As a liberal Democrat, each day, I dislike the Democrats and bleeding heart liberal more and more and it is BULLSHIT like this which does it and which ultimately put an unqualified person in the White House. I mean what the fuck don’t you get. It is bad enough this fucking dirt bag city is a sanctuary city to waste money and take care of people that are other states problems.

This mayor and his administration certainly does not seem to care about us LEGAL hard working tax payers who pay his fucking salary. Instead he is concerned with people who are here ILLEGALLY and some of those folks who are criminals or have records. He is more concerned with homeless people, improperly,  by warehousing them in shitty hotels and then dumping them in certain areas (low income, black and immigrant communities) and allowing them to camp out in subway stations (Jamaica Center, LIRR Sutphin Blvd, 179th Street) and ride in subway cars while us tax payers have to deal with their filth and erratic and dangerous behavior).

Here are some comments from people over at Queens Crap, where this great blog had the same article:

MS-13, Where have I heard that name before? Oh, Long Island.


Mayor Big Slow is fucked in the head. Enough with exploiting Trump’s ill-willed and scattershot immigration policies and the voter pandering. For I am sure that the hispanic communities wouldn’t give a shit if this gangbanger was dead.

This also


Mayor Prozac should bring Mr. Valasquez home to Gracie Mansion and let him hang out with Dante.

THANKS FUCKING ASSHOLE DUMBO, you fucking coward. It seems the Democrats today no longer care about hard working tax payers and their quality of life.


NO MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From The Daily News:

Mayor de Blasio rips feds for deporting Queens immigrant accused of being gang member


Last year, ICE sent the NYPD 72 detainer requests. The NYPD ignored 70 of them because only two met the department’s criteria, a police source said.

(Charles Reed/AP)

One mayor’s harmless undocumented immigrant is the feds’ menace to society.Mayor de Blasio lashed out Tuesday at Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after their agents scooped up a 19-year-old Salvadoran immigrant in Queens.

The inter-agency clash over Estivan Velasquez comes at a time of escalating tension between de Blasio and the feds, as President Trump seeks to strengthen immigration laws and beef up enforcement.

ICE officials issued a detainer order to the city Department of Correction in May, telling them to place a federal hold on Velasquez. But the city released Velasquez from Rikers Island on Thursday after he served nearly five months for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

bags21n-1-webMayor de Blasio slammed Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after their agents scooped up a 19-year-old Salvadoran immigrant in Queens.

(Todd Maisel/New York Daily News)

Later that day, ICE agents busted Velasquez, whom they described as a gang member and a potential threat to public safety. Velasquez was in the midst of being deported late Tuesday.

De Blasio cried foul.

“The detainee was released after he pled guilty and served his time for an offense that does not qualify as a violent or serious felony under the city’s local laws,” said Rosemary Boeglin, a mayoral spokeswoman.

94145238Trump has been trying to beef up immigration laws — a move that has put him at odds with de Blasio

(Pool/Getty Images)

“And his gang affiliation was not supported by evidence that meets even minimal constitutional standards. When ICE presents evidence to our city that an individual in our custody has been convicted of a violent or serious offense — one that threatens the public’s safety — we will fully cooperate,” Boeglin added. “Short of that, this administration and our Police Department do not believe we make our city safer by needlessly tearing apart families and communities.”

ICE officials said Velasquez admitted to agents he was a member of the MS-13 gang. He was one of at least 41 people the agency detained around the city in the last month.

Velasquez entered the U.S. illegally, ICE officials said. And in November 2015, a judge ordered he be deported. His criminal history in the U.S. includes reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, and disorderly conduct, ICE officials said.

nyc-jail-suicidesVelasquez was locked up at Rikers for nearly five months for disorderly conduct. After his release, he was nabbed by ICE agents.

(Seth Wenig/AP)

ICE did not provide details about Velasquez’s disorderly conduct arrest or whether the other cases resulted in convictions.

“It’s the politics of fear,” said Camille Mackler, director of legal initiatives for the New York Immigration Coalition, said. “They’re actually inflicting more harm than doing any kind of good.”

