Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks chatting with Queen Press publisher, Michael Nussbaum.

Recently I posted an article from the rag, Queens Press ((, where they interviewed Meeks, named “most corrupt member of Congress several years in a row by many political watchdog groups.

The photo in the Queens Press with Meeks has him sitting across from an elderly gentlemen. Well, this gentlemen is Michael Nussbaum, publisher of Queens Press/Tribune and he must have felt right at home with corrupt Meeks, since back in 1987, when he was a public relations consultant (Read: consultant equals a highly paid scam artist) who was found guilty of collaborating with then Queens BP, Donald Manes, in soliciting a $250,000 bribe for the awarding of a Queens cable-televison franchise. Although the conviction was over-turned, what does that say about the tangled web of Nussbaum, his political ties with major local Queens Democrats and his media outlet, which by the way, Marcia Moxum Comrie (Leroy’s wife) works as an editor/columnist. As Laugh-In’s Artie Johnson would say “VERY INTERESTING”. Could Nussbaum’s editorial support be one reason these political hacks in Jamaica keep getting elected (besides low-information Jamaica voters). Nussbaums’s other company Multi Media does the political ad/circular printing for the Democrats.  So as one of my fellow sources states “Follow the money”, Nussbaum needs to be “tailed”.  I guess you could call Queen Press, a Democratic small version of Fox News.

During a 2005 event, Democrats for Bloomberg, where a who’s who of questionable folks were there like Rev. Floyd Flake, former asshole Queens BP Claire Shulman and Michael Nussbaum, who helped organize the event. In the one article below:

William Cunningham, a political strategist for Mr. Bloomberg, waved off the significance of Mr. Nussbaum’s legal travails, saying, “That was 20 years ago.” I think there are lot of people in Queens — and Bronx politics — from that era who are still around,” Mr. Cunningham said. “At some point, doesn’t somebody get a second chance? I think New York is famous for that.”

Yes, of course New York is famous for these so-called “second chances” with very corrupt people, that is why NYC is one of the most corrupt cities and shit is the way it is. Just recently,  disgraced former councilman & senator, Hiram Monserrate, announced he is running against Jackson Heights Councilmember Julissa Ferreras Copeland (nothing to write home about herself).

In 2008, Monserrate slashed his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo’s face with glass, then pulled her down the stairs and hallway of his Jackson Heights apartment building. Giraldo later claimed the slashing was an accident, but Monserrate received a misdemeanor assault conviction for pulling her by her hair, which was caught by a security camera. Later, in 2012, Monserrate was sentenced to 24 months in prison for mail fraud. He had used City Council funds through a Corona nonprofit to fund his failed 2006 state Senate campaign.

And this piece of shit has the mega balls to run and you know what, there will be fucking assholes who will vote for him, confirming the theory, you get the government you deserve.

But back to Nussbaum and the event in 2005. That despicable piece of shit, former Queens BP,  when reminded of Mr. Nussbaum’s past, stated she had “forgotten all about that”.

Of course she did, because pieces of shit stick together and there is so much pieces of shit sticking together in Queens, you can barely walk without stepping in it.

AND SO NOW YOU KNOW and have been informed.


From New York Times:

Queens Consultant Convicted In Cable-TV Bribery Scheme

A public relations consultant was found guilty yesterday of collaborating with Donald R. Manes, the Queens Borough President, in soliciting a $250,000 bribe for the awarding of a cable-television franchise in Queens.

The verdict by a jury in State Supreme Court in Queens came in the latest trial stemming from the New York City corruption scandals.

The defendant, Michael A. Nussbaum, was convicted of ”acting in concert” with Mr. Manes in seeking the bribe from Al Simon, the president of Orth-O-Vision Inc., in 1981, when the company was competing for a cable-television franchise in Queens. The prosecution said Mr. Simon refused to pay. His company later failed to win a franchise. Judge Convicted in July

Mr. Nussbaum, who is 39 years old, was a friend and political ally of Mr. Manes, who committed suicide last year, after being implicated as a key figure in bribery schemes.

Mr. Nussbaum’s trial was the second resulting from an investigation by the Queens District Attorney’s office into the awarding of cable television franchises in the borough in the early 1980’s.

In the first trial, Francis X. Smith, the borough’s former administrative judge, was convicted July 1 of perjury and contempt for his grand jury testimony. He was found to have lied about conversations and meetings he took part in with representatives of a second company, the Cable Vision Systems Corporation, which was also seeking a Queens franchise. He faces a term of up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced Sept. 9.

In a trial scheduled to begin Sept. 14, John A. Zaccaro, a real-estate broker and the husband of Geraldine A. Ferraro, the 1984 Democratic candidate for Vice President, will face charges that he acted with Mr. Manes in trying to extort a large but unspecified bribe from Cable Vision. He has denied wrongdoing.

Federal and local investigators are also known to be looking into possible corruption in the cable-television franchising process in the Bronx. No charges have been brought in that inquiry.

As the verdict was delivered yesterday in Mr. Nussbaum’s trial, the defendant, who served as director of the city’s Office of Neighborhood Services in the 1970’s, stared at the jurors without visible reaction. In the spectator section his wife, Dale, appeared to be fighting back tears as another woman comforted her.

Mr. Nussbaum, of Kew Gardens Hills, Queens, faces up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced Sept. 18 by Acting Justice John S. Thorp Jr. Mr. Nussbaum’s chief lawyer, Stanley S. Arkin, said the verdict would be appealed. Mr. Arkin had tried to persuade the jury that his client was the innocent victim of a ”phony accusation” by Mr. Simon, whom the defense portrayed as ”bitter” and ”malicious” because he failed to win a franchise. Nussbaum Called a ‘Henchman’

But after deliberating four and a half hours after a weeklong trial, the jury upheld the version presented by the prosecutor, Paul W. Pickelle. He had pictured Mr. Nussbaum as a ”henchman” of Mr. Manes, ”in the street for him hustling bribes.”

After the verdict Mr. Nussbaum continued to proclaim his innocence.

”I never solicited a bribe from Al Simon,” he told reporters. ”However, in the present atmosphere of highly prejudicial feelings of corruption in this city, it seems to be nearly impossible to cleanse oneself of the cloud of Donald Manes.” He insisted his lawyers had ”brought out facts that, under normal conditions, would be overwhelming proof of innocence.”

But the Queens District Attorney, John J. Santucci, said: ”The jury by its verdict makes it clear that the awarding of cable-TV franchises was tainted. The quality of the applicants in this case was not the prime concern. The willingness to pay a bribe was.” ‘I Knew What Happened’

Mr. Simon, who was not in court for the verdict, said later: ”I never felt the need of being vindicated. I knew what happened all along.”

