89-64 168 Pl.

Hell, why not go one step even further, why not walk abound such places as the filthy disgusting Hillside Avenue or that mess, known as Jamaica Avenue or how about a tour of the poisonous ROYAL WASTE, near a park and residential homes and apartments and just a few blocks from downtown Jamaica. Or how about a walk along Merrick Blvd to see how the thug auto body shops have taken over that area or a leisurely walk in South Jamaica on Guy Brewer Rd from South Road to 107th Ave or hang out by the LIRR/Subway station at Sutphin Blvd & Archer Avenue or go down into the bowels of Jamaica Center Station to see the underground homeless village. We have plenty of walking tours for you to choose from: trash to waste dumps and everything in between.

NOPE, hang out in the safe confines of Borough Hall where you do not have to get down and dirty and see what the folks of Jamaica deal with on a daily basis.

The future of Jamaica

Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.


From The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: De Blasio and his senior staff to set up shop near you in new initiative ‘City Hall in Your Borough’

Mayor de Blasio and his senior staff will be setting up City Hall in the five boroughs through the city’s new initiative “City Hall in Your Borough.”

(Susan Watts/New York Daily News)

Mayor de Blasio is taking his show on the road.

City Hall will set up shop on Staten Island for a week in April, as part of the first installment of “City Hall in Your Borough” — a new initiative to immerse the mayor and his senior staff in each of the five boroughs throughout the rest of the year.

“We know City Hall can seem far away from many corners of our city,” de Blasio spokeswoman Jessica Ramos said. “‘City Hall in Your Borough’ will allow the administration to be on the ground in each borough, communicating directly with community leaders and residents in their neighborhoods.”

From April 9 to April 13, de Blasio and his deputy mayors, commissioners and top staff will operate out of Staten Island’s Borough Hall, where they’ll do their day-to-day work and take meetings with constituents and local officials.

NYC pols rally to raise age for trying teens as adults

“There’s no truth to the rumor that I will lock them into Borough Hall until I get most of what I need for Staten Island,” Borough President James Oddo, a Republican, joked.

Trips to other boroughs will also be based out of borough halls, except in Manhattan, where the city will look for space uptown, the mayor’s office said.

The sojourn to Staten Island will also include a visit to a house of worship, meetings with local groups and a town hall, according to the mayor’s office, as well as several events city First Lady Chirlane McCray will hold related to her ThriveNYC mental health program.

 But Oddo said he’s most interested in the work that can get done behind the scenes in meetings at the staff and commissioner levels — and one-on-one sitdowns with Hizzoner.

“What the mayor is doing sounds like he wants to do a lot of retail, and I love retail,” Oddo said. “But I need to address the wholesale issues that are going to affect a lot of Staten Islanders.”Oddo said he’s already working to ensure the week’s agenda reflects local priorities — not those of the mayor’s staff.

“The five days that the mayor will be out here is probably the most critical five days we will have with this administration,” said Oddo, who noted the mayor is often more responsive to his calls than the agencies de Blasio runs are. “I need to get answers, get solutions, at the very least move the ball on all of these issues. And the key to that is getting an agreement ahead of time that these are the issues we will focus on.”

De Blasio isn’t the first mayor to bring the city government to the boroughs.

Oddo recalled Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s roving cabinet meetings. Mayor David Dinkins, for whom de Blasio worked, held similar weeklong trips to the boroughs. His journey to Staten Island got off on a bad foot when he scrapped plans to use the office of then-Borough President Guy Molinari, who had criticized the mayor’s response to a police-involved shooting and the resulting aftermath in Washington Heights.

Like Dinkins, de Blasio is not exactly popular on Staten Island — he’s a “left mayor,” and the borough is a “center-right island,” as Oddo put it. But when the mayor recently visited Lee’s Tavern for pizza, Oddo said, he was warmly received.

“I’m not saying they like him or are going to vote for him — and frankly, I don’t care if they vote for him. They liked the fact that he was on Staten Island,” Oddo said. “Liking him and voting for him may be off the table, fine. That doesn’t obviate his responsibility to address their concerns.”


A ghetto mess! Just a few blocks from the downtown area.

Ghetto trash

I love when I see signs like below, which obviously are put by rich white liberals who of course don’t have homeless shelters on their block, don’t have a huge poisonous waste transfer station (ROYAL WASTE) in their area, don’t have the typical Jamaica element living near them, etc. Nice to be a white liberal progressive sitting on sidelines and from afar. Their tune would change if they lived in Jamaica though.

From a reader:

Bunch of rich liberal white transplants from Brooklyn now live in my old neighborhood which once was blue collar Slovak and Italian. I found this sign outside on of the houses and found it pretty amusing. I would love to see some of the “Jamaica Element” become his/her neighbor and I would bet that sign would come down within 48 hours. Whatever douche that put this sign up probably came from a neighborhood that was already 100% gentrified and has no idea what it’s like to live next to ghetto trash. Typical liberal BS.

