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Latter on will be other logos such as:

50 Cent – Jamaica Queens


Jamaica Queens  – Land of Opportunity

Huntley, Smith & Wills. Greed is not so Good.


Jamaica Queens – We Build it Cheap, Low-Class & Ghetto


Must be Jamaica Queens

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Jamaica Queens – Home of The Three Amigos

three amigos of Jamaica


Jamaica Queens Silver Taxi

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Saturday, August 28, was the 60th anniversary of the brutal murder of Emmett Till, a 14 year old Chicago boy who was visiting Mississippi.

For those who are saying “who is Emmett Till”, read on, I am sure many of our young people cannot tell you but can tell you the trials and tribulations of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or name every “Housewives of Atlanta”.

A very ugly America that continues to this day in one form or another. Although putting Michael Brown in the same sentence as Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till in the article below does a disservice, beside the fact that Brown, at 18 years of age, was not a kid, Brown engaged in criminal activity that lead to his death and he knew his actions in that store were wrong. I am not a fan when they tend to lump all of those names in the same sentence.

_________________________________________emmett till



From Queens Press:

The Emmett Till Atrocity: 60 Years Later


Today marks the 60th anniversary of the ruthless and senseless murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till.

Born in Chicago in 1941, since his death Till has been described numerous times as a happy, good hearted kid with solid values and work ethic, despite the tumultuous time period he was born in. He often helped his working class mother, who was an academically sound woman, the first in her almost all white school to get on honor roll. He was loved by friends and was seemingly on the right track.

That was until a fateful visit to Mississippi with his uncle Moses Wright and cousin Wheeler Parker. After begging his mother to go, young Emmett was given the reluctant okay to go visit his far off relatives with his family.

While it is uncertain for sure what exactly happened, it is known that young Emmett interacted with Carolyn Bryant, wife of a grocery store owner, in some capacity. Whether it was light flirting, a hand touch or a whistle, the action cost 14-year-old Till his life in violent fashion.

The young boy was kidnapped from his uncle’s home by gunpoint four days after his grocery store visit by store owner Roy Bryant and his half brother John William Milam. The two brutally and viciously beat him until he was unrecognizable over the course of the night, driving around with him in the trunk of the pickup. He was then taken to Tallahatchie River and shot execution style and unceremoniously dumped in the water. When police discovered his body, he was only identified by the ring on his finger. His body was sent back to his mother for funeral arrangements. She chose to hold an open casket funeral to show the world just how cold the murder was.

The world took notice. Jesse Jackson called Till’s mother’s decision to told an open casket funeral the “largest single civil rights demonstration in American history,” and rightfully so. The effect that Till’s body had on the more than 100,000 people who saw it sparked a movement unlike anything this country had seen up until that point. That spark only intensified when murderers Bryant and Milam were acquitted of all charges before an all white, all male jury in Mississippi. Even when Bryant and Milam admitted to the murder just months after the trial, there was no justice doled out to the two.

There is so much wrong with this now infamous tale of a time much rougher and more terrifying for Black America. But let’s not let our distance from the incident desensitize us from what is easily one of the greatest tragedies in our country’s history and biggest failures of our justice system. More than half a century later, Emmett Till is still a symbol, unfortunately one of many, for something we still fight for today. He was murdered not because of his alleged “crime” as determined by his murderer, but simply because he was a black youth.

While we more than likely don’t teach our young men to whistle at women in the street or flirt openly, what 14-year-old doesn’t? These actions can almost be regulated to and made synonymous with typical harmless teenage behavior. Not many adult men can look back at their teenage years and say they never flirted with the pretty girl down the block or in math class at some point or another. At the end of the day, Till’s “crime” was completely harmless and did not need to end the way it did, whether you’re looking at it from his murderer’s perspective or from a sensible perspective.

The parallels to what we face today are astonishing.

Let’s take a look at Michael Brown. Was the young man a shining example of Black excellence in his final hours? Of course not. But he was a kid. A kid who made a poor decision, but a kid nonetheless. Childhood is meant for mistakes, missteps and learning experiences. How else are we supposed to grow as people? There’s a huge gap between black life experiences and mistakes of the average non-black child. A mistake for any other child results in an arrest and something to take note of moving forward, allowing him to make that choice as to where his life should go from there. The choice to turn one’s life around should be a basic freedom allowed to every child in this country.

Michael Brown was never allowed to make that choice. Nor Trayvon Martin, or Emmett Till, a 14-year-old who probably knew very little of his “transgression” before his life was taken away from him, never got to make that decision either.

