hyndmanThis was sent to me by a reader. Our “leaders” should led by example, but this is the Greater Jamaica area where even those folks seem to not give a shit. Why overall does some black communities in this area look so trashed all the time. But then do you really expect much from SE Queens elected officials. I know I certainly don’t. Christ, where is the damn pride, I mean this is your fucking office Hyndman, hire some broke ass homeless person to sweep up every day on your block. Trash on the streets, trash in the political offices. Asshole Councilman Ruben Wills is a be culprit of this.


Looks like Assembly Women Alicia Hyndman could care less about appearances. The surrounding area around her headquarters on Merrick Blvd in Laurelton. And people wonder why SE Queens is a dumping ground. The photos speak for themselves, their elected officials could care less.hyndman5hyndman2hyndman3hyndman4

In front of Wills Office

In front of Wills Office


The James Fobb Estate

The James Fobb Estate

From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident and community activist:

Problem solved just in the nick of the B/P bullshit address.

Borough President Katz had her fake borough address at York College last Friday, Jan. 27, but that was not the only event. There were two others: the famous “bathroomgate” bathroom was repaired earlier that day; just in the nick of the address. It was out of service since Jan. 23 rd.

Jamaica E-train station. Parsons Boulevard  & Archer Avenue.  1.27.17

Jamaica E-train station. Parsons Boulevard & Archer Avenue. 1.27.17

Also early that morning, the famous James Fobb’s garage was cleaned. The discarded living room set, black bags, high heel shoes and other trash were removed;  just in the nick of Katz’s fake address; which was scheduled for 10:00 A. M —- coincidence?

107-58 164 th. Jamaica 1.27.17

107-58 164 th. Jamaica

The award winning political actress gave another astounding report. Her political sermon was a feel-good stunt for the vulnerable believers. She proclaimed that more jobs were created in the world’s borough — Queens. Meanwhile, our young black men remain job seekers.

katz crap

The political gangsters were out in full force; to support their gang leader as she delivered her fake accolades. There was no mention to improve: homelessness, crime, and the filthy black areas.

The usual suspects who never address the garbage problem from the get go, Councilman Ruben Wills, Leroy Comrie and Communit Board 12 District Manager Yvonne Reddick

The usual suspects who never address the garbage problem from the get go, Councilman Ruben Wills, Leroy Comrie and Communit Board 12 District Manager Yvonne Reddick

The gangsters and their predecessors have ignored the black communities for decades. They can only blame themselves for the rise of a political outsider, President Trump. Now they have to deal with the Trump effect; it is fast and furious.

The state of the black neighbourhood is in a state.

CleanupJamaicaQueens will stay on their asses. We do NOT care.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice


katz crapAnd here we go again. Resident, Community Activist and Outspoken critic of the black gangsta politicians reports on the same old shit due to the same old damn worthless leaders ship, the local do nothing & crooked black gangsta elected officials headed by the evil white Queen of the Worlds Third Borough. We have it all from yesterday, the continuing saga of Jamaica Bathroom Gate, the MTA Q5 bus known as “The Leaker” and the James Fobb Estate of Garbage.

So will these photos make to the slideshow at Fridays State of the Borough by the Evil White Queen at York College?




From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & Community Activist:

Bathroomgate racketeers in business 2017 & other eyesores

It never ends as Jamaica Queens residents are used as a catalyst to enrich others. This racket will continue as long as Senator Comrie sits on his fat ass, and black people vote blindly, election after election.

Sooo, the bathrooms are closed AGAIN for repair. This is the second ticket and the year is only 23 days old. The bathroom at the E-train Jamaica station is closed today. This is ticket #01232017.

This racket has been in effect for years and no one is being held accountable. The politicians could not care less. Every repair means another redundant pay cheque. Meanwhile black people are forced to endure the inconvenience and discomfort.

Yes, blacks continue to live in hell. In addition to being locked out of the bathroom today; we could not get to our destination on time. The e-train delayed for hours, and riders had to run from one train car to the next; to avoid the stench of the homeless. If that were not bad enough, after work riders had to deal with a leaking bus.

However, you will not hear these plights in the upcoming borough president’s address. You will get fake news about the wonderful world’s borough — Queens.