And this is the problem with many liberals, white folks and elected officials. THEY HAVE NO IDEA what it is like to live in areas like Jamaica, but yet they will throw their two cents into the mix and all fucking Kumbaya.

I mean only fucking ghetto savages live like this and black communities wonder why no one respects those communities. I mean come, on look how some folks live.


More of the James Fobb vacant house courtesy of our low class ghetto slobs who love living in their own shit. Hell, even animals don’t live in their own shit, so what does that make these folks, sub-animals.

No this is not a quality of life issue that destroys a neighborhood’s quality of life…………no not at all, this is just ghetto parking in the hood.

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.


Take this bullshit with a grain of salt, considering where is it coming from, “Hotel Business”. Do I believe Jamaica will some day change, probably, but that is way way down the road, way down the road.

Since this article tends to focus on hotel growth, I did not see mentioned the numerous hotels in Jamaica that have been turned into homeless shelters including the Ramada Inn on Hillside Ave and 164th which is a hybrid of hotel and homeless shelter, where recently a man with a machete held his wife and kids living in the “homeless section” hostage for several hours.

In the article:

Hope Knight, president & CEO, GJDC, stressed how important multiple hotels are. “Before GJDC, I was COO of Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone,” she explained. “We spent a lot of time trying to create a hotel market. When I talked to hotel industry experts, they said we needed to have four or five hotels to really create a hub. What’s exciting about Jamaica is there is going to be a hub, and each of those hotels will feed upon each other.”

Hotel Industry Experts, really, there is a name for hotel developers now and that Jamaica needs four or five. NEWSFLASH, we have several that have been turned into homeless shelters and the LIRR Hub at Sutphin and Archer is a hotbed of druggies, criminal activity, homeless and drug dealers, not too mention the beautiful retail choices in the area. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK Hope. I know you need to do your job, but my asshole can only take so much fucking bullshit smoke up it.

Also in the article:

Rob MacKay, director of public relations, marketing & tourism, Queens Economic Development Corp., noted that Jamaica could be very much like Long Island City. MacKay stressed the importance of safety. “Jamaica is safer than it’s been in my lifetime.” Xu agreed, calling it a family neighborhood.

And let me guess, Rob MacKay does not live in Jamaica.

Okay need to head to the bathroom to relieve all this bullshit smoke that is clogging me up.


From Hotel Business:

Is Downtown Jamaica, Queens, the next hot spot?

Tuesday December 15th, 2015 – 2:48PM

JAMAICA, NY—Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet named Queens County the No. 1 Best in the U.S. 2015 destination to visit, which is reflected in the reinvention of neighborhoods like Long Island City and Flushing. But, will Downtown Jamaica soon join them?

Dena Libner, director of communications & external affairs, NYC & Company, put this into perspective for attendees at a recent meeting of the members of Greater Jamaica Development Corporation (GJDC), a nonprofit that plans and advances responsible development to revitalize Jamaica. “Brooklyn was named Lonely Planet’s top U.S. destination in 2005, and we all know the development and extraordinary growth that happened the decade after that,” she said. “It’s a precursor.”

Arthur Fefferman, president, AFC Realty Capital, Inc., agreed with Libner’s assessment. “The forecast is Jamaica will be the next Atlantic Yards [the development in Brooklyn that was renamed Pacific Park and includes the Barclays Center and Long Island Rail Road’s Atlantic Terminal],” he said.

Certainly, hotel development is currently happening in Downtown Jamaica. According to GJDC, not long ago, this neighborhood was home to fewer than 400 hotel rooms; now, there are almost 2,000 rooms in various stages of development. “The borough of Queens is the most active hotel market outside of Manhattan, according to STR,” said Justin Rodgers, managing director, real estate and economic development, GJDC. “In Downtown Jamaica, there are currently six properties in operation for a total of 409 rooms. In the new-construction pipeline for hotels, there are 10 hotels planned in the next year, which will produce 1,953 rooms.”

Last May, a 74-room Comfort Inn opened between Jamaica and 89th Aves. That month, developer Chris Xu also started construction on a 16-story, dual-branded Marriott Courtyard and Fairfield Inn & Suites. He is also planning a SpringHill Suites on Queens Blvd. Ampiera Group is expected to begin construction later this year on a 179,000-sq.-ft. mixed-use project that includes a 242-key hotel. In July, Able Management teamed up with AFC Realty Capital to develop a $54-million, 24-story, 225-room Hilton Garden Inn, which will break ground soon.

According to GJDC, there are several other projects in various stages of planning: a 155-key Four Points by Sheraton; a 49-key Sleep Inn; a 283-key property, as well as a 48-key hotel and an 85-key hotel that have both yet to be branded, all from Pride Hospitality Group; and a site with three hotels—a Wyndham Garden, a La Quinta Inn & Suites and a Country Inn & Suites—from developer Chandresh Patel.

Hope Knight, president & CEO, GJDC, stressed how important multiple hotels are. “Before GJDC, I was COO of Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone,” she explained. “We spent a lot of time trying to create a hotel market. When I talked to hotel industry experts, they said we needed to have four or five hotels to really create a hub. What’s exciting about Jamaica is there is going to be a hub, and each of those hotels will feed upon each other.”

“Having three or four hotels is much better than having one hotel because it creates a critical mass,” agreed Fefferman. “It brings more people, shopping and restaurants.”

Fefferman noted that the redevelopment of Downtown Jamaica is a coming together of a number of forces that were years in the making. “Nothing of any significance got developed, and the primary reason is land control. It was all small, individual parcels, no major ownership,” he said. “The second reason is the zoning. There was no comprehensive zoning plan that provided for high-density development. As a result, you couldn’t do anything of significance around Jamaica Station.”

Fefferman credited GJDC for helping to solve both problems. “Greater Jamaica obtained land control of significant parcels around the station and conducted an RFP for developers to come in with their proposals as to what they will develop,” he said. GJDC also joined with the LIRR, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the Port Authority to get approval for a master plan that “allows for high-density development, much in the same way as what happened at Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn,” he said.

Though development is happening, Knight doesn’t foresee gentrification in Jamaica. “When you look at the parcels that are being developed, in most cases, you didn’t have residents living at those locations, so there aren’t people being moved out,” she said.

Both Xu and Fefferman also noted that land costs in Jamaica are significantly cheaper than Manhattan, though the former said development costs are comparable. Xu also noted that many of the developments are connected to major brands, which will help the properties. “I’m building Marriott hotels,” he said. “Courtyard, Fairfield and SpringHill Suites are good brands.”

Xu highlighted the importance of transportation. “The reason I’m building hotels in Downtown Jamaica is, with the transportation, it’s very convenient,” he said, noting that its 3.5 miles to JFK International Airport with access on the AirTrain, and 20 minutes to Manhattan on the LIRR. “There’s also the subways,” he said. “It’s very good for the hotel business.”

Fefferman agreed. “After Grand Central and Penn Station, Jamaica is the third most important transportation hub in the New York metro area,” he said. “For example, the Hilton Garden feasibility is strong because you now have a hotel right at the transportation center that allows you to be at the terminals within 15 minutes. It’s more convenient in many ways than actually staying at any of the hotels near JFK itself.” According to GJDC, the area has seen an increase in subway and AirTrain ridership. In 2014, 6.5 million people rode the AirTrain to/from Jamaica Station, up 18% from the 5.5 million users in 2011.

Additionally, Downtown Jamaica is seeing other kinds of development as well. BRP Companies is building The Crossing, which will consist of 100,000 sq. ft. of retail and community facilities, and 580 units of mixed income affordable housing. It is expected to be complete by Q1 2018. Knight highlighted the importance of this. “Amenities such as shops, restaurants and other entertainment venues are crucial to attract hotel visitors to the area,” she said.

All agreed that Jamaica would likely see international guests with a longer length of stay looking for a more affordable price than Manhattan hotels. “Citywide ADR averages were $295 in 2014,” said Rodgers. “Currently, here in Downtown Jamaica, they’re about $130.”

Rob MacKay, director of public relations, marketing & tourism, Queens Economic Development Corp., noted that Jamaica could be very much like Long Island City. “Their market is mostly long-term stay, and a lot of them are coming because [Long Island City is] only one subway stop from Manhattan but we are about $150 cheaper a night,” he said. “If you’re staying five or six nights, that’s a lot of money. Jamaica hotels will probably be a little bit cheaper than Long Island City.”

Libner also stressed the guest’s desire for authentic neighborhoods. “For international visitors who are here longer, they want to see more of the city, so they go to what they deem to be the way New Yorkers live,” she said. “On a second visit, they’re even more likely to do so. That growing interest in experiencing a destination the way locals [do] pushes visitors beyond Manhattan.”

MacKay stressed the importance of safety. “Jamaica is safer than it’s been in my lifetime.” Xu agreed, calling it a family neighborhood.

Knight pointed to the Jamaica Now Action Plan, which the city announced last April. It outlines 21 strategic actions for the revitalization and growth of Jamaica, by providing workforce training and small business support, initiating new mixed-use development anchored by affordable housing, and improving the livability of the neighborhood through investments in safety measures, green spaces and more. The actions, 16 of which will be launched and implemented in the next three years, represent approximately $153 million in current public funding.

