Royal Waste comprises the entire blue rectangle. As can be seen thousands of homes and a park are at risk.

Polluting solid waste company, Royal Waste, dumped into a residential area, a few blocks from Downtown, thanks to elected officials.

Royal Waste, a polluting business in our community that is not following proper protocol about using truck routes instead of residential streets and leaders NOT doing a damn thing about it.

TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists. Such trucks come from Royal Waste Services.

Royal Waste sits in back of these residents spewing poison, not too mention all the noise from trucks and equipment

These large waste trucks SHOULD NOT even be allowed in this area, since they can barely turn on this street, 170th, heading to the Royal Waste dump a few blocks away.

THE BIG LIE:  Mike Reali, vice president of Royal Waste Services,s aid the owners and staff at the dump are from the community and they bring high paying union jobs with benefits to Jamaica residents.“Royal Waste is tremendously invested in the well-being and vitality of the community we call home,” he said. “We operate a facility according to all regulations set forth by city, state and federal regulators. We pride ourselves on continuously raising and improving our safety and environmental standards.” Excerpt from Times Ledger article, March 2, 2017. Wonder how many waste dumps are in Mike Reali’s neighborhood.

So, where are the elected officials and community leaders standing up for what is right and fighting to toss Royal Waste to the curb. Recently Councilman I. Daneek Miller and a few members from Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral and Rev. Andrew Wilkes held a “pray/protest” at Royal Waste to bring some attention to this polluting, poisonous company whose trucks have terrorized residential streets by not following the law. BUT where are Congressman Gregory Meeks, Senator Comrie, Senator Avella, Senator James Sanders, Councilman Donovan Richards, Councilman Ruben Wills, Assembly Member Alicia Hydndman, Assembly Member Vivian Cook, Assembly Member Clyde Vanel, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz (she knew how to make an appearance at the Astoria Dump just the other day), Rev. Floyd Flake and his wife Elaine, all the members of Community Board 12, all of the various church leaders and other so-called community leaders like Archie Spigner,  Manny Caughman. Where were the folks from Greater Jamaica Development Corporation like President Hope Knight, how about the Jamaica BID. AND how about the wonderful Public Advocate, Letitia James, I mean this is a no brainer for her to show up for this. WHERE? You all should have been there in FULL FORCE supporting Councilman Miller.

And just exactly what has to be so fucking bad in a black community for it’s residents & it’s so-called leaders to say enough. I mean if poisoning black and other ethnic babies and children is not enough (why do you think Jamaica has the highest rated of asthma and who know what else), then black communities have no hope what-so-ever. I mean you are allowing yourselves to be poisoned.

It is bad enough black communities like Jamaica get all the shit dumped from homeless shelters to Royal Waste. BUT it is especially bad when the majority of black leaders from Jamaica turn their backs on a major problem of epic proportions that create a healthy hazard to the community, to babies, children, the elderly and the rest of us and affect our quality of life in an extremely detrimental way. FOR SHAME, but I have come to expect that in this black community. WOW, even when your own babies, children and elderly are slowly being poisoned (who knows the long term health effects from Royal Waste on this community), you still don’t stand up for what is right. And you all call yourselves Democrats and for the people. The almighty dollar seems to be getting in the way of your conscience, if some of you still even have that.

All the talk about “revitalizing Jamaica”, all the talk about the “Jamaica Now Action Plan”, all the talk about investing in Jamaica, yet this serious issue in the community with Royal Waste gets swept under the rug and by people like Katz and Comrie. Think it would have been swept under the run in Forest Hills, but then again, it would have NEVER been placed in Forest Hills.

AND where is the media in all of this. I mean this is a BIG STORY about poisoning a community (Jamaica has the highest rate of Asthma), the mob run waste industry, elected officials in bed with these folks or completely ignoring the issue as Katz does and environmental racism on the level of Flint Michigan. What elected officials and community leaders gave the okay on this, I mean, it could not just have sneaked in all by themselves, some folks had to give the green light: Comrie, Meeks, Smith, Scarborough, Flake, dead Marshall, etc, they were all around. Royal Waste/Regal Recycling contributed to dirty Councilman Reuben Wills campaign. Come on, act like you are journalists.

