I know you are used to seeing low-class ghetto trash that don’t have a pot to piss in, crank out babies left and right, but in the animal kingdom, many animals, like opossums do have litters and unlike the low-class ghetto trash that pops them out like they are taking a crap, the opossums take care of their own without hand-outs from the government.

So please spare us the idiotic “OctoPossum” like it is a rare thing.



The Daily News:

SEE IT: ‘OctoPossum’ runs through Astoria neighborhood with eight babies on its back


Possum Carries Eight Babies on Back
Jukin Media
OctoPossum to the rescue.

An Upper Ditmars neighborhood in Astoria has a new superhero in the shape of a possum.

Resident Gene Gray and his wife, Heewon Lee, spotted the possum walking past them in the grass on Tuesday.

“My wife said, ‘Gene, OMG… What is that?’” Gray told ABC 7.

Upon closer inspection, the couple saw that the possum was carrying eight young joeys on its back.

opposum2Astoria residents Gene and Heewon Lee Gray spotted apossum walking past them in the grass carrying eight babies.

(Gene Gray/Youtube)

“I guess the opossum thought it was a nice day as well and decided to take the kids out for a walk, Gray said.

Gray quickly grabbed his phone to document the journey.

“Typical morning, drinking coffee,” Gray captioned the video, titled “Move over PizzaRat.”

“Look out of the window & see our neighborhood opossum taking her 8 that’s right EIGHT opossum offspring for a ride.”

The video is less than 30 seconds, but Gray said that was plenty of time to see exactly what was happening.

“Poor OctoPossum looked wiped out,” Gray said, “but the little ones held on tight.”



A readers sounds off perfectly on two posts. On that total bullshit made up “anti-Muslim bullying” by Public Advocate Letitia James, which really pisses me off on this made up subjects (christ, do far left liberal democrats have to sink so low to make up total bullshit to get votes):


I lived in Europe for a number of years, I can tell you for a fact that Muslims bully non Muslims across the pond, after the attacks in Paris and Brussels the mainstream media started talking about European countries not properly accepting young Muslims, I can tell you that is complete and utter bullshit. In many instances European countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, etc, have bent over backwards to help Muslims assimilate into their societies but most of their immigrants make the decision to segregate themselves.
Parents of Muslim youth teach their children that non Muslims are filth, and they are forbidden to have friendships with European kids, to marry non Muslims, etc.
I recently watched a piece about Muslim kids at a German high school by a left wing reporter and was surprised she brought up some serious concerns as the boys she interviewed made disparaging comments about non Muslim women in front of her, calling them “sluts” and “whores” and saying they would never ever marry a non Muslim woman because they would bear unsuitable children. This kind of mentality did not surprise me at all given I lived there for a number of years and most Muslims there seemed to live in their own little worlds, they seemed to prefer it that way.

On two-faced rich liberal Democrats who say they are for the under-class (but live nowhere near them), readers had this to say:

Democraps are the most piece of shit two face piece of garbage on Earth, they claim to be for the downtrodden, for the minorities, for the women, the poor, they do not give a shit about anyone but themselves, they are in bed with the corporations just like the Republicans. No surprise Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls. Donald Trump grew up in Jamaica Queens himself, he would probably think the place is a dump if he saw what it is like today.
Hillary’s favorable ratings among Hispanics is lower than that of Obama’s, they realize that while Trump thinks nothing of them, that Hillary just sees them as another chess piece in her political game for power, nothing more.
Hillary lives in a multimillion dollar home in Westchester County, yet the liberal idiot media makes everyone think that Clinton, a woman with a net worth in the multi millions actually cares about the interests of ordinary working people and the poor. This is a person who eats gourmet meals with Hollywood elite and Wall Street executives, you really think she gives a rat’s ass about you?
The only difference between her and Trump is that she wants to continue keeping America’s floodgates open to unlimited third world immigration, wants to give American companies a free pass to send jobs to low wage countries such as China, Mexico, Brazil etc. Even leftwing Bernie Sanders thinks that this is a bad idea because this ultimately hurts American workers. Why? Because it drives down wages. Sanders also hates illegal immigration, he just has not been as vocal about as Trump.
Obama just went to Vietnam, another country where US companies will send jobs, because Vietnamese workers earn 32 cents an hour, not because wants to make good relations with the people of Vietnam but make sure there are more coolies for American companies. This is the Democratic party, a lackey of US corporations, hardly any different from the Republican party.

I am a black woman, and a Bernie supporter. If Bernie is not nominated,I will be boarding the Trump train. Sick and tired of the do nothing Democrats, no better that the Republicans.

Manifest Hillary doesn’t have it locked yet. She barely beat Bernie in Kentucky and probably got that little push when she reassured the blacks she was pandering to that her overrated husband will have a job and working in the white house. Jesus, she basically alluded that they will be voting for Bill too. Fucking bitch coattail rider.

As for Bernie, wait for California. That’s where it will truly turnaround or end right there. This ain’t over till it’s over. And he can still run independent too. I like to see the networks deny him a chance to debate against Trump and Clinton.

I for one am not afraid of a Trump presidency, because when he’s done with this campaign sideshow he’s going to turn to mush. His warped policies will never hold up and despite all the rage, the flagrant denials, and the lunacy, no one will stand for institutionalized fascism. He’s going to crash and burn. And if the country suffers because of it, well then we all suffer. We have been through world wars, useless wars, the idiotic wars on drugs and terror, depression, recession and the dumbest preppie redneck president W that the nation can weather a shit talking dicknose who inherited his wealth.


OKAY, one more before I go “fishin”.

Seems like an old Saturday Night skit.

I never even heard of this shit, but now I do, because if there is not an issue, some far left liberal nutt will make sure there is an issue.

Damn, this woman is fucking useless, as is this position,  so she needs to make up problems where problems really don’t exist. It is bad enough that we have to have classes and other useless crap on bullying, now we have to specific bullying, like “Muslim Bullying”.

You know back in the day, bullies were dealt with with a fist smack on the nose, that usually solved the shit.


You can tell it is elected season, make sure you get all those votes.

In the meantime, a real issue of black on black crime is rampant in the same place where this bullshit Tish bullshit is, but do you think a black leader (and that includes black Miller and black Hydman who are co-sponsoring this crap) are having serious discussion on an actual very big problem. OF COURSE NOT. Are any of them having any serious discussion on issues in black communities, you know like lack of services, little or no response to complaints.

How can any of these shuck and jive clowns be taking serious.

So does this know mean that Muslims are above Blacks on the totem pole for elected officials.

Christ, is this crap that gives liberals such a bad fucking name.


Captionless Image


I know I was “goin fishin”, but could not resist on this one.

I do agree that one should not have to have a criminal record for pissing or drinking in public, I am sure most of us have done this at one time or another. I know I have,but discreetly, but I love the line in the article:

“The changes will affect a system that many feel too often punishes blacks, Latinos and the poor.”


Here we go again with this ridiculous logic. Well, just maybe that group of people (blacks, Latinos and the poor) should not be pissing and drinking in pubic and all the other bullshit that some of them do to make a neighborhood miserable and ghetto. I mean look at Jamaica, whenever I see this type of activity it is always low-class black, low-class Hispanics and of course some of the poor and especially homeless.


This is the same logic  progressive far left liberals and Democrats use when it comes to people being arrested. I mean if you are not going to be REALISTIC about the problem, then you will never REALISTIC solve it. I do believe the these types of liberals and Democrats want to keep us in a constant state of “ghetto”, but you notice these “leaders” live nowhere near this “ghettoness”. Ironic, BUT TRUE.


Now back to “fishin”.
Well at least this guy is watering the plants

Well at least this guy is watering the plants

three card monte

Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica

Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica

Quality of life10.18.14 003

The now classic photo. Andrew Hardy, the Jamaica "human pin cushion".