But ICE countered Velasquez should have never been “released back into the community.”

immigration-arrestsICE agents are deporting a Salvadoran immigrant who they say is a gang member. But city officials argue there’s no evidence proving the man is part of a gang.

(Bryan Cox/AP)

“Honoring a detainer request is not about politics, it is about keeping New York citizens safe,” said Thomas Decker, ICE’s top deportation official in New York.

For most crimes, city jail bosses refuse to hand over people who have been arrested when requested by the feds for deportation proceedings. But there are 170 serious crimes that trigger the city’s cooperation.

Last year, ICE sent the NYPD 72 detainer requests. The NYPD ignored 70 of them because only two met the department’s criteria, a police source told the Daily News. Figures regarding the Department of Correction’s response to such requests were not immediately available.

In November 2014, de Blasio vowed to “end cooperation with federal ‘detainer requests’ for all residents,” except those convicted of serious crimes.



The elderly grandmother, 69 year old Eve Gentillion, has died 4 months after being punched by a piece of ghetto trash, the pimple face coward hoot rat, Richard Springer, while she was on her way home from church. It does not get any lower than this in the ghetto hood.

Now lets hear from all the Jamaica hood rats who crawl out from under the Jamaica wood works to stick up for him or the Jamaica hood rat ghetto lovers who don’t like me using the term “hood rat” and telling me he is a misunderstood young kid.

FUCK YOU hoot rats. This was a prime example of what fucking cowards you really are and what a stain on this community you all have become.

NOTE to black community: STOP STICKING UP FOR GHETTO TRASH like this just because his skin color is the same as yours. I don’t stick up for ghetto white trash, because THEY ARE TRASH. Do the damn same, otherwise, communities like Jamaica keep going down hill.


From The Daily News:

Queens grandma dies four months after punch outside bodega


Surveillance footage shows a man punching and knocking Eve Gentillon to the ground during a 2016 attack.


A 69-year-old grandmother sucker-punched at a Queens deli in October has died, police said.

Eve Gentillon died on Friday, four months after a stranger bashed her in a brutal caught-on-video attack, police said. The case is now a homicide.

Richard Springer, 28, drunkenly punched Gentillon in the face as he left the Sutphin King Deli in Jamaica on Oct. 15, police and witnesses said.



(Obtained by Daily News/New York Daily News)

capture1Eve Gentillon, left, died Friday and Richard Springer, right, faces charges in her punching death.

Springer entered the bodega near 108th Ave. just after 8 a.m. and argued with store employees over the price of beer, workers said.

He punched an 18-year-old employee in the face, stormed out of the store and hit Gentillon on her way home from church.springer23n-4-web

Cops walk in and out of the Sutphin King deli during the October 2016 investigation of a 69-year-old woman who was punched.

(Debbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News)

The attack knocked Gentillon to the ground. She was out cold with a fatal brain hemorrhage.

Police arrested Springer, who has 13 prior arrests, on Oct. 31 near his home, also in Jamaica, officials said. He was first charged with robbery and assault, but now faces further charges.


Time to shut down this fucking irresponsible shitty slaughterhouse. First it has no business being smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica near the shopping district and residents. Second this fucking third world shit hole place has been so irresponsible.

SHUT THIS FUCKING HELL HOLE DOWN and get rid of all the assholes that work there.


From DNAInfo New York:


Photo by Robert Stridiron/RHS Breaking News Services

A bull that was found running free around Jamaica this morning died shortly after being wrangled by police.

According to DNAinfo, a NYPD spokesman said that the bull was first seen at 10 a.m. near Archer Boulevard and 146th Street.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BQx1QAClvjn/embed/?cr=1&v=7The bovine was cornered at a house on Marsden Street for about an hour before it evaded police again. Officials say that the bull escaped from a Jamaica slaughterhouse.

Two hours after the bull made his break for it, cops were able to wrangle and sedate it in the backyard of a nearby home, according to WABC-TV.

Police sources say that the bull died at around 1:30 p.m. while it was in the custody of an Animal Care Centers of NYC facility in Brooklyn. It was not immediately known why it died.