Hacks like Mayor deBlasio, Public Advocate Tish James, BP Melinda Katz, Congressman Leroy Comrie, Councilman Rory Lancman have all spoken in Jamaica about “undocumented immigrants” or Muslim hate crimes, YET, a MAJOR CRIME, environment racism and slowly poisoning Jamaica residents in that surrounding area of Royal Waste, which by the way include “undocumented immigrants” & Muslims, has been COMPLETELY IGNORED by all of them. When did you ever hear one of them speak out about this or Royal Waste, when did Tish James haul her ass out here and stand in her high  heeled shoes in front of Royal Waste on the broken down Douglas Avenue where pools of poisonous water are all abound. WHEN? When did a well known local media outlet do an extremely in depth  story on this and I am not talking some little one minute fluff piece on WPIX, which they did not even do that). WHEN?

So how is all of this any different from this dialogue from The Godfather (just exchange the characters to folks like DeBlasio, Katz, Comrie and the rest of the crew :

Don Zaluchi: I also don’t believe in drugs. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn’t do that kind of business. Somebody comes to them and says, “I have powders; if you put up three, four thousand dollar investment, we can make fifty thousand distributing.” So they can’t resist. I want to control it as a business, to keep it respectable.
[slams his hand on the table and shouts]
Don Zaluchi: I don’t want it near schools! I don’t want it sold to children! That’s an infamia. In my city, we would keep the traffic in the dark people, the coloreds. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.

Let us educate ourselves on this polluting, poisonous and shady bad neighbor, ROYAL WASTE, who does not follow the rules and should have never been allowed to open such a business in a heavily residential area:






And let’s hear from some other folks about Royal Waste, including a former employer of the notorious BAD neighbor that it seems many elected officials are in bed with:

Anonymous Anonymous said…

So, the company (and family) name itself, Royal Waste, should be a visible clue for anyone who would even THINK to do business with these crooked, corrupt, Neanderthal-thug mutations.

As a former employee of this filthy company of sub-human debris (whose business offices are located inside of a trailer, on property that the Reali family owns, but refuses to build on it because of the intensely cheap matriarch’s refusal to pay property taxes on an ostensibly empty lot). During the short time that I worked for these ugly, unstable empowered idiots (all of whom are an embarrassment to actual primates!), I’ve had furniture ‘accidentally’ thrown at me, a tyrannical, incompetent family member named Tina threaten my job (for no reason), and online pornography viewed daily (and openly) by demented brother Peter Reali, because there doesn’t appear to be any government regulation within a slimy-and-sleazy, family owned trash dump that is so repulsive, that even REAL organized crime family ring goons shrug in utter disgust at the sight of these troglodytes!

But, the crowning moment of shame and danger came when one of their own workers was crushed to death by a machine operator during my first week of service, because the worker was not wearing the proper Day Glo vest while walking on the company grounds outside of the trailer offices of this toxic dump site (the least of which was toxic because of the inanimate garbage and debris).

Shortly after that, I finally took leave from that trailer from hell that is unfit for humans, passed go, collected my $200 (and unemployment insurance), and then I never looked back at the Reali den of family owned filth and openly practicing psychopathy ever again.

My recommendation to any and all sane and ethical business persons? Banish and boycott this SCOURGE before they advance to ‘accidentally’ knocking off anyone else who comes between their filthy garbage pit, and the even filthier money that continues to falsely empower this ugly empire of ignorant, arrogant, uneducated slugs!

Anonymous Anonymous said…

What’s truly sad is how the entire Reali Family behind Royal Waste (which is a nepotistic mix of father, brother and sisters, all of whom personify arrogance, entitlement, ignorance and zero education), continue to behave in ways that even animals themselves could never behave like! They all give MENDACITY a bad name!

But, anyone who would even consider doing business with a company named ROYAL WASTE, should expect nothing less than a royal waste of their time and money in the first place, not to mention having to deal with some of the mangiest (and dumbest) rats in the sewer!


Anonymous JQ LLC said…

You know, everywhere I look in Manhattan, towers commercial and rental, and pestilent hyper-development of unsightly new faux luxury towers, all have dumpster bins with the Royal Waste logo. This may be why they are able to get away with the shit they do since they provide a service to the perpetual money makers of the city. High end real estate.

So it’s not a surprise that all the collective feces and debris of the elites gets sent to the dirty southeast of Queens, the bastard stepchild of the borough. And why any transgressions committed by this defiantly corrupt business, from traffic violations to fatal accidents on their lot, gets ignored by our so-called officials.

