IT IS  FUCKING POINTLESS to keep such as a list when the only point of it is to publish it, but to take no action. Another reason that the Public Advocate position is a waste of tax payers dollars. Letitia James is just collecting political welfare. I guess doing the list makes her feel good and justifies her bloated salary. Yet just another reason why many people are so fed up with the political system and politicians. Even though the Public Advocate is not an “elected position”, is certainly feels like one since this position is certainly not independent of the government and James certainly knew how to come out to Jamaica to stump for obese bloated useless Leroy Comrie when he is running for Senator, but does jack shit for this community. Certainly does not seem like being independent, when you stump for a politician and a useless one at that. Why doesn’t she create a “worst elected official list”. I guess that would be an extremely LONG list and include pretty much every Southeast Queens official.


Public Advocate Letitia James, prime example of political welfare. Smiling on the way to the bank on the tax payer’s dime.


From Queens Times Ledger:

City’s second worst landlord has Queens properties: Public Advocate

Google Maps -The apartment building at 35-08 95th St. in Jackson Heights is owned by landlord Harry Silverstein who was named the second worst landlord in the city by city’s Public Advocate office.


 The second worst landlord in the city owns two apartment buildings in Woodside and Jackson Heights, according to the latest Worst Landlords Watchlist released Monday by the city’s Public Advocate office.

Queens had 549 buildings on the Watchlist out of a total 6,081 and Queens landlord Harry Silverstein was named the second worst landlord in the entire city.

The watchlist includes data from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, but for the first time data from the Department of Buildings is included and tenants are able to track housing court activity of their landlords in an interactive database.

Silverstein has 474 violations for two Queens properties, 39-30 59th St. in Woodside and 35-08 95th St, in Jackson Heights, according to the city’s HDP and DOH records.

Violations for Silverstein ranged from an illegal basement apartment to complaints of rodent infestations.

According to the Public Advocate’s office, Silverstein managed 4,080 units in seven buildings with 1,482 HPD violations and 81 DOB complaints across the city. He also owns properties in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

“Every New Yorker deserves to live in safety and security, and every apartment needs to meet basic standards of decency,” Public Advocate Letitia James said. “Unfortunat­ely, unscrupulous landlords throughout our city are failing to uphold these basic rights, creating inhumane living conditions for tenants.”

James has also proposed legislation that would require the city to expand its database of landlords to include information about violations, tenant complaints and tax liens.

According to the Public Advocate’s office, there are 3,393 landlords on the list this year.

“Tenants in New York have a basic, legal right to safe and decent housing,” said HPD Commissioner Vicki Been. “We pursue rigorous enforcement actions through programs such as HPD’s Alternative Enforcement Program, which monitors and requires repairs to the 250 most distressed buildings in the city.”

For a landlord to be added to the Watchlist, they must own a building with a minimum threshold of violations or open complaints per unit. For buildings with fewer than 35 units, there must be an average of at least three open, serious violations or active complaints per unit; for larger buildings with 35 units or more there must be an average of at least two open, serious violations or active complaints per unit.



It seems that many people are so fed up with the ghettoization of Jamaica and surrounding areas. All the garbage, all the bottom of the barrel folks causing issues, lack of quality stores and food choices and elected officials who are pretty much just collecting political welfare. But as I have said before, most of the blames goes to the people, who show such little respect for community and neighbors, but blame goes to elected officials including our Mayors who let many neighborhoods get destroyed in the name of progress making the words neighborhood or community pretty much obsolete.

Here is what one fellow resident had to say and she is right on the money and I am sure most of you can relate to this.

