katz crapSo the continuation of turning the entire SE Queens into HOMELESS SHELTER VILLAGE rages on with this coffee shop turned drop-in, transitional shelter. And look at this bullshit: The shelter will only see 10 homeless people per day until next year, when that will go up to 50 and ultimately 125. Fucking really, from 10 to 125 homeless. WHAT THE FUCK. Also if you take let’s say a 40 block radius of that area, exactly how many homeless people are in that range, I bet it is not even 5, yet the powers that be felt the need to do more homeless dumping into areas which are already hit hard with tons of quality of life issues. I mean how the fuck are some communities suppose to improve when you keep poisoning the well water.

So power that be tell me how many new homeless shelters have been put in Brooklyn within this past year or LIC or Forest Hills or Rego Park or Upper West & East side, West Village, Park Slope, SoHo?  HOW FUCKING MANY?


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From Queens Chronicle:

Breaking Ground will phase homeless in

Group looked at alternative locations


 Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2017 10:30 am | Updated: 1:34 pm, Fri Jan 27, 2017.

After looking at alternative sites, Breaking Ground and the Department of Social Services, which oversees the Department of Homeless Services, have decided to slowly phase homeless people into a drop-in, transitional shelter on Atlantic Avenue, leaders for both groups told Community Board 9’s executive committee members Tuesday.

“This process has been one that’s like a slow-moving train,” said Matt Borden of the DSS. “We are going forward with this location.”

The location in question is 100-32 Atlantic Ave., the former site of Dallis Bros. Coffee Inc. Breaking Ground, the nonprofit that will operate the Ozone Park site, is in the process of finalizing its lease.

Claire Sheedy, vice president of Breaking Ground’s housing operations, said the group looked at one promising alternative site — and several less promising ones — but the owner of it was not interested in leasing it for the use of providing services to homeless people. The shelter will only see 10 homeless people per day until next year, when that will go up to 50 and ultimately 125. Responding to requests from the community, it will not provide services to registered sex offenders. The site is less than 200 feet from a public high school.



When government works well (and it does sometimes), it really works well, BUT when it doesn’t (which is so much of the time anymore) it is FUCKING BAD. Usually things are put into place without any damn thought or what the consequences will be, government just runs shit through and then worries about when hell breaks loose later down the road after so much damage is done.  Like the homeless situation, this city started just dumping homeless shelters (and illegal ones to boot – hotels) into “certain” communities and usually communities, like Jamaica, which already have major amounts of problems without adding more shit to the  list. And of course there was no thought given to proper security where many of these shelters have very problematic people (drug addicts, mentally ill, violent ex-cons, etc.).

Well, now the hardest working agency in the city, the NYPD, is overseeing security in all the homeless shelters in this city. DumbBlasio, you think you should have thought that one out before you began dumping shelters in vulnerable communities and warehousing of human beings.

On another related issue, one of the worst city agencies, DHS (Department of Homeless Services) with  asshole Commissioner Steve Banks is asking New Yorkers to volunteer for its annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate, known as HOPE, to assist the agency in estimating the number of people living on the streets, in parks, subways, and other public spaces across the city.

Sorry folks, but I am tired of this whole constant “volunteer” bullshit. While that is great when our economy is booming for everyone, everyone is working a ONE job with an actual livable working wage (as opposed to working two, three low-paying jobs) and where half of people’s paychecks are not going to housing in this ridiculously expensive city, which does not need to be so expensive, asking people to volunteer their very little free time to begin with to count homeless is a fucking insult. Why don’t you Banks and your entire agency go out and count homeless, I mean that is your fucking job to begin with, you get paid a hefty salary and live in Brooklyn where you don’t have a homeless shelter in your neighborhood. WHAT FUCKING NERVE.

