Damn, that white boy in the back is cutting up some good shit.

My sources have informed that Rufus King Park, which has been turning into a garbage dump and an outdoor homeless shelter with alcohol drinking and drug use, is FINALLY get much needed park enforcement in the evenings and on weekends, which is when it tends to be very problematic.




Seems like I am not the only one who has been raising a fuss about how this park has been going down hill.

NOW time to tackle that much smaller but more problematic park, Major Mark Park.


Words really are not needed for this very small park at Hillside Ave & 175 St, which has always been a dump, but even more so with the re-location of the drug clinic across the street in the past year and the major increase of homeless in the area. Park is the district of Senator Leroy Comrie, Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman and Councilman I. Daneek Miller

The morning rush hour druggies

Drug Clinic at Hillside & 175 St across from Major Mark Park

The media center. We are still waiting for the HD television


From Pamela Hazel:

Well after more than a month of having to bear the sight of mosquito, infested Zika cesspool; relief is finally here. Maybe because Katz and her cronies are prancing around her “World’s  Borough,” Queens as she calls it.
Parsons & Archer, taken today ( 7/19/17)

Thieving Councilman Wills is fuming, also is the garbage in his jurisdiction. Part of the money for his non-profit initiative was earmarked to clean-up his jurisdiction.
Guy R. Brewer Boulevard & 108th. Avenue. Photo was taken two weeks ago.

The last time I saw Wills was at a community affairs meeting. He was cursing me while unbuttoning his jacket and yelling at me; saying that me and my comrade are fuxxking bothering them. A police officer had to intervene.

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Sidewalk/bushwalk still harbouring rats and other human menace. The filthy mattress and the garbage are still over the fence.
Photo was taken about two weeks ago

The dangling wires are still dangling and dragging on the ground. As soon as a child gets hurt; the problem will be fixed with expedience.
Corner of Merrick Boulevard & 108 th. Avenue. Photo was taken more than two months ago.

Neighbours are still living in fear of raccoon dwelling. The raccoons are still tormenting neighbours.
167-05  144 Avenue,

Borough president Katz, can you please contact the appropriate agencies and resolve this ills?

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


A recent survey of residents in the Jamaica area concludes that over half (57.4%) think their community SUCKS, despite all the bullshit coming from elected hacks like Queens BP Melinda Katz, Congressman Greg Meeks, Senator Leroy Comrie, GJDC President Hope Knight and other master bullshitters.

Residents site crime and problems with local streets, but there are many more issues of why that large percentage think JAMAICA SUCKS. It is low-class ghetto from the retail to the food choices, it is FILTHY with tons of illegal garbage dumping and litter all over the damn place, homeless shelters are being dumped by the dozens while group homes are being put in (like the one with the hood rats who gang raped a mother of two) without anyone’s knowledge, the homeless population has SKYROCKETED in the past year alone in downtown Jamaica with this new hybrid combo of hotels/homeless shelters like the Comfort Inn on 162 St right in downtown Jamaica, auto body shops that have taken over sidewalks and streets with their junked and unlicensed vehicles, the parks like Rufus King Park and Major Mark Park are not only garbage dumps  but have turned into outdoor homeless shelters as the homeless and drug addicts make homeless encampments out of them, a major polluting & poisonous waste dump, ROYAL WASTE,  in the downtown area and near hundreds of families is not only foul smelling but the majority of diesel fuel polluting trucks that run through the downtown are from them, illegal parking of huge foul smelling waste trucks inside the LIRR overpass tunnels in the downtown area, shootings, stabbings, rapes, assaults, robberies, kidnapping & forced prostitution of underage black girls like what took place at Rev. Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence ( and every other ghetto nonsense and bullshit you can think of helps to make JAMAICA SUCK.

AND then we have some of the most corrupt and do nothing elected officials around. We have already had two come out of jail (Huntley, Scarborough), one still in jail (Smith) and another on corruption trial and more than likely will be going to jail (asshole Wills).

BUT the people have spoken elected officials and Ms. Hope Knight:

JAMAICA SUCKS MAJORLY like Linda Lovelace.

BUT on the other hand 42.6% are satisfied with Jamaica, so who are those idiots. Must be elected officials, propaganda puppets, the homeless, hood rats, low-class ghetto folks who don’t know better and the new batch of immigrants who considering where some of them come from think Jamaica is the French Riviera.

