“Our voices matter, we matter……….As we continue to not  say anything, things like this will continue to come into our community and other communities”.

Michelle Keeler-Community Board 12 Member

Of course Senator Comrie and Councilman Miller did not show up for this first protest, guess they were too busy preparing the canned bullshit speech at the Rufus King Park Holiday Tree lighting that evening. You know, one must have priorities. And of course not a peep out of BP Melinda Katz, not one peep out of her on this whole homeless shelter dumping bullshit, NOT ONE PEEP. Remember that voters if you even give a shit. And nowhere to be seen was totally useless Assembly Member Vivian Cook, yet you folks voted this dumb do nothing bitch back in office for the umpteenth time, yet her opponent from the most recent elected, Rodney Reed was out in the freezing weather giving his support and speaking.

And this is why so much of Jamaica is the way it is and why so much shit gets dumped here, most residents don’t give a fucking flying. They can’t bother to come out to protest on a important issue, they can’t bother to file numerous quality of life complaints, they can’t bother to get involved and they continue to vote in the same old do nothing Southeast Queens Democratic Black Gangsters who have proven for decades they don’t give a shit about this community. When you had a chance to put in fresh Rodney Reed, you put in same old (and I mean OLD), do nothing Vivian Cook.

You get the community you deserve.


From Queens Crap:

Residents come out for South Jamaica hotel protest

At the corner of 115th Avenue and Guy R. Brewer Blvd, a developer is building a hotel which residents fear will become a hot sheets type place or a homeless shelter.

You can see in the video that this property abuts the LIRR trestle. A large MTA bus depot sits across the street.

A group of residents braved the cold weather yesterday to protest this project at this unfortunate location.

There is an advantage to being able to see the writing on the wall.


Talk about Democracy, the very corrupt Queens Democratic machine is already saying to the Queens sheeple that BP Melinda Katz will have a 2nd term, even way before the election even takes place. How fucking arrogant, but then again the people here in Queens are such stupid jackasses, since they voted for this political whore who does not have the constituents or the Borough’s best interest in mind. I mean it was these fools who did vote three times for the dunce Helen Marshall and then Claire “Bulldog” Schulman. And all three are responsible for the destruction of Queens, which started with former BP Donald Manes.

When asked if Sliwa’s platform of tackling corruption could earn him enough votes to be a threat, Krasner said it was highly doubtful, as the relatively popular Katz is on track to handily win a second term as borough president. “Even a serious challenger on the Democratic side, where we all know the real competition is, would be running very much uphill against Melinda,” he said. “I’m sure she’ll outraise anyone that comes along, including Curtis.”

But who is Katz actually popular with, well, since she is a political whore, lobbyists, real estate developers and anyone who is crooked and stupid people.

Hear out Sliwa in the article below and he is right on the money with the condition of Queens. I don’t get it, don’t you fools see how the crooked Democratic Machine in Queens is fucking this entire borough up and does not give a shit about you. Ask yourself how many corrupt figures have gone to jail, how many are up on corruption charges and then look at the borough and the conditions. Do the fucking math.

Yes, the human species is DEVOLVING.



The Queens Chronicle:

Bring it on: Sliwa to run for borough prez

Guardian Angels head will seek GOP nod in race against Melinda Katz

Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2016 10:30 am | Updated: 12:48 pm, Thu Apr 28, 2016.

The race for Queens borough president won’t be decided at the polls for over a year, but things are already heating up — and getting personal — on the campaign trail.

After floating a possible BP bid in a speech to the Queens Republican Party two weeks ago, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa exclusively told the Chronicle last Thursday he will run as a Republican against incumbent Democrat Melinda Katz, his longtime ex-partner and the mother of his two youngest children.

“Absolutely,” Sliwa said after he addressed the Juniper Park Civic Association’s meeting. “No doubt about it.”

The controversial radio talk show host added that his wide-ranging, passionate speech to the crowd of over 100 incredibly enthusiastic supporters in Middle Village was his first “unofficial” campaign stop in his quest to knock the “corrupt” Queens Democratic Party down a peg.

