Doc Dealer

Most of us know that so many of the doctor’s offices and clinics in Jamaica and SE Queens are bullshit scams and drug dealing joints and Dr. Emmaunel Lambrakis, was going full ghetto drug dealing at his offices in Jamaica & Astoria by selling oxycodone by the case, which by the way the USA has a major opiod addiction that is out of control.

Ironic that his Jamaica office at 175-61 Hillside Avenue is right across the street from the crappy drug addict clinic, Lab Corp, which many of the clients there are addicted to opiods. So grab a handful at the Docs, grab a slice at Benny’s next door and cross the street to head over to the drug clinic, Lab Corp, to get yourself better, yeah better addicted.

Only in Jamaica and SE Queens, the shithole of NYC.


From Queens Courier:


A doctor who owns and operates medical clinics in Astoria and Jamaica was arrested for writing thousands of “medically unnecessary” prescriptions for oxycodone over a 5 year period, according to federal prosecutors.

Emmanuel Lambrakis, 69, sold prescriptions from his clinics at 175-61 Hillside Ave. in Jamaica and 32-76 31st St. in Astoria starting in January 2011. He wrote approximately 17,000 oxycodone prescriptions at one of his clinics, resulting in the distribution of nearly 2.4 million oxycodone tablets, which have a street value of at least $48 million.

According to U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, Lambrakis wrote 30 or more prescriptions for 30-milligram oxycodone pills in a single day. The doctor charged $150 in cash for a “patient visit,” where he would normally see several patients in the same examination room.

Lambrakis would “perform simple, perfunctory body manipulations” like rotating arms and legs and would barely speak to the patients, the criminal complaint said. He would then give out prescriptions for 120 or more 30-milligram tablets.

“Although licensed as a doctor, as alleged, Emmanuel Lambrakis was a prolific and dangerous drug dealer,” Bharara said. “He allegedly pumped medically unnecessary oxycodone pills into our communities, feeding the addiction of countless people.  This arrest is a critical part of our overall fight against the devastating opioid abuse epidemic.”

Lambrakis was charged with one count of conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute oxycodone.  If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

“Drug dealers selling scripts for money give doctors a bad name,” said Special Agent in Charge James C. Hunt. “The dismantling of a modern day opium den masquerading as a medical clinic in the heart of Queens shows the result of law enforcement collaboration.  The investigation identified that Emmanuel Lambrakis allegedly diverted oxycodone pills to New York City streets enabling the one thing law enforcement, communities, and health professionals are trying to avoid – opioid addiction and overdose deaths.”


hillside-garbage12-4-16-002So who is at a fault for this disgusting stretch of Hillside Avenue, pretty much from Queens Blvd to 179th. The worst being between Merrick and 170th Street and the HORRIBLE between 168th and 170th. Hillside is a mess of litter all over, illegal garbage dumping, dirty storefronts where many owners rarely clean in front of their property and blocked sidewalks by Auto Dealers and some of the supermarkets on the North Side, which one can barely get through, especially between 167 and 168. AWFUL. No doubt the worst stretch in all of NYC and that includes Fordam in the Bronx and 125th in Harlem. Neither hold a candle to this shithole of an area.  Most of the mess surprisingly was on the North Side, community board 8 and Lancman’s area.

So who are the cuplrits:

  1. The slob Bangladeshi population here, since most all of the businesses are Bangladeshi and so are the customers.
  2. Elected officials on like Councilman Rory Lancman & Community Board 8 for the Northside & Councilman I. Daneek Miller and Community Board 12.
  3. Slob visitors passing through.
  4. DOS & NYPD for not enforcing litter laws, blocking of sidewalks by stores and blocks of sidewalks by the auto dealers.
  5. All of the Above.

All of these photos were taken on a Sunday afternoon stroll. Completely third world ghetto and disgusting. Doesn’t even look like America, well the new shitty America.


Just look at this fucking mess of a street!!!!





What’s the point in having a “worst landlord list” (first introduced when deBlasio was Public Advocate) when nothing is going to happen or nothing will change. What is the point, DO ACTUALLY SOMETHING, you hear “Letit”. DO SOMETHING.

So asshole Harry, how many awful apartments are in your fucking hood?

And then we have the awful Gotti family who owns tons of property in Jamaica as well as major asshole Rita Stark.  By the way, all of them WHITE.