Mr. Simon testified that he had hired Mr. Nussbaum in 1979 to do public relations and other work for him in connection with his company’s cable-franchise bid in Queens because the companies he was competing with were also engaging ”well-connected people.”

In October 1981, he testified, Mr. Nussbaum told him he had spoken to Richard L. Rubin, then executive secretary of the Queens Democratic organization, and that ”Mr. Rubin indicated that for $250,000 payable to Donald Manes, I would be given the franchise I was looking for.”

Mr. Simon said Mr. Nussbaum told him the money could be ”placed in a paper bag or an attache case or placed in a locker or Swiss bank account.”

Mr. Rubin was not charged in the case, and one of his lawyers said any statements that he was involved were untrue. Mr. Rubin was convicted last January of an unrelated fraud scheme.

Mr. Pickelle, the prosecutor, added that last year Mr. Nussbaum made statements to the authorities that amounted to ”admissions.”

From New York Times:

Among the organizers of Democrats for Bloomberg, a new group working to create bipartisan support for the Republican mayor, is a businessman who figured in a bribery scandal involving Donald R. Manes, the Queens borough president who killed himself in 1986.

The businessman, Michael A. Nussbaum, was convicted in 1987 of soliciting a $250,000 bribe for Mr. Manes, but the conviction was overturned on appeal. The appeals court ruled that Mr. Nussbaum could not be charged with bribery because he was not a public official, and that there was insufficient evidence linking Mr. Manes — the only public official implicated — to any bribery plot.

Recently, Mr. Nussbaum, who is associate publisher of The Queens Tribune, a weekly newspaper, has helped organize events for Democrats for Bloomberg, an effort that was offically begun last week by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, himself a former Democrat. Mr. Bloomberg is facing Fernando Ferrer, the Democratic candidate, in the November election.

Mr. Nussbaum, 58, was on hand for the group’s opening ceremony last week, and was one of four members of a host committee for a Bloomberg function in Queens on Tuesday night, along with former Mayor Edward I. Koch, the former Queens borough president, Claire Shulman, and the Rev. Floyd H. Flake, a former congressman. The event was part of a citywide network of “house parties” the Bloomberg campaign has held to energize volunteers.

Ms. Shulman said Mr. Nussbaum was at the first organizational meeting she attended with top Bloomberg campaign officials. She said she was “kind of surprised to see him at the meeting” — not because of his history in the Manes case, but because of his involvement in publishing.

Mr. Nussbaum did not respond to a message left at his office yesterday.

The Bloomberg campaign often tries to draw attention to Mr. Ferrer’s deep roots in the rough-and-tumble political culture of the Bronx. But when reminded yesterday of Mr. Nussbaum’s own past, campaign officials responded somewhat defensively.

William Cunningham, a political strategist for Mr. Bloomberg, waved off the significance of Mr. Nussbaum’s legal travails, saying, “That was 20 years ago.”

“I think there are lot of people in Queens — and Bronx politics — from that era who are still around,” Mr. Cunningham said. “At some point, doesn’t somebody get a second chance? I think New York is famous for that.”

Mr. Nussbaum, a close friend of Mr. Manes, was charged in November 1986 with soliciting a bribe from a cable-television executive seeking a franchise in Queens. The executive said he refused to pay and was denied the contract. Mr. Manes, who was implicated in several bribery schemes, committed suicide in March 1986.

Mr. Nussbaum, a public relations consultant at the time, was sentenced to one to three years in prison, but served no time. In its 1988 decision, the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court discounted a statement he made to a police detective that prosecutors said implicated him in a bribery scheme, and ruled that testimony by the cable executive did “not constitute legally competent evidence” that Mr. Manes had collaborated with Mr. Nussbaum.

For many Queens Democrats, the fallout from the Manes case is so much ancient history. Reminded of Mr. Nussbaum’s past, Ms. Shulman said yesterday that she had “forgotten all about that.”




BAD Wills

Of course the totally corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks would support dead beat dad and crooked Councilman Ruben Wills. Birds of a feather stick together as does SHIT.

In regards to Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica), who is facing charges for allegedly using taxpayer funds for personal use, Meeks stood by his city colleague. He said that he would support Wills in his upcoming bid for re-election.

“Ruben and I have worked very closely together,” Meeks said. “In this country, I believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. It is my role as a member of congress to ensure that if I see anything that affected anyone from delivering services and working with the community that they represent, then that would be a problem.”

Meeks said that, so far, he has not seen such evidence.

AND Meeks has no damn moral center either, just another in a long line of Jamaica political gangsters, who have done SHIT for Jamaica. Of course him and Wills worked closely together, to see how they can fuck over the tax payers while filling up their piggy banks, while Jamaica turned to shit for years.

AND this is why Jamaica is the way it is. A fish rots from the head down, and nothing is more rotten or foul smelling than Gregory Meeks.

But before you read the bullshit in the rag Queens Press (by the way, Senator Leroy Comrie’s wife, Marcia, works for this rag), read up on corrupt Meeks.


From National Legal and Policy Center:

Rep. Gregory Meeks, Congress’ Most Corrupt, Tests Ethics Enforcement

Although he has plenty of competition, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) is generally regarded by watchdog groups as the most corrupt member of Congress. From Allen Stanford’s Ponzi schemes to Azerbaijan junkets to the unfolding House IT scandal, it seems like Meeks doesn’t miss a chance to get in on shady dealings.

Whether he can survive in office much longer will be determined by whether ethics enforcement mechanisms actually begin to function. It will depend on whether President Trump, and his appointees, follow through on his pledge to “drain the swamp” and whether House Republicans end their assault on the Office of Congressional Ethics, and instead get behind real reform.

Meanwhile, Meeks is up to his old tricks.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on January 30 that two of his campaign committees have paid a total of $168,000 since 2008 to a “company” owned by the wife of the chief of staff for his New York office. From the story:

Robert Simmons’ wife, Patsy, is listed as the treasurer for Friends for Gregory Meeks, the congressman’s campaign committee. Campaign committee treasurers are typically unpaid friends of the politician.

However, acting as treasurer has proved lucrative for Patsy Simmons. Patsy has profited quietly from Meeks’ campaign, earning more than $100,000 in a scheme revealed by the New York Post seven years ago.

Payments from Meeks’ campaign committee are not made out directly to Simmons. Instead, the committee cuts checks to Einna Inc., a company Patsy registered in 2008, according to New York business records.

