What don’t you get Leroy about this statement:


Obviously from the look of Jamaica & SE Queens from the illegal garbage dumping and illegal truck driving on residential streets to the take over of Merrick Blvd by thug auto body shops placing their junked and unlicensed vehicles on sidewalks and streets to illegal conversions and every other quality of life issue in the community, you  have no idea what the statement even means.

IT MEANS do shit for your community as opposed to deflecting by constantly bringing up Trump, but when you have no game plan, this is what political hacks do, DEFLECT and are not held accountable to the constituents they serve. Just like KATZ THE HACK shaking her finger at the cable company Spectrum (

I see not one thing in the below ask for money bullshit about what you are doing LOCALLY. Trump is not an elected official of Jamaica or SE QUEENS, you and your hacks are and here are just a few things that come to mind and should be on your to do  list. RESIST THE BULLSHIT FROM THE QUEENS DEMOCRATS who have sold out their public servant office for GREED.


Dear Joe:

We need your help!

I invite you to join us as we meet with leaders of the Democratic Party to discuss organizing to resist the Trump agenda. We must work together to truly make our country great again.

To push back against hurtful policies that are coming out of Washington, a donation of $10, $20 or $25 can make a big difference. We must continue to work with our partners on the city, state and federal level to protect all New Yorkers. I hope that we can continue to count on your support.

We will convene this Saturday at 11:00 am at the Robert Ross Johnson Family Life Center to discuss how we can elect congressional and state legislative candidates who will work for all people and how you can get involved in the resistance! I hope to see you there.

Yours in service,




Let’s see, it is in Jamaica, so of course it is SHADY. Wonder if crooked Councilman Ruben Wills is involved with this non-profit, this political gangsta loves stealing from non-profits. Or may Flake and Greater Allen Cathedral Church is involved, because if they are, you know there is underage prostitution going on.

REV. Floyd Flake and his Senior Residence brothel of underage girls

So much for American Patriotism. That is disappearing like good quality of life in Jamaica, Queens and  NYC.

Welcome to:

Соединенные Штаты

Detectives from the New York State attorney’s office escort City Council member Ruben Wills of Queens in handcuffs to be arraigned in Queens Criminal Court after being arrested on charges of misusing public funds on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Photo Credit: Charles Eckert


From New York Post:

Veterans home rakes in cash but forces residents to live in squalor

A Queens charity that purportedly helps veterans readjust to civilian life raked in $150,000 from Donald Trump last year, but houses two dozen ex-military men in squalid — and possibly ­illegal — conditions.

The three homes run by Veterans-In-Command wouldn’t pass muster as military barracks, with residents complaining to The Post of poorly ventilated personal rooms, malfunctioning plumbing, broken doors and windows, and a steady march of rodents.

“I pay $800 a month and I just get a room for that,” griped one Vietnam veteran who lives at one of the single-family homes that currently houses seven other veterans on 92nd Avenue in Jamaica.

Another veteran who said he gets by on disability lives in a stuffy room carved out of the first-floor parlor of one house. Laundry and canned food were piled on the floor, and he said he was dealing with a mouse infestation.

Peter Murphy, an 83-year-old Korean War vet, also has gripes with one of VIC’s houses in Jamaica.

“The shower needs a head, and we set traps for the mice but they keep coming back,” Murphy said. “Sometimes the plumbing doesn’t work.”

The buildings do not have required permits, according to the city’s Department of Buildings. In order to convert a single-family home into a collection of single-room occupancies, owners need approval from the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

When The Post contacted DOB last week, the agency sent an inspector to one of VIC’s Jamaica properties. At the home, the inspector was turned away. A DOB spokesman said inspectors plan to return.

Trump’s $150,000 gift mostly went to paying off debt, according to Larry Robertson, the head of VIC.

“We had to pay back a lot of the money we owed,” said Robertson, 69, a retired Port Authority maintenance worker who started the group in late 2012.

But Robertson would not provide The Post an accounting of the debts. The nonprofit did not file annual tax returns through 2015, records show, because it claimed to take in less than the $50,000 annual federal threshold for filing. It has not yet filed any tax paperwork for 2016.

Veterans contacted by The Post said they paid between $500 and $800 per month to VIC from their disability and government aid checks.

With 29 veterans in the program last year, the nonprofit presumably takes in between $14,000 and $23,000 per month in rent checks. VIC in turn pays $10,600 per month to the owners of the three houses and an office it rents, according to Robertson.