Photos were taken today, 1/23/17.

CleanupJamaicaQueens will report the real news. bathroom-gate



The James Fobb Estate

The James Fobb Estate



So much for “revitalized Jamaica”, which looks even shittier than before (I mean how the fuck can that be possible, but it is). Now all these photos were taken on 94th off Sutphin Blvd right near the Sutphin Blvd LIRR/ AirTrain station. And this powers to be really think that people coming into this station want to step off into this ghetto fucking mess. And let’s not forget the homeless hotel shelter, The Retreat Inn, nearby which started off as an actual hotel, The Quality Inn and the huge amount of homeless that are all hanging out in this area. Nothing quality at all over this neck of the ghetto woods, including the office of asshole Ruben Wills a few blocks from there.

The photos were taken from a reader, resident and contributor to this blog who said “It was that bad! The area is a giant freak show! One of my former patients from Creedmoor tried to bump 35 cents off me (Jamaica is a favorite Creedmoor hangout spot). Of course, the reason why there are so many creeps in the area is because most of the hotels are housing homeless, multiple drug treatment and social service centers”. I tell you, this community is a dumping ground, yet very few care. And we are getting more crap dumped here.

And let me add that the local elected black gangsta politicians don’t do SHIT and many of the residents of this fine upstanding community are total fucking slobs and don’t give a shit. I know I don’t even bother to go anywhere in this awful ghetto community anymore (why you rarely see any more photos from me) except to my grocery store and to the subway for work, too fucked up, too many homeless, too many drug addicts walking around like the walking dead, too depressing and too much of a fucking garbage ghetto shit storm. And people don’t think Jamaica is a ghetto, hell the entire SE Queens is one big fucking ghetto mess, all of it. People who say this are of course ghetto themselves and don’t know what the fuck nice is, they were brought up ghetto and continue to wear the ghetto badge of honor like it is something to be proud of.

But I am seeing the light at the end of the ghetto tunnel.


Correction: 95th Ave & Sutphin, but does it really matter, the whole fucking area is disgusting.

garbage-phil-2 garbage-phil-3 garbage-phil-5garbage-phil-5garbage-phil-4garbage-phil-3garbage-phil-2




What the FUCK is wrong with people, why must they be such FUCKING SLOBS and throw their damn garbage all over the place including on the subway tracks. The day I was stuck on the subway for like 3 hours because of that flood at 34th street, to pass the time as the train moved a few feet very slowly in Queens, I counted over 200 cans and bottles thrown onto the track and that was just cans and bottles not counting all the other garbage.

STOP BEING SUCH FUCKING SLOBS and if you come from some shit hole third world country that this is the norm, this is the USA, not your fucking third world country shit hole that you left for a better life. We don’t need our country to be turned into India, Pakistan or any other garbage strewn country.

Since they are testing this out on the Queens line, just shows you how many fucking slobs live here and how this fucked up borough is turning into a third world country cesspool. And don’t forget all the fucking grease asshole Queens residents throw down the drain, because they are stupid ignorant uneducated slobs, plus you don’t need all the oil, many of you are so fucking FAT to begin with.

Related image


From Queens Courier:


Photos via Flick/MTA
The MTA is testing out a new prototype of powerful, portable vacuum cleaning system on Queens tracks.

Tired of looking at debris on the tracks while waiting for your train to arrive? The MTA is testing out a new portable vacuum system in Queens that aims to make the subways cleaner, safer, and faster.

As part of the MTA’s ongoing Track Sweep initiative — a four-phase plan developed to dramatically reduce the amount of litter on subway tracks, while also improving the station environment, and reducing track fires and train delays — the transportation organization is testing these powerful vacuums along the Queens Boulevard corridor from the Jamaica-179 St. F line, to the Queens Plaza E/M/R lines, which is consists of a total of 20 stations.

The prototypes are also being tested in Manhattan from Lexington Av/53 St. E/M lines on the Queens Boulevard E/F line to W4 St.-Washington Sq. A/B/C/D/E/F/M, on the Sixth Avenue B/D/F/M and Eighth Avenue A/C/E lines, which is a chain of 15 stations.