Here is my thought on those who SHOULD volunteer to count the homeless:

  1. City Council  Members & Assembly Members, plus all their staff : There are 51 council members & 150 assembly members and they hardly do any fucking work as it is and get paid a nice big salary, way more than the hardworking average New Yorker. Hell if asshole Councilman Ruben Wills can pull a fucking dumb stunt like “playing homeless”, on the tax payer’s dime,  like he did a few years ago, he can go out and count them (
  2. Mayor deBlasio and his entire administration: I mean you helped to create all this nonsense, then you and you entire staff count the homeless and not just for an hour to do a photo op.
  3. BIG MOUTH LIBERAL CELEBRITIES: All these loud mouth overpaid celebrity actors, sports figures musicians, models, artists, etc who love to talk about these issues as long as they don’t have to see these issues where they live, GO OUT AND COUNT. And especially those from the hip/hop, rap world, where many of these shelters are dumped in communities of color.
  4. Religious “leaders”: NYC and especially Queens is filled with a gazillion number of churches from big ass Catholic behemoths & big money AME (Floyd Flake) to shitty store front black, Hispanic and Asian churches. If every single one of these leaders of churches and a handful of those devoted followers  went out, you would not need to ask the regular folks at all.
  5. Mega rich white folks of NYC on Park Avenue, Upper East Side and other neighborhoods where you will never see a homeless shelter or piece of garbage, go out and count.

STOP asking overworked and over burdened hard working average New Yorkers to do “free work” that your agency should be doing or at the very least pay people to do it, pay the unemployed, pay the ex-cons just getting out of jail,  pay all the young people in communities like Jamaica who are not working, hell, pay some of the damn homeless to count their own brothers and sisters. Just leave the rest of us out of your damn bullshit that you helped to create and turn “homelessness” into BIG BUSINESS.

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From Queens Times Ledger:

NYPD is overseeing security at city homeless shelters

The NYPD has taken over the management of security at Department of Homeless Services shelters citywide. Nearly 700 DHS peace officers have already been retrained and security plans at all locations have been reviewed and enhancements were made where needed.

NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill pointed out that “2016 was the safest year on record in New York City.”

He added, “We will bring our crime-fighting expertise to assist the Department of Homeless Services in making their facilities more secure, with both out management team and the training of peace officers.”

While DHS supervisors have tasers, peace officers will not be armed but were trained to do a better job of keeping weapons out of shelters, defusing tense encounters, dealing with the mentally ill and preventing domestic violence. Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered an NYPD review of DHS security in March.

“The NYPD is among the premier policing and security organizations in the world and having them work with Commissioner Steve Banks to manage security at our homeless shelters will ensure the best possible approach to providing safety for both shelter residents and the neighborhoods where the shelters are located,” de Blasio said.

Last week, NYPD Deputy First Commissioner Benjamin Tucker joined Banks, the head of the Department of Social Services, to announce the program at One Police Plaza. Deputy Chief Edward Thompson will lead the team off 22 NYPD personnel who will oversee all DHS security while analyzing incident data to evaluate risks and inform policy and staffing decisions at shelters.

“DHS’ security plan, including the new key NYPD role, demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the individuals and families DHS is entrusted with protecting,” Banks said. “DHS work with the NYPD management team has already resulted in the implementation of critical improvements to the shelter security measures that had been in place for many years.”

Meanwhile, DHS is asking New Yorkers to volunteer for its annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate, known as HOPE, to assist the agency in estimating the number of people living on the streets, in parks, subways, and other public spaces across the city. HOPE 2017 will held Jan. 23 from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. and DHS will need a minimum of 3,000 volunteers to collect vital information that will augment the HOME-STAT quarterly nighttime street counts that helped 690 street homeless transition off the streets.

“It’s essential to know how many New Yorkers need our services, and the HOPE count is an important part of that,” Banks said. “Now with the Mayor’s HOME-STAT initiative, we are greatly increasing our outreach program to help bring people in from the streets, and we will have more information about homelessness on the streets going forward.”

The HOPE count began in 2003 with 1,000 volunteers in Manhattan and now covers all five boroughs. Over 3,800 New Yorker volunteered for HOPE 2016, a record total.

Those interested in volunteering should visit to register.



No cute homeless story about some little girl with a teddy bear, just more of the problematic homeless situation that is blowing up in this city due to complete incompetence of this Mayor, this administration and the Department of Homeless Services. From problematic run homeless shelters that get dumped into certain areas like Jamaica to the warehousing of the homeless like cattle led to the slaughter. In the meantime, the homeless are not being properly helped, communities are deteriorating from an  influx of these disgustingly poorly run shelters which effect the quality of life in communities and lower property values to having some of the walking dead homeless terrorize neighborhoods. And let’s not forget the takeover of the really bad smelling homeless not only on the subway platforms but in the subway cars as hard working tax payers go to work with the horrible smell, not to mention the unhealthy situation caused by these folks, including BED BUGS (NYC has the worse bed bug situation in the country). AND this, especially to all you loud mouth far left liberals who are always sticking up for the homeless as long as you don’t have to see them in your hood or have tons of shelters dumped into your community, is why most people do not want the homeless and shelters in our communities, especially single men shelters. They are poorly run, dangerous and now drug dealing places, which have fucked up communities big time.