That would leave between $4,000 and $13,000 per month for other expenses. Robertson claims excess money went toward utilities and other costs. He says he also gets a stipend of $467 the charity pays to him every two weeks.

“When I finish paying office expenses, there’s not a lot left over,” he said.

New residents shell out three months’ rent in advance to the nonprofit, which also requires a two-month security deposit and charges a broker’s fee equivalent to a month’s rent, a resident told The Post.



When I first read this, I thought it was a Rally against Trump, until I looked at the obese photo of Comrie and it is a ploy to dump Fatso back in into the Senate.

AND I just recently ranted about Liberals and “Limousine Liberals”, and this is another perfect example. INSTEAD of focusing locally on Jamaica Queens and what COMRIE and the other hacks could be doing to improve things locally, this is just another Trump bitch session to take focus off of holding these local clowns accountable. All the bullshit that needs addressed in Jamaica and Comrie and Meeks are deflecting as usual.

And what is this bullshit:

  • Make America great again by electing congressional and state legislative candidates who will work for all people
  • Hold Trump and his supporters in Congress accountable

Useless do nothing Senator Leroy Comrie

AND how is electing do nothing Comrie and corrupt Meeks  making America great, they cannot even made Jamaica slightly bearable.  AND how about holding Comrie and Meeks accountable for the district they represent, you know the district that has that big polluting waste station, Royal Waste, near thousands of homes and a park. Or the dozens of homeless shelters and more coming dumped into the area. Or the thug auto body shops that have taken over streets and sidewalks on Merrick Blvd. Or the numerous tractor trailer trucks parked illegally on our streets. Or the high crime rate in the area. Or the high number of shootings. Or the poor quality of life. OR the fact that neither Comrie or Meeks have made one comment on the pimping out of a 15 year old black girl for FOUR MONTHS in Rev. Flake’s Greater Allen Cathedral Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd ( AND why have none of them called out their crooked peer, Councilman Ruben Wills, who is up on corruption charges and awaiting trial, but yet still running for re-election.

What a bunch of asshole clowns.


Dear Joe,

Please join me at the “Democratic Summer of Resisting Donald Trump” rally led by Congressman Gregory Meeks, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Deputy Chair & Congressman Keith Ellison, DNC Vice-Chair & Congresswoman Grace Meng, DNC Vice Chair & NYS Assemblyman Michael Blake, and the NYS Democratic Committee’s Executive Director Basile Smikle as we discuss how we all can help:

  • Hold Trump and his supporters in Congress accountable
  • Make America great again by electing congressional and state legislative candidates who will work for all people
  • Help register, educate and turnout voters for Democratic candidates in 2018 and 2020
Join the #Resistance on:
     Saturday, July 1, 2017
11 AM to 1 PM
Robert Ross Johnson Family Life Center
172-17 Linden Boulevard
St. Albans, NY 11412

Thank you for your support.

Yours in service,

Leroy Comrie
District 14/Queens




Remember before the election, when Republicans felt they were going to lose the election and everyone, including most of the media said that the Republicans needed to do some soul searching if they ever want to win an election ever again, well, it turned out the opposite was true and the Democrats are the ones who need to do some soul searching, major soul searching.

They also need to grow BIG BALLS, learn how to brawl against Republicans hard core like Charles Bronson in “Hard Times”, stand up and own the  good that they do like The Affordable Health Care, even though it had some issues, was good and heading our health insurance into the right direction as opposed to this AWFUL TrumpCare crap, which millions and millions of people will lose health care over the years, premiums  will go up high, seniors, middle class and the poor will suffer much with the gutting of Medicare and that includes plenty of Trump supporters, while the people that Trump supporters supposedly dislike, the 1% will get richer with the tax cuts to them from this awful bill. This is not a healthcare bill, this is a get rich tax cut for the 1%.

They also need to stop with the identity politics (which NYC Democrats LOVE to do) and stop calling everyone who speaks out against religion or Islam or has an opinion as racists, Islamophobia (a pretty much made up word) or any other bullshit they say when someone who has their right to speak their mind. AND if you are going to be a liberal, you MUST be a liberal across the board, not be a “selective liberal”.

