hillside-garbage12-4-16-005So still no answer from the powers that be on WHY there is no enforcement of the law regarding autobody shops placing junked & unlicensed vehicles on Merrick Blvd and surrounding streets in Jamaica and in other areas of SE Queens as some reader have stated:

“Thug auto body shops on Liberty Ave in Ozone Park do the same thing and get away with it. One word, Graft!”

I see this all over Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx.”

“Ally Auto Body on Jamaica Ave and the repair shop on 182 Street, used to be called Queens Finest Auto Body do the same. I’ve seen them place license plates from other states on the cars when they leave them over night. And I’ve also called for overnight parking of commercial vehicles and not one ticket issued.”

While elected officials like Councilman Miller and Community Board 12 are voicing concern over all the damn homeless shelters in the area and all the hotels in far off places becoming shelters (, I do understand that some of our elected officials hands are tied from up above since this is more of a city issue than a local one and there are really no laws being broken. BUT this whole auto body shop bullshit of putting vehicles all over the damn area making Merrick Blvd look like a junkyard, is not only a local issue that can be solved without the help of city council or the mayor, IT IS THE LAW, no placement of junked and unlicensed vehicles on public streets and sidewalk, PERIOD. So again, where is my answer. Just one simple answer from NYPD, 103 precinct, the heads of all the precincts whose areas are like this, Melinda Katz, Councilman Miller, Councilman Richards, Councilman Wills (I guess he is worried about going to jail) and all the other councilmembers in areas affected by this. Community Board 12, Community Board 11 and the rest. How about an answer from Assembly Member Hyndman or Cook. How about Senator Comrie, how about all the Jamaica religious leaders. ONE DAMN ANSWER FROM SOMEONE.

And hey media, Help Me Howard, WPIX, NY1, Greg Mocker, Times Ledger, Queens Courier, Queens Chronicle. WHY are you NOT digging into this and demanding an answer from NYPD and elected officials because this is one of the biggest scams going on. While WPIX did a story on the one auto body shop, Dynamic Collision,  on 147 Pl, there was never any questioning elected officials or NYPD on why this continues and why there is a lack of enforcement.

AND for you concerned residents of Jamaica, SE Queens and other areas affected by this, contact your local precinct, contact your councilmembers, contact your community boards and demand an answer to this question. Many of you complain about shit, but pick up the phone, send an email, do something. HOUND THEM.

This is a local issue that should be solved on the local level, no need to contact Mr. dickBlasio on this one.

Image result for so who is getting paid off




hillside-garbage12-4-16-006Now if you and I place our car on a sidewalk in front of our house, the lowly foot traffic officers would take out their pen and pad and slap a ticket on the car within an hour, hell, it does not even have to be on the sidewalk, just a tire on it. I ride my bike on the sidewalk on Archer Avenue since it is such a dangerous mess of cars, livery drivers, cabs, trucks and buses (not too mention such a narrow road for all the traffic), NYPD car pulls up to corner, gets out and hands  me a $50 dollar ticket.

YET, auto body shops have turned Merrick Blvd and the surrounding area into the new Willets Point, a junkyard for their cars placed on Merrick Blvd and the sidewalks and the surrounding streets in the neighborhood, along with broken glass and leaking fluids from cars. One day, I counted 100 junked and unlicensed cars on Merrick and surrounding streets between Liberty and 108th St. ONE HUNDRED, no kidding. Car dealers on Hillside Avenue with huge parking lots, place their vehicles and unlicensed vehicles not only on Hillside Ave, where they block buses during rush hour, but on sidewalks as well. In other areas of Jamaica, auto body shops do the same thing, like the one on Archer between 168th and 169th.  Readers from other areas like South Ozone Park and other parts of SE Queens have the same issue and have complained over and over to their precincts with absolutely not a damn thing being done.

