Nope, they are are not cute little kids as Mayor “Progressive” asshole deBlasio likes to say and push in front of a camera. Many are just plain dangerous as this lunatic, Jacqueline Sanjurjo, a homeless crazy who slashed Anna Martinez on her face on the number 6 subway. Others are chronic unemployed who probably never looked for work, others are addicts (who get no help when a Mayor plops them in a hotel), others are criminals, abusers and just plain anti quality of life folks.

So how about all the lefty progressive liberal Democrats like the Mayor start putting these shelters on their blocks and next door to them as opposed to dumping them where these lefty progressive liberals don’t have to see them and have their quality of life disrupted.

Better yet, change this city/state to a NO RIGHT TO SHELTER place, where we don’t have to take in crazy bottom feeding trash from other states, cities and countries.

Another dangerous crazy homeless that our Mayor and other elected officials like to stick up for and FUCK the hard working taz payers.


From The Daily News:

NYC subway slashing victim wants to know why attacker targeted her

Anna Martinez, 31, was pushing her 18-month-old son in a stroller on a downtown No. 5 train when another passenger cut her across her face, opening a 5-inch gash.

(Angus Mordant/for New York Daily News)

A young mother slashed in the face by a homeless woman on a Manhattan subway has just one question for her attacker: “Why me?”

Anna Martinez, 31, was pushing her 18-month-old son in a stroller on a downtown No. 5 train Sunday when another passenger lashed out and cut her across her face, opening a 5-inch gash from the top of her forehead to the top of her left cheek.

Martinez said she got on the subway at the E. 125th St. stop, and that suspect Jacqueline Sanjurjo went through the gate behind her. Sanjurjo followed her on the elevator down to the subway platform and sat across from her on the train, Martinez said.

When the conductor announced that Grand Central-42nd St. was the last stop, Martinez got up and pushed the stroller to the doors. She said Sanjurjo stood behind her.

“As soon as I saw the door open, that’s when I just seen her arm go down my face,” Martinez told the Daily News of the 11 a.m. attack. “I grabbed her hand and just started screaming. She was also pulling my hair with her other hand.”

Anna Martinez was stabbed in an unprovoked attack by a woman on Sunday.

(Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

Martinez said another passenger pulled the attacker off her.

“That’s when I seen just the blood coming down and a lady said, ‘You’re cut,’ ” Martinez said.

“I didn’t know I was cut, I didn’t feel anything. I just felt like I was being attacked.”

Cops arrested Sanjurjo, 53, of the Bronx. She was charged with two counts of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and acting in a manner injurious to a child, officials said.

The suspect in the slashing at Grand Central Station is taken from NYPD Transit District 4 at Union Square.

(Gardiner Anderson/for New York Daily News)

A relative of the suspect said she struggles with drugs and mental illness.

Martinez, who said she has not even looked in the mirror yet, said she remains baffled by the attack.

“This whole time I’m thinking, ‘Why?’ This is my question to her: ‘Why me? Why did you cut me?’

“Did she not see I was with my son? I feel unsafe; I don’t even want to take the train anymore.”



Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica

So is this part of the revitalization of Jamaica? Is this the big plan coming from the Jamaica Now Action Plan? And you thought that most homeless on the street were black or white. Welcome our Bangladeshi homeless as can be seen in this video of a man who came to Jamaica Center to avoid the snow from last week and then decided to make Jamaica Center Station his new home.

Ironic this newscast has NOT one appearance of a local elected official from Jamaica, not even a sound bite. AND where is Queens BP Melinda “If its good for Queens, its good for families” Katz.

So hey homeless “COME ON DOWN to JAMAICA HOMELESS VILLAGE” where you can stay all day in the station, where you have full access to bathrooms and can ride the E train back and forth as long as you want.

In reality, This is the NEW JAMAICA. Forget all the bullshit of the Jamaica Now Action Plan or any type of revitalization.

THIS IS THE REALITY OF JAMAICA. But we folks in the know, already knew this, especially Jamaica resident and community activist Pamela Hazel who has been reporting on this for years to deaf ears. HEY, but remember:

Is that Assembly Member Vivian Cook addressing her constituents.

Jamaica Center E train. Does he look like he missed a meal and is skin and bones.


From NY1:

Homeless Situation at Jamaica Center E Station Overwhelming and Out of Control, Riders Say

By Ruschell Boone
Monday, March 20, 2017 at 08:46 PM EDT

NY1 VIDEO: The effects of the city’s growing problem of homelessness are not only being seen on the streets. There are also problems underground at one of the city’s main subway terminals – the E train station at Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer. NY1’s Ruschell Boone reports.


In the article below:

“I don’t know how a community can say, ‘Here are our own neighbors who ended up homeless — someone else should take care of them,’” de Blasio said Wednesday, a day after announcing plans to open 90 new shelters around the city. “That makes no sense. I think it’s fair to say to every community, do your fair share.”

AND I agree with that statement to a certain point. Homeless from Bronx should not be moved into Jamaica. East New York or Williamburg homeless should not become the problem of South Ozone Park. BUT that is what exactly happens, “selected hoods” (READ: Black, immigrant, lower income) even if they do not have huge numbers of homeless still get homeless and shelters dumped there no matter where they come from.

AND that brings up the biggest issue. Since the Mayor wants each community to take care of their own homeless, what about the homeless (and this city still has not given statistics on this) that come from other parts of the country or even outside this country. What about Joe Blow from Florida or Georgia who decide they are not going to work, not take care of themselves and they hike it to NYC since Florida or Georgia will not put them up for free but NYC will and then that taxes an already problematic system and takes the burden off the place of origin and of course we the tax payers have to pay for that in dollors and poor quality of life that goes with homeless shelters.

Like the douchbag druggie homeless couple whose two daughters died in the clusterfuck apartment in the Bronx with a bad radiator. These totally irresponsible parents, the Ambroses, with no job, no job prospects, no money and two young toddlers who lived in Maine, come to the 2nd most expensive city in the country and the burden is now placed on NYC not Maine to house these douchebags. Let fucking Maine take care of them NOT NYC. Eliminate this “right to shelter” bullshit. The cities with some of the highest out of control homeless situation are “right to shelter”, NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, LA.

Obviously there is a reason why those places are out of control with a homeless problem, this bullshit right to shelter policy. If this DOES NOT GET addressed, the homeless problem just keeps getting bigger in those states and cities.

By the way, that hipster looking young female in the photo below probably came from outside NY.


From The Daily News:

Mayor de Blasio wants homeless shelters in every neighborhood

2017-03-02_9-34-41Mayor de Blasio says every community should do their part to help the homeless in their area.

(Andrew Savulich/New York Daily News)

Each of the city’s neighborhoods should expect to house shelters for the homeless people from that area, Mayor de Blasio said.

“I don’t know how a community can say, ‘Here are our own neighbors who ended up homeless — someone else should take care of them,’” de Blasio said Wednesday, a day after announcing plans to open 90 new shelters around the city. “That makes no sense. I think it’s fair to say to every community, do your fair share.”

Every one of the 59 community boards in the city should have the capacity to shelter the people from that board, he said. That means at least one shelter building in each board, with more in areas that pump more people into homeless system.

“Literally every community board in the city, every community district, every area of the city has people in the shelter system from that area,” said Department of Social Services Commissioner Steve Banks.



Coming to a “select” community soon: MORE FUCKING HOMELESS SHELTERS courtesy of deBlasio and his administration to the tune of 90. While it is stated:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected on Tuesday to unveil a plan to open roughly 90 new homeless shelters throughout New York’s five boroughs, a stark increase devised to address his most vexing citywide problem.

I doubt that you will see any opening in his hood of Park Slope nor will you see any in Queens BP Melinda Katz’s hood of Forest Hills. I no doubt expect to see them dumped in the usual suspects, black communities, immigrant communities, low income hoods, you know places like Jamaica, South Ozone Park and all of the SE Queens. Probably will not even seen any in East New York, since the plan is to unload folks there while the area gentrifies and have them cross the borough boundary and into SE Queens.

The article also states:

Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington have experienced similar increases, even as the number of homeless people nationwide has declined in recent years.

This is not rocket science behind the increase. But the article does not state WHY the increase. Well, that is because LA, San Fran, Washington and of course NY are “right to shelter” places, meaning that those places will take in everyone from other cities, other states, other countries and then house them in shelters taking the burden and cost off the places the homeless originate and making them the burden of the new places like NY and in the process not only dumping the homeless in select communities, but passing on the cost to tax payers and fucking up an already fucked up quality of life in this retched city.

Any wonder that the ranking of NY is dropping like the morals of SE Queens elected official (

So WELCOME TO HOMELESS SHELTER ARMAGEDDON, but only for “select” hoods.

The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica


From New York Times:

Fight Looms as Bill de Blasio Plans to Seek 90 New Homeless Shelters


A Holiday Inn in Rosedale, Queens, that has housed homeless families. New York is under a legal obligation to provide temporary housing to anyone who enters an intake center and asks for it. Credit Christian Hansen for The New York Times

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected on Tuesday to unveil a plan to open roughly 90 new homeless shelters throughout New York’s five boroughs, a stark increase devised to address his most vexing citywide problem.

The move, which was confirmed by several people familiar with the plan, would increase the number of shelters in New York by nearly a third and is sure to meet community opposition at nearly every turn.

With re-election looming, Mr. de Blasio has been frustrated in his attempts to curb the continuing increase in homelessness. Visibly, more people are sleeping and begging on the street, and the uptick is easily documented by a daily shelter census that now hovers at about 60,000 people.

Homelessness has been a vulnerable point for Mr. de Blasio, who entered office three years ago with an ambitious agenda that promised to address the city’s income inequality. The rise in homelessness is arguably the mayor’s biggest failure in that goal to close the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington have experienced similar increases, even as the number of homeless people nationwide has declined in recent years.

The exact contours of Mr. de Blasio’s proposal were not clear; administration officials have declined to give any details until the mayor announces it, presumably at 2 p.m. Tuesday. The goal is far clearer: The mayor wants to significantly expand a shelter system that is so over capacity that the city is forced to spend about $400,000 a day on hotel rooms.

The new shelters — which would be in addition to the roughly 275 overseen currently by the Department of Homeless Services — would enable the city to move thousands of people from the hotels and so-called cluster housing to more stable shelters, and eventually into permanent housing. New York is under a legal obligation to provide temporary housing to anyone who enters an intake center and asks for it, putting a strain on the shelter system.


New York has experienced a continuing increase in homelessness even as the number of homeless people nationwide has declined in recent years. Credit George Etheredge for The New York Times

Tuesday will signify yet another reset for Mr. de Blasio, who halted the opening of new shelters for about eight months in 2015 after community opposition, only to be caught flat-footed and dependent on using hotels as a stopgap as homelessness surged. In late 2015, he shook up his administration, putting Steven Banks in charge of managing the crisis and restructuring the homeless services and general welfare agencies.

The changes were part of a multipronged effort to reduce homelessness by offering more affordable housing, rental subsidy programs for low-income residents struggling to afford their homes, and legal assistance to tenants on the verge of eviction. But the sweeping approach has not put a discernible dent in homelessness.

Mr. de Blasio’s shelter plan was to come a day after the City Council released a report on a legislative package aimed at overhauling the city’s Fair Share law, which is supposed to bring more parity to the way public facilities, including homeless shelters, are distributed throughout the city. The report found that homeless shelters, drug and mental treatment centers and foster care group homes were concentrated in 10 community districts, with an average of 21.7 beds per 1,000 residents in those districts, a balance five times the city average; that would change if legislation restricting such clustering is adopted.

The Coalition for the Homeless is opposed, saying the revamp could inadvertently stall the opening of shelters and would exacerbate the problem of homeless families with children being placed in shelters far away from their neighborhoods, saddling students with long commutes or temporary school transfers that threaten to hurt them academically.

“What we end up with is the inability to locate in any neighborhood,” said Giselle Routhier, policy director at the coalition. “It would inhibit the city from locating shelters in neighborhoods where families may need more support.”

It was unclear whether the council’s Fair Share legislative package would hinder or help the mayor’s plan to build more shelters, which would open over the next five years.

But hotels turned into makeshift shelters are problematic, offering little privacy and space for families crammed into rooms with double beds. There are generally no kitchens — an especially difficult hardship for families with children, unable to get a home-cooked meal for weeks, even months, at a time. Cluster housing, consisting of units within private apartment buildings, has also been troubling, for its poor conditions and an inability to provide people with the services they need to move into permanent housing.

Shelter openings have already been delayed by neighborhood opposition, as in Maspeth, Queens, where well-organized residents successfully pressured one hotel owner to abandon a potential deal with the city to convert a hotel into a homeless shelter.

Mr. de Blasio will also need the cooperation of nonprofit organizations that shelter the homeless. Many of them are reluctant to buy into the mayor’s latest effort because they have not been paid for past services and are working under outdated contracts. The frustration has led to behind-the-scenes tension, and even refusals by some nonprofit providers to open new shelters.


Steven Banks, right, who is in charge of managing New York’s homelessness crisis, with Mario Arias and Lauren Taylor, who work in homeless outreach, this month. Credit George Etheredge for The New York Times

Nonprofit providers initially played an optimistic wait-and-see game with the administration. Many executives of nonprofits had hesitated to publicly criticize the administration because Mr. Banks, formerly the head of the Legal Aid Society, and Mr. de Blasio, formerly public advocate and a city councilman who headed the general welfare committee, were seen as sympathetic to the nonprofits’ concerns.

Catherine Trapani, executive director of Homeless Services United, a coalition of about 50 shelter providers, estimated that about a third of existing contracts needed action.

Now providers will also be asked to open new stand-alone shelters. But patience has eroded as providers have watched Mr. de Blasio roll out one large-scale plan after another without first taking care of the nuts-and-bolts management of contracts and payments.

Many providers are dependent on bridge loans, in lieu of payment, that the city gives them as they await the Office of the City Comptroller to register the contracts and cut a check — a monthslong process.

Almost two years ago, the de Blasio administration blamed the comptroller for a failure to register contracts in a timely manner, which Mr. Banks said delayed improvements to the conditions of shelter system. But the blame for the recent delays lies squarely with the mayor’s administration, which is also in charge of renegotiating contracts that originated in the 1980s and 1990s and now have severely outdated rates, some providers said.

“The city’s lack of organization and failure to plan often means those on the front lines face financial stress and uncertainty,” Scott Stringer, the city comptroller, said in a statement. “Ultimately, that makes this extraordinary challenge harder to fix.”

Mr. Banks did not address nonprofits’ concerns about the rates. But he said in a statement that the city had worked “as fast as we can” to reduce a payment backlog. He also said some payments remained outstanding because nonprofits had not made necessary improvements to their shelters.

Win, one of the largest nonprofit providers of homeless services in the city, will most likely have to tap into $5 million in reserves this year, a comfort that many smaller organizations cannot afford, said Christine C. Quinn, who has been in discussions about running against Mr. de Blasio in this year’s mayoral election.

“We can’t take on more work when, in some cases, we are three fiscal years behind in payments for services rendered,” said Ms. Quinn, Win’s chief executive and a former City Council member who ran against Mr. de Blasio in 2013. “There are smaller groups actually laying people off. These are not providers whining about paperwork.”


Saw this comment over in Queens Crap and I could not agree with it more. AND why is it always the same kind of people and groups that are unemployed and homeless.

The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

The homeless problem is due to a lack of employment? In order to be employed, one has to have some education. And if you would walk through the halls of NYC high schools, you would see a great number of students walking the hall in droves, cutting class, or not even showing up at school. Parents don’t even know if their kid is in school, let alone when report cards come out. And they don’t know if their kid is doing drugs as many of them are doing drugs themselves. So what kind of housing will these students be able to afford, if they cannot even read at grade level, have math skills way below grade level, and are incapable of critical thinking? Answer: they will be dependent on public funds for housing. The city does not “owe” you employment; you must apply yourself while in school to prepare to support yourself. So the “lack of employment” answer is not valid. It’s more like, the “lack of employable”. Good paying jobs are going unfilled as employers can’t find qualified people to hire. Seeing other people, who DID apply themselves in school and who subsequently are enjoying the fruits of their endeavors in decent places to live, nice clothing, etc. brings about resentment from those who did not, which can lead to domestic violence and turning to drugs to escape a less rosy reality.

The public is not responsible for this. They provided funding to give a basic education. If this was not taken advantage of, you want to make it a public responsibility to supply that which other people have worked toward and earned. Does no one take responsibility for themselves these days?

It is also true that people are streaming into NYC in order to avail themselves of the generous housing/welfare services offered. We are already paying several BILLION dollars to support this mess. There needs to be a strict long residency requirement to get public housing, welfare, etc. and there needs to be a time limit set on this. No more multigenerational cases, so that the few can work to support the many. That’s ridiculous and leads to the lowering of quality of life for all.


Jamaica is the next big thing says the so-called “leaders”, REALLY, because you certainly would not know it looking around this garbage strewn, homeless shelter, ghetto mess of a community with the incompetent black political gangsters who either are in denial, plain stupid, lazy, corrupt,  collecting a paycheck or all of those. Just the other day, Senator Leroy “Do Nothing” Comrie and his clown posse of Jamaica leaders endorsed Bill deBlasio for the next election with Comrie stating:

“I know Bill de Blasio has been very responsive to the needs of Southeast Queens and, therefore, I believe that Bill de Blasio should be re-elected as mayor of the city of New York.”

You mean responsive like what Ms. Hazel took photos of and talked about with Carver Bank on Archer Avenue. I mean all three of the Jamaica stations (Jamaica Center, Sutphin Blvd/LIRR & 179 St) have already become homeless encampments, while homeless shelters galore keep popping out every other day and the “leaders” continue ignoring all the quality of life issues that would NEVER take place in a white community, NEVER. AND now Carver Bank at 159-20 Archer Avenue is the latest homeless shelter in this run down community that is completely out of control. And for those who say “poor homeless” how about poor hard-working tax payers that some have two jobs who have to constantly deal with this nonsense every fucking day that dumBlasio certainly does not nor Senator Schumer, both who have homes in Park Slope. So how many homeless are lodging in your local banks, HOW MANY?

And so the nonsense in Jamaica continues and continues and continues while folks like Katz, Comrie, Meeks and the others state “how great Jamaica is”



From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & Community Advocate:

Homeless are now banking at Carver.

carverThe homeless are now banking at Carver Saving Bank to shelter them from the coldness. This is yet another health hazard  in the black neighbourhood. Blacks face all sorts of suffering at the hands of black political bandits, aka political leaders.

They ignore every form of suffering perpetrated against black people. Now homeless occupants are using the ATM area as their quarters at nights; when the bank is closed. After, hearing much complaints, I tried using the ATM myself last week. The bank  is located at 159-02 Archer Avenue, Jamaica Queens, near the e-train station.

The  experience was stink and scary; two homeless persons were present. One was wrapped in a blanket; with his or her back turned away from the ATM. The other was sitting up straight with his head covered. His eyes were darting, then staring directly at me. The atmosphere was shitty.

The quality-of-life abuse seems to be non-stop. Hopefully, these political bandits would come to a tragic end; by means of prison or what ever else; they are useless. Yes, Blacks live in hell. Keep wondering why Trump is our president.

Depression and unemployment in the black neighbourhood are at an all time high. Yet, Borough President, Katz claims that she is building on her success. Sadly, blacks cannot count on black leaders; who have  recluse  them self from the plight. Worst yet, the Blacks  keep voting for the public bandits.

I called Carver today at (718)230-2900. After a few transfers; I spoke to Mr. Williams/ manager. He said that he will contact the appropriate person to resolve the problem. I asked him to please remove the homeless encampment. It is unsafe and unhealthy.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.

P. S : Let’s see if I have to resort to tweeter.



When government works well (and it does sometimes), it really works well, BUT when it doesn’t (which is so much of the time anymore) it is FUCKING BAD. Usually things are put into place without any damn thought or what the consequences will be, government just runs shit through and then worries about when hell breaks loose later down the road after so much damage is done.  Like the homeless situation, this city started just dumping homeless shelters (and illegal ones to boot – hotels) into “certain” communities and usually communities, like Jamaica, which already have major amounts of problems without adding more shit to the  list. And of course there was no thought given to proper security where many of these shelters have very problematic people (drug addicts, mentally ill, violent ex-cons, etc.).

Well, now the hardest working agency in the city, the NYPD, is overseeing security in all the homeless shelters in this city. DumbBlasio, you think you should have thought that one out before you began dumping shelters in vulnerable communities and warehousing of human beings.

On another related issue, one of the worst city agencies, DHS (Department of Homeless Services) with  asshole Commissioner Steve Banks is asking New Yorkers to volunteer for its annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate, known as HOPE, to assist the agency in estimating the number of people living on the streets, in parks, subways, and other public spaces across the city.

Sorry folks, but I am tired of this whole constant “volunteer” bullshit. While that is great when our economy is booming for everyone, everyone is working a ONE job with an actual livable working wage (as opposed to working two, three low-paying jobs) and where half of people’s paychecks are not going to housing in this ridiculously expensive city, which does not need to be so expensive, asking people to volunteer their very little free time to begin with to count homeless is a fucking insult. Why don’t you Banks and your entire agency go out and count homeless, I mean that is your fucking job to begin with, you get paid a hefty salary and live in Brooklyn where you don’t have a homeless shelter in your neighborhood. WHAT FUCKING NERVE.

Here is my thought on those who SHOULD volunteer to count the homeless:

  1. City Council  Members & Assembly Members, plus all their staff : There are 51 council members & 150 assembly members and they hardly do any fucking work as it is and get paid a nice big salary, way more than the hardworking average New Yorker. Hell if asshole Councilman Ruben Wills can pull a fucking dumb stunt like “playing homeless”, on the tax payer’s dime,  like he did a few years ago, he can go out and count them (
  2. Mayor deBlasio and his entire administration: I mean you helped to create all this nonsense, then you and you entire staff count the homeless and not just for an hour to do a photo op.
  3. BIG MOUTH LIBERAL CELEBRITIES: All these loud mouth overpaid celebrity actors, sports figures musicians, models, artists, etc who love to talk about these issues as long as they don’t have to see these issues where they live, GO OUT AND COUNT. And especially those from the hip/hop, rap world, where many of these shelters are dumped in communities of color.
  4. Religious “leaders”: NYC and especially Queens is filled with a gazillion number of churches from big ass Catholic behemoths & big money AME (Floyd Flake) to shitty store front black, Hispanic and Asian churches. If every single one of these leaders of churches and a handful of those devoted followers  went out, you would not need to ask the regular folks at all.
  5. Mega rich white folks of NYC on Park Avenue, Upper East Side and other neighborhoods where you will never see a homeless shelter or piece of garbage, go out and count.

STOP asking overworked and over burdened hard working average New Yorkers to do “free work” that your agency should be doing or at the very least pay people to do it, pay the unemployed, pay the ex-cons just getting out of jail,  pay all the young people in communities like Jamaica who are not working, hell, pay some of the damn homeless to count their own brothers and sisters. Just leave the rest of us out of your damn bullshit that you helped to create and turn “homelessness” into BIG BUSINESS.

Image result for enough with volunteering


From Queens Times Ledger:

NYPD is overseeing security at city homeless shelters

The NYPD has taken over the management of security at Department of Homeless Services shelters citywide. Nearly 700 DHS peace officers have already been retrained and security plans at all locations have been reviewed and enhancements were made where needed.

NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill pointed out that “2016 was the safest year on record in New York City.”

He added, “We will bring our crime-fighting expertise to assist the Department of Homeless Services in making their facilities more secure, with both out management team and the training of peace officers.”

While DHS supervisors have tasers, peace officers will not be armed but were trained to do a better job of keeping weapons out of shelters, defusing tense encounters, dealing with the mentally ill and preventing domestic violence. Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered an NYPD review of DHS security in March.

“The NYPD is among the premier policing and security organizations in the world and having them work with Commissioner Steve Banks to manage security at our homeless shelters will ensure the best possible approach to providing safety for both shelter residents and the neighborhoods where the shelters are located,” de Blasio said.

Last week, NYPD Deputy First Commissioner Benjamin Tucker joined Banks, the head of the Department of Social Services, to announce the program at One Police Plaza. Deputy Chief Edward Thompson will lead the team off 22 NYPD personnel who will oversee all DHS security while analyzing incident data to evaluate risks and inform policy and staffing decisions at shelters.

“DHS’ security plan, including the new key NYPD role, demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the individuals and families DHS is entrusted with protecting,” Banks said. “DHS work with the NYPD management team has already resulted in the implementation of critical improvements to the shelter security measures that had been in place for many years.”

Meanwhile, DHS is asking New Yorkers to volunteer for its annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate, known as HOPE, to assist the agency in estimating the number of people living on the streets, in parks, subways, and other public spaces across the city. HOPE 2017 will held Jan. 23 from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. and DHS will need a minimum of 3,000 volunteers to collect vital information that will augment the HOME-STAT quarterly nighttime street counts that helped 690 street homeless transition off the streets.

“It’s essential to know how many New Yorkers need our services, and the HOPE count is an important part of that,” Banks said. “Now with the Mayor’s HOME-STAT initiative, we are greatly increasing our outreach program to help bring people in from the streets, and we will have more information about homelessness on the streets going forward.”

The HOPE count began in 2003 with 1,000 volunteers in Manhattan and now covers all five boroughs. Over 3,800 New Yorker volunteered for HOPE 2016, a record total.

Those interested in volunteering should visit to register.