89-64 168 Pl.

Hell, why not go one step even further, why not walk abound such places as the filthy disgusting Hillside Avenue or that mess, known as Jamaica Avenue or how about a tour of the poisonous ROYAL WASTE, near a park and residential homes and apartments and just a few blocks from downtown Jamaica. Or how about a walk along Merrick Blvd to see how the thug auto body shops have taken over that area or a leisurely walk in South Jamaica on Guy Brewer Rd from South Road to 107th Ave or hang out by the LIRR/Subway station at Sutphin Blvd & Archer Avenue or go down into the bowels of Jamaica Center Station to see the underground homeless village. We have plenty of walking tours for you to choose from: trash to waste dumps and everything in between.

NOPE, hang out in the safe confines of Borough Hall where you do not have to get down and dirty and see what the folks of Jamaica deal with on a daily basis.

The future of Jamaica

Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.


From The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: De Blasio and his senior staff to set up shop near you in new initiative ‘City Hall in Your Borough’

Mayor de Blasio and his senior staff will be setting up City Hall in the five boroughs through the city’s new initiative “City Hall in Your Borough.”

(Susan Watts/New York Daily News)

Mayor de Blasio is taking his show on the road.

City Hall will set up shop on Staten Island for a week in April, as part of the first installment of “City Hall in Your Borough” — a new initiative to immerse the mayor and his senior staff in each of the five boroughs throughout the rest of the year.

“We know City Hall can seem far away from many corners of our city,” de Blasio spokeswoman Jessica Ramos said. “‘City Hall in Your Borough’ will allow the administration to be on the ground in each borough, communicating directly with community leaders and residents in their neighborhoods.”

From April 9 to April 13, de Blasio and his deputy mayors, commissioners and top staff will operate out of Staten Island’s Borough Hall, where they’ll do their day-to-day work and take meetings with constituents and local officials.

NYC pols rally to raise age for trying teens as adults

“There’s no truth to the rumor that I will lock them into Borough Hall until I get most of what I need for Staten Island,” Borough President James Oddo, a Republican, joked.

Trips to other boroughs will also be based out of borough halls, except in Manhattan, where the city will look for space uptown, the mayor’s office said.

The sojourn to Staten Island will also include a visit to a house of worship, meetings with local groups and a town hall, according to the mayor’s office, as well as several events city First Lady Chirlane McCray will hold related to her ThriveNYC mental health program.

 But Oddo said he’s most interested in the work that can get done behind the scenes in meetings at the staff and commissioner levels — and one-on-one sitdowns with Hizzoner.

“What the mayor is doing sounds like he wants to do a lot of retail, and I love retail,” Oddo said. “But I need to address the wholesale issues that are going to affect a lot of Staten Islanders.”Oddo said he’s already working to ensure the week’s agenda reflects local priorities — not those of the mayor’s staff.

“The five days that the mayor will be out here is probably the most critical five days we will have with this administration,” said Oddo, who noted the mayor is often more responsive to his calls than the agencies de Blasio runs are. “I need to get answers, get solutions, at the very least move the ball on all of these issues. And the key to that is getting an agreement ahead of time that these are the issues we will focus on.”

De Blasio isn’t the first mayor to bring the city government to the boroughs.

Oddo recalled Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s roving cabinet meetings. Mayor David Dinkins, for whom de Blasio worked, held similar weeklong trips to the boroughs. His journey to Staten Island got off on a bad foot when he scrapped plans to use the office of then-Borough President Guy Molinari, who had criticized the mayor’s response to a police-involved shooting and the resulting aftermath in Washington Heights.

Like Dinkins, de Blasio is not exactly popular on Staten Island — he’s a “left mayor,” and the borough is a “center-right island,” as Oddo put it. But when the mayor recently visited Lee’s Tavern for pizza, Oddo said, he was warmly received.

“I’m not saying they like him or are going to vote for him — and frankly, I don’t care if they vote for him. They liked the fact that he was on Staten Island,” Oddo said. “Liking him and voting for him may be off the table, fine. That doesn’t obviate his responsibility to address their concerns.”