This is not the first time that a bovine was seen running loose in Jamaica. A little over a year ago, a cow named Freddie made a daring escape the day before he was meant to be killed at a Jamaica slaughterhouse.

Photos by Robert Stridiron


Even the animals (the four legged ones) want to escape shitty ghetto Jamaica.

Why the fuck does the downtown area even have one of these barbaric slaughterhouses here. I mean jesus h christ, this is right in the heart of downtown at Archer Ave & 165th Street.



From DNAInfo New York:

Runaway Cow Leads Police on Hours-Long Chase Through Queens

By  Trevor Kapp Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska and Aidan Gardiner | February 21, 2017 11:11am

 A cow was roaming around Jamaica Tuesday morning.

A cow was roaming around Jamaica Tuesday morning.

DNAinfo/Trevor Kapp

JAMAICA — A runaway cow was chased for hours through Jamaica Tuesday.

NYPD officers managed to corner it in the backyard of a house for about an hour before it broke loose again, charging through a group of 30 people and making a fresh bid for freedom.

“A cop ran out yelling ‘Move! Everybody run!’ Then this cow came charging down the street,” a DNAinfo New York reporter who was at the scene said.

“I dove behind a door and it ran past.”

It was finally caught at 12:20 p.m. at 115-43 158th St., near 116th Avenue, a police spokeswoman said.

The cow may have broken out of a slaughterhouse near Archer Avenue and 165th Street, police said.

The bovine was first reported to police about 10 a.m. near Archer Boulevard and 146th Street, an NYPD spokesman said.

The animal had been cornered at a house on Marsden Street, near Foch Blvd, for about an hour before it bolted around noon.

It was chased by police in cars and appeared to have been shot by tranquilizer darts.

 A cow was on the loose in Jamaica, Queens on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017.

A cow was on the loose in Jamaica, Queens on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017.


It wasn’t immediately clear what would happen to the animal after it was caught.


Come on powers that be in Jamaica. This event is tomorrow evening (2.22.17) and this notice is only being sent out now.


Queens Council on the Arts


Join us on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 6:00-8:00pm, at the SUNY Employment Opportunity Center for QCA’s second “Creative Conversations.” 

“Creative Conversations” is a signature program of the Queens Council on the Arts. It is a monthly dinner meeting hosted in different Queens neighborhoods where artists have the opportunity to network, organize, meet community stakeholders, and develop strategies for community advocacy. It is open to artists and the general public. We will be joined by Kendal Henry, Director of Percent for Art at the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Excerpts of the dinner meeting will be recorded and featured on Clocktower Radio, an online radio station, as well as QCA’s new podcast. Participating artists who are interested will have the opportunity to be interviewed and be featured on the radio show and QCA podcast.

Wednesday, February 22, 6:00-8:00PM

SUNY Employment Opportunity Center
158-29 Archer Ave
Jamaica, NY 11432


Sign up at: http://www.queenscouncilarts.org/calendar/2017/2/8/qcas-creative-conversations?inf_contact_key=413d18f37f041a44130c50172cd79dcb3ceb0f327be6ee8e3a6315cb5e08896e


About fucking time, considering the history of this park and Rufus King’s part in American History. So ghetto slobs, STOP trashing every fucking thing you touch.

And why is it that these below immigrants from 1933 knew how to take care of things, but flash forward to 2017 and many of the immigrants today just fucking trash everything. I guess maybe it has to do where they come from or just maybe it has to do with PRIDE or BOTH. FUCKING SLOBS.

Rufus King Park in 1933.

Rufus King Park in 1933.


And Rufus King Park with today’s immigrants, circa 2017.rufus-garbage-jpg3rufus-garbage-jpg2rufus-garbagerufus-diaper




Landmarked Rufus King Park in Queens to Get New Entrances and Other Upgrades

rufusRufus King House. Credit: King Manor Museum.

Most of the big news about landmarked sites comes from Brooklyn and Manhattan. There isn’t much in Queens that makes headlines; for example, only two of the 26 sites designated from the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s 95-item backlog were in Queens County. Today, however, we have news about a landmarked park in Jamaica.

