Just when you think that Mayor Dumbo cannot outdo his own stupidity, he hits his stride all over again.

You have a jail in an isolated area, where damn jails should be. Just fix the fucking thing up and fix the fucking system as opposed to putting jails in already completely over-developed and over-crowded boroughs (BUT Manhattan will NOT get a prison if this shit goes through). Christ, the inmates are in Rikers and they are running the damn government.

What a major fucking mess this shitty city is. People talk about idiot Trump (which he is), well we have our own progressive version of Trump. DeTrumpio.

Rikers Island DOES NOT NEED shuttered so that the criminals, the mentally ill, the violent, the highly dangerous can be placed in the boroughs and you can bet your life on it, that if this happens, these smaller prisons will be placed in communities of color, just like waste stations are dumped there, homeless shelters by the dozen are dumped there and drug clinics as well.

So folks in Jamaica and in SE Queens, time to ask your city council member how they will vote on this. People like I. Daneek Miller, Clyde Vanel, Donovan Richards and Ruben Wills, who will sell his grandmothers pussy in a flash. Because you know damn well if this bullshit passes, it will becoming to your HOOD, not Melinda Katz’s hood or Melissa Mark-Viverito’s hood or not at all in Manhattan.

AND Jamaica folks, that majorly corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks endorsed deBlasio. Say HELLO to the JAMAICA/SE QUEENS PRISON.

Some excellent comments on this issue over in Queens Crap:

Anonymous said…

If anyone was still supporting this mayor, this is (yet another) reason to vote him out in November. At his point, anybody would be better. If you look at the rikers plan on the new city website, they mention that almost 40% of the people in rikers have some kind of mental illness. Those people need treatment. But where is the discussion of closing rikers and building mental facilities? There is none! Close rikers, let the mentally ill wander the streets and the others can be spread throughout the boroughs. This benefits no one. Friday, June 23, 2017

JQ LLC said…

Like the scoundrels at REBNY might say, it’s all about location location location. (location cubed)

OK, There will be two way west in Staten Island near South Jersey. I guess that was the real reason De Faustio went there first to scarf canolis with Oddo.

There is one that looks like the border of Brooklyn and Queens near Ozone Park and East New York like where the low level and project housing are by Linden Blvd. Wanna bet a bulk of the shelters are going to be built there too. This is where the city is going to thrust the homeless and next to be homeless to after East New York’s government sanctioned gentrification(yes, I’m being redundant for effect).

No jails for Manhattan, shocker there. And yet again the needs of the tourists outweigh the needs and security of the native citizenry, the people who pay to live here full time. I tie this to De Faustio’s earlier claim that people out of town know what’s best for the city than his constituency does.

Of course for this to become a horrible reality, crime has to go down enough to ensure it’s transformation, and I don’t see that happening (new bad days, shameless plug)in the near or way ahead future and see it exploding in the next few hot months of a very suffering, humid, oppressing summer. Especially oppressing, considering the stunt De Faustio and councilwoman Chen pulled at the mayor’s bogus town hall on the L.E.S. and Chinatown. Cellphone robberies, shootings, stabbings, slashing and of course sexual deviancy have seen an dramatic uptick in the past few months.

And the widening economic disparity and people being displaced from their apts from gentrification is going to produce more bitter and frustrated people, and will lead to more gangs.

The gentrification industrial complex has been gifted with generous rezoning and upzoning that has upended and changed/ruined the boroughs with their blade runner towers and fabricated market rates enabled by this corrupt mayor, but this time he and they will fail trying with this demented sociology project.

And damn right I don’t want this in my backyard assholes. Or anyone other sane person’s backyard.

resist. peace. Friday, June 23, 2017

ELECTION TIME: DUMP deBlasio and ALL incumbents in Jamaica/SE Queens. Make a statement or continue being idiotic sheeple.




From DNA Info New York:

Rikers Island Closure Depends on City Council NIMBYs, Mayor Says

By Gwynne Hogan | June 22, 2017 3:32pm
 Bill de Blasio called on city council members to support new jails in their districts.

