When I first read that this noisy polluting freight rail repair facility was moving out of a residential area of Glendale, after constant complaints, and to East New York, I thought, great, dumping more shit in communities of color. BUT they moved it to a non-residential area of East New York, where businesses like this should be, not in residential areas as is Royal Waste at Douglas and 170th Street, which is right in the middle of thousands of homes, across the street from a park and right next to a small church.

Royal Waste comprises the entire blue rectangle. As can be seen thousands of homes and a park are at risk.

Polluting solid waste company, Royal Waste, dumped into a residential area, a few blocks from Downtown, thanks to elected officials.

See the difference is that the people of Glendale actually care about their community and don’t back down or give up the good fight and DEMAND that over-paid elected officials do something. Here in Jamaica, most residents don’t seem to care, they don’t keep up the fight, don’t hold their do nothing elected asshole officials accountable instead putting the same shit in office over and over and our do nothing crooked elected officials have sold out the community to the highest bidder and say they care about the community and the constituents, but their actions say otherwise. I mean if they REALLY CARED, they would have never allowed polluting Royal Waste to be dumped in a residential area of Jamaica right in the downtown area a decade ago, where Royal Waste trucks pollute the air, cause noise issues and destroys streets as they tear up downtown Jamaica and residential roads. Or they would be fighting to have this place re-located. But hell, they don’t even make a comment about a 15 year old black Jamaica girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS at Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence (


AND where the hell are you young Jamaica residents, this mess is being handed down to you by these entrenched elected officials, church leaders and so-called community leaders. Young people are always shooting their mouths off about INJUSTICE, well, step up to the damn place and take the establishment on. Because I cannot think of a more INJUSTICE place that Jamaica and SE Queens.

Didn’t you learn a damn thing from the man, Bernie Sanders.


From Times Ledger:

Noisy freight rail repair facility to move out of Glendale

Meng announced that NYA will move its noisy train repair facility out of Glendale.

Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-Flushing) and other Queens officials announced last week that the New York and Atlantic Railway will reduce noise in Glendale by moving its train repair facility to East New York, providing needed relief to residents in the area.

The freight line will relocate its “Track 11” repair track – which runs alongside Otto Road from 67th Place to 69th Place – to a non-residential area in East New York. The track is located in the railway’s Fresh Pond Rail Yard and is currently used to fix rail cars. Repairs usually consist of hammering, drilling, welding, and includes everything from changing wheels and brake shoes, fixing mechanical problems, and repainting identifying letters and numbers.

NYA plans to complete its repair track move by the end of June. The new location will be in an area that abuts the L train in the NYA’s East New York Tunnel and the existing NYA rail yard.

The train company, which is based in Glendale, operates on Long Island Rail Road tracks and carries lumber, paper, plastics and food, among other types of freight.

Meng said the relocation is good news for Glendale residents, who have been plagued by noise caused by rail car repairs.

“I thank NYA for making this decision,” she said. “I look forward to building on this positive development, and working further with company officials to address other train-related issues that impact the community.”

James Bonner, president of New York and Atlantic Railway, said he worked closely with Meng, other elected officials and community leaders to bring this benefit to New York and Atlantic Railway neighbors.

“We have historically engaged in improvements, when we can do so in a way that allows us to preserve the benefits we provide to our customers and residents of Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island,” he said. “We look forward to continuing the positive collaboration evidenced by this project.”

State Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Woodhaven) commended Meng for her efforts working with the NYA to move their repair yard out of Glendale. Miller said the repair noises were a nuisance to residents who live in that area and that quality of life is of the utmost importance.

“I know from being a longtime resident of Glendale, the noise and smell that accumulates from repairs on Otto Road disrupts the lives of local residents,” he said. “The removal of the repair yard is a significant win for the residents of Glendale’s quality of life.”



So it is not just Jamaica that has big problems that never get solved, but many communities deal with crap due to poor leadership beginning with the Mayor to a useless Public Advocate and lousy Borough Presidents to waste of money local elected officials.

When I read this article, the biggest thing that jumped out was NO ONE and I mean NO ONE gave any indication what to do about this major problem. I mean how can that be. You have a problem, you look at various solutions and then you put the solution or solutions into effect, but here NOTHING. Nothing from the city, nothing from elected officials, nothing from city agencies. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So pretty much this was a BIG FUCK YOU.

