Damn, that white boy in the back is cutting up some good shit.

People were constantly yammering that with these big developments going up or a crappy Chipotle going on The Ave, that the white people would be coming.

Well, I they are coming, I have see them and I am sure some of you have too and the majority of the few white people coming into Jamaica are just the same low-class ghetto trash that causes problems. I see some of the young white folks here, they are coming out of the dozens of homeless shelters we had dumped here, they are part of the homeless encampments in Rufus King Park and Major Mark Park, they are the walking dead drug addicts that look extremely stretchy and ready to rob you or they are the angry hopped up on drugs ready to rumble. Between all the homeless shelters and the drug clinics (especially the one located at Hillside Ave and  175th), we are getting white folks from all over the place, unfortunately it is just the same low-class ghetto trash that has been mucking up this community for some time. And some of the white men I have seen looked like they just came off of the Riker’s bus.

Which also tell you, that too many of these homeless shelters, the majority of people in them are not originally from the Jamaica community. It is bad enough we have plenty of homegrown problematic ghetto trash here, now we have to import ghetto trash from everywhere else.

More of the down slide of Jamaica, this time courtesy of the other meat, white ghetto trash and decisions made by the white limousine liberals, who talk the talk, BUT don’t walk the walk and who motto is “Not in my community, dump it in communities of color”.

Jamaica is being developed all right. It is being the Queens ghetto trash community to dump all kind of shit from every other borough,  neighborhood, state and country. Coming soon to a theatre near you:


The morning rush hour druggies

Hot head drug addict white boy at the Pavillion (right side).

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.





While I don’t think it is such a big deal to make turnstile jumping a criminal offense to a civil offense (I mean the culprits are still not getting off, it will still be an offense), I am noticing in this day and age that when a higher number of Black & Hispanic or others people are involved in illegal action or behavior that they should not be doing in the first place, instead of changing the behavior or actions of the culprits, we must change the system to make people less and less accountable. Well, we do it for elected officials, might as well do if for the street criminals too. Right. WRONG ON BOTH ACCOUNTS. Grown ass adults need to be held accountable for their actions and behaviors, plain and simple instead of making a million excuses why some grown ass adult did the stupid ass thing in the first place.

Amazing how our country continues to lower the bar more and more when it comes to people’s behavior, just like music and movies have lowered the bar so much that the majority of it anymore is shit.

I love this line:

State Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D-Crown Heights) and Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright (D-Bedford-Stuyvesant) last week said turnstile-jumping cases, which predominately affect people of color with low incomes, would become noncriminal offenses under legislation they plan to introduce.

I mean look how this crime goes immediately into the spin zone. “Turnstile-jumping predominately affects people of color with low incomes” as if  turnstile-jumping was a disease like diabetes and the person had no control of it as opposed to it being a choice by an individual. The line really should be “People of color with low incomes tend to be turnstile-jumpers”.

Again, making turnstile-jumping a civil offense does not mean the person just gets off and promises not to do it again.  With a civil offense, you get a ticket and sign for it and you also made a promise to appear before a local court and take care of your fine. If you fail to take care of the ticket, the local judge can issue a warrant for your arrest, and you can be charged with an additional crime of “failure to appear.” Now if you have an outstanding warrants, that is a different matter and things change. SO again you are not getting off free, but at least the courts are not getting clogged for smaller matters like this, which then hold up the  entire system.

My issue is how we are constantly making bad behavior as okay because some people in our society continually get worse and cause issues and so then WE need to adapt to that as opposed to the opposite.


From The Daily News:

CARIBBEAT: Make fare-beating ‘civil,’ not ‘criminal’ – and a trigger for deportation, say pols


State Sen. Jesse Hamilton (c.) and state Assembly member Tremaine Wright (r.) talk about decriminalizing fare-beating in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

(David Wexler/For New York Daily News)

Deportation over a $2.75 subway fare is unfortunately a frightening reality that two Brooklyn politicians want to eliminate by decriminalizing subway fare-beating and making it a civil offense.

State Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D-Crown Heights) and Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright (D-Bedford-Stuyvesant) last week said turnstile-jumping cases, which predominately affect people of color with low incomes, would become noncriminal offenses under legislation they plan to introduce.

“Look at the numbers, 20,000 kids, 16 and 17, arrested every year; some of them have been incarcerated, getting criminal records for just $2.75! It makes no sense,” Hamilton said, noting the consequences for some immigrants can be dire.

“Also if you’re undocumented, now they (the federal government) can use that against you for deportation,” said Hamilton, who announced the decriminalization bill with Wright at a press conference last Tuesday attended by community activists and representatives of legal groups supporting the proposed measure.