Bill de Blasio called on city council members to support new jails in their districts.View Full Caption

DNAinfo/Theodore Parisienne

NEW YORK CITY — A plan to close Rikers Island unveiled Thursday won’t happen without the support of local city council members willing to clear the way for local jails in their districts, the mayor said on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer’s show.

The 85-year-old jail has been plagued by concerns for inmate mistreatment and deaths, security issues and mismanagement, won’t close without new satellite jails, Mayor Bill de Blasio, said Thursday morning.

While de Blasio’s ten-year-plan included a combination of criminal justice reforms to drive down the city’s inmate population by making it easier to pay bail, investing more in mental health programs and decreasing crime rates, details of the satellite jails are conspicuously absent.

The mayor put the onus squarely on neighborhood NIMBYs.

“We’re going keep driving [the inmate population] down with every tool we have, but we can’t get off Rikers, unless there are specific places where the local leadership accept a jail facility,” he said. “It just cannot happen without a vote of the City Council.”

No new jail facility is being considered on Staten Island because of low numbers of arrestees who come from there, he said, but in the other four boroughs, local leadership will have to step up and support new jails.

“We got four other boroughs. We need a specific location and a specific councilmen to step forward in an appropriate location and say, ‘I’m ready to get this process going,” he said. “We need to see a commitment from the city councilmembers in the districts that have been initially proposed to start the land use process to achieve it.”

In March of 2016, DNAinfo exclusively reported that the city was quietly eyeing several sites for new satellite jails including locations in Hunts Point in the Bronx, in College Point in Queens, at 287 Maspeth Ave. on a vacant lot owned by National Grid in East Williamsburg, at 803 Forbell St. in East New York and at two sites on Staten Island.


The 2016 report shocked and enraged local officials who represented those districts who came out in ardent opposition against new jails in their districts.

Local City Councilman Antonio Reynoso, a vocal advocate on behalf of the Close Rikers campaign, slammed the plan for proposing to put a satellite jail in his district on Maspeth Avenue though he didn’t immediately respond to a request for further comment.

Councilman Rafael Salamanca who represents Hunts Point also opposed a lockup in his district.

“Council Member Salamanca is in favor of closing Rikers, but feels strongly that the fact that the South Bronx has historically been overburdened with correctional facilities should be taken into consideration when it comes time to site new jails, ” spokesman Ryan Monell said.

City Councilman Paul Vallone, who represents College Point, said the city still hasn’t given him a specific location for a new jail building but that he was against the idea.

“Any attempt by the city to target College Point for a proposed jail site will be met by fierce and complete opposition,” Councilman Vallone said.

“They just say College Point as if it’s a dumping ground for the city,” Morales said. “We’ve been working hard to create a Renaissance down there and we really feel that putting a jail in that area would be really detrimental.”

De Blasio touted a 23 percent reduction in Rikers Island inmate population in the time he’s been in office, down to an average of 9,400 people a day, but said local jails will have to be built in the neighborhoods.

“Even a jail population of 5,000 — significantly smaller than the jail population today — will still require identifying and developing appropriate sites for new jails as well as renovating existing facilities in the boroughs,” the report said.



King Manor Museum in Rufus King Park.

In this corner is the Garbage Champion, RUFUS KING PARK, (with it’s $2.2 million dollar renovation, that could have just been flushed down the crapper) and loads of garbage and litter thanks to many of our slob residents, our homeless folks (since the big homeless shelter El Camino is just a few blocks away and who knows what other little shelters are abound in the area) who have made this “could be a beautiful park” & historic park an outdoor homeless shelter and who cause a good bit of the litter, bottles, shit and piss. On any given day, step right up to see drunk homeless sleeping on a bench, dazed and confused drug addicts walking around or passed out and of course our vibrant & diverse slobs who think nothing of tossing pizza boxes, bottles, plastic bags, cans and other assorted shit on the soccer field and all throughout the park. AND let’s not forget the lousy NYC Department of Parks & Recreation who seem to not know how to trim. Thanks to a follower of this blog and resident for the Rufus King Park photos (6.23.17).


In this corner, our welterweight, but very scrappy little Garbage Challenger, MAJOR MARK PARK, which has the distinction of being across the street from the Opiod Clinic (where you will see the most white people in all of Jamaica, many who arrive from Long Island) and make this little scrapper a place to nod off, hang out and get into that nice drug induced stage of the “walking dead”. Most benches are taken up by them and the countless homeless crew who sleep here over night to wake up to the bright sunshine, take a piss and dump, throw there shit on the ground and begin their hectic jam packed day. Then of course we have our homegrown vibrant & diverse residents who want to feel like they are in their mother country and toss all kind of shit on the ground.

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

So hurry, hurry, step right up and get your tickets to the 1st annual Jamaica battle of the garbage dump parks.

SO any thoughts from our fearless leaders from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz  & Senator Comrie to Councilman Rory Lancman (Rufus King Park) and I. Daneek Miller (Major Mark Park) and all the others in between.

Speaking of thoughts, still not one peep from any of these hacks about the 15 year old girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in the almighty Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Cathderal Senior Residence on Merrick. NOT ONE WORD or COMMENT (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2017/06/12/11-days-the-flakes-and-greater-allen-church-have-made-no-comment-about-underage-girl-being-pimped-out-of-greater-allen-cathedral-senior-residence-for-four-months-plus-some-new-info-arises/). This underage black girl was just thrown completely under the bus and NOT ONE ELECTED OFFICIAL STOOD UP FOR HER. Maybe if she was an illegal homeless immigrant, someone would have stood up for her.

Rev Floyd Flake all pimped out.


This was passed onto me from a reader of this blog, who said Perhaps a SE Queens version of this would make it to NY1.

Well, NY1’s Ruschell Boone, did come out and do a 4-part story back in 2014, with yours truly, about the garbage dumping and mess here in Jamaica (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/trashing-jamaica-here-is-the-complete-ny1-4-part-jamaica-garbage-series-by-ruschell-boone/), which she won a journalist award and which that now dead idiot, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, was on film saying she had no idea this was going on, dah!!!! AND NY1 has done several “garbage” stories on Jamaica.

TWC News: NY1 Reporter Honored by New York Association of Black Journalists
Play now

Right now there are a few readers of this blog, who are always out and about with their cameras, when they are walking, going to work, etc and snapping photos of the garbage mess here in Jamaica, plus the REAL COMMUNITY ADVOCATE & ACTIVIST, Pamela Hazel, is ALWAYS filming and taking photos of the bullshit here and calling elected officials on their bullshit. BUT does she ever once get credit for her hard work, while holding down a full-time job and taking care of her family. NO, not once. She does more in one day, than these so-called Jamaica elected officials and so-called community advocates do in a year.

BUT it would be great if we could get several people like Detroit’s Jonathan Pommerville, who rides around catching people illegally dumping garbage in his suburb of Detroit. Here is a thought. Once a month SE Queens council members ride around their community they are responsible for videotaping all the nonsense like this that goes on, I mean, they hardly do anything to begin with except appear at events for photo-ops anyway. This way they would actually be working for their salary that is paid for by us the tax payers. So Miller, Vanel, Richards and Wills, bust out your camera’s and you each pick which four days a month you will actually be PUBLIC SERVANTS and start shooting (not Jamaica style shooting, camera shooting) and take Comrie with you, he needs the exercise. Have some of your staff also pick a day to do this as well and then get so-called “community advocates” like former Councilman Archie Spigner, whom Councilman Vanel refers to as “The Dean”, like he is the Black Godfather of Jamaica or Manny Caughman or any other number folks who call themselves “community advocates” and actually get your fucking hands dirty. Here is another novel idea, people in the community always say “the young teens have nothing to do, that is why they just hang out”. Well, that is not why they “just hang out”, but get some of the more creative ones, get some funding and pay them to go around the community filming such bullshit. And for the non-creative ones, get them to help clean up areas. Instead of stealing money, like Ruben Wills, actually put some of that money to young teens or the homeless and have them sweep up sidewalks and pick up the litter, Jamaica’s own version of the DOE FUND.

In the meantime, you never know when some Clean Up Jamaica Queens guy riding on a bike will film you doing something stupid like garbage dumping or other shit or parking a truck illegally.


From Fox News 2:

Illegal dumpers cry after being caught on video

– Illegal dumper cries after being caught on video

A man on a mission, catching people coming from the suburbs to dump their trash illegally in Detroit.

Jonathan Pommerville recently busted a couple from Shelby Township and streamed it live on Facebook – then posted the whole thing on YouTube.

He spotted a red truck driving in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood. Pommerville, a community activist and blight fighter’s instincts kicked in.

“It had a full load and I’m like what are the chances be dumping in my neighborhood,” he said.

He posting a YouTube Monday busting the dumpers. Pommerville says he recorded the man and woman claiming to be from Shelby Township a month ago dumping on Detroit’s Riverdale Street.

“Pick it all up right now,” Pommerville tells them.

A man answers, “I will.”

Beginning to quickly scoop up the leaves, bags, and junk like siding, Pommerville tells the duo he is calling the cops.

“When I confronted him, that’s when the waterworks ensued,” Pommerville said.

On video, the man says “Aw man I’m begging you, please I’m so sorry.”

But Pommerville was not feeling too empathetic.

“We really just want these folks to get it,” he said. “We don’t want them dumping in our neighborhoods.”

On video, Pommerville says to the crying man: “It’s not the end of your life man. Are you on drugs? No? Then relax.”

Pommerville then calls police which handed out two tickets to the distressed duo.

“This is a good learning experience for you,” Pommerville said.

When the dumpers drove away the man even told Pommerville he appreciates what he is doing. But when Pommerville followed them to make sure they would toss the stuff legally he called the police on him.

“Madison Heights police had a really good laugh about that one,” Pommerville said. “And sent him on his way.

“So he pulled into another business and came clean.”

While Pommerville says chasing dumpers can be exhausting. Pommerville says he’s never giving up on his mission to fight blight.

“My job is never done because as soon as we clean up one mess, another one gets dumped right behind it,” he said.


Jamaica needs cleaned up, not only of all the garbage on the street and sidewalks, but the same old shit garbage in local office. The 2017 elections for City Council is coming soon and it is time to clean fucking house and get rid of the incumbents, the do nothings, the crooked and put new folks in.

Here is the rundown in the Jamaica & SE Queens area:

Councilman I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) in the 27th District, covering Rosedale to St. Albans, will run against Frank Francois, Rupert Green and Anthony Rivers. YES, time for new blood, out with MILLER, in with any one who is not part of the good ole boys club of Jamaica.

Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica), who was arrested in 2014 on charges of corruption and is still awaiting trial, is being challenged by Christina Winslow, Hettie Powell, Allan Jennings and David Richard. Wills’ coverage area, the 28th District, serves South Ozone Park to Jamaica. WHY would you even being so fucking stupid to vote for the ebony political gangsta Ruben Wills, who is still awaiting trial for corruption.


Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton) will compete against Derek Hamilton for the 31st District stretching from Arverne to Springfield Gardens. NEW BLOOD IS ALWAYS GOOD.

Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) is facing transportation activist and Democrat Michael Scala, as well as Helal Sheikh, William Ruiz, Jay Rivera and Daniel Guarino in the 32nd District covering Breezy Point to Woodhaven.

You all complain about shit, but still you put the same shit in office year after year after year expecting different results, like Comrie, Cooks and Meeks. BECAUSE  your preacher or minister told you, like Flaky Floyd “DADDY PIMP” Flake.”

As the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz sang, “IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN.”

You get the government you deserve, DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT.


From Queens Times Ledger:

City Council hopefuls and incumbents line up for 2017 election

About 40 people have announced their intention to run for City Council in the upcoming Queens elections, with all but one incumbent seeing another term. The one seat being left vacant by Julissa Ferraras-Copeland has triggered a heated race for the East Elmhurst post.

Records from the city’s Campaign Finance Board show many candidates are hoping to try their hand at improving their communities through government by filing candidate certifications prior to final petition submissions. Party affiliations were not made clear in the CFB records.

 In the 19th District, stretching from College Point to Little Neck, Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside) will face his 2013 Democratic primary opponent Paul Graziano, a community activist and land use expert responsible for getting Bayside placed on the National Register of Historic Places. He currently serves as the treasurer of the Bayside Historical Society.

“I’m most well-known for dealing with land use issues,” Graziano said, explaining how quality-of-life challenges with illegal conversions and zoning violations are at the forefront of his priorities.”

Vallone, who has emphasized education, has been endorsed by the United Federation of Teachers for the funds he has allocated to schools in his district for improvements to studies and facilities.

Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) in the 20th District, covering downtown Flushing and Murray Hill, is looking at an unexpected Democratic primary challenge from Alison Tan , the wife of Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing), who has engaged in an alliance between himself, Koo and state Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Flushing).

Koo will also contend with Democrat, Issar Faradi.

Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D-Jackson Heights) is looking to take over the soon-to-be vacated seat of Councilwoman Ferraras-Copeland after she announced June 1 she would not run for re-election because she intends to put her family above a third term. Ferraras-Copeland was the first Latina elected official in Queens and has been considered a front-runner to Melissa Mark-Viverito (D-Manhattan) title as Council speaker.

Ferreras-Copeland serves the 21st District, stretching from LaGuardia Airport in the north to Corona in the south.

 Hiram Monserrate is also competing for the open seat, but his candidacy is controversial after he was expelled from the state Senate in 2010 after assaulting his girlfriend, Karla Girado. He also served 24 months for mail fraud.

Christina Furlong, co-founder of street safety advocacy group Make Queens Safer, will also run for Ferreras-Copeland’s seat. Yonel Letellier Sosa, president of the Association of Latin American Leaders and former president of the New Visions Democratic Club, and Erycka Montoya will also run.

Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association President Kenneth Wynder is looking to depose Councilman Costa Constantinides (D-Astoria), who serves the 22nd District, running from Astoria to East Elmhurst, according to records from the city Campaign Finance Board.

Councilman Barry Grodenchik (D-Oakland Gardens) is facing a challenge from Queens County Republican Club leader Joseph Concannon, an outspoken voice for the conservative demographic in the eastern part of the borough and an opponent of Grodenchik’s predecessor, Mark Weprin, in 2013.

The 23rd District where Grodenchik serves stretches from New Hyde Park to Oakland Gardens.

Department of Education paraprofessional Montell Moseley and Jamaica Muslim Center President Mohammad Rahman will square off against Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest), who has publicly discussed running for mayor and is listed on the CFB website as “undeclared” as to which seat he has his sights on for the 2017 election. Lancman serves the 24th District, covering Rego Park to Jamaica Estates.

At this point, Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights) will be going unchallenged in the race for the 25th District, from Woodside to Corona.

 Founder of the Woodside Neighborhood Association David Rosasco and Republican Marvin Jeffcoat will take on Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside).

“I’m a progressive fighter and I’ve worked as hard as I can for the last eight years to deliver results and build great neighborho­ods,” Van Bramer said. “This includes record-low crime, funding and building 12 new schools, adding thousands of pre-K and K seats, upgrading our parks and libraries, and focusing on quality of life concerns of my constituen­ts.”

The 26th District, where Van Bramer serves, covers Long Island City to Woodside.

Councilman I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) in the 27th District, covering Rosedale to St. Albans, will run against Frank Francois, Rupert Green and Anthony Rivers.

Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica), who was arrested in 2014 on charges of corruption and is still awaiting trial, is being challenged by Christina Winslow, Hettie Powell, Allan Jennings and David Richard. Wills’ coverage area, the 28th District, serves South Ozone Park to Jamaica.

Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills) will be unchallenged in the 29th District, from Forest Hills to Maspeth.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village) will likely have her hands full with Juniper Park Civic Association President Bob Holden, a fellow Democrat and outspoken opponent of her performance in government. Holden is also one of the leaders of protests against the city’s plan to convert the Maspeth Holiday Inn Express into a homeless shelter. The 30th District goes from Woodhaven up to Middle Village.

Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton) will compete against Derek Hamilton for the 31st District stretching from Arverne to Springfield Gardens.

Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) is facing transportation activist and Democrat Michael Scala, as well as Helal Sheikh, William Ruiz, Jay Rivera and Daniel Guarino in the 32nd District covering Breezy Point to Woodhaven.


I LOVE to see people take on the establishment, especially when it comes to local elected officials and nowhere are our local elected officials so totally useless as in Jamaica. Community activist Anthony Rivers is putting the challenge to city council incumbent, I. Daneek Miller (District 27) .

Rivers make some very good points about the community and what is going on in it.

Just like Richard David who is challenging that major asshole crook, Councilman Ruben Wills in District 28, what the evolving Jamaica needs it NEW BLOOD, not the same old shit that has put a stranglehold on this community and kept it down in ghetto-land. Since Jamaica is beginning to get cleaned up, time to clean up the do nothing crooked political gangsters who names we all know too well and are associated with either doing shit or corrupt as fuck.

TIME TO CLEAN THE POLITICAL HOUSE and put all new people in. Out with the Comries, Meeks, Cooks, Wills, Millers, Hyndman, the who fucking kit and caboodle.

Pretty much what Rivers is saying is that the shit elected officials allowed so much shit to be dumped in this community from poisonous waste stations to dozens and dozens of waste stations, allowing the community to deteriorate and have outside developers swoop in as opposed to if these damn leaders had balls to stand up and make sure the community did not fall apart and clean it up, the word “gentrification” would not have been brought up. PLUS if the damn people took care of their community and stopped putting these assholes in office over and over listening to their bullshit and fuckheads like that Rev. Floyd “Daddy Pimp” Flake. Great line in the article:

Others took responsibility for the shortcomings in the community as they didn’t hold current elected officials accountable.

YEP, accountability and YOU did not hold these asshole accountable and just keep putting them in year after year.  Again the residents were at fault for many reasons and hence why the community became a shit hole ghetto to begin with.

And if the new batch doesn’t work out, then toss them out as well, but don’t keep putting the same fucking shit in over and over again.



From Communities of Color:

Candidate Anthony Rivers “Southeast Queens Has Been Overlooked”

June 7, 2017

Election season has officially begun when individuals find themselves bombarded by folks outside of supermarkets, events and stores asking for signatures as residents go about their errands.  Petitioning for the right to be on the ballot is what these important annoyances are about.  It is an important first steps for candidates to get themselves on the ballot for the upcoming Primary and subsequent election.

Residents were introduced to candidate Anthony Rivers at the civic meeting a week before petitioning began.  Rivers is running for City Council District 27 which covers the areas of Cambria Heights, Hollis, Jamaica, Queens Village, St. Albans and Springfield Gardens.

“What happened in Harlem is about to land on us,” he said to shouts of agreement from residents in attendance for the meeting.

The candidate was talking about gentrification and the burgeoning development in Downtown Jamaica and in close proximity to the AirTrain at the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) Jamaica Station.

Rivers is a former NYPD detective and came to prominence through his fight in the community against the Hollis Gardens Development.  The development began as a proposed homeless shelter which was converted into housing for physically and mentally ailing veterans.  The group challenged the development because of the lack of affordable housing for residents and the oversaturation of homeless shelters in the area.

“We have bigger issues than just those buildings,” he said.

Those issues include a community Rivers feels has been overlooked but is a prized commodity for others looking to cash in.

“We are ten minutes from an international airport.  The AirTrain is 11 minutes and one stop away.  LIRR, twenty-three minutes and you are in the heart of downtown Manhattan,” he said.  “This makes us very desirable for other people”.

Rivers will be running for council seat which is currently held by I. Daneek Miller. Rivers contends that Miller has “sold us out to big business and could care less about us.  He doesn’t even live in the area,” he said of the Miller who Rivers contends lives in Brooklyn.

Rivers has strong condemnation for elected officials whom he believes let others infiltrate and overlook the Southeast Queens community.  He pointed to examples in other neighborhoods which garner favor like Howard Beach which has an AirTrain station.  Overdevelopment on Farmers Boulevard where a site which formerly housed approximately 22 individuals will now house hundreds.  The oversaturation of shelters in the area makes it one with one of the highest percentages of shelters in the borough.  He noted that there are three waste stations in Southeast Queens while there are none in Northern Queens.  Schools were also on the list as well.

“How are there more co-located schools in our area, but fully functioning schools in other areas,” he said.

“Now is the time to stand up.  Four years will be too late.  We are a ship headed to the dock at full speed,” said Rivers.  “We are the last stronghold.  They took Harlem…and Brooklyn.”

Those gathered agreed in unison as Rivers’ posed the question “what are we willing to do”.  Their reply, fight.

Residents connected with Rivers’ message and assertive tone.  Some felt they lived in the area for decades and find their quality of life diminished.  Others took responsibility for the shortcomings in the community as they didn’t hold current elected officials accountable.  Mostly residents have noticed the changes happening and the feeling that improvements and upgrades to the neighborhood are not happening for their benefit.

But there was some concern about a candidate that is strongly attacking elected officials.  If elected, how would he work with those who he has condemned?

Rivers invoked the name of Assembly Member Charles Barron.  He cited Barron as a legislator he will emulate as far as commitment and courage.   “I want to be a representative, not a leader,” said Rivers.


It never ends in this garbage strewn ghetto of Jamaica, does not matter if it is the downtown area, South Jamaica, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, Rosedale, St. Albans, etc., too many ghetto slobs with no pride or respect for the community or neighbors as the latest garbage catastrophe in Hollis shows. So really what does this say about communities of color.

AND again, another unacceptable answer from one of our local elected officials:

Councilmember Daneek Miller told PIX11 News that “while this is a private property we have been working with the Department of Sanitation and asked a local non-profit to support the cleanup efforts.”

REALLY, you have been working on this, according to the two gentleman in the video below, they have said this is going on for a year. I am surprised he did not say the usual “We are aware of it”.

As Senator Tony Avella stated in a Queens Courier article about a major Flushing sinkhole that the city has been ignoring (http://qns.com/story/2017/05/15/please-start-job-lawmaker-calls-city-address-flushing-sinkhole-now/):

“Unfortunately, it is no surprise that this administration is unable to address many of New York City’s significant issues, if it cannot even repair a sinkhole,” the letter noted. “On behalf of all New York City residents, please start doing your job.”

AND why do the majority of us tolerate these lackey elected officials like our Mayor doing so very little for the hard working people of NYC. Do I need to remind everyone, they work for us, we are their bosses, we pay their salary and wonderful benefits. SO why are so many of you so fucking STUPID and putting the same shit in over and over and then never holding any of them accountable.

In a white area, 311 would be flooded with complaints and elected officials phones would be ringing, here in Jamaica, only a handful stand up and make complaints, while to the majority of folks, this is just the norm.


From WPIX:

QUEENS, N.Y. — Lyndon Hernandez and Malik Evans are two fathers on a mission. They want clean up their neighbor’s backyard which they say has become a dumping ground for trash.

Hernandez and Evans live on 184th Street and Jamaica Avenue.

“It’s been here for over a year. I can’t take the rats, the smell and the trash anymore,” Hernandez said.

Evans said rats emerge at night.

PIX11 News tried reaching out to the homeowner, and is still waiting for comment.

Councilmember Daneek Miller told PIX11 News that “while this is a private property we have been working with the Department of Sanitation and asked a local non-profit to support the cleanup efforts.”

A spokesperson with the Department of Sanitation said the agency “sent an officer to the location who was granted access to the neighbor’s property at 184-07 to take additional photos. It appears 184-09 is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health for the following reasons: it could be rodent infestation, it is private property which DSNY cannot enter, there is a structure on the property, and the trash and debris is not visible from the street. A DSNY inspector will return tomorrow to assess if any Sanitation action can be taken.”

A Health Department spokesperson said they “take rodent complaints seriously. We are sending an inspector to the site and we will coordinate with the Department of Sanitation on next steps.”

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I certainly cannot argue Rubert Green’s statement that “District 27 deserves better”. Green is a Republican and educator who is challenging Councilman I. Daneek Miller. AND why not, we need more challengers to step forward. Jamaica and District 27 has been poorly served for decades having Archie Spigner as Councilman for over a decade, then followed by his buddy, do nothing Leroy Comrie and now Miller. So what has the community got to lose. I mean when you have very little to begin with, there is nothing to lose, except putting the same old in office expecting different results.

My theory, if the person in office has not done a BANG UP job in the first term, make some great strides, then replace them. I mean just look at Spigner and Comrie for a perfect example. Twenty-four fucking years with the both of them and what has Jamaica and that district to show for it. FUCKING GARBAGE, the take over of  public sidewalks & streets by auto body shops in the area, tons of illegal garbage dumping which folks like Miller state “is challenging”, Polluting Royal Waste dumped into the community under their watch, homeless shelters by the dozen appearing and a poor quality of life.

Jamaica needs a good housing cleaning. Time to toss out Meeks, Cooks, Comrie, Hyndman, Wills and any other dead weight. While I think Miller is probably the best of the bunch, that does not say too much, considering the political company that he keeps, I mean, the bar is set LOW.

I am willing to give Green a shot, because we have had plenty of the good ole boys, who have done little for the community. Unfortunately as a Republican in this area, he will not have an easy time, because not only are many Jamaica folks apathetic, they tend to play follow the leader and have a bad habit of putting in the same old shit, just because that is the way they always did it or because “my preachers says to”.


From Queens Chronicle:

Educator looks to overthrow incumbent

Republican challenger vows to not make District 27 race a cakewalk


City Council District 27 covers an area that traditionally votes Democratic. But a Republican candidate, Rupert Green, hopes to not make this year’s race a cakewalk for incumbent Daneek Miller (D- St. Albans).

Green, 52, of Saint Albans, wants to use his skills and training to ensure his community is not being left out, and that the voices of people in the district are heard.

He said Monday that his mission is to stop the school-to-prison pipeline, create jobs by bringing more science, technology, engineering and math education to the community and make the E and F trains smell good again.

Green, who migrated from Jamaica 35 years ago, is a longtime teacher with more than 20 years of educating from high school to college.

He is the co-founder of the Institute for Hands-on Science, Engineering, and Technology a nonprofit dedicated to providing STEM education to disadvantaged youth.

Green sees the STEM program as a way to teach gainful skills that challenge individuals and will help to lower crime rates.

“We have to model our kids in what we want them to learn, we have to fight for education,” Green said. “Pushing for education first leads to less crime in our community and less dropouts.”

In a largely Afro-Caribbean Democratic district, Green intends to get the word of his running out by dropping literature in mailboxes, making phone calls and being present at any and all community affairs.

As an active community member, he mentioned that he has his finger on the pulse of the activities that are of concern to area residents.

He also wants to break the Democratic hold on the community

“I’ve been saying blacks are not born Democrats, I want to challenge the establishment,” Green said.

For one thing, he believes area elected officials would allow jails to be built on Hollis Avenue. He associated the idea with the building of homeless shelters mentioning that he was out protesting with the community to stop a number of those from being built.

Other issues that Green wishes to address are the building of homeless shelters and stinky trains.

He also said nothing is being done about commuters having to pass garbage transfer points on their way to the E and F trains.

Miller, a former city bus operator who went on to be president of the drivers’ union, has billed himself as an advocate for families and better public transportation.

But Green claims that District 27 deserves better.

“This district has never met a challenger like me and I can rally the community,” Green said.