Of course, the appearance is that Meeks is somehow benefitting. The work of a campaign treasurer is usually quite limited, and certainly not worth what Simmons or her company were paid.

A 2010 New York Times story titled “Rep. Meeks Cries Poor, but He Lives the Good Life” detailed how he eschewed bank accounts and preferred to deal in cash. In addition, we have placed him at various times in casinos on three different continents. We probably missed some.

Its not surprising that Meeks would be party to the arrangement with Simmons but that he could be so stupid. After all, he was exposed by the New York Post in 2010 doing the same thing. The only difference is that prior to Post story, the money was paid directly to Patsy Simmons. After the story, the money was paid her company. Tricky, huh?

According to the same Free Beacon article:

…Meeks purchased a new Lexus as a campaign vehicle. On Oct. 23, 2015, Meeks’ committee made a $13,722 down payment at a Lexus dealership in New York. The campaign has been making $968.60 monthly payments on the vehicle.

Driving in style courtesy of his campaign contributors is nothing new for Meeks. An audit by the Federal Election Commission of his campaign committee for 2003 and 2004 found that Meeks spend more than $20,000 on personal expenses, most of which was for personal use of an earlier Lexus, including “vehicle repair service, satellite radio and fees for custom license plates.”

Last month, one of Meeks’ political allies, a former New York State Senator named John Sampson, was sentenced to five years in prison. Between 1998 and 2008, Sampson allegedly embezzled approximately $440,000 from the foreclosure sales of four Brooklyn properties on which he was a court-appointed referee. The embezzlement charges were thrown out because the statute of limitations expired. The charges on which he was convicted relate to the cover-up.

Reportedly, the Sampson investigation was an extension of the investigation of Meeks prompted by newspaper headlines based on information provided by the National Legal and Policy Center. Beginning in 2010, we reviewed public documents connected to Meeks and his political network. Meeks was involved with a nonprofit called New Direction Local Development Corporation. Among other irregularities, the group raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who never received the money. Newspaper headlines about New Direction, starting with a New York Post exposé on January 31, 2010, apparently prompted a series of overlapping investigations.

Sampson tried to replace some of the stolen funds with the proceeds of an unsecured $188,500 “loan” from Edul Ahmad. A Guyanese-American businessman. Ahmad pleaded guilty in 2012 in a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud scheme.

Ahmad also “loaned” money to Meeks, who has extensive ties to Guyana. After the FBI started to scrutinize Meeks’ finances in 2010 after the New Direction stories, Meeks amended his Financial Disclosure Reports to show a $40,000 payment from Ahmad in 2007. Meeks claimed it was a loan, but there were no notes or payments until several years after the payment was made.

So why is Sampson on his way to prison and Meeks is still in the House? It’s very simple. Sampson held a state office. Meeks’ office is federal.

The indictment of a sitting Congressman requires the approval of the Attorney General. Meeks has been extraordinary lucky that for the last eight years the two Attorney Generals have been Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Both have strong ties to the Queens political machine and neither would ever allow the prosecution of Meeks.

Sampson was prosecuted by Preet Bharara, a Democrat whose made a name for himself by going after other Democrats, like presently, New York Mayor Bill Di Blasio. Bharara’s string of prosecutions of sitting officeholders in New York has been so popular that even before Donald Trump was sworn in, he announced that Bharara would stay as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Bharara has taken down the Speaker of New York Assembly, Sheldon Silver, and the State Senate President Dean Skelos, but he has not gone after two members of Congress who would seem to be sitting ducks for an ambitious prosecutor, Meeks or now-retired Rep. Charles Rangel.

Meeks has also been fortunate that the House Ethics Committee has functioned as it always has. Instead of enforcing House rules, it acts to protect incumbents from scrutiny and sanction.

When the Ahmad loan to Meeks was reported in the media, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) in Government filed a Complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), not to be confused with the House Ethics Committee. CREW alleged that Meeks failure to disclose the loan was a violation to House Rules, an allegation with which the OCE would eventually agree. OCE went even further and concluded that the loan “appears to be a gift.” When Meeks’ amended his disclosure forms, it was in effect, an admission that he failed to report the loan previously. OCE referred this “slam dunk” of a rules violation to the House Ethics Committee in May 2011.

True to form, the Ethics Committee dismissed the allegation more than a year later, noting that “inadvertent errors” are “not uncommon” on financial disclosure reports. This was not the first time that the Committee failed to act in the face of conclusive evidence of Meeks’ rules violations.

In March 2011, NLPC filed a Complaint asking the Committee to investigate Meeks for paying $830,000 for a newly built home in 2006 that was worth more than $1.2 million. The Committee never acted or even acknowledged the Complaint, even though the deal received significant attention in the New York Times story mentioned above. The scheme bore similarities to the case of Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham who went to prison in 2005 for selling his house for an inflated price to facilitate a bribe.

In theory, the ultimate ethics enforcers are the voters. In practice, elections do not matter for Meeks. He, and three or so dozen other members of Congress, represent districts gerrymandered to ensure minority representation. There is a slight chance that these incumbents can be knocked off in a Democratic primary, as in the case last year of ex-Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida, serving in her twelfth term. At the time, I wrote that twenty-four years is an awfully long time to wait for the system to work.

Like Meeks, Brown had been in ethics trouble almost from the moment she stepped foot in Congress, but she skated from scandal to scandal. Meeks probably never expected a Trump presidency along with a GOP Congress, but he certainly knows that the Justice Department, the House Ethics Committee and the Federal Election Commission act only in the most egregious circumstances, and never apply statutes and regulations on a consistent basis.

The Republican Congress got off to a disgraceful start when it attempted its first order of business to gut of the limited authority enjoyed by OCE. The move prompted widespread disbelief, fueled by a Trump tweet, forcing the anti-OCE plotters to back off. Whether the House leadership finally grasps what happened in the 2016 election will be apparent in what happens to the likes of Meeks, once the evidence of additional wrongdoing inevitably emerges.


From Queens Press:

Meeks Talks Trump Turbulence, Jamaica’s Future


Congressman Gregory Meeks talks with the PRESS of Southeast Queens’ staff. Photo by Jon Cronin.


U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica) stopped by the PRESS of Southeast Queens on Friday to discuss the current political climate in Washington, D.C. Meeks, who recently became the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus’ Political Action Committee, is the senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and serves as the Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats.

Washington, D.C.
He said that the political landscape in the nation’s capital has recently changed significantly.