So Ms. Knight, I doubt this survey will be finding its way into any of Greater Jamaica Development Corporations promotional material.

Downtown Jamaica Comfort Inn. Worker inside told me that 3 floors are for hotel guests and three floors are for homeless. Nothing like being greeted at a hotel than by a half naked homeless man sitting in hot weather.

Damn, that white boy in the back is cutting up some good shit.

Bad Mexican Hombres drinking in public, white white boy in background, cuts up some drugs. A few blocks from where Mayor and crew were doing their bullshit publicity stunt.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

The morning rush hour druggies

Ruben Wills District of prostitution, garbage and other ghetto messes. 157 and Tuskegee Airman Way

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

These alcoholic bottles did not magically get place here, our diverse population put them there and I am sure then took plenty of pisses there as well.

Over a million dollars and you would think this is some little kid playing the slums of Calcutta.

The Rufus King Park Welcome Wagon.

Sutphin Blvd between Jamaica Ave and 90th Ave

Royal Waste

Hala Live Slaughterhouse (92-56 165th St) right in the middle of downtown Jamaica and yes those are apartment going up across from it.

Downtown Jamaica, third world shithole. UNBELIEVABLE.

Royal Waste comprises the entire blue rectangle. As can be seen thousands of homes and a park are at risk.

168 pl at 90 ave in downtown Jamaica

Practice games for terrorist. The 170 LIRR Tunnel in Downtown Jamaica.

Zale Thompson, attacked officers with machete on Jamaica Ave in October of 2014

Totally Illegal blocking of sidewalk. Pretty Girl is one of many stores on Jamaica Ave doing this. Besides making it difficult to manuever, it is low-class ghetto/third world country EYESORE.

She certainly does not look like some starving young girl in Africa.

Is that Assembly Member Vivian Cook addressing her constituents.

Downtown Jamaica

And they are dumping 1+ million dollars in this park, really. Does that include the removal of the bottom of the barrel folks.

Jamaica Ave, although this looks even worse when I saw it the other day.

Is this an example of being on “the right track”.

Elderly man’s legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.


From AM New York:

Only 42.6 percent of respondents from Community Board 12, which includes parts of Jamaica, Hollis and Springfield Gardens, were satisfied with their neighborhood. They cited problems with local streets and roads as well as crime. Only 45.5 percent said they felt safe walking in their neighborhood at night. Read

From Metro New York



From NY1:

AND here is my photo-op tour of Jamaica that the Mayor and crew did not see, opting to stay in their little safe haven in Jamaica. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND.

Downtown Jamaica Comfort Inn. Worker inside told me that 3 floors are for hotel guests and three floors are for homeless. Nothing like being greeted at a hotel than by a half naked homeless man sitting in hot weather.

Bad Mexican Hombres drinking in public, white white boy in background, cuts up some drugs. A few blocks from where Mayor and crew were doing their bullshit publicity stunt.

Damn, that white boy in the back is cutting up some good shit.

I guess he’s waiting for Dallas BBQ to open. Upscale dining in DoJam.

The media center. We are still waiting for the HD television

ILLEGAL Sidewalk Party almost every weekend on 90 Ave by 169th St

Ruben Wills District of prostitution, garbage and other ghetto messes. 157 and Tuskegee Airman Way

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

Over a million dollars and you would think this is some little kid playing the slums of Calcutta.

And this shit needs to stop. 170th Street at Jamaica cannot handle trucks this size. This truck can barely make the turn as it heads to Royal Waste Dump

FUCKING SCUM HOOD RATS who gang raped a mother of two in Jamaica July 11th/12


FUCKING SLOBS in the fucking filthiest, garbage strewn city in the USA, the rotten apple. “Bring me your tired, your poor, you fucking slobs, your third world country folks from slums, your people who have no pride, people who don’t care, people who love to sit in their own shit.”

Then cram more and more fucking people onto a small island, keep up the hyper-development in the most irresponsible way, don’t give a shit that the infrastructure really could not handle all the people twenty years ago, let alone now and keep on building and destroy neighborhoods.

I mean, WHAT THE FUCK CAN GO wrong. AND beside the major fire that fucked up the worst subway system in the world, there were a SHIT LOAD of major subway problems for yesterday’s rush hour, one was lucky to get home:

Monday evening rush hour turns into nightmare for subway riders as mechanical issues, track fire disrupt service


Can you imagine, what this third world shitty dirty city will look like in another 5-10  years. I won’t, because, I will have left, probably with  many others, if they are smart. Otherwise it will be a cross between MAD MAX & BLADE RUNNER.


