Really, this is what is considered an “exclusive” by that rag, Queens Press, you know the one where Leroy Comrie’s wife, Marcia,  is a contributing editor. Meeks endorses de Blasio, BIG FUCK. The most corrupt elected official in Congress endorses the worst NYC Mayor of all time.

If Queens Press really wanted to do an exclusive, they would do a story on why the high and mighty Flake Family, Greater Allen Cathedral Church and local elected hacks like Meeks have not come forward to make a statement or comment why a 15 year old black girl was pimped out of Flake’s Greater Allen Cathedral Senior Residence for FOUR FUCKING MONTHS ( June 1st is when The Daily News broke this story and still NOT one person from this community has stood up and questioned WHY. And where the hell is public advocate James on this.

NOW that is an exclusive, not this bullshit ass-kissing pat yourself on the back crap from two fuck-up political hacks. Amazing, this shit is what passes for the water down journalism of today.


From Queens Press:

EXCLUSIVE: Meeks Endorses De Blasio


Gregory Meeks

U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica) announced Wednesday afternoon that he would endorse Mayor Bill de Blasio in his bid for re-election this November.

In an exclusive to the PRESS of Southeast Queens, the congressman said that he will back the mayor due to his commitment to expanding affordable housing and providing long-needed transportation options for working families in the Rockaways.

Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio

“Bill de Blasio is making a real difference for hard-working families in our city,” Meeks said. “From helping rebuild after Hurricane Sandy to investing in accessible transportation through new NYC Ferry routes. By making available 70,000 preschool seats for every 4-year-old, paving the way for 100,000 good-paying jobs in the coming decade, our mayor has put New York City on the right track.”

Meeks’ endorsement is one of the first among Queens’ elected officials.

The mayor said that he was thrilled to receive the endorsement from the 19-year congressional veteran.

“New York is lucky to have Gregory Meeks representing our city’s residents in Congress,” de Blasio said. “Mr.Meeks has fought tirelessly for our city’s working families, helping secure fair housing, ensuring strong consumer protections and championing diversity in the public and private sectors. He’s been a strong ally in our housing recovery work after Hurricane Sandy and helped protect our coasts in Breezy Point.”

De Blasio has also gained the support of several union organizations throughout the five boroughs. He has been endorsed by the Working Families Party, United Federation of Teachers, SEIU 32BJ and several others.

The race for Gracie Mansion this year is a crowded one. De Blasio will face off against a number of challengers, including Republican businessman Paul Massey, Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, independant candidate and former cop Bo Dietl and Democrat Sal Albanese.




King Manor Museum in Rufus King Park.

In this corner is the Garbage Champion, RUFUS KING PARK, (with it’s $2.2 million dollar renovation, that could have just been flushed down the crapper) and loads of garbage and litter thanks to many of our slob residents, our homeless folks (since the big homeless shelter El Camino is just a few blocks away and who knows what other little shelters are abound in the area) who have made this “could be a beautiful park” & historic park an outdoor homeless shelter and who cause a good bit of the litter, bottles, shit and piss. On any given day, step right up to see drunk homeless sleeping on a bench, dazed and confused drug addicts walking around or passed out and of course our vibrant & diverse slobs who think nothing of tossing pizza boxes, bottles, plastic bags, cans and other assorted shit on the soccer field and all throughout the park. AND let’s not forget the lousy NYC Department of Parks & Recreation who seem to not know how to trim. Thanks to a follower of this blog and resident for the Rufus King Park photos (6.23.17).


In this corner, our welterweight, but very scrappy little Garbage Challenger, MAJOR MARK PARK, which has the distinction of being across the street from the Opiod Clinic (where you will see the most white people in all of Jamaica, many who arrive from Long Island) and make this little scrapper a place to nod off, hang out and get into that nice drug induced stage of the “walking dead”. Most benches are taken up by them and the countless homeless crew who sleep here over night to wake up to the bright sunshine, take a piss and dump, throw there shit on the ground and begin their hectic jam packed day. Then of course we have our homegrown vibrant & diverse residents who want to feel like they are in their mother country and toss all kind of shit on the ground.