Yesterday I posted a story on yet another hotel turned homeless shelter on Jamaica Avenue in the downtown section without a certificate of occupancy where the city was literally trucking in homeless through the back door so no one would see ( JQ LLC of the blog Impunity City had this comment on that situation.

I like how they ship the destitute to the back of the hotel as a truck would ship freight, this is literally the shipping and warehousing of human lives.

City sanctioned obfuscation. And as that quoted distressed homeowner illustrated, this is to devalue the town for plundering by the oligarch property barons. The oldest and heinous trick in the book.

REBNY is in control of this state now. The homeless just bring down the market rates of their members ugly glass tumors/towers, so you got to keep them hidden.

Our officials, as with other cities, think that towers and coffee shops eradicate abject poverty. This is not going to turn out well for anyone, even the stupid frivolous spending demographic they are trying to attract.

Winter is here, expect crime to rise. You can’t stay in your condo crawlspace and order everything online forever. And there are lot of bitter people, displaced, disenfranchised, and desperate on the streets 20 floors below. The NYPD is too busy protecting Trump and his properties and producing pop-up agitprop for our corrupt mayor.

The chickens will come home to roost because of this insidious city planning and developer collusion.

It’s already happening.

YEP, no cute little homeless girl with a teddy bear here folks.cute-homeless-girl

Just the dangerous unstable homeless that make up a large portion of this population coming to a neighborhood near you.

Your typical homeless crazy.

Your typical homeless crazy.












The Daily News:

Man suspected of selling heroin, cocaine at Manhattan homeless shelter arrested, four others nabbed for drug possession

drug-dealing-homelessThe NYPD arrested four residents of the Bellevue Homeless Shelter on drug possession charges, including one man who allegedly had 39 bags of heroin and 67 bags of crack cocaine.

(Richard Harbus for New York Daily News)

A Manhattan homeless shelter has quietly been a hotbed of drug busts, with police making at least four arrests in the last week, the Daily News has learned.

The revelation comes as the NYPD plans a major announcement about shelter security on Friday.

Cops busted four residents of the Bellevue Men’s Shelter for drug possession on Tuesday and Wednesday, police sources said.

An undercover sting at the E. 30th St. facility also led to the arrest of a 63-year-old man for possession with intent to sell last month, authorities said.

drug-dealing-homeless-jpg2Heroin abuse in city shelters is on the rise, officials say.

(FotoMaximum/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Gilberto Sosa had 39 bags of heroin and 67 bags of crack cocaine when narcotics investigators executed a search warrant there on Dec. 1, sources said.

Though officials wouldn’t reveal what they’re announcing, sources said the NYPD is expected to take a larger official role in shelter security.

In March, Mayor de Blasio ordered the NYPD to begin retraining security staffers at the city’s shelters, as part of art of a broader city plan to reduce violence in a system that houses nearly 58,000 residents every night.

drug-dealing-homeless-jpg3Mayor de Blasio ordered the NYPD in March to retrain security staff at homeless shelters.

(Christie M. Farriella for New York Daily News)

De Blasio’s order came as the News revealed the contents of hundreds of internal reports detailing horrific violence in the city’s shelters.

Deven Black, 62, a homeless former teacher, was nearly decapitated in a grisly slaying at an East Harlem shelter last January.

Weeks later, Rebecca Cutler, 26, and her three children were viciously attacked in a Staten Island hotel turned homeless shelter by her jealous boyfriend. Cutler, 1-year-old Ziana and 4-month old Maliyah died. Miracle, 2, survived.

In April, police found 55-year-old Marcus Guerreiro strangled and slashed to death in a room at the Bellevue Men’s Shelter. Police charged ex-con William Smith, 53, with his slaying.


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This article was from back in October 2016, but for some reason I seemed to have missed it. BUT anyway, more hotels being turned into homeless shelters under very shady ways.

How can the powers that be talk about the “revitalization” of Jamaica when every other day, another homeless shelter or supportive housing or drug clinic gets dumped into this community, where the majority of the people going into these places are not even from the community.

