Thank you DNAinfo (and Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska) for doing a story on this problematic Methadone Clinic which was moved and dumped “quietly” from its original place at Sutphin/Archer due to the development of “The Crossing” to a inappropriate location at Hillside Ave/175th Street, across the street from a co-op building in Jamaica Estates, near other apartment buildings, homes, , a park and several schools.

Besides this blog, no media was reporting on this bullshit which moved quietly into a rather decent area last year and ever since has reeked havoc with some of the clientele, who loiter for long periods of time, block sidewalks, throw trash onto the ground, make loud noise, argue, sell drugs, steal from delis and then have their buddies who are not clientele, come into the area (many from Long Island).

Even though 103 precinct commander John Cappleman at last night’s 103rd community council meeting stated, when I brought up this issue, “Even though prescription drugs seem to be sold illegally in the area, there has not been “a large increase in measurable crime,” such as robbery, grand larceny or car break-ins. But that’s not to say there isn’t a major quality of life issue,” he said. “Obviously it’s still a problem.” , he did mention the incident that I was aware of from last year, when a clientele from the clinic shot another clientele in the parking lot of Walgreen’s next door and that alone, should be a crackdown on this clinic that does not have the proper security to keep some of their beasts in-line.

Even though this clinic, St. Joseph’s Medical Center (which you will not see a sign), did not return a phone call from DNAInfo New York, I did speak yesterday to the director of the facility, who after my rant on the phone with her, stated “she cannot argue with anything I said” and was as usual “aware” of the situation with some of the clients and stated that due to some staff leaving, that they did not have the appropriate security to coral the problematic drug addicts, my words, not hers.

And since I have seen this bullshit every day except Sundays early mornings on my way to the subway, it is a first hand account and not hearsay, just as residents in the area and business owners like White Castle have been complaining about since the dump of this problematic place, where it seems a big percentage of clients are not even from the area, but elsewhere including many from Long Island, home of the opioid epidemic (so how about putting this place in your own back yard, we are already filled to the top with crap nonsense from our own people).

And this is the MAJOR PROBLEM with drug clinics, homeless shelters and other businesses that cater to this “crowd”, lack of security and respect for the community and neighbors. Nothing is wrong with having a homeless shelter or drug clinic in the neighborhood, as long as one community is not oversatuated, BUT not when it is managed poorly and the selected savages do their typical ghetto nonsense and behavior.

Feel free to call the director of the clinic (718) 558-7230) and give hear your thoughts on the crap caused by this clinic. Feel free to mention Joe from Clean Up Jamaica Queens. And I will say this again, when White Castle” complains about this, damn, you know it is bad. NOW FUCKING DO SOMETHING SO-CALLED LEADERS or does this fall under the category of “we are aware” and “it is a challenge” bullshit.


From DNAInfo New York:

Methadone Clinic Makes Jamaica Corner ‘Very Sketchy,’ Locals Say

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | May 9, 2017 4:05pm

 A methadone clinic was moved to 175-20 Hillside Ave. from the corner of Sutphin Boulevard and Archer Avenue. 

A methadone clinic was moved to 175-20 Hillside Ave. from the corner of Sutphin Boulevard and Archer Avenue. View Full Caption

DNAinfo/Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

QUEENS — A methadone clinic that was quietly moved to Hillside Avenue in order to make room for a new development near the AirTrain station in downtown Jamaica, has brought a number of quality of life issues to its new location, local residents and business owners said.

The clinic, run by Saint Joseph’s Medical Center, was moved to 175-20 Hillside Ave. more than a year ago, when the building previously housing it, on the corner of Sutphin Boulevard and Archer Avenue, was demolished in order to be replaced by The Crossing, a massive two-tower mixed-use complex that will bring 669 affordable housing units to downtown Jamaica.

The new location, which operates from Monday to Saturday, is surrounded by a number of apartment buildings, a park, and several schools, including P.S. 95 Eastwood, I.S. 238 Susan B. Anthony School and The Mary Louis Academy, locals said.

