Can you imagine how all this money could actually help improve this city if it was not wasted irresponsibly like this on this whole homeless bullshit, plus eliminate the Public Advocate position (a completely do nothing job) and it’s entire office and support staff, eliminate all the borough presidents (another useless position) and their offices and support staff, streamline city agencies like MTA, DOB, DOS, DEP, DHS to work more effectively and reduce waste, to increase fines majorly on many quality of life issues and actually ENFORCE them. Get a more efficient and better system than the fucked up 311 that is in place. Eliminate all those useless studies like studies on  trucks driving illegally on residential streets which everyone seems to know about except the city, which needs to do expensive “studies” and all the other wasteful spending this city government does.

But back to this homeless crisis bullshit which is actually Homeless BIG BUSINESS. Eliminate the bullshit “right to shelter” in this city and state. The cities that have this besides NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, LA have the worst homeless situation and problems because everyone from other states that are not “right to shelter”, which is the majority of states and everyone from other countries that comes to the most expensive cities in the country with no job and no kinds of finances (that is idiotic in itself and shows the types of people coming here) and these cities (which are already burdened) become more burdened and have to shell out more money while the cities/states where these slackers come from get off the hook of taking care of their own residents. Then not to mention the money that is wasted and the time that is wasted by NYPD & FDNY on many of these folks who are very problematic. So what I would like to see, which to this date I have not, are the statistics of the homeless in NYC who actually came to this city from elsewhere already homeless. And how about statistics of how long these folks actually stay in these hotels and how long they stay in the homeless system circus. How many eventually get jobs and what are the steps taken to see that such people are either trained or placed in jobs to get them out of the system. I get tired of only hearing there are 65,000 or whatever inflated number the city throws at us. This city is not in the business of attempting to eliminate homelessness they are in the business of increasing it and making more people dependent on the system. It is called HOMELESS BIG BUSINESS and it seems to be A VERY LUCRATIVE BUSINESS.

Homeless shelter with local residents hanging out all day. Two blocks from downtown Jamaica Ave

Jamaica’s newest homeless shelter


From Times Ledger:

City spends over $500K a night on hotels for homeless: Stringer

A new report by Comptroller Scott Stringer finds the cost of using commercial hotels to house the homeless is soaring in the past four months.


The cost of housing the homeless in commercial hotels has skyrocketed in recent months, with the city spending $530,000 per day, up from $400,000 per day just four months ago, according to a new analysis released Monday by City Comptroller Scott Stringer. That’s an increase of 32.5 percent.

The report also revealed that the average daily cost for commercial hotel bookings rose 600 percent over 16 months, going from $82,214 per day in November 2015 to $576,203 in February 2017.

“The rising costs are extraordinary, and we are calling for more transparency from the City because the more open we are about our challenges, the more likely we are to solve them,” Stringer said. “Openness will help deliver results.”

The analysis estimates that the number of individuals now being placed in commercial hotels by the Department of Homeless services has jumped 33 percent, to nearly 7,800 New Yorkers, between October 2016 and February 2017.

Commercial hotel shelters often offer limited services, have limited privacy, and lack kitchens. They are largely inappropriate long-term solutions for families trying to get back on their feet, according to Stringer.

“Homeless New Yorkers don’t belong in hotels — this is a practice that has to end,” Stringer said. “Hotel rooms are not only a Band-aid solution to a complex problem, but they’re also very expensive. If families are going to get back on their feet, we need to help get them the services they need.”

The de Blasio administration announced in February the goal of phasing out commercial hotel rooms as a form of homeless shelter six years from now.

To ensure the city reaches that goal, the comptroller says openness and benchmarks are critical. Stringer called on DHS to also share more information publicly on progress around reducing commercial hotel use.

City Hall dismissed the report, saying the comptroller ignored several facts in making his analysis, such as citing the initial charge for booking rooms on certain nights without taking into account discounts that were negotiated.

“The comptroller is behind the curve,” de Blasio spokeswoman Jaclyn Rothenberg said. “We announced as part of our plan that we will be ending the use of hotels by opening a smaller number of better shelters across the five boroughs, reducing the number of shelter sites by 45 percent. The average cost per night of a hotel is $175 and we recently put into place a plan to further reduce costs and improve services.”

Stringer has been a frequent critic of the mayor’s handling of the homeless crisis, with its population at a record-high 60,000 for the last few months, but he has ruled out challenging de Blasio this fall.