The congressman, who had forged a close relationship with President Barack Obama, discussed life in Congress under President Donald Trump. Meeks has been an outspoken critic of the president.

After having served under Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama, Meeks said that he has never had so little faith in the president’s word.

“In the 100-plus days that this president has been in office, people don’t know what he means when he speaks,”

Meeks said. “Even recently, he said that you can’t trust what his spokespeople say. As I travel to different countries—including Germany, the Baltics, the U.K.—folks don’t know what to think or believe. He says one thing one day and another thing 30 minutes later.”

This week, Trump disregarded his own administration’s account that he did not share classified information with Russian diplomat Sergey Lavrov regarding the location of radical Islamic State groups in the Middle East. Trump tweeted that “as president, I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting), which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism,” despite his own National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster saying that the report was false just hours before.

The statements came just a week after Trump contradicted White House statements pinning FBI Director James Comey’s firing on a recommendation from Attorney General Jeff Sessions in relation to Comey’s handling of the investigation on Hillary Clinton. In an interview two days later, Trump said that he had been mulling over a decision to do so since January and finally pulled the trigger after he deemed the investigation into his potential ties to Russia a fabrication “by Dems as an excuse for losing the election.”

Meeks said he was “deeply disturbed” by the article and the administration’s subsequent denial and affirmation of the events reported.

“On the campaign trail, President Trump, Speaker Ryan and many Republicans suggested that not everyone cleared should have access to classified information,” Meeks said. “President Trump’s disclosure shows that they should have directed that sentiment at him. President Trump has demonstrated himself to be unwilling, unfit or incapable of protecting our nation’s secrets. This grave mistake is yet more evidence that President Trump is willing to put Russian interests above American interests and our partnership with our allies.”

The congressman said that as the ranking Democrat of the Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats subcommittee, he hopes to obtain additional information on the meeting between Trump and Lavrov.

Meeks said that Trump’s history as a businessman has not translated well to the presidency thus far as many voters had hoped during the 2016 election.

“He’s never had to be accountable to anybody previously,” Meeks said. “It’s not like he ran a corporation as CEO. He ran a family-owned business where whatever he said, went. That is not how you run a country.”

The congressman said that he is placing his faith in constituents to put pressure on elected officials to challenge the president.

“I would hope that, at some point, with the speaker [U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan] and some of my other Republican colleagues, things will change,” Meeks said. “They should be able to do that because they are independent from the executive branch. We are supposed to have checks and balances.”

Meeks said that as a college student during the early 1970s, he saw Democrats and Republicans unite when they witnessed President Richard Nixon’s abuse of power. Meeks said that he hopes his colleagues would choose country over loyalty to the president.

Jamaica Development
Back in his home district, Meeks said that he was optimistic regarding the future of Jamaica.

“It’s going to be fantastic,” Meeks said of developing Downtown Jamaica. “Once we have a thriving Downtown Jamaica, it will compliment the homes that surround it.”

Meeks said that development would draw new places to shop, jobs and opportunities to Jamaica, from which many commercial investors fled decades ago.

“People who currently own homes will see that their property values will go up,” Meeks said. “We will see housing stock that is completely mixed use. The redevelopment of JFK Airport will boost things as well.”

Meeks said that mixing in new businesses—for example, Starbucks and Dallas BBQ’s—and sustained businesses currently on corridors such as Jamaica Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard is the key to maintaining a sustainable balance that doesn’t displace residents who live there now.

Queens Politics
In regards to Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica), who is facing charges for allegedly using taxpayer funds for personal use, Meeks stood by his city colleague. He said that he would support Wills in his upcoming bid for re-election.

“Ruben and I have worked very closely together,” Meeks said. “In this country, I believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. It is my role as a member of congress to ensure that if I see anything that affected anyone from delivering services and working with the community that they represent, then that would be a problem.”

Meeks said that, so far, he has not seen such evidence.

When asked about the upcoming mayoral race, Meeks said that he “has no problems with the current mayor,” but was not ready to make an official endorsement in the race yet.

As for Queens getting its fair share, Meeks said that he and his borough colleagues are limited in their ability to push federal funds towards the borough.

“We try to fight for money to come into the state of New York, and then the city,” the congressman said. “The city divides that money up as [it] sees fit. That’s why it is important for us to work together and make sure that our city council people get their fair share because, most of the time, it’s federal dollars that others get to decide how it’s distributed.”



It seems that crooked Gregory Meek’s campaign office and his district office on Jamaica Avenue share the same space, a big NO-NO, while the latest House disbursement records show that the landlord, BLDG Management,  charges Washington $10,675.30 a month for Meek’s district office in Jamaica, making Meeks’s rent among the costliest in the entire country, THE ENTIRE COUNTRY FOLKS. Not only that, but his address states “Suite 535” and the building at 153-01 Jamaica Avenue, does not have a 5th floor, in fact it is only 3 floors.

According to government advocate, Susan Lerner:

“It’s just bad practice to have your district office and your campaign office side-by-side. It results in a blurring of lines between your taxpayer-financed district office and your campaign,” she said. “It does appear as if the taxpayer is paying for a campaign office in addition to a district office, and that’s simply improper.”

BUT, as the article explains, it is more than just bad practice: House ethics standards state explicitly that the use of public resources for campaign purposes may warrant criminal prosecution.

SO I will ask this again, WHY ISN’T crooked Meeks in prison or at least have charges against him. He must really know where all the bodies are piled up.

Thugs on Jamaica streets, Thugs in Jamaica’s political office. BUT at least the street thugs know they are thugs. So Jamaica is the way it is, not only due to the hood rats running around on the streets, but the thug hood rats in Jamaica’s political office and they do the most damage.


From Observer:

Congressman Gregory Meeks

Are Taxpayers Subsidizing Campaign Offices for These Two New York Congress Members?

113th slideshow grace meng gracefornewyork Are Taxpayers Subsidizing Campaign Offices for These Two New York Congress Members?

Congresswoman Grace Meng. Grace Meng/Meng for Congress campaign

The federal government doles out massive sums to private landlords each month to maintain Congressman Gregory Meeks’s and Congresswoman Grace Meng’s formal offices in their Queens districts—while the two Democrats simultaneously rent campaign headquarters in the exact same buildings for far, far lower rates.

In 2010, the New York Post reported that Meeks’s Build America Political Action Committee paid $350 a month for Suite 535 at 153-01 Jamaica Avenue, in Jamaica, Queens. The problem, the tabloid noted, is that 153-01 Jamaica Avenue contains no Suite 535, and is in fact only three stories tall.

