Another little gem in Jamaica (well technically Jamaica Hills), is the vegetarian restaurant, Annam Brahma,  located at 84-43 164th Street, a few blocks north of Hillside Avenue. The food is great and a very relaxing chill out atmosphere.

This Thanksgiving they are having a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast with New Vegan Option November 26th Noon-8pm.

Here is the tasty looking menu. The full Thanksgiving feast is only $24.95!





Here in Jamaica we have trials for gangs and trails for our elected officials.

In the article below: “We will be pulling people from other places to cover this situation, but if we pull personnel from Brooklyn and Queens, people are now at greater risk of being hurt elsewhere because we are so badly staffed,” Dennis Quirk, president of the state’s court officers union said, adding the shortage is severe enough that officers are being denied days off to cover the assignments.

Sure, keep cutting police office in the rotting big apple.



From DNAInfo New York:

Threats of Violence Turn Courthouse Into Armed Camp For Queens Gang Trial

By Murray Weiss | November 4, 2015 7:22am
 There will be an increased NYPD presence at Queens Supreme Court this week.

There will be an increased NYPD presence at Queens Supreme Court this week.

Flickr/Linus Henning

QUEENS — Dozens of heavily-armed NYPD Emergency Services Unit police and state court officers will be posted at a Queens courthouse starting Wednesday for a gang trial amid threats of violence, DNAinfo New York has learned.

The state Supreme Court on Queens Boulevard will be surrounded by ESU police while specially-trained court officers will protect the judge, prosecutors and witnesses inside the building where nearly a dozen members of the “Snow Gang” will be tried on a laundry list of murder and robbery charges, sources said.

Thirty-one alleged gang members, ages 15 to 22 years old, were rounded up in September after a yearlong investigation by the NYPD and the Queens District Attorney’s Office for gang activities centered in Rosedale, Laurelton and Rochdale Village.

Following their arrests, one leader of the gang, formally called “SNOW, Loyalty Over Everything and Young Bosses,” was allegedly caught on tape ordering robberies from his Rikers Island jail cell in order to raise money to pay his bail, sources said.

Those robberies were thwarted, but last weekend violence erupted on Rikers Island involving the “Snow Gang,” which sent seven correction officers to the hospital, one with a broken knee, sources said.

 Dennis Quirk, president of the state’s court officers union, confirmed that a “Special Response Team” of court officers will be posted at the courthouse, along with additional court officers who will be on loan from trials at other courthouses.

“We will be pulling people from other places to cover this situation, but if we pull personnel from Brooklyn and Queens, people are now at greater risk of being hurt elsewhere because we are so badly staffed,” he said, adding the shortage is severe enough that officers are being denied days off to cover the assignments.

There will also be increased screening of people coming into the courthouse in addition to the extra security in the courtroom where the gang will be tried in front of Justice Robert C. Kohm, sources said.

Prosecutors and the judge decided to divide the case into two trials.

Court insiders warned the judge to reduce the number of defendants at each trial even more to further lower the possibility of violence, but he declined the request, sources said.



Besides producing some major rappers, South Jamaica, is also home to Baisely Pond Park, which contains 109.61 acres including the 30 acres of Baisley Pond in the center of the park. Not only that, but workers in the 1850s when dredging the pond found the bones of an individual American Mastodon that lived in the area almost 10,000 years ago, just after the end of the last ice age. A sculpture of the prehistoric mammal can be found at the Sutphin Playground in the park.

The pond is also home to a various array of fauna and flora, including big Lilly Pads, which American Bullfrogs make their home, a wide variety of fish and several different species of water birds including Snowy Egrets, Swans and Great Blue Heron.

It is a pretty cool park and worth a visit just to see the massive pond which has a row of stone frog statues on the southeastern shore of Baisley Pond. I find it a very peaceful park with lots of nature. Grab a book and bask in it’s glory. You might not even know you were in New York City, let alone Jamaica.

And here you though South Jamaica was just all crap, drugs and crime, well part of it is. Jamaica has some pretty amazing things and a great history, but you would never know it since our powers to be never promote all this great things. I mean look at the photos below of the park, breathtaking. Just another reason to cleanup our community.


The Official Ceremony got postponed until next Saturday (9.19.20) due to rain last night, but the market went on anyway last night and I had some tasty squid on a stick, Pad Thai and Fried Green Tea Ice Cream. Damn good.

If you have not been to the night market, come check it out next Saturday. Weather is to be sunny, clear skies and in the 80’s.

Here is what one of the vendors ( Cake Fairies NY) last night made.

Some other photos of the first night taken off of the Queens International Night Market Facebook Page.

Squid on a stick.


When one thinks of Jamaica, well of course you think, garbage, ghetto and other bullshit or they think black community or Bangladeshi/Hispanic or West Indian immigrants, but there is a small Portuguese population (not as big as in the day) along with Portuguese restaurants, bars and a social club along Sutphin Blvd, a few blocks north of the LIRR train station and in the 101st Avenue area, west of Sutphin.

138-40 101 Ave

138-40 101 Ave

Heading a few blocks west from another Portuguese place (my favorite Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant) is O Lavrador Bar & Restaurant (138-40 101 Ave) which actually has a separate entrance to both the bar and restaurant, plus has a parking lot and plenty of off street parking.

Very cool door. One is well advised to enter O Lavrador by the barroom at the left, through a rustic door with the word BAR spelled out in bullet holes, and a gnarled limb as a door pull.

Very cool door. One is well advised to enter O Lavrador by the barroom at the left, through a rustic door with the word BAR spelled out in bullet holes, and a gnarled limb as a door pull.

Several years ago I went to the restaurant which was great and has an old school feel to it, but a few times I have popped into the bar side to grab a drink. It is a great place to hang out either by yourself or with friends. Cozy atmosphere, great eclectic mix of music and there is always soccer on one of their many big screen TV’s. The downstairs actually has a couple of pool tables and a soccer table game. You will definitely see a mix of people there but differently Portuguese folks. O lavrador bar

So if you are looking for a nice neighborhood friendly bar and want to feel comfortable, give O Lavrador a shot, hell even grab some of their delicious food. With O Lavrador, Sangria, A-Churrasqueira Restaurant & Bar (a few doors north of Sangria) and South Jamaica Portuguese Social Club (also on Sutpin), Jamaica has a Little Portugal.O lavrador bar 4

You can read about the O Lavrador Bar & Restaurant article from 2010 in the Village Voice at

Their website is




Let’s take a look at Jamaica in 2014, what happened, how much garbage, what elected official was arrested, who was shot and where we might head in 2015.

RESTAURANTS: While Jamaica has never been a hot bed of great food establishments, it is slowly improving and if the supposed development in Jamaica actually takes place, I am sure we will see more food establishments (and hopefully good ones) open. This year only one new establishment opened, Spicy Lanka on that horrid Hillside Avenue at 159-23. A good Sri Lanka place and most definitely spicy. While not my favorite, others thought so. The Daily News gave it rave reviews and it seems to be a winner with many on Yelp. I  liked it, but Hillside Avenue is just one ugly big garbage mess and that ruins it for me. But you cannot go wrong with some of the older establishments (Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Rocoto Restaurant, Annam Brahma) and some of the newer kids on the blocks (Amina Thai, Charcoal Kabab). But overall we still lack quality nice sit down restaurants, just way too much crap with poor service. Dirty establishments and fast food shit.

Sir Lanka at 159-23 Hillside Avenue

Sir Lanka at 159-23 Hillside Avenue

LANDMARK BUILDINGS:  Although no new landmarks this year (June 2013 saw the old Jamaica High School  on Hillside Ave get landmark status), believe it or not Jamaica has the most landmark buildings in all of Queens (20 I think, I started to lose count) with the crowning jewel, the former Lowe’s Wonder Theatre on Jamaica Avenue, now the Tabernacle Prayer of Church. Next time you are walking along Jamaica Avenue, make sure to look up at some of the amazing architecture. Too bad our useless leaders have not done enough on the upkeep of these great buildings.

The Auditorium of the former Lowe's Wonder Theatre on Jamaica Ave

The Auditorium of the former Lowe’s Wonder Theatre on Jamaica Ave

BARS: Something that is VERY lacking in Jamaica, at least nice, relaxing places where you will not get shot or have to put up with bad ghetto behavior. CityRib is your best bet for great drinks, relaxing atmosphere, friendly & hot looking people, good music and just a plain good place to hang out. For true classic dive bars though, you cannot beat Hillside Inn or Maloney’s, the one place where you will actually see many white people. Both are hard core dive bars, where people take their drinking serious and you can drink cheap. Worth seeing since many of these dive bars vanished in most of NYC. On a side note, this year, a Bangladeshi immigrant died after two years in a vegetative state after he was beaten in the Hillside Inn bar after trying to break up a fight back in 2012 on Christmas Eve,  although there is talk that the two guys supposedly fighting actually beat Isteak Quadir since no one else was in the bar at the time. The bar closed after that for about 6 months with a sign stating, “closed for renovations”. You can read this story at

CityRib at 89-04 Parsons Blvd, Downtown Jamaica

CityRib at 89-04 Parsons Blvd, Downtown Jamaica

RETAIL: If you think  Jamaica has a poor selection of restaurants, the retail scene is just plain awful and ugly. With few exceptions like Porta Bella Menswear & Fino Menswear, where you can get great Italian stylish shoes and stylish clothes with European cuts and Mubarak Health & Beauty (one of the few black owned businesses specializing in amazing oils, soaps, skin care products, incense, etc.), most of Jamaica Avenue is cheap crap clothing, third world retail junk and way too many health and beauty supply stores, wig stores and hair salons. Oh and some of the worst customer service on the planet. But Jamaica Avenue seems like Rodeo Drive compared to that horrible third world shit hole, Hillside Avenue, just a mess of garbage, filth, junk stores and dirty stores. CRAP-CRAP-CRAP.

Mubarak Health & Beauty 92-18 Guy Brewer Blvd

Mubarak Health & Beauty
92-18 Guy Brewer Blvd

ELECTED OFFICIALS: What can I say, the majority are useless and some of the others are crooks. This year Senator Malcolm Smith had a mistrial for corruption charges but will be tried again this coming January. Both Councilman Ruben Wills and Assembly Member William Scarborough were both arrested on corruption charges and Assembly Member Vivian Cook was her normal self, not worth a piece of shit. While Senator Tony Avella, Senator James Sanders and Councilman Donovan Richards do their best, newcomer Councilman I. Daneek Miller might actually do some good as well (he took on some garbage issues and the dollar vans). This was his first year in office (replacing that totally useless Leroy Comrie, who unfortunately will be our new Senator come January), but you might want to keep an eye out for him. But he can go either way in his second year, only time will tell. I do predict that in 2015 we will see Wills and Scarborough go to jail, Congressman Meeks will finally be arrested, Comrie will prove again that he should have stayed a wedding photographer and Vivian Cook will continue to collect political welfare for doing jack shit. Overall the Jamaica political scene looks bleak.

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUES:  One word, HORRIBLE. Garbage continues to be a major problem, along with illegal conversions, illegal curb cuts, illegal driveways, noise issues, illegal placement of signs all over city property (Cash for Cars, We By Houses, etc.), garbage strewn vacant lots, cars parked on sidewalks, cars without plates, poor development that has caused so many nice one family homes to be torn down only to be replaced by shit cheap third world dreck and section 8 run by slum lords (mostly immigrants) and filled with low-class slob low life people who have turned Jamaica into a shit hole. The ever growing problem of trucks driving illegally on residential streets for years still has not been addressed and is becoming a huge problem. The only bright spot was the elimination of those god awful clothing bins removed by the 103rd precinct’s “The Untouchables” who tackled that issue quickly, pretty much like they tackled the auto body shops placing their smashed cars on streets and sidewalks. But overall the quality of life issues in Jamaica are HORRIBLE and not being properly addressed by the powers to be, our elected officials and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, who has also done a bad job her first year. So bad, she could be a Jamaica politician.

Shoppers World in the background.

Shoppers World in the background.

CRIME: I don’t care what some of these statistics say, crime is a big problem in Jamaica, especially shootings, robberies and assaults. This year two officers were attacked on Jamaica Avenue by a lunatic with a hatchett, a woman was raped in the early morning on 171st street, several shootings lead to the death of several black men, one on Father’s Day at a bar on Merrick Blvd and of course who could forget the fool in McDonald’s bleeding with a huge knife in his back while talking on a cell phone, hell that one made it on Real Time With Bill Maher. This is something that the this black community needs to for once finally address properly. As one person of color stated on my one posting about Christmas Day shootings, “I agree with you, sadly the black community, won’t address this issue. I am a black, from the Caribbean, I side mostly with the police. If we didn’t harbor so many criminals in our communities, maybe we would get more respect from the police. But look at the way a lot of us live and carry ourselves. The black community needs to focus more on educating ourselves and our children, and stop blaming white people for our problems. But nothing changes as a group we are still at the bottom of the barrel…….by choice.” I could not have said it better. Overall crime is an issue and saying that it is still better than East New York, Brownsville or parts of Bed-Stuy is not a compliment.

The now classic photo. Andrew Hardy, the Jamaica "human pin cushion".

The now classic photo. Andrew Hardy, the Jamaica “human pin cushion”.

MEDIA COVERAGE: Jamaica got major media coverage (print, TV, radio, blogs) this year between garbage, elected officials being arrested, shootings, crazy hatchet man, crazy man at McDonald’s with knife in back while chatting on cell phone, more garbage, illegal truck driving, fires and explosions in illegal conversions and all the talk about the “gentrification of Jamaica” and it being the next hot neighborhood (if you really believe that shit). You could not read a paper, hear a radio show, read Queens Chronicle, Times Ledger, Queens Crap or Progress Queens, see Greg Mocker or NY1 without hearing about Jamaica, good and bad. But the biggie was from NY1 and reporter Ruschell Boone. Ms. Boone, who has been a major advocate for the Jamaica garbage problem doing several stories on this issue, which helped to bring it to public attention and this blog as well, won an award this year from the New York Association of Black Journalist on her great 4-part Jamaica garbage series which aired in 2013 ( We here at Clean Up Jamaica Queens and team P/J are very proud of Ms. Boone winning this award. Ms. Boone also did a story on our own precinct’s Sgt Cedillo & The Untouchables (  who have helped us out tremendously with quality of life issues in our community. With so much bad press on the police this year, it was good to see positive press on the NYPD and in our own community of Jamaica. The Untouchable have been a force to reckon with in Jamaica and it was good to see a story on them.

 TWC News: NY1 Reporter Honored by New York Association of Black Journalists Play now

TWC News: NY1 Reporter Honored by New York Association of Black Journalists
Play now

So as we end 2014 and head into 2015, I think many eyes will be on Jamaica and what happens in the coming year and more. Could this be the next hot neighborhood, will the area become a whiter shade of pale, will we see improvements in quality of life, will some of our crooked politicians walk the walk of disgraced former Senator Shirley Huntely, we will see our jazz history become the focus again………………………..or will it just be more garbage, shootings, crooked politicians, crap retail, fried chicken shacks, bad ghetto behavior and more importing of low-class people from all over the world, in other words the usual Jamaica shit.???????????????????????????????

Large tractor trailer trucks barrel through 170th St and other residential streets daily

Large tractor trailer trucks barrel through 170th St and other residential streets daily

Beautiful Hillside Ave

Beautiful Hillside Ave


Leroy Comrie stated "We are aware of this and we will clean this up after I order 3 quarter pounders with cheese, 2 large fries and a shake. Oh, throw in a dozen White Castle sliders."

Leroy Comrie stated “We are aware of this and we will clean this up after I order 3 quarter pounders with cheese, 2 large fries and a shake. Oh, throw in a dozen White Castle sliders.”

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake's parking lot.

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake’s parking lot.


WE ARE AWARE OF IT. Miller's District

Miller’s District


What quality of life issue, this is called free enterprise.

What quality of life issue, this is called free enterprise.

Garbage10.5.14 012???????????????????????????????168th St LIRR Tunnel


sangria outside 3I have written a few time before about Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Jamaica located at 95-41 Sutphin Blvd, a Portuguese and Spanish eatery, and for good reason, it is not only the best place to eat in Jamaica (which is a rarity), but one of the best places anywhere. With its beautiful nice French wooded doors, lush red velvet drapes and great wooden interior, most will be taken back that this place is not only in Jamaica, but on not such a great stretch of Jamaica as well, a few blocks south of the Sutphin Train Station. I LOVE this place. Great drinks and food, top notch service, good atmosphere and a very eclectic mix of people that you will not find in other places  in Jamaica. On any given day or evening, especially Wednesday and weekends you will find Portuguese, Hispanic, Black, White and any others who are looking for amazing food and drinks. YES, it is that good.

Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant

On a most recent visit, after seeing MOTOWN: The Musical (GREAT SHOW) on  Broadway, Delinda and I headed straight there to have some good drinks and food. Their homemade Sangria (4 types) is really good but we opted for a Red Devil and a Cosmos and then ordered the very large and very tasty Sangria Salada, which came with bread and olives (this actually comes not matter and please make sure you get the bread and olives). We then ordered the fried calamari (a favorite), Pimientos Rojos con Mariscos (imported red Spanish peppers stuffed with seafood and a most delicious sauce), this is a MUST and Pincho Morunos (spicy Moorish kabobs with some intense hot sauce on the side). All was delicious, in fact, I have never been disappointed with all of the dishes I have gotten over the years there. For dessert, the Tres Leches is another must.Sangria Red Spanish peppers with seafood and sauce.

I am a huge fan of Sangria and with a personable owner, Joe, great tasty food and drinks, such good service by the female waitstaff who not only happen to be really good but some pleasing eye candy, a great atmosphere, it makes you feel you are not even in Jamaica or what Jamaica might become somewhere done the road.Sangria Fried Calamari

For those living in Jamaica and are looking for a great place to eat in a good atmosphere, go there. For those living outside Jamaica, way worth a trip and only a couple blocks from the Sutphin Blvd train station, very easy to get there. In fact many of the patrons live outside the area, but know this place well. On a side note, even though the area is not the greatest, it is safe,  I have never had an issue going there and sometimes I have been there late at night.

So do yourself a favor and check it out if you have not. A BIG MUST!