The now classic photo. Andrew Hardy, the Jamaica “human pin cushion”.



From DNAInfo New York:

City Council to Reduce Penalties for Public Drinking, Urination

By Jeff Mays | May 23, 2016 4:50pm
 The City Council is set to vote Wednesday on a package of legislation that will reduce the penalties for violations such as drinking alcohol and urinating in public.

The City Council is set to vote Wednesday on a package of legislation that will reduce the penalties for violations such as drinking alcohol and urinating in public.View Full Caption

Shutterstock/Steve Cukrov

MIDTOWN — The City Council is set to vote Wednesday on a package of legislation that will reduce the penalties for violations such as drinking alcohol and urinating in public.

Under the Criminal Justice Reform Act of 2016, offenses such as littering, public urination, unreasonable noise and violating parks rules would remain illegal but become largely civil offenses punishable with summonses.

Police will have discretion on when to issue a civil or criminal summons and the NYPD would have to develop guidance for its officers over when to issue those summonses.

“The Criminal Justice Reform Act is going to continue to keep New Yorkers safe while also creating a more fair and just system that will ensure the penalties fit the crime,” said City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito who first introduced the idea at her 2015 State of the City address.

The 8-piece package of legislation will reduce infractions of city park rules and public urination to violations down from misdemeanors, meaning that violators will no longer receive a criminal record for these offenses. The Board of Health will have to approve the change as it relates to public urination.

A community service option in lieu of a monetary penalty will also be added.

Penalties for these violations will be capped at a day in jail, which amounts to time served. Penalties greater than time served are currently not imposed for these violations. Estimates show that 100,000 cases will be diverted from the criminal courts, 10,000 fewer people will have a criminal record for minor violations and 50,000 fewer warrants will be issued each year.

Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton are on board with the changes.

De Blasio said the legislation “will play a crucial role in building a fairer criminal justice system for all New Yorkers,” and NYPD Det. Kellyann Ort said the changes allows the NYPD to “use the full range of enforcement tools.”

The changes will affect a system that many feel too often punishes blacks, Latinos and the poor.

“The unequal enforcement of law and practices that happen in communities of color has had lasting intergenerational effects on families and neighborhoods, systematically destroying the futures of so many,” said Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams. “Too often our young men and women are unable to find employment, secure housing or government assistance because of minor infractions.”

A majority of NYPD summonses are dismissed by criminal courts. The current conviction rate is 21 percent and 99 percent of those convicted face only a fine, according to the City Council.

There are also 1.5 million outstanding warrants. There is a warrant rate of 40 to 50 percent for these low-level offenses in civil court. The NYPD also spends resources to track down and arrest people on those warrants.

The package of legislation still doesn’t eliminate the concern from criminal justice reform advocates regarding the use of the “broken windows” theory of policing.

The philosophy, which has guided policing in the city for decades now and has also spread across the country, holds that cracking down on smaller offenses can thwart larger crimes.

Both de Blasio and Bratton have indicated their strong support for “broken windows” even as the mayor has instituted polices that have dramatically reduced the number of people who are stopped and frisked and arrested for small amounts of marijuana possession.

The problem, say advocates, is that police still maintain discretion over when to charge someone criminally for one of these minor offenses.

Michael Velarde, director of Organizing and Policy for Communities United for Police Reform, said the legislation “has potential to advance needed criminal justice reform,” but “whether its impact is beneficial to New Yorkers in the long-run lies in the details, since the NYPD retains ultimate control over its implementation and the direction” police officers are given.

Velarde called for the passage of the “Right to Know Act,” which would require officers to identify themselves and explain why the individual is being stopped or questioned. Police would also have to explain that individuals can deny consent to a search in certain instances.

Both de Blasio and Bratton oppose the legislation which has stalled after being introduced in 2014.