And will continue. Because this city is in debt to these mendacious fiends and they know it. As well as scumlords who run clusters and stingy developers who won’t build unless they gouge the paychecks of their workers

But if it’s an abandoned lot near a trendy niche area with skyline views like Astoria cove, then it gets the attention from the hacks in elected office and their appointees.

Their discriminatory concerns cannot be more obvious.


Anonymous Anonymous said…

To CleanUpJamaica and JQ: Don’t expect a developer’s whore like Melinda ‘Alley’ Katz to investigate the toxic, raw sewage dump that exists on 170th Street and Douglas Avenue (a disgrace of epic proportion), when the toxic dump site itself doesn’t even smell as badly as Katz and the Reali Family scourge–COMBINED!

Hats off to CleanUpJamaica and JQ, then, for talking truth to corrupt power, not airbrushing reality and always challenging the crooked powers that insanely be! As a resident who lives only blocks away from this ‘open cancer’ above ground, I gave up on this openly practiced crime spree years ago, after making many complaints to my worthless city council creep, worthless assemblyman, worthless state senator and completely worthless representative (as they have all ignored my complaints and looked the other way with impunity–a testament to how city and state government has long ago collapsed, and completely failed to represent their completely languishing constituenty, and the reason for why crime, violence, lawlessness, vigilantism and anarchy are all on the rise–and, climbing daily by the hour!

Watch this poisonous waste facility in action, all while located across from a park and residential homes to the south and residential homes to the north on the other side of the LIRR tracks. While filming  this, the noise and the stench was unbearable. The tall building in the background in the 2nd video is that of the NYCHA senior citizen apartments, just two blocks from this environmental mess.

Time for the Jamaica corrupt kingdom to be dismantled!

Church which more than likely was here before Royal Waste, but you would think the leader of this church would stand up for the moral and right thing.

How the fuck can this be deemed an Industrial park (the term park is a fucking joke), across the street is a REAL PARK, Detective Keith Williams Park and hundreds of homes.


Poisonous Royal Waste in the downtown Jamaica area which hundreds of homes surround this poison center.


Marcia Moxam Comrie (Leroy’s wife) states:

“The turn of this new millennium has been good for Jamaica and we need enhanced street infrastructure to prove it. Jamaica is no one’s stepchild and should be treated as the vibrant, first class place it deserves to be.”

Marica, you need to ask hubby Leroy and all his cronie buddies (Floyd Flake, Archie Spigner, William Scarborough, Malcolm Smith, Gregory Meeks, Manny Caughman, Vivian Cook) who have been running Jamaica for decades (well running into the ghetto ground), why is it so fucking crappy. I mean Leroy, now Senator, was councilmember for 12 years and before that, worked for that hack, former councilmember Archie Spigner. I mean he has been around long enough, ask him when you roll over in bed. If a company is fucked up, the problem is with the President/CEO and people at the top. Same goes with communities. Ghetto Shit rolls down from the top.

And can you try reaching a little better for Jamaica, because you stated below:

“We should look no less appealing than Fulton and Fordham. You go, Jamaica!”

I know it  has been several years since I have been to Fulton and Fordham, but both are pretty damn ghetto and Fordham was fucking filthy and garbage strewn last time I was there with much crap retail and stores.

Face it, your husband and his cronies have done SHIT for years, well more like decades.

Leroy Comrie stated “We are aware of this and we will clean this up after I order 3 quarter pounders with cheese, 2 large fries and a shake. Oh, throw in a dozen White Castle sliders.”

Jamaica in the box retail

Jamaica Ave, although this looks even worse when I saw it the other day.

She certainly does not look like some starving young girl in Africa.

A few years back Jamaica BID made a big deal about this store, Cool Cats (cheap jewelry) you see in various neighborhoods, one was in the Village. Here in Jamaica it barely lasted a year and a half, now just a shit store of assorted crap inside with the loud microphone asshole in front (see this shit all on the Ave). Of course owners of this third world flea market leaves the old sign up. SO GHETTO.

165th St Shopping Area. One hell of a big mess.


From Queens Press:

DOT Looking To Enhance Jamaica Aesthetics

A Personal Perspective

Armed with examples from other booming areas, representatives from the city’s Department of Transportation were in Jamaica earlier this week quizzing residents and workers on how they would like to see downtown Jamaica’s streets improved.

They got an earful.

While standing with one interviewer, I could hear the discussions between another and his interviewees. Some were complaining about vans speeding through red lights and some about potholes following recent snow storms, while others fussed about traffic congestion “on the ave.”

But the choices being presented were enhanced streetscapes with more shrubs and trees, curved corner medians as exemplified at Parsons and Jamaica Avenues, tables and chairs as seen at 42nd Street, bus-only streets as an option to minimize congestion, potted plant barriers— such as those along the curb of Parsons Boulevard between Archer and Jamaica Avenues— and more street lights.

The posters on display depict areas of Jamaica already improved, but the DOT is still giving residents and those who work in the area the opportunity to weigh in on further enhancements. The posters also included pictures of the commercial areas of Fulton Street in Brooklyn and the Fordham Road area of the Bronx as examples of what could be possible in Jamaica.

These are exciting times for Jamaica and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving place. For decades, we have struggled to get “our groove back” following the flight of businesses in the 1970s and 1980s and crime during the crack epidemic of the 1980s and early 1990s.

But we have been making steady strides toward revitalization and the reduction in petty crimes since the mid-1990s.

The turn of this new millennium has been good for Jamaica and we need enhanced street infrastructure to prove it. Jamaica is no one’s stepchild and should be treated as the vibrant, first class place it deserves to be.

We are building new hotels, apartment buildings, celebrating a college’s golden anniversary, providing art exhibits and performance space and so much more. It makes perfect sense that our roads and sidewalks reflect that we are indeed living in the 21st century.

There was never a better time to live, work, do business and get a college education in Jamaica than right now. We are on a roll and our improved traffic flow and street aesthetics will only add to the feeling that we are in the throes of a renaissance. We should look no less appealing than Fulton and Fordham. You go, Jamaica!



I have said this many times before. Just like cancer, if you don’t reign in the criminals, hood rats, quality of life issues, the then ghetto cancer spreads to a nice area it spreads fast and once it got a foot hold, it is hard to control.

I have lost track of incidents like this in the supposedly “nice” St. Alban area. Looks like one of those ghetto clubs.

St. Albans, this is Leroy Comrie’s area and where the Burgermeister lives.

Senator Leroy Comrie, one of biggest do nothing elected Jamaica officials of the past couple decades.


From NY1:

NYPD Investigating Double Queens Shooting

By NY1 News
Updated Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 11:18 AM CDT

Police are on the hunt for the person behind a double-shooting in Queens early Wednesday morning that left a man dead.

It happened shortly before 4 a.m. on Merrick Boulevard near 127th Avenue in St. Albans.

Investigators say the shooter got out of the passenger side of a blue or black Nissan Maxima and opened fire on a 23-year-old man who had just left nearby Club Dubai.

The victim was hit in the torso and died at the hospital.

Another 23-year-old man was hit in the leg.

Police say he was a bystander who was putting flyers on cars at the time.

The shooter then got back in the car and fled the scene.

The man who was shot in the leg is expected to survive.


Twelve years as council member knowing this issue as well as many others.

Many know I Photoshop photos especially when it comes to our asshole elected ebony clown posse here in SE Queens, BUT the below is not Photoshop, it is REAL courtesy,  of Senator Leroy Comrie’s email newsletter. HOW APPROPRIATELY TITLED!!

They make it SO EASY most of the time. Wonder if Sander’s bow tie squirts water.


Royal Waste comprises the entire blue rectangle. As can be seen thousands of homes and a park are at risk.

Royal Waste comprises the entire blue rectangle. As can be seen thousands of homes and a park are at risk.

Royal Waste Service, the biggest culprits

Royal Waste Service, the biggest culprits

Finally I have found out some information that I have been trying to get for some time now and that is when the poisonous, polluting, toxic and irresponsible neighbors in Jamaica, both Regal Recycling &  Royal Waste Services came into existence in Jamaica at Douglas Avenue and who were the elected officials at that time. Well, after some digging, I now have some answers but not all of them

Before the polluting and irresponsible Royal Waste came to be at Douglas Ave and 168th St, there was the Wonder Bread Factory (for 130 years), which closed in January of 2011. Yet even then, a few blocks east sat the also poisonous foul smelling recycling waste station, Regal Recycling Company at 172-06 Douglas Avenue, which I am not sure when that place was dumped into Jamaica, but in 2009, three men were killed horribly in a toxic pit and they were given a permit to manage solid waste back in 1991. Regal has had many major violations during it’s history and is still in operation in Jamaica.  Royal Waste obviously then was dumped not too long after the closing of the Wonder Bread Factory in 2011.