“Testing these new technologies is a key part in our plan to get the tracks cleaner, and keep them cleaner over the long haul,” said MTA New York City Transit President Veronique Hakim. “Once we’re sure that these units are effective we’ll be ordering additional units to deploy across the system.”

The portable vacuums in testing right now are the first of two prototypes that will be tried out by the MTA, with the second unit to be deployed in two weeks.

According to the MTA, both prototype units are powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries with a battery management system that protects the batteries and load from over current, while both can be moved from station to station on a conventional revenue train. The testing is scheduled to last approximately 30 to 45 days, and if the tests are successful, the MTA will “move aggressively” to acquire and deploy additional cleaning units, the MTA said.

The testing of these units are the third phase in the Track Sweep initiative. The first phase kicked off in June 2016, when the MTA implemented a new cleaning schedule that reprioritizes stations based on the amount of trash usually removed, and increases the frequency of track cleaning.

Phase 2 launched in September 2016, when the MTA started an intensive two-week, system-wide cleaning where more than 500 workers removed litter and debris from the tracks at all of the system’s 469 stations.

During Phase 4, the MTA will roll out a trio of powerful new track vacuum trains in 2017, followed by a second and third in 2018.

In addition, the MTA is purchasing 27 new refuse cars to help move debris out of the track system at a quicker pace. These cars will be equipped with special railings which allow it to secure and transport wheeled garbage containers that are collected at the subway stations.


Image result for mlk i have a dream speech


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

It would have been nice to report on fundamental positive changes today, MLK’s  day. It would have  been encouraging to inform supporters about wonderful improvements in this black neighbourhood. It is called Jamaica, a part of Queens. Yet, voters still experience separate but unequal treatment. It would have been uplifting to boast about  MLK’S  dream  for every black community.

The sad reality is that black leaders have turn their backs on  the black community. Start with Senator Comrie, and others: Miller, Wills, Meeks. Currently in jail Smith (and Scarborough), released from jail, Huntley and a host of others.

They are suppose to help black people realize the dream. The unfortunate truth is black people live in a nightmare.

Black men are still  unemployed at record numbers. They makeup the highest rate of incarceration and eyesores remain fixtures in the black neighbourhood; due to gross neglect.

MLK is looking down on the state of the black community. The truth is, his spirit is NOT pleased.

A reminder that as we mourn or celebrate MLK;  he expects that his dream will one day become a reality.

A community still in mourning, but ordinary people must fight.

P: Hazel:  CleanupjamaicaQueens for real news

And then there is REALITY

107-58 164th Street Jamaica, NY

107-58 164th Street
Jamaica, NY

Sutphin Garbage

I mean only fucking ghetto savages live like this and black communities wonder why no one respects those communities. I mean come, on look how some folks live.

I mean only fucking ghetto savages live like this and black communities wonder why no one respects those communities. I mean come, on look how some folks live.

garbage and trucks7.1.16 005garbage 6.25.16 003

Detectives from the New York State attorney's office escort City Council member Ruben Wills of Queens in handcuffs to be arraigned in Queens Criminal Court after being arrested on charges of misusing public funds on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Detectives from the New York State attorney’s office escort City Council member Ruben Wills of Queens in handcuffs to be arraigned in Queens Criminal Court after being arrested on charges of misusing public funds on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Useless do nothing Senator Leroy Comrie

Useless do nothing Senator Leroy Comrie

Federal grand jury probes real estate and nonprofit deals for Malcolm Smith, other Queens pols BY Kenneth Lovett , Barbara Ross , Greg B. Smith DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS Thursday, April 1, 2010,

Federal grand jury probes real estate and nonprofit deals for Malcolm Smith, other Queens pols
BY Kenneth Lovett , Barbara Ross , Greg B. Smith
Thursday, April 1, 2010,

smith locked up

Former corrupt Senator douche bag Shirley Huntley, one of the local leaders who only looked out for herself. Now she is Big Bertha's bitch in prison.

Former corrupt Senator douche bag Shirley Huntley, one of the local leaders who only looked out for herself. Now she is Big Bertha’s bitch in prison.



hillside-garbage12-4-16-011hillside-garbage12-4-16-008You live in your community and some of you work it in, so treat it with respect, show some fucking damn pride for a change instead of making it a garbage dump and then some of you will complain that your area is getting “gentrified” or the knew ghetto term I am seeing lately “colonization”. If you all took care of you damn communities (and this really goes out to the communities of color) then you would not have to worry about developers swooping in and taking over.

So for your 2017 resolution instead of worrying about shit you have no control over like Trump being president or other shit out of your hand, think LOCALLY and take care of your community. That means stop throwing fucking damn litter out of your parked cars onto streets and sidewalks, clean up in front of your businesses & homes (especially some of those slob third world businesses on Bangladeshi Avenue (Hillside Ave), stop putting up with bullshit caused by hood rats and report nonsense that goes on your block, file numerous 311 complaints with quality of life issues instead of either just ignoring it and expecting someone else to do it,  hold your damn asshole elected officials responsible (they were put into office, make them work for their paycheck) and start putting some better people in leadership positions as opposed to the same old ghetto gangsta politicians who do jack shit for the community.

JUST have some damn pride and respect for you community instead of constantly turning into some third world low-class ghetto mess, which is what Jamaica is. I mean just look around, you don’t see predominately white communities looking like this, that is because those communities have pride and respect for where they live.

Folks, it is your community and because of where we live,especially in Jamaica/SE Queens with low-class ghetto folks, slumlords and shady businesses doing whatever they want, you must be vigilant and file 311 complaints, OFTEN. If you can take photos, better and then send them to your asshole elected leaders and write to agency commissioners on line. You can also send me ( your photos/problems with locations and I will post them on my blog. Some 311 complaints like illegal conversions and unsecured fences, allow you to upload photos.

Remember you can be anonymous if you wish, but I suggest not to, but that is your choice.

So use this and pass this information on to all concerned citizens who WANT TO TAKE BACK THEIR COMMUNITIES & STOP THE BULLSHIT. Stop being a damn walking stereotype.

So instead of whining about “gentrification” or “colonization”, take care of your fucking community. Take some damn responsibility for yourself instead of blaming everyone else, unless you want to be:

Related image

garbage and trucks7.1.16 010garbage and trucks7.1.16 008

Here is where to do that for some of the various quality of life issues.

  1. Broken, uneven or damage sidewalk:


2. Abandoned vehicles/trucks parked too long with plates or without plates:


3.  Illegal conversions & houses ( I had DOB shut down two in my area and watched as the riff-raff were all escorted out):


4. Garbage complaints from overflowing cans, uncovered garbage cans, household garbage in public cans, dirty sidewalks, illegal posters, garbage strewn vacant lots, etc:

Sutphin Garbage

5. Unsecured Fence:


6. Illegal Truck driving on residential streets:


7. Continuous playing of music from Ice Cream Trucks while parked:


8. Various Noise Complaints from churches to neighbors:


9. Report Vacant “Zombie” Homes:


You should also write a complaint on line to the various department’s commissioners AND OFTEN. Easy to do, I do it all the time, when I file a 311 complaint. Here are the various commissioner’s.

  1. Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg (sidewalk & road conditions, illegal truck driving complaints, businesses blocking sidewalks with merchandise displays, cars, etc ):


2. Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathyrn Garcia:


3. Department of Buildings Commisssioner Rick Chandler (shady construction, illegal conversions, fences falling down, storing commercial vehicles on residential property) :


4. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton:


5. Department of Environment Protection Emily Lloyd (noise like ice cream trucks & churches, noisy manhole covers, hazardous materials, air quality from polluting waste stations in your area):


6. Mayor’s Office (ALL ISSUES) :

Of course, you should know who your elected officials are and community board and email them or call them as well.

  1. Find your community board:

2. Find your City Council Member:

3. Find your Assembly Member:

4. Find your Senator:

5. Find your Congress Member:


Here are some media contacts if your issue is not being resolved.

  1. WPIX Help Me Howard:


2. WPIX Arnold Diaz:


3. WPIX Greg Mocker: MOCKER@PIX11.COM


4. WPIX Monica Morales:


5. NY1: 212-379-3599. Also online at Choose CONTACT A SPECIFIC DEPARTMENT, NY1 for your assistance.