This is not a grey area, this is black and white issue, it is ILLEGAL to place any vehicle on a sidewalk, which blocks pedestrians and forces them to sometime go into the street and it is ILLEGAL to place unlicensed vehicles or junked cars on public streets and sidewalks. On Merrick Blvd alone, this causes major traffic issues where one must converge to one lane because the other is being blocked by these cars.  THIS IS THE LAW, NOT an option and no grey area. YET, after countless documentations of this, countless filed complaints, NOTHING is being done and these unscrupulous businesses are allow to continue with the illegal behavior under the watchful eyes of elected officials, community boards and NYPD and have yet given me an answer as to WHY?  Not one person, not NYPD, not community board 12 and not any of our wonderful elected officials.

And this is not an appropriate response:

Thank you for contacting me. Your concerns and questions are of utmost importance to me. A member of my staff or I will be in contact with you
shortly to discuss your issue. If you require immediate assistance, please feel free to contact my Queens District Office at 718-454-0162 or my Albany
Legislative Office at 518-455-2701. You can also feel free to come in and speak directly with a community or legislative representative. For office
hours and directions, please visit Office of NYS Senator Leroy Comrie. Again, thank  you for contacting me.

I guess my concerns are NOT of the utmost importance because they WOULD REQUIRE SOMEONE TO GET OFF THEIR FUCKING ASS AND DO SOME WORK.

I have said this over and over again, someone is being paid off to look the other way, because 1) nothing is being done and the laws are not being enforced. 2) NOT one person has given me any kind of answer and no I don’t want to hear about “not enough manpower”. The ticketing fee alone makes up for any kind of manpower.

Or it could be that this area is not Forest Hills or Brooklyn Heights or Park Slope and is instead a community of color run by black political gangsters who obviously has not done anything to improve this community but instead have focused on street naming ceremonies and “free turkey giveaways”.  So being a community of color, there is no reason to really do anything. I mean do anyone of you have any pride, any shame that Merrick Blvd looks like shit. Hell, your precinct community board meets over in that area, you don’t see this or you don’t care. I mean I don’t see this shit on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills, so why should we see this shit here in Jamaica.

This is completely disgraceful and a continual slap in the face of this community of color yet again ignoring quality of life issues and properly enforcing laws.

BUT people want an answer and more importantly they want the LAWS to be enforced. And residents of Jamaica and some of you folks reading this, you need to contact NYPD and your local precinct, you need to contact your elected officials and you NEED TO DEMAND A FUCKING ANSWER and a SOLUTION. You fucking work for US, we pay your damn salaries.


Merrick Blvd: The new Willets Point Junkyard.

Merrick Blvd: The new Willets Point Junkyard.

Dynamic Collision4garbage and trucks7.1.16 017garbage and trucks7.1.16 003garbage and trucks7.1.16 008garbage and trucks7.1.16 007garbage and trucks7.1.16 006garbage and trucks7.1.16 005garbage and trucks7.1.16 025jamaica8garbage 6.25.16 006garbage 6.25.16 002garbage 6.25.16 001Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 026Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 015Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 023AutobodyAutobody2

A Bonus. Car without plates sitting on weekend at NE corner of 168Pl and 93rd Ave

A Bonus. Car without plates sitting on weekend at NE corner of 168Pl and 93rd Ave

Dynamic Collision at 147 Pl at Archer Ave. 6.18.16

Dynamic Collision at 147 Pl at Archer Ave. 6.18.16

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 058Garbage & Cars6.18.16 070Garbage & Cars6.18.16 121Garbage & Cars6.18.16 120Garbage & Cars6.18.16 119Garbage & Cars6.18.16 117Garbage & Cars6.18.16 115Garbage & Cars6.18.16 114Garbage & Cars6.18.16 112Garbage & Cars6.18.16 111

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 107

Cant even remember where this one was, but in the vicnity

Cant even remember where this one was, but in the vicnity

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 105Garbage & Cars6.18.16 100Garbage & Cars6.18.16 081Garbage & Cars6.18.16 079Garbage & Cars6.18.16 075Garbage & Cars6.18.16 078Garbage & Cars6.18.16 068Garbage & Cars6.18.16 067Garbage & Cars6.18.16 061Garbage & Cars6.18.16 059Garbage & Cars6.18.16 060Garbage & Cars6.18.16 064Garbage & Cars6.18.16 009Garbage & Cars6.18.16 006Garbage & Cars6.18.16 008

Nice job of hiding his face. Asshole.