The park in question is Rufus King Park, which encircles the Rufus King House, an individual and interior landmark at 150-05 Jamaica Avenue. The house’s construction dates to 1730, with an addition built in about 1806. The house and grounds were acquired by the Village of Jamaica in 1897 and then fell under the jurisdiction of the new unified city Parks Department the following year. It has been a public park ever since.

Rufus King was an abolitionist born in 1755. He represented New York in the U.S. Senate from 1813 to 1825 and twice served as Minister to Great Britain. He died in Jamaica in 1827.

Rufus King Park in 1933.

Rufus King Park in 1933.

Individual designation, including the full area bound by Jamaica Avenue, 150th Street, 89th Avenue and 153rd Street, took place in 1966. Interior designation for the house took place in 1976. The house is now known as the King Manor Museum and is open five days a week.

The Parks Department wants to make changes to the park’s paths, which have changed over the decades. Two new entrances will be added, one along 150th Street about halfway between Jamaica and 90th avenues and the other at the corner of Jamaica Avenue and 153rd Street.

The corner entrance at Jamaica and 153rd will lead to two paths that eventually make their way to the comfort station. The point where those two paths split will have accent planting and social seating. The other entrance will also have accent planting and social seating.

RufusKingPark_20170207_12 RufusKingPark_20170207_13

Other planned changes to the park include the widening of street corners, reconstruction of the south lawn as well as all fences and gates, signage replacement, and the addition of new lighting and two drinking fountains.

At the LPC session on February 7, LPC Chair Meenakshi Srinivasan wasn’t happy with how many new paths would lead from the new corner entrance. Commissioner Frederick Bland said this application highlighted the “vital role” of house museums.

Nadezhda Williams, the museum’s executive director, testified that previous paving works had resulted in cracks in the house’s plaster and she was worried about the new work’s impact on the historic structure. Overall, however, she was happy to see upgrades come to the park, including the new trash receptacles, signs, and fences. “Bad fences make bad neighbors,” she said.

“HDC understands that the genesis for the several new, paved paths is that these trails already exist as ‘desire paths.’ To minimize the impact of so much paving in this quadrant of the park, we recommend that Parks consider a more permeable, green material such as Grasscrete, which could mitigate the extensive paving,” testified the Historic Districts Council’s Kelly Carroll. “HDC understands that manor house experienced some cracking due to vibrations the previous time paving was installed. We ask that monitors be placed in the house to ensure no further damage is done, regardless of what work is approved today.”

The commissioners approved the plan, though Chair Srinivasan’s suggestion to remove some of the new paths might be followed. We should expect monitoring of the site’s stability, but as Commissioner Michael Devonshire pointed out, once the work is severe enough to cause damage, it will be too late.

View the full presentation slides here:
RufusKingPark_20170207_01 RufusKingPark_20170207_02 RufusKingPark_20170207_03 RufusKingPark_20170207_04 RufusKingPark_20170207_05 RufusKingPark_20170207_06 RufusKingPark_20170207_07 RufusKingPark_20170207_08 RufusKingPark_20170207_09 RufusKingPark_20170207_10 RufusKingPark_20170207_11 RufusKingPark_20170207_12 RufusKingPark_20170207_13 RufusKingPark_20170207_14 RufusKingPark_20170207_15 RufusKingPark_20170207_16 RufusKingPark_20170207_17 RufusKingPark_20170207_18 RufusKingPark_20170207_19 RufusKingPark_20170207_20 RufusKingPark_20170207_21 RufusKingPark_20170207_22 RufusKingPark_20170207_23 RufusKingPark_20170207_24 RufusKingPark_20170207_25 RufusKingPark_20170207_26 RufusKingPark_20170207_27 RufusKingPark_20170207_28 RufusKingPark_20170207_29 RufusKingPark_20170207_30 RufusKingPark_20170207_31 RufusKingPark_20170207_32 RufusKingPark_20170207_33

150-05 Jamaica Avenue Infrastructure Jamaica Parks Department Queens


And this is just one reason why there is so much hostility towards immigrants because progressive Democrats like deBalsio and his henchwoman, Mark-Viverito are always bending over triple backwards for immigrants and forgetting about the rest of the people they work for. It starts out as resentment then switches over to anger and more. It is like these asshole elected officials want to as usual, split people apart and have them NOT focus on all the bullshit that they continually try to pull over on everyone.

