circa 1980’s before the invasion destroyed homes, grass and trees.

170 st and 90 ave NW corner, where once a two family attached house with garage, yard, landscaping and lots of green was.

About 10 years ago sat a moderate nice two family attached house with great landscaping at the NW corner of 170th St & 90 Ave. Then some low-class immigrant slumlord bought the property and of course tore everything down to an empty lot. Slumlord attempted to encroach on next door property, DOB shut it down, lot stayed empty for several years collecting garbage and being passed on to other low-class immigrant slumlords. Then the latest finally starting building, which took forever ( I think the pyramids were done in less time).

What ended up was five two-story family condos (3 stories with basement), really no green space as required by law, and no doubt built cheaply that you can probably hear someone in the next unit fart. Building sat empty for at least a year, while about three of the units were not completely finished inside. Eventually a sign when up “Luxury Condos for Sale”, but remember this is Jamaica and not quite the luxury us civilized folks that are not from third world countries we are use to.

Then about 2 months ago, some low-class immigrants with rug rats in tow moved into the one unit, even though most of the other units were not quite finished (I mean who sells condos like this when the outside still had boarded up blue plywood). Whether these low-class actually own it or are renting from the person who owns it, is not known. Litter is all around the place, not actually caused by these people inside it, but the back of the building, well, you will soon see the photos.

NOW, the whole stunning aspect of this, these units are selling for over $1 million dollars. Over $1 million dollars for cheaply made condos in Jamaica and we already know one of your neighbors will be low-class slob Indians who the owner goes by the name Singh Kamboj Daljeet, who I know, since I have already reported them to Department of Sanitation, which has already gave them a summons for being slobs. Two fucking months and already they got a summons, imagine 6 months down the road and when this place fills out with tons of low-class diverse and vibrant Indian immigrant slobs. BUT not sure if Daljeet owns this place and is renting it out or what or if Daljeet and his family are the actual slob owners who live there.

So lets view some photos and the reason civilized people do not want low-class third world country slob immigrants next to them, on their block or in their community, because then you have GHETTO.

Queens, diverse and vibrant, which we all know is code for FUCKING LOW-CLASS IMMIGRANT SLOBS, which is not to say all immigrants are slobs, just the fucking SLOBS, especially from certain third world shit holes who continue their filthy ways in the USA. And for any of you lefty liberals who shoot off your fucking mouths about my post here criticizing slob low-class immigrants which are many in my hood, I will have you know I am a registered Democrat and a liberal and I despise so many liberals for their idiotic thinking on homeless, immigrants and other bullshit, while they drink their craft beers, munching on fancy cheeses in their “hip hoods” where they don’t see what many of see daily and help cause the gentrification that so many of them complain about.

Not quite bad looking from the outside and I saw the kitchen inside which is pretty nice, but then it is selling for $1,200,000

You know this fucking little bit of grass will not get cut.

My filed complaints got action from DOS.

The back

Over a million dollars and you would think this is some little kid playing the slums of Calcutta.




It never ends in this garbage strewn ghetto of Jamaica, does not matter if it is the downtown area, South Jamaica, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, Rosedale, St. Albans, etc., too many ghetto slobs with no pride or respect for the community or neighbors as the latest garbage catastrophe in Hollis shows. So really what does this say about communities of color.

AND again, another unacceptable answer from one of our local elected officials:

Councilmember Daneek Miller told PIX11 News that “while this is a private property we have been working with the Department of Sanitation and asked a local non-profit to support the cleanup efforts.”

REALLY, you have been working on this, according to the two gentleman in the video below, they have said this is going on for a year. I am surprised he did not say the usual “We are aware of it”.

As Senator Tony Avella stated in a Queens Courier article about a major Flushing sinkhole that the city has been ignoring (

“Unfortunately, it is no surprise that this administration is unable to address many of New York City’s significant issues, if it cannot even repair a sinkhole,” the letter noted. “On behalf of all New York City residents, please start doing your job.”

AND why do the majority of us tolerate these lackey elected officials like our Mayor doing so very little for the hard working people of NYC. Do I need to remind everyone, they work for us, we are their bosses, we pay their salary and wonderful benefits. SO why are so many of you so fucking STUPID and putting the same shit in over and over and then never holding any of them accountable.

In a white area, 311 would be flooded with complaints and elected officials phones would be ringing, here in Jamaica, only a handful stand up and make complaints, while to the majority of folks, this is just the norm.


From WPIX:

QUEENS, N.Y. — Lyndon Hernandez and Malik Evans are two fathers on a mission. They want clean up their neighbor’s backyard which they say has become a dumping ground for trash.

Hernandez and Evans live on 184th Street and Jamaica Avenue.

“It’s been here for over a year. I can’t take the rats, the smell and the trash anymore,” Hernandez said.