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

So hurry, hurry, step right up and get your tickets to the 1st annual Jamaica battle of the garbage dump parks.

SO any thoughts from our fearless leaders from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz  & Senator Comrie to Councilman Rory Lancman (Rufus King Park) and I. Daneek Miller (Major Mark Park) and all the others in between.

Speaking of thoughts, still not one peep from any of these hacks about the 15 year old girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in the almighty Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Cathderal Senior Residence on Merrick. NOT ONE WORD or COMMENT ( This underage black girl was just thrown completely under the bus and NOT ONE ELECTED OFFICIAL STOOD UP FOR HER. Maybe if she was an illegal homeless immigrant, someone would have stood up for her.

Rev Floyd Flake all pimped out.


This was passed onto me from a reader of this blog, who said Perhaps a SE Queens version of this would make it to NY1.

Well, NY1’s Ruschell Boone, did come out and do a 4-part story back in 2014, with yours truly, about the garbage dumping and mess here in Jamaica (, which she won a journalist award and which that now dead idiot, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, was on film saying she had no idea this was going on, dah!!!! AND NY1 has done several “garbage” stories on Jamaica.

TWC News: NY1 Reporter Honored by New York Association of Black Journalists
Play now

Right now there are a few readers of this blog, who are always out and about with their cameras, when they are walking, going to work, etc and snapping photos of the garbage mess here in Jamaica, plus the REAL COMMUNITY ADVOCATE & ACTIVIST, Pamela Hazel, is ALWAYS filming and taking photos of the bullshit here and calling elected officials on their bullshit. BUT does she ever once get credit for her hard work, while holding down a full-time job and taking care of her family. NO, not once. She does more in one day, than these so-called Jamaica elected officials and so-called community advocates do in a year.

BUT it would be great if we could get several people like Detroit’s Jonathan Pommerville, who rides around catching people illegally dumping garbage in his suburb of Detroit. Here is a thought. Once a month SE Queens council members ride around their community they are responsible for videotaping all the nonsense like this that goes on, I mean, they hardly do anything to begin with except appear at events for photo-ops anyway. This way they would actually be working for their salary that is paid for by us the tax payers. So Miller, Vanel, Richards and Wills, bust out your camera’s and you each pick which four days a month you will actually be PUBLIC SERVANTS and start shooting (not Jamaica style shooting, camera shooting) and take Comrie with you, he needs the exercise. Have some of your staff also pick a day to do this as well and then get so-called “community advocates” like former Councilman Archie Spigner, whom Councilman Vanel refers to as “The Dean”, like he is the Black Godfather of Jamaica or Manny Caughman or any other number folks who call themselves “community advocates” and actually get your fucking hands dirty. Here is another novel idea, people in the community always say “the young teens have nothing to do, that is why they just hang out”. Well, that is not why they “just hang out”, but get some of the more creative ones, get some funding and pay them to go around the community filming such bullshit. And for the non-creative ones, get them to help clean up areas. Instead of stealing money, like Ruben Wills, actually put some of that money to young teens or the homeless and have them sweep up sidewalks and pick up the litter, Jamaica’s own version of the DOE FUND.

In the meantime, you never know when some Clean Up Jamaica Queens guy riding on a bike will film you doing something stupid like garbage dumping or other shit or parking a truck illegally.


From Fox News 2:

Illegal dumpers cry after being caught on video

– Illegal dumper cries after being caught on video

A man on a mission, catching people coming from the suburbs to dump their trash illegally in Detroit.

Jonathan Pommerville recently busted a couple from Shelby Township and streamed it live on Facebook – then posted the whole thing on YouTube.

He spotted a red truck driving in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood. Pommerville, a community activist and blight fighter’s instincts kicked in.

“It had a full load and I’m like what are the chances be dumping in my neighborhood,” he said.

He posting a YouTube Monday busting the dumpers. Pommerville says he recorded the man and woman claiming to be from Shelby Township a month ago dumping on Detroit’s Riverdale Street.

“Pick it all up right now,” Pommerville tells them.

A man answers, “I will.”

Beginning to quickly scoop up the leaves, bags, and junk like siding, Pommerville tells the duo he is calling the cops.

“When I confronted him, that’s when the waterworks ensued,” Pommerville said.

On video, the man says “Aw man I’m begging you, please I’m so sorry.”

But Pommerville was not feeling too empathetic.

“We really just want these folks to get it,” he said. “We don’t want them dumping in our neighborhoods.”

On video, Pommerville says to the crying man: “It’s not the end of your life man. Are you on drugs? No? Then relax.”

Pommerville then calls police which handed out two tickets to the distressed duo.

“This is a good learning experience for you,” Pommerville said.

When the dumpers drove away the man even told Pommerville he appreciates what he is doing. But when Pommerville followed them to make sure they would toss the stuff legally he called the police on him.

“Madison Heights police had a really good laugh about that one,” Pommerville said. “And sent him on his way.

“So he pulled into another business and came clean.”

While Pommerville says chasing dumpers can be exhausting. Pommerville says he’s never giving up on his mission to fight blight.

“My job is never done because as soon as we clean up one mess, another one gets dumped right behind it,” he said.


Sent to me by a reader and resident:
Unbelievable, I don’t have words for this. The pictures say a lot about the people living in this community.
88-19 Parsons Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11432

AND Fucking unbelievable it is my brother. I mean in front of this church and right catercorner from the Moda “Luxury” Apartments and the future home of Dallas BBQ. And for you homeless lovers and homeless advocates, right around the corner is the El Camino shelter, a big homeless shelter filled with all kind of riff-raff from drug addicts & alcoholics to chronically unemployed and every bottom of the barrel in between.

This is the one time I don’t place any blame on our useless elected officials, this goes directly to the fucking ghetto slobs in the area, who have no fucking respect for the community, the environment, their neighbors or themselves and you wonder why some of these folks are in fucking homeless shelters and cannot get jobs. But like I said the blame is not all the homeless folks either, just the regular low-class ghetto folks who don’t give a fuck, but the homeless is this area are a BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM. What a fucking dump.  I mean is Jamaica really going to improve, but this is not a good sign at all.

89-19 Parsons Blvd

Why toss garbage in a garbage can when there is a perfectly good sidewalk to drop shit on.

SO why even bother donating clothes to the less fortunate when they will end up as litter.

Typical ghetto litter in ghetto Jamaica. Food, plastic bags, cigarette packs and of course liquor bottles, the nectar of Jamaica.

AND to those who say that people are starving in this country, they are NOT FUCKING STARVING or HUNGRY for that matter.

So what asshole is walking around with just one shoe



1) are a crooked elected officials awaiting trial on corruption charges, which you will be convicted (

2) are a deadbeat dad behind on child support and has had past issues with the law (

3) are inept not unlike most Jamaica and SE Queens elected official and pretty much a DO-NOTHING, although you did take campaign contributions from Jamaica’s big polluter, Royal Waste (


4) are just a plain big ole asshole.


AND if you vote for this ebony clown political gangsta, then you will receive your AUTHENTIC SE QUEENS ASSHOLE ID CARD, which all of the Jamaica elected officials are already carrying.


From Impunity City:

I Received A Newsletter From Councilman Ruben Wills, Oh Boy.


This came in the mail a short while ago and I was equally perturbed and repulsed. This newsletter is from the councilman of District 28, Ruben Wills, who is up for re-election. It was a 3 page fold out brochure of all of his purported concerns and photo-ops and it was the size of the NY Times.

During his brief term after being elected in 2010, he has been non-existent at council meetings and has used the majority of his term pilfering around $33,000 from public funds for bogus campaign and charity non-profits and filing false documents for his luxurious tastes in designer clothing, preferably Louis Vuitton, and fancy dinners.

A chunk of the money he stole went to some company, Micro-Targeting, that specializes in campaign literature and distribution, which immediately gave me the impression that this is how this waste of paper and ink conveying Wills fauxgressive propaganda got produced and mass mailed to his constituency.

For some ludicrous reason, he still has not resigned (nor has his official peers ask for him to step down) and has maintained his elected position despite being in the midst of his court procession. In fact, he has gone out of his way to avoid facing the judge’s sentencing by coming up with lame excuses to not even show up.

And this career hustler and hack wants to tout his dubious achievements and superficial concerns to persuade voters by filling up mailboxes with this shit.

Well, it looks like decisive and appropriate action had to be taken.


Fuck off, Ruben. Stop sending your shit to me and everyone else. Your absentee ass is not wanted here you fraud. Primary this chump, citizens.


Sometimes my fellow Democrat Liberals piss me off way more than Republican Conservatives because Democratic Liberals should know better and should stop living in their fucking bubble.

One of the things I always hear in NYC is that crime is evenly spread among all races and THAT IS NOT FACT at all as crime statistics show over and over again. Serial killers, no (that belongs to crazy white people), most terrorism (that belongs to radical Islamic fanatics), white collar crimes (that belongs to the folks listed in the word), BUT other crimes in NYC, sorry liberals living in your little bubble, not the case, which I have shown before on this blog backed by statistics (

AND even when FACTS & REALITY are thrown right in Democratic Liberals faces, they still tend to pull a Bill O’Reilly Spin Zone bullshit, like Legal Aid Society Lawyer, Tina Luongo who states

“Until the city terminates broken windows policing, arrests for low-level offenses will continue to plague communities of color in every borough.”

WHAT THE FUCK, NYPD is supposed to ignore low-level offenses and crimes in communities of color because of the color of someone’s skin. I wonder what type of community Tina Luongo lives in and what her block looks like. Seems to be like your typical “limousine liberal”.

Also this whole “At least our preliminary understanding is this is a crime of poverty”. REALLY, your preliminary understanding. So poverty is making people jump the turnstiles. So what are you riding the subway for, to go to your non-existent job. This bullshit logic cracks me up, especially in communities like Jamaica, where folks will live in some shithole third world garbage strewn apartment building, yet have a big ass SUV parked in front of it or the huge 60 inch screen HD TV box they dump in front of their building.

More third world dreck, no green.


And it is this kind of thinking that will keep Democrats out of the White House, Congress and Governor positions and put idiots like Trump and  his clan in office.

Democratic Liberals – Time for a MAJOR REALITY CHECK.

Oh and one more thing, there is a major difference between LEGAL IMMIGRANTS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the clue is in the words, LEGAL and ILLEGAL. Not hard to understand.

Christ, this fucking city and these Democratic Liberals in their bubble DRIVE ME FUCKING CRAZY. And for those who say, then why are you a Democrat. Because I picked the lesser of two evils and back in the day Democrats actually stood for something.



From DNAInfo New York:

89 Percent of Turnstile Jumpers Arrested Are Black and Latino, Data Show

By Gwynne Hogan | June 21, 2017 10:00am

 So far this year 8,625 people have been arrested for theft of services in New York City, data show.

So far this year 8,625 people have been arrested for theft of services in New York City, data show.

DNAinfo/Tom Liddy

NEW YORK CITY — Police have arrested around 8,625 people for jumping turnstiles so far this year, about 89 percent of whom were black and Latino,  according to data obtained from the state.

And of those arrestees, about a quarter of them spent some amount of time in jail for the offense, according to records from the State’s Division of Criminal Justice Services, which includes thefts of all public transportation services including train, subway, bus and taxi fares, though the sweeping majority of the charges occur in the subway.

Around 2,220 people spent some amount of time in jail for the crime this year, with 230 sentenced to jail time and another 1,790 people getting time served as part of a guilty plea, state records from January 2017 through mid-June show.


Sixty-eight percent of the arrests take place in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The approximately 8,000 arrestees represent only about about a quarter of all New Yorkers cited for farebeating, according to NYPD officials, who say that three out of every four turnstile jumper is written a summons and not arrested for the offense.

