Some clueless person over at a Times Ledger article (http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2017/30/105barber_2017_07_28_q.html ) made this comment to me, when I commented on the most recent shooting of another young black man in the Jamaica community

Ruthie from South East Queens says:
Hi Joe,
South East Queens doesn’t need a racist ignorant bastard like yourself trying to tear them down. Racist people like you love to ignore the reality of the country we live in. White people kill in their communities just like everyone else and guess what the media and people like yourself ignore that. You don’t care about the community members so please keep your comments to yourself. If you want help the community how about you report how Albany, City Hall and Washington aren’t giving South East Queens their fair amount of resources.
Well, Ruthie, like our elected officials,  has a warped sense of REALITY. AND while yes, white people kill in white communities, but not like anything of the magnitude that happens in African-American communities. And when I compared a African-American community like Jamaica with a mostly white community like Forest Hills to prove how wrong she is, she went off with more bullshit:
Ruthie from South East Queens says:
Joe, You’re not interested in facts, reality or the the truth.
You aren’t a member of that community so why are you reporting on these issues that you don’t know about? Do you really know the hard working community members in Jamaica? Do you really know how many people are killed in Forest Hills? The fact that you are comparing Jamaica to Forest Hills is very racist. It’s obvious what you’re trying to do comparing these two different neighbors. These “communities of color” didn’t happen by accident. If you aren’t trying to offer solutions do us all a favor and keep your comments to yourself! Thanks!itt
So since she opened up that door of white and black communities, I made a point using Forest Hills and in her fucked up mind, using Forest Hills to compare to Jamaica is now a “racist thing”. So when you have no intelligent answers, pull out the “racist card”. But the last time I checked Forest Hills was not the gunfight at the OK corral, where young white men and women were getting popped in the head left and right and the streets and sidewalks of Forest Hills are stained with blood from young white men. It is the apocalypse in Forest Hills.
AND this is the mentality that one deals with in the Jamaica community and others like it, THE GHETTO MENTALITY, THE VICTIM GAME & NO ACCOUNTABILITY that our elected officials help to perpetuate.
And just like there are not shooting go off left and right in white communities, white communities are not littering every inch of their streets and sidewalks with litter and garbage. Sure, many people from the lower-class tend to be slobs (not all) and having 26 homeless shelters in the community does not help, but this litter and garbage shit has been going on for a LONG time in Jamaica. AND it has nothing to do with “lack of services” in such communities or even do-nothing crooked elected officials. To use a phrase from disgraced former Councilman Ruben Wills when a reporter asked him about the garbage problem in Jamaica, ‘IT’S THE PEOPLE”.
AND yes it is the people and the one time I agreed with Wills. The garbage and litter is not falling from the sky and elves are not bringing it in or it is magically appearing, it is caused by many low-class ghetto slobs in this community (of all colors and ethnic groups) who have not one ounce of pride or respect for the community. Now this is not an indictment of black and brown people, it is an indictment of black and brown communities, which the majority look like crap due to the people.
So no, you will not see the below photos that I took on 7.28.17 mostly on 89 Ave from 170 St to Sutphin Blvd and elsewhere, in a white community, but you will see them in a ghetto ass community of color like Jamaica. AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT. By the way, these are ALL IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA.

Flower pots in ghetto communities of color are for garbage, not flowers


Teddy , the ghetto trash finder.



Totally asshole MTA after five fucking years has ended one of the most idiotic pilot programs, one that removed trash receptacles from subway stations as a way to reduce station littering.  AND GOD FUCKING LAUGHED!

WELL guess what it did not FUCKING WORK. No shit. Let’s face it, NYC has one of the biggest slob populations in the entire country, people throw litter and garbage all over the damn place and really MTA, you think that removing trash receptacles from subway stations,  people will just take the litter/garbage with them to find a can  out on the sidewalks. FUCK NO, they are going to throw it right in the subway station.