“It’s nothing against Melinda,” he told the Chronicle, “it’s just all roads that give the Queens County Democratic machine a badly needed colonic lead through the borough presidency because that’s where the patronage is.”

He didn’t disparage Katz in his speech or his interview with this paper, even going out of his way on multiple occasions to “swear that she’s not corrupt.”

However, he thrashed — and even personally insulted — city agencies like the Department of Transportation and elected officials like Gov. Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, Rep. Joe Crowley (D-Bronx, Queens), Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Glendale) and others for only worrying about themselves, not their constituents.

“This is the most corrupt Democratic organization in America, bar none,” he said. “Even more corrupt than Cook County in Illinois, Chicago.

“When it comes to corruption,” the 62-year-old added, “my nose is very good.”

Sounding like a candidate courting Middle Village and surrounding neighborhoods, Sliwa took the city to task on various hyperlocal issues, earning cheers as he slammed the DOT for not resurfacing parts of Woodhaven Boulevard.

“If I’m running a shop, if I’m selling tires and rims, if I’m doing adjustments, if I’m putting in ball bearings, I’m loving it because my business is booming,” he said. “What the hell is the Department of Transportation doing? Why aren’t they removing asphalt and paving one of the most vital tributaries in the borough of Queens and the city of New York?”

He even ripped the city for allowing sidewalk garbage cans to overflow at times throughout southwest Queens.

“When they store garbage in your neighborhood, they are telling you that you are garbage,” Sliwa added, talking about the area’s elected officials. “They’re sending a message to all of you.”

He also took a shot at the city over the aesthetic appearance of Willets Point, saying New York Mets fans streaming into Citi Field shouldn’t have to think their team plays in a third world country.

“Every street in Willets Point looks worse than Kabul, Afghanistan,” he said. “I may not like the Mets, but you deserve paved roads around the National League champion’s stadium.”

When it comes to actually campaigning against Katz, Sliwa admitted to the Chronicle that he hasn’t thought enough about what impact, if any, such a race would have on their two elementary school-aged sons.

But he said it wouldn’t stop him from campaigning hard against the woman who broke up with him in November 2014, as he plans to “pull no punches.”

“To be honest with you, I haven’t given it as much thought as I should have,” he said when asked about his kids, “but I think because they’ve grown up in a political household with two high-profile parents who already slugged it out in the newspapers and family court, at some point they’ll read it all anyway. And I’ll be able to explain it if she lets me near them.”

When reached for comment on Tuesday, a spokesperson for Katz said in an email the borough president had no interest in publicly commenting on Sliwa.

“The borough president’s children are now old enough to read the papers and Google their parents’ names,” Sharon Lee said. “As such, the borough president will reserve any further comment on the father of her children at this time.”

Despite receiving an enthusiastic welcome and encouragement from the Juniper Park Civic Association and its influential president, Bob Holden, Queens College political science professor Michael Krasner said the twice-married Sliwa has “zero chance” to win a political race that will likely resemble a “soap opera.”

“I would bet my whole next year’s salary on her unless she gets caught in an egregious act of child abuse in Macy’s or something,” Krasner said in a Monday phone interview. “I can’t imagine her losing. She’s such a good politician and she knows how to play the game.”

When asked if Sliwa’s platform of tackling corruption could earn him enough votes to be a threat, Krasner said it was highly doubtful, as the relatively popular Katz is on track to handily win a second term as borough president.

“Even a serious challenger on the Democratic side, where we all know the real competition is, would be running very much uphill against Melinda,” he said. “I’m sure she’ll outraise anyone that comes along, including Curtis.”

In order to become borough president, Sliwa must move from Brooklyn to Queens, something he said he was in the early stages of planning.

According to the New York City Charter, the Guardian Angels founder — who was shot multiple times during a 1992 kidnapping attempt by members of the Gambino crime family — must be a resident of Queens by Election Day and remain in the borough throughout the entirety of his term.