Say goodbye to Jamaica’s  newest attraction,  Hillside River, which raged on for over two weeks with this fucking city not doing a damn thing about it. But now Hillside River is no more. Coming home from work this evening (4.24.17) crews were all about putting a cork in it.

I mean really, over two fucking weeks to do something about this major water break. Why rush NYC, I mean the street did not get a chance to cave in on the F subway line below it. What a FUCKED UP CITY.


The Crossing, at 93-01 Sutphin Blvd., near the LIRR station, will consist of two towers: one will be 25 stories and the other will be 14.

Well, finally, the massive development across from the LIRR station at Sutphin and Archer is breaking ground after years in the making. Expect the usual crap of officials at this like Katz, Meeks, Comrie, Wills, Cook and any other bullshit do nothing “leaders” of Jamaica show up with shovel for a photo op. (After the photo shot, keep the shovel and clean up the garbage). But what they will be shoveling is their own bullshit and talk about how wonderful Jamaica is (which IT IT NOT RIGHT NOW), yet none have done much to help with the huge amount of quality of life issues that exist here. I wonder though if all the homeless, druggies, drug dealers, crazies and various other Jamaica element crap, which is all over this particular area, will be somehow moved for the photo op. The area is a fucking mess, which anyone who has been there knows all too well.

June 24, 2014 at McDonalds on Sutphin Blvd. The Crossing residents have this to look forward to.

But this groundbreaking of this huge development should also finally be the turning point for Jamaica for various reasons. The biggest being that this huge complex certainly will not be cheap to live here or do business here, so new folks moving in certainly do not want to see all the human crap and retail crap that exists in the area. Once it goes up, figure all that shit will be moved out and torn down, which is a GOOD thing for this community which has been on the bottom for decades. Expect after this development and if it does well, which I cannot see why it would not, to see other similar development all along Sutphin, Archer and Jamaica.

The Crossing will feature a number of amenities, including a 24-hour doorman, children’s play room and roof terraces.


From The Wall Street Journal:

Groundbreaking set for mixed-use development in Jamaica, Queens after years of delays

The Crossing at Jamaica Station is part of the downtown redevelopment

A large mixed-use residential development will break ground in Jamaica, Queens, on Tuesday, local officials said, a milestone for a revitalization plan years in the making.

The Crossing at Jamaica Station, a $407 million project with two towers at Sutphin Boulevard near Archer Avenue, is set to rise near Jamaica’s transit hub. It is one of several projects that are part of the downtown redevelopment expected from a 2007 rezoning. That hoped for redevelopment was put on hold during the recession, said Hope Knight, chief executive of the Greater Jamaica Development Corp., a nonprofit that has played a big role in downtown’s revitalization.

“It’s important because of its strategic location right across the street from the Long Island Rail Road station,” Ms. Knight said. “All of the commuters who travel through Jamaica will see the building rising and it will create a sign, [a] symbol of revitalization.

 The project’s developer, BRP Cos., bought the site from the Greater Jamaica Development Corp., which had spent about a decade assembling the parcels so a large project could take place, Ms. Knight said. The nonprofit development organization issued a request for proposals, aiming to increase residential density and more retail businesses in the area.

The Crossing is part of an estimated $1 billion in private- and public-sector investments made in Jamaica over the past decade, the development corporation said. Those investments have resulted in plans for projects, including more than 3,000 mixed-income and market-rate apartments, at least 2,200 hotel rooms and a 150,000 square-foot retail complex in various stages of development.

Meredith Marshall, BRP Cos.’ co-founder and managing partner, said the Crossing represents the firm’s core strategy of developing mixed-income, affordable housing in neighborhoods with access to public transportation and retail.



From another reader in the dirty SE Queens, South Ozone Park. We here in all of SE Queens are very familiar with this bullshit that NEVER sees any type of enforcement. Whether it be towing companies, like Runway Towing below, auto body shops, waste facilities that have large tractor trailer trucks park inside LIRR overpass tunnels, the nonsense that would never be tolerated in Forest Hills, is just a normal day in SE Queens, especially places like South Ozone Park and Jamaica.