Nice job of hiding his face. Asshole.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 012Garbage & Cars6.18.16 011Garbage & Cars6.18.16 013


hillside-garbage12-4-16-002So who is at a fault for this disgusting stretch of Hillside Avenue, pretty much from Queens Blvd to 179th. The worst being between Merrick and 170th Street and the HORRIBLE between 168th and 170th. Hillside is a mess of litter all over, illegal garbage dumping, dirty storefronts where many owners rarely clean in front of their property and blocked sidewalks by Auto Dealers and some of the supermarkets on the North Side, which one can barely get through, especially between 167 and 168. AWFUL. No doubt the worst stretch in all of NYC and that includes Fordam in the Bronx and 125th in Harlem. Neither hold a candle to this shithole of an area.  Most of the mess surprisingly was on the North Side, community board 8 and Lancman’s area.

So who are the cuplrits:

  1. The slob Bangladeshi population here, since most all of the businesses are Bangladeshi and so are the customers.
  2. Elected officials on like Councilman Rory Lancman & Community Board 8 for the Northside & Councilman I. Daneek Miller and Community Board 12.
  3. Slob visitors passing through.
  4. DOS & NYPD for not enforcing litter laws, blocking of sidewalks by stores and blocks of sidewalks by the auto dealers.
  5. All of the Above.

All of these photos were taken on a Sunday afternoon stroll. Completely third world ghetto and disgusting. Doesn’t even look like America, well the new shitty America.


Just look at this fucking mess of a street!!!!





The MVV Task Force, the power behind the fight against homeless shelters in neighborhoods, especially in Queens, which has been a dumping ground of epic proportions recently, held a rally this past Saturday (12.3.16) in Brooklyn in front of the home of major hypocrite Steven Banks, Commissioner of the New York City Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services, put in office by the not trusted Mayor deBlasio. Take note, neither of these two officials have homeless shelters in their community, let alone on their block, but like most officials want the hard working task payers, who pay their salaries, to do all the heavy lifting and make the sacrifices. Sacrifices that have been turning neighborhoods into homeless villages with the assorted problems that go with such establishment run by unscrupulous business people (like former City Speaker Christine Quinn, who has got into the “homeless business” with her company WIN & elected officials to make profits off of the homeless). She had he nerve to say in an article ( that New Yorkers need to get over themselves when it comes to homeless shelters being put on their block, but ask this hypocrite how many shelters in her neighborhood or on her block and the answer will be ZERO. But yet she wants US to take on the burden, just like the Jamaica community has not only taken on the burden of all these homeless shelters, but the waste business (Royal Waste in Downtown Jamaica) and thug auto body shops who have taken over Merrick Blvd and surrounding streets/sidewalks with NO REINFORCEMENT from NYPD and not help from the local elected officials of this community, who seem to also be somewhat silent on the homeless shelter dumping as well.

At the rally were different organizations and representatives of various groups including those from Jamaica and SE Queens, who have finally gotten the wake-up call on this horrible issues and policy of dumping homeless into unfit hotels and causing a HUGE development of hotel building in areas (READ: JAMAICA) that would not normally have hotels, knowing full way that down the road these will be turned into shelters for profit. While the questionable Queens BP, Melinda Katz,  talks up Jamaica with the Jamaica Now Action Plan and talks about all the hotel development to make Jamaica the “Airport Village”, she purposely forgets to mention that most of these hotels will be turned into homeless shelters in the future (already several have done just that in the last couple years). I mean why do you think you are seeing small hotel development going on in isolated areas and on blocks with residential housing.