While former partners running against each other for public office appears to be a first in the borough’s history, according to Krasner, a few similar cases have grabbed headlines in other parts of the nation over the last few years.

In May 2012, Mark Schimel made national news by announcing he would run as a Republican against Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel (D-Nassau), his estranged wife of 32 years and the mother of his two children.

The Nassau County Republican Party nominated him to run against the incumbant, but he dropped out of the race a week later, citing the “sensationalizing” of the contest by the media had overshadowed the race itself.

Last year, Kim Faulker received considerable media attention when she declared she would run against incumbent Bremerton, Wash. city Councilman Ron Runyon — her husband of 12 years — saying the district needed a more qualified representative with a more steady-handed approach to the issues.

Both Runyon and Faulker were handily defeated in last August’s primary, while the former again lost in a landslide to the same opponent in November’s general election.



The way I look at it anything (well almost anything) is better than what we have now (Katz) and what we have had in the past (Marshall, Schulman, Manes) who have all fucked up Queens royally.


From Queens Courier:

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/	Mahmood Al-Yousif

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/ Mahmood Al-Yousif
Curtis Sliwa announced that he will be running for Queens Borough President in 2017.

Curtis Sliwa, the ex-partner of current Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and father of her two children, announced last night that he would officially run for her seat as a Republican in 2017.

Sliwa, a talk show host on WABC-AM and founder of the international volunteer patrol organization Guardian Angels, attended the Juniper Park Civic Association in Middle Village on Thursday night, where he spoke about the “corrupt” and ineffective Democratic Party, railing on everyone from Mayor Bill de Blasio to Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and Congressman Joe Crowley.

“What is the most corrupt democratic county in America now?” Sliwa asked the audience. “Does anyone know? Crook [sic] County, Illinois? No, [it] pales in comparison to Queens County, the democratic corrupt machine.”

He announced the run as a possibility last week at a gala for the Queens County Republican Party, according to DNAinfo. But he made it clear last night to a full house at the Our Lady of Hope auditorium that he would indeed be running against Katz, with whom he has a very personal history.

As documented in the


I hope this is true. Sliwa is more in tune with Queens and the problems than his idiot ex Katz, who seems to do so little for the Borough and certain areas like Jamaica. At least Curtis publicly states what is wrong with Queens such as the huge amount of illegal conversions.

Katz, like de Blasio has been a MAJOR disappointment to constituents.


From DNAInfo New York:

Curtis Sliwa Threatens a Run for Queens Borough President Against His Ex

 Curtis Sliwa trashed his ex, Melinda Katz, at a spring gala for the Queens Republican party.

Curtis Sliwa trashed his ex, Melinda Katz, at a spring gala for the Queens Republican party. View Full Caption

DNAinfo/Katie Honan

CORONA — A scorned Curtis Sliwa trashed his ex, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, at a gala for the Queens Republican Party on Monday — threatening to run against her for the seat.

The crime-fighting radio host was the “master of ceremonies” at the political group’s dinner at Terrace on the Park, which also featured a speech from guest of honor Heidi Cruz, wife of presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

He spent most of the time not talking about the area’s elected Republicans — City Councilman Eric Ulrich, who represents District 32 which covers from Woodhaven to the Rockaways — but against Queens Democrats, who he called the city’s most corrupt politicians.

He talked about Election Day 2014, when he went to vote in Forest Hills and was proud to support a full slate of Republican votes.

The Guardian Angel then talked about his trip home — to find that Katz had dumped him.

“I walked to [Katz’s house] and the locks had been changed and I got booted to the curb by the Queens Borough President — the democrat Melinda Katz,” he said, sharing her full home address with the packed crowd.

He then asked party boss and former Congressman Bob Turner for his support to return to Queens and run for office.

“A lot of people have suggested over the years, ‘maybe it’s time Curtis, maybe it’s time, you know, you’ve been shot, you’ve been stabbed, your personal life was in the tabloids, maybe you ought to come back to Queens?,” he said.

