The crap of SE Queens elected officials, past and present, show up to honor the biggest crap of elected officials of Queens, former Queens Borough President Helen Marshall.

DOUCHEBAGS all. Spigner, can anyone actually tell me exactly all the wonderful things he did for Jamaica, probably the same thing that Comrie, Marshall and others have done for Jamaica, SHIT.

Political whores and hacks honoring a bigger political whore and hack.

Be gone Spigner, you are IRRELEVANT, but then were you EVER relevant.

Claire “BULLDOG” Shulman. Is this a wax figure?

Another douchebag and BIG political whore and hack, Former Queens Borough President Claire “BULLDOG” Shulman was also present, who will be next to be honored when her ass croaks.


From Queens Courier:

Former Councilman Archie Spigner addresses the crowd at the March 19 memorial service for Helen Marshall.

Those impacted by the spirit of Helen M. Marshall gathered on Sunday to honor the former borough president’s life at the cultural center named in her honor at Queens Borough Hall in Kew Gardens.

Marshall died earlier this month at the age of 87. She served three terms as the first African-American and second woman to be elected to the office of Queens borough president. Her career and life in public service of over 40 years was dedicated to improving the lives of her neighbors around Queens.

“Most of us here knew Helen for many years. We celebrate her numerous accomplishments and triumphs,” former Mayor David Dinkins said about Marshall. “She touched the lives of more people than she could ever know.”

This celebration of life encompassed loving stories of the impact Marshall had on community leaders, government officials and those involved in the programs she implemented in Queens.

“She just blazed the trail when it came to integration and when it came to equal rights and when it came to making sure her children and children who came after them would have the best education that the city could give,” said current Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.

Marshall’s dedication to uplifting the community began long before her involvement in Queens’ government. She was a schoolteacher for eight years and became the first director of the Langston Hughes Library after creating it in 1969. Marshall was commended for the work she performed to better the education and facilities for children in Queens.

After stints in the State Assembly and City Council, Marshall was elected Queens borough president in 2001. She worked to revamp Queens libraries; Marshall dedicated up to $132 million of her capital and expense money for libraries, specifically for children’s programs.

Cassandra Wilkins, a student in Queens, said that she remembers all the programs created for children in the libraries of Queens.

“Everything was just better,” Wilkins said. “We had so much more to do after school and I know without these programs I would not be in college studying to get a degree.”

Marshall was also remembered for her passion and commitment toward the people she diligently served in Queens. Her former colleagues recollected on the personal touch Marshall had when it came to helping people around the county.

Councilman Barry Grodenchik recalled, “You could not walk down the streets of East Elmhurst without her stopping to talk to every single person on the block.”

Former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman added, “Helen, she was different. She was never too busy to talk to people about their problems… She sat there with patience and a generous heart, and tried to find solutions to the problems everyone had.”

Many in attendance also thanked Helen Marshall’s family for sharing her with the community. Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry presented Helen Marshall’s grandsons with a letters from Governor Andrew Cuomo, Councilmen Jumaane Williams and I. Daneek Miller, and Public Advocate Letitia James.


It always amazes me how residents and elected officials in Jamaica and other communities similar to it (READ: GHETTO) complain about conduct of police all the time. In the meantime hood rats like the punkass below with a gun just walks around a community and shoots inside a person’s home. This video is plain disturbing and scary.

Face it, hood rats, criminals and the 1% elitists don’t play by the fucking rules, so if an officer crosses the line to catch a bad, so fucking be it.

I would rather have a officer who crosses the line and gets the bad guy than all these fucking hood rats that have no regard for life or the community.



From DNAinfo New York:

VIDEO: Gunman Shoots at Jamaica Home, Striking Woman Asleep Inside

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | March 21, 2017 6:19pm

QUEENS — A gunman opened fired on a woman’s Jamaica home, piercing a window and striking her in the leg as she slept inside, police said.