So during this time line what elected officials were in office, who obviously gave the go ahead for these places and from my calculations since I am not quite sure of when Regal Recycling actually started (1991?):

  1. Mayor David Dinkins followed by Rudy Gulliani followed by Michael Bloomberg
  2. Queens Borough President Claire Schulman  followed by Helen Marshall
  3. Councilman Archie Spigner  followed by Leroy Comrie
  4. Senator Dean Skelos followed by Senator Malcolm Smith , both are in prison on corruption charges
  5. Congressman Floyd Flake followed by Gregory Meeks
  6. Assembly Member William Scarborough , in prison

So these are the folks who were all in office during the time line of these poisonous waste stations dumped in Jamaica. Seems like the same crew responsible for so much bullshit and misery in this community and yet a couple of them are still in office and still NOT looking out for the community, while some of the others like Flake & Spigner are still pulling strings. So if fingers need to be pointed, this is the crew to point them at.

For you history buffs and others here are some interesting articles on the subject that I found. AND you find out just what BAD Neighbors these companies actually are not the good neighbors that Royal Vice President Mike Reaki claims.

Royal Waste Disaster at the 170th Street/Douglas location where 3 workers were killed by toxic chemicals in 2009

Royal Waste Disaster at the 170th Street/Douglas location where 3 workers were killed by toxic chemicals in 2009


From New York Times:

3 Men Die in Toxic Well in Queens

Theodore Parisienne for The New York Times

A relative of one of the dead men was initially kept out of the treatment plant by police officers.

Published: June 29, 2009

Three workers at a waste transfer station in Queens were overcome by toxic fumes Monday afternoon and died, apparently falling one after another into the Stygian gloom of a putrid, manhole-size, 18-foot-deep well they were trying to vacuum, fire officials said.

The New York Times

The accidents occurred at a waste transfer station in Jamaica, Queens.

Ethan Wilensky-Lanford

Rene F. Rivas, 52, a native of El Salvador, apparently fell trying to rescue the others.

A rope and ladder dangling into the hole, which was filled with deadly concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas, and the accounts of witnesses at the scene suggested to the authorities that one victim had fallen first to his death and that the other two had followed in successive, futile rescue efforts.Firefighters found the bodies — including those of a father and son — floating face down in four feet of murky water at the bottom of the hole at the Regal Recycling Company at 172-06 Douglas Avenue in Jamaica, an ugly street of waste plants, garbage scows and sheds enclosed by chain-link fences and topped by fluttering American flags.

“I don’t know if they knew the exact danger,” John Sudnik, deputy assistant fire chief of the Queens Borough Command, told reporters at the scene. “In that type of atmosphere, it’s very toxic.”

The police identified the victims as Shlomo Dahan, 49, of Flushing, Queens, the owner of the S. Dahan Piping and Heating Corporation, the South Ozone Park contractor hired to clean the well; his son Harel Dahan, 23, of East 73rd Street in Brooklyn; and Rene Francisco Rivas, 52, of Jamaica Avenue in Queens, a native of El Salvador who was an employee of Regal Recycling.

The bodies were raised to the surface by firefighters using a hoist and ropes and harnesses that were carried into the well by Firefighter Robert Lagnese, 33, of Rescue Squad 270, a six-year fire veteran trained to work in confined spaces. He wore protective clothing and an enclosed breathing apparatus, and though he suffered no apparent ill effects, he was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center for observation.

Chief Sudnik said the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the hole was measured at 200 parts per million, double the amount that environmental experts consider “imminently dangerous.” He said an exposure to 50 parts per million could be lethal within 10 minutes, suggesting that concentrations four times that amount would be deadly in a much shorter time.

While the source of the hydrogen sulfide in the hole was unknown, the chief called the gas a common byproduct of the decomposition of organic matter. Employees at Regal said the hole was a catch basin for runoff water that was probably laced with chemical debris from the recycling yard, where trucks deliver garbage and other materials, much of it from construction sites.

Behind the hole is a 40-foot multistory shed, with bays where the trucks pull up with materials to be sorted for recycling. Signs indicate the types: “Putrescible” and “Non-Putrescible,” separating solid wastes from those that are likely to become rotten. Another sign at the gate says: “No drums, asbestos, hazardous materials, medical waste or tires.”

The industrial neighborhood, which stands on the south side of Douglas Avenue opposite the Long Island Rail Road tracks, is crowded with waste collection companies and adrift in odors that suggest rotting food and oil. The avenue is littered with oil stains, broken glass and dirty piles of something resembling eggplant.