Hello Joe, I am a resident of Jamaica Hills who works in Jamaica close to Rufus King Park. Iam sadden and disgusted by the conditions that my family and I face on a daily basis. I have an 18 months old daughter whose daycare is located in the federal building on Jamaica Avenue. Every morning I have pass through a group of men smoking weed in front of the parking lot, so I have to make sure I cover my baby’s head so she doesn’t inhale that crap. We have to walk around the homeless man begging for change, we have to dodge the dollar vans and taxis making illegal u turns, we have to step over mountains of garbage, all before 8:30 in the morning. I’m scared to wear open toed shoes or sandals because of what I might step on. Used tmpons, condoms, diapers…not an usual sight on the sidewalks of downtown Jamaica. Although Jamaica Hills and Briarwood (where I used to live) is a lot better than Jamaica, I have begun to notice an increase of garbage on my block and in the area in general. I live on a high traffic block, located close to a nursing home and a hospital and the people passing through seem to have no regard for other people’s property. I’ve found everything from liquor bottles to tires left in front of my house. I think the stigma of the name Jamaica has caused people to think that we don’t care about our houses or our neighborhood. My zoned. elementary school wast rated a 5 out of 10 on Great Schools. Why is that ok? Why is nobody outraged? I could go on and on about the problems in Jamaica but I wont. I will only say that if I don’t see progress soon, I’m getting the hell out of here. I refuse to subject my daughter to this. I didn’t grow up surrounded by filth and neither will she.

Jamaica crap11.21.15 001garbage10.10.15 006needle park

The epitome of Jamaica.

The epitome of Jamaica.

These people had to climb over this shit to get into their car. And this is in the downtown section, not far from the LIRR station, where the jazz concerts are held.

These people had to climb over this shit to get into their car. And this is in the downtown section, not far from the LIRR station, where the jazz concerts are held.

This gentlemen just adds to the delight

This gentlemen just adds to the delight

Garbage and flea market 9.6.15 017Garbage and flea market 9.6.15 003Garbage and flea market 9.6.15 006

Metro Lumber on Merrick Blvd

Metro Lumber on Merrick Blvd

Garbage & Major Mark Park 018garbage7.21.15 019garbage7.21.15 021garbage7.21.15 004

Downtown Jamaica

Downtown Jamaica

Yes, this man in the downtown area is pissing in broad daylight near on private property. Nice.

Yes, this man in the downtown area is pissing in broad daylight near on private property. Nice.

"Jamaica's Element"

“Jamaica’s Element”


Asshole leaders. The same shit over and over in different positions.

Asshole leaders. The same shit over and over in different positions.

WE ARE AWARE OF IT. Miller's District

Miller’s District


In case you are not a film buff, the title of this post comes from the 1966 comedy The Russians are Coming, The The Russians are Coming.

I do find the article a little disturbing in the sense that in 2004 the City Council gave a green light for a mosque to use its speakers to broadcast its call for prayer. Talk about noise pollution and disturbing a community for those who are not Muslims. Also the fact that businesses close to each of the four mosques can’t acquire liquor licenses.

Yeah, I don’t have an issue with Muslims in this country, but I do have a problem that the USA must adapt to them as opposed to them adapting to our country and values, like past immigrants have done. Broadcasting prayer on loudspeakers like some Middle Eastern Country is bullshit. In the meantime, many Muslims are abandoning & emptying out their countries like Syria without a fight and coming into non-Islamic countries attempting to change a way a life that most of us know.

And this is what makes people in this country mad and to comment in The Daily News Op Ed Page:

Island Park, L.I.: Mayor de Blasio criticized Gov. Chris Christie’s position on not allowing refugees into New Jersey by showing a picture of a drowned Syrian child. I have a question for de Blasio: Has he ever seen any pictures from Sept. 11, 2001? Is that day not a good enough reason to stop allowing refugees from Middle Eastern countries into the U.S. and start protecting our citizens instead of worrying about other countries? Granted, there weren’t many pictures of the dead people from that tragic day. Most were incinerated. Rose Johnson

Westbury, L.I.: Gov. Cuomo’s comment about taking down the Statue of Liberty and building a wall is laughable. He of all people, coming from Italian immigrants, should know better. When Cuomo’s ancestors came here, they were screened, checked for diseases if infected, and quarantined — or, worse, sent home. They had to have a sponsor, an address to go to and money in their pocket so as not to be a burden to this country and its taxpayers. They also had to have a skill. Now, when people come here, we pay for their housing, give them phones, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid. We have already seen what a few refugees did to Paris. Is it worth risking the safety of the people of the United States? Michael Appice


From The Daily News:

Michigan city of Hamtramck, once 90 percent Polish, is first Muslim-majority city in U.S.

