This is not a statement against the homeless or underprivileged, but about the continual dumping of everything that other communities (white) do not want into black neighborhoods and communities of color. They never get a break to improve themselves with this constant dumping of shit, lack of enforcement of laws and continual ignoring of quality of life issue by elected officials and THIS MAYOR. Below my rant is Jamaica resident and Community Activist Pamela Hazel’s take on the huge amount of shelters being dumped into the Jamaica community.

This is just more of the systematic destruction of black communities, while our elected leaders past and present twiddle their thumbs and do nothing but watch the destruction of black communities that they themselves are helping to cause because they have no fucking balls and do not stand up for what is right. Just the other day, Senator Comrie, Councilman Miller and the Democratic machine backed Assembly candidate Hyndmann were yapping it up because a Chase branch was closing in Springfield Gardens, like that is the end of civilization and something that none of them can do anything about. But on this issue, where the hell are they. A fucking branch of a bank closing, when another one is not too far away, is nothing. But shit like shelters being dumped in huge numbers in this community has a major detrimental effect on a community. A bank branch closing does not mean shit.

Speaking of dumping shit, here is a partial list of quality of life issues NOT BEING addressed properly in Jamaica:

1. Homeless shelters dumped and I mean DUMPED all over our communities.
2. Poisonous waste facilities DUMPED into our communities dumped near residential homes and parks, like the Royal Waste facility,which then causes noisy pollutant trucks to drive on our residential streets. Jamaica has some of the highest Asthma rates in NYC, a fact, not something made up.
3. Auto body shops DUMPED all over our community near residential homes and then we have to deal with their junked cars parked illegally on streets and sidewalks.
4.Ice Cream trucks (probably many not even licensed) dumped into our community to play ILLEGALLY loud music while they are parked at all hours of the night.
5. Methadone clinic DUMPED on Hillside Avenue and 175th, where school children have to walk by this site and see “folks” hanging out.
6. Churches of various faiths DUMPED all over the community, making various noises at all hours in residential areas, like Prem Bhakti Mandir which bangs drums out on sidewalks during wedding ceremonies at all hours, including late night, during a whole weekend.
7. Illegal posting of signs such as “cash for cars”, “we buy homes” littered on every block, on trees, telephone poles, etc.
8. Illegal garbage dumping such as the Merrick Flea Market on Merrick Blvd that looks like shit right near businesses and homes.
9. Slumlord apartments with garbage all over and residents hanging out in front making noise, drinking and disturbing neighbors who follow rules.
10. Businesses all along Hillside Ave and Jamaica Ave with illegal signage and racks blocking sidewalks.
11. Illegal truck driving on ALL residential streets.
12. Illegal parking of tractor trailer trucks on residential streets.


This is just a partial list of what people deal with on a daily basis in the Jamaica community. The list just goes on and on and on.


Would any of this take place in Forest Hills? Would any of this take place in the Mayor’s old neighborhood? So why should the Jamaica community deal with tons of quality of life issues that rarely get addressed.


DISCRIMINATION of the highest order and our black leaders walk around like Uncle Toms, not standing up for the community they are supposed to represent.


Ironic how everyone wants to scream RACISM when it is convenient to do so, but in instances like this, where it is so blatant, SILENCE.


I love how liberals & Democrats (which I am both) want justice for all, but only as long as they do not have to see it in their own backyard. Hypocrites and this is the issue I have with many liberals and Democrats, NOT IN MY BACKYARD, but otherwise I am for it.


From Jamaica Resident & Community Activist Pamela Hazel:

Every Saturday residents protest to stop more shelters from opening in the black neighbourhood. Last Saturday Sep. 26th., was no different. Residents have information that shelters are slated to be built at Hollis and 203rd. street area. There are about 300 units of vacant apartments. Residents took turns in giving testimonies of the destruction  associated with shelters. Residents shouted and demanded the presence of councilman Miller.