What the Post neglected to mention was that Meeks has reported the same phantom space as the headquarters of his two campaign committees, Friends for Gregory Meeks and Meeks for Congress, to the Federal Election Commission since late 2006. To this day, his periodic financial filings, his fundraiser invitations and his official campaign website all list this nonexistent office as the nexus and nerve-center of his political operations.

img 8314 Are Taxpayers Subsidizing Campaign Offices for These Two New York Congress Members?

The door to Suite 205 at 153-01 Jamaica Avenue. Will Bredderman/Observer

The Observer visited the location, and discovered the Meeks campaign and the Build America PAC are in fact lodged in Suite 205 of the building—directly adjacent to Suite 204, which serves as the congressman’s taxpayer-financed district office.

An office of the Legal Aid Society occupies approximately half the building’s second floor. The Meeks campaign and congressional office divide the remaining portion with a private law firm and with an outpost of the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

New York Politics

Public records show that the NYCCHR pays landlord BLDG Management $8,076 a month for its space.

Meanwhile, FEC records indicate that the Meeks campaign committees and the PAC split the rent in Suite 205 (though both report their address in their filings as Suite 535). As of the most recent FEC disclosure, the PAC allocates $412 a month toward the lease on the space, while the campaign sets aside $1,271.

That latter figure has oscillated wildly at times in years past. In December 2014, for example, it inexplicably fell to $746—while in October 2011, it dropped all the way to $181.

Back in 2007, the rate gyrated between $975 a month and $1,212—except for October, when it sank to $146, and in February, when it shot up to $6,930.

The latest House disbursement records show that BLDG Management charges Washington $10,675.30 a month for the district office—making Meeks’s rent among the costliest in the entire country. The real estate company did not respond to calls for comment.

For context, Congress pays a combined $9,700 each month for fellow Queens Congressman Joseph Crowley‘s two district offices, while rent at Bronx Congressman Eliot Engel’s three official sites together totals a little less than $7,000. Manhattan Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s trio of offices collectively cost the taxpayer $9,500 every month.

Of the entire New York City House delegation, only Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s Lower Manhattan office runs a higher rate: $10,855.59 per month.

The Observer was unable to gain access to the locked campaign suite at 153-01 Jamaica Avenue, but did enter the district office. Given the proportions of the building, it seems unlikely that the latter is vastly larger than either of the other two spaces it shares the floor with—most likely not enough to justify the $2,600 discrepancy between the NYCCHR’s rent and that of the congressional office, and almost certainly not the nearly $9,000 spread between the monthly lease for the district office and that of the campaign office.

It appears similarly impossible that the Meeks campaign accounts and the Build America PAC have continually made the same error about “Suite 535” through nearly 11 years’ worth of filings with multiple levels of government. At the Observer’s request, the firm Competitive Advantage Research conducted a comprehensive review of New York State campaign finance databases for the appearance of the 153-01 Jamaica Avenue address.

The analysis turned up 58 donations the two campaign committees and the PAC made to state and local candidates while listing their location as Suite 535.

“Meeks has apparently fabricated a door number at a real address and given it out as the address of his own campaign to several New York committees, who all report it as his address when transacting with the Meeks campaign,” said CAR founder Jonathan Reznick. “More alarmingly, he also gives this door number to the FEC as the address of his campaign, all in an apparent attempt to give the impression that the campaign office is in a distinct location within the building from his own taxpayer-funded district office.”

It is unclear where the Meeks campaign might have come up with the number 535, although there are 535 voting members of the House and Senate. But the number that stunned good government advocate Susan Lerner, executive director of the group Common Cause New York, was the district office’s astronomical rent.

She called for an independent investigation to ascertain the true market value of both the campaign and district office spaces. Lerner also asserted it was highly questionable for a politician to have his government berth physically adjoining his political headquarters.

“It’s just bad practice to have your district office and your campaign office side-by-side. It results in a blurring of lines between your taxpayer-financed district office and your campaign,” she said. “It does appear as if the taxpayer is paying for a campaign office in addition to a district office, and that’s simply improper.”

It may be more than just improper: House ethics standards state explicitly that the use of public resources for campaign purposes may warrant criminal prosecution. Media representatives at the FEC and the Office of Congressional Ethics both told the Observer they would not comment on individual politicians’ specific situations.

Meeks, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee, has been the subject of numerous corruption allegations and investigations since his election in 1998. His congressional office sent a belated statement to the Observer that inveighed at length against the deplorable state of American journalism, before finally denouncing any suggestion that he has any inappropriate arrangement with BLDG Management for either of his offices.

“I chose a location for my district office that has optimal accessibility near public transportation and local throughways for my constituents,” the emailed remarks read. “My office follows all the required procedures of the House to vet the lease and make the payments.”

Meek’s statement to the Observer also included the factually incorrect claim that his campaign is registered to a post office box. At no point did he address the inveterate inaccurate filings with the FEC and other regulatory bodies that placed his campaign office in a fictional suite.

Unfortunately, itemized accounting of congressional disbursements only goes back to early 2016, so it is unclear what the House paid for Meeks’s rent in years prior. A congressional directory from 2005 places the congressman’s district office at a different location, indicating that it may have moved into 153-01 Jamaica Avenue contemporaneously with the campaign in 2006.

Permits filed with the New York City Department of Buildings show considerable construction, including the insertion of partition walls, on the second floor of the structure during the latter half of that year.

img 0609 Are Taxpayers Subsidizing Campaign Offices for These Two New York Congress Members?

153-01 Jamaica Avenue, the building housing Congressman Gregory Meeks’ campaign and district offices. Will Bredderman/Observer

The House disbursement list also shows that the federal government shells out $8,375.79 per month to Mehran Properties for Congresswoman Meng’s district office at 40–13 159 Street in the Flushing section of Queens, as well as another $111 to $733 to the same company for utilities. (The congressional allocation for Meeks appears to pay utilities costs directly to the vendors).

A $1,000 donation the congresswoman’s campaign, Grace for New York, made to Queens Assemblyman Francisco Moya in January 2016 reveals that her campaign office sits inside the exact same one-story structure—even though she has registered her committee with the FEC from a P.O. box in the neighborhood of Fresh Meadows. (Moya’s campaign records show a donation of $1,000 to Meng’s account at that same 159th Street address just a few months before).

For that space, Meng’s campaign has paid Mehran Properties $440 a month since October 2015. As with Meeks’s campaign, the only utilities payments Grace for New York shows are for telephone and Internet service—not for water or electricity.

But long before her congressional office assumed that address, Meng’s campaign began reporting monthly payments of $2,750 to Mehran Properties for office rent in April 2012.

Meng’s monthly campaign office fees dipped slightly to $2,450 per month in 2014, FEC filings show. That February, the 113th Congress directory identified her Flushing district office as situated in a non-Mehran property at 32-26 Union Street. The congresswoman had heralded the opening of that site on her Facebook page in June 2013, and on her House webpage two months later.

By the next Congress in February 2016, the directory referred to her Flushing office at its current Mehran-owned location, 40–13 159 Street. The Observer was unable to find any official or informal notice of this relocation, although a congressional phone book published in September 2015 put the outpost at its present address.

flushing offc 2 Are Taxpayers Subsidizing Campaign Offices for These Two New York Congress Members?

Congresswoman Grace Meng’s district office at 40-13 159th Street. Congresswoman Grace Meng

Between May and June 2014, the Meng campaign’s rental fees to Mehran halved, from $2,450 to $1,225 a month.

By October, the rate had plunged to the current $440—a figure that remained consistent at least through November of last year. These precipitous declines in price would appear to coincide, roughly, with her district office’s move to a Mehran property.

Lerner again called for an independent assessment of the true market value of both the campaign and district offices.

“We want to be assured that the taxpayer is paying only for the district office, and that the campaign office hasn’t obtained some kind of discount,” the advocate said. “If there is a better deal, that deal should be going to the taxpayer, not to the campaign.”

Alex Mehran, one of the owners of Mehran Properties, insisted to the Observer that his company’s transactions with the House of Representatives and with Meng’s campaign were completely unrelated. He attributed the rent drop-off for the campaign to its move to a smaller space, though he refused to divulge the whereabouts of the old location, or any specific details about its dimensions.

“As a real estate company, were able to do it for that price,” he said. “One deal had nothing to do with the other.”

That price is far lower than what other Congress members in New York pay each month for their campaign offices. Engel, the Bronx congressman, gives the Benjamin Franklin Democratic Club $2,000 a month to make use of their space as his headquarters—while Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette Clarke has a $1,500 rental arrangement with the Progressive Democrats Political Association.

Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez pays $2,000 a month to rent campaign space from a Brooklyn daycare center.

The only other New York House member with a comparable monthly campaign office rent is Crowley, who pays $600 a month—and, as the Post revealed recently, his landlord is his own brother.

A spokesman for Meng told the Observer that her leadership PAC, At the Table!, chips in $60 a month for the campaign office—bringing the total rent paid to $500—and that the space is only 153 square feet. The district office, he maintained, is 2,573 square feet.

The press representative further asserted that the varying rents the campaign paid over the past few years reflect changes in office space and location, even as Mehran Properties remained the landlord the entire time.

“These were all different campaign spaces of varying sizes that were rented at different times,” said Jorden Goldes. “That is the only reason why there was a difference in price from year to year.”

The congresswoman was re-elected a vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee in February.

Updated to include comment from Meeks’s office.



Asshole Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks

Kind of ironic that crooked SE Queens Congressman Meeks ( the KING OF CROOKED AND CORRUPTION) takes a swipe at Donald Trump every chance he gets, but you know what, they both are the same, complete shysters and con man.

WHY IS THIS CLOWN STILL IN OFFICE, at least hopefully in few years Clown Donny will be out.

FOLKS, stop voting for the black Bozo of SE Queens. Why waste your tax dollars on crooks, do nothings and con artists.


From Anonymous:

Last Thursday, March 16, 2017, I contacted the office of Gregory Meeks to register a complaint and to ask for help. Meeks employs a seriously arrogant and uneducated crony named Bob Simmons who rejected every reason that I, as a constituent, requested an appointment with this worthless politician (not public servant).

Because, I was getting psychobabble from Simmons, I ended up hanging up the telephone on this failed public servant. Shouldn’t there be a consequence to representatives who willfully reject and dismiss their constituents’ needs, wants and concerns? Where is the accountabilitiy and transparency?

As usual, the blighted problem that I am experiencing continues to exist, and these depraved, politically toxic subhumans get away with murder on my tax dollars. The people (and I use the term loosely) in this hustler’s office make hell look like heaven!


Sure Donald Trump ( I just refused to put the word President before this clown’s name) is a shyster, a con man and pretty much an idiot, but Congressman Meeks who held one of those useless town hall meetings that crooked SE Queens politicians like to hold (I had gone to a former Senator Malcolm Smith one a few years back where that clown showed up 1/2 late for his own town hall meeting) and used it to criticize Trump’s immigration polices.

I mean considering how fucked up Jamaica’s elected officials are and pretty much SE Queens hacks AND how the quality of life in this area of mostly color and immigrants is poor, one is going to criticize another politician when his own house is not cleaned. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.

I mean, let’s get REAL here. Did Donald Trump have anything to do with the poisonous Royal Waste Services being dumped in the middle of a residential area over a decade ago (by the way Jamaica has the highest rate of asthma, think there is a connection and who knows about the cancer rate). Donald Trump had nothing to do with dozens of homeless shelters dumped in the area. Donald Trump had nothing to do with most of crime ridden South Jamaica looking likes some garbage strewn third world country. Trump had nothing to do with thug auto body shops take over of Merrick Blvd with junked and unlicensed vehicles all over streets and sidewalks. Trump had nothing to do with the huge amount of illegal garbage dumping. DO I need to go on.

Royal Waste Disaster at the 170th Street/Douglas location where 3 workers were killed by toxic chemicals in 2009

Take care of your LOCAL PROBLEMS and then criticized another politician.

Your comment Meeks:

“There are people who were too afraid to come here tonight,” Meeks said after the meeting. “This is our fourth town hall, and at each one people have told me they are there getting information for someone else who was afraid to show up.”

MOST don’t show up to these bogus town hall meeting where folks like you and the other asshole elected officials put on a dog and pony show and  puff put your chest, but then NOT a DAMN thing gets addressed or solved. I know, I have been to these clown shows, just red meat to the folks, that is all to justify your bloated salaries.

AND enough with the immigration shit, I and many others are tired of it. FIRST OFF, the policies have to do with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, not LEGAL IMMIGRATION. How many times you going to beat on this dead horse. At least Trump put this whole illegal immigration mess that has been going on for decades with no type of solution into the spotlight. I will give him credit for that. NOW it is up to all of you clowns to actually address the elephant in the living room.


From Queens Chronicle:

Meeks trashes Trump immigration policies

Says executive orders have people living in fear of the government


Posted: Thursday, March 9, 2017 10:30 am

About 150 people packed into American Legion Post 483 in Rosedale Monday night as U.S. Rep Greg Meeks (D-Queens, Nassau) discussed President Trump’s evolving immigration policy and what rights immigrants have.

But Meeks was far more concerned with many he believes did not attend.

“There are people who were too afraid to come here tonight,” Meeks said after the meeting. “This is our fourth town hall, and at each one people have told me they are there getting information for someone else who was afraid to show up.”

And what appeared to be apprehension in some immigrant communities in Queens appears only to have worsened since March 1, when Daniela Vargas, 22, who was illegally brought to the United States by her parents when she was 7, was arrested by federal agents after speaking out at a rally in Jackson, Miss.

“We’re trying other ways to get the information out there,” Meeks said.

Monday’s meeting was well-advertised, though there was no conspicuous evidence of federal law enforcement if any were present in the hall or outside of the building on 135th Avenue.

On at least two occasions in recent weeks, false rumors of raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, spread like wildfire over social media in the Indo-Caribbean community along the Liberty Avenue corridor in Jamaica and Richmond Hill.

The president’s original U.S. entry restrictions, including a ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, was blocked in federal court. Meeks is not impressed by a new executive order dropping the total to six.

“Make no mistake — this is a Muslim ban,” he said.

And he is livid over the proposal in some cases of refugee applications to separate children from their parents for a year or more while their cases are adjudicated.

“It’s supposed to be a disincentive,” he added. “… They talk about ‘extreme vetting.’ The process already can take two to three years. How much more extreme do you want?”

Another executive order widened the scope of unauthorized immigrants who might be picked up and deported.

But Meeks said people with visas, green cards and other legal residential status need to be just about as careful as those who have entered the country illegally.

Meeks said one advantage those living in the city have is Mayor de Blasio’s continuing designation of New York as a sanctuary city, with police not checking the immigration status of those picked up.

“If you have parking tickets, you’re not going to be deported,” the congressman said.

He said in the event someone is approached on the street by agents they should have copies — not originals — of certain papers handy.

He said if agents come knocking at people’s homes, there is one initial precaution.

“Don’t open the door,” he advised.

Meeks said people should ask the visitors to identify themselves and what their business is. If they are ICE or other federal agents, people can ask if they have a warrant. Even those, Meeks said, may offer some leeway.

He said an administrative warrant is different from a formal warrant signed by a federal judge.

“Ask them to slip the warrant under the door,” Meeks said, adding that the judge’s signature and the scope of the warrant should be visible in the top few lines of the document.

“If is it signed by a judge, you have to open the door,” he said. But he also said the warrant must spell out exactly what or who the agents are looking for, and where they intend to look.

And the congressman said noncitizens who intend to travel abroad, unlike people stopped by the NYPD for routine or minor matters, need to make sure they have no outstanding issues.

“Make sure you cross all your Ts and dot all your Is,” he said. “If you owe child support, pay it before you go. If you have tickets, pay them. Because if you don’t, they may not let you back in.”



The lawmaker, once dubbed one of “the most corrupt members of Congress” by a government watchdog, said he had not seen any evidence of wrongdoing by Alvi or the others. He said they may have been falsely targeted because they are Muslims, some with ties to Pakistan.

SURE Meeks, you would not see any type of wrong doing, that is the status quo for you.

Love the photo below though (“clowns to the left of me, clowns to the right of me”…….. and the leader of the three ring circus, in the middle.)

The line for the photo could be “Nothing to see her folks” OR “You got me”.



From New York Post:

Capitol Hill staffers probed for theft worked for NYC congressmen

Four US Congress members from New York City employed the Capitol Hill techies reportedly being probed for equipment theft and possible breaches of the House computer network.

Three of the five IT staffers worked at different times for Reps. Gregory Meeks and Yvette Clarke, and one also worked for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. Another was a staffer for Rep. Joseph Crowley, the Queens Democratic Party chairman.

It is not known if the investigation by the US Capitol Police, reported by Politico, involves the theft of classified information.

The IT ring includes three brothers — Imran, Jamal and Abid Awan — and Imran’s wife, Hina Alvi. The fifth, Rao Abbas, is unrelated to the family. All are from Virginia and worked in the four New York Democrats’ offices in Washington, D.C.

Last week, Meeks fired Alvi, telling Politico that the probe was interfering with the daily routine of his office.

The lawmaker, once dubbed one of “the most corrupt members of Congress” by a government watchdog, said he had not seen any evidence of wrongdoing by Alvi or the others. He said they may have been falsely targeted because they are Muslims, some with ties to Pakistan.

Alvi, 32, had worked for Meeks since 2008, and last year made $126,225, public records show. Her husband and brother-in-law were previous Meeks’ staffers.

The group divided their services among members of Congress, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida Democrat and former head of the Democratic National Committee.

A Virginia-based businessman who knows the Awan family said that the oldest brother, 36-year-old Imran Awan, had arranged for the group’s IT jobs on Capitol Hill. He had worked for Congress since 2004, most recently in the offices of Jeffries, and Wasserman Schultz, among others.

In addition, Imran worked for two members of the House Intelligence Committee.

Abid Awan, 32, jumped on the Congressional gravy train in 2005, earning as much as $166,000 a year. Abid’s wife, Nataliia Sova, also worked briefly as a part-time Congressional staffer.

Despite the six-figure taxpayer-funded salary, Abid Awan got into financial trouble, declaring bankruptcy in 2012 on more than $1 million in debts, public records show.

“He was spoiled, and only getting a good salary because of what his brother was doing,” said the businessman, who once ran a used-car lot with Abid in Virginia.

One of Abid’s creditors, Rao Abbas, 37, began working on Capitol Hill in December 2012, months after Abid declared bankruptcy. Abbas started working for Crowley in 2014.

None of the brothers, Alvi or Abbas could be reached for comment.

A Crowley spokeswoman said Abbas spent a few days hooking up computers and the office “opted not to go forward with him in the future.”

A spokeswoman for the Capitol Police would not comment on “the ongoing investigation.”



Hala Live Slaughterhouse (92-56 165th St) right in the middle of downtown Jamaica and yes those are apartment going up across from it.

Hala Live Slaughterhouse (92-56 165th St) right in the middle of downtown Jamaica and yes those are apartment going up across from it.