From The Daily News:

Burning trash on Harlem subway track ignites chaos during morning rush hour, injuring 9 riders; MTA vows to improve

A track fire at the 145th St. station left morning commuters scrambling to find other routes, resulting in overcrowded subway stations and countless unhappy riders on Monday.

(Natalie Brito via Twitter)

Thirty feet of train track trash caused the latest city subway disaster: a smoky blaze that trapped hundreds of panicked commuters on airless trains, kept thousands more stuffed in sweltering stations and forced the MTA to admit it must clean up its mess.

A pile of “extensive debris” in a tunnel along the subway tracks between 145th and 135th Sts. in Harlem caused the Monday morning chaos, sources told the Daily News.

Sparks ignited the fire that created the “smoke condition” a B train operator reported as he moved south at 7:18 a.m.

Moments later, NYC Transit’s rail control ordered trains between 145th and 135 Sts. to turn off their air conditioning — which would suck the smoke into cars — and the A, B, C and D lines in Harlem ground to a halt.

Evening rush hour turns into nightmare for MTA subway riders

By the time service was restored at 9:34 a.m., nine straphangers were at local hospitals suffering minor injuries — and MTA Chairman and CEO Joe Lhota found himself trying to pacify frustrated commuters. Again.

Firefighters are investigating a track fire at the 145th St. station on Monday.

(Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

“Disruptions to service are unacceptable. We will do a better job, and we’re working every single day to deliver on that promise,” Lhota said.

He vowed renewed dedication to Operation Track Sweep and its teams of more than 500 employees meant to help keep tracks clear of garbage.

 The MTA has also invested in 12 portable vacuums and will add three vacuum trains by the end of the year — all for the purpose of sucking up loose track debris and reduce subway fires, the chairman said.

74% of subway riders have been late to work due to delays: survey

“The urgency to improve service is felt throughout the MTA, and that’s why we’re moving so fast to implement new technologies to deliver for customers,” Lhota added.

Daily News obtained a photo of the track debris that caught on fire this morning in Harlem.

(New York Daily News)

The future may look bright, but the present was on fire Monday after subway track inspectors missed or dismissed a 30-foot-long trash heap near 145th St. — three weeks after an A train derailed at the 125th St. station just 20 blocks away.

Transport Workers Union Local 100 President John Samuelsen said track maintenance crews file reports when garbage piles up — and track supervisors are supposed to dispatch cleaners.

But the recent derailment might have shifted priorities, Samuelsen noted, with supervisors putting possible track defect repairs above routine housekeeping.

Stuck trains at Penn Station strand 700, rescue train also stalls

A picture of the scene obtained by The News shows a trash-strewn section of burned wooden ties, pockmarked with charred residue.

Once the subway blaze was reported to the FDNY at 7:24 a.m., firefighters got on scene within five minutes, the department said.

While the fire itself wasn’t massive, it filled the tunnel between 145th and 135th Sts. with heavy, choking smoke.

Roughly 60 firefighters struggled to douse the flames, which were nearly impossible to reach from the platforms.

Cuomo announces $1 billion infusion of state funds to repair MTA

NYC Transit ordered an A train to unload passengers at 145th St. and firefighters from Battalion 16 piled in.

With an operator piloting the makeshift “fire taxi,” the subway brought firefighters to the blaze. But with the electrified third-rail still powered up, the firefighters had to do their work from the train.

A southbound D train — with its air conditioning shut off — was held in the tunnel while firefighters got water on the flames.

By 8:05, at least two passengers suffering in the extreme heat had requested medical help. At 8:33, the MTA cut power to the third rail so firefighters could safely walk on the trackbed.

MTA boss urges staff to provide quality service riders deserve

Riders in one train stuck in a tunnel north of the 155th St. station had to walk through a separate train held at the station.

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota was faced with another disaster on Monday.

(Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)

With train service above 125th St. knocked out, crowds of displaced riders hopped on the No. 1 line, clogging the local train.

Express A train service was cut from Inwood-207th St. to 125th St., and the local C line was knocked out entirely for the morning rush hour.