“It’s a bad place for it because a lot of young school kids go by,” said Joe Moretti, a local resident and activist, who also founded “Clean Up Jamaica Queens,” a blog highlighting problems in the neighborhood.

Moretti, who wrote several blog posts about the clinic, said its patients often litter the sidewalk, behave in a noisy way, argue, and hang out for hours in front of local businesses and at nearby Major Mark Park intimidating residents.

“It’s been awful since they placed it there,” Moretti said, calling it “another slap in the face” to Jamaica.

Gloria Gonzales, who lives nearby on Wexford Terrace, agreed.

“This area has become very sketchy,” she said, adding that she has been trying to avoid walking by the building since the clinic opened.

“At first I didn’t know what it was, because there is no sign. I don’t understand why it was placed in the middle of our neighborhood,” she added.

Local business owners said the facility has created a slew of problems for them as well.

“We have a severe problem at the location,” said Jahangir Kabir, a district supervisor for White Castle, who came to a 103rd Precinct Community Council meeting last month to complain about issues at the restaurant located directly next to the clinic.

One of them, he said, is that people have been “selling pills” in the area.

“All sort of things are happening there,” he said. “It’s really not a nice place to bring your family around.”

A clerk at a deli located near the clinic, who did not want his name to be used, also expressed frustration.

“They are hanging out inside, stealing candy and other things,” he said. “We have to chase them out.”

Inspector John Cappelmann, commanding officer of the 103rd Precinct, said that the precinct has held a number of meetings with the clinic and that the NYPD’s Queens Narcotics Unit and neighborhood coordination officers assigned to monitor the area are also involved.

And while Cappelmann acknowledged that prescription drugs seem to be sold illegally in the area, there has not been “a large increase in measurable crime,” such as robbery, grand larceny or car break-ins, he said.

“But that’s not to say there isn’t a major quality of life issue,” he said. “Obviously it’s still a problem.”

Cappelmann also said that shortly after the clinic opened on Hillside Avenue, a man was shot nearby following a dispute that occurred inside the facility.

The clinic did not return phone calls seeking comment.


Ever since the Opioid treatment Center (St. Joseph’s Medical Center) moved from Archer & Parsons to the most awful location to put such a place (175-20 Hillside Avenue), there has been nothing but trouble and issues with some of the clientele (many who come from Long Island). Blocking of sidewalks, constant loitering, litter, noise, using the Walgreen’s parking lot next door, etc which starts 5am Monday thru Saturday. Since I walk by there every morning, I am well aware of the nonsense by some (not all of the clients) that goes on and have posted about this on this blog before.

Well, now it seems that people who live by, especially in the co-ops across the street in Jamaica Estates and several local businesses, including White Castle, have been making many complaints about this place and the rowdy crew that causes issues.

I just got off the phone with DNAinfo New York, who will be doing a story on this facility, the problematic clientele, and the the many complaints with this place being put in a high residential area and also got off the phone with the director of this treatment center, who, of course, is “well aware” of the issue. She told me there will be a council meeting tonight (5.9.17) at 7pm at 88-19 Parsons Blvd, which is The Presentation Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in the basement. The director of the treatment facility will be there to hear what will be a barrage of complaints with this facility.

If this effects you, come and have your voice heard LOUDLY.

Let’s face it, when White Caste makes complaints about this facility and some of the addicts, you know it is bad.

And if so many are coming from Long Island, why isn’t this place put in their community, not Jamaica. We have enough of our own homegrown nonsense to deal with, we don’t need other’s. Hell the only time you will see a large number of white people in the community and they have to be problematic drug addicts.


Say goodbye to Jamaica’s  newest attraction,  Hillside River, which raged on for over two weeks with this fucking city not doing a damn thing about it. But now Hillside River is no more. Coming home from work this evening (4.24.17) crews were all about putting a cork in it.

I mean really, over two fucking weeks to do something about this major water break. Why rush NYC, I mean the street did not get a chance to cave in on the F subway line below it. What a FUCKED UP CITY.