Ok, Spain is not a third world country but this barbaric tradition is.

I am fuck and tired of third worlders always claiming about some of their fucked up traditions, like bull fighting, which is just plain and simple animal cruelty.

Be warned, this video is disturbing.

There have been many barbaric traditions throughout history, like gladiator fighting to the death at the Colosseum, but eventually civility takes a stand.

So FUCK YOUR FUCKED UP TRADITION. Bunch of third world ghetto assholes.

And this country is no fucking better with factory farms and puppy mills.


From New York Post;

Bull commits suicide after men light its horns on fire

A large bull committed suicide in Spain on Saturday after men lit the animal’s horns on fire while it was tied to a post, a graphic video showed.

The video, which was shot in Foios in Valencia and went viral earlier this week, occurred during the “Bulls in the Street” festival, The Telegraph reported. The fiesta imitates the famous Running of the Bulls festival that takes place every year in Pamplona.

In the video, the large, black bull is seen tied to a post in front of a crowd; its horns are lit on fire and a man is holding the bull to the post. When the man lets go, the bull runs away for a moment before turning around and dashing full speed ahead into the post, where it collapsed instantly. After the bull laid dead on the ground, the shocked crowd walks over to the deceased animal.

Earlier that day, the bull allegedly stabbed a man in the leg with its horn. It was not immediately clear if the animal was tied up for reportedly injuring the man.

The video was posted on Facebook by Bull Defenders United. The group describes itself as an “international page against bullfighting. Torturing an animal is destroying a part of kindness. Stop animal abuse!”

The group wrote in the post’s description: “A bull despairs with the fire on its horns and crashes the trunk to which it was tied. How many lives will still be taken in the name of traditions that are nothing but barbarity?”

Bullfighting has come under intense criticism in recent years with regions of Spain such as Catalonia doing away with bullfighting, and the Balearic Islands also trying to quash the Spanish tradition.


Some clueless person over at a Times Ledger article ( ) made this comment to me, when I commented on the most recent shooting of another young black man in the Jamaica community

Ruthie from South East Queens says:
Hi Joe,
South East Queens doesn’t need a racist ignorant bastard like yourself trying to tear them down. Racist people like you love to ignore the reality of the country we live in. White people kill in their communities just like everyone else and guess what the media and people like yourself ignore that. You don’t care about the community members so please keep your comments to yourself. If you want help the community how about you report how Albany, City Hall and Washington aren’t giving South East Queens their fair amount of resources.
Well, Ruthie, like our elected officials,  has a warped sense of REALITY. AND while yes, white people kill in white communities, but not like anything of the magnitude that happens in African-American communities. And when I compared a African-American community like Jamaica with a mostly white community like Forest Hills to prove how wrong she is, she went off with more bullshit:
Ruthie from South East Queens says:
Joe, You’re not interested in facts, reality or the the truth.
You aren’t a member of that community so why are you reporting on these issues that you don’t know about? Do you really know the hard working community members in Jamaica? Do you really know how many people are killed in Forest Hills? The fact that you are comparing Jamaica to Forest Hills is very racist. It’s obvious what you’re trying to do comparing these two different neighbors. These “communities of color” didn’t happen by accident. If you aren’t trying to offer solutions do us all a favor and keep your comments to yourself! Thanks!itt
So since she opened up that door of white and black communities, I made a point using Forest Hills and in her fucked up mind, using Forest Hills to compare to Jamaica is now a “racist thing”. So when you have no intelligent answers, pull out the “racist card”. But the last time I checked Forest Hills was not the gunfight at the OK corral, where young white men and women were getting popped in the head left and right and the streets and sidewalks of Forest Hills are stained with blood from young white men. It is the apocalypse in Forest Hills.
AND this is the mentality that one deals with in the Jamaica community and others like it, THE GHETTO MENTALITY, THE VICTIM GAME & NO ACCOUNTABILITY that our elected officials help to perpetuate.
And just like there are not shooting go off left and right in white communities, white communities are not littering every inch of their streets and sidewalks with litter and garbage. Sure, many people from the lower-class tend to be slobs (not all) and having 26 homeless shelters in the community does not help, but this litter and garbage shit has been going on for a LONG time in Jamaica. AND it has nothing to do with “lack of services” in such communities or even do-nothing crooked elected officials. To use a phrase from disgraced former Councilman Ruben Wills when a reporter asked him about the garbage problem in Jamaica, ‘IT’S THE PEOPLE”.
AND yes it is the people and the one time I agreed with Wills. The garbage and litter is not falling from the sky and elves are not bringing it in or it is magically appearing, it is caused by many low-class ghetto slobs in this community (of all colors and ethnic groups) who have not one ounce of pride or respect for the community. Now this is not an indictment of black and brown people, it is an indictment of black and brown communities, which the majority look like crap due to the people.
So no, you will not see the below photos that I took on 7.28.17 mostly on 89 Ave from 170 St to Sutphin Blvd and elsewhere, in a white community, but you will see them in a ghetto ass community of color like Jamaica. AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT. By the way, these are ALL IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA.