CHRIST, out of the 6 women to honor, you could not come up with someone better than these two political whores, Claire Schulman and Vivian Cook. Damn, talk about scraping the barrel. And this after the nauseating memorial accolades for that other hack and former Queens BP Helen Marshall.

Might as well just honor a bag of shit. To honor people like Marshall, Schulman and Cook, who have been so fucking destructive of Queens, selling it out like a whore and in the case of Cook, hanging on for a paycheck, is well, what can I say, FUCKED UP. Keep on honoring the dishonorable. The bullshit never ends.


From Queens Tribune:

Queens Tribune To Honor Six Cracking The Glass Ceiling At Women’s History Month Event


You heard my take on this bullshit presentation (, so let’s hear one of the local media, Queens Chronicle’s take.

Kudos to Councilman I. Daneek Miller (one of the better local elected officials) for this line, which sums up much:

“They’re spending money on ferry ramps in some neighborhoods, and $3 billion on streetcars for communities that don’t exist yet,” Miller said. “But our transportation system here is 50 years old.”

YES, that says it all about places like Jamaica and this administration under de Blasio, he of the “Tale of Two Cities” and making that tale grow even WIDER.


From Queens Chronicle:

DOT gets an earful on Jamaica traffic

Residents unimpressed at halfway point of major transportation study

Posted: Thursday, March 23, 2017 10:30 am | Updated: 1:00 pm, Thu Mar 23, 2017.

One of the stated purposes of Monday night’s presentation on the Downtown Jamaica Transportation Study was for the city’s Department of Transportation representatives to obtain feedback from the public at the project’s halfway point.

Mission accomplished, as Jamaica residents and members of Community Board 12 repeatedly called the 25-page update insufficient, lacking in several key areas regarding traffic congestion and safety.

Michael Griffith and project manager Carren Simpson made their presentation before more than 40 people in the Harvest Room on 160th Street. Begun formally in fall 2015, the study’s primary area is bordered by Hillside Avenue to the north, 183rd Street to the east, Liberty Avenue to the south and the Van Wyck Expressway to the west.

A secondary area goes from Linden Boulevard to Union Turnpike and from 130th Street to 193rd Street-Farmers Boulevard.

“And for things like buses we take into account those coming from Nassau County,” Griffith said.

The study to this point has included feedback from several public meetings, footage from time-lapse cameras at major intersections, police and DOT accident statistics and engineering studies, among others.

Among the things Griffith said the DOT was seeking input about on Monday were proposals such as adding crosswalks on Hillside Avenue; adding signs and retiming traffic lights at various places; dealing with narrow streets; on- and off-street parking availability; reclassifying some one-way streets and redesigning some intersections.

And while the presentation included mention of studies of things like truck traffic, dollar vans and poor bus service, residents remained largely unimpressed. Vanessa Sparks was one of those who said the report is lacking.

She took issue, for example, with the contention that peak afternoon rush hour is between 4:45 and 5:45 p.m. Griffith did say that is only the peak hour of a peak period that extends for about four hours.

“And there’s no mention of the [Metropolitan Transportation Authority],” Sparks said. “How can you get anything done without the MTA at the table?”

One proposal to relieve a lack of direct north-south routes between Jamaica and Hillside avenues is converting 150th Street from its current one-way southbound designation to a two-way street between the two major thoroughfares.

But Michele Keller, the transportation committee chairwoman at CB 12, said the narrow street already gets backed up.

“There is a school on 150th, and you’re going to make it two-way?” she asked, referring to PS 182, the Samantha Smith School, which sits across 150th Street from Rufus King Park.

Resident Joe Moretti found the existing recommendations totally inadequate for dealing with truck traffic, both legal and otherwise.

“I’ve been fighting this for years,” he said. “This doesn’t account for trucks in my neighborhood. Why does the DOT still allow truck routes on Merrick Boulevard and 168th Street? It is truly beyond comprehension.”

“And without enforcement, nothing is going to change,” CB 12 Chairwoman Adrienne Adams said, referring largely to truck, parking and dollar van problems.

Several people alluded to or stated directly that the plan thus far seems to be just another Manhattan-based solution to be imposed from afar.

“You don’t come into my house and tell me what I need,” she said. “I tell you.”

Sparks called the combined actions and lack of action over the years “transportation apartheid,” saying what may be needed is Jamaica residents coming out “with pitchforks and lanterns.”

Councilman Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) concurred, saying that people need to keep turning out with the numbers and passion of Monday night.

“If you don’t, it’s all going to be bike lanes,” Miller said.

“We hear the same thing year after year after year after year,” Adams said.

She and Miller also faulted the MTA, and the city and state governments.

“They’re spending money on ferry ramps in some neighborhoods, and $3 billion on streetcars for communities that don’t exist yet,” Miller said. “But our transportation system here is 50 years old.”


One of the biggest problems with SE Queens besides some of the residents and apathy are the lack of proper and good leadership for years and decades. It has been the same SHIT it seems like forever. Names like Comrie, Meeks, Cook, Spigner, Flake, Scarborough, Smith and Ruben Wills, one of the biggest douchebags to ever set foot in the political arena and that is a feat in itself considering that the majority of NYC elected officials are worth shit. Do nothings, kiss asses, crooked, corrupt, idiots and political whores and nowhere is that more apparent in the step-bastard borough of Queens from the Queens Borough Presidents, past and present all the ways down to council members, like 12 years of nothing with Comrie. SE Queens and Jamaica have been CRAP for decades, proving that there is very ineffective leadership. Currently I would say the best in the SE Queens area are Senator Tony Avella (who covers a small portion of the area), Councilman Donovan Richards and lately I have been growing fond of Councilman I. Daneek Miller and who has proposed several good bills since he has been in office.

Now time for some major spring cleaning and that cleaning is dumping that big asshole Ruben Wills. So step in Richard Donovan who is announcing his bid for Will’s seat in District 28. The way I look at it, even the current person has no done anything, throw his or her ass OUT and replace them. Should David win, eyes will be on him to promote change and help improve the area, otherwise, out he will go as well.

So eyes are on  you David.

Also we need some NEW YOUNG blood in office in SE Queens and someone other than the same old black hack politicians, since the community needs a more diverse group in leadership to reflect the changing community.


From Communities of Color:

Richard David Announces City Council Bid

March 22, 2017
Candidate Richard David

Richard David announced his candidacy for NYC Council District 28 on Valentine’s Day. The seat is currently held by Council Member Ruben Wills.
David is the former Vice President of the NYC Economic Development Corporation. He also was the Executive Director at the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and a member of Community Board 9.
Davis is a resident of Richmond Hills and deeply rooted in that area of the District. Richmond Hills is the area of the District where Sikh temples exists alongside Mosques. The stretch of Liberty Avenue in the district is known to many as “Little Guyana” due to its large population of Indo-Caribbean residents.
David is the co-founder of the Indo-Caribbean Alliance which does outreach and community events in South Queens.
Despite his deep roots in Richmond Hills, he is no stranger to the other areas of the District which in lude Rochdale Village, South Ozone Park and South Jamaica. He is in attendance at area civic meetings, vigils and town halls. David is well known by area civic leaders and elected officials.
David is the first candidate to officially declare his intentions for the seat. Hettie Powell, an attorney from Rochdale Village, has expressed interest in running, has made a filing for the seat but has made no formal announcement. Adrienne Adams, Community Board 12 Chairperson, is rumored to be entering the race. She most recently unsuccessfully ran for NYS Senator District 10 against Senator James Sanders Jr.
“Local government has been virtually absent in my district for several years now. Our residents have been locked out of vital decisions, we do not have a respected voice fighting to bring more resources into the community and our quality of life has decreased,” said Richard David in a statement announcing his candidacy.
Wills is currently on trial for falsifying business records and third degree grand larceny charges. As a result of his indictments, Council Member Wills was stripped of his ability to designate grants to community groups in 2014. Council Member Wills spent the most part of last year on sick leave from the Council for an undisclosed illness.



The crap of SE Queens elected officials, past and present, show up to honor the biggest crap of elected officials of Queens, former Queens Borough President Helen Marshall.

DOUCHEBAGS all. Spigner, can anyone actually tell me exactly all the wonderful things he did for Jamaica, probably the same thing that Comrie, Marshall and others have done for Jamaica, SHIT.

Political whores and hacks honoring a bigger political whore and hack.

Be gone Spigner, you are IRRELEVANT, but then were you EVER relevant.

Claire “BULLDOG” Shulman. Is this a wax figure?

Another douchebag and BIG political whore and hack, Former Queens Borough President Claire “BULLDOG” Shulman was also present, who will be next to be honored when her ass croaks.


From Queens Courier:

Former Councilman Archie Spigner addresses the crowd at the March 19 memorial service for Helen Marshall.

Those impacted by the spirit of Helen M. Marshall gathered on Sunday to honor the former borough president’s life at the cultural center named in her honor at Queens Borough Hall in Kew Gardens.

Marshall died earlier this month at the age of 87. She served three terms as the first African-American and second woman to be elected to the office of Queens borough president. Her career and life in public service of over 40 years was dedicated to improving the lives of her neighbors around Queens.

“Most of us here knew Helen for many years. We celebrate her numerous accomplishments and triumphs,” former Mayor David Dinkins said about Marshall. “She touched the lives of more people than she could ever know.”

This celebration of life encompassed loving stories of the impact Marshall had on community leaders, government officials and those involved in the programs she implemented in Queens.

“She just blazed the trail when it came to integration and when it came to equal rights and when it came to making sure her children and children who came after them would have the best education that the city could give,” said current Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.

Marshall’s dedication to uplifting the community began long before her involvement in Queens’ government. She was a schoolteacher for eight years and became the first director of the Langston Hughes Library after creating it in 1969. Marshall was commended for the work she performed to better the education and facilities for children in Queens.

After stints in the State Assembly and City Council, Marshall was elected Queens borough president in 2001. She worked to revamp Queens libraries; Marshall dedicated up to $132 million of her capital and expense money for libraries, specifically for children’s programs.

Cassandra Wilkins, a student in Queens, said that she remembers all the programs created for children in the libraries of Queens.

“Everything was just better,” Wilkins said. “We had so much more to do after school and I know without these programs I would not be in college studying to get a degree.”

Marshall was also remembered for her passion and commitment toward the people she diligently served in Queens. Her former colleagues recollected on the personal touch Marshall had when it came to helping people around the county.

Councilman Barry Grodenchik recalled, “You could not walk down the streets of East Elmhurst without her stopping to talk to every single person on the block.”

Former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman added, “Helen, she was different. She was never too busy to talk to people about their problems… She sat there with patience and a generous heart, and tried to find solutions to the problems everyone had.”

Many in attendance also thanked Helen Marshall’s family for sharing her with the community. Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry presented Helen Marshall’s grandsons with a letters from Governor Andrew Cuomo, Councilmen Jumaane Williams and I. Daneek Miller, and Public Advocate Letitia James.



I attended the 1st Downtown Jamaica Transportation Study back in 2015, I think it was, when there was so much talk about “revitalizing Jamaica” and another waste of money study at that time was asking for input from folks in Jamaica about what were problems, issues, etc. (WELL REALLY IT IS THE WHOLE FUCKING COMMUNITY, just throw a fucking rock and you will hit one of them).  Issues were brought up about too much traffic congestion, too many buses, too many livery cabs, too many illegal dollar vans, too many big trucks in the downtown area, trucks driving illegally on residential streets, the poisonous Royal Waste near residential homes, poor streets, bad sidewalks.

Fast forward to this past Monday Downtown Jamaica Transportation Study 2017 Redux and what issues were brought up:  too much traffic congestion, too many buses, too many livery cabs, too many illegal dollar vans, too many big trucks in the downtown area, trucks driving illegally on residential streets, the poisonous Royal Waste near residential homes, poor streets, bad sidewalks. THE SAME OLD SHIT and not a damn new thing was learned except that DOT sucks and have not done a damn thing since the last meeting in 2015, the powers that be do not give a flying fuck about Jamaica AND that very few people who live here actually care about what goes on in this community.

The  evening started out with some DOT female reading the information packet of this bullshit study that we had in our hands being projected on the wall. It would be perfect if you could not sleep at night, because that shit was FUCKING BORING. Then the DOT master of ceremonies, some mousy little guy,  commented at the beginning that it was good to see such a nice turnout, I wanted to say FUCKING WHERE. I have seen more people standing out in front of a Jamaica homeless shelter doing jack shit than at this meeting. The sparse crowd of maybe 40, consisted of about 7 DOT folks, a few 103rd precinct officers in and out, about 7-8 press folks, one councilman (I. Daneek Miller who came a little later into the program but actually brought up many good points), the president & chair of Community Board 12, and probably the only people who actually give a shit about this community, a handful of residents, several who were extremely vocal and laid it on the line about what a waste of time this was, what a piss ass poor study this was and the all too common, “We have been complaining for years about the issues in Jamaica and nothing ever gets done, we have heard all this before.” I must say I was surprised and happy to hear such long standing folks in the community like Community Board 12’s Yvonne Reddick, Adrienne Adams & Michelle Hall-Magnum and two other woman whose name I did not catch let loose. I guess after years and decades of SHIT being done, people do have a breaking point. Too bad there are not more of this in this community that is way too apathetic and just don’t give a shit.

For all the damn talk about “revitalizing Jamaica” and that other bullshit thing, the Jamaica Now Action Plan, there were no elected officials (besides Miller), no Melinda Katz, no Greater Jamaica Development (at least I don’t think), no so-called “movers or shakers”. I did think I saw fresh out of jail former assembly member William Scarborough without the bad toupee sitting for a bit, but then I made a comment about elected officials and then gave my take on the bullshit in Jamaica mostly about the truck situation and the idiots who allowed that fucking Tony Soprano outfit Royal Waste to be placed here and then when I looked, that asshole was nowhere to be seen.

When I first posted this meeting on my blog (, I made the comment about just more smoke blown up your ass and I was 100% right,  it was just more smoke being blown up your ass, but this time the smoke was as fucking stale as some of the items in a Jamaica deli.


I am really having my doubts if Jamaica will ever turn around. If this meeting and this showing was any indication, Jamaica will turn around when down the road they have a memorial service for Melinda Katz when she crooks at 90 years old and they name a Queens Park after her and praise her with all the bullshit accolades that were dump on asshole Helen Marshall.

It will be interesting to hear the take from reporters from the various media outlets who were there Monday night. Christ if it was not for the few ladies who really let loose, I would have been more excited if I stayed home lying on the couch watching TV while scratching my balls. At least something would have been accomplished.



Asshole Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks

Kind of ironic that crooked SE Queens Congressman Meeks ( the KING OF CROOKED AND CORRUPTION) takes a swipe at Donald Trump every chance he gets, but you know what, they both are the same, complete shysters and con man.

WHY IS THIS CLOWN STILL IN OFFICE, at least hopefully in few years Clown Donny will be out.

FOLKS, stop voting for the black Bozo of SE Queens. Why waste your tax dollars on crooks, do nothings and con artists.


From Anonymous:

Last Thursday, March 16, 2017, I contacted the office of Gregory Meeks to register a complaint and to ask for help. Meeks employs a seriously arrogant and uneducated crony named Bob Simmons who rejected every reason that I, as a constituent, requested an appointment with this worthless politician (not public servant).

Because, I was getting psychobabble from Simmons, I ended up hanging up the telephone on this failed public servant. Shouldn’t there be a consequence to representatives who willfully reject and dismiss their constituents’ needs, wants and concerns? Where is the accountabilitiy and transparency?

As usual, the blighted problem that I am experiencing continues to exist, and these depraved, politically toxic subhumans get away with murder on my tax dollars. The people (and I use the term loosely) in this hustler’s office make hell look like heaven!