Muslim Americans top three vote getters in Hamtramck election
WXYZ – Detroit, MI

Welcome to Muslimville, USA.

The Michigan city of Hamtramck has McDonald’s, apple pie and beer — and happens to be the first Muslim-majority city in the U.S.

Once 90 percent Polish, the city of 22,000 now has a Muslim majority in the six-person City Council as well, the Washington Post reported.

“There’s definitely a strong feeling that Muslims are the other,” Hamtramck Mayor Karen Majewski, who is of Polish descent, told the Washington Post. “It’s about culture, what kind of place Hamtramck will become. There’s definitely a fear, and to some degree, I share it.”


The use of Washington Post images for political advertising or endorsements is not permitted The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

A woman looks at a pastry display while walking past New Palace Bakery in downtown Hamtramck.

Hamtramck became the first Muslim-majority city in the U.S. two years ago, the newspaper reported. The influx of thousands of people from Yemen, Bangladesh and Bosnia has made some in the city nervous, according to the paper.

Elected officials all across the country have been trying to tackle the delicate issue of refugees in the wake of ISIS’ terror attacks in Paris earlier this month.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump says he wants to implement a database to track Muslims in the U.S., and Ben Carson has said he would consider religion a probable cause for searches.

At least 31 U.S. governors, including GOP Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, have taken measures to prevent Syrian refugees from being resettled in their states — even though they lack the legal authority to do so.

The use of Washington Post images for political advertising or endorsements is not permitted The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

New City Councilman Saad Almasmari speaks to a woman who stopped to take a photo.


In Hamtramck, many are anxious about the changes over the last 10 years. The Polish Catholic population stands at 11 percent, down from 90 percent nearly half a century ago, according to the paper.

“I don’t know why people keep putting religion into politics,” Saad Almasmari, the fourth Muslim elected to the six-person Council, told the newspaper. “When we asked for votes, we didn’t ask what their religion was.”

Some residents in the town have struggled to adjust to the existence of mosques in the community, according to the paper. Businesses close to each of the four mosques can’t acquire liquor licenses, Mayor Majewski told the Washington Post.

The use of Washington Post images for political advertising or endorsements is not permitted The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Council member Saad Almasmari talks with a resident outside of Sheeba restaurant.

A crucial turning point came in 2004, according to the paper,

“The Polish people think we were invading them,” Masud Khan, a mosque leader, told the paper. “We were a big threat to their religion and culture. Now their days are gone.”

“It was hard at the beginning,” longtime mail carrier Frank Zacharias told the paper. “They’re human. You gotta live with them. Hamtramck is known for diversity.”

Some residents have complained about the noise the 6 a.m. call to prayer brings.

The use of Washington Post images for political advertising or endorsements is not permitted The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

A woman walks past McDonald’s in Hamtramck earlier this month.

“I have my own rights, as well,” Susan Dunn, who failed to gain a seat on the City Council, told the paper. “I’m not a hater. It wasn’t a calculated move.

“You try reading a book in your backyard while your dog is barking to that,” she continued.

Some of the city’s black residents are unsure what to think of the City Council’s new makeup.

“They are clannish and stick together. … the jury is out on them,” longtime pastor Wayne Little of the Corinthian Baptist Church told the paper.

“People talk about Muslims by talking about ‘them,’ but we’re not going to be as single-minded as people think,” Council member Almasmari told the Post.