Evans said rats emerge at night.

PIX11 News tried reaching out to the homeowner, and is still waiting for comment.

Councilmember Daneek Miller told PIX11 News that “while this is a private property we have been working with the Department of Sanitation and asked a local non-profit to support the cleanup efforts.”

A spokesperson with the Department of Sanitation said the agency “sent an officer to the location who was granted access to the neighbor’s property at 184-07 to take additional photos. It appears 184-09 is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health for the following reasons: it could be rodent infestation, it is private property which DSNY cannot enter, there is a structure on the property, and the trash and debris is not visible from the street. A DSNY inspector will return tomorrow to assess if any Sanitation action can be taken.”

A Health Department spokesperson said they “take rodent complaints seriously. We are sending an inspector to the site and we will coordinate with the Department of Sanitation on next steps.”

If you have a story for Monica, email


So that disgusting filthy garbage eyesore from Family Dollar that I posted here last week was finally cleaned up after a NY1 video aired. BUT why did the NY1 video even have to air to clean up this disgusting mess that for some time now, both this shitty ghetto store and elected officials, like Councilman I. Daneek Miller,  have been aware of for some time since neighbors living next to this mess have been filing complaints about it for a long time now.

And like 90% of the problems in this community, they are caused by low-class ghetto slob people from the area, which is the BIG reason why Jamaica looks like the way it does as do many communities of color. BUT, this shitty Family Dollar holds much responsibility since it is their FUCKING PROPERTY, but then I can only imagine who the owner and manager of this crap store is.

A spokesperson for Family Dollar said the company is also looking at ways to prevent the community from dumping illegally at the store.

NEWSFLASH ASSHOLE: Put up a FUCKING GATE and SECURITY CAMERAS. Good thing this asshole was not involved in finding a cure for Polio, otherwise we would all be in leg braces, crutches and wheel chairs.

What a fucking asshole and that goes to the elected officials and city agencies like DOS who have been aware of this for a long time. Well, as  far as another way to prevent the community from dumping illegally. REMOVE THE GHETTO SLOBS FROM THE COMMUNITY, since they are not going to change their ghetto slobs ways. Someone how I doubt that the woman in the video who owns the home next door certainly does not care if the properly values go sky high, where ghetto slobs can no longer afford to live here. I know I don’t care and so do probably all the civilized home owners that care about their homes and property. Time to de-ghettoize Jamaica.

Jamaica Queens, always lowering the bar further and further down the shitter.

Queens Borough Katz


From NY1:

Crews Clean Up Community Eyesore

By NY1 News
Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 02:28 PM CDT
Jamaica residents forced to live next door to a massive mound of trash finally got some relief.

We first told you last week about the disgusting mess piling up near this Family Dollar store dumpster off Merrick Boulevard.

Residents said people in the neighborhood were using the store’s dumpster as a public dumping ground, leaving behind everything from an old couch to a cracked toilet. They were concerned that the mess was ruining the neighborhood.

Well after our story aired the company sent crews to clean up the mess.   A spokesperson for Family Dollar said the company is also looking at ways to prevent the community from dumping illegally at the store.


Kudos to young JaaEL Lewis of St. Albans, who is another in a long line of residents who care about their community and are making some strides to clean up garbage strewn Jamaica, thanks to many of our low-class ghetto slobs, a lack of stand up politicians and a big lack of enforcement of litter laws.

Not everyone and that includes our young folks in the community are ghetto slobs or gang bangers or uneducated dumb asses. In fact many actually care about the community but are so frustrated by a lack of leadership and proper services, including enforcement of quality of life issues.

I would love to see young folks like JaaEL and other young folks get involved in leadership roles including political roles, since the same old useless, do nothing and crooked old shits have done very little for the community in decades. Out with the Flakes, Comries, Spingers, Caughmans, Cooks, Wills, Meeks and all the tons of so-called church leaders whose only goal is more money in the collection plate, not the betterment of the community.

KUDOS to JaaEL Lewis, because that St. Albans, once a nice area, is turning into a ghetto garbage mess, not too mention on the crime taking place lately there.


From Queens Press:

St. Albans Woman Leads Crusade To End Littering In Community


Photos courtesy of JaaEl Lewis. JaaEl Lewis, seen standing next to a garbage receptacle, worked with a local St. Albans non-profit to better her community. 


Disturbed by the littering problem in her neighborhood of St. Albans, 25-year-old JaaEl Lewis has decided to takes matters into her own hands.

For years, Lewis said that her neighborhood has struggled with keeping garbage off the streets. While the immediate effects seem negligible, Lewis said that the lack of tidiness is something that she thinks reflects poorly on the neighborhood that she holds dear.

Reason and Truth Inc. and JaaEl received a certificate of appreciation from the City Department of Sanitation for their work in cleaning up their neighborhood.