“Many of the projects are going to support this hotel development,” said Knight. “Ones like the marketing and branding campaign are certainly going to support the hotel development effort; investment in infrastructure around the station area is going to help make improvements to the pedestrian experience and [make it] more friendly to visitors.”

“Part of the plan of the city calls for some streetscaping, landscaping, lighting and high security to make it very attractive,” agreed Fefferman. “That’s what the new Jamaica is all about.”

However, he noted that one of the area’s biggest hurdles is “getting people to recognize the old Jamaica to the new Jamaica,” he said. “That all comes with having the infrastructure and development in place. People have a perception of Jamaica, but that’s it’s easy to change that.”

“There is a tremendous amount of development activity happening in this community on a very large scale. It will be a compelling destination given its access to the airport and the transportation options,” concluded Knight. “I believe that Jamaica is a community in tremendous transition. It’s in the early cycle of revitalization, and a neighborhood rich in ethnic and economic diversity. HB

—Nicole Carlino



Thankfully the checks and balances we do have in government have stopped pretty much most of Trump’s poor fucking executive orders like the stoppage of the Obamacare repeal, which would have taken away health insurance from millions and millions of people including a majority of Trump voters. FACE it,  Trump supporters/voters, YOU GOT CONNED, so admit it ( I mean REALLY, did you think this billionaire snake oil salesman was REALLY go to be for the working class people. FOOLS. Think next time you pull that lever and don’t get so damn easily conned.

AND where are all the patriots of this country. This president and his team is colluding with Russia and that is okay. I mean what happened to the patriotic Americans, did you turn into wimps.

So tell me how voting for a billionaire con man who does not give a fuck about the working class, working out for you? How does filling up a cabinet with the elitist 1% billionaires benefit you? So now we have the White House filled with these fucks, Ivanka (the best of the bunch) hawking her jewelry line, his two oldest bozo sons, douchbag & asshole, plus his little one, little King “Baron” Joffrey Trump.

Games of Throne King Joffrey.

Baron Trump.

Face it you got TRUMP FUCKED HARD in the ASS, just like Jamaica/SE Queens residents who have been voting for the same ebony clown posse for years and decades with names like Spigner, Meeks, Comrie, Cook, Scarborough, Flake, Wills, even some of the so-called newbies like Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman has stacked her office with old fucking ebony clown farts like Manny Caughman. Have you had your anus stretched out enough.


From Impunity City:

Executive Carnage, 2 months in: Figurehead Trump’s Petulant Inanities, Budgetary Pestilence, And The Betrayal Of Justice In His Home State Of New York.

Caricature of the Caricature In Chief, Photo by New York Shitty

“I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.”

                The recent quote by President Donald J. Trump that spewed from his rusty diarrhetic spigot pipehole in the latest issue of TIME

Washington D.C., The United States Of America

The Trump presidency and the GOP majority House and Senate, now at 64, is for all intents, purposes and hysterical, fattening irony, is now embroiled in precarious dread and utter chaos. The same kind experienced by all those impacted by the Figurehead’s best words and stupid ass executive decisions and policy making.

The last few weeks, Trump has struck out on his campaign promises to curb terrorism via the arbitrary Muslim ban, shot down by federal district court judges yet again, this time from Maryland and Hawaii. And his promise to end the affordable care act, familiarly known as Obamacare, named after the first African American neoliberal President of the United States, collapsed as if by assisted suicide in Congress Friday afternoon.

And he may have truly fucked himself by accusing the prior executive in chief of wiretapping his tacky ass namesake tower on 57th and 5th, especially after going on social media the day of FBI chief Comey’s testimony about ongoing investigations into collusion between allies of the Figurehead and their and his ties to Russia intelligence operatives and oligarchs. Although not strictly tied to Don Worthless, two recent cases involving financial and tech crimes cannot bode well for his current stature and lend credence to his repeated denials, considering the preferred machinations and tactics that were employed ensuring his election victory. Also the lavishly paid work his campaign manager for 5 months last year, Paul “Mumbles” Manafort, in the Ukraine and his eccentric billionaire pal Roger Stone’s correspondence with Glucifer 2.0 might jolt his selective memory and probably inspire the feds to some subpoenas and warrants ready.