For you folks in Jamaica and SE Queens, WAKE UP. With over 30 homeless shelters, adult homes, supportive housing in our area, more are to come. Already a proposal is in the works with the House of Prayer Church and the FOR PROFIT company, Transition One LLC to put a shelter with single men (many parolees) above the church located at 91-20 146 St next to a Day Care Center and across the street from the LIRR Stuphin Station (  And in the latest Jamaica/SE Queens homeless shelter debacle, Community Board 8 (which shocks me) and Councilman Rory Lancman have approved a proposal to turn the historic former Jamaica Hills Hospital, on Parson Blvd, blocks from Hillside Ave, into affordable housing with a “supportive housing” component to house “homeless single men”, “mentally ill” and “drug addicts”. This would have a HUGE negative impact not only on the Jamaica Hills area, but because of the proximity to the high school, downtown Jamaica & Rufus King Park, will have a negative impact on the downtown area, which already has its share of problematic shelters and drug treatment places (  Ask Councilman Lancman, who seems to be the driving force behind this, how many shelters in his neighborhood and on his block.

Below are videos from the rally including Rafael Vargas from  South Jamaica and statements by others including Community Board 12 Adrienne Adams.

Also ask your elected officials exactly WHAT they are doing on this issue.

So get more of seeing this:

The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

Proposed future homeless shelters in Jamaica area:CB 12: No shelter next to daycare site 1 The long-vacant former hospital may soon be replaced by affordable and supportive housing.




Courtesy of MVV Task Force:


From MMV Task Force:

Juniper Park Civic Association Press Statement by Robert Holden, President

As of this morning, the NYC Department of Social Services reported a total of 60,579 people living in the NYC shelter system. This figure is much higher than the day Commissioner Banks took over the office a year ago. Commissioner Steven Banks was hired to stem New York’s homeless crisis but IT DID NOT HAPPEN.

In an interview back in 2007, Commissioner Banks told the NY Times “Homelessness is a horrible symbol of a failure of a whole broad range of government policies.” Today’s homeless crisis clearly shows a complete failure of the city to uphold a “right to shelter” under the State Constitution. Just like in the 1980’s, hotel shelters such as Maspeth’s Holiday Inn Express do not work — they are expensive, they are not designed to function as shelters, and they have neither the adequate security to protect, nor the social services to help the residents.

Commissioner Banks’ homeless policy is turning New York City back to the dependency capital of America. There are better solutions to homelessness than welfare programs and he hasn’t let on. We believe as a homeless advocate, Commissioner Banks is making the problem worse. We are requesting him to step down as Commissioner of Dept. of Social Services, and we ask the Mayor to find a competent replacement so the Dept. of Social Services can be led by merit and not by ideology.

West 90s/West 100s Neighborhood Coalition, Inc. Press Statement by Aaron Biller, Co-Chair

Today Upper West Siders stand united with our neighbors from other communities across the City in protest of the homeless policies which lay waste to the lives of the homeless who don’t belong in hotels, lay waste to taxpayers dollars and lay waste to quality of life in our neighborhoods. It is fitting that this protest brings the message from hard-working taxpayers to the doorstep of Steven Banks, the HRA Commissioner whose life work has been to grow the ranks of the homeless to a point far beyond what the City’s coffers and social safety net can support. Mr. Banks is both the architect and overseer of a broken system. Fixing this system should start with Mr. Banks’ stepping down. The City’s Social Services system is so desperately broken that, in resorting again to the failed strategy of hotels as shelters, it is employing tactics that even Mr. Banks had long opposed when he previously headed the Legal Aid Society.

Queens Community Board 12 Press Statement by Adrienne Adams, Chairperson

Southeast Queens has unfairly been targeted as a dumping ground for shelters and supportive housing developments for decades. The latest is the proposal of a halfway house sheltering up to 35 transient men next door to a day care center! The Office of City Planning reports that 40% of facilities for problem populations in Queens are located within the districts of Community Board 12 with no relief in sight. This represents an unfair, excessive concentration in one specific area of Queens.

The Administration is spending a considerable amount of time and resources to revitalize Downtown Jamaica however, the continued use of Jamaica and Southeast Queens to house the City’s problem populations could prevent the positive growth that has been promised to this community.

Elmhurst United Press Statement by Jennifer Chu, President

Elmhurst United continues to oppose the use of hotels as homeless shelters. DHS has an annual budget of $1.6B, the majority of which is used to pay unscrupulous landlords and shelter operators to keep the homeless stuck in shelters. As the number of homeless continues to rise, Mayor de Blasio and DHS Commissioner Steven Banks need to stop throwing money at shelters and start to focus on reducing homelessness.

Warehousing the homeless in makeshift hotel shelters is only a stop gap, and doesn’t address the causes of the growing numbers of homeless in NYC. We need real, effective, permanent solutions to the homelessness crisis, such as repealing the Right to Shelter law, revamping of NYCHA public housing, and developing vacant, abandoned properties.

Coalitions of Concerned Citizens of South Jamaica Press Statement by Katherine James, spokesperson

We, The Coalition of Concerned Citizens of South Jamaica join the towns of Maspeth, So. Ozone Park and other Queens communities whom have raised their voices in opposition to the proliferation of homeless shelters, existing hotels and newly constructed ones to convert into homeless shelters for profit.

We have been a diverse community for decades. Residents from many cultures have integrated into our community where residents and stakeholders work hard to maintain the integrity and character of our neighborhoods.

Therefore, we must take exception to Mayor de Blasio Administration’s continuing the practice of his predecessor to encourage the business of placing shelters contiguous to residential homes.

We are not insensitive to the needs of individuals whom find themselves living in these facilities but these shelters have not had a successful partnership with the communities where they are placed.

Our communities need essential services to the existing residents not shelters.



Are you trying to tell me that finally some members of the Jamaica community are finally growing balls and fighting back on quality of life issues, like this awful dumping of homeless shelters in Jamaica, which there are over 20. Mayor Dumbo makes a very rare appearance in Jamaica at a somewhat secret town hall meeting that I and others found out after it happened. Seems that the town hall was hand-picked and had the usual local elected leaders and their minions there. I mean a town hall meeting should be publicized for ALL to attend, not a handful, hence it being called a “town hall” not a “select meeting”.

Folks did give Dumbo an earful on all these homeless shelters in the community, BUT, where were all these Jamaica folks and so-called “leaders” way before Mayor Dumbo was even a Public Advocate, when homeless shelters were being dumped in the community back then. After over a dozen are dumped here, devaluing property and causing quality of life issues, then they stand up and finally say something. Where were the Comries, the Cooks, the Scarboroughs, the Reddick’s, the Meeks, The Flakes, etc when this was taking place years ago (same with that poisonous Royal Waste facility).

Every other day it seems another community is getting this whole big business homeless hotel shit (which as I said is illegal) shoved down their throats and I think this is good because for once, I think (hopefully) that people are finally wising up and standing up on this issues.

This Mayor has been so ineffective and destructive at the same time, while accomplishing very little, yet, this douche bag may get another 2nd term, if folks fall asleep at the wheel. Massive turnout, especially from communities who have had this bullshit thrown at them, can change that though.

Warehousing of vulnerable human beings is appalling and then putting them in to hotels, which is ILLEGAL just adds to it.  And while many say “poor homeless”, what about hard working folks who actually pay taxes and the lowering of property values and quality of life when many of these homeless hotels get dumped into their communities, which by the way happen to the majority of more vulnerable communities many times and get dumped by the dozen in communities of color, like Jamaica, while many communities have none to little. And this has nothing to do with how many homeless are in those communities, since a community like Jamaica has many homeless put into shelters that are from places like Bronx and other communities. Don’t know what the statistics are but I am sure the number of actually homeless from Manhattan far out way the homeless in Queens, yet Queens is becoming know as Homeless Village from the previous title of the Third World Borough. Hell, even third world folks are waking up to this bullshit.

While this mayor did not cause this homeless problem (which is a problem not a crisis like they are telling the sheep, a city of say 9 million with a homeless population of 60,000 is only .66%, hardly a crisis), he has handled the situation poorly along with the questionable Department of Homeless Services which is fucking over both these homeless folks and the communities where they are getting dumped. His lack of proper answers, lack of focusing on this issue at hand, deflecting constantly shows they Mayor Dumbo is your typical bullshit politician and this ego maniac who can never admit when he is wrong, is the flip-side of a Donald Trump, all bullshit and no substance.

