I LOVE to see people take on the establishment, especially when it comes to local elected officials and nowhere are our local elected officials so totally useless as in Jamaica. Community activist Anthony Rivers is putting the challenge to city council incumbent, I. Daneek Miller (District 27) .

Rivers make some very good points about the community and what is going on in it.

Just like Richard David who is challenging that major asshole crook, Councilman Ruben Wills in District 28, what the evolving Jamaica needs it NEW BLOOD, not the same old shit that has put a stranglehold on this community and kept it down in ghetto-land. Since Jamaica is beginning to get cleaned up, time to clean up the do nothing crooked political gangsters who names we all know too well and are associated with either doing shit or corrupt as fuck.

TIME TO CLEAN THE POLITICAL HOUSE and put all new people in. Out with the Comries, Meeks, Cooks, Wills, Millers, Hyndman, the who fucking kit and caboodle.

Pretty much what Rivers is saying is that the shit elected officials allowed so much shit to be dumped in this community from poisonous waste stations to dozens and dozens of waste stations, allowing the community to deteriorate and have outside developers swoop in as opposed to if these damn leaders had balls to stand up and make sure the community did not fall apart and clean it up, the word “gentrification” would not have been brought up. PLUS if the damn people took care of their community and stopped putting these assholes in office over and over listening to their bullshit and fuckheads like that Rev. Floyd “Daddy Pimp” Flake. Great line in the article:

Others took responsibility for the shortcomings in the community as they didn’t hold current elected officials accountable.

YEP, accountability and YOU did not hold these asshole accountable and just keep putting them in year after year.  Again the residents were at fault for many reasons and hence why the community became a shit hole ghetto to begin with.

And if the new batch doesn’t work out, then toss them out as well, but don’t keep putting the same fucking shit in over and over again.



From Communities of Color:

Candidate Anthony Rivers “Southeast Queens Has Been Overlooked”

June 7, 2017

Election season has officially begun when individuals find themselves bombarded by folks outside of supermarkets, events and stores asking for signatures as residents go about their errands.  Petitioning for the right to be on the ballot is what these important annoyances are about.  It is an important first steps for candidates to get themselves on the ballot for the upcoming Primary and subsequent election.

Residents were introduced to candidate Anthony Rivers at the civic meeting a week before petitioning began.  Rivers is running for City Council District 27 which covers the areas of Cambria Heights, Hollis, Jamaica, Queens Village, St. Albans and Springfield Gardens.

“What happened in Harlem is about to land on us,” he said to shouts of agreement from residents in attendance for the meeting.

The candidate was talking about gentrification and the burgeoning development in Downtown Jamaica and in close proximity to the AirTrain at the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) Jamaica Station.

Rivers is a former NYPD detective and came to prominence through his fight in the community against the Hollis Gardens Development.  The development began as a proposed homeless shelter which was converted into housing for physically and mentally ailing veterans.  The group challenged the development because of the lack of affordable housing for residents and the oversaturation of homeless shelters in the area.

“We have bigger issues than just those buildings,” he said.

Those issues include a community Rivers feels has been overlooked but is a prized commodity for others looking to cash in.

“We are ten minutes from an international airport.  The AirTrain is 11 minutes and one stop away.  LIRR, twenty-three minutes and you are in the heart of downtown Manhattan,” he said.  “This makes us very desirable for other people”.

Rivers will be running for council seat which is currently held by I. Daneek Miller. Rivers contends that Miller has “sold us out to big business and could care less about us.  He doesn’t even live in the area,” he said of the Miller who Rivers contends lives in Brooklyn.

Rivers has strong condemnation for elected officials whom he believes let others infiltrate and overlook the Southeast Queens community.  He pointed to examples in other neighborhoods which garner favor like Howard Beach which has an AirTrain station.  Overdevelopment on Farmers Boulevard where a site which formerly housed approximately 22 individuals will now house hundreds.  The oversaturation of shelters in the area makes it one with one of the highest percentages of shelters in the borough.  He noted that there are three waste stations in Southeast Queens while there are none in Northern Queens.  Schools were also on the list as well.

“How are there more co-located schools in our area, but fully functioning schools in other areas,” he said.