Reason and Truth Inc. and JaaEl received a certificate of appreciation from the City Department of Sanitation for their work in cleaning up their neighborhood.

“I was running on Baisley [Boulevard], right next to Roy Wilkins Park,” Lewis told the PRESS of Southeast Queens. “I saw so much trash. Literally pillows and pillow cases. Seeing this gave me this thought: Why doesn’t the city just put some bins over here? It’s a frequently visited area, especially during the summer when there are a lot of concerts.”

Wasting no time, Lewis got to work. She called city agencies to seek a simple solution to the local problem.

Unfortunately, the bureaucracy of city government stood in the way of her goal.

“They told me that because it is not a commercial area, they won’t be able to fund it,” she recalled. “They told me that they would need to go to the councilman’s district office or pay for it out of pocket as part of the Adopt-A-Basket program.”

The Adopt-A-Basket program was started in 1996. Typically aimed more at organizations, rather than a single woman on a mission, many of the public trash cans are prohibitively expensive. Lewis explained that the large baskets seen on main roadways throughout the city can run as high as $400. She said that the cost of trying to keep the city clean surprised her.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” Lewis said. “I thought it would be an initiative that the people and its leaders would be interested in. There are so many programs and initiatives that have looked into this, but there are so many legalities that keep people from putting money towards something like this. It’s a safer bet to put money towards cameras or street lights or stop signs.”

She said that the legal haze behind sanitation is the reason why elected officials find it difficult to get items such as this one on the ballot for participatory budgeting.

However, Lewis had the backing of a local community activism group, Reason and Truth Ministries, Inc. Reason and Truth is a non-for-profit based out of St. Albans that was established by her father, Rabbi John Lewis. The group aims to “intensively impact the lives of St. Albans by introducing teaching and implementing the purposes and importance of holistic sustainability.”

Rabbi Lewis told the PRESS of Southeast Queens that although Reason and Truth Ministries is a faith-based organization, its focus is not only on the spiritual aspect of its congregation, but also the good works the group produces in the neighborhood that improves the community’s living environment.

“What we are really trying to do is change the mind and approach to how the community views their surroundings,” Rabbi Lewis said. “We want to generate a sense of community in reference to how it looks and the way it is presented and kept. It reflects on us as a people.”

With the two sharing a common goal, Lewis and Reason and Truth joined forces.

“The group has supported the idea and donated,” she said. “It becomes a lot easier when you have the backing of a 501-c3.”

In addition, Reason and Truth made the rounds in the St. Albans area, informing residents of the initiative and collecting small donations to go towards the project. Within two months, Lewis and Reason and Truth were able to procure the first of the trash cans. Members of the group installed the cans themselves, drilling them into telephone poles at the corner of certain blocks. As of this writing, Lewis has been able to bring a total of four baskets to the area, with no plans of slowing down.

Although Lewis said that she is happy that her vision to clean up her neighborhood was realized, she wishes that more residents would get behind the initiative. Since the baskets have come to the residential areas, there has been very little feedback on where to place other baskets in order to improve the aesthetic of the neighborhood. She hopes that will change soon.

“We want people to join in on this and help,” Lewis said. “We hope that this will shed some light, so we can get some traction on this issue. Seeing bins around propels people to throw away their trash properly, instead of dropping it on the floor. You feel more responsible if you see a can at the end of the block.”

With more community involvement, Lewis hopes that upkeep of the cans will become more efficient.

“These things we have to change ourselves,” she said. “We have to change the bags. We want to get young men involved and implore them to help out and give them a sense of responsibility and accountability of giving back and understanding how to take care of what they have. After all, this is their neighborhood and their community.”

Lewis also said she’d like to get the City Council involved in some capacity and intends to reach out to St. Albans’ member, Councilman I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans).



WHY is illegal dumping a challenge for the district? Well, that is the statement that Councilman I.Daneek Miller stated to NY1, “Illegal dumping is a challenge for the district”.

BUT why Mr. Miller, an all white area does not have an illegal dumping issue like Jamaica. Plus this is nothing new, this takes place all over the community and has been taking place for years and decades. But when you have elected officials, community leaders and church leaders who do very little to nothing for their community, when you have bad neighbors, like this shitty Family Dollar store, when you have a lack of enforcement, when you have a low amount for fines (this dollar store was fined a measly $100) and when there is not any kind of common sense (just put up a damn fence and install security cameras), this kind of shit will continue to go on and on and on in this community.

So Sanitation, elected officials and even this shitty neighbor dollar store all say “we are aware of the situation”. Well, that is the standard answer for all quality of life issues. The issue is the addressing and solving of the fucking problem. I love the line from the asshole spokeperson for this shitty Family dollar:

A spokesperson for Family Dollar thanked us for bringing it to his attention. He says he’s gathering more information to quote “address this concern promptly.”