Flower pots in ghetto communities of color are for garbage, not flowers


Teddy , the ghetto trash finder.


Jamaica Queens seems to be known all over country and the world as the place to come to hide out or get involved in criminal activity as a pair of Maine hood rat killers, Carine Reeves and Quaneysha Greeley, who murdered a nursing aide Sally Shaw were captured in Laurelton. Seems like these ghetto hood rats have been in the area for awhile because Reeves was also accused of slashing a woman outside a gas station on Rockaway Blvd. near 98th St. in Ozone Park. on Feb. 25th, in which the victim had a gash from the middle of her left ear to her left nostril and needed 16 to 20 stitches to close the wound.

I mean look at the photos of these ghetto hood rats, they look like the typical folks you see coming out of all the Jamaica homeless shelters or hanging out in Rufus King Park or Major Mark Park or loitering under all the scaffolding that is appearing in Jamaica more and more lately (which scaffolding for some reason attracts hood rats like catnip attracts cats).

Hell, one of you might have bumped into one of them on The Ave.

AND this is the type of  tourist that are coming to Jamaica Queens, but the powers that be don’t mention, these types of tourists.

No reason given why these ghetto hood rats came to Jamaica from Maine, but I am sure it had something to do with the shitty “right to shelter” law in in NYC and that Jamaica Queens is a ghetto hood rat & criminal attraction amusement park, because let’s face it, you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want around here and not much will be said about it nor will certain quality of life laws be enforced. Like when a barbershop, Aventura at 87-78 169th Street, which in the past week started placing a huge speaker outside the business on the sidewalk and BLASTING music that you can hear for several blocks, you report it at 7:55PM and you get the typical bullshit response:


From The Daily News:

Two fugitives linked to Maine nursing aide’s murder nabbed in Queens

Carine Reeves (l.) and Quaneysha Greeley (r.) were nabbed by the NYPD.

A pair of fugitives busted in Queens have been charged with murder just over a week after a 55-year-old woman was found dumped on the side of a road in rural Maine.

Carine Reeves, 37, and Quaneysha Greeley, 19, were picked up Wednesday by the NYPD and Maine State Police on 141st St. in Laurelton, officials said.

Reeves and Greeley, formerly of Lewiston, Maine, are accused of killing nursing assistant Sally Shaw, whose lifeless body was found on July 19 in Cherryfield, a town of about 1,200 people in northeast Maine.

Shaw’s body was so damaged that cops needed DNA from one of her relatives to confirm her identity.

Shaw was Facebook friends with Greeley and also was acquainted with Reeves, relatives said.

Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland said Shaw rented a Chevrolet Impala in Bangor. The car crashed on Route 9 — the state’s main highway — about 11 miles from where her body was found.

McCausland declined to discuss the motive or the cause of Shaw’s death.

 Not even Shaw’s relatives know the cause of death.

“The police aren’t saying anything,” the victim’s sister, Susan Shaw, told the Daily News.

Susan Shaw said she last talked with her sister Sunday. Sally Shaw left behind three children, seven grandchildren and four siblings, she said.

“She was a sassy girl and she would talk to everyone,” the victim’s sister said. “If someone was sitting on the street, and put their hand out, she would give her last two nickels. At her celebration of life, we’re afraid we’re not going to have enough room to hold all the people that will show up.”

She called her sister a free spirit.

Sally Shaw, 55, was found dead on Route 193 in Cherryfield, Maine.

(Mate State Police)

“If the wind blew in a direction and she thought it would be fun and exciting, she would go,” she said. “I used to tell her that she needed some boundaries and to be careful.”

Reeves and Greeley were arraigned Wednesday, the Queens District Attorney’s office said. They will be extradited to stand trial in Maine.

Reeves is also accused of slashing a woman outside a gas station on Rockaway Blvd. near 98th St. in Ozone Park. on Feb. 25, records show. In that incident, Reeves left the victim with a gash from the middle of her left ear to her left nostril, records show. She needed 16 to 20 stitches to close the wound.

He fled the state, and a warrant was issued for his arrest, officials said.