The aborted plan, the Crippled American Health Care act, was nasty from the start. And clearly assembled so poorly, except in obvious places where it seem most cruel and sadistic and spiteful. Like how it would throw out 24 million citizens off the rolls, raise premiums and costs for the elderly and indigent, make enrolling more expensive for those not on it and how tanning salons would get a break in fees, so as to remind those who make fun of his unnatural comical orange complexion. Fortunately, everyone involved in crafting this clusterfuck legislation, did so in haste and seemingly all those tasked to the plan are dumb as rocks, mostly the leader and muse of this colossal waste of time and tax expenditure, Speaker Paul Ryan, who might have signed his own political death warrant thanks to Figurehead Trump’s haughty demands. But mostly it’s due to the people all over the nation, confronting their elected representatives, at least those that didn’t try to flee out the back door, with assured absolutism regarding their needs for the health care they signed up for to keep the ACA intact.

For the brief bit of hope from the abysmal failure to overturn ACA is temporary now that the budgetary plans are in place, shoring up the military and homeland security complexes at the expense of practically everything that protects and maintains life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every American. Their security too.

The greatest and biggest armed forces on the planet is about to get 54 billion dollars. The only reason for this is that Figurehead Trump is going to lead this nation into wars. And by ourselves without coalitions. Because in the past, poll numbers go up for leaders during wartime. And this is estimate, probably low ball, if we are going to fight and terminate ISIS and the war on terror, a war on an idea, a war on faith. These massive costs of taxpayer largesse and eventually the lives of soldiers are going to set up camps in Syria to defend and shore up murderous dictator Bashir Al-Assad, who is a cross between Adolf Hitler and Latka Gravas.

The other reasons for justifying these new expenditures to the M.I.C. is our nation’s continuing presence in Iraq and in the never-ending yet mild war and occupation in Afghanistan. For the only reason in my opinion is to wrest control from the Taliban, who are practically a entrenched established political party and government apparatus there and to protect all that natural gas and heroin from getting in the wrong hands. (Speaking of smack, Trump actually added funding to heroin treatment and prevention in the HHS)

The only other two areas that are getting infusions are 2.6 billion for the border wall, the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, and is definitely a low ball estimate in addition to being an imaginary goal. This wall may cost trillions if implemented, considering the engineering, labor and materials. As for materials, will they be made in the U.S.A.?
And of course there are the deployments of ICE agents in towns, roaming around like bounty hunters searching for illegal immigrants, getting the bad guys, but also getting the poor hard working law abiding guys. And the database that collects the info of their whereabouts via Palantir corporation

As is the other allocation of 1.4 billion for “school choice”, which could only mean that a lot of Betsy “Destroyer” Devos is going to be very busy at her appointed position, counting her personal filthy lucre from her corrupt charter school industries that will certainly accrue when or if this gets implemented. Vulture equity firms investing in these schools will also get off big. There is also the looming threat to the civil rights and the separation of church and state with the adamant use of christian doctrine imposed on the schools in her home state in Michigan and the selective use of funding of those schools that teach the good book.

As for the rest of the departments, they are as fucked as the state of normal:

The EPA, at 31% got the biggest cuts of all, no doubt influenced by the presence of that humanoid mass of methane Secretary Scott Pruitt. So expect the water and air to get a tad more decorative with pollutants.

The State Department, got a 29% cut, making Rex Tillerson’s job easier, although distributing aid to starving nations like Kenya and Sudan is going to get a lost riskier for those in need after suffering elongated drought. It’s going to be also a little harder to avoid getting into messy violent conflicts, but why should it matter because a lot of positions in the state haven’t been filled and probably never will.

Agriculture’s cut, at 21 %, is most recently noted for the SNAP program, so more kids and moms will be getting their nutrition from the 99cent stores. And the elderly will be joining them as they painstakingly make the long trek to the Dollar Tree for vienna sausages and ramen noodles, as Meals On Wheels is also in jeopardy.

Labor’s cut will ruin the chances for the poor and vulnerable elderly to maintain work or get new jobs, it also will deny employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

Department of Health and Human Services cuts at 18% will fuck up Medicaid and Medicare. So don’t get sick or injured if you’re poor or old. Unless you have ACA. And cures and remedies to cancer and heart disease will have to wait too. Research, Smeaserch.

Commerce Department cut at 16% will deny funding to protect the coasts from future storms, which is a shock considering a lot of recent luxury tower development have occurred on coastal areas on the Pacific and Atlantic. But in places like Coney Island, where there are still poor project housing by the beaches, maybe this is almost like insurance for Trump’s developer peers. Speaking of housing-

HUD’s cut, seemingly sparse at 13 %, will cut funding for new development, leaving the projects at the mercies of private developers and gentrification. Making matters worse is the reminder that this will be run by the brain dead brain surgeon Ben Carson. A man who survived a stabbing thanks to his belt buckle.

The Education Department, cut at -14%, in the most bizarre redistribution of funding in all these heinous cuts, impacts the actual training of new teachers, summer school programming and aid programs to poor and first generation students at a cost of 3.7 billion in grants. So why does Betsy need 1.4 billion to encourage school choice, when the Trump administration is making it easier to choose charters to let public schools rot.