Now I don’t know if this was just shitty reporting by Queens Courier that did not ask the right questions or the fact that New York City is pretty much fucked up and Queens is majorly fucked up.

BUT really, not one answer, not one solution. And Middle Village is no ghetto like Jamaica and the people who live there actually take pride in their community as opposed to most in Shitty Jamaica.


From Queens Courier:

Photos via

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Trains filled with uncovered garbage were left behind homes in Middle Village over the Fourth of July weekend.

As most Americans were enjoying the smell of hamburgers, hot dogs and fireworks over the Fourth of July weekend, some residents in Middle Village were forced to put up with the stench of open gondolas full of garbage parked behind their homes.

Many people complained when New York & Atlantic Railway (NYA), the company that operates out of the Fresh Pond Rail Yard — which runs through portions of Middle Village, Glendale and Ridgewood — left train cars of rotting waste behind their homes from July 3 to July 5, disrupting their holiday weekend.

“We got reports of foul odors,” said Mary Arnold, co-chair of Civics United for Railroad and Environmental Solutions (CURES). “People have pride in their homes and they have their families over for the holiday and they have this. It’s just insulting. The way [NYA is] acting, it’s unfair, it’s unhealthy, it’s filthy, it’s un-neighborly and it’s totally unnecessary.”

According to CURES, the train cars were slated to be moved out, but due to the long holiday weekend, pickup of the trash wouldn’t occur until after the Fourth of July.

“They park over the holiday when they know they aren’t going to get a pickup, and they take it anyway and bring it into Queens,” Arnold said.

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Photo via

This practice of leaving train cars filled with waste in Middle Village is nothing new to the residents of the neighborhood.

“NYA has been parking trains behind the homes in Middle Village for years and they have one excuse after another as to why they do it,” said Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA). “I remember a few years ago they parked trains loaded with solid municipal waste during the long Thanksgiving weekend. NYA is the quintessential bad neighbor, a company that does as they please with no regard for the community.”

One local elected official reached out to the train company to find out why the train cars were parked in Middle Village for the weekend.

“My staff was contacted regarding railroad cars full of garbage being left on the tracks over the July Fourth weekend. We immediately contacted New York and Atlantic Railway,” said Assemblyman Mike Miller. “The explanation that my staff was given regarding this situation was there was a new crew working that weekend. New York and Atlantic Railway decided that leaving garbage behind residents’ houses during the July Fourth weekend was acceptable. Residents had to deal with that foul smell while trying to enjoy their backyard for a holiday weekend. It’s unacceptable that this company continues to [disregard] the community’s quality of life, especially on a holiday weekend. After seven years, you would think that New York and Atlantic Railway could get it right just once.”

QNS has reached out to NYA for comment on the situation and is awaiting a reply.




State Assemblyman Michael Miller plans to introduce legislation prohibiting drivers from parking cars that are not registered in New York on city streets overnight.

State Assemblyman Michael Miller plans to introduce legislation prohibiting drivers from parking cars that are not registered in New York on city streets overnight.

A big problem in Jamaica and other part of Queens, but especially Jamaica is illegal car parking, abandoned cars and especially hundreds of out of state cars parked all over Jamaica, sometimes for weeks. This of course causes a parking problem for an area where there is already a parking issue due to over development, illegal apartments and poor zoning.

As usual this quality of life issue does not get addressed by any of our wonderful, useless local elected officials, but in Woodhaven, right next door to Jamaica, one politician is standing up and saying enough is enough, Assembly Member Mike Miller.

Miller said he is finishing a bill that would ban vehicles that are not registered with the state from parking on city streets overnight. He said the prevalence of non-New York license plates in his district has him convinced weeding out unregistered cars would ease parking problems. You can read more about this at (

Kudos to Assembly Member Miller for taking this action. Can you imagine that useless bitch of an assembly member we have in Jamaica, Vivian Cook,  taking some initiative or any other of our useless local leaders, FUCK NO. Our leaders do not even deal with abandoned cars on the street, let alone address out of state cars parked all over.

Shit, am I next.

Jamaica’s useless Assembly Member Vivian Cook