Black lives are cut short for simply growing up black. It made, and still makes no sense that a child’s learning experience should culminate in the loss of his life. Our kids are being lined up for the slaughter, futures robbed and mothers left weeping and made examples of.

Sixty years later, let us not forget how long our children have been made victims of for nothing. Instead, let us remember the robbery of Emmett Till’s life and the thousands who were undoubtedly killed before and after him, and let that fuel us towards pushing for what we’ve needed for too long now: change.

Because no mother should still have to fear for their child’s life every time he steps out of the house. Not 60 years ago. Not today. And not ever.

– See more at: http://queenspress.com/the-emmett-till-atrocity-60-years-later/#sthash.71vnMsBT.dpuf


Last time I looked into American politics, one must win the election first before claiming victory. I guess someone needs to inform team Hyndman this is how the political system works. Sure in the September 10th primary election, she has no challengers since her crooked team booted off the ballot Terryl Ebony De Mendonca, but that still does not mean she has won. Remember one can go into the voting booth and do a write in-vote for Mendonca or anyone else. Plus there is the November general election where she will be going up against Republican, Scherie Murray (https://www.facebook.com/VOTEMURRAY?hc_location=ufi).

I came across this bullshit on the Jamaica 311 website upcoming events. Team Hyndman writes ” join them as they party Alicia into the Assembly District 29 seat! Yep right into more corrupt useless political leadership of the Jamaica status quo crap machine. Start from the bottom and work your way down.

Huntley, Smith & Wills. Great Jamaica leadership of the finest order. Yes, a Jamaica tradition. Start from the bottom and work you way down.



From Jamaica 311:


Red & White Ole School Day Party For Candidate Alicia Hyndman

August 29 @ 3:00 pm9:00 pm

Team Alicia Hyndman (#teamaliciahyndman) is at it again. This time, the Friends of Alicia Hyndman & Black Stallions invite one and all to join them as they party Alicia into the Assembly District 29 seat! Please come out and support her on August 29, 2015, enjoying good music and food! The celebration takes place at: 118-19 219th Street, Cambria Heights NY 11411

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 5.11.57 PM


It just is not Jamaica, shit and nonsense is all over, the only thing is that Jamaica has been shit and nonsense for decades. I mean when you hear someone has not only been shot but set on fire, you think, Jamaica, East New York, Brownsville or the Bronx, not Astoria.  I mean Astoria does have Astoria Houses, those notorious housing projects, which are problematic in any community. But Astoria has been seeing it’s share of shit as has other places in this city which seems to be going down in flames at times. More shootings, more killings, more assaults, more sexual assaults and rapes, which those two are seeing a huge increase of late. But as long as the mega rich of Manhattan does not have to see it or deal with, how cares what happens elsewhere.

So Astoria has nonsense like Jamaica, but at least Astoria has many nice restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from. Jamaica,  you have this type of nonsense all the time and shit restaurants and crap retail surrounded by bottom of the barrel slobs. The ghetto trifecta.


From Queens Courier:

Man found shot, set on fire in Astoria

| amatua@queenscourier.com

Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps. Police on Saturday found a man who was shot and set on fire near the vicinity of 12th Street and 27th Avenue in Astoria.

A man was found shot and engulfed in flames behind an Astoria building Saturday morning, according to officials.

The FDNY responded to a 911 call at 6:57 a.m. on 12th Street near 27th Avenue and found the victim, who has not been identified, engulfed in flames. After extinguishing the fire, authorities found the man had also suffered from a gun injury on the left side of his chest, police said.

There are no suspects and police are still investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website or can text their tips to CRIMES (274637), then enter TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.


For every step forward Jamaica attempt to take (the really nice apartment complex to be built “The Crossing” and the luxury hotel near it,  The Hilton Garden), it takes two step back with shit being built like the 6 story mixed  use building below, which will have a day car center (like we need more of these in this community) and subsidized or supportive housing (like we have too much of that kind of shit here). I don’t know what Jamaica is thinking or how they think this community will improve when they keep building shit like that which only attracts more shit people here which just degrades the community even more. Jamaica cannot even get improving their community right.




Permits Filed: Six-Story Mixed-Use Building at 153-11 90th Avenue, Jamaica

153-11 90th Avenue, image via Google Maps153-11 90th Avenue, image via Google Maps

Jamaica’s housing market is slowly recovering, and the latest sign of new growth comes in the form of a six-story apartment building planned at 153-11 90th Avenue, between Rufus King Park and Parsons Boulevard in downtown Jamaica.

The 65-foot-tall development will fill a long-vacant lot bookended by two pre-war brick apartment blocks. New building applications filed earlier today call for 10 apartments split between 8,700 square feet of residential space, yielding reasonably sized average units of 870 square feet.

The first floor and cellar will offer a 1,600-square-foot day care for children between the ages of 2 and 6, and the second through sixth floors will each house two apartments. Renters will also get to take advantage of a 357-square-foot roof deck.

The Schedule A refers to the apartments as “HDCP” residential units, which we assume means they are partially subsidized or supportive housing.

The developer on the permits is Xing Hua Lin, doing business as a Jamaica-based LLC, and engineer Hui Zheng of ABC Engineering applied for the permit.

Although this project will rise on one of Jamaica’s quiet side streets, future residents will still be able to walk a few blocks to shops on Jamaica or Hillside Avenues. There are also two train stops within three blocks—the E and F at Parsons Boulevard, to the north, or the E, J, and Z trains at Jamaica Center to the south.

The 3,000-square-foot property last changed hands for $860,000 last month, or roughly $71 per buildable square foot. Before that, the city sold the property in a tax lien sale in 2012.

There are a few significant developments underway near the Jamaica railyards and the Air Train a few blocks away, and they may have attracted smaller projects like this one. Those large projects include BRP Companies’ massive Crossing at Jamaica Station, a 27-story Hilton Garden Inn on Sutphin Boulevard and an 18-story hotel on Archer Avenue.


They certainly know where to run to. A triple murder suspect, 19 year old Daveron Minnis, was caught by the 103rd when he decided to come to Jamaica, where he had relatives.

Good work 103rd, because just what Jamaica needs another low-life thug, like we do not have enough of them here already, we need to recruit from Ohio.


The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: Queens cops bust Ohio triple murder suspect after tracing license plate, sources say

Updated: Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 5:54 PM
An NYPD electronic license plate reader detected the plates of Ohio murder suspect Daveron Minnis' Dodge Charger near 177th St. and 106th Ave. in Queens, leading to his arrest. Enid Alvarez/New York Daily News – An NYPD electronic license plate reader detected the plates of Ohio murder suspect Daveron Minnis’ Dodge Charger near 177th St. and 106th Ave. in Queens, leading to his arrest.

Queens cops have collared a man wanted in a triple murder in Ohio, NYPD sources said Wednesday.

Police in Whitehall, Ohio, tipped off the NYPD Tuesday that the suspect, Daveron Minnis, 19, might be in Jamaica, Queens, where he has relatives, and they provided the license plate number for the white 2014 Dodge Charger in which he and another suspect fled.

An electronic license plate reader detected the tag near 177th St. and 106th Ave., sources said.

Two 103rd Precinct officers, Caroline Arias and Brendan McGurran, saw the Charger and relayed the information, over their radio, before Officers Christopher Yonick and Robert Koehler joined the hunt, sources said.

The four cops boxed in the Charger at 175th St. and 105th Ave., and arrested Minnis at 5:45 p.m. Whitehall detectves arrived Wednesday to begin extradition proceedings.

The murder victims — two men and a woman — were shot at an apartment complex in Whitehall Aug. 19.

The motive for the slayings remains unclear.

From Whitehall News :

Whitehall homicide suspect arrested in New York

By KEVIN CORVO Wednesday August 26, 2015 2:30 PM
Police in Queens, N.Y., have arrested one suspect in a triple homicide that occurred Aug. 19 at the Shaker Square Apartments in Whitehall.

Officers arrested Daveron Cortez Minnis, 19, on Tuesday, Aug. 25, in New York City, police announced Wednesday, Aug. 26. Minnis faces three counts of murder.

New York police assisted Whitehall police in locating and arresting Minnis, whose last known address is on Howard Street in Columbus.

Whitehall police Sgt. Dan Kelso said Minnis was driving a 2014 Dodge Charger, the vehicle police believe was seen fleeing the crime scene. NYPD officers identified the vehicle by its license plate.

Police had sought the identities of two men witnesses saw flee from the murder scene shortly after 9:30 p.m. Aug. 19, Police Chief Richard Zitzke said.

Witnesses reported hearing gunfire and seeing a Charger drive away from the apartment at 4701 Olde Bailey Way where three people were fatally shot, Zitzke said.

Police identified the victims as Dontai Lamar Davis Rheubottom, 33; Kimberli A. Alston, 51; and Charles S. Fischer, 32.

Fischer is believed to have been at the apartment in connection with drug activity, detective John Grebb said Aug. 24.

“He wasn’t there by accident,” said Grebb, but police are investigating what precisely occurred, including the possibility of an attempted robbery.

Two of the victims were shot at the front door of the apartment, Zitzke said; the body of the third victim was found at the back door of the apartment.

Officials “didn’t find anything that wasn’t expected” while executing a search warrant, said Zitzke, adding state investigators inventoried the crime scene.

“I know shell casings were recovered and there was also money found outside the apartment,” Zitzke said.

Rheubottom and Alston lived at the residence and were “an on-again, off-again couple,” Grebb said.

The apartment complex is south of East Broad Street and east of South Hamilton Road.

Fischer lived on Rexwood Drive in Columbus, according to Whitehall police.

According to Franklin County Municipal Court records, Rheubottom was arrested for assault and domestic violence in Mayand in 2014, and for carrying a concealed weapon and aggravated drug trafficking in 2011.

He had an open traffic case for reckless operation of a motor vehicle and driving with a suspended license, according to court records.

Alston was arrested for possession of controlled substances in 2014, according to Franklin County records.

Franklin County records showed only traffic violations for Fischer.

Records also showed Rheubottom and Alston once shared a residence on Preble Drive in Blacklick.


From Queens Courier:

LIC welcomes new dog run at Gantry Plaza State Park

| aaltamirano@queenscourier.com

Photos courtesy of Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer's office

Photos courtesy of Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s office

Fido now has a new place to run free, all while enjoying the view of the Manhattan skyline.

A day after celebrating National Dog Day, the Long Island City community came together Thursday morning to officially open a new dog run at Gantry Plaza State Park — filled with amenities that will make any pooch and its owner enjoy their time at the park even more.

Located at Center Boulevard and 46th Road, the dog run features a beach pebble surface, a multi-user drinking fountain, sustainable hardwood seating, a stainless steel mesh fence mounted on a concrete curb, and a perimeter landscape buffer. There are also dog waste bags provided on site.

“The addition of Gantry Plaza State Park’s new versatile dog run provides Long Island City’s growing population of dog owners with increased access to open space in a park that has become one of New York City’s top destinations,” Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said. “As Long Island City continues to grow, it is important that we continue to provide families with the quality amenities they can enjoy for years to come in a great neighborhood that cherishes the companionship of its furry little friends.”

Photo courtesy of New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation worked with developer TF Cornerstone to design the $750,000 dog run and once going through community review, the project, which is funded by the Queens West Public Infrastructure Fund, began last spring.

The dog run, which is open 24 hours a day, replaces an area of the park previously used by dog owners but that featured no amenities for the owners or their four-legged friends.

“This revitalized area of the park provides a welcoming place for patrons to bring their pets to safely run around and enjoy the park. This new amenity addresses a need within the community and will benefit all park patrons by offering a maintained and aesthetically pleasing area for dogs,” Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner Rose Harvey said.


This is what having civilized people in a civilized and clean community gets you, a dog run (like the 4rd one) in Long Island City that looks better than many of the garbage strewn parks in Jamaica with homeless people scattered all over and low-class drunk residents passed out on benches and the ground.

See Jamaica is too filled with bottom of the barrel low-class mother fucking slobs, ghetto gang bangers, homeless folks with shit/piss in their pants and all other kind of low-class people who think nothing about throwing garbage on the streets, sidewalks and park, even the nice Roy Wilkins Park, which ghetto slobs still manage to make look like crap.

See Jamaica has too many people that have so little respect for their own community, so there will never be anything nice here. And a dog run,  forget about it, the ghetto fucks will bring their Pitt bulls and turn it into some dog fighting place, never pick up the shit and it will be a place for folks to sell drug, hang out and cause problems. And you know that is exactly what would happen, because that is the “Jamaica Way”, destroy, destroy, destroy.

Let’s face it, all one needs to do is walk around Jamaica or look at all the photos I have taken over the years and see that many people here have no fucking respect. I mean what kind of people would do this to their own community that live in, bottom of the barrel fucks, that is who. Jamaica’s problem is THE PEOPLE. You get the community you deserve.garbage7.21.15 018garbage7.21.15 021

Garbage & Major Mark Park 003Garbage & Major Mark Park 017Garbage & Major Mark Park 018Grab a seat at one of our pristine benches

Just another drunk in Rufus King Park sleeping it off.

Just another drunk in Rufus King Park sleeping it off.

Rufus King Park, doesn't quite look restored to its original beauty.

Rufus King Park, doesn’t quite look restored to its original beauty.