The local B line was shut down and the express D train was cut between Norwood-205th St. in the Bronx and 125th St., officials said.

Pols on edge over looming lifestyle changes for L train commuters

Some D trains were stopping their trips at 36th St. in Brooklyn, W. Fourth St.-Washington Square or 34th St-Herald Square.

Dozens of people crowded the streets near 145th St. and tweeted their disgust with the city’s overworked public transportation system.

“Hundreds can’t get to work via the downtown 1 train after uptown A,C,D,B service totally shuts down. #SummerOfHell continues,” tweeted one frustrated straphanger, who shared a video of a subway platform crammed with commuters.

Canceled train service forced New Yorkers to seek alternate routes. Images shared on social media showed crowds of people waiting for buses outside the 145th St. subway station.

Amtrak official says Penn Station repairs are ahead of schedule

The latest transit tangles came one week after Lhota admitted in a memo, “Our customers are right; we aren’t very good right now.”

Proving his point, the Monday night commute was almost as rough as the morning. The No. 7 line was a mess for Mets fans trying to get to Citi Field for the game against the St. Louis Cardinals, thanks to a signal malfunction at Court Square at 5 p.m.

Delays piled up on the Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines because of a signal malfunction at Utica Ave. in Brooklyn. Some southbound No. 4 trains were ending at Bowling Green in Manhattan, while others ran on the No. 3 line from Crown Heights-Utica Ave. to New Lots Ave.

A train with a mechanical issue at 57th St. sent F trains over the M line from Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave. to 47-50th Sts.-Rockefeller Center, creating delays on the E, F and M lines.

There were delays on the A and C lines because of a switch problem at Canal St., forcing those trains to run on the F line between Jay St.-MetroTech in Brooklyn and W. Fourth St.-Washington Square in both directions.



A recent Queens Courier article ( had the Greater Development Corporation, President Hope Knight and bullshit artist Queens BP Melinda Katz boasting

Jamaica is already seeing major benefits from ‘Action Plan,’ with many more to come

Wow, excuse me while I head to the shitter and blow all that bullshit smoke that was blown up my ass by GJDC.

REALLY, benefits, like what kind of benefits. You mean like this problematic vacant lot smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica at the NW corner of 162nd St & 89 Ave, that has been an eyesore for years. Besides the typical chronic garbage that surrounds it and getS dumped all the time, despite the sign of “NO DUMPING, FINE $500 and the more than likely fake “security camera” signs, the weeds surrounding the place are completely out of control, not unlike the Jamaica community itself, but the lot has been storing commercial vehicles like big dump trucks, which is totally ILLEGAL in a residential area. So the owner who put up this sign needs to know the damn laws of the storage of commercial vehicles in residential areas.

This mess is ILLEGAL, storage of commercial vehicles in the Downtown area residential section.

Department of Transportation laws state:

Street storage of commercial vehicles prohibited

When parking is not otherwise restricted, no person shall park a commercial vehicle in any area, including a residential area, in excess of three hours.

BUT of course ENFORCEMENT is a rarity. I have been filing complaints about commercial vehicle storage in this location for several years to DOB, who this falls under, but to no avail, they are always stating “can’t find the location”. Doubt this would be the case in Forest Hills. AND because so many laws are NOT ENFORCED in the Jamaica area, the folks all know this and so it is the perfect place to store commercial vehicles on streets, in vacant lots and inside LIRR overpass tunnels. Auto body shops know that laws are rarely enforced and so that is why you see tons of junked and unlicensed vehicles on Merrick Blvd up on sidewalks, on residential streets and blocking the right hand lane of Merrick Blvd, one of the busiest stretches. SO pretty much it is a free-for-all for all kind of bullshit and nonsense.

Photos below  by the roving reporter “The Philster”.

AND speaking of BULLSHIT & NONSENSE, what is the deal with Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and all the bullshit and lies that have been flowing out of it lately. I mean, we have this whole Queens Courier bullshit propaganda about “Jamaica seeing benefits from the Jamaica Now Action Plan”, but as I posted early, what benefits (

Because the Queens Chronicle is stating something opposite with actual FACTS. So GJDC, Hope Knight, Melinda Katz and Gregory Meeks, someone is FULL OF SHIT and it certainly is not the Queens Chronicle.

So how about you all do something about this eyesore lot in downtown Jamaica, the homeless encampments at both Rufus King Park & Major Mark Park to start with. In the meantime, it is Jamaica nonsense as usual.