Case in point and this ass below, Spencer Sunshine, whose heart is in the right place but not his logic or brain. If you are going to stand up for women and gay rights, you need to stand up all the way and call out Islam and some Muslims with their horrible viewpoint of both women and gays. AND wearing a burka is not a fucking fashion statement or a women’s right, it is a total degrading of females by male Muslims, yet people like Spencer and many other, mostly WHITE LIBERALS, never do that, afraid of being called a “racists” or some other bullshit.

Like the article below where Sunshine calls an anti-Sharia Law rally a far-right demonstration and people say that the protesters are anti-Muslim. WHAT THE FUCK, Sharia Law is FUCKED. Sunshine, you seem to be an intelligent person, do you have any idea what it is like to live under Sharia Law. How about asking the many Muslims who can live very openly in the United States about that. Ask any feminist Muslim woman. Ask any gay or lesbian Muslim. Your blanket statement is just as bag as your counterparts, the far right conservative Republicans. Being anti-Sharia Law is NOT anti-Muslim, it is being a HUMANITARIAN.

What has happened with liberals in this day and age. Everything is “racist” and you pick and choose your liberal ideals as not to offend everyone.

AND this goes beyond Islam and religion, people like Sunshine do this with all kind of shit and most of them tend to be white as well and also tend to be “Limousine Liberals” or “Armchair Liberals” and no one is more “Limousine Liberal” like Mayor deBlasio, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, Public Advocate Letitia James and a whole host of others, who want all of us to make sacrifices, but yet they make NONE, while living in their gated communities, in their nice lily white communities, on their clean blocks where the nearest homeless shelter, drug clinic or any other bullshit that gets dumped into mostly communities of color, is in a far off neighborhood that they never go to. AND when was the last time any of these clowns rode the worst subway system in the world with every kind of nonsense like tons of dangerous smelly homeless people, ghetto pole dancers, panhandlers saying the same bullshit like they took a Panhandler 101 class, fucking religious nutts preaching from some made up book and all the other crap hard working people deal with on a daily basis.

AND while we are on the subject of these misguided “liberals”, the working class “conservatives” are no better, with their “anti-union” rhetoric, while the CEO’s of companies make billions on the back of the working class or that Russians hacking our elections (a FACT, not a factoid or “fake news”) is nothing to be concerned about or Trump’s henchman avoiding answering questions during hearings on the Republican/Russian collusion (again FACT not “fake news”). I mean what happened to the party of Regan, who must be rolling over in his grave 24/7. What happened to Republicans who were all about putting America first and being patriotic.

It is time to get all of your shit together, because these powers that be love this shit, because while you are all being irate about fake bullshit or being distracted by non news crap, the powers to be are gaining more power, more wealth and turning you all into the walking dead.

It is still time to wake up, but unfortunately I don’t have much faith in the sheeple, which is why people like Donald Trump, John Gotti and Rev. Floyd Flake are pretty much made out of the same unholy cloth and do or did the shit they have done. They brainwash you, while stealing right in front of you and making their wallets fatter and fatter, the whole time telling you it is in your best interest.

So how is all this working out for you.

AND liberals, get back to being true liberals as opposed to being cry babies when someone speaks their mind, whether in print, in public or on college campuses, where you tend to get your little feelings hurt.

AND Spencer Sunshine, learn about the British Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz, who appeared last night on Bill Maher’s Real Time (



From Metro New York:

With far-right movement rising, one New Yorker hopes education can change tide

“They saw (Trump) say he was going to build a wall and register Muslims, and it was lit like a match on gasoline.”

While the presidency of Donald Trump has inspired a resistance of marches and art exhibits and plays, it’s also stirred another movement that isn’t grabbing as many headlines.

“I went to an Ethiopian restaurant in Bushwick on Monday and had to pull a neo-Nazi sticker off the wall,” Spencer Sunshine told Metro. “I never would have seen one two years ago.”

Because such propaganda and its believers have become more visible in the city — and country — Sunshine, who has researched and reported on the far-right movement since 2005 and is an assistant fellow at social justice think tank Political Research Associates (PRA), felt it was time to “have a public discussion about this.”

Sunshine will host “The Far Right Today in the U.S. and New York City” at Verso Books in Brooklyn on Wednesday, June 28. During the PRA-sponsored talk, Sunshine will shed light on the different groups within the far-right movement and break down their beliefs.

Metro: How important is it to hold this event now? 

Spencer Sunshine: There’s a real uptick in far-right presence on the streets of New York right now. I’ve lived in New York for 17 years, and I’ve never seen so many people at a far-right demonstration as I saw at the anti-Sharia rally on June 10. This is in concert with an upsurge of far-right work and racist organizing across the United States.