First this whole law “right to shelter” in NYC needs to end since we have many coming from other states & countries putting the cost burden on NY as opposed to where these people originated. And instead of building more and more hotels and luxury apartment building, build some small apartment buildings for these populations and spread them out evenly over all areas and provide the proper services for these folks including becoming NOT homeless and properly employed instead of dumping them into hotel rooms and letting them fend for themselves and staying in the cycle of homelessness. We have already seen what the cycle of welfare did decades ago, now meet the “new boss”, the homeless cycle, which is making a select few rich.

Mayor Dumbo needs to focus on the people who pay taxes and pay your salary as opposed to continuously siding with a group of people who you would not have living near you in your Park Slope home.

And again .66% of people in NYC that are homeless IS NOT A CRISIS, not even close. The crisis is the destruction of quality of life in communities for hard working people just trying to keep their heads above water at times. A crisis is the destruction of the middle class. That is a crisis, not a mishmash of people who are chronic drug addicts/alcoholics, mentally ill, sexual predators, criminals, chronically unemployed, illegally in this country, coming from other states and plan lazy then mixed in with families & veterans who are NOT getting the proper help and instead being warehoused with the “deplorables” I just mentioned.

Face it, this homeless crowd just does not make good neighbors and living in Jamaica, land of the homeless shelter, I can tell you that first hand. Maybe they need a class on being respectful and good neighbors first, maybe that is why they are part of the homeless crew to begin with.



From Queens Chronicle:

No shelter for mayor at Wilkins town hall


CB 12 residents get no assurances on spreading out homeless facilities

Mayor de Blasio, still fending off relentless criticism over negotiations to place a city homeless shelter in Maspeth, found no respite on Sept. 28 at a town hall meeting in St. Albans.

More than 250 residents attended the meeting, hosted by Councilman Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans), in the gymnasium at Roy Wilkins Park. The mayor gave a brief summary of things he believes his administration has progressed on in everything from education to crime.

But the lengthiest — and most vociferous — conversations involved the proliferation of homeless shelters and supportive housing in Southeast Queens.

And they directly accused the city of steering homeless shelters to communities of color.

“This is [Department of Homeless Services] data,” Jamaica resident Gary James said. “The top 10 community boards in the city have more homeless shelters than the remaining 49. Fourteen have none at all.”

The Community Board 12 area in Southeast Queens has about 32 percent of the Queens homeless population and more than 50 percent of the borough’s shelters, according to board officials.

He and Anthony Rivers of St. Albans, the latter of whom is the co-founder of a group that delayed but could not stop a veterans’ shelter on Hollis Avenue, said shelters always appear to be located in communities of color, and that those with few to none are largely white and affluent.

James asked if the mayor would put forth legislation requiring an equal distribution among all community boards.

De Blasio did not respond to that. But he also said the homeless situation, with 60,000 in the city, and the law are a bit more complicated.

He also prefaced his response by saying it would not necessarily be what the crowd wanted to hear.

“Sixty thousand,” de Blasio said. “Think about that.”

He said first that under state law the city may not turn away anyone seeking to be sheltered.

“I have to place them anywhere I can find space,” he said.

He also said the DHS is attempting to shelter people within the borough in which they live in an effort to keep them closer to things like their jobs and children’s schools.

As for racial disparity in the selection process, the mayor told the crowd to look a few miles to the west in Maspeth.

“The city will be going into places where it has never gone before,” he said. “Maspeth is an example of that.”

Maspeth residents have resisted furiously, staging marches at a Holiday Inn that the city plans to turn into a shelter; the Long Island home and another business of the Holiday Inn’s owner; and even the Brooklyn home of DHS Commissioner Steve Banks.

Banks, before accepting a position in the de Blasio administration, spent the better part of two decades battling the city in the courts over homeless issues.

“In many ways I feel Maspeth residents acted inappropriately,” de Blasio said, claiming Banks has received a threat against himself and his family.

The NYPD confirmed for the Chronicle that Banks reported an anonymous threatening phone call, but declined a Freedom of Information request to release a copy of the report.