“Now is the time to stand up.  Four years will be too late.  We are a ship headed to the dock at full speed,” said Rivers.  “We are the last stronghold.  They took Harlem…and Brooklyn.”

Those gathered agreed in unison as Rivers’ posed the question “what are we willing to do”.  Their reply, fight.

Residents connected with Rivers’ message and assertive tone.  Some felt they lived in the area for decades and find their quality of life diminished.  Others took responsibility for the shortcomings in the community as they didn’t hold current elected officials accountable.  Mostly residents have noticed the changes happening and the feeling that improvements and upgrades to the neighborhood are not happening for their benefit.

But there was some concern about a candidate that is strongly attacking elected officials.  If elected, how would he work with those who he has condemned?

Rivers invoked the name of Assembly Member Charles Barron.  He cited Barron as a legislator he will emulate as far as commitment and courage.   “I want to be a representative, not a leader,” said Rivers.



“Our voices matter, we matter……….As we continue to not  say anything, things like this will continue to come into our community and other communities”.

Michelle Keeler-Community Board 12 Member

Of course Senator Comrie and Councilman Miller did not show up for this first protest, guess they were too busy preparing the canned bullshit speech at the Rufus King Park Holiday Tree lighting that evening. You know, one must have priorities. And of course not a peep out of BP Melinda Katz, not one peep out of her on this whole homeless shelter dumping bullshit, NOT ONE PEEP. Remember that voters if you even give a shit. And nowhere to be seen was totally useless Assembly Member Vivian Cook, yet you folks voted this dumb do nothing bitch back in office for the umpteenth time, yet her opponent from the most recent elected, Rodney Reed was out in the freezing weather giving his support and speaking.

And this is why so much of Jamaica is the way it is and why so much shit gets dumped here, most residents don’t give a fucking flying. They can’t bother to come out to protest on a important issue, they can’t bother to file numerous quality of life complaints, they can’t bother to get involved and they continue to vote in the same old do nothing Southeast Queens Democratic Black Gangsters who have proven for decades they don’t give a shit about this community. When you had a chance to put in fresh Rodney Reed, you put in same old (and I mean OLD), do nothing Vivian Cook.

You get the community you deserve.


From Queens Crap:

Residents come out for South Jamaica hotel protest

At the corner of 115th Avenue and Guy R. Brewer Blvd, a developer is building a hotel which residents fear will become a hot sheets type place or a homeless shelter.

You can see in the video that this property abuts the LIRR trestle. A large MTA bus depot sits across the street.

A group of residents braved the cold weather yesterday to protest this project at this unfortunate location.

There is an advantage to being able to see the writing on the wall.


Let’s face it, we all know that communities of color get every kind of shit dumped into them, from the Mayor to local elected officials, but no one is doing a damn thing about this. So where are all you loudmouth liberal Democrats.

This is blatant racism at its purest form. CB 12 right now has 12 of the 20 shelters located in Queens, and about one-third of the borough’s homeless population

Wake up folks, your leaders and especially your local black leaders are failing you, so stop putting them in office. WHEN are you going to learn.Comrie protest4.jjpgComrie protest2



From Queens Chronicle:

Shelter opponents file with AG

Posted: Thursday, April 7, 2016 10:30 am

Opponents of a St. Albans homeless shelter have asked state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate what they say is the city’s discriminatory process for locating shelters and other so-called supporting housing primarily in neighborhoods of color.

Anthony Rivers, one of the founders of People for the Neighborhood, told the Chronicle on Wednesday that neighborhoods of color, like those in Community Board 12, have been disproportionately selected for shelters.

The St. Albans site, 202-02 to 202-24 Hollis Ave., is housing homeless veterans under conditional approval as People for the Neighborhood challenges the shelter in Queens Supreme Court.

CB 12 right now has 12 of the 20 shelters located in Queens, and about one-third of the borough’s homeless population.

Opponents back in December got a temporary restraining order, delaying the opening until early February.

The judge now hearing the case allowed the city to open the site to 90 homeless veterans pending his ruling.


We are all so aware of the lack of leadership in Jamaica and Southeast Queens (but why do folks still vote these assholes in, one is these asshole politicians seem to have a stranglehold on who goes on the ballot – voter suppression). But don’t take my word for it, hear what Anthony Rivers, one of the leaders of the community effort to stop yet another homeless shelter in the area, had to say to the Chronicle.