From Times Ledger:

Public advocate’s worst landlord runs two Queens buildings

Public Advocate Letitia James has released her list of the 100 worst landlords throughout New York City and the landlord at No. 1 is the landlord for two buildings in Queens.

In top place, Harry D. Silverstein is the landlord for 575 separate units in eight different buildings throughout the city. Silverstein is the landlord for 39-30 59 St. in Woodside, and is also the landlord at 87-40 165th St. off Hillside Avenue in Jamaica Hills. He runs a single building in Kingsbridge in the Bronx, with the rest of his properties located in Brooklyn.

Silverstein’s buildings had 2,032 violations from the Housing and Preservation Department, and was also saddled with 50 open Department of Buildings violations, according to the public advocate’s office. A significant percentage of Silverstein’s DOB violations came from the Jamaica apartment building, with 17 open violations recorded by James’ office. However, the official DOB site puts the count even higher for the building, with 20 open violations according to the Buildings Department.

The charges in the DOB violations run the gamut, with many of the violations concerning additional warnings after cracks in the building’s southern facade were not repaired. The issue of cracks in the building seems to go back several years, according to the DOB violation reports. Another violation from Jan. 6 referred to a defective boiler.

Calls to Silverstein for comment were not returned.

The Woodside location had six open DOB violations, according to the department’s website. The Woodside building had two open violations for work being done without a permit, including the installation of six gas dryers and washers in July.

The annual list of worst landlords was started by then-Public Advocate Bill de Blasio in 2010. For the first time this year, the public advocate’s office incorporated information on DOB violations and Department of Finance data on unpaid debt that was sold through the city’s annual tax lien sale into its assessments of landlords. Representatives from James’ office also visited at least one building owned by each of the landlords on the list.

“Every New Yorker deserves a safe and decent place to live, and every apartment must meet basic standards of decency,” James said Oct. 13, the day of the list’s publication. “We will never stop fighting for the housing rights of every New Yorker.”

Silverstein was listed as the second worst landlord in the city in James’ 2015 list. The full 2016 listing can be found at www.landlordwatchlist.com.



Hillside aveHillside Avenue is a major third world ghetto mess and much of the mess (besides some of the crap businesses) is the major amount of garbage all over that stretch. Yes, some of the people there (especially the newer immigrants from Bangladesh) are just tossing their garbage/litter on the ground and so are many of the non-residents who go by to catch buses, but a big problem, which I always knew but could not quite prove, was the illegal dumping of garbage from the various businesses. AND now I have my proof as can be seen by this letter from DOS.

Now some of the businesses do clean up in front of their place and make their businesses nice and inviting, but others don’t and want to skirt the law.

So Folks, it pays to file complaints over and over and over to someone listens and does something!!!

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

Hillside Avenue as it looks today

Hillside Avenue as it looks today

Hillside Ave


Dear Mr. Joe Moretti:

I am writing in response to your e-mail dated June10, 2016 regarding litter conditions and improper disposal of refuse on Hillside Avenue between 169th Street and 173rd Street, Queens.

On June 22nd, Agents McGhee and Vincent of the Department of Sanitation’s Enforcement Division monitored the location and no one was observed littering or improperly disposing of refuse.  However, a total of six Notices of Violation were issued to various businesses for failure to provide proof of private carter services for the collection of commercial refuse and recyclables.

Department of Sanitation Enforcement personnel will continue to monitor the location and Notices of Violation will be issued if sanitation code violations are observed.

Thank you for your e-mail.


Christopher Klingler, Chief/Director of Enforcement, New York City Department of Sanitation-DSNY

sm (EC# 1-1-1265061547)


Hillside Avenue as it looks today

Hillside Avenue as it looks today

I do have to hand it this time to an elected official, Councilman Rory Lancman, who actually did some good things as Assembly Member.  Not only did he help with the formation of the Jamaica Hills Partnership, a merchant association established along Parsons Boulevard to 172nd Street on Hillside Avenue, but allocated $25,000 to fund 48 new trash cans and $23,000 for additional trash pickups. As part of the initiative, 24 trash cans were installed along Hillside Avenue and there will also be one extra trash pickup along the Hillside Avenue corridor.

I mean that Hillside Avenue is a total mess and something needed done a long time ago. But the problem are the people in the area, especially with the new immigrants, so some of the leaders within that community need to start calling out their folks who help add to this trash problem. But it is not only them, it is the people who come through to catch buses as well. Fucking slobs.

