southeast Queens native Richard David announced Tuesday that he will be running for the City Council’s 28th District.

David, who resides in South Ozone Park, made the announcement via Facebook. In the 98-second video, he details some of the hopes and aspirations that he’d like to fulfill in the district if elected this September.

Community Activist and Community Board 9 member Richard David announced via Facebook that he will be running for City Council this election season. Photo courtesy of YouTube

Community Activist and Community Board 9 member Richard David announced via Facebook that he will be running for City Council this election season. Photo courtesy of YouTube

“For far too long, Richmond Hill, Rochdale Village, South Ozone Park and South Jamaica have been divided and left behind,” David said. “We know what the problems are here. Our schools are failing our young people. Shelters are opening up left and right. And homeowners are being taxed more and we’re not getting more in return. The truth is [that] no one seems to stand up for the residents of District 28. Together, you and I can win this election.”

According to David, the district seemingly gets divided by neighborhoods east and west of the Van Wyck Expressway.  He said that he wants to “bridge the two sides” of the district in order to address these issues head-on.

“We can stand united for our seniors, for our children and for a better quality of life,” Richard said.

David currently serves a member of Community Board 9. He has also more than 10 years of experience serving other city agencies. He has served as executive director for the city Department of Community Affairs, vice president of the city Economic Development Corporation and executive director of the Indo-Caribbean Alliance Inc.

“As an activist in our community, I know what it’s like to fight hard for  everything that I have,” he said. “To struggle and to overcome. I love District 28, and I’m ready to work hard to get us real results.”

Currently, City Council District 28 is led by Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica). However, Wills has been accused of funneling taxpayer money into a non-profit organization that he controlled and using that money to purchase luxury items. Two weeks ago, the PRESS of Southeast Queens reported that the trial determining Wills’ fate was delayed due to a “conflict of interest” involving his attorney. According to the State Attorney General’s office, there have been no developments in the case since then. If convicted, Wills faces up to seven years in prison.
The Democratic primaries are set for Sept. 12.


The problem has been that this issue was allowed to fester for so fucking long (like every other damn quality of life issue), especially in places like Jamaica and SE Queens. Knowing that this is such a MAJOR issue in Jamaica, why didn’t Councilman Miller’s predecessor, fat slob Leroy Comrie do something about this, I mean Jabba the Hut was in office as council member for 12 fucking years and never stepped up to the plate on this issue.

Just maybe some folks in Jamaica are finally getting fed up with so much nonsense and are hounding Miller. I mean elected officials just don’t do something good for the community all on their own.

This is a fucking no-brainer, so just pass the fucking legislation, but of course there will be some city council-members on the payroll of trucking companies who will come up with some excuse not to pass it, you know someone like dickhead Ruben Wills, the poster boy for ghetto black leaders who don’t give a shit about black communities.Trucks6.19.16 005


From Queens Courier:


With the rise in commercial trucks illegally parking on local streets throughout Queens, one Council Member is looking to help local residents get their streets back.

At the Feb. 15 City Council meeting, Council Member I. Daneek Miller introduced a new piece of legislation called Introduction 1473, which would cut the time that commercial vehicles can park in residential communities in half.

Currently, commercial vehicles can park on residential streets for three hours. If the legislation is passed, that time will be cut down to 90 minutes. Police are making efforts to crack down on illegal commercial vehicle parking, but Miller recognizes how difficult this can be to complete.

“Allowing these vehicles to park for three hours weakens enforcement efforts, particularly when officers’ shifts change and cannot truly account for how long a commercial vehicle has occupied the same spot,” said Miller.

Miller cited airport traffic and the recent reconstruction projects throughout Queens to be a part of the problem.

“This hardship will only be augmented as truck traffic increases from our nearby airports, and from the ongoing construction of new residential projects,” said Miller. “The trucks also remain illegally parked and idling overnight, blocking fire hydrants and creating environmental hazards.”

Introduction 1473 is already gaining support from leadership in Community Boards 12 and 13.

“I completely support the legislation being introduced . . . restricting commercial vehicle parking to 90 minutes on New York City streets,” said Yvonne Reddick, Community Board 12 district manager. “Eighteen wheelers and other commercial vehicles have become a serious nuisance for residents of southeast Queens, parking overnight and during daytime hours on our local streets.”

“There are too many instances when trucks – both box and 18-wheelers – are parked overnight within the confines of Queens Community Board 13,” said Mark McMillan, Community Board 13 district manager. “Our streets are not built to accommodate truck parking, and it constitutes an infringement on the quiet enjoyment of the homes in our communities.”Trucks6.19.16 006



Saw this comment over in Queens Crap and I could not agree with it more. AND why is it always the same kind of people and groups that are unemployed and homeless.

The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

The homeless problem is due to a lack of employment? In order to be employed, one has to have some education. And if you would walk through the halls of NYC high schools, you would see a great number of students walking the hall in droves, cutting class, or not even showing up at school. Parents don’t even know if their kid is in school, let alone when report cards come out. And they don’t know if their kid is doing drugs as many of them are doing drugs themselves. So what kind of housing will these students be able to afford, if they cannot even read at grade level, have math skills way below grade level, and are incapable of critical thinking? Answer: they will be dependent on public funds for housing. The city does not “owe” you employment; you must apply yourself while in school to prepare to support yourself. So the “lack of employment” answer is not valid. It’s more like, the “lack of employable”. Good paying jobs are going unfilled as employers can’t find qualified people to hire. Seeing other people, who DID apply themselves in school and who subsequently are enjoying the fruits of their endeavors in decent places to live, nice clothing, etc. brings about resentment from those who did not, which can lead to domestic violence and turning to drugs to escape a less rosy reality.

The public is not responsible for this. They provided funding to give a basic education. If this was not taken advantage of, you want to make it a public responsibility to supply that which other people have worked toward and earned. Does no one take responsibility for themselves these days?

It is also true that people are streaming into NYC in order to avail themselves of the generous housing/welfare services offered. We are already paying several BILLION dollars to support this mess. There needs to be a strict long residency requirement to get public housing, welfare, etc. and there needs to be a time limit set on this. No more multigenerational cases, so that the few can work to support the many. That’s ridiculous and leads to the lowering of quality of life for all.


Jamaica, South Jamaica, St. Albans, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens, Laurelton, doesn’t matter the whole fucking area is shit storm ghetto mess thanks to hood rats, criminals with guns and other assorted assholes.

A Wednesday night at 3:40am in a ghetto bar in Jamaica on Merrick Blvd. Of course nothing good will come out of that.

What is it with ghetto folks. They just cannot act like civilized normal human beings.

ALL OF JAMAICA, a shit hell hole ghetto mess with so man asshole people. RUN RUN RUN from Jamaica, no matter what the power that be tell you about “up-n-coming” Jamaica, because a long as the ghetto element is here Jamaica will ALWAYS BE FUCKED UP.

Can’t wait to say good fucking bye ghetto


The Daily News:

25-year-old woman shot after fight breaks out at Queens bar


A 25-year-old woman was shot in the ankle after a fight broke out at Lovell’s Afterdark Bar and Lounge on Merrick Blvd. in Queens.

(Google Maps)

A gunman with a .40-caliber pistol shot a 25-year-old woman attending a birthday celebration following a Queens bar brawl early Wednesday, police said.

The fight between two men broke out inside Lovell’s Afterdark Bar and Lounge on Merrick Blvd. in Laurelton around 3:40 a.m., cops said.

When the clash spilled out of the bar onto Merrick Blvd. near 224th St., several people, including the victim, went out to see what was happening, witnesses told police.

That’s when the gunman pulled his gun and fired off four rounds, striking the woman in the ankle.

Paramedics took her to Jamaica Hospital for treatment.

The gunman ran off and remained at large Wednesday.

Cops questioned the bar patron the gunman was fighting with, but he hasn’t been cooperative with police, officials said.