Al, a representative for Miller arrived. He informed residents that councilman Miller was unable to attend due to another engagement. However, demands for Miller got louder and louder. Surprise, surprise, Councilman Miller appeared. He gave a speech, saying that he met with other leaders; and there are no concrete plans to build shelters.

In essence, residents said that Queens has the highest portion of shelters. They said that the people who live in shelters; roam the streets, sit around, and exhibit negative activities that tear down the neigbourhood. Their fears are a reality. Below are photos of early morning activities from a shelter. Location,164 th. place & 108th. avenue. These women are early risers. They smoke, drink, and sit around all day long. Monday morning, bright & early, Sep. 28 th., time 7: 43 a.m. This is their norm.

This is a perfect example of why Hollis residents want to keep shelters out of their area. Hollis residents said; that they fear for children who have to walk to and from school. Shelters, harbour derelicts that prowl by day; because during the daytime shelters have to be closed.

Senator Comrie and  congressman Meeks are aware of the Saturdays’ protests; they remain NO SHOW.

The protests will continue and continue and continue……..We will Not be ignored.


Councilman Miller, far right.

Councilman Miller, far right.




I have no problem with people or elected officials who rally for something, but why don’t these elected officials put all their effort into quality of life issues in the Jamaica community that they can actually do something about, you know issues that myself, community activist Pamela Hazel and others have brought up so many times. Issues like illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal tractor trailer trucks parking on residential streets, illegal parking on sidewalks by auto body shops, illegal dumping of garbage, holding property owners of vacant homes/lots accountable for upkeep (including some banks), the proliferation of homeless shelters in the community, poor damaged streets, ice cream trucks playing music illegally while stopped at all hours of the day & night and so many other quality of life issues that our elected can actually play a part in or do something about.

But no,  they focus on an issue like the below Chase bank slated to close in Springfield Gardens. Sure a bank closing can be detrimental to a community, but banks do this all time and there is pretty much little that an elected official can do about this (you know CAPITALISM). But Comrie and Miller certainly can focus their attention and efforts on quality of life issues that have been ignored for way too long in this community by city agencies and something they they can actually do something about. Ironic that the Merrick Flea Market, which was burnt down in August 2015 from a homeless guy living in it and has tons of illegal garbage in front of to this day, but that these so-called leaders do not do shit. Talk about a net negative on the community.

merrick flea market garbage

Councilman Miller stated “A closure of this Chase branch is a net negative for both our community and the bank”. Yeah, and the ignoring of quality of life issues for years is a BIG NET NEGATIVE for the community in terms of quality of life and attracting quality businesses and people to this community.

NAACP Jamaica branch president Leroy Gadsden stated “One of the main things that stabilize the community are their banks. We expect the same type of service in the black community as everywhere else.”

And where is Gadsden, Comrie, Miller and assembly Democrat candidate Alicia Hyndman (do you love how these candidates show up for these types of thing before an election, but once elected they play stupid and tend to be MIA.), with all the city services from DOS to DOT and everything in between that do not service Jamaica in the same way as say Forest Hills. And certainly shouldn’t we expect those same types of services from our elected officials, who tend to constantly ignore quality of life issues and do little to nothing about them. Let’s face it, they all have been doing that in the Jamaica community for decades, yet the big fat man, Comrie, shows up for this, something that he has no power over, NONE and wants to play “hero” on an issue who knows damn well he has little power over. But of course this is a safe one, because, he does not have to work at this at all, the bank will do what they want and Comrie will state, “well, we put up a fight”, yeah a fight he knows damn well he will not win.

Just another useless elected official photo-op and situation that they have little control over but yet it says to the people, “Look we care about you”, knowing damn well that they will not be able to get Chase to reverse the decision if Chase does not want to. But they can certainly put pressure on city agencies to do their proper jobs in this community and Comrie as a Senator certainly can pick up the phone and speak to de Blasio or call his buddy Melinda Katz on some issues in this community to make sure laws are enforced, like the whole illegal truck driving fiasco in this community.