Mr. Dahan and his son, who arrived at the well in a truck equipped with suction equipment to vacuum it out, were joined by Mr. Rivas. Reconstructing what happened from witness accounts and other evidence at the scene, Chief Sudnik said that Harel Dahan apparently went first into the hole, which is about 3 feet in diameter, descending a ladder affixed to a rope shortly after 2 p.m.

It was unclear how far down he went before being overcome by the toxic fumes, and it was unclear if he was killed by the fumes or drowned in the water at the bottom, officials said. In any case, when he did not return, his father went down after him. He, too, was overcome and fell into the water below. Mr. Rivas, in turn, went down, apparently in an attempt to rescue the others, and was overcome and fell to the bottom.

Oscar Rivas, 27, Mr. Rivas’s son, said firefighters told him that his father had been the third to die, in an attempt to save the others. “They told me it was an accident, that he saw two men fall into the hole, and he jumped in to try and help them,” Mr. Rivas said. “He was always like that, always helping people. He was a good person.”

Witnesses were heard screaming, and a call was made to 911 at 2:32 p.m., fire officials said. The first trucks arrived at 2:39 p.m., but apparently it was already too late.

But firefighters called Consolidated Edison and asked for assistance in a rescue operation. Con Edison sent two vacuum trucks to help clear debris, but while they were en route the request for assistance was canceled. D. Joy Faber, a utility spokeswoman who talked to a Con Edison worker at the scene, said “it was discovered that there were three victims that had expired.”

The task of recovering the bodies, with a device called a high-point anchor rescue system — a rig that holds hoisting ropes steady over a hole — took about 20 minutes, Chief Sudnik said.

As a crowd of people gathered at the gates, Abe Rosenthal, who identified himself as a longtime friend of Shlomo Dahan, said the contractor had been born in Israel and owned his own company, which cleaned storm drains. It was unclear how much experience the Dahans had in dealing with highly toxic material, and it was unknown if they had been warned of the dangers.

Mr. Rosenthal speculated that “they had no idea that there was gas.”

“He was a very sweet guy,” Mr. Rosenthal said of the elder Mr. Dahan. He said Mr. Dahan was married and the father of three sons and a daughter. “I can’t believe that it happened,” he said.

Peter Ferrier, 49, a neighbor of Rene Rivas, said Mr. Rivas lived with his wife, a son and another family, and recalled that he had seen him going to work on Monday, clad in jeans and a T-shirt and carrying his customary black and red backpack.

“I saw him with his bag,” Mr. Ferrier said. “He was taking off, and he said, ‘What’s up, Papi?’ Mr. Ferrier said he rarely saw Mr. Rivas because he was always working. “This man always works, every day he goes to work.”

Efforts to reach officials of the company were not immediately successful. Calls to Regal Recycling and to Royal Waste Services, an adjacent plant at 172-08 Douglas Avenue that is believed to be affiliated with Regal, were answered by people who declined to speak. Regal is owned by Michael Reali.

According to state records, the commercial plant is run by M. & P. Reali Enterprises, doing business as the Regal Recycling Company. A man who answered the phone at the plant said the company had no immediate comment.

The Web site of the State Department of Environmental Conservation describes the plant as a solid waste transfer station and recyclables handling and recovery plant, which is authorized to handle putrescible waste, as well as construction and demolition debris.

From 2000 to 2002, according to government records, the plant petitioned the Department of Environmental Conservation and the city’s Department of Sanitation for permission to increase its capacity for the management of putrescible solid waste more than threefold, to 1,200 cubic yards (600 tons) per day from 355 cubic yards (177.5 tons) per day.

The proposal, which the two agencies found would not have a negative effect on the environment, called for maintaining the plant’s capacity for handling construction and demolition debris but decreased the permitted on-site storage capacity for such debris.

According to the Environmental Conservation Department, the company has had a permit to manage solid waste since 1991. Its current permit allows for a daily capacity of 600 tons per day of solid waste and 266 tons per day of construction and demolition debris. The department intends to send staff members to inspect the plant, said a department spokeswoman, Maureen Wren.

In 2006, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the plant $1,500 after a worker was crushed to death by a Caterpillar wheel-loader the previous year, according to federal records. The Daily News reported that the worker, Effraine Calderone, 46, an immigrant from El Salvador, had been leaning against the wheel of the massive tractor when the driver put the machine in gear and rolled over him.