JAMAICA: Going from GHETTO to Homeless Shelter Village, either way this community is CRAP and gets more crappier as they talk more about “revitalization”

 A new hotel in Jamaica is currently used by the city to house homeless families.

A new hotel in Jamaica is currently used by the city to house homeless families.View Full Caption


From DNAInfo New York:

Homeless Put in Jamaica Hotel Before It Gets Certificate Of Occupancy: Docs

By  Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska and Katie Honan | October 7, 2016 5:06pm | Updated on October 9, 2016 2:04pm

 A new hotel in Jamaica is currently used by the city to house homeless families.

A new hotel in Jamaica is currently used by the city to house homeless families.View Full Caption

DNAinfo/Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

QUEENS — The city violated housing regulations by rushing homeless families into a new hotel on Jamaica Avenue before the necessary paperwork was completed, documents posted on the Department of Building’s website indicate.

The Department of Homeless Services confirmed to DNAinfo New York that it is currently renting rooms to house homeless families with children at the brand-new building at the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and 183rd Street which does not have any logo nor a reception area.

But neighbors, who said they were never informed that the building would be used to house the homeless, said that the city started placing families there before the building was even completed, they said.

 The hotel received its Temporary Certificate of Occupancy on Sept. 28, according to city records.

However residents said they first saw families being placed at the hotel on Sept. 11, and number of complaints about the issue that pre-date the certificate of occupancy were also posted on the DOB’s website.

On Sept. 19, one person called the city and said “people are moving in but front entrance is not open, people are going through the side entrance” and another reported “load of [SIC] buses of children” at the hotel.

On Sept. 22, still another person claimed that “there is a hotel with people living on the premises and there appears to be no certificate of occupancy.”

According to the DOB’s website, “no one may legally occupy a building until the Department has issued a Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy,” which states “a building’s legal use and/or type of permitted occupancy.”

The city downplayed the issue saying that the life safety systems at the hotel had been inspected and signed off before Sept. 28.

The owner of the property did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Neighbors and local officials complained that they felt ignored by the city.

“If I knew before that the shelter was going to open here I would do something,” said Fillah Kazi, who bought a house in the area four years ago.

In September, the operator of a Maspeth Holiday Inn slated to be converted into a homeless shelter backed away from his agreement with the city following ferocious opposition from the community.

Local Councilman Daneek Miller was also upset about the decision to house homeless families at the Jamaica Avenue hotel.

“My office remains opposed to any new shelters being placed within the district, particularly the disingenuous way this one was opened without any public notice,” he said. “Whether it is temporary or not, transparency is critical to ensure our goal of equitable housing for homeless across the City.”

Yvonne Reddick, district manager for Community Board 12, told DNAinfo that the DHS is supposed to inform community boards before using hotels for housing. However she only found out about the changes to the Jamaica Avenue building after the community began complaining about it.

She went to say that the board has “nothing against homelessness because at the end of the day any of us could be homeless, but everyone should get their fair share.”

To Reddick’s knowledge CB12, which includes Jamaica, Hollis, St. Albans and Springfield Gardens, currently has 11 shelters and eight hotels that are used to house homeless people, “the most in the borough of Queens.”

Two years ago, when the board had 10 shelters, it passed a resolution requesting a moratorium on building or expanding homeless shelters in the area. There were 22 shelters in Queens at the time.

DHS was not able to immediately provide the number of shelters currently in the area.

The agency said it began renting rooms at the hotel to deal with growing numbers of homeless people in the city.

“Each day, we are tasked with determining how to meet the City’s legal obligation to house tens of thousands of homeless New Yorkers, including families with children, who would otherwise be on the street,” Lauren Gray, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeless Services, said in an email to DNAinfo. “We are using commercial hotels as a bridge while we work to open new shelters across the city.”

There were nearly 60,000 residents in the city’s shelter system as of early October, the agency said.

“It used to be a quiet area, but now every day there is police, ambulances and fire trucks coming to this place,” said a neighbor who did not want his name to be used. He said he and his family lived and operated a small business in the area for about three decades.

“This is our neighborhood, we worked for this neighborhood,” he added. “They never even asked us if it’s OK to open it here.”


Sometimes I just want to bang my head into a wall when I hear such stupid shit like this. I mean REALLY, a councilman needs to actually say this to this fucking city. I would think this is just a given.

I mean this is like telling men, “You should not stick your dick into a meat grinder” or telling black men ” You should really not date or get involved with Kardashian women” or telling  women, “You should not let Bill Cosby buy you a drink” or telling voters “You really should not be voting for Donald Trump”.

I would think all of this is a given.

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From DNAInfo New York:

City Should Stop Contracting With Slumlords, Councilman Says After Tragedy

By Eddie Small | December 9, 2016 2:31pm | Updated on December 10, 2016 12:44pm
 Councilman Rafael Salamanca spoke outside of the building where two young girls were killed by a faulty radiator on Wednesday to announce his proposed legislation to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

Councilman Rafael Salamanca spoke outside of the building where two young girls were killed by a faulty radiator on Wednesday to announce his proposed legislation to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.View Full Caption

DNAinfo/Eddie Small

HUNTS POINT — A South Bronx councilman wants the city’s Department of Homeless Services to stop contracting with notorious landlords to help prevent tragedies like the recent deaths of two young girls fatally burned by a malfunctioning radiator.

Councilman Rafael Salamanca, who represents the district where 1-year-old Scylee Vayoh Ambrose and 2-year-old Ibanez Ambrose were burned to death after a broken radiator filled their room with hot steam, proposed a suite of bills in response to the tragedy outside of the victims’ apartment building at 720 Hunts Point Ave. on Friday.

One would ban the DHS from contracting with landlords who have outstanding stop-work orders or “C” violations, which the Department of Housing Preservation and Development classify as violations that are “immediately hazardous.”

 Moshe Piller, the landlord of the apartment where the two young girls died, had been renting it to the city under its cluster homeless shelter program.

“Here in the South Bronx, these landlords are getting paid above market value,” Salamanca said, “and it’s their responsibility to ensure that their families—the families that are put in these apartments—are safe.”

The bills would also require apartments in New York where children younger than 11 live to have barriers or covers around their radiators, which Salamanca compared to the city’s requirement for installing window guards, and mandate that DHS inspect radiators when they do their building inspections.

“When DHS comes in and they inspect apartments, whether it’s scatter sites, whether it’s clusters, whether it’s hotels or whether it’s an entire building that’s a shelter, they should check those radiators, and they should check those valves,” Salamanca said.

DHS does not comment on proposed legislation but will review it once it is introduced, according to agency spokeswoman Lauren Gray.

The tragedy at 720 Hunts Point Ave. occurred on Tuesday while the two girls were sleeping in the room with the faulty radiator and their dad was asleep in another room, according to Salamanca.

Their mother had gone out to run an errand, and the two parents went to check on their children shortly after she got back, only to find their room filled with steam, he said.

Salamanca also noted that the family had issues with the valve coming off of a radiator in another room of their apartment prior to Wednesday and said the problem may ultimately be with the pressure coming out of building’s boiler.

Salamanca is partnering with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. on the bill to stop DHS from contracting with landlords who have outstanding “C” violations or stop-work orders.

“The city should not be an enabler of greedy unscrupulous landlords,” Diaz said, “and even worse, we should not be giving them the money when they are not only greedy, but they are putting the lives of families and children at risk.”

Although Mayor Bill de Blasio described the tragedy as a “freak accident” on Thursday, Diaz said it was still unclear whether that was the case or whether factors such as criminal negligence or shoddy inspection work played a role as well.

He maintained that the city needs to do more to get rid of cluster sites and declined to say whether or not he felt this specific incident was the mayor’s fault.

“I still want to await for the investigation to be completed,” he said. “We don’t know whose fault it is yet.”


The article in The Daily News below stated this about the Ambroses, who came from Maine and plopped right into a homeless shelter and the other day, their very young daughters were killed due to a slumlord’s faulty building that the city does business with: “Did they come here for medical services for Scylee, who had a rare congenital malformation? Or was it, as their father Peter said, so the girls could grow up in a big city with big opportunities? Or was it because he knew the city must, under law, provide housing for him and his family if they couldn’t afford it?”

Let me answer that, since there has been plenty of information about the Ambroses. Both are drug addicts (not sure if they are recovering or still using), neither had full time jobs and obviously no kind of savings. Yet, with no savings, no jobs, they choose to have not one, but two kids, when they were not able to take care of themselves. He had run ins with the law as reported by The NY Post. There were also issues with child welfare, about 6 instances. They had family and friends in Maine, but none of them took them in. Wonder why, would you.