De Blasio said, in line with attempts to keep the homeless within their communities, that 250 Maspeth residents are listed as homeless. The DHS has said it cannot confirm the figure.

Rivers accused the mayor of using Maspeth as a smokescreen.

“In the time you have been negotiating a shelter in Maspeth, two more have opened up in Community Board 12,” he told de Blasio.

An issue that recently has gone hand-in-hand with shelters in the area is a vast increase in the number of hotels of various sizes that either are under construction or moving through the approval process in Southeast Queens.

Some of the larger, national hotel chains appear genuinely interested in catering to guests from John F. Kennedy International Airport and the Long Island Rail Road’s Jamaica Station hub, which provides quick and direct access to both JFK and Manhattan.

Rivers added, however, that at least two large chains in the area have been accepting DHS clients.

It is the smaller ones that residents and civic leaders fear are more likely to be converted to shelters, or at least to house large numbers of homeless with the city picking up the tab.

Jacqueline McMorris DeLisser of Jamaica lives near a pair of small hotels being built within two blocks of each other on and at the north end of Waltham Street. She said the clustering of some developments have her and her neighbors terrified for what may be coming.

“What are you going to do to stop the hotels?” DeLisser asked.

De Blasio did say there are some things the city could look at like zoning changes that could reduce things like the number of hotels that could be approved in business zones that overlay the ends of streets zoned residential.

“It’s about determining what’s suitable for the neighborhood,” he said.


Dynamic Collision4We want an answer for that question, which we as residents have not received to this date.

So here we go again, with Dynamic Collission (92-21 147 Pl) placing their junked cars on sidewalks in our community without any regard to laws and showing such little respect for the community they do business in. AND this definitely goes for all those auto body shops on Merrick Blvd.

Where are all Southeast Queens NYPD precincts on this, where are our local elected officials, where is Community Board 12 on this, especially Adrienne Adams, who is the community board chairperson, who is running for Senate (and we should vote for you) and District Manager Yvonne Reddick.

I have yet heard one power that be explain why laws are not being enforced with these auto body shops who have turned our community into their own private junk yard with both our public streets and public sidewalks.

WE WANT ANSWERS for this blatant illegal behavior that would NOT be tolerated in Forest Hills.

I work in Manhattan on West 57th Street and 11th Ave. There is an auto body shop on that street that is way more busy than any of these hood places and NOT ONE car is on the street or on the sidewalk EVER. It would not be tolerated.

So why it is completely tolerated in a community of color. Why is their a complete lack of enforcement on this issue. Why are our elected officials not speaking out on this and doing something about this. Just another quality of life issue being completely ignored like the several dozen that get ignored continuously from illegal garbage dumping to tractor trailers parked overnight on our streets and everything in between. Why doesn’t the media start asking the hard questions to our elected officials and city agencies on this issue. Why aren’t you holding them accountable and demanding answers NOT EXCUSES. Where is Queens Borough President Melinda Katz who is always talking about the “Jamaica Now Action Plan” which should be changed to Jamaica Now Non-Action Plan. Ms. Katz, would you allow this in your community, on your block? What is your answer?

Can I have one of you on my email list of so-called “powers that be” willing to give me an answer.

Only Senator Tony Avella (my senator) has stepped into this and none of these shops are in his district. Leroy Comrie is the senator for those areas and Daneek Miller is councilmember.

Community Board 13 District Manager, Maria Adam-Ovide ALWAYS answers my emails when I contact her about a problem on the North Side of Hillside. Not only does she answer me in a timely manner, she give a through explanation on the laws and what actions she will take to see that the problem is taken care of quickly. Nothing likes this at all with my own community board.

The inaction by all of you is totally appalling and has become so expected in this community. You are all just as bad as these thug auto body shops showing such a lack of respect for this community by your action on an issue that is completely ILLEGAL.  It is obvious that black lives DON’T matter to any of you.