But they would actually require something called WORK.


From Queens Courier:

Springfield Gardens community rallies to keep local bank open

By Queens Courier Staff

Photo courtesy of state Senator Leroy Comrie

Photo courtesy of state Senator Leroy Comrie – State Senator Leroy Comrie was joined by community members and local civic leaders to protest the closing of the Chase Bank branch at 134-40 Springfield Blvd.


Springfield Gardens residents rallied with state Senator Leroy Comrie and other advocates Friday outside a Chase Bank slated to close, calling for the financial giant to reverse its decision.

Comrie was joined by Councilman I. Daneek Miller, Democratic Assembly nominee Alicia Hyndman, NAACP Jamaica branch president Leroy Gadsden, and a large number of residents and community members fighting to keep the branch located at 134-40 Springfield Blvd. open.

The Chase Bank branch is centrally located in the outdoor Pathmark Shopping Center at the intersection of Springfield and Merrick boulevards. It is adjacent to a walk-in medical clinic, a Pathmark supermarket and the community’s Municipal Credit Union (MCU).

During Friday’s rally, Comrie called upon Chase to reverse its decision given the groundswell of community support as well as the need for the financial institution.

“As not only the representative of this community but a loyal customer of Chase Bank, I see the vital function it plays every day in keeping commerce flowing,” Comrie said in a statement. “Evidence points to the great financial potential of this community. Instead of pulling out, Chase should recognize its very real possibility to be the fiscal and commercial hub of southeast Queens.”

Comrie’s fellow civic and community leaders voiced similar concerns during the rally regarding the effects the bank’s closure may have on the neighborhood.

“A closure of this Chase branch is a net negative for both our community and the bank,” Miller said. “In a community like ours, comprised of homeowners, middle to upper income families, and a growing commercial district in downtown Jamaica, it’s puzzling from a business perspective that Chase would want to reduce their presence in southeast Queens. It is my hope that the bank will realize this branch’s significance to local residents, as well as our community’s contribution to the institution, and that the business will remain open.”

Both Hyndman and Gadsden echoed the need for responsible banking and financial institutions like Chase Bank in underserved communities.

“Chase not long ago made a promise to this state to work with the feedback communities provide to improve business relations and help local economies,” Hyndman said. “This is the exact antithesis of that. Before Chase closes this branch, they need to seriously reconsider the community’s need and their own responsibility to act in good faith to minority communities.”

“One of the main things that stabilize the community are their banks,” Gadsen added. “If Chase bank wants our business across America and all the benefits that come with being federally recognized, they should be sharing services with the minority community. Not doing so is a form of economic discrimination. We expect the same type of service in the black community as everywhere else.”

The impending closing of the Chase Bank branch is not the only change coming to this community hub. The neighboring Pathmark supermarket will soon be replaced by a Stop and Shop super store after Pathmark’s parent company, Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P), filed for bankruptcy in July.

“We hope that Chase will not abandon this community and remain a fixture for all who rely on it,” Comrie concluded.

The Courier reached out to Chase bank for comment and is awaiting a response.


It seems that whenever an elected official or a candidate is criticized for their record, that candidate pulls the “it’s more complicated” crap, like Comrie stated about me when I criticized his doing very little as a councilman in regards to quality of life issues. Well, if it is so complicated, then maybe so-called leaders  need to do a better job. In a Queens Chronicle article back in 2013 (http://www.qchron.com/editions/eastern/garbage-rally-small-but-loud-in-jamaica/article_8e75dcf1-9b7e-58a3-a322-4f1fa40dad9b.html)  when several of us held a garbage/litter rally and I complained about ineffective leaders like Comrie, he rebutted to the Chronicle “the city does what it can, but cannot always act as quickly as the activists would like. Moretti does not seem to grasp some of the legal and logistical difficulties that can be involved.” Yep, sounds like an excuse from Comrie for doing very little. Logistical difficulties, a code word for “we are doing nothing”.

And that is the excuse that Democratic candidate and good ole boys club member Alicia Hyndman used when Republican Scherie Murray called her out on her education record at Community Education Council 29.

Please Hyndman, stop with that tired old excuse of “it’s complicated”. That answer is enough to NOT vote for another good ole Jamaica boys club member. Pick another excuse, because that one has been overused and it just proves you are NOT A LEADER.


From Queens Chronicle:

Education scores at issue in 29th AD

GOP’s Murray raps Hyndman’s term at CEC 29; Dem says check facts


Posted: Thursday, September 24, 2015 10:30 am

Republican Scherie Murray is attacking Democrat Alicia Hyndman on what is supposed to be4 Hyndman’s home turf in the special election for the 29th Assembly District — education.

Hyndman, former president of Community Education Council 29 and employed as an occupational school supervisor for the state’s Department of Education, came under fire from Murray for student performance in School District 29 based on a report from the city’s DOE in August.

At issue were the proficiency rates in English and math for students in grades 3 through 8

In English, proficiency rates in District 29 ranged from 30.3 percent among fourth-graders, to as low as 17 percent in grade 7.

In math, grades 4 (34.2 percent), 5 (33.5 percent) and 3 (31.4 percent) all were above city average, but grade 6 came in at 16.2 percent proficiency.

The English proficiency rate for the district averaged out to 23.5 percent, which Murray said is below the citywide average of 28.4 percent.

The math average of 25.5 was considerably below the city average of 34.2 percent.

Murray attempted to link Hyndman to what she said are Mayor de Blasio’s failed policies.

“My opponent has been at the helm of [CEC] 29 for the past four years in addition to being an employee with the Department of Education and should be held accountable in part for the poor proficiency rates,” Murray said in a statement issued by her campaign last week. “[She] is part of the status quo that has kept our children trapped in failing schools,” Murray said in a statement issued by her campaign last week.

She accused Hyndman and the mayor of “kowtowing” to unions and school administrators.

Hyndman, in an interview with the Chronicle on Monday, reiterated that she is employed by the state, and that her profession deals with secondary and adult education.

She also said Murray needs some instruction herself on just what the CEC can and cannot do.

“The CEC is a volunteer parent organization that has been given three responsibilities,” Hyndman said. “One, we evaluate school superintendents. Two, we comment on the [city Department of Education’s] capital plan.”

The third function, Hyndman said, is voting on zoning lines that set geographic boundaries for the feeder zones in district neighborhood schools.

Hyndman also challenged the assertion that she or any parent would willingly promote a failing school system.

“I’m a parent who sends my child to a school in this district,” she said. “I would love for progress to happen overnight. But some changes take time.”

And while state legislators are permitted to have outside income, Hyndman back in the spring told the Chronicle that she will resign from her job with the state if elected, citing a conflict of interest that would come up any time she had to vote on any kind of education appropriation bills.



Yes sir, we already know that Ruben Wills is not a leader, pretty much neither are any of the Southeast Queens elected officials. They do very little to nothing, yet always want to take credit for shit they have little to do with. They do not support their communities, they are not the voice of the people and they do not fight for the community. Hell, we have seen that with Leroy Comrie and the rest of the Jamaica bunch.

They just show up for photo ops.


From Queens Chronicle:

Anti-‘prison’ group bashes Ruben Wills

‘Unfair’ to say councilman is a champion on Close to Home issue


A group of South Ozone Park residents opposed to the opening of a juvenile detention center in the community claimed Councilman Ruben Wills (D-South Jamaica) should not be viewed as a leader on the issue and stated the blocking of the facility’s opening is the results of a grassroots effort.

“Recent articles have portrayed Councilman Ruben Wills as a leader on this issue. This clearly is not the case in fact, Councilman Ruben Wills is not spearheading this issue; this issue is a community led grassroots movement and it is largely through our efforts that we have been successful thus far in stalling to opening of this prison,” the Committee to Stop the Prison South Ozone Park said in a Friday email to the Queens Chronicle. The email was signed by Chiedu Uzoigwe.

The committee is composed of South Ozone Park residents who have hosted weekly rallies outside the proposed detention center, located at 133-23 127 St., which they and others in the area refer to as a “prison.”

The committee, in recent weeks, has blasted community leaders for what they call inaction on the issue of stopping the opening of the Close to Home program — a statewide initiative to house offenders under 18 in residential areas rather than in facilities upstate — in South Ozone Park.

Last Tuesday, the committee criticized South Ozone Park Civic Association West President Anthony Gellineau for saying some people cannot make it out to the committee’s rallies either due to old age or prior obligations.

In its email, the committee again blasted Gellineau, saying his supposed discouragement is “dishonorable and despicable.”

The group next addressed their issue with Wills being called a “champion” in working to stop the opening of the center.

“It is unfair to the residents of South Ozone Park that Councilman Wills is viewed as a champion of any sort on this issue,” it states. “Every accomplishment that has been made came directly from the advocacy of the committee members, the community and the vast number of local businesses throughout South Ozone Park.”

Wills has showed up to previous civic meetings and has worked with his staff to have a lawsuit filed to stop the offenders from moving into the area. Wills is not listed as a plaintiff in the suit.

The litigants are three residents and the civic.

A spokesperson for Wills, in an email, said in response to the committee’s criticism “It’s unfortunate that some of the Committee to Stop the Prison’s members have expressed these sentiments, especially considering nothing of the sort was said to the Councilman on the day the civil action against Sheltering Arms was filed, during any of the weekly rallies he participated in, on the day he railed against Sheltering Arms for the assault of a Committee member by its subcontractor’s employee, or on the day he announced sex offenders would be relocated from the Skyway Men’s Shelter. The fact that the Administration for Children’s Services’ juvenile prison has yet to open, despite having been slated to launch last spring, reflects the extent to which this office, in partnership with the Committee, CB 10, and South Ozone Park Civic Association West; has influenced the present course of events. In circumstances like these, we believe the most favorable outcomes are achieved when all parties acting in common cause present a united front.”



Finally some healthy eating in this unhealthy community. Maybe Leroy Comrie should pay them a visit several times a week (plus see all the garbage and crap in the downtown area).

This new place is located in the Unique Bazaar Mall, although “mall” is not really appropriate, just like the Jamaica  Colosseum Mall is not really a “mall” either. Both are more of a low-class ghetto mess flea market. In fact I have seen flea markets that look better than these two places.

Strive to be better!

Anyway, best to Fresh.


From Queens Press:

New Store in Jamaica Hopes to Help Locals Eat Healthy

Karen Leeghin (center) standing with customers and employees of Fresh and Healthy located in Unique Bazaar Mall.


A new establishment located on the lower level of the Unique Bazaar Mall is determined to get the community eating healthy for a way lower price than your average competitor.

Karen Leeghin had the grand opening of her fresh juice and healthy eatery store, aptly titled Fresh and Healthy, Monday afternoon giving the community a sneak peek at what to expect once it officially opens Thursday.

“I’ve been in the community for 25 years working with my non-profit and as a community activist and I saw how my community wasn’t being healthy,” Leeghin said. “They were being attacked by cancer and diabetes, which is number one with our youths. Also, high blood pressure had our people on medication.”

Leeghin said that within her own family, health issues were just as rampant.

“My brother had a heart attack at 40,” she said. “I myself was diabetic three years ago and on medication.”

Through changing her own diet, she was able to start living a more healthy lifestyle and thought it would be a great idea to share that with the community.

The store aims to incentivize healthy eating for the community, both young and old, by offering different fresh juices and mixes at a significantly reduced price. Leeghin believes that by doing so, it rids the stigma of organic eating being too pricey for constituents of less affluent neighborhoods like Jamaica. Leeghin also believes that by offering a delicious yet healthy alternative to all of the fast food in the area, it will help those at risk of diabetes and heart disease get a head start on preventing such afflictions.

“I’m trying to do the very affordable prices because I know a lot of people in my community right now in South Jamaica, Queens are trying to eat healthy but can’t afford it,” Leeghin said. “What I tried to do is offer cheap juices and affordable juicing.”

Of the free samples being handed out, the one standout was the pineapple juice, which featured a dash of cinnamon. Leeghin explain that mixtures like this aren’t just for taste. They are conscious recipes meant to benefit the customers’ health.

“With the pineapple smoothie, I put cinnamon in there because diabetes and high blood pressure is a problem within the community,” Leeghin said. “I also do mean green juices with half a bitter melon in there to get people’s blood sugar levels down. I try to help customers with their illnesses.”

The samples also included fresh salads, fruit bowls and tiny cakes, all of which will be on the menu this Thursday.

Leeghin said that she will try her best to educate her customers on how to continue the healthy eating in every aspect of their lives. She will be giving away the recipes to her smoothies and hopes to sell affordable juicers to customers somewhere down the line so they can do this on their own.

Leeghin worked with a number of local organizations to get the project off the ground, including 4 Kids in Need, Goodwill, 100 Suits for 100 Men and her own non profit, Kai Bailey Empowerment Center.

Shoppers who stopped by praised the samples and seemed excited to return once the store opened.

“The community response has been great,” 4 Kids in Need president Rhonda Williams said. “Business has been doing extremely well.”

“She has a nice business here,” said one local business owner. “I hope it’s successful.”

“It’s always sweet, it’s always fresh and it’s always reasonable,” said Althea Duhaney, who works in Jamaica. “It’s the best prices and healthy.”

Leeghin hopes that the opening of the store will send a message to everyone in the community about the importance of taking care of yourself.

“If you don’t do for your own, who’s going to do for you?” Leeghin asked.

– See more at: http://queenspress.com/new-store-in-jamaica-hopes-to-help-locals-eat-healthy/#sthash.VBCtslqW.dpuf



With the bad news that Rocoto Restaurant (one of the best in the area) on Hillside Avenue is up for sale and might close, there is good news that a new restaurant has just opened in Downtown Jamaica. Don Nico’s, which is being billed as Mexican with an Italian twist, is located at 90-14 161st Street in the newly opened Norman Towers apartment. Although the official opening will not be for another week or two, it is currently opened from noon to 5pm.

The owner, Nicola Maurello, who ran Pasticcio, an Italian restaurant in Murray Hill, for about 30 years, currently owns Don Nico’s food kiosk in downtown Brooklyn.

It looks like a really good addition. But since there are few pickins to begin with in Jamaica, anything new that is nice inside where you can sit down, eat and have drinks, plus have them served to you is always welcomed compared to all the shit type places that are way too common in this community.

Maurello said he picked Jamaica for his new restaurant because “it’s the land of opportunity”. “Jamaica is going to be booming in 2 to 3 years,” he said. “It just has to embrace young entrepreneurs who want to open the business here.”

I hope he knows something that I don’t know, because from where I am sitting, all I see is bleakness………………and GARBAGE.


From DNAInfo New York:

Mexican Restaurant Don Nico’s Opens in Downtown Jamaica

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | September 25, 2015 8:05am

 The restaurant, at 90-14 161st St., will serve Mexican cuisine with an Italian twist. 

Mexican Eatery Don Nico’s Opens in Downtown Jamaica

QUEENS — A new restaurant serving Mexican cuisine with an Italian twist has just opened in downtown Jamaica, expanding dining options in the area dominated by fast-food chains.

Don Nico’s, at 90-14 161st St., between Jamaica and 90th avenues, is currently soft open for business with a limited menu which includes burritos, tacos, tortas, tamales and fajita platters as well as wraps and salads.

The owner, Nicola Maurello, said he expects the grand opening to take place in a couple of weeks.