The 27-year-old victim was in her bed when a man, whose image was captured on surveillance video, pulled out a gun and began firing toward her home on 171st Street near 105th Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, officials said.

It was not immediately clear how many shots he fired, but at least one bullet shattered the window and hit the victim in the right leg, officials said.

The woman was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where she was listed in stable condition, police said.

The suspect, who was last seen wearing a gray hoodie, gray pants and black sneakers, fled in an unknown direction, authorities said.

The motive behind the shootings was not immediately clear, police said Tuesday.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).




I attended the 1st Downtown Jamaica Transportation Study back in 2015, I think it was, when there was so much talk about “revitalizing Jamaica” and another waste of money study at that time was asking for input from folks in Jamaica about what were problems, issues, etc. (WELL REALLY IT IS THE WHOLE FUCKING COMMUNITY, just throw a fucking rock and you will hit one of them).  Issues were brought up about too much traffic congestion, too many buses, too many livery cabs, too many illegal dollar vans, too many big trucks in the downtown area, trucks driving illegally on residential streets, the poisonous Royal Waste near residential homes, poor streets, bad sidewalks.

Fast forward to this past Monday Downtown Jamaica Transportation Study 2017 Redux and what issues were brought up:  too much traffic congestion, too many buses, too many livery cabs, too many illegal dollar vans, too many big trucks in the downtown area, trucks driving illegally on residential streets, the poisonous Royal Waste near residential homes, poor streets, bad sidewalks. THE SAME OLD SHIT and not a damn new thing was learned except that DOT sucks and have not done a damn thing since the last meeting in 2015, the powers that be do not give a flying fuck about Jamaica AND that very few people who live here actually care about what goes on in this community.

The  evening started out with some DOT female reading the information packet of this bullshit study that we had in our hands being projected on the wall. It would be perfect if you could not sleep at night, because that shit was FUCKING BORING. Then the DOT master of ceremonies, some mousy little guy,  commented at the beginning that it was good to see such a nice turnout, I wanted to say FUCKING WHERE. I have seen more people standing out in front of a Jamaica homeless shelter doing jack shit than at this meeting. The sparse crowd of maybe 40, consisted of about 7 DOT folks, a few 103rd precinct officers in and out, about 7-8 press folks, one councilman (I. Daneek Miller who came a little later into the program but actually brought up many good points), the president & chair of Community Board 12, and probably the only people who actually give a shit about this community, a handful of residents, several who were extremely vocal and laid it on the line about what a waste of time this was, what a piss ass poor study this was and the all too common, “We have been complaining for years about the issues in Jamaica and nothing ever gets done, we have heard all this before.” I must say I was surprised and happy to hear such long standing folks in the community like Community Board 12’s Yvonne Reddick, Adrienne Adams & Michelle Hall-Magnum and two other woman whose name I did not catch let loose. I guess after years and decades of SHIT being done, people do have a breaking point. Too bad there are not more of this in this community that is way too apathetic and just don’t give a shit.

For all the damn talk about “revitalizing Jamaica” and that other bullshit thing, the Jamaica Now Action Plan, there were no elected officials (besides Miller), no Melinda Katz, no Greater Jamaica Development (at least I don’t think), no so-called “movers or shakers”. I did think I saw fresh out of jail former assembly member William Scarborough without the bad toupee sitting for a bit, but then I made a comment about elected officials and then gave my take on the bullshit in Jamaica mostly about the truck situation and the idiots who allowed that fucking Tony Soprano outfit Royal Waste to be placed here and then when I looked, that asshole was nowhere to be seen.

When I first posted this meeting on my blog (, I made the comment about just more smoke blown up your ass and I was 100% right,  it was just more smoke being blown up your ass, but this time the smoke was as fucking stale as some of the items in a Jamaica deli.


I am really having my doubts if Jamaica will ever turn around. If this meeting and this showing was any indication, Jamaica will turn around when down the road they have a memorial service for Melinda Katz when she crooks at 90 years old and they name a Queens Park after her and praise her with all the bullshit accolades that were dump on asshole Helen Marshall.

It will be interesting to hear the take from reporters from the various media outlets who were there Monday night. Christ if it was not for the few ladies who really let loose, I would have been more excited if I stayed home lying on the couch watching TV while scratching my balls. At least something would have been accomplished.



Nothing screams outs out what a fucked up disaster the community of Jamaica is than this wonderful symbol.





And speaking of symbols. How perfect. Grab some ghetto grub at either KFC or White Castle and when you are done grab a quick nap in some fresh air, Jamaica style. For the record, despite several 311 complaints, the mattress has been there a week before the snowstorm. I understand DOS not finding it after the storm which is was covered by about 12 inches of snow, but it was there a whole week before the snow and now it is coming out of hibernation. I guess this is all part of the Jamaica Now Action Plan or as asshole BP Melinda Katz loves to say, “If it’s good for Queens, it’s good for families”.


Asshole Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks

Kind of ironic that crooked SE Queens Congressman Meeks ( the KING OF CROOKED AND CORRUPTION) takes a swipe at Donald Trump every chance he gets, but you know what, they both are the same, complete shysters and con man.

WHY IS THIS CLOWN STILL IN OFFICE, at least hopefully in few years Clown Donny will be out.

FOLKS, stop voting for the black Bozo of SE Queens. Why waste your tax dollars on crooks, do nothings and con artists.


From Anonymous:

Last Thursday, March 16, 2017, I contacted the office of Gregory Meeks to register a complaint and to ask for help. Meeks employs a seriously arrogant and uneducated crony named Bob Simmons who rejected every reason that I, as a constituent, requested an appointment with this worthless politician (not public servant).

Because, I was getting psychobabble from Simmons, I ended up hanging up the telephone on this failed public servant. Shouldn’t there be a consequence to representatives who willfully reject and dismiss their constituents’ needs, wants and concerns? Where is the accountabilitiy and transparency?

As usual, the blighted problem that I am experiencing continues to exist, and these depraved, politically toxic subhumans get away with murder on my tax dollars. The people (and I use the term loosely) in this hustler’s office make hell look like heaven!


SE QUEENS, that mecca of ghetto, crap, garbage and human pieces of shit. We have a nice array here from Richmond Hill to Rochdale and in between. Of course Jamaica, where the notorious drug area around 171st St and 107 Ave saw some gun activity. I mean who the fuck is raising these folks. Hell, they would have a better chance being raised by wolves.

REMEMBER: You are responsible for your behavior, your actions and your outcome in life. NOBODY ELSE. You chose the path of ghetto shit and that is how you end up. NO FUCKING EXCUSES or BLAME GAME.


From The Daily News:

Woman, 30, stabbed in head with scissors o

M2 Billiards Lounge on Lefferts Blvd. near Jamaica Ave. in Richmond Hill.


A Queens woman was stabbed in the head with a pair of scissors during an early morning brawl Monday outside a pool hall, sources said.

The 30-year-old woman got into the scrap on the sidewalk outside the M2 Billiards Lounge on Lefferts Blvd. near Jamaica Ave. in Richmond Hill at about 2:20 a.m.

During the fight, a woman grabbed the victim’s arm and a man slammed the scissors against her head.

A 28-year-old male friend of hers screamed, “Hey, she’s a girl, leave her alone.” He was punched and kicked for his trouble.


From The Daily News:

Queens woman, 27, shot in ankle after stray bullet fires through window

Three bullets smashed windows in her apartment. One of them grazed her ankle, sources said.

(Debbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News)

A Queens woman is lucky to be alive, after a stray bullet smashed her window and slammed into her ankle as she lay on her bed, sources said.

The 27-year-old woman was lying on her bed Saturday at 11:30 p.m. on 171st St. near 107th Ave. in Jamaica when gunfire erupted outside.

Three bullets smashed windows in her apartment. One of them grazed her ankle, sources said.

She called out in pain, and her cousin called 911. Cops found five shell casings outside, but have not made any arrests.

From Queens Courier:

Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock

A 30-year-old woman is now under arrest for allegedly murdering her aunt with a cleaver inside the south Queens home they shared last week.

Elizabeth Sanchez (aka Digna Sanchez-Ortiz) is charged with killing Maria Palaguachi, 50, at their home on 174th Street between 137th and 140th avenues in Rochdale on the morning of March 16.

According to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, Sanchez attacked Palaguachi with a meat cleaver, striking her multiple times in the head, neck and shoulder.

Maria Palaguachi (photo via Facebook)

The motive for the attack is unknown and remains under investigation, police said. The New York Daily News reported that police had been called to the location multiple times in the past year for reported domestic disturbances.

Officers from the 113th Precinct were called to the scene and found Palaguachi’s bloodied body just after 11 a.m. on March 16. Responding EMS units pronounced hear dead at the scene. The cleaver was recovered.

Following an investigation by the 113th Precinct Detective Squad, Sanchez was taken into custody on charges of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. She is presently awaiting arraignment in Queens Criminal Court.

Sanchez faces up to 25 years to life behind bars if convicted, Brown said.

From Queens Times Ledger:

Jamaica man sentenced to 24 years in burglaries, conspiracy

Leasure will serve 24 years for the 2015 home invasion burglaries and conspiracy.

JAMAICA — A Jamaica man was sentenced to 24 years in prison for conspiring to murder a witness to two home invasions he committed in March 2015, the Queens DA said.

Edward Leasure, 37, was arrested that month and pleaded guilty to burglary and conspiracy in August 2016, according to DA Richard Brown.

“Prospective witnesses in criminal cases must be protected at all times from outside interference, intimidation and threats of violence in order to insure the fair administration of justice,” Brown said about the sentencing. “In this case, the defendant admitted his guilt and the sentence imposed reflects the seriousness of his crimes.”

Brown said Leasure knocked on the front door of a Queens home on the morning of March 16, 2015. Clad in a ski mask and black jacket, he entered the house and pulled a firearm on a woman and her husband, demanding to see a “safe.”

“You had a big party Saturday night. I know you have a safe,’” Leasure allegedly said in sum and substance, according to the DA. “Show me the safe or I’ll shoot your wife in the foot!”

The woman gave him $300 and he fled, entering a nearby home reportedly to evade police capture. He held a woman and a man hostage at gunpoint, according to the DA. Brown said the phone rang at one point, with Leasure directing the man to pick up the phone and speak only English. A man speaking in Bengali asked on the other end of the line if there was a man with a gun in the house, telling the man held hostage to respond that he would see him for dinner if that was the case.

“‘OK, OK, OK, yes, dinner,” the man said, according to the DA’s office.

Leasure later conspired with his father, Eddie Marcus, 53, and his girlfriend, Latisha Larrymore, 31, to hire a hitman who would murder the witnesses in the home invasion trial, the DA said. Both Larrymore and Marcus were charged and are awaiting trial. Larrymore told authorities that Leasure told her to meet with Marcus, saying Marcus had found a “lawyer” who could handle the situation. The DA’s office said “lawyer” was a code for “hitman.”

Leasure was sentenced to 24 years for the home invasion burglaries as well as a concurrent 12-year term for the charge of conspiracy.

Reach reporter Patrick Donachie by e-mail at or by phone at (718) 260–4573.


Hillside Avenue as it looks today

REALLY, a community festival. Only if it entails people carrying brooms, mops, hoses and garbage bags to clean up the FILTHIEST DISGUSTING stretch any where in NYC.

THIRD WORLD BANGLADESHI AVENUE (formerly known as Hillside Avenue. Shove your diversity up your ASS.

Right outside shitty Yummy at corner of Hillside Ave/168th. Typical of the Hillside Ave but perfect for the low class ghetto and low class third world folks.