Times Square and Union Square have some of the highest numbers of arrests, according to Robert Diehl, Acting Vice President of Security of for New York City Transit at a Monday MTA board meeting where turnstile jumping was discussed. He did not give more specifics and the MTA and the NYPD declined to clarify further on his remarks.

Diehl insisted that police don’t go out aiming to catch farebeaters.

“As far as the deployment, we never send people out to do theft of service operations,” he said. “We put people out in our busiest stations based on ridership and crime.”

“What happens there is if they see somebody jump a turnstile; they take appropriate action,” he said.

David Jones, a mayoral appointee to the MTA’s board who has been pushing for better data on who is arrested for farebeating and where the arrests occur to the resistance of the NYPD, argued the MTA and the NYPD ought to put in place more “preventative steps so people don’t even get into this whole morass.”

“At least our preliminary understanding is this is a crime of poverty,” he said. “Let’s put signage, let’s put everything we can to prevent young people from making this mistake,” he said, adding that getting arrested for farebeating could be gateway into the criminal justice system.

People arrested are not “even aware of how damaging this can be,” he said.

Those charged with turnstile jumping can face fines of $100 as well as “host of collateral consequences,” including even detention and deportation for undocumented New Yorkers, said Tina Luongo, a Legal Aid Society lawyer.

“Until the city terminates broken windows policing, arrests for low-level offenses will continue to plague communities of color in every borough,” she said.

But Diehl insisted that police can’t just turn a blind eye to people who jump the turnstile.

“To see [farebeating] happen rampantly sets a tone of disorder,” Diehl said. “[It’s] something that’s critical to people feeling like they have an orderly subway.”


ONLY 15 fucking years in prison for this hood rat, Shamel Capers, who along with Kevin McClinton, that left opened fired on a Q6 bus leaving D’aja Robinson dead in 2013 after being struck in the head by a bullet. FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS. This punk will be out when he is 34, maybe even earlier and I am sure when he gets out he will be a fine upstanding citizen and of course come straight back to Jamaica.

What a fucked up system we have some of the time.

Now let’s hear from friends and family of hood rat Shamel Capers, how he did not do it, how he was “turning his life around” (an all too familiar ghetto phrase) or any other bullshit that you hear in this community to justify this kind of behavior.


From The Daily News:

Second man convicted in fatal shooting of 14-year-old girl on bus in Queens


Shamel Capers, 19, was found guilty after he opened fire on a Q6 bus hitting D’aja Robinson in the head.

A second man in Queens has been convicted of murder in the May 2013 shooting death of a 14-year-old girl who was hit in the head by a bullet that pierced the window of a city bus.

Shamel Capers, 19, was found guilty of pumping bullets into the Q6 bus on Sutphin Blvd. near Rockaway Blvd. in South Jamaica, hitting D’aja Robinson in the head.

D’aja had just left a Sweet Sixteen party and was waiting at a bus stop on her way home when she was hit.

She boarded the bus and walked to the rear when Capers opened fire.

Gangbanger gets at least 40 years in prison for teen girl’s death

D’aja Johnson, 14, was shot while riding a Q6 MTA bus on Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica on May 18, 2013. She was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.


A second man, Kevin McClinton, 25, of Queens, grabbed the gun and kept firing at the bus. D’aja died at the hospital.

McClinton was previously convicted of second-degree murder and other charges last year and is presently serving a prison term of 40 years to life in prison.

“D’aja Robinson was a talented young girl who did not deserve to have her life cut short by the senseless actions of the two defendants found guilty of her murder,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Crime scene on Rockaway Blvd at Suptin Blvd where D’aja Johnson was shot.

( Vic Nicastro)

“They both have now been tried and convicted and will likely spend a great many years behind bars. Hopefully, D’aja’s family can find some closure and solace.”

Part of Queens street named for girl, 14, hit with bullet on bus

Capers was convicted Wednesday of murder and illegal weapons possession in front of Judge Gregory Lasak. His sentencing is set for July 19, 2017. He faces 15 years to life in prison.