Rivers and others have been critical of what they call a lack of leadership on the issue from Councilman Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) and state Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans). He said that, combined with the results of the Dec. 11 meeting, led residents to go to court on their own.

LACK OF LEADERSHIP. This is the running theme in Jamaica for decades. As someone over in Queens Crap commented on bike lanes in Queens, when another commented stated we should not have them:

The point? So we should support no upgrades (like bike lanes and other amenities), in order to keep neighborhoods static? The galaxy doesn’t work that way. Life moves on. If you want the same, go visit south Jamaica/southeast Queens. Broken down and pretty much the same as it looked in the 70’s, and destined to stay that way, unless new stuff comes in that makes new people want to live there.

I would even go further back to part of the 60’s in Jamaica. So we are talking almost 6 decades of static and ghetto crap. That is 60 years folks, 60 fucking years of ghetto shit, while most of Queens & Brooklyn has passed Jamaica by. Obviously there is a  lack of leadership in this community from assholes like Archie Spigner & Flake to current assholes like Comrie, Meeks, Cooks and Wills, not counting the crooks who went to jail like Huntley, Smith and Scarborough. I mean how ask can you explain, 60 FUCKING YEARS OF CRAP.

Could the people of the Greater Jamaica Area finally be waking up and revolting against do nothing politicians. NO, that would give the people here too much credit and brains. While they are under the spells of crooked men of the cloth like Rev. Flake and keep drinking the Comrie kool-aid, the ghetto will stay the ghetto and the crooked and useless elected officials will keep on trucking, just going by different names, but they are all the same pieces of shit.

But a small group of dedicated people are making waves and I applaud them.


From Queens Chronicle:

Round 1 goes to Hollis Ave. shelter opposition

Court slaps city with restraining order in homeowner suit; appellate court affirms


Residents who have been fighting for months to keep homeless shelters from being established on Hollis Avenue are declaring victory this week — and digging in for an expected counterattack by the city.

Mayor de Blasio took another punch on the homeless issue last Friday when an appellate court upheld a lower court ruling from two days earlier that is delaying plans by the Department of Homeless Services and Department of Human Resources to place 90 homeless or recently homeless veterans in newly renovated apartments in buildings between 202-02 and 202-24 Hollis Ave.

Earlier this year, The Bluestone Group, which renovates troubled buildings and then contracts with transitional housing providers, leased the buildings, vacant for more than two decades, from owner Rita Stark.

That led to neighborhood protests every Saturday, with many of the rallies drawing considerable numbers.

“We have more than 2,000 signatures from people opposing this,” said Anthony Rivers, one of the leaders of the community effort.

“[The DHS and DHR] give long leases so they can say it’s permanent housing, not transitional housing,” Rivers said. “By doing that they say they can avoid having to abide by [city home rule] laws.”

Rivers said that left unchallenged that the agencies’ claims would have allowed the city to skirt the need for public hearings and other types of community notification and input.

“They would have had people in there right now if we hadn’t put up a fight,” said Jean-Andre Sassine, who was one of the parties to the complaint filed last week.

Rivers said the complaint came after a brief meeting on Dec. 11 with city officials, elected leaders and residents that left area homeowners questioning the city’s good faith.

“They started by wanting to place 120 people, and then came down to 90,” Rivers said. The remaining slots, he said, were offered to area senior citizens.

He and Sassine continued to point out that the area is packed with schools, daycare centers and churches, with no real services available for people moving out of homelessness.

They also want to see documentation of how contractors have handled the lead paint and asbestos they believe to have been in the aged buildings.

Rivers and others have been critical of what they call a lack of leadership on the issue from Councilman Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) and state Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans).

He said that, combined with the results of the Dec. 11 meeting, led residents to go to court on their own.

The Mayor’s Office did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Rivers said a judge has ordered both sides to prepare briefs for a hearing that is now scheduled for early January.

While he has come in for criticism, Comrie, speaking Monday night before Community Board 13, said the judge’s ruling places the administration on notice.

“The city can’t just dump people wherever it wants,” he said.

The rulings came just days before city Comptroller Scott Stringer released a devastating audit that found squalid conditions in scores of randomly chosen homeless shelters [see separate story].