What do you hope is the takeaway?

I want people who are concerned about the rise of the far-right to not just know that it’s here, but to look at it in color and notice these different kind of groups have names, organizers and pay attention to how they’re organizing and what kind of things they’re talking about because that’s a necessary step to taking action against them.

Can you pinpoint when this recent far-right movement came to the surface?

It all happened with (Trump’s) campaign, 100 percent, especially the racist part of it. They saw him say he was going to build a wall and register Muslims, and it was lit like a match on gasoline.

Do you think the country can or will step back from this post-Trump?

That’s a really vexing question. Trump has broken this post-civil rights movement consensus that you cannot, in polite conversation, say these bigoted things. Will that genie go back in the bottle? I have a feeling that’s going to be hard to do. Him leaving won’t resolve those underlying tensions. Many white Americans don’t want to live in a multi-racial society.

You’ve been called an instigator, a war criminal, a political hit man and worse. How do you describe yourself?

(laughs) People say those things because they want to shut people down like me from speaking out. I’m a researcher of the far-right. That’s my description of myself, and I am completely against them. I want them to change their beliefs and embrace different views of society.


An empty, overgrown eyesore that attracts pests…………….well, that pretty much sounds like fat Trump’s idiotic presidency or many spots in Jamaica. Well, actually this property in the condition it is looks way better than many parts of Jamaica.

And of course we have the classic Queens line when the attorney’s assistant for the new owner of Trump’s childhood home was asked about the eyesore:

The office is aware of the problem.”

A line taken straight out of the local politician’s playbook. Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one.



From DNAInfo New York:

Trump’s Childhood Home Has Become an Overgrown Eyesore, Neighbors Say

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | June 2, 2017 4:07pm

 Neighbors complain that Donald Trump’s boyhood home in Jamaica Estates has become an eyesore.

Neighbors complain that Donald Trump’s boyhood home in Jamaica Estates has become an eyesore.

Courtesy of Deborah Ayala-Braun

QUEENS — When President Donald Trump’s boyhood home in Jamaica Estates sold in March for $2.14 million, locals expected property values in their neighborhood to soar.

Months-long media buzz surrounding the sale of the property at 85-15 Wareham Pl. near Henley Road — where Trump was born and lived until he was 4 — included speculations that one day it might become an official historic site.

But a little more than two months after the sale closed, the house appears to be deserted and knee-deep grass which has not been trimmed since March shelters various pests and neighborhood cats, neighbors complain.

“It’s been left unkempt and anyone who sees it is going to consider it abandoned,” said Deborah Ayala-Braun, who lives next door, and worries that properties in the area may now see a drop in value instead.

Neighbors said that power and gas were cut off weeks ago and the only people still interested in the 2,500-square-foot brick-and-stucco Tudor are a group of people who come on a daily basis and take pictures of the property.

The five-bedroom house which also features four-and-a-half bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace and a two-car garage, was auctioned earlier this year after real estate mogul Michael Davis bought it from previous property owners, the Kestenbergs, for $1.39 million in December.

The Kestenbergs, who are restaurateurs in Manhattan, purchased the house in 2008 for $782,500, and decided to sell it because they were getting divorced, according to Misha Haghani, owner of Paramount Realty USA, which handled the auction.

Haghani said that Paramount, who represented the seller, cannot do anything about the current situation, except to notify the buyer’s attorney.

The property, built by Trump’s father in 1940, was purchased by an entity called Trump Birth House LLC, but the name of the person behind it has not been revealed.

According to published reports, the buyer is said to be a woman from China.

Michael Tang, a lawyer representing Trump Birth House, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment, but his assistant said that the office is aware of the problem.

Courtesy of Deborah Ayala-Braun

Haghani said that he still thinks the property will at some point be turned into a museum or library.

“I think long-term something like that will inevitably happen, whether this owner does it or a subsequent owner does it,” he said. “But it doesn’t have to happen today.”

But neighbors, who said they were concerned about their children playing near the house, said they did not want to wait years for the site to be revamped.

“As the summertime is coming, I do not want to be fearful of what’s going to bite them or what’s going to happen if someone breaks in there,” said Ayala-Braun, who has three young daughters.

“This is what $2 million gets you — an abandoned house and a foreign investor in your neighborhood,” she added.