From Queen Chronicle:

GJDC: Still no news on station, 168th St.

Group still working to complete two high-profile development projects

The Greater Jamaica Development Corp. is once again pushing back deadlines for projects it had touted with much fanfare years ago.

Back in December, Hope Knight, president and CEO of the GJDC, told the Chronicle that the organization was negotiating with a potential tenant for the Shops at Station Plaza that it could not disclose at the time.

In the same email, she said that the GJDC was examining “a number of proposals” to develop what is now a parking lot at 168th Street and 90th Avenue in Jamaica; the site back in May 2013 was the subject of a press conference that included U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens, Nassau) announcing an agreement to develop a $50 million shopping mall and parking garage.

Knight said she expected to have a signed contract “most likely in the first half of 2017.”

This week, a representative for the GJDC said a tenant for the Shops at Station Plaza, as well as a developer for the 168th Street property, are expected “in the coming months.”

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Station Plaza, located beneath the Long Island Rail Road trestle on Sutphin Boulevard, directly across from the main entrance to the LIRR’s Jamaica station, had its ribbon cutting in 2012, one of the final touches on the revitalization of the ancient rail hub.

The siting places it at a transportation crossroad for multiple bus routes, two subway lines and the JFK AirTrain. It was part of a $12.7 million project.

Two artists’ organizations, Chashama and BroLab, both active in New York City, were reported to be coming there in 2012.

But to date the only tenant is the Resorts World Casino in South Ozone Park, which opened a waiting room for its shuttle bus service there in 2013.

The 168th Street property sits across the street from the NYPD’s 103rd Precinct stationhouse and is a paid parking lot.

In May 2013, Meeks was the featured speaker at the GJDC’s Harvest Room when the group announced an agreement worth about $50 million with the Long-Island-based Blumenfeld Group, whose resume includes the transformation of the old Bulova Watch factory in East Elmhurst into a business office and conference center complex.

Blumenfeld executives at the time envisioned a big-box retail anchor and a 500-space parking garage. At an unknown point in 2015 Blumenfeld, according to sources, agreed to add an affordable housing component.

But by March 2016 the project was reported dead and the contract terminated. Neither Blumenfeld representatives nor GJDC officials would discuss the nature of the termination, with Knight saying that they would be putting out a request for proposals in spring 2016.

They did so last summer, with a call for a mixed-use project with at least 250 affordable apartments, including set-asides for artists, with retail space on the ground floor. The announced deadline for proposals was Dec. 2, 2016.

It was shortly after the deadline last December when Knight emailed the Chronicle with the new target date coming within the first half of this year.

Meeks, interviewed at the 2013 press conference, said he did not believe that the project would be subject to the numerous delays that have plagued some projects in New York City, such as the ongoing Kingsbridge Armory saga in the Bronx.

In 2009 a national developer proposed stores and shops that would bring 1,200 jobs, until Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. made demands for wages and other benefits that the developer would have to secure from all retailers signing a lease.

Diaz was quoted as saying, “The notion that any job is better than no job no longer applies.”

But the developer pulled out. It was another four years before a consortium headed by former New York Rangers star Mark Messier proposed a recreation center with multiple skating rinks. But that has been tied up in litigation for years, though in January Gov. Cuomo pledged some financial backing for the project.

Downplaying any chance of the 168th Street project meeting the same fate at the 2013 press conference, Meeks said, “The developer is on board and everyone is working together.”

Greater Jamaica has, however, been able to point to several development success stories in the last year alone.

In April, BRP Companies broke ground on The Crossing at Jamaica Station, a $407 million, two-tower apartment complex slated to bring 669 affordable housing units and retail space when it is competed in 2019; it is considered the largest single-project investment in Jamaica in decades.

Additional projects include but are not limited to:

• the planned 338-room Marriott Courtyard and Fairfield Inn Suites at 148-18 Archer Ave., scheduled to open in 2019;

• a mixed-use building with more than 350 affordable housing units at 92-33 168 St. scheduled to be completed in 2019; and

• 380 apartment units, including 20 percent of them affordable, in a 26-story building under construction at 147-20 94 Ave.

But all have, with the exception of The Crossing at Jamaica Station, proceeded without the initial fanfare accorded Station Plaza and the 168th Street lot.