After he was captured Wednesday, he was charged with assault with intent to disfigure for the February incident and illegal weapons possession. Greeley and Shaw were friends on Facebook.

Shaw’s niece Brittany Shaw Hill wrote on Facebook, “I hope these people rot in prison for the horrible thing they did. Took a beautiful harmless person from us way to soon. Aunt Sally justice will be served. I love you and miss you so much.”

Susan Shaw asked for the public’s help in raising $5,000 for her burial. As of Thursday afternoon, $3,780 had been raised.

“She has the children who are left to deal with her burial,” Susan Shaw posted to Facebook.

“We would like to collect funds to help her family put her remains to rest. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Blessings to you all.”

Maine, with a population of 1.1 million people, has about 25 homicides a year.



AND here we go, an ex-con hood rat and Long Island drug dealer, Tyson Boateng, is sought after robbing and killing a well known community barber, Zanu Simpson.

A hood rat who choose to go down the wrong path kills a young man who choose to go down the good path and make a good life for himself while providing a service to to the community. Another piece of shit who had no regard to life kills a young man over jewelry. Instead of doing something positive with his life that would allow him to have nice things, he decides to take the coward low-life way and take it from someone else.

Unfortunately the way things are really going down hill in a pretty troubled community to begin with, will only get worse as we have seen in the past year in this community with the huge influx of homeless, ex-cons, drug addicts and other low-life who seem to have been given free reign by the deBlasio administration. AND who suffers the most by limousine liberals like deBlasio and Councilman Rory Lancman, communities of color, that is who.

AND allowing quality of life to continue to deteriorate in this community just adds to this mix. Maybe our dickhead mayor should make another trip to Jamaica and bring with him Queens BP Melinda Katz and Public Advocated Letitia James and TALK about REALITY in the Jamaica community.

BUT why would an elected official bring up REALITY in Jamaica, that does not make a good photo-op and can get messy on this Mayor’s policies of “do whatever the fuck you want”.

In the meantime people, like LifeCamp Founder Erica Ford, defends crooked and corrupt former Councilman Ruben Wills who was found guilty of five counts of corruption. AND you wonder why Jamaica is such a mess, the deadly Jamaica mentality that avoids the truth and wants to put blame everywhere except where it needs to go, some of the people in the community and elected officials.

AND in other Jamaica ghetto nonsense, (, an armed man in Jamaica targeted a pair of cops with his car and dragged one of the officers with his car and hit the other officer with it.

Everyday it is total ghetto nonsense in the community and it goes 24/7, but our powers that be say Jamaica is seeing a bright light. What bright light, because my REALITY googles are seeing something else.



From The Daily News:

Ex-con gunned down beloved Queens barber while robbing him for jewelry

Queens barber Zanu Simpson was gunned down while sitting in his luxury SUV.

(New York Daily News)

A popular barber shot dead outside a Queens bar this week was targeted for his jewelry by an ex-con paroled in January on a drug conviction, police said Friday.Zanu Simpson, 32, was sitting in his luxury SUV when he was shot in the head three times early Tuesday outside the Breezes Island Grill on S. Conduit Ave. near Lansing Ave. in Rosedale.

Cops are hunting for 31-year-old accused killer Tyson Boateng, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.

Mourners contribute candles and flowers ant Strickly Skillz barber shop in Queens for Zanu Simpson who was fatally shot at the corner of South Conduit Avenue and Lansing Avenue.

(Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)

A witness who drove by the crime scene told police a man in a charcoal gray hoodie leaned into the driver’s side window of Simpson’s vehicle and repeatedly punched him. Then the witness heard a gunshot and saw Simpson slumped over in his seat.

Queens barber fatally shot in head in possible botched robbery

Simpson’s belongings, including a gold ring, glasses and cash, were found near his $60,000 white BMW X5. Police also found a gun believed to be the murder weapon and a live round.

Cops are hunting for 31-year-old accused killer Tyson Boateng.


“He is the shooter,” Boyce said of Boateng. “And we believe it’s a robbery for Mr. Simpson’s jewelry.”

It wasn’t clear if Boateng was trying to steal the gold ring or if he made off with other jewelry.

Police investigate the scene at South Conduit Avenue and Lansing Avenue in Queens, where Simpson was shot in the head three times.

(Ken Murray/New York Daily News)

Boateng was conditionally released by parole officials after he was convicted of selling drugs on Long Island and sentenced to up to four years in prison.

Simpson, who worked with his brother at the Strickly Skillz Barbershop in Hollis, died at Jamaica Hospital around 1 a.m.