The other day, I posted about the attack on protesters in Washington, DC by Turkey’s thug security team of President Erdogan,  while Trump had a meeting with the Erdogan ( and now we know that this brutal fuck gave the orders. And what does Trump or the White House do, not a damn thing.

Below is another great post by the blog Impunity City.

While Trump is always good for laughs as is the rest of these elitists clowns in his administration, this is not funny but pretty damn frightening, but with this President, there is constant distraction from so much reality that is going on.

Never assume our freedom could never be  in jeopardy or that one will not be able to voice their anger at political figures.

Funny times, yes, Scary times, most definitely. Watch out for the clown, a scary clown to boot.


From Impunity City:

Extreme Precedence

By now, the world has seen the illegal violation of our nation’s sovereignty by the President of Turkey and his entourage, oppressing the first amendment rights and brutally assaulting of a group of protesters across the street from the embassy. Now it has been revealed that son of a bitch Erdrogan was sitting in his town car like a STD infected pussy giving the order to his goons to beat the crap out of the people picketing there.


The reaction to this has been swift from Americans, especially all those with social media accounts, but not enough to the greedy sycophant cowards in the House and Senate, with a select few like John “Return Of The Maverick” McCain, calling for investigations and even the ouster of the Turkish diplomat to the U.S..

While it is a fine thing to see punitive action, there is an underlying reason why that motherfucker Recep felt so comfortable bringing his authoritarian style of handling dissent here. And it’s not only that Figurehead Trump, with his mutual respect, admiration for the Wild Turk and Don’s obvious desire to imitate Erdrogan, the man and the tyrant. It’s that this similar abusive treatment and intimidation has been dished out regularly at any type of mass protest in the past 15 years by our own government, notably the militarization of local police forces in cities.

I recall when the Republican National Convention came to New York City, and the NYPD was deployed to cordon off protestors during marches and subjecting people into free speech zones. Anyone thought to breach these protocols instantly were placed in handcuffs, and that included passerbys and reporters. Since there were so many people detained for exercising their rights to free expression and assembly, the city, run by Mayor Bloomberg, set up a detainment center that was ignonimously called “Gitmo on the Hudson”.

Since those months of infamy, the last major national gatherings of public protest were the Occupy Wall St. movements and their nationwide spinoffs, standing ground and occupying plaza spaces and college campuses in major cities against the banking industry that ruined the economy and was rewarded with a socialist style bailout for their troubles. The people were subsequently met with injuries emitting from batons, rubber bullets, and pepper spray from the mass throngs of police depts. deployed to provide safety and security for them all.

But for the brevity’s sake and abject significance, there were two recent disgraceful events in the past year of government oppression committed that parallels the odious attack in D.C. the other day.

There was the mass protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It stemmed from a shooting death of Alton Sterling, who was prone face down on the ground, by a cop who claimed that he was armed as the officer and his partner were attempting to cuff him. When throngs of people showed up to march on the streets, organized by the Black Lives Matter movement, they were confronted by cops in full military gear, advanced weaponry and actual tanks. As people were marching forward, the police suddenly attacked everyone. The most disturbing part was when a bunch of protesters went into a house of someone offering sanctuary, the cops broke inside, warrantless, and dragged people out and brutally arrested them.

There was also this moment of clarity summarizing the asinine, excessive use of force and government ordered oppression:

The actual case against the cops was mired in controversy and chicanery by the Baton Rogue police dept, with a report of witness and evidence tampering involving a convenience store manager, breaking into store owners video cameras and taking the footage of the killing along with his cellphone. The cop has since been acquitted of all charges.

Then during last autumn and winter, during the waning days of the worst presidential campaign and election result the nation has ever seen and under the presidency of the insignificant Barack Obama, there was the DAPL pipeline protest at the river and lands of an Indian reservation in North Dakota. The people who set up camps to stop this grave atrocity and plunder which was made possible by lobbyist and legislative trickery and shameful subservience to big energy business by the Army Core Of Engineers. The protesters-the water protectors were initially being pushed around by hapless security contractors siccing dogs on them. When that didn’t intimidate the Standing Rock tribe, the cops in full stormtrooper gear came down with their tanks and humvees and after a few months, eventually forced them off, but not after shooting them with gas projectiles and water shooting from objects that would be more useful on forest wildfires. The latter which was used during frigid evenings.

