The below article shows exactly why deBlasio is a horrible mayor, out of touch and such a fucking liar as well as how gullible residents of Jamaica are, who actually broke into applause when that asshole said, “We need to do a better job and put more personnel on it. We will double the number of sanitation officers here in Southeast Queens.”

NO DumBlasio and adminstration, you need to do YOUR FUCKING JOBS, especially in ghetto communities like Jamaica where dumping dirty diapers on sidewalks is considered normal.

FUCK YOU MAYOR, you mean you did not see this shit when you came out to Jamaica a few months ago for some idiotic photo op bullshit.

AND BULLSHIT is right.

Funny, that as Public Advocate I sent him photos of all the garbage in the area and he actually sent someone from his office to come out and have me show him around, while he took photos. SO NOW, he was not aware as Mayor.


AND why did this audience applaud this bozo, they should have reamed his ass for doing nothing the last several years on this issue.

REMEMBER: You get the community and government you deserve.

AND garbage is just the tip of the iceberg of all the bullshit in this community and area.



From Queens Tribune:

Mayor To Crack Down on Illegal Dumping in SEQ

BY TRONE DOWDAt a town hall on Monday in Jamaica, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he will address one of the biggest issues facing Southeast Queens for decades—illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping has been a long time problem in Southeast Queens. (FILE PHOTO)

For years, the streets of Southeast Queens have been littered with garbage and waste left behind by drivers. The dumping has long perturbed residents, who often find trash on their private property, reducing the quality of life in the area. While the city has relied on tickets to curb the issue, it has done little to crack down on those committing the crime repeatedly, residents have said.

“We will double the number of sanitation officers here in Southeast Queens,” the mayor said to loud applause. “We need to do a better job and put more personnel on it.”

The mayor said that the longstanding issue was brought to his attention by Community Board 12 and its former chairwoman and City Council hopeful, Adrienne Adams.

“She pushed this and brought it to our attention, leading the way,” de Blasio said.

During the Democratic primary for the District 28 council seat, Adams told the PRESS of Southeast Queens that illegal dumping was one of the main issues on which she was running.

“Sanitation is at the top of the list,” Adams said. “We have an epidemic of illegal dumping in Southeast Queens.

Especially after speaking with leadership in sanitation, I fully intend to back any resources that sanitation needs. We need to see more workers, seven-day pick-up, which we’ve been asking for on the board for year. These things haven’t been possible because of the lack of resources.”

In addition to better enforcement of the law, the mayor announced that he would support the City Council’s initiative to be tougher on first-time offenders of illegal dumping. The fine, which is currently $1,200, would be raised to $5,000.

“The fine will go higher if they are repeat offenders,” he said. “We want to say to the illegal dumpers that we mean business and that there will be consequences.”







Let’s break this down. Our community is filled with a shitload of homeless shelters, many filled with chronically unemployed people who hang out in front of the buildings all day or wander around, a large portion of our residents are low-class trash that do not care about themselves let alone their environment or community, gang bangers all over the place, the criminal element in every nook and cranny, tons of dirty delis all over the place with young men hanging inside and outside plying their drug trade, too many section 8 folks, oh, at lets not forget useless and corrupt elected officials.  SO WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT, a drop in crime. As long as Jamaica is a home for the bottom of the barrel of society, crime will be up and Jamaica will continue to be a low class ghetto.


Ghetto trash

Ghetto Jamaica trash


From Queens Press:

Crime Ticks Up In Jamaica This Year

By Trone Dowd &
Marissa Collado

During the 103rd Precinct Community Council meeting Tuesday, Capt. Joseph Seminara had a mixed report on crime in Jamaica.

For the last month crime was down six percent; Year to date however, crime has risen seven percent for the area. Despite the crime increase overall, murders are down 50 percent with last year a total of eight murders compared to the four this year.

“That is four more humans who are living life.” Seminara said.

Gun arrests in the area have increased. This time last year there were just two gun arrests, this past month there were a total of twelve.

“Guns are still a problem we are cognizant of that.” said Capt. Seminara. He went on to discuss the incident of a man who went to the emergency room with one gunshot wound claiming the incident occurred on 175th Street and Union Turnpike.

“There were no calls made to 911 about shots fired, no ballistics, no damage to the area. Detectives reviewed hours of surveillance video and see no activity. We are jumping to no conclusions however we will try to determine where the shooting occurred.” said Capt. Seminara who expressed his hopes for updates in the next meeting.

Another gun-related incident occurred on Dec. 7 on Guy R Brewer Boulevard and Archer Avenue, when a heavily tinted car with a male driver, male in the passenger seat and a female in the back driving near York College was stopped by police officers. While waiting for the registration the driver opened the console which contained a loaded firearm. The police officers calmly got all three passengers out of the vehicle without incident. The driver took full responsibility for the firearm.

“Without excessive force the right person is going to jail without two innocent people going to jail for being in the wrong car at the wrong time.” said Capt. Seminara.

Seminara described the new initiative to heavily enforce drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians. He explained even with increased enforcement people still get hit with cars at what he described as an alarming rate.

“I want to scream this to everyone in South Jamaica we are going to enforce very strictly people who fail to yield. I have seen too many people too many children get hit by cars.”

The captain explained a new initiative where civil violations will now be given out. The civil violations will be written when a witness sees a driver hit a pedestrian and can relay the information to the arriving officers. The new violations will include a “hefty fine” for drivers.