Sliwa was stabbed in 1988 in London while working towards expanding the Guardian Angels. He was shot in 1992 in a hit allegedly ordered by a son of former mob boss John Gotti, a frequent target of the radio host.

“And if there is one race that I would run, it would be the Republican candidate to be the next Queens borough president. Now wouldn’t that be a race?”

Through the years Sliwa has joked about a run for the seat. It’s not clear where he currently lives.

Katz and Sliwa have two children together. Her office declined comment.


Below is a very astute and extremely accurate assessment of Queens Borough President Melinda Katz from a commenter on the website Queens Crap:

Two douche bags: Katz and Marshall

Two douche bags: Katz and Marshall

Anonymous said…

Today’s New York Daily News article on the unusual Queens Borough President race touched on something that political savvy people may know – but most Queens residents unfortunately do not know. But the average residents of Queens need to know & cannot sleepwalk through this year’s QBP race on November 5th.

Melinda Katz has lived a life of wealth & privilege, with political mentors who either ended up in jail or were hit with the largest improper lobbying fine in the history of New York City. Campaign finance records are inescapable. Melinda Katz is figuratively a wholly-owned subsidiary of mega-wealthy developers and mega-wealthy people in general (like just one of her big time donors, Republican John Catsimatidis). They are the embodiment of the infamous “1%” This is a fact that is clearly shown in the campaign finance records that anyone could look up. Perhaps someone could do so & post the pages and pages of Ms. Katz’s mega-contributors to let objective viewers see for themselves. [And also see the recent photo on John Catsimatidis’ Facebook page with Melinda Katz, John Catsimatidis who anointed her in his words as the future Queens Borough President, 2 bank CEO’s and a newspaper publisher]. Ms. Katz loves socializing and getting mega money from Republicans and Democrats alike – yet pretends to hate all things Republican when she shamelessly asks working families to cough up even more money. The developers are salivating at the thought of their friend & enabler Melinda Katz as Queens Borough President. Their collaboration has made them all a lot of money for over two decades. If Ms. Katz is elected, the “green” thing that will matter most to her & her development donors are the dollars that will line their pockets. They are the “1%” wolves in sheep’s clothing. The developers know that she will continue to be an invaluable rubber stamp for them in their efforts – & they know that there is money to be made in Queens over the next 4 years if she gets elected. Not for average citizens, working class families, or homeowners who worry about the quality of life in the residential parts of their neighborhoods – but for the developers, for the Queens County Democratic Political Machine that is apparently eager to get their cut no matter what happens, and for Melinda. And her wealthy patrons and development financiers will be expecting a LOT of favors from her for all of that cash. Developers do not tend to give any campaigns extensive amounts of money just for fun – so a Katz victory will mean those IOUs will have to get paid to the detriment of regular people in Queens. I am a Democrat, not a Republican. I live in & love Queens, & so do my family & friends. And anyone who lives here knows we get the short end of the stick and it has been that way for decades. This one particular race is unusual – which is why it was in today’s Daily News. There is a 6 to 1 ratio of Democrats over Republicans. But in this one race, it is the guy running as a Republican QBP candidate who is clearly not on the payroll of the developers. I have heard him speak. I was pleasantly surprised, he was a breath of fresh air, & he seemed like a decent working class guy. If you are a Democrat, please do not just reflexively vote down party lines if it includes Queens Borough President. Do not vote for this greedy, unprincipled, proven train wreck of a woman who you know in your heart that you don’t really want to have to listen to for a minimum of 4 years. And that is not even taking into consideration us having to listen to the hateful & immoral Curtis Sliwa who among many things, hates Queens, hates Democrats, hates dressing like an actual adult, and will gleefully enjoy spewing his stupidity, racism and bigotry as the official first man of Queens.

I’m sick of the same old politicians like Katz. It took me a while to figure out how to spell his last name, but I will vote for Arcabascio for Queens Borough President on November 5th. I hope others will as well.tony-for-queens

Sunday, October 13, 2013