Kudos to Lancman, but unfortunately that will only cover the North Side of Hillside, the South Side belongs to Councilman I. Daneek Miller and I am certainly not expecting much from him or Community Board 12.

garbage6.15.16 005


From Queens Times Ledger:

New trash cans set up along Hillside Avenue Corridor


City Councilman Rory Lancman (c), community leaders and representatives from the city Department of Sanitation stand alongside one of many new garbage cans along the Hillside Avenue corridor.



Streets in Jamaica, Kew Gardens and Kew Gardens Hills have received new trash cans, thanks to a new cleanup initiative from Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest) and the city Department of Sanitation.

Lancman allocated $25,000 to fund 48 new trash cans and $23,000 for additional trash pickups. As part of the initiative, 24 trash cans were installed along Hillside Avenue and there will also be one extra trash pickup along the Hillside Avenue corridor.

There were also 11 trash cans installed in Briarwood and 13 along Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills.

About a year ago, Lancman’s office teamed up with the Queens Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and community and business leaders to form the Jamaica Hills Partnership, a merchant association established along Parsons Boulevard to 172nd Street on Hillside Avenue. The partnership seeks to help the area access city services.

Lancman helped organize business owners, mosque leaders and residents over the past several months to create the Jamaica Hills Partnership to represent the Hillside Avenue Corridor business community.

“This is a place where people want to come, they want to shop, they want to do business, but they want to make sure that it is a nice place to shop,” he said.

Akhter Hussain, general secretary for the Jamaica Muslim Center at 85-37 168th St., commended Lancman and the Sanitation Department for kickstarting the initiative.

“Jamaica Muslim Center is proud to be partners with them. I would like to do anything they want us to do to facilitate, to help this community,” Hussain said.

Rezaul Chowdhury, owner of two area businesses, including the Apnar Pizza store, said he was happy to see a solution to the rampant garbage problem throughout the corridor.

“I’m so happy because it was too much headache for me—every day there was a lot of garbage over here,” Chowdhury said.

Community Board 8 member Fakrul Islam Delwar, owner of Fatema Grocery, praised the creation of the merchant association.

“I think (for) the first time ever, the Hillside business community got to see a councilman (who made sure) that we are represented,” Delwar said.



Now the title of this news story in the Queens Courier is a little misleading, it it really not Jamaica, since it is covering  Briarwood, Kew Garden Hills, Jamaica Hills & Hillside Avenue, which all of that is in Community Board 8 (except the south side of Hillside Ave, which is in Community Board 12 districts of Jamaica). And look at the council memember who meet with Jamaica Hills Partnership & DOS, Councilman Rory Lancman (pretty decent elected official, who actually seems to work). No Councilman I. Daneek Miller (whose area is the south side), no community board 12 members.

Also Community Board 8 President Maria Adam-Ovide is not only hard working, knows the laws well, is extremely knowledgeable and when I have brought a problem to her attention in her area of Hillside (north-side), she responded quickly, contacted the appropriate people with whatever agency it was, took action immediately and resolved the issue in a quick matter of time. For instance, when I told her about the overflowing public garbage can at 169 St/Homelawn, which also had piles of garbage on the corner, she contacted me quickly and in a matter of time, it was not only cleaned-up, but a different time of garbage can was placed and DOS will be monitoring that area.

When I report the many issues in Jamaica to Community 12 and elected officials, NOTHING (except Senator Tony Avella with his area). With the exception of a few times Councilman Miller’s office reached out to me, for the most part none of the elected officials nor Community Board 12 do no contact me nor do they address the problem, let alone in a quick manner. Hence the same issues in Jamaica at the same spots, illegal garbage dumping, junked/unlicensed cars illegally parked by auto body shops on streets and sidewalks, illegal overnight tractor trailer trucks parked on city streets, illegal truck driving of residential streets to name a few. The difference between public servants who care and get things done and out of themselves elected officials like the Jamaica crew, who don’t seem to care and get SHIT DONE.

AND FINALLY someone from the community, Mohammed Shabul Uddin  called out his fellow immigrants, who cause this garbage issue, on their shit in the article:

Mohammed Shabul Uddin has been living in the Hillside community for 25 years. His home is a block away from where the announcement took place. “I see so much garbage on every corner,” Shabul said. “When you walk on the street, trash gets stuck on your shoe. When I go home there’s this smell.” He believes that the garbage problem doesn’t solely fall on the Department of Sanitation. “Our community is a new immigrant community and it’s our job to make sure it’s not a mess.”

BRAVO to you Mohammed for speaking the truth and telling it like it is. This is always the elephant in the living room syndrome, especially with elected officials.

garbage6.15.16 030 Garbage 6.17.16 023


From Queens Courier:

photo by Charlie Perry

photo by Charlie Perry
Members of the Hillside community surround Jamaica council member Rory Lancman at the unveiling of their cleanup initiative.

Elected officials and community members along Hillside Avenue in Jamaica are getting down and dirty when it comes to keeping their area clean.

Council member Rory Lancman with members of the Jamaica Hills Partnership and the Department of Sanitation met at the Northwest corner of Hillside Avenue and 168th Street to announce a $48,000 community clean-up initiative.

“The one thing that is the most important issue for businesses along Hillside Avenue is sanitation,” council member Lancman said. “We have a great partnership with the Department of Sanitation but clearly not enough was getting done.”

Twenty-five-thousand dollars was allocated by Lancman to install 24 new trash cans along Hillside Avenue by the Department of Sanitation after local businesses and community members complained of garbage being tossed on the streets in front of their businesses. Everything from coffee cups to bags stuffed with trash were stacking-up along Hillside Avenue.

An additional 11 trash cans were installed in Briarwood and 13 along Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills. $23,000 has also been allocated for additional trash pick-ups along Hillside Avenue.

Mohammed Shabul Uddin has been living in the Hillside community for 25 years. His home is a block away from where the announcement took place. “I see so much garbage on every corner,” Shabul said. “When you walk on the street, trash gets stuck on your shoe. When I go home there’s this smell.”

He believes that the garbage problem doesn’t solely fall on the Department of Sanitation. “Our community is a new immigrant community and it’s our job to make sure it’s not a mess.”


garbage6.15.16 005Yesterday (6.15.16) on my way to film the WPIX story on all the junked cars on the sidewalk at street at 147 Pl, I spotted across the street a sanitation inspector taking photos of the mountain of garbage that had again accumulated on the NW corner (169th/Hillside), even though there was NO GARBAGE CAN AT THE TIME. I actually took a photo later as I was coming back with the can and all the surrounding garbage.

I thought to myself:  ‘Hallelujah!’, summonses are coming and something will be done.  I ran over to him to speak about the chronic  issue, the daily mountains of garbage that appear on all the corners for a few blocks in this area of Hillside.  I asked him if the store owner ( the filthy disgusting Skylight Cellular) would be getting a summons for this. He said:  “No, he’s closed, I can’t issue a summons”.  When he opens, he’s probably going to clean this up and I certainly doubted that, the place is always a mess.  I said:  ‘WHAT?!  The guy is NOT going to TOUCH THIS!  NONE of the store owners on this block have EVER been seen cleaning up ANYTHING in front of their properties.  Why can’t you issue a ticket?’ Answer:  ‘”We have to give them a two hour period from opening up to clean-up any litter in from of their store.”


So what is the POINT of taking a photo at all, if you are not going to ENFORCE THE LAWS AS THEY ALREADY EXIST?! Here we go again with proper lack of enforcement. I asked him why,  given how extreme the dumping situation is here, do they not position – for even a few hours – just ONE DOS undercover inspector to issue tickets CONTINUOUSLY all day, as the as this garbage crap grows? In fact there should be someone always stationed on Hillside all day, since it is such a mess. His response?  ‘”hey won’t do it”.  So there you have it folks:  these people have been neutered, castrated, impotent to address the issue.  And this is why these businesses and people continue doing what they are doing.

The City doesn’t have an answer, and can’t to a damn thing,  on some regular non-crisis basis,  to address this horrific health/quality of life issue.
Despite all the excuses I heard today – directly from a DOS officer – we all know folks that such mountain of trash wouldn’t appear for more than a few hours in a place like Forest Hills (NEVER), and the store owners would damn sure feel the pain,  in their pockets, if they didn’t clean it up, like this tool claimed our immigrant store-owners would, since this is what he and many others are use to.

And this ladies and gentlemen, is why Hillside Avenue looks like a third world dump. When businesses and people are not issued a summons for their behavior, then the Jamaica Crap Train keeps on a rollin.garbage6.15.16 030