REALLY, FUCKING REALLY. I mean this is your damn property, you mean you needed NY1 to bring this to your attention and you need to gather more information. WHAT FUCKING INFORMATION. Your property looks like it is from some third world country, what more information do you need ASSHOLE.

Clean Up Jamaica Queens, community activist Pamela Hazel and a few others have been bringing this and other quality of life issues to the attention of local elected officials, Queens Borough Presidents past and present and Department of Sanitation long before the local news was doing stories on this, In fact it is because of our perseverance and not giving up is why there is so much media attention on this issue that local leaders and this awful city are not properly addressing.

In the meantime, Rev Al Sharpton, blowhard, do nothing Senator. Leroy Comrie & former councilman for 12 years in the Family Dollar district and Assemblyman Clyde Vanel are attending the funeral this Saturday for the victims of the Hollis fire who died April 23 ( Maybe after the funeral all three of these clowns can take a walk over to 109 and Merrick and then take a tour of the whole area, to see all the SHIT here and what many of our civilized residents (and home owners) have to deal with on a daily basis due to people like Comrie and a lack of enforcement and all the bullshit that is considered normal in this majority black community. BUT then that would not make a good photo op, considering that these conditions are not only due to the bottom barrel folks & businesses in the area who cause this, but the lack of true leadership with people like Comrie and company. And then these clowns, including Melinda Katz, will stand in front of a camera and say how “wonderful Jamaica is and is a good place to live, work and play. FUCK YOU, HYPOCRITES.

Sutphin Blvd between Jamaica Ave and 90th Ave


From NY1:

Jamaica Residents Fed Up Over Dollar Store Dumpster

By NY1 News
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 07:01 PM EDT

Monica Rose is fed up.

Forced to live right next door to a massive mound of trash.

“It was like coming over the fence, ” said Rose.

As bad as it looks she said it smells even worse.

“Guys they come here to urinate, urine, feces, ” she said.

While the trash sits in what’s supposed to be a private dumpster lot for this Family Dollar store near the corner of 109th road and Merrick Boulevard, Rose says people in the neighborhood have turned it into a public dumping ground.

While we were there we spotted an old door, a couch, even an old cracked toilet all tossed in the pile.  Joan Ramberan who lives across the street says it’s ruining the neighborhood.

“It’s not uplifting us just taking us down,” said Ramberan.

Rose showed us this ledger of all the people she’s reached out to for help; from the company to the city’s Department of Sanitation.  She’s even contacted Council Member Daneek Miller’s office and yet the trash remains.

Sanitation officials say they are aware of the problem, in March they issued a summons to the store for dirty sidewalks which carries a $100 fine.  It’s still pending.

The store has also received a summons for not displaying a certificate showing which company is supposed to pick up the trash.

On Wednesday a sanitation worker gave the store yet another summons.

A spokesperson for Family Dollar thanked us for bringing it to his attention.

He says he’s gathering more information to quote “address this concern promptly.”

Councilman Millers office says illegal dumping is a challenge in the district, but his office is committed to working with the community to address it.

As for Rose, she says this all could be resolved if the company just put up a gate, tall enough to prevent the illegal dumping.

“They need to do something the garbage is coming onto my fence. This is not fair to me,” she said.


You would think that with the years of reporting the same issues, like the vacant James Fobb house garbage dump, courtesy of our low-class slobs, that something would be done, well, like I said you would think, but then, this is Jamaica, the land that not only many slob residents don’t give a shit, but also elected and church leaders.

Ms. Hazel reports AGAIN on the Jamaica Fobb garbage dump and electrical wires doing the Jamaica dangling dance. Us folks who actually care in this community are fully aware of electrical wires, telephone wires and cable wires always doing the Jamaica dangle.

I bet they don’t do the Dangle jig in Queen Katz’s hood or on her block.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

However, it is no concern for Madam Katz. She and her accomplices are busy groundbreaking; what a sad state. Most troubling is the loyal black voters. They vote for these bastards with their eyes closed. They should not expect change if you do not demand services.

Is this the place that madam Katz calls the “World’s Borough?” It is a shame, after years of complaints voters/residents are faced with the same issues.

Meanwhile, James Fob’s garage has taken a turn for the worst.

Electric wires have been dangling from the poles for weeks. Now they are dragging on the ground. Maybe someone has to be electrocuted before any action is taken.

Boranian, you are being paid on false pretense. The ill-gained salary will do you no good in the end. Oh, former borough president/ Helen Marshall just came to mind! In the meanwhile, do your damn job. You are  the person in charge of constituents services.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.

PS: Soon, I will be sending the quality of life terrorists  to Katz’s address.

Queens Borough Katz