Guest Courier Op-Ed, Julian Phillips, gives some advice to Trump as Black History Month comes to an end, but the advice that needs to be given is to black leaders in communities like Jamaica, for standing on the side lines for way too long allow quality of issues to pile up like 50 Cent’s debt and we are not talking about tough issues that local elected officials have little to do with like unemployment, but every day quality of life issues which have not gotten addressed or solved no matter how many times both myself and Jamaica community activist Pamela Hazel, have brought up the same old issues along with documentation for years. Issues like illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal parking by tractor trailer trucks and other box trucks all over this community, continuous garbage dumping be it the typical Jamaica slobs dropping of litter to the illegal garbage dumping that does on or how about the thug auto body shops take over of Merrick Blvd, side streets and sidewalks with junked and unlicensed vehicles which has actually gotten worse each year to an alarming rate pretty much turning Merrick Blvd into the new Willets Point. And these are just a few issues that have been going on not only for years, but in some cased decades. Long time so-called black leaders like Leroy Comrie, Gregory Meeks, Archie Spigner, Floyd Flake, Malcolm Smith, William Scarborough, Vivian Cook, Helen Marshall, her replacement,  Lilly white Melinda Katz and all the others in this area who call themselves “leaders” or “community advocates” or “ministers”, have done pretty much shit in regards to these issues, which are a local issue and that every single one of them have pretty much ignored.

The James Fobb Estate

The James Fobb Estate

Senator Leroy Comrie, when he was Councilmember, would state that Jamaica has one of the highest asthma rates around and that is true, yet the poisonous Royal Waste company was given a green light to set up shop right smack in the downtown area near hundreds of homes, near a Senior Citizen NYCHA apartment, across the street from Detective Keith Williams Park, where kids play, swim and play football and sorcerer, all during his reign  and to this day is still there spewing poison into the air with their non-stop garbage waste trucks that come from all over the city and these trucks spew their diesel fuel emission in the air 24/7 on residential streets. Yeah, we have a fucking epic asthma problem Comrie and it is because of shit like Royal Waste which these black leaders like Comrie allowed to get plopped in the middle of a residential area. I don’t see Melinda Katz’s hood having a waste station to poison her kids or all the little Jewish boys and girls, but I guess, low-income Black, Hispanic and other ethnic children are expendable in their mind and don’t matter as much as the little white and Asian boys and girls in Forest Hills. Then all of those auto body shops along Merrick Blvd (and who knows what they do with their poison fluids from cars) don’t help the asthma situation either.garbage-1-23-17-003

Every other day, another homeless shelter is dumped into this community and another hotel is turned into a supposedly “temporary” homeless shelter. Homeless encampments are easily seen at Jamaica Center, LIRR/Sutphin Blvd and 179th Street Station and getting worse every day. The garbage and litter is completely out of control in this community, though the blame goes to the low-class ghetto slobs who have no respect or pride. But then how can one have respect or pride when people like Comrie, Flake, Katz and others have no respect or pride for this community regardless of the bile that comes out of the side of their mouths.

AND then we have the local media, from Times Ledger to Communties of Color who are NOT questioning any of these elected officials and other leaders on WHY. WHY is Royal Waste still here? WHY was it put here in the first place in a residential area? WHY are slaughterhouses right in the heavily traffic downtown area near York College, residents and the shopping district? WHY is nothing being done about auto body shops destroying Merrick Blvd?  I have yet seen any of these local publication ask any such questions and DEMAND and answer. hillside-garbage12-4-16-013

So as Black History Month comes to a close, maybe Julian Phillips has some advice to these Black leaders of Jamaica and SE Queens or the least tell them to hold their heads in shame, oh though at this point, they have lost any type of shame or dignity. In fact they should lose their black card due to the obvious crimes against black constituents to be able to live in a decent, clean and civilized community like most white people do in their communities. No one is asking to shoot for the moon, just a clean and decent area where one can breathe without taking in poisonous wastes and diesel fuel emission 24/7. I don’t think that is much to ask for and local media including COMMUNITIES FOR COLOR, need to start being journalist instead of big jokes pushing the agendas of these do nothings and crooks in the making.

The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

Sutphin Garbagegarbage and trucks7.1.16 010garbage and trucks7.1.16 008



Garbage & Cars6.18.16 068



TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists. Such trucks come from Royal Waste Services.

TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists. Such trucks come from Royal Waste Services.


From Queens Courier:

Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock


Like most of President Trump’s roll-outs in his first two weeks in office, his White House gathering of African Americans to salute Black History Month was a little rough to say the least!

 For starters, not knowing that the world’s best known abolitionist died in the 1800s was a laugher. Perhaps even worse, his gathering of Black ‘supporters’ for the press availability left a lot to be desired.

Let’s forget about the fact that he had to be introduced to more than half of them—and who were these folk? The best known individual on hand was conservative political commentator Armstrong Williams, he himself not a household name in the African American community.

Going back in time, I’ll call them Trump’s version of Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus—a rap star, comedian, football Hall of Famer (I love you Jim!), and the clown Ringmaster himself, Don King, all summoned to Trump Tower to presumably talk about the state of Black America. Really?!

What about some politicians and community leaders who have devoted a lifetime to civil rights and substantive change? Rep. Elijah Cummings says he’s open to meeting with Trump. I can assume there must be others.

Rest assured there are some black politicians that might not want that optic—but many will certainly meet him behind closed doors. Here’s the thing: Trump wants to make good on his campaign promises. How could the ‘messiah’—the reformer of all of America’s ills — not deliver, especially to his African Americans?

Remember we are ‘his’ as he yelled out to that one polka dot in a sea of Whites during a campaign stop as “My African American.”

The fact of the matter is, from building a wall to telling Blacks they have “nothing to lose” by voting for him, this president wants all the glory! He simply can’t help himself.

So what should he do for Black History Month? Trump should invite to the White House Black America’s best movers and shakers from the business world, law enforcement, the political arena and grass roots community leaders and, yes, the Rev. Al Sharpton for a summit.

Something good just might come out of it. Remember, Sir Donald wants to look good. He would have to wind up adopting some proposals thrown at him. At the very least, he might form a commission or something to that effect to seem like he is actually committed to taking action.

To bring it all home, here’s something those network TV executives should do to make it interesting: propose doing a town hall with Trump and Black leaders to be aired in prime time. Can you imagine how many folks would tune in!

From the Alt Right to the Black Lives Matter movement, popcorn and chicken wings would be flying off the store shelves from folks waiting to plop in front of their flat screens for such an event! In what would guarantee to be a lively discussion, folks would want to see who blinks first! Again, maybe something good just might come out of it.

Just some advice from a black guy.