Then they move from way less expensive Maine and come to the most expensive city in the country with no job, no money, no savings.

ANSWER: They are fucking deadbeats who came to suck off the big NYC government tit, that we the tax payers have to foot the bill for deadbeats like this. This whole right to shelter bullshit is problematic. Look at places that have this in place and look at the size of those places homeless population and the problems: NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, all have major homeless issues.

Lets just be fucking real and speak the truth. The Ambroses should be the poster folks on just how fucked up this whole system is. On one had you have asshole elected officials and DHS who have are fucking up the city and the tax payers and on the other hand you have deadbeats like the Ambrose lining up to suck up that big fat tit.

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Appeared on Queens Crap:

It’s all about the “right to shelter”

From the Daily News:

We don’t know why the Ambrose family moved from Maine to New York City roughly a year ago. What we do know is that Ibanez Ambrose, 2, and Scylee Ambrose, 1, suffered terribly from severe burns before they died from exposure to radiator steam and might be alive today had their parents remained in Maine.

Did they come here for medical services for Scylee, who had a rare congenital malformation? Or was it, as their father Peter said, so the girls could grow up in a big city with big opportunities? Or was it because he knew the city must, under law, provide housing for him and his family if they couldn’t afford it?

It’s unclear how many people enter the homeless ranks only because they know New York City must, under court settlements and state regulations, provide them free housing.

Don’t get me wrong. The law is just, and I don’t oppose it. No one wants anyone, especially children, to be homeless. But given that the number of homeless people in New York City is not stabilizing despite a concerted and well-funded effort by Mayor de Blasio, city leaders should consider a public awareness campaign that lets people know that staying put, moving to a city with more affordable housing or doubling up with relatives may be a much better solution than entering a shelter system bursting at the seams.


Well, after the horrible news we got on election day of a Trump presidency, which will  more than likely see our country go back to the dark ages,  it is more than positive to see all  members, regardless of race, religion, etc come together in unity to opposed yet another homeless facility in a Queens neighborhood, Ozone Park.

Ozone Park made up of mostly families and many homeowners of all different races has no homeless in their community, yet the powers that be want to shove another homeless facility, which can see traffic of around 125 individuals into this community and to make matters even worse place it 250 feet from a school. These people are pissed off and for good reason, a facility such as this which can see people dropping in and out at all hours without any curfew, is putting 125 people before an entire community of hard working tax paying people. Again this is NOT an attack on homeless, but the continuous failure of this deBlasio administration and DHS to properly take care of homeless people as opposed to warehousing and dumping them in communities all over Queens.

I wonder how many of those assholes sitting at the head table who want to place this shelter in Ozone Park, how many of them have shelters in their community that they live on let alone on their block.

The failure of addressing the homeless issue in NYC and other cities  is the problem, not people voicing their concerns for the safety of their community. AND again where is the unethical Queens Borough President asshole Melinda Katz, who has NO homeless shelters in her community of Forest Hills or on her block. It is time for these fucking elected officials and other leaders to start walking the talk and start placing these facilities on your fucking blocks. LEAD by example or get the FUCK OUT.



From NY1:

Residents Outraged Over Proposed Homeless Facility in Ozone Park

By Shannan Ferry
Friday, November 11, 2016 at 04:12 PM EST

Click to see video

Click to see video

A proposal for a homeless facility in Ozone Park was met with fierce opposition Thursday night.  NY1’s Shannan Ferry filed the following report. 

A heated town hall meeting took place Thursday to discuss a proposed homeless facility in Ozone Park.

“We don’t know if there’s sex offenders in here, these people can’t survive on their own,” said resident Christopher Chopin.

The city is working with non-profit ‘Breaking Ground’ on the proposal to serve homeless men and women at a building on Atlantic Avenue.

They said the plan is designed to serve 75 drop-in clients who can stop by for services, and an additional 25-50 transitional housing residents.

Councilmember Ruben Wills and State Assemblyman Michael Miller hosted the meeting.  The goal was to give residents a chance to express their concerns to a panel of representatives behind the plan.

“This allows people to ask questions, and hopefully get some answers, whether they believe the answers or not, at least they are getting some answers, said Wills.