Ten days and counting of flooding from water break on Hillside Avenue in front of a bus stop, running down 171st Street and pooling in front of homes on 88 Ave, despite numerous complains from residents and businesses and the situation is getting worse. I have called 911 twice, spoke with FDNY, contacted DEP, as has the owner of the deli at Hillside & 171st. Don’t think this would go on for two days if in front of Katz’s house in Forest Hills or Mayor DickBlasios’ place in Park Slope. New video of Hillside River coming soon.




In other Jamaica Buzz, $2 million dollars and up for upgrades in Rufus King Park, but why, our low-class “diverse and vibrant” population just trashes it.

There is a great line in the Kelsy Grammer Starz series “BOSS”, where they were planning on upgrading run down projects made awful from residents, drug dealers and gang bangers:

“So you want to upgrade the ghetto projects and put the same people back in them that caused the problems to begin with.”

Apply that to Jamaica. Some of you might not like the damn tone, but no denying the photos or the words behind all of this. You folks know the truth, just will only say it behind closed doors.


This past Friday (4.14.17) while taking a different route to the 179th Street subway station to work, I noticed all this water on 88 Ave between 170 & 171st street (which a few weeks ago was torn up by National Grid and of course never put back to its original state) and huge deep pools of water and could hear it flowing into the sewer drain. Had no idea where it was coming from. But as I made a north turn on 171 St heading to Hillside, I saw more water just flowing down 171st. As I got to the corner of 171st and Hillside, I  notice water flowing all along the south side of Hillside Avenue. I followed it to the middle of the block and notice a sizeable hole on Hillside Ave, where water was bubbly out like the oil in the Beverly Hillbillies when Jed was hunting and struck oil. When I went into the corner deli, where a pool of water was at the corner of this deli, I asked the guy inside, what was the deal. He told me that this had been like this for a week. He said he and others called several times when it first started and was not that bad and said someone came out took a look at it and left. More water, most phone calls, more nothing being done. As he put it, “They don’t give a shit” and as a black man from the area who was waiting for  a bus told me “This has been like this for a whole week and you know why and this is not a racial thing, but if this was a white area, it would have been taken care of immediately because many people would have complained. But here in Jamaica nobody gives a shit because all they care about is drinking and doing drugs, where in the white community, people actually give a shit about their community.” WELL SAID BROTHER.

When I got to work at 8am,  I called 911 who hooked me up with FDNY and I told them the situation. Fast forward to 5:30pm back in Jamaica, water still pouring out of the spot on Hillside (which is right above the F line subway tracks). Called 911 again, they turned me over to 311. Called back 911 and said I don’t want 311, they hooked me up back to FDNY, who said they will contact DEP. Went on line to file complaints about a water leak with DEP and then fast forward to Saturday (4.15.17) and still water flowing within three blocks.

YEP, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. Imagine all the water being wasted, imagine the damage being done to Hillside and underneath where the F train line is. Imagine all that water in front of those homes on 88 ave (where I am sure most probably don’t care) and then with the warm weather, imagine the mosquitoes breeding. Imagine this in Melinda Katz’s hood of Forest Hills, where people DO CARE.


Watch the Jamaica Hillside River below:



And also seen on this not so Holy Saturday, this bullshit in the 170 St LIRR overpass tunnel at 170th/Douglas. As Betty Davis once said, “WHAT A DUMP!”


Pharmacies, 99 cent stores, beauty supply stores, salons and hotels. That is how it is looking anymore in Jamaica and this is all under the guise of “Revitalizing” Jamaica. It seems to me that all of this sounds like “throwing shit on the wall and seeing what sticks”.

This hotel has a strange description:

There would be 46 rooms across the cellar through fourth floors, followed by 10 apartments on the fifth through sixth floors.

I get hotel rooms, but what the hell are “hotel apartments”. I mean will this be a hotel with apartments on the top (they do have these in Manhattan),  but Jamaica is not Manhattan, so are these ten “hotel apartments” going to end up for the homeless and hence another shelter. Glad to see all these empty car lots (another damn thing Jamaica has, tons of car lots, some empty). I mean let’s face it, empty car lots on Hillside, that is just crying  out to be developed, but another damn hotel.



Six-Story, 56-Unit Apartment-Hotel Filed at 139-04 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica