Something is going on in Jamaica, what,  I am not exactly sure, but developers are buying up land and million dollar projects are beginning. No doubt some big things are in store for Jamaica in the next couple of years and if all goes plan, 5 years from now the area could look very different than it does now and in ten year, it might be unrecognizable. Jamaica could become the Downtown Brooklyn of Queens.

The property just bought is one big major eyesore (not unlike many other areas in downtown) right now. More upsetting, that this mess sits right across from York College. How do Jamaica leaders sleep at night, knowing that have done little to improve Jamaica for decades and looked the other way.

Hopefully all this action will change the landscape of Jamaica from third world & ghetoo dreck to how a major area in New York City should actually look like.

As far as I am concerned this is good, because right now a good bit of  Jamaica is crap, especially the downtown area and has been for decades. But as I have said before and many times, we need completely new leadership. But if Jamaica begins to change, so will the population and the make up of the people and I feel the old school useless and corrupt status quo leader’s days will eventually come to an end.

I do smell some gentrification………………………………………………….

From DNAinfo New York:

Developer Spends $22M to Buy Largest Piece of Jamaica Land in a Decade

Jamaica Tower LLC bought a property on Archer Avenue in Downtown Jamaica for $22 million.

Jamaica Tower LLC bought a property on Archer Avenue in Downtown Jamaica for $22 million.

QUEENS — A Flushing-based company dropped $22 million to buy the largest property in Downtown Jamaica in nearly 10 years — and are planning to build market rate housing along with retail, sources said.

The project is the latest among a number of new real estate developments proposed for downtown Jamaica, which has been dynamically changing in recent years.

Jamaica Tower LLC bought the property at 163-05/25 Archer Ave., at Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, from Gertz Plaza Acquisition, according to Massey Knakal Realty Services, which facilitated the transaction.

The property, located near York College, consists of two adjacent lots, where there are several stores, including a Rent-A-Center. It also includes a seven-story parking garage.

The lots have the total space of nearly 90,000 square feet and buildable space of 720,000 square feet.

It’s the largest property sold in the Downtown Jamaica area in nearly 10 years, according to Brian Sarath of Massey Knakal.

Other large properties purchased in the area during the past decade include Jamaica Center, where the Jamaica Multiplex is located, which was bought in the early 2000s.

There is also a lot at Archer Avenue and 168th Street, acquired in 2005, where a Home Depot was built, according to Sarath.

“This sale signifies the return of the residential development market in Downtown Jamaica,” said Sarath in a statement, adding that more than 10 developers have expressed interest in buying the property.

“It is the largest site to trade since the [economic] downturn and will be a catalyst for the Jamaica development market moving forward.”

The Flushing-based group also owns another site on Archer Avenue, near 149th Street, where the company is planning to build a hotel, sources said.

The group did not return phone calls seeking comment.





Walking to CityRib on Sunday for their brunch, I thought I might lose my appetite after having to walk the garbage gauntlet, but my appetite stayed intact.

I have been to CityRib numerous times for drinks and dinner but never had their brunch which they serve on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30am to 4pm, so I figured it was time to give it a shot and really glad I did. I was going to go for their Cornflake and Coconut French toast with maple syrup and fresh berries, but felt I would be carb loading and wanted to get some protein (figuring I would end the meal with dessert).

So I opted for the Benny & The Eggs Florentine (you also have your choice of smoke salmon, house Canadian Bacon or smoked brisket) which are two poached eggs with an English muffin, home fries, spinach and Hollandaise sauce. It was very tasty and they gave a good portion of spinach which some places tend to skimp on. The home fries were the best I ever had, normally they are either plain or come sometimes with onions and maybe green pepper. CityRib’s home fries came with onion, red and orange bell pepper and were very light as opposed to the usual heavy home fries. I ordered coffee, which was nice and hot, strong yet smooth and not bitter, one of the better cups of coffee I have had.

Benny & The Eggs Florentine at CityRib

Benny & The Eggs Florentine at CityRib

Now the carb loading. I have been wanting to try their Pecan Bourbon Bread Pudding and damn the wait was worth it. I love bread pudding but my only issue with it is that bread pudding tends to be heavy and the sauce is always too sweet. Not the case with CityRib. The warm bread pudding which is circular and light is made with potato bread, which gives it a sweetness, and comes with not just the normal raisins, but cranberries, pecans, a light sauce and vanilla ice cream. Hands down the best bread pudding I have ever had anywhere.

CityRib's Pecan Bourbon Bread Pudding

CityRib’s Pecan Bourbon Bread Pudding

if you have not been to CityRib for brunch, I suggest going there and have a nice brunch in a great atmosphere with good music playing in the background, very relaxing. Besides the Benny & The Eggs and French Toast, you can also get Chicken & Waffles, Three Egg Omelette or Short Rib Hash. But whatever you get, make room for the Pecan Bourbon Bread Pudding. I also hear their homemade apple/peach crisp is the bomb. On my next visit.


If you missed the very sexy and talented smooth jazz dynamo, Renee Benot, when she played at CityRib or if you have never seen this amazing performer, then head over to CityRib in downtown Jamaica this coming Saturday night, October 19th to see her and the band R&B Project. You might want to get there a little early, last time she was there, the place was packed.Renee benot.jpg2


The Columbus Day weekend in Jamaica brings these little goodies:

1. SW corner of Jamaica Ave/165th St, a source of constant dumping in the downtown section, more than likely from the livery cab drivers that hang on this corner. Does not help there is no garbage can here.???????????????????????????????

2. The old chestnut “Three Card Monty” scam on Jamaica Ave. It’s the 80’s all over again.??????????????????????????????? The name should change to “Jamaica Ghetto Lottery”.

3. Empty nail salon with graffiti and ripped sign with dirty deli next door, always a source of garbage out front, including adult homeboys with nothing better to do.Garbge & Teddy 10.12.13 004

4. The old “pissing in the cup” routine, like no one will notice on 165th St as people pass by. Always good for business.???????????????????????????????

5. Side lot of the Executive Apartments located at 88-15 168th St. Lot is on NE corner of 89th Ave/168th. Plenty of violations here.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Super looks on in the 2nd pic.

6. Apartment building at 168-07 89th Ave. Saw two huge rats scurry as I took the photo. Wonder why rats would be there?Garbge & Teddy 10.12.13 012

7. On east idea of the above apartment building (168-07 89th Ave). What slobs, just toss your garbage out the windows. Need to go thru driveway of house next door to see this.???????????????????????????????

8. Lot next to Heron Care Inc at 168-30 89th Ave. Does not look like too much here, but give it a few more days.???????????????????????????????

10. Empty house at 89-25 168th Pl. Has been sitting like this for a couple of years, since DOB put a stop work order in place. Now it just fills up with garbage.Garbge & Teddy 10.12.13 015

11. Empty lot at 169-13 90th Ave. Always a source of dumping. Little Teddy keeps his eyes peeled for scraps.???????????????????????????????

12. Ghetto house at 170-04 89th Ave. I see violations here. This was formerly “Roy Academy”, whatever crap that was.???????????????????????????????

13. Another ghetto house two doors east at 170-12 89th Ave.???????????????????????????????

14. Across from the crap above is the empty lot at 89-19 170th St, again always dumping here.???????????????????????????????

15. Dead end of 89th Avenue off of 171st St. Always garbage dumped here. Maybe Comrie can rename this street, Ghetto Crap Street.???????????????????????????????

16. Back of apartment building located at 89-19 171st Street. This mess can be seen and entered at the dead end 89th Ave side or the 90th Ave side. This huge ghetto apartment building is always a mess with garbage and I am sure other violations.???????????????????????????????

17. Of course the typical filled with “household garbage” public garbage can at Hillside Avenue & 173rd.???????????????????????????????

18. Ah, ye ole Jamaica mattress on the street at 89th Ave/172nd. Classic Ghetto. ???????????????????????????????

19. Major Mark Park at 174th St and Hillside Ave.???????????????????????????????

20. A few pics of Rufus King Park. Really curious how a tire got here.???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????Was not sure if someone was living here.???????????????????????????????

Could be this vibrant & diverse resident, who decided to get out and get a fresh air nap.???????????????????????????????

Just your typical ghetto weekend in Jamaica.


Like most things today, certain words are used so frequently (and for people who do not deserve it) they  have actually lost their meaning. Words like “Diva”, “Legend”, “Icon”, “Movie Star”. Anybody who is no one today, gets tagged with this kind of terminology. Brittany Spears is neither a “Diva” or “Icon” or talented for that matter. To be considered a legend, a certain amount of time must pass and of course (a be talented, etc), before you are a legend, such as Elton John, Stevie Wonder.

Now let’s add “The Honorable” to that list, which is used for elected officials. If you are a crook, corrupt, do nothing, useless leader, you do not deserve that honor. Case in point, my favorite douche bag, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall.

Queen Borough President Helen Marshall. "Dazed & Confused."

Honorable My ASS

Besides the fact the the Jamaica Performing Arts Center is honoring her this coming Friday at the Fall Arts Spectacular Gala (for what I do not know, she has done nothing for Queens and Jamaica in her long twelve years), the Jamaica Bid used “the Honorable” in describing Helen Marshal in their email flyer “Jamaica Center BID Celebrates Residents with Queens Royalty Nighttime Projections”.

Queens Royalty is a initiative that celebrates the residents of Jamaica.  Its students, workers, scholars, friends and neighbors…you are all royalty!

Images from this Initiative which feature portraits of the residents 
on the wall of the building on Jamaica Avenue between Parson Boulevard and 160th Street.  The projections will appear, October 8-9, 6:30-7:30pm and October 15-16, 6:30-7:30pm


As you shop in the District, look up!  As you travel home, keep your head up!  We celebrate you and thank you for making Downtown Jamaica a vibrant hub to shop and visit and the most recognized urban fashion district in the nation!

Queens Royalty is a project of the Jamaica Center BID, made possible with generous support from NYC Economic Development Corporation, NYC Department of Small Business Services, The 165th Street Mall Improvement Association, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, the Honorable Helen Marshall, Queens Borough President, and the Sutphin Boulevard Business Improvement District.
The Jamaica Center BID is led by executive director Felicia Tunnah. The Queens Royalty
program is developed and produced The Tate Group, led by marketing strategist Brian Tate.


Jamaica Center BID

90-50 Parsons Blvd.  Suite 402

Jamaica, NY  11432

718-JAMAICA (526-2422)


Here is how we are going to address some of our elected officials without using the overly used and incorrect “The Honorable” and just save that honor for those that actually deserve it.

1. The Douche Bag Helen Marshall

2. The Corrupt Malcolm Smith

3. The Useless Vivian Cook

4. The Pretty Much Do Nothing Leroy Comrie

5. The Ebony Clown Ruben Wills.

6. The Major Douche Bag Gregory Meeks

7. The I Just What All Your Money I Don’t Give a Shit About God Floyd Flakeflake

7. The I Don’t Give a Shit About Jamaica Michael Bloomberg






Jamaica  certainly has an endless supply of “garbage photos” thanks to the low class slobs in the community, our ineffective leaders, Mayor Bloomberg’s huge budget cuts,  especially for Queens (including major cuts to sanitation) and a lack of enforcement of sanitation and litter laws already on the books.

Here are my garbage photos of the week, courtesy of low class ghetto slobs, slumlords and low class property owners.

This  damn mess at 166-11 91st St, which is a constant on-going problem, is right in the downtown area (a half block from Jamaica Ave on Merrick Blvd), right next to a parking lot entrance (the site of the whenever $50 million retail project), near the police station, right across the street from the beautiful former Valenica Lowe’s Wonder Theatre (Tabernacle of Pray Church) and right next to their Tabernacle Bible Institute & Book Store at 90-07 Merrick Blvd.  A number of complaints obviously has resulted in NOTHING.


I love this shot here of the same house. No matter how much of a low class slob you are, you certainly make sure you have your DISH TV. From the looks of it, there are at least 5 families tossed into this house, which I am sure there are illegal apartments to boot and a few other families thrown in.  You know what this shit smells like during the hot and humid weather……………………………….and wait till you get a whiff of the garbage too.


Another chronic problem at the apartment building at 90-21, 90-23, 90-25 170th St. Again this has been reported numerous times. You see what good that is doing. This lot at one time had a nice one family house, now it is a four story and at least 16 family third world shit pile, thanks to zoning.



So,  is this the “Jamaica Revealed” and the “Vibrant and Diverse” Jamaica I keep hearing about. Is this what you call revitalizing Jamaica, because my version is a little bit different.

In all the articles about Councilman Leroy Comrie (Jamaica District 27) dropping out of the Queens Borough President race, he stated and I quote, “I am looking forward to serving the people of Queens—in one capacity or another—for a long time to come.”

Well, Mr. Comrie, here is one capacity that you can begin with. You can start serving by putting on some gloves and getting your ass over to these chronic garbage sites and bring your little buddy Ruben Wills with you.  Yes, Mr. Wills, you are so right when you said “it is the people” (which these photos prove without a doubt), but a total lack of enforcement of the sanitation and litters laws is also a huge problem.

What the fuck, I don’t get this shit, it is not brain surgery or curing cancer.

I am now in favor of total gentrification of Jamaica! You all have had your chance, but you all have failed miserably.