Maurello, who ran Pasticcio, an Italian restaurant in Murray Hill, for about 30 years, currently owns Don Nico’s food kiosk in downtown Brooklyn.

The full menu at the new restaurant, he said, will also include several Italian dishes, such as bruschetta, as well as items like mac and cheese which will be served with spicy pesto.

The menu, he added, will be “based on my career and the stuff that I’ve done over the years… I have an extensive experience with Italian, Spanish and Mexican food.”

This week, the restaurant will remain open from noon to 5 p.m., but hours may be extended beginning next week, Maurello said.

Eventually, the restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and will feature a wine and sangria bar.

Maurello said he picked Jamaica for his new restaurant because “it’s the land of opportunity.”

“Jamaica is going to be booming in 2 to 3 years,” he said. “It just has to embrace young entrepreneurs who want to open the business here.”



Rocoto Restaurant, another welcome addition to Jamaica

While getting off of the F subway yesterday (9.24.15) evening at the 179th Street stop, I looked over at one of my favorite restaurants, Rocoto at 178-27 Hillside Avenue and saw a big sign above the name, “Restaurant for Sale”. I was shocked, but not quite surprised, since business for this great little restaurant has not be stellar in the so-so neighborhood that tends to like crap and low end places. The restaurant was still opened, so I walked in to to talk to the owner Jennie (of Jennie & Jesus) and she told me that they are hitting the 3 year mark and the neighborhood has just not been kind to the restaurant and that business has not been great.

That is a shame, because the food, a mix of Peruvian and Italian is great, the service is top notch and owners Jennie & Jesus are some of the nicest people you will meet. The intimate restaurant is nicely decorated with a romantic flair to it. In a better neighborhood, Rocoto would be packed every night, but here in bum fuck Jamaica, quality seems to have no place here and what flourishes in this low-end ghetto community tends to be shit, because this is what the low-end folks here want. So no surprise, I am more surprised that they even lasted this long. Jennie, did say that if business does pick up, they will stay open, but if this slow pattern continues, they will shut down and open in a much better community that would appreciate them.

When they first opened back in 2013, I wrote about it on this blog (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/rocoto-restaurant-another-great-find-in-jamaica/) about what a great find they were. Well, now this great find might no longer exist anymore.

Jamaica with it’s bad reputation, which is truly justified, an ugly dirty garbage mess of a community where tons of garbage is the norm, a huge population of low-class people who would rather eat a sandwich at a dirty deli or at a greasy chicken shack or a fast food dump, a fractured community where the various ethnic groups keep to themselves or will only support their own businesses, trying to keep good establishments in this neighborhood is tough, let alone entice them to come.

Certainly not your typical low class Jamaica crowd

Happier times for Rocoto in Jamaica, which seems to be in the rear-view mirror now.

It makes me wonder about City Rib (which started off with much potential) on Parsons Blvd & 89th Ave, which opened around the same time and is also not doing the business that they thought. While I was a big fan of City Rib when if first opened (hell we pretty much had nothing here) and they were going for a jazz theme and had live jazz bands and the customer service was great, some recent visits there have been somewhat disappointing, especially with the customer service, which seemed to fall back on the typical crappy customer service so prevalent in Jamaica. The live jazz bands have been pretty much a thing of the past, with one popping up every now and then, to be pretty much replaced by a DJ blasting music way too loud for a bar/restaurant.

So time will tell if Rocoto sticks around, but the prognosis does not look good and with all the so-called hype about Jamaica being the “next thing” having the air taken out of it, conditions in Jamaica not really improving much (in fact some of it getting worse) and no forward thinking or top notch elected officials, Rocoto will end up being a shuttered space eventually replaced with some typical Jamaica ghetto crap for the typical Jamaica ghetto crap folks.

As usual it is the “people” in this community, no improvement in quality of life issues and a lack of quality people coming into the community that is pounding the nails in the coffin of any future or hope in this community for the time being. Maybe 20 years from now, just maybe, but don’t cross your fingers.