Answers that didn’t seem to sit well with most of the residents who attended, especially since organizers don’t plan to put a curfew in place.

“What happens if one day they’re not on their medication or they’re not receiving the help they need, or they just don’t want the help, and they attack one of our children?” said resident Ivette Hurtado.

Organizers argue they will have 24/7 security inside and outside of the building, and won’t let sex offenders in.

“Oftentimes it’s the street homeless who are at risk, our commitment is to make sure that the place is safe for all including the community,” said Daniel Tietz, Chief Special Services Officer, NYC Human Resources Administration.

There’s no word on when the shelter would be opened if it’s approved.

Councilman Wills said he wants to hold another meeting with a smaller group of residents soon.

Many residents said they plan to protest and rally until the plan is scrapped.

From Times Ledger:

Ozone Park residents oppose homeless center at rowdy meeting

During a press conference on the drop-in center in October, Ruben Wills shakes hands with a homeless woman who wandered into the event and defended people like herself who use the shelter system.

South Queens residents used a town hall meeting to voice their disdain for the proposed Ozone Park drop in center. The meeting, hosted by Councilman Ruben Wills (D- Jamaica) was filled with tension and disorganization.

Residents were totally against the proposed 100-32 Atlantic Ave. transitional home, just 250 feet away from the High School for Construction, Trades, Engineering and Architecture, saying the quality of life would drop and threatened the safety of the children.

The proposed transitional home would be run by the non-profit Breaking Grounds, which has several locations in all five boroughs. Breaking Grounds is a street outreach program that provides supportive temporary housing to the homeless while helping them find permanent housing. During their stay, the organization provides them with food, medical care and a place to sleep.

The panel of workers from the city Department of Homeless Services and Breaking Grounds tried to have an open conversation with residents but were constantly interrupted by jeers and chants saying “Put the shelter by your house!” and “Liar” most of the time they spoke. The frustrated crowd of about 150 people would randomly start yelling and groaning incoherently anytime something was said that was not agreed upon.

Wills acted more like a referee than a host, having to remind the crowd to allow the panel to finish answering questions at least 25 times throughout the night. Toward the end of the night Wills and the panel appeared to give up trying to have a civil conversation.

The biggest concern about the shelter was its proximity to the high school and the threat of sex offenders. DHS reassured residents that any possible sex offenders would be screened, but that was not enough to calm the crowd.

During the Q&A segment the same question was asked at least 10 times by members of the audience and received the same answer. Residents kept asking why this location? They were told repeatedly that different locations were scouted, but this fit the criteria for space, an answer that enraged the crowd.

A representative for DHS told the crowd that the agency’s decision was not finalized for this location and it was willing to look elsewhere, but so far the Atlantic Ave. site was the best suited for the drop-in center. He said winter is coming and a decision has to be reached soon, and so far there were no better alternatives.

Towards the end the DHS and Breaking Ground workers were clearly tired and refused to repeat themselves.

Marian Moore, assistant commissioner for street outreach for DHS, explained the difference between the drop-in center and a homeless shelter. She said the drop-in center was meant to combat homelessness in the area, not just house people without a place to live.

“The main primary focus of outreach is to get those folks off the street,” she said. “Those folks may be older adults who are medically frail so within the Queens community right now we don’t have any facilities to meet their needs, we don’t have any drop-ins, we don’t have any safe havens. Oftentimes the street homeless won’t go in a shelter for different reasons and we like to provide a threshold for them so they can come inside and get off the street. Sometimes these models actually save lives. It’s a warm space, a place where they can come in and shower , talk to someone and get services, get connected to income entitlements , and eventually get housing. That’s our main goal.”

Stanley Shuckman, the owner of the shopping center directly across the proposed drop-in center, told the panel that he appreciated the proposal but just not in that location.

“I believe all of the people here are here because they have big hearts,” he said. “They’re worried about their families and their communities. Knowing that these people took the time to come here is proof that everyone of them feels exactly as you do about your program, except you re just putting it in the wrong place.” He offered to help DHS and Breaking Grounds find an alternative location, much to the delight of residents. DHS agreed to talk to work with him.

At the end of the meeting it was clear that people were not satisfied. DHS and Breaking Grounds promised to continue to look at alternative sites, but made it clear that if they could not find one soon, more than likely the Ozone Park location would be converted into a transitional home this winter.