Hell, just ask any of us civilized folks that live in Jamaica. No garbage can around, no problem ghetto slobs will toss it on the sidewalk, in front of your house, on the street or in a doorway. Shit, it does not even matter to those folks if a garbage can is only five feet away. Have an empty lot, you just created a full fledged garbage dump. Have a mattress lying on the sidewalk, why yes of course garbage will be dumped on top it. Have a flower bed in front of your apartment building, HELL YES. Ghetto slobs in this community , will change their babies/kids diaper in a parking lot in downtown Jamaica (which have several garbage cans), and 7 times out of 10 that fucking shit encased diaper will go straight on the ground.

What were you thinking MTA, I mean NYC is the third world country of the USA.


The state of Jamaica, Queens and eventually our country if we stay on this course.

Good old Downtown

A pattern of illegal garbage dumping for years.

One of Jamaica’s vacant properties.

Shoppers World in the background. THE REAL JAMAICA

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake’s parking lot.

Miller’s District

Looks like this guy cannot believe what he is seeing.

March 8th, 2014

Jn front of one of Rev. Floyd Flake’s parking lots directly across from his church, Greater Allen AME Church

More typical South Jamaica. As of 7.14.14, pretty much looks the same.

Comrie’s own backyard of St. Albans. This was under his watch as Councilman. The little league ball field, which he was one of the sponsors of the Little League Team.

This is the REAL Jamaica Revealed. Not too pleasant.

Not Bank of America’s problem, even if this is on the side of their building.

Is this street (South Road) worthy of the heroic Tuskegee Airman?

This is a fucking sidewalk, not a garbage dump.

NE corner of 163th & Jamaica Ave.


From AM New York:

The MTA has ended its trash can removal pilot program in subway stations. Above, a subway rider enters the Eighth Street R subway station in Manhattan next to a recently returned garbage can on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. (Credit: Charles Eckert)



So exactly what it is with nothing every getting done in Jamaica. Is it just laziness on the part of our leaders? Is it graft & corruption with higher ups and lobbyist pulling their strings? Is it they just don’t give a shit because they are poor and crooked leaders? I mean what is it, all of the above. The areas below fall under Senator Leroy Comrie, Senator James Sanders & Council Members I. Daneek Miller & Ruben Wills. ENOUGH SAID. The lazy ebony crew is doing business as usual. Since this did not involve a photo op with some street naming ceremony or going into a classroom to take a selfie with students, WHY BOTHER.

From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica Community Activist, gives an update on the notorious “Bushwalk”, which has been renamed “Flower Alley” for the summer:
Well bushwalk sidewalk has earned a new name – flower alley. But do not be mistaken, the sidewalk is dangerous.

Wild flowers with its beautiful lilac colour; glimmer in the sunlight. However, children must stay clear of 171st. Place & 107 Avenue. Betwixt and between the enchanting flowers are: snakes, rats and raccoons. Parents said that they make every effort to keep their children away from danger.

Parents are also concerned about the spread of the zika virus; because the area is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

One resident said, “I am so fed-up of calling Senator Comrie’s office that I am not calling again.”  Others have expressed similar sentiment from Councilman Miller’s office.

This is happening under black leadership. Leaders like Comrie, Miller, Wills and others are always available for photo-op. with children. Yet, they look the other way when children are in danger.

These so-called leaders neglect many complaints, yet they stay in power because of corruption. However, it is only a matter of time before they join their jail bird colleagues; Malcolm Smith and other political gangsters.

Meanwhile, CleanupJamaicaqueens will continue to expose them. The head of the pack is Borough President Katz.  Boranian, you are in charge of constituent service at Katz’ s office. This is yet another plight that you have to deal with.

Please contact the appropriate agency. Black children need to be safe in their neighbourhood.

PS. Boranian, please hurry, the last time bushwalk sidewalk was neglected,  a child fell into a hole. He had to get medical treatment.



171st PL & 107th Ave 10.16.14

171st PL & 107th Ave






















































































From reader and resident:

Ah, some illegal dumping on the corner of 139th and Archer. This is for tourists coming into Howard Johnson first taste of the lovely sights of Jamaica.

Ah, some illegal dumping on the corner of 139th and Archer. This is for tourists coming into Howard Johnson first taste of the lovely sights of Jamaica.

Under the LIRR bridge along the Van Wyck never looked better.

Under the LIRR bridge along the Van Wyck never looked better.

147pl is a disaster again.

147pl is a disaster again.



Councilman Miller's Selfie

Councilman Miller’s Selfie

Wills at yet another street naming ceremony to try and make himself look presentable, but it ain't working dead beat daddy.

Wills at yet another street naming ceremony to try and make himself look presentable, but it ain’t working dead beat daddy.

I personally think every bottom of the barrel low-class ghetto slob lives in Jamaica and I am  not talking just ghetto slobs, I am talking the crud beneath the bottom of the ghetto barrel, that even the rats and insects turn their nose up at. Mix that in with the useless & corrupt leaders who spend more time at idiotic street naming ceremonies or taking stupid selfies in classrooms (not that anything is wrong with those IF your community does not have major quality of life issues), kick in a lack of enforcement due to either laziness, corruption or both and you have GHETTO HELL or as Queens Borough President Melinda Katz likes to say, “The Jamaica Now Action Plan”.

Here is that plan in action.

  1. Constant illegal garbage dumping right on the street from the savages south of Liberty Ave known as the cesspool of ghetto. No wonder so many low-class third world folks are coming to areas like this and South Jamaica, FEELS LIKE  HOME.

garbage 6.25.16 003

2.  Here we go again with the constant dumping of unlicensed and junked cars on residential streets and a utter complete lack of enforcement on an issue that is known by all the powers that be and city agencies.

garbage 6.25.16 001garbage 6.25.16 002garbage 6.25.16 006Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 015

Wonder what is in there (and all the others that litter this community ILLEGALLY). Well, one will never know, since they will not be checked out or "Did not see any violation at the time".

Wonder what is in there (and all the others that litter this community ILLEGALLY). Well, one will never know, since they will not be checked out or “Did not see any violation at the time”.

3. My comrade-in-arms & community activist Pamela Hazel has been bringing up this awful condition of illegal dumping at the vacant James Fobb house for years while elected officials continue to ignore this (and all the other shit) to take selfies. Anyone in need of a ghetto couch.

garbage 6.25.16 004garbage 6.25.16 009


4. This shit hole third world crap ghetto deli, whose main product is drugs, always has a major garbage issue that makes the local savages feel right at home. Eating and shitting in the same place.

garbage 6.25.16 005garbage 6.25.16 010

Yep, that Jamaica Now Action Plan is working out real fucking well, don’t you think?



This weekend when I walked past Heron Health Supply Company at 168-30 89th Ave, there were two gallons of water bottles filled with yellow liquid, which of course more than likely was pissed dumped probably by some livery cab, taxi or car service vehicle. What fucking low-class people. So many of the livery, taxi cab drivers are the culprits of dumping their shit from their car onto people’s property. I called the woman at Heron to tell her about this and to complain about the high weeds and she told me someone came this morning to pick up the trash around the property and will be there tomorrow to cut the grass/weeds. She told me every morning all types of garbage, bottles, etc get dumped out of cars onto the sidewalks. No suprise.

This is what happens when a community is filled with low-class ghetto slob trash.HeronHeron2heron3



And of course the notorious problematic empty lot at corner of 170th St and 90th Avenue which has had a bad litter and dumping problem in front of it for years.

And of course the notorious problematic empty lot at corner of 170th St and 90th Avenue which has had a bad litter and dumping problem in front of it for years.