Transportation Department got a 13% cut, for all the talk of improving road infrastructure and airline security and safety. In the spirit of Reagan, this has a deleterious effect on air traffic control.

Interior Department cuts will affect the nation’s parks. That’s a lot of untapped real estate and energy mining for certain interests. The Energy Department’s cuts will impact the nuclear plants and stockpiles positively and studies on climate change negatively. The latter being that debates on the issue have to continue, perhaps indefinitely. The slight cut to NASA also will deny climate studies. It also cuts funding on the cost saving Energy Star program, because we need more coal resourced refrigerators and microwave ovens. Maybe we can use coal to charge all our Iphones now that we got Obamacare back.

Treasury Department at -4% also seems ineffectual. The major exception with this is that most impactful and pervasive crime being committed, and by the most avaricious perpetrators, is money laundering. A lot of this is being done with the aforementioned Russian oligarchs, as well as domestic and other international billionaires. The timing of this can’t be worse in light of the confirmed fact of the hierarchy of Saudi Arabia giving financial aid to Al Queda for decades, even during the monstrous slaughter of 9/11.

And the Big Kahuna of cuts. To fucking 100 percent to nothing funding to National Endowments to the Arts and Humanities, Museum and Library Services, and Public Broadcasting, PBS and NPR. If this stupid and sadistic budget passes, this will be the last year for public access to information, history and creativity. The last year to enjoy plays and musical performances in the park and on TV and radio. The last year to see art exhibitions. The last year to get unfiltered and untainted reports on the nation, world and on politics left and right. The last year to get free help for filling out tax returns and getting employment.

These budgetary decisions are going to instill more cynicism and frustration into a populace already tired of the Figurehead’s bullshit. Even among the people he promised to make America First and Great Again. It’s going to break towns and cities with combined urban blight, rising crime and economic environmental devastation. It’s going to lead to decimation in law and order despite all the new money being disbursed to maintain it.

Especially in Donald’s hometown in Queens and the other boroughs in New York.

Which he already did with his chair bashing sneak attack firing of Southern District D.A. Preet Bharara. Right at the end throes of his investigation into the (once) illegal fundraising of Mayor De Blasio and his doling of services favorable to big money clients of various public relation and lobby firms that worked on his mayoral campaign and his city hall slush fund 501 (c) (4) he ran inside his office with the presence of said groups, dubbed agents of the city to foolishly avoid illegalities. And right at the start of investigations in to HHS secretary Tom Price shady insider trading investments and the misappropriation of funds by the Fox News Network to settle sexual harassment cases.

With that move, Figurehead Trump made Pay To Play and Honest Graft legal in NYC. For the time being all can hope.

But with these recent policy making gaffes, it does give a faint glimmer of hope that this budget will go down the crapper as with his travel ban and his shitty health care plan. And maybe he will refrain from saying stupid shit on twitter with lame attempts to distract news media, corporate and independent, our elected officials and the people of this nation.

Yet this afternoon…

“ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry,”

He still persists.

What a fucking disgrace.


The below photo says it all about a few Jamaica folks who are FUCKING PISSED about how Jamaica gets shit on from the Mayor & Queens BP to city agencies, like DOT, and elected officials. Forgot about the hood rats, they thrive because of the powers that be who DO SHIT and constantly DUMP SHIT in the community of Jamaica.

Doesn’t matter your ethnic background, your religion, your political affliation or if you are PC or not, we all have the same goal, TO CLEAN UP JAMAICA & FORCE THE POWERS TO BE TO DO SOMETHING and by that I don’t mean another fucking useless study on shit we already fucking know.

ORGANIZE FOLKS, GET MAD, GET VOCAL, just DO SOMETHING, unless you love living in a garbage strewn, community with poor leadership, fucking nonsense and a major poisonous polluter, Royal Waste and all their goomba fucking trucks.



From Queens Press:

Frustration Boils Over at Jamaica DOT Meeting


Photo by Trone Dowd
Constituents and community leaders told the DOT that they are not happy with the lack of immediate results to a more than year-long study. 


Southeast Queens residents sick and tired of not seeing substantial results after months of studies conducted by the city Department of Transportation along Jamaica’s most congested traffic corridors made their voices loud and clear on Monday evening following a presentation of proposed short term, traffic reducing solutions for the neighborhood.

The two-hour presentation took place at the Harvest Room, located on Jamaica Avenue and 161st Street. The presentation was proposed as the latest stop gap in the long-term plan to overhaul Jamaica’s severe traffic problems that have caused lengthy backups of drivers, dangerous conditions for pedestrians and strained bus lines that run through the neighborhood. The plan has been a continuous back and forth between the community and the DOT since November 2015.