Did I mention that this oppression on constitutional freedoms happened, as well as various other protests, under the tenure of President Barack Hussein Obama.

And now we got a guy in the White House who is salivating to use these resources to crush dissent and mass organizing that will surely come if his dystopian, oppressive budget and cultural and unconstitutional policies get enacted. Trump is off to a stellar start as he has appointed a tyrannical sadist rat bastard, Sheriff David Clarke, to DHS Deputy Secretary, who will gladly use his position to use his office to wreck any public assemblies rising up with any demands of accountability from our inherently corrupt administration, with all these dangerous military toys and state and city police depts. at his disposal.

So be prepared for more of this destruction of our civil rights and the transformation of our public servants to government tools of oppression. This is what you the people are paying for. So don’t be shocked when Putin and Kim Jong Un are leisurely strolling with the President Godfather and the disgusted and violated public yelling at them are being assaulted by their robotic, inhuman henchmen.

These policies, deployments and tactics were meant to deal with enemies trying to come here, but as recent history and Pogo has shown, the enemy, the preferred and considered enemy has been us all along.


What the FUCK. First Trump’s administration’s collusion with Russia. Now some Turkish Thugs of President Erdogan attack protesters in Washington, DC, while he is has a meeting with Trump. PINCH ME.

This is OUR COUNTRY TURKISH THUGS. We have the right to peaceful protesting, not the fucking nonsense you have in your shit hole, where you squash freedom of speech.

And again, right in Washington, DC.


From CNN:

Protesters injured outside Turkish embassy in DC after Trump-Erdogan meeting

Protest turns violent after Erdogan-Trump meet 00:52

Story highlights

  • About two dozen demonstrators showed up outside of embassy hours after Erdogan met with Trump
  • “We are protesting (Erdogan’s) policies in Turkey, in Syria and in Iraq,” said Flint Arthur of Baltimore, Maryland

Washington (CNN)Nine people were injured during a protest outside of the residence of the Turkish ambassador in Washington, DC on Tuesday, according to the official Twitter account of Washington, DC fire and EMS department.

About two dozen demonstrators showed up outside of the embassy just hours after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with President Donald Trump at the White House.
“We are protesting (Erdogan’s) policies in Turkey, in Syria and in Iraq,” said Flint Arthur of Baltimore, Maryland.
Arthur accused Erdogan supporters of breaching police lines and attacking protesters on at least three separate occasions.
“They think they can engage in the same sort of suppression of protest and free speech that they engage in in Turkey,” Arthur said. “They stopped us for a few minutes … but we still stayed and continued to protest Erdogan’s tyrannical regime.”
The victims were transported to George Washington University Hospital.
The incident came as Trump extended a warm welcome to Erdogan, an authoritarian-style leader who had a strained relationship with the previous US administration.
“We’ve had a great relationship and we will make it even better,” Trump said in the Oval Office as he sat beside Erdogan. “We look forward to having very strong and solid discussions.”

Trump meets with Turkey’s Erdogan (full event) 13:13
Despite Trump’s greeting to the Turkish leader, the relationship has been strained by the United States’ refusal to extradite a Turkish cleric living in Pennsylvania, whom Erdogan blames for orchestrating a July coup attempt against him.
And the two countries are at odds over Trump’s decision to arm Kurdish militias that are helping in the fight to rout ISIS from its Syrian stronghold in Raqqa. Turkey sees these militias as an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, which is considered a terrorist group in the United States, Turkey and Europe.
Turkey, a NATO member, is a vital ally in the fight against ISIS, allowing the United States to use its Incirlik air base in the fight against the terror group.
A bipartisan group of lawmakers wrote Trump on Tuesday, asking him to raise the issue of human rights with Erdogan given the increasing suppression of dissent in his country. They cited the weakening of democratic institutions, stifling of fundamental human rights, mass arrests and civil society restrictions that have been taking place even before a constitutional referendum in April gave Erdogan increased powers and extended his time in office.
But in the meeting, Trump didn’t appear to touch on any of the disagreements, and instead praised Turkey’s efforts in the war against ISIS and for its fight against internal terrorist attacks. He stressed that the United States would “offer our support to Turkey” in its fight against terrorism and that they would “reinvigorate our trade and commercial ties.”
“These are areas where we can rebuild our relationship,” Trump said.
Secretary of Defense James Mattis also met with Turkish Minister of Defense Fikri Işık today at the White House.