Dynamic Collision4garbage and trucks7.1.16 008garbage and trucks7.1.16 007garbage and trucks7.1.16 005garbage and trucks7.1.16 025Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 015Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 023Autobody2Garbage & Cars6.18.16 058Garbage & Cars6.18.16 111

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 107Garbage & Cars6.18.16 079Garbage & Cars6.18.16 075Garbage & Cars6.18.16 068Garbage & Cars6.18.16 013



Unlike in Community Board 8 district, which they are actually doing something to finally combat that garbage problem on Hillside Avenue ( the powers that be in District 12 (Community Board 12, Senator Leroy Comrie, Councilman Ruben Wills & I. Daneek Miller, Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and the many church leaders, whose blocks have mounds of garbage) have turned a complete blind eye to the garbage problem, the illegal commercial truck parking, the illegal truck driving on residential streets, the illegal blocking of sidewalks by stores on Jamaica Ave, the awful & dangerous conditions of our streets,  the thug auto body shops that have turned our community into an open air junkyard and unlicensed cars scattered all over. Oh, they know it is there, they have just not properly addressed any of this or taken actions to stop all this nonsense which has been going on for years and much of it in the same damn places over and over again. You know DAMN well NONE of this would take place in Forest Hills, so why Jamaica.

So again I will ask who is getting paid off to look the other way? You have all taken ONE BIG SHIT on this community by your turning a blind eye, not only your inactivity to not only address the problems, but solve them. You are disgraceful and the community and the photos below are PROOF of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. You can blame the people (and some businesses) BUT you are supposed to be the public servants and you have not done your jobs at all for years and decades with these ongoing issues. AND MEDIA, why are you not asking the hard questions with these “leaders” and asking WHY and demanding a legit answer. You need to hold these elected officials ACCOUNTABLE and you are not doing that.

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Commercial vehicle sitting for who knows how long.

Commercial vehicle sitting for who knows how long.

Totally Illegal blocking of sidewalk. Pretty Girl is one of many stores on Jamaica Ave doing this. Besides making it difficult to manuever, it is low-class ghetto/third world country EYESORE.

Totally Illegal blocking of sidewalk. Pretty Girl is one of many stores on Jamaica Ave doing this. Besides making it difficult to manuever, it is low-class ghetto/third world country EYESORE.

Rufus King and Crap6.11.16 050

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 058





How many huge trucks destroyed this.

How many huge trucks destroyed this.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 097

The back of the house

The back of the house

This was the deli that closed a few years ago for dealing drug, guess it is opened for business again. SLOBS.

This was the deli that closed a few years ago for dealing drug, guess it is opened for business again. SLOBS.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 032

This woman was actually picking up things out of those bags like this was the 170 St LIRR flea market.

This woman was actually picking up things out of those bags like this was the 170 St LIRR flea market.

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Monica interviewing woman pushing stroller who could not use the sidewalk and had to struggle over the grate.

Monica interviewing woman pushing stroller who could not use the sidewalk and had to struggle over the grate.

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How that get there

How that get there

A Bonus. Car without plates sitting on weekend at NE corner of 168Pl and 93rd Ave

A Bonus. Car without plates sitting on weekend at NE corner of 168Pl and 93rd Ave

Private Waste truck driving ILLEGALLY on residential street

Private Waste truck driving ILLEGALLY on residential street


South Ozone illegal parkingThis was brought to my attention from a reader in South Ozone Park who stated that a large commercial tractor trailer truck parks for days in front of a bus stop, which is next to PS 124 on 130th street and 150th Ave. On June 18th, he filed a 311 complaint and got this message back.

South ozone Illegal parking2

I then filed a complaint since the vehicle to this day is still sitting in the same spot and got this response.

Service Request #: C1-1-1266602141
Date Submitted: 06/18/16 7:32:19 PM
Request Type: Illegal Parking
Details: Overnight Commercial Storage

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.

WOW, I don’t know what the deal is with the 106 precinct, but they certainly are not the 103rd. To make matters worse the elected councilman is useless, corrupt and deadbeat dad Ruben Wills (Happy Fathers Day Ruby), who never meet a pile of grease that he would not introduce to his palm. This is also Community Board 10’s area.

SO, 106th, WANT TO EXPLAIN????