Let’s be fucking real here. The main reason people are buying all kind of shit at this time of year and the reason stores are reaping these benefits are not Hanuka or Kwanzaa or some obsure holiday that the  majority of people in this country or the world celebrate, it is CHRISTMAS, period. But yet year after year for some time know, stores have been refusing to use the word Christmas opting for the bland bullshit Happy Holiday. Some stores and some places refuse to use lights, trees, wreaths, etc.

IT IS CHRISTMAS, so get the fuck over it. I would say most people who do not even celebrate Christmas do not care if the word Christmas is used, but it seems to be the powers to be, in their idiotic wisdom of this politically correct society who seem to have a problem with along with select few because “they do not want to offend some. Well, you know what, you offend the majority of people when you try to white it out.

If you are that much offended by the word Christmas or Christmas decorations, get a fucking life and get over it.

And coming from an Atheist, who does not buy the whole baby  Jesus or Santa story, I say FUCK THEM.


And just in case you did not get the message.


The Daily News:

Staten Island Mall restores tree lighting after trying to cancel Christmas events, spurring Facebook protest

Monday, November 23, 2015, 8:43 PM
The Christmas tree at the Staten Island Mall will be lighted after a group protested a plan to cancel holiday celebrations. HILTON FLORES/Staten Island Advance /Landov

The Christmas tree at the Staten Island Mall will be lighted after a group protested a plan to cancel holiday celebrations.

They sure take their Christmas seriously.

A Facebook group criticizing the Staten Island Mall for canceling its Christmas tree-lighting ceremony and Santa parade has attracted tens of thousands of followers, energizing debate about the loss of holiday traditions.

The mall later apologized, announcing it would host a holiday celebration on Dec. 4 featuring Santa, a tree lighting and a toy drive.

“We heard the disappointment in your shopper feedback regarding the cancellation of the annual Santa Parade. At Staten Island Mall, we pride ourselves on being a community partner and take our shoppers’ sentiments to heart — good and bad,” mall officials said in a statement.

But the Santa parade will have to wait.


“We will host the annual Santa Parade next year, and look forward to celebrating treasured traditions and events in the years to come,” mall officials said.

Tony; Watts, Susan

The tree lighting will go forward, but the Staten Island Mall has canceled the Santa parade for this year.

Joe DeMarco, an entrepreneur and community activist in his 50s, says he created the Facebook group “Boycott Staten Island Mall This Christmas Season” over his frustrations that various Christmas presentations at the mall have been neglected and removed. Through the years, the Santa Claus display was shifted out of the mall’s main court and a popular Christmas train ride disappeared. The Christmas tree was moved outside last year.

For the 2015 Christmas season, the mall’s tree lighting, as well as Santa’s arrival parade — which DeMarco had been attending since the early 1980s — were canceled.

“It became apparent that the mall management was systematically removing anything related to Christmas from the mall,” DeMarco said.

“It’s hypocritical that they want people to shop there for Christmas, while also removing decorations and other things related to Christmas,” he said.

DeMarco credited Staten Island’s makeup for the popularity of his Facebook page.

“The people who live here take family values and traditions very seriously,” he said. “Their religion is important. Their traditions are important.”

A Facebook group was started to protest the Staten Island Mall for canceling this year's holiday events. Facebook

A Facebook group was started to protest the Staten Island Mall for canceling this year’s holiday events.

Santa’s arrival parade, usually an indoor event, was moved outside for the first time last year, and attendees were forced to stand in the rain and cold during the festivities.


Staten Island Mall has experienced Christmas outrage in the past. In 2007, the mall scrapped a dressed-down version of St. Nick — clad in a lumberjack shirt and missing his usual red hat and coat — over customer complaints.

Other malls in the region have also faced criticism over Christmas displays.

Earlier this month, the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island endured a public outcry after the mall’s Christmas tree was removed, and displays there were restored following a social media push. The Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey also faced backlash after charging $35 for its “Adventure to Santa” experience, but the fee was later dropped.

DeMarco hopes the backlash will motivate Staten Island Mall officials to preserve its Christmas traditions.

“People don’t miss something until they think it’s gone, but when it comes back people want it stronger,” he said.



As usual it seems that asshole Ruben Wills is again on the wrong side of an issue and siding with the powerful real estate lobby. But then did you expect anything different from the crooked clown.
Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

My name is Kirsten Theodos.  I’m the Lead Advocate for TakeBackNYC.  We are dedicated to empowering NYC small business owners.

As you are well aware, all over the city, long established Mom & Pops are being pushed out in record numbers, mostly due to exorbitant rent hikes.  The bottom line is this: Unless small businesses in NYC have rights in the commercial lease renewal process, their landlord can refuse to negotiate with them, or can rent gouge them with an insane price that only a major box store or bank can pay.

There is a solution though.  The Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA) is a bill that has been introduced in the NYC City Council that would give commercial tenants three specific rights:

​ ​

A minimum 10-year lease with the right to renewal, so they can better plan for the future of their business.

​ ​

Equal negotiation terms when it comes time to renew their lease with recourse to binding arbitration by a 3rd party if fair terms can not be found.

​ ​

Restrictions to prevent landlords from passing their property taxes on to small business owners.

The SBJSA would have saved every business that has been forced out by an exorbitant rent increase and many of the 1,000-1,200 small business that shutter their doors every month for this very reason. This bill was originally introduced in 1985 and has bubbled up several times over the course of 30 years, but every time it gets reintroduced in City Council, the powerful real estate lobby (REBNY) does everything in it’s power to kill it because it regulates landlords, and they don’t want to be regulated they want to be able to charge whatever they want, regardless of how long the ​ ​business has been there and how many jobs it provides to the community.

Most recently in 2009, this bill should have passed with 32 Council members signed on as sponsors. The City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn killed it behind closed doors and it never even made it to the floor for a vote.  In June 2014, Council Member Annabel Palma (Bronx) reintroduced the bill, and my group (TakeBackNYC) has been lobbying City Council direct to support the SBJSA that would give commercial tenants rights and stop all of the closings.

There are 51 Council members in NYC.  We have 27 sponsors which is ​the ​MAJORITY of City Council, yet neither Council member Cornegy (Brooklyn, who is the Chairman of the Small Biz committee where the bill is stalled) nor  Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito have called a hearing on the bill.  (Side note, remember the taxi/uber debacle?  That got a hearing and a scheduled vote with 10 sponsors)

Here is the kicker: when MMV was Council Member she sponsored this bill TWICE (2008 & 2010) and now since she is Speaker remains mum on it,​and ​even though she committed to a hearing this past June, there has been no public hearing scheduled.


Of the 14 Queens Council Members, only 5 support this important piece of legislation that would stop the closings and save Queens jobs. (Dromm, Koslowitz, Richards, Van Bramer and Ulrich) and yet, Ferreras, Crowley and Wills, who were all previous sponsors of the bill, inexplicably will not sign on again, even since the crisis has gotten significantly worse.

I have met with and been in conversations with CM Wills Legislative Director, and he will not give a explanation for CM Wills taking his name off the bill that would save Queens Mom & Pops and the jobs they provide.

Would you please consider posting something on this letting your readers know about this bill and ask them to contact CM Wills (212-442-2729  ,Ruben.Wills@council.nyc.gov)  about signing onto the SBJSA?  Time is of the essence, as we know REBNY is scheming up something as we speak because they know we have the majority now.

Kirsten Theodos

Kirsten Theodos




The below comment (after the photos) came to my email from a Jamaica resident who, like many, is so sick and tired of the conditions of this community, what is happening to it and the lack of any type of leadership to help improve it or at least address the problems and come up with an action plan.

The same things that many have  said, garbage all over, harassment from bottom of the barrel folks,  grass being replaced with cement, etc are included in the email below and the frustration of not knowing what to do and our leaders pretty much doing jack shit.

garbage10.10.15 006Garbage Merrick and 108th October 2nd NEWJames fobb house

The symbol of Jamaica : DECAY

The symbol of Jamaica : DECAY

Garbage and flea market 9.6.15 017Garbage and flea market 9.6.15 003Garbage and flea market 9.6.15 001Garbage & Major Mark Park 017three amigos of Jamaicagarbage7.21.15 019garbage7.21.15 022garbage7.21.15 004garbage7.21.15 021garbage6.7.15 006

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake's parking lot.

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake’s parking lot.

WE ARE AWARE OF IT. Miller's District

Miller’s District

Flake's Church in the foreground.

Flake’s Church in the foreground.




Hey Joe,

I just came across your website, hoping you’d be able to help give me some info. I live in Jamaica and have become extremely frustrated with the downfall. Sutphin has become garbage and while families most likely have no other option then to shop there for the prices and convince, we should still be entitled to a clean and safe environment. I can’t begin to  tell you how many times I have seen garbage overflowing and  just today me and my sister did our holiday shopping and we went into the .99cent store and while checking out, a man walks up to my sister asking for money,  my sister said she didn’t have extra change, he then started railing up cursing and swinging his arms all around, scared the crap out of me. I literally started screaming. The woman behind me starts yelling that same guy is always around the bank with others, harassing people, and yelling at them for money and no one does anything. He then walked out of the store,  he then  proceeded to walk down Sutphin screaming, My first thought was as a mom, thank god my child was not with me! and two, I pay taxes for two properties in this area, where is that money going,  cause it isn’t improving my neighborhood, or the surrounding areas for that matter. Rumor has it there is a shelter that opened but yet no one around here was informed. Granted people are down on there luck and deserve a safe,warm pace but shouldn’t others living around here be informed. I’m hoping you would be able to lead in in the direction for a change to bring Jamaica back to what it use to be, when my family moved here there was more grass then concrete, and now garbage just covers that concrete and excuse this- someone unfortunate on every street corner and bench that reeks of feces and urine. We work hard and live honestly this just doesn’t seem right. I should not jump over garbage and hold on to my purse tight ever time I walk out the house. Please let me know who I can talk to, what I can do to help this community. Thank you so much and so sorry for ranting today was just awful.
No need to apologize for ranting about the conditions of this community, the lack of service, the lack of leadership and not a damn thing being done about it.


Oh, wait, they are in LIC doing a photo op for Hunter’s Point, you know, an expensive mostly white area.

THE COURIER/Photo by Angela Matua


Remember the old Wendy’s commercial “where’s the beef”?

Well, I want to know “where’s the revitalization of Jamaica”? A most recent walk around the downtown area (which I have not done in some time), revealed little development, but the same typical crap and garbage. Garbage on that that third world dreck of road called Hillside Avenue and of course garbage in the downtown area.

Still no signs of any development across from the LIRR Air Train station, where that big luxury apartment building “The Crossing” is to go up, but a few building have been emptied out, like the Archer Post Office, which I assume will be torn down and something better put up. I mean who wants to be in a luxury building when the surrounding area looks like ghetto shit.

No new businesses worth a damn have really opened, just the same typical crappy shitty third world retail that you see block after block after block on Jamaica Avenue. Another electronic store opened that seems to sell more other shit than electronics ( like we need 10 of these junk stores).  Definitely more empty spaces (which could be good, since those spaces just had more crap retail). Capital One Building on Jamaica has closed and is up for lease, a very huge space. The 165th Street Mall just get worse and worse all the time, looking like some slum third world country flea market.

So is is just business as usual in the shitty area.

Jamaica crap11.21.15 001Jamaica crap11.21.15 002Jamaica crap11.21.15 003Jamaica crap11.21.15 004Jamaica crap11.21.15 005Jamaica crap11.21.15 006Jamaica crap11.21.15 007Jamaica crap11.21.15 008Jamaica crap11.21.15 0097e906-dsc_0646-001

Now below is a house (one of many old big homes like this), which if someone of quality bought it and restored it would be great, but then what good is that, when the surrounding downtown area looks like a big pile of shit.

Jamaica crap11.21.15 010