“We are here to report back to you what our studies found, and generate specific recommendations of improvement measures to address some of the challenges we see in downtown Jamaica,” DOT Deputy Director Michael Griffin said.

But what the DOT found was a number of problem sites throughout the catchment area, which included everything from Linden Boulevard to Union Turnpike and 130th Street to Farmers Boulevard. The agency looked at land use, pedestrian safety, public transit usages, traffic and more, identifying key aspects contributing to the long-standing issue. Solutions included converting 150th Street between Hillside and Archer avenues into a two-way street, installing an Access-A-Ride stop along Union Hall Street, converting 91st Ave between 146th Street and Sutphin Boulevard to an eastbound street to address congestion and a number of other small improvements.

Despite these proposals, residents who have been awaiting substantial change to the area rejected the minor upgrades that are scheduled to be implemented this summer, saying that real issues such as illegal commuter vans and mismanagement of bus routes were going completely over the heads of DOT members.

“Nowhere in [this presentation] did I see MTA mentioned,” said lifelong resident Vanessa Sparks. “It would seem to me that you can’t have a conversation about transportation without the MTA being at the table, especially since this is such a huge bus area.”

Sparks said that the dollar vans used to alleviate the demand for better bus service were “a disaster waiting to happen.” She added that, this week, she witnessed four fire trucks with alarms blaring getting stuck in Jamaica rush hour traffic.

“That is a death sentence and it is all because of the illegal dollar cars,” she said. “I think you may want to reopen this up and get some more current data that already exists and get the MTA at the table for us to do this again because this is not going to work. Short from a miracle from God, this is not going to work.”

Michelle Keller, who is the transportation chairwoman of Community Board 12, said that she was disheartened by Saturday’s presentation.

“Other than six or seven new slides, this is the same presentation that you showed us in December and February,” Keller told the DOT. “I’m not seeing any resolutions. I thought I would hear something about pedestrian plazas. You’re studying this thing to death and you’re singing to the choir. You came to myself, the chairwoman and the district manager [of CB 12] when we asked to meet with you and the commissioner and I still don’t see a comprehensive plan. We don’t even have renderings of what Downtown Jamaica would look like after these changes you’re talking about.

CB 12 District Manager Yvonne Reddick and CB 12 Chairwoman Adrienne Adams, who both attended the presentation, said that they stood united with constituents and fellow board members.

Another constituent brought up Royal Waste, a waste plant in Jamaica that processes approximately one-fourth of all the trash in the city, and said that its trucks that are often seen traveling the streets of Southeast Queens damage roads, cause pollution and block roadways.

“Trucks are a big disaster in this area,” said community activist and resident Joe Moretti, who added that he was flabbergasted that the DOT hadn’t identified the kind of issues that most residents see every day on their daily commutes. “That horrible neighbor we have, Royal Waste. I don’t know what idiot allowed that place to be put there, but it should have never been put in a downtown area right near residential. Until that place disappears, we will continue to have a truck problem.”

Councilman Miller ensured constituents that he would get the MTA to come to Downtown Jamaica to discuss transportation reform in greater detail sometime in the near future.

Councilman Miller ensured constituents that he would get the MTA to come to Downtown Jamaica to discuss transportation reform in greater detail sometime in the near future.

Three weeks ago, the Press of Southeast Queens reported that Royal Waste has been ruining the quality of life for nearby residents along Liberty Avenue, which is a longstanding issue that local leaders and elected officials alike have been combating.

“DOT and local law enforcement need to address that local truck situation,” Moretti continued. “Why you would have Merrick Boulevard and 168th as a truck route is beyond comprehension. Would you see a street in Forest Hills in their little downtown section have trucks going through it? Everything gets dumped on in this neighborhood.”

Moretti was just one of many residents who brought up longstanding issues that were not mentioned in the DOT’s study. Others expressed frustration with the lack of involvement from the MTA during the meetings. Councilman I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) told frustrated constituents that he would make sure that the MTA meets with residents in the near future, so that they can hear the qualms directly from commuters.

Griffin ensured the Press of Southeast Queens that the comments made during Monday’s meeting would make its way back to the DOT’s office for consideration. He also said that while he understands that residents are frustrated, they should understand that these short-term goals are meant to set the groundwork for bigger changes to come once the long-term study is completed.

“They seem to be most frustrated with transit,” he said. “They may not be getting the best out of us as a result.”

As of this writing, the DOT is looking to start making short-term changes this summer and long-term changes that involve construction projects and manpower well into 2026.


YES, I am condoning MURDER of YUK CHEUNG of Flushing/Meadow for crimes against innocent animals.