The photos from the Queens Crap post  were taken by a resident the other day. But I dug some photo digging over the years (2013) and came up with even more that shows this city, the precinct in that district, the elected officials and the community board obviously have given a free pass on yet another BAD NEIGHBOR BUSINESS carte blanche to do whatever the fuck they want. If you are going to open a business, especially where there are houses, make sure you have enough property to store all YOUR SHIT, not take up public property that you are not even paying for and then destroying it in the process. Better yet, businesses like this should be in a 100% industrial area period, not near homes. But hey, it is the SE QUEENS, where the majority is NOT WHITE, but Black, Hispanic and various immigrants, which the city loves to always talk about for photo ops and sound bites, BUT in reality, they could give a shit about as can be seen by the shit that gets dumped in these areas.  BUT blame also has to be put on the residents who just take this shit and never say anything. If you stay quiet then shit like this will take place, which is why in more higher economic areas and majority white areas, you don’t see SHIT like this, because they would not tolerate it and their voices will be heard LOUD and by many.


From Queens Crap:

Towing company thinks they own public property

“Here is the Runway towing business. Very similar to other areas in Queens with cars parked on the sidewalk, cars parked on city streets with no license plates, their tow trucks parked on the street and sidewalk. It is located at 124-20 South Conduit Ave, South Ozone Park. If you want to Google Map it you will see all the illegal crap going on, but here are some pictures I took.” – anonymous


A reader has been sending out this illegal truck parking issue for months that take place in South Ozone Park, but gets very little action (well, pretty much none) from the city. This is so common place in SE Queens that it becomes so frustrating and makes many not even bother to file complaints since so little is ever done about it. NOW, if this took place in Forest Hills, immediate action would take place.

Here in Jamaica, this shit goes on all the time as well with the illegal overnight parking of commercial trucks all over. And  the crazy parking of huge waste tractor trailer trucks in the LIRR overpass tunnels continue in downtown Jamaica in several of these tunnels, Merrick, 168 and 170th still boggles the mind. The issue with this as told to me by the 103rd, that it is not illegal to park (at least not during the day) inside these tunnels, since there are no signs stating NO PARKING. But you would think, especially after 911, that DOT, MTA or whatever else bullshit city agency is involved would put up signs forbidding ANY parking of ANY vehicle in these tunnels since they pose a MAJOR safety issue. BUT then as the 103rd told me, there is the bullshit battle of who exactly is responsible for this, MTA or DOT, since MTA is in charge of the LIRR overpass, but DOT is in charge of the streets and well, the street is inside the LIRR overpass. Typical blame game by two of the most incompetent city agencies and no one wants to take responsibility for such an easily solved problem, PUT UP A FUCKING SIGN.

But even with the overnight illegal parking of these trucks in the tunnels, unless you are filing a  complaint at midnight, little will be done, even though the precincts know damn well, these trucks park all weekend long, because the precincts are ALL AWARE OF THIS ISSUE.

Practice games for terrorist. The 170 LIRR Tunnel in Downtown Jamaica.


Just more bullshit and nonsense in the dirty SE Queens.


From Queens Crap:

Illegal truck parking frustration continues in South Ozone Park

“Hello. This trailer has been sitting here for two weeks, I have done numerous complaints and it seems nothing is being done to address this hazard, maybe when somebody gets into a serious accident because they can not see oncoming traffic something will finally get done , this trailer is located on south conduit ave and 127th street in south ozone park.. this trailer is owned by a place called runway towing located up the block, I will send a separate email about that…” – anonymous


Over two weeks and counting of the newest Jamaica tourist attraction, Hillside Ave River, which flows due to a water line break, which gets worse each and every day and flows for several blocks starting in front of MTA Bus stop on Hillside Ave (170 & 171st Street), flowing east to 171 St, then going south on 171st to 88 Ave and beyond. Despite numerous filed complaints by various individuals (and myself), plus a few businesses on Hillside affected by this, NO FUCKING ACTION, NONE, ZIP, NADA. Keep in mind that the origin of the break is right directly above the F line subway.

And where is the media on this, Help Me Howard, Mocker, WPIX, Queens Tribune, Queens Chronicle, Queens Press, Times Ledger, I mean over TWO FUCKING WEEKS of this with absolutely no response or attempt to remedy this. And of course where are the MIA elected officials and community boards: Avella, Comrie, Lancman, Miller, Community Board 12, Community Board 8 and what about Public Advocate Tish James. I guess if Bill O’ Reilly was pissing in the origin of the break, maybe she might come out.

UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE but far from surprising in the Jamaica community.

Watch the video:

More photos: