I doubt we will see this on this part of Jamaica Ave, but funny how so much ghetto bullshit happens in super expensive hipster Brooklyn. At times it actually makes Jamaica look civilized, well at least in “The Twilight Zone”.

Told you before it was ghetto and placed in ghettoish areas.

Play the video below to see hood rats behaving the usual, fucking badly. And well, they are black as pretty much seems to be the norm anymore for this kind of nonsense in NYC. Whatever happened to the days of Black Pride & Black Power, when did it all take a nasty U-turn to this ghetto bullshit.


From CBS:

Police Arrest 1 Of 4 Men Wanted In Brooklyn Restaurant Beating

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — One of four men who allegedly beat a man inside a Brooklyn restaurant earlier this month is now in custody.

Joseph Molohon, 37, was attacked after he offered to help them pay for their meal at Texas Chicken and Burgers in Flatbush on March 1, police said.

The suspects punched, kicked, and hit him with his cane, causing broken bones, cuts and bruises, police said.

Surveillance video showed someone trying to steal Molohon’s wallet as the victim laid on the floor, police said.

“The wallet was on my other side,” Molohon told CBS2. “I was laying on it and I had almost $1,000 in it. They didn’t get that.”

Kariem Roberts, 21, who lives near the restaurant, has been arrested in connection with the case and charged with gang assault, menacing and four counts of robbery.


Thanks to some readers who gave me the idea. How did this one slip by me, it was SO OBVIOUS.


147-12 Jamaica Ave in beautiful downtown Jamaica. While you are here, pick up some lingerie and sport wear we have in the back with each meal.

100% Beef.

Our Burgers are made of 100% natural, additive-free, and preservative-free beef – always. We maintain a solid and constant commitment to sourcing fresh ingredients from similar-thinking local producers, who deliver our ingredients daily. We always use freshly ground beef, and all-natural lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles- every day.

Our restaurants combine our goals to provide fresh fast food and our dedication towards fulfilling our guest’s satisfaction – whether it’s natural ingredients, or smart value, we always think of our customers first! What started as a dream has become a delicious reality – Keep your eyes open, we are coming to your neighborhood soon!!

So come on down to the Ave soon, where you can pick your own steer at the local slaughterhouse, we let it go and you chase it down in downtown Jamaica, capture it and let us do the rest! Bring the whole family and make it a “FAMILY FUN DAY”.

Hala Live Slaughterhouse (92-56 165th St) right in the middle of downtown Jamaica and yes those are apartment going up across from it.

Downtown Jamaica, third world shithole. UNBELIEVABLE.

The running of the bulls in downtown Jamaica

Aziz Slaughter House (151-24 Beaver Rd) in downtown Jamaica, where another poor creature attempted to escape but eventually died. BARBARIC.

Taste so much better when you chase it down.


The community of Jamaica, always keeping the bar as fucking ghetto low as can be. So I guess the steps in the community are:

  5. ???????????????



OLD SHIT: A & J Unisex and Friendly Uniform & More (which is really African Movie Store), they just did not bother to replace the sign.


(because you can never have enough fried chicken and burgers in this community). Well, at least Texas Chicken & Burger, which is a chain states “All of our beef and chicken come from farms where they are ethically housed and fed a fully grain-based diet – and never get administered antibiotics, growth hormones, or other unnatural chemicals.” There are over a dozen of these places in NYC, mostly in ghettoish areas, which tell you something.




2nd Jamaica Starbucks just opened recent in downtown Jamaica on Jamaica Ave

Jamaica is changing, whether one likes it or not, but there is no doubt from the majority of people I have encountered that Jamaica cannot no longer stay it its ghetto run-down garbage strewn, repeating crap businesses that has been the standard of Jamaica for decades. It is not good for the community, not good for home owners, not good for the local economy, just not good plain and simple. NOW,  none of this necessarily means “gentrification”, which me myself do not like, I mean look at what has happened to over-crowded, over developed LIC (which by the way was a majority white area that got gentrified to hell). As much as I dislike Jamaica (the dumping of all kind of shit here from Royal Waste to homeless shelters, all the damn garbage, the unnecessary noise, the tons of buses, trucks, livery cabs and anything else that has wheels), tons of 99 cent stores & beauty supply stores, crap third world apartment building, etc), there are some unique one of kind places here and actually some cool shopping but you have to sift through all the crap everywhere. Downtown Jamaica area has about three big fresh fish places and many of the supermarkets (a good bit which have remodeled there stores and added many organic items) carry fresh fish, including Ideal Supermarket at Hillside Ave/175th, which carries “wild salmon, which even in nice areas is not easy to find. Great body oils are not only found in small little stos, like Mubarak on Guy Brewer off Jamaica Ave, but vendors on the sidewalks. Jamaica has the oldest family owned bike shop in the country, Bellitte, which has a huge assortment of bikes and amazing customer service. Jamaica has the most landmark building in Queens and all are in downtown Jamaica. For men’s clothing and shoes, you cannot beat Fino and Porta Bella. And even though the Colosseum Mall tends to resemble a low-class ghetto flea market same as the underground mall on Jamaica Ave, you will be surprised what can be found if you look hard enough. And take a walk inside the landmark old Lowes Theatre, now the Tabernacle  Prayer of Church,  and be totally amazed that this gem is right on Jamaica Avenue intact, even before Brooklyn’s recent renovation of their Lowe’s Wonder Theatre. VIP Records, Afrikan Poetry Theatre, JCAL and the Jamaica Peforming Arts Theatre, which has held several house music dance events with a well known NYC DJ, which attracts people from all over NYC, Don Nico’s (some great food), Sangria Bar & Restaurant (my favorite) on Sutphin along with the several other Portuguese eateries and bars there and if you have not been to the Merrick Blvd library in some time, check it out, an amazing library.

Jamaica needs a major face lift, the old face literally cracked decades ago. Jamaica needs more diverse stores, both retail and food and more upscale sit down dinning options. Quality of life laws need majorly enforced from large trucks parking illegally in  the area and driving on residential streets or even cutting through downtown Jamaica (that NEEDS TO STOP), illegal displaying of store items that block too much of the sidewalk (3 feet from the front of store is the legal max), clown folks on microphones and loud constant looping speaker crap like “everything must go” , NO MORE constant beeping from all these livery cabs as they go up and down Jamaica Ave and of course LITTER LAWS, enough trash on the ground and all over. RESPECT FOLKS, RESPECT, we have not turned into an official third world country yet. AND we need to attract some better quality of people by building nice apartment buildings (rental and condo’s), not the low-class crap from East New York or Brownsville that Brooklyn powers that be do not want, not the homeless, not the drug addicts and not the criminal element that knows they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want in Jamaica, because, well, it is Jamaica. We need educated people, people who will take pride in their community and be active in it to see that quality of life laws are enforced and that elected officials are held accountable for (a handful of folks cannot do it alone), people who will help to bring in better food and retail places. AND one more, we need better community leadership, people who will stand up for what is right, people who will work to make a difference, people who will not put the almighty dollar before the community, people with VISION  (and not that loser VISION ZERO).

But I am digressing. A recent walk/bike ride (which I have not done in some time) revealed a new Starbucks on Jamaica Ave (and no it was not the end of the word or “gentrification” as some folks have stated), which was packed with various types of people, including, yes, Black folks, who for some reason, some “people” think that black people don’t like Starbucks or nice things in their community. A new Juice Bar located at 168-03 Jamaica Avenue revealed itself a few days ago and it is very nice, even though they did not have the smoothie I wanted that they advertised (they were out of wild cherry or just did not have it to begin with and the description of two of their yogurt blends were reversed on the flyers , REALLY, you just opened). Even the McDonald’s at Jamaica & Parsons got a face lift and there are several median islands being place along Jamaica Avenue. Then there are some of the developments that have been built and many others that have already started. And even that awful 89th Avenue, which looked like some bombed out third world country road, was repaved recently, though they need to finish it all the way to 168th street.

Staying run down ghetto mess is not beneficial to anyone, except predatory real estate developers.

So let’s take a look the changing Jamaica and the Jamaica skyline.

2nd Jamaica Starbucks just opened recent in downtown Jamaica on Jamaica Ave/160 St

New Juice bar at 168-03 Jamaica Ave

McDonald’s on Jamaica Ave & Parsons gets a facelift


New Apartment Building on 88th Ave, where new chic meets third world crap

Coming soon

Coming Soon

Coming soon

BUT of course there still is the Jamaica crap like this:


Right Across from Rufus King Park

Crap third world apartments that probably tossed the above mattress

And this shit needs to stop. 170th Street at Jamaica cannot handle trucks this size. This truck can barely make the turn as it heads to Royal Waste Dump

AND THIS SHIT NEEDS TO STOP & NEEDS TO GO, I mean listen to this crap, pure third world ghetto nonsense (next to 89-54 165 St, since this crap store has no address listed):


Marcia Moxam Comrie (Leroy’s wife) states:

“The turn of this new millennium has been good for Jamaica and we need enhanced street infrastructure to prove it. Jamaica is no one’s stepchild and should be treated as the vibrant, first class place it deserves to be.”

Marica, you need to ask hubby Leroy and all his cronie buddies (Floyd Flake, Archie Spigner, William Scarborough, Malcolm Smith, Gregory Meeks, Manny Caughman, Vivian Cook) who have been running Jamaica for decades (well running into the ghetto ground), why is it so fucking crappy. I mean Leroy, now Senator, was councilmember for 12 years and before that, worked for that hack, former councilmember Archie Spigner. I mean he has been around long enough, ask him when you roll over in bed. If a company is fucked up, the problem is with the President/CEO and people at the top. Same goes with communities. Ghetto Shit rolls down from the top.

And can you try reaching a little better for Jamaica, because you stated below:

“We should look no less appealing than Fulton and Fordham. You go, Jamaica!”

I know it  has been several years since I have been to Fulton and Fordham, but both are pretty damn ghetto and Fordham was fucking filthy and garbage strewn last time I was there with much crap retail and stores.

Face it, your husband and his cronies have done SHIT for years, well more like decades.

Leroy Comrie stated “We are aware of this and we will clean this up after I order 3 quarter pounders with cheese, 2 large fries and a shake. Oh, throw in a dozen White Castle sliders.”

Jamaica in the box retail

Jamaica Ave, although this looks even worse when I saw it the other day.

She certainly does not look like some starving young girl in Africa.

A few years back Jamaica BID made a big deal about this store, Cool Cats (cheap jewelry) you see in various neighborhoods, one was in the Village. Here in Jamaica it barely lasted a year and a half, now just a shit store of assorted crap inside with the loud microphone asshole in front (see this shit all on the Ave). Of course owners of this third world flea market leaves the old sign up. SO GHETTO.

165th St Shopping Area. One hell of a big mess.


From Queens Press:

DOT Looking To Enhance Jamaica Aesthetics

A Personal Perspective

Armed with examples from other booming areas, representatives from the city’s Department of Transportation were in Jamaica earlier this week quizzing residents and workers on how they would like to see downtown Jamaica’s streets improved.

They got an earful.

While standing with one interviewer, I could hear the discussions between another and his interviewees. Some were complaining about vans speeding through red lights and some about potholes following recent snow storms, while others fussed about traffic congestion “on the ave.”

But the choices being presented were enhanced streetscapes with more shrubs and trees, curved corner medians as exemplified at Parsons and Jamaica Avenues, tables and chairs as seen at 42nd Street, bus-only streets as an option to minimize congestion, potted plant barriers— such as those along the curb of Parsons Boulevard between Archer and Jamaica Avenues— and more street lights.

The posters on display depict areas of Jamaica already improved, but the DOT is still giving residents and those who work in the area the opportunity to weigh in on further enhancements. The posters also included pictures of the commercial areas of Fulton Street in Brooklyn and the Fordham Road area of the Bronx as examples of what could be possible in Jamaica.

These are exciting times for Jamaica and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving place. For decades, we have struggled to get “our groove back” following the flight of businesses in the 1970s and 1980s and crime during the crack epidemic of the 1980s and early 1990s.

But we have been making steady strides toward revitalization and the reduction in petty crimes since the mid-1990s.

The turn of this new millennium has been good for Jamaica and we need enhanced street infrastructure to prove it. Jamaica is no one’s stepchild and should be treated as the vibrant, first class place it deserves to be.

We are building new hotels, apartment buildings, celebrating a college’s golden anniversary, providing art exhibits and performance space and so much more. It makes perfect sense that our roads and sidewalks reflect that we are indeed living in the 21st century.

There was never a better time to live, work, do business and get a college education in Jamaica than right now. We are on a roll and our improved traffic flow and street aesthetics will only add to the feeling that we are in the throes of a renaissance. We should look no less appealing than Fulton and Fordham. You go, Jamaica!



Another Starbucks is coming to Downtown Jamaica, this time on “The Ave” in the spot where that GameStop was. As a follower of this blog stated:

Hahaha, my friend on FB shared a picture of the new Starbucks being built on The Ave and it said “On The Ave, Really” with a angry face. My friend said “And the take over begins”. Damn, such hate for decent businesses coming to the neighborhood…I just don’t get I”.

I don’t get it either, it is just a damn Starbucks. What fucking take over. You mean how a once nice downtown area was taken over by ghetto shit. I mean right now you cannot even get a damn coffee on that strip. Plus Starbucks pays much better than most of those crap stores and they have good benefits. It is a win-win and good for both the community and residents.

I guess some people want Jamaica and Downtown Jamaica to stay GHETTO CRAP. This community has been GHETTO SHIT for decades, time for a change.

Hala Live Slaughterhouse (92-56 165th St) right in the middle of downtown Jamaica and yes those are apartment going up across from it.

Totally Illegal blocking of sidewalk. Pretty Girl is one of many stores on Jamaica Ave doing this. Besides making it difficult to manuever, it is low-class ghetto/third world country EYESORE.

Come visit Jamaica Ave, home of low-class ghetto & crap third world shopping.

A few years back Jamaica BID made a big deal about this store, Cool Cats (cheap jewelry) you see in various neighborhoods, one was in the Village. Here in Jamaica it barely lasted a year and a half, now just a shit store of assorted crap inside with the loud microphone asshole in front (see this shit all on the Ave). Of course owners of this third world flea market leaves the old sign up. SO GHETTO.

Shit Jamaica Ave retail crap tossed out on the street.

Six days later, nothing had been done and more garbage was added, this in the “Jamaica Revealed” downtown.

She certainly does not look like some starving young girl in Africa.

Is this an example of being on “the right track”.

Jamaica in the box retail



Image result for mlk sales

This coming Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. day to honor a great civil rights leaders and there are events all through SE Queens and beyond, but anymore our society and big retail have turned such holidays into a major shit show for shopping and spending money that people don’t really have on a bunch of shit that people don’t really need and you will most definitely see this on Jamaica Avenue as the people honor Dr. King by shopping at one of the gazillions stores of crap & cheap shit made in third world countries, because you know you can never have enough expensive sneakers made in Taiwan.

Yep, that has become the norm for holidays in this country, Thanksgiving Day Sales, Christmas (oh, I mean Holiday) sales before and after, then New Years Day sales, etc. Our society has turned almost every holiday into a shopping spree. How sad, that on a few days a year people can’t take a break from their constant shopping addiction to either pay respect to the holiday or just relax and chill-out alone or with family and friends or just spend time contemplating without your idiotic iPhone or shopping on-line or walking up and down the Ave of crap in Jamaica.

SAD statement on our ever changing fucked up society that has turned so many into idiot brain dead zombies……………………..and I am sure there are some who have no idea who Dr. King is or what he stood for.

Image result for mlk i have a dream speech



From Times Ledger:

MLK celebrated in several SE Qns events


An array of events throughout southeastern Queens will honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the weekend before the holiday celebrating his life this coming Monday.

“MLK 2017” will be held at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning at 161-04 Jamaica Ave. on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. The event aspires to honor “the ‘remnants’ of The Dream among us” by acknowledging certain individuals in the community working to further the goals set by Dr. King during his life.

State Sen. James Sanders (D-Rochdale Village) will host a debate on the legacy of the Obama administration, asking whether it was “fruitful or fruitless” in the Black Spectrum Theatre inside Roy Wilkins Park at 2 p.m. Sunday. Sanders will be on the panel, along with Queens College Assistant Professor Deidre Owens, Dr. Alfonso Wyatt and Dr. Lessie Branch, a senior research fellow at the DuBois Bunche Center for Public Policy at Medgar Evers College. The debate will be moderated by Dr. Ron Daniels, president of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century.

Councilman I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) will hold an event at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center at 151-03 Jamaica Ave. Monday, with a keynote speech by U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica). The event will also include performances from local dance groups, according to Miller’s office.

— Reporter Patrick Donachie