YOU work for ALL OF US, not a select few or the flavor of the month, like with the “We are all Muslims” bullshit you did the other day. When was the last time you held a rally that stated “WE ARE ALL AFRICAN-AMERICANS”.

As usual Errol Louis, NY1 political reporter sorts through the crap and bullshit to give the real picture.


From The Daily News:

This problem warrants action



In a city where 40% of the population was born overseas, it’s not surprising to see progressive politicians make a big show of refusing to use law enforcement resources or share the personal data of New Yorkers with federal authorities who might move to deport the undocumented.

“We are not going to allow our police officers to be used as immigrant enforcement agents,” Mayor de Blasio said in January.

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito made an extended riff on the topic part of her State of the City speech last week.

“We will not waste city resources to help immigration authorities locate otherwise law-abiding New Yorkers who pose no threat to public safety. We will not be a pawn in that game,” she said, and vowed: “we will not allow officers of the Department of Probation, the NYPD and the Department of Correction to act as ICE agents and enforce immigration law. They have better things to do.”

So far, so good. But after the applause from the big speeches and rallies fade, the mayor and the speaker should attend to the politically much less sexy task of making city agencies better — much better — at sharing criminal justice data among themselves.

Right now, according to advocates and agency officials, we waste a vast amount of money and manpower by not taking some simple steps to prevent summonses and arrests from turning thousands of New Yorkers’ lives upside down every year.

Every day of the week, for example, people who have been arrested and detained on Rikers Island are allowed to walk out of jail on whatever matter got them busted, according to an NYPD official — even if they have a string of open arrest warrants for other offenses.

That means cops will someday have to chase down open warrants on a person who was already in the custody of the Department of Correction.

We’re mostly not talking about serious crimes: The vast majority of warrants begin as summonses for low-level misconduct like public urination, riding a bicycle on the sidewalk or drinking liquor from an open container in public. But a person who fails to show up in court to clear up even a minor problem can wind up facing a court-issued arrest warrant.

That starts a grotesque game of jack-in-the-box: If a long-forgotten warrant pops up on a person stopped by the cops for any reason, he can end up in handcuffs and detained for hours — or even days — until the matter gets cleared up.

Right now, cops face a horrendous backlog of 1.5 million outstanding warrants. It’s a nightmare situation in need of a fix — and one easy way to attack it is to make sure every person held on Rikers clears up all open warrants before leaving jail.

The same logic applies to the tens of thousands of people sleeping in city shelters every night. When the sun comes up, an army of compassionate caseworkers at the Department of Homeless Services battles to connect homeless New Yorkers with an apartment, job training, addiction treatment, mental health counseling and other needs.

Here again, a little coordination would go a long way. When individuals and families check into shelters, DHS staff should also flag any outstanding warrants sitting in law enforcement databases — and help clients get them resolved.

Clearing up warrants should be considered an essential part of helping the homeless get back on their feet. The last thing a struggling family needs is to have somebody get arrested for a minor offense that might be years in the past.

Making sense of this madness will take some managerial ingenuity. We’ll need coordination between the NYPD, the Office of Court Administration, the five district attorneys and the departments of Correction, Probation and Homeless Services.

Equally important is the need to make criminal justice records more transparent, available and easily correctable by the people caught up in the system.

As The News has regularly documented, New Yorkers often get arrested because of mistakes in their official record of arrest and prosecution (RAP sheet, for short). Warrants remain even after they’ve been cleared; arrests of the wrong person follow the innocent for years; and records that were supposed to be sealed by court order sometimes aren’t.

It’s one more example of why de Blasio and Mark-Viverito, so eager to keep the personal data of undocumented people from the feds, ought to make sure city agencies are making use of that information to help all New Yorkers, immigrant or not.

Louis is political anchor of NY1 News.