From The Daily News:

Queens man throws pet pug off balcony after arguing with ex-girlfriend about who would care for the dog


A heartless Queens man propelled his pug (not pictured) off a balcony amid an argument with his ex-girlfriend.


A cold-hearted Queens man has been charged with senselessly killing his dog after throwing it off a seventh-floor balcony.

When Yuk Cheung moved out of his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Chan’s apartment on 40th Road in Flushing, he left his 12-year-old pug behind.

Cheung, 35, returned to Chan’s place March 17 and they argued about caring for the dog, named Yoda, and for him to find a place to stay that permitted animals, prosecutors said.

“(You) would not have to worry about the dog anymore,” Cheung allegedly responded before grabbing the small pup and leaving the apartment.

Man shoots cat with crossbow in Brooklyn

When Cheung returned, he didn’t have the dog.

“The defendant is accused of aggravated cruelty to animals for killing a helpless dog by viciously throwing her from a balcony, from which she fell approximately 70 feet to the street below,” said Queens DA Richard Brown.

Chan asked the defendant what happened to the dog and he allegedly replied that the pug had slipped.

Four days later, Cheung was questioned by detectives about dog’s death and he allegedly said he tripped going onto the balcony and the dog left his hands.

Chimps cannot be considered humans, appeals judges say

Cheung allegedly changed his story to say the dog leaped out of his arms and must have gone through the balcony’s metal railing.

Prosecutors said Cheung went on to say that he found the animal dead on the street and placed her in a box with ice and dumped the remains in a nearby garbage receptacle.

After further investigation, detectives concluded that Cheung had to have propelled the dog about 40 feet into the air for her body to have cleared the balcony, landing on the sidewalk before hitting the street, prosecutors said.

“Such acts of aggression toward defenseless animals cannot — and will not — be tolerated in Queens County,” said Brown.


Here’s the story of a ghetto lady
Who was bringing up three very ghetto girls
All of them had weaves of crap, like their mother.
The youngest one in jheri curls.

Here’s the story of a hood named Burton
Who was busy with three hoods of his own.
They were four low-lifes living all together
Yet they were all alone

Till the one day when the lady met this fellow.
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,
That this group must somehow form a crew,
That’s the way we all became the GHETTO bunch.

The GHETTO bunch, the GHETTO bunch.
That’s the way we became the GHETTO bunch.


From Queens Chronicle:

105th Pct. seeking public’s assistance

NYPD wanted posters issued in six cases with ‘probable cause to arrest’

Detectives in the NYPD’s 105th Precinct are seeking the public’s assistance in locating six suspects for whom they have issued wanted posters and in whose cases police have identified probable cause to arrest.

“This is valuable information the community should know, and we need their help,” said Inspector Jeffrey Schiff, commanding officer of the 105th Precinct, in a statement released with the wanted posters last weekend.

Khadija Williams, 26, whose last known address is 258-12 Craft Ave. in Rosedale is wanted for second-degree assault in connection with an alleged domestic violence assault on Feb. 23.

She is described as a black female, standing 4 feet, 11 inches tall and weighing 100 pounds with black hair and brown eyes..

Jahred Machiote, 21, with a last-known address of 218-23 110 Ave. in Queens Village is being sought for criminal contempt in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident.

He is described as a black male, 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighing 130 pounds with black hair and hazel eyes. Police say he has an arrest history that includes assault and robbery.

Benjamin Gordon, 42, of West Hempstead, LI, is wanted for menacing in an incident on Feb. 23 that allegedly involved use of a firearm.

He is described as being 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds with brown eyes. Police said his arrest history includes criminal possession of a loaded weapon

Roshane Lindsay, 24, of Elmont, LI, is being sought for third-degree assault for an alleged domestic violence incident reported on March 7, 2016. He is described as being 5 feet, 11 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

Brian Howell, 56, of Manhattan, is being sought on a charge of aggravated harassment for an alleged incident on May 9 of 2015 in connection with a domestic incident. He is described as 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighing 210 pounds with brown eyes,

Charles Burton, 29, with a last-known address of 257-37 145 Ave. in Rosedale, is wanted for criminal contempt for an incident on Feb. 19 in which he allegedly violated an order of protection issued by Family Court.

He is described as being 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighing 175 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

Information provided by police states that Gordon, Lindsay and Howell have narcotics arrests on their records, and that Burton “has a prior narcotics history.

Anyone with information on their current whereabouts is asked to call the detective squad at the 105th Precinct at (718) 776-9252; or Detective Borough Queens South at (718) 969-5005.

People with information are welcome to call Crime Stoppers at 1 (800) 577-TIPS (8477). The public also can submit tips by logging onto or by texting 274637 (CRIMES), then entering TIP577. All tips are strictly confidential.