Same area a day later. 5.28.13



When I first moved here in 2010, next to my building at the NW corner of 170th St/90th Ave was a garbage strewn vacant lot, with garbage inside, outside and high weeds. A very nice one-family house with beautiful landscaping was torn down to put up some third world piece of shit. Owners keep changing, my building took the owner to court for encroaching on my building’s property and so the lot sat for 5 years and more. The slumlord, who lived in Woodside, only came up to clean up the mess when I filed complaints, never on a regular basis. Way over a year ago, maybe two slumlord starting building. Of course there was always shady construction such as some evening work and weekend work. Slumlord also had 170th St in front of his building (after the street was nicely redone), not once but three times over the course of the year. Although the “luxury condo” as stated on the sign says (more like a notch above cheap, third world crap, just a notch) Luxury Condos for Sale, something is not quite finished and it has been just sitting there with the doors covered with blue plywood. AND of course every now and then slobs toss garbage and of course said slumlord does not come up to clean his shit.

We need completely revamped laws with property owners, especially for building that sit empty, have finished, etc.

garbage6.19.16 010Luxury Condogarbage6.19.16 007garbage6.19.16 008garbage6.19.16 009garbage6.19.16 011

How that get there

How that get there




It is like one garbage Jamaica merry-go-round, around and around and around.

I mean how long has Pamela been bringing this garbage issue in this particular spot, well, not only since I been here, but way before that, when Leroy Comrie was Councilman and told in a 2010Queens Chronicle article (http://www.qchron.com/editions/eastern/her-crusade-to-clean-up-jamaica/article_4907d4a7-37ed-54eb-88c5-55543ee52d1d.html) that he would make sure it gets taken care of. YEAH, Jamaica elected official taking care of, in other words, not doing shit.

Excerpts from that 2010 Queens Chronicle article:

Hazel says she has contacted several area politicians about the eyesores including state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Jamaica), Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans) and Councilman James Sanders Jr. (D-Laurelton), and claims all she gets from them is “lip service.”

“I am frustrated because they always say it’s not their jurisdiction, but I believe in my heart that if this was in a white neighborhood, they would find the person who has jurisdiction and it would be cleaned up,” Hazel said. “We fight. We write letters. We do everything that the white community does and we do not get results.”

Donovan Richards, deputy chief of staff to Sanders, says that Hazel never contacted the office about eyesores in the community, and if she had he would have referred her to Comrie, since they are in his district.

Comrie said his office has contacted the DOS in the past and will push to make sure that it continues to monitor conditions. The lawmaker says he would love for residents to be able to utilize the old park, but that the owner has been unresponsive.

State Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Jamaica) did not return a request for comment by press time.

Hazel has written to DOS twice with her concerns. In 1999, she received a response from Director Tom Kuznitz stating that there were no sanitary violations at the vacant park, but “due to high weeds that are potential insect and vermin infestation hazards,” the matter had been referred to the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Hazel wrote to DOS again this year, and on Sept. 21, John Capo, special assistant to the first deputy commissioner, responded, stating that “an investigation is underway” to determine who owns the park “in order to enable the department to issue a notice of violation to the owner for a dirty area condition.”

Over 6 years ago and you will notice that same names of elected officials, just they shuffled to other positions where they continue doing shit…………..or they ended up in jail on corruption charges. Like I said, The “Jamaica Way”.

I don’t know if this garbage is being dumped by residents in the area from illegal conversions or people coming from elsewhere to dump or both, but YOU ARE FUCKING LOW-CLASS GHETTO SLOBS.

A pattern of illegal garbage dumping for years.

A pattern of illegal garbage dumping for years.

From Community Activist Pamela Hazel:

Here we go again, with the garbage cycle. The area at 109 th. Avenue & Merrick Boulevard is laden with garbage again. For two weeks I have been observing the eyesore.

The sanitation trucks  pass full speed; even though the garbage is in full view.

Boranian, you are the liaison at the borough president’s office. Please contact sanitation on this disturbing cycle? The next garbage pick up is this Friday.

This madness will continue; until your boss keeps her promise to install cameras. Playground garbagePlayground garbage