Records from the most recent OSHA inspection, conducted earlier this year, show that the federal agency identified several serious violations at the plant, including violations concerning floor and wall openings and holes, industrial stairs, respiratory protection, medical services, and oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting. The company was directed to pay thousands of dollars in penalties in connection with those violations.

From The Daily News:

End of an era as Wonder Bread plant in Jamaica, Queens ready to shut off the ovens


Wonder Bread’s parent company, Hostess, is closing down the Jamaica, Queens plant.

(Harbus for News)

A Wonder Bread plant in Queens will bake its last loaves Thursday, ending a 130-year run in Jamaica while hundreds of employees scramble for jobs or settle for lesser-paying gigs.

Wonder Bread’s parent company, Hostess, is laying off 175 workers and reassigning 15 from the Douglas Ave. facility, corporation officials said.

Bitter bakers fretted about their fates after attending a job fair at the plant Wednesday.

Employees said they earn between $40,000 and $70,000, while job fair recruiters – including Bartlett Dairy and Elmhurst Dairy – offered annual salaries of $30,000 or less.

“It’s an insult,” said Edwin Ramos, 46, a factory painter who has worked for Wonder Bread for 25 years. “It’s a joke, a big joke.”

Another employee griped that unemployment benefits would pay more than the jobs being advertised at the fair, such as bus drivers and guards at JFK and LaGuardia airports.

But City Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans), who helped organize the fair with the city Workforce1 Career Center,described the event as “well organized.” He stressed that jobs may start with low salaries and go up.

“There may be a better opportunity than they realize,” he said.

Opened in the 1870s as the Shults Bread Co., the bakery began producing Wonder Bread in the 1920s. Nostalgic locals recalled factory tours with free samples of sweet bread.

But Hostess announced last year that modernizing the bakery would be too costly and difficult.

The decision to close the facility left employees surprised and angry.

Ramos said he accepted a job at the Hostess garage across the street that pays $2.25 less per hour than his painting gig.

“For the last three months, they’ve had a noose around our necks and are choking us a little more each day,” said truck driver Gary Roberts, 59.

Another employee jokingly asked a reporter Wednesday, “You don’t have jobs for us?”

Hostess plans to sell the site. “For Sale” signs from CB Richard Ellis, one of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms, are posted on both the bakery and the garage.

The adjacent outlet store, where shoppers are greeted by ads with Captain Cupcake and Twinkie the Kid, will remain open and relocate elsewhere in Queens when the factory is sold, company officials said.


Garbage & Cars6.18.16 058Sure the all the crappy auto shops in Willets Point have been shut down as the City begins another huge money project, but where have they gone. Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, who has no authority over the project but has made it a focus this year, asks: Why wait? And she’s right to ask. Environmental and infrastructure work has to be done no matter what.

Well, Katz, how about the New Willets Point in Jamaica on Merrick Blvd where thug auto body shops have turned that area into a fucking mess of junked and unlicensed vehicles all over Merrick Blvd and the sidewalks and many of the residential side streets. And since Merrick is a heavily traveled road of cars, taxi, liver vans, buses, etc, allow these shops to take up the entire right land in certain section causing a hazardous condition plus bottle necking, I would think Katz who has made trips to Jamaica to talk about the Jamaica Now Action Plan, would speak up about this mess. I mean the local elected officials like Senator Comrie and Councilman Miller have not uttered one word about this disgrace, especially since the area has churches, a senior citizen apartment complex and residential homes are all around.

BUT nope, nothing from the Evil White Queens and her ebony clown posse. Just more ghetto nonsense where respect and pride are harder to find than a unicorn or a hard working Jamaica elected official. START ENFORCING LAWS with these Auto Body Shops which have completely taken control of this area. SO WHERE  THE HELL ARE YOU KATZ. Would you allow this SHIT in your neighborhood? AND where are the so-called black leaders on this issue that stares all of you in the face every single day. Garbage & Cars6.18.16 115Garbage & Cars6.18.16 111

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

Garbage & Cars6.18.16 107Garbage & Cars6.18.16 105Garbage & Cars6.18.16 075Garbage & Cars6.18.16 068Garbage & Cars6.18.16 067Garbage & Cars6.18.16 079smashed car 108.jpg2cars1.16.15 008cars1.16.15 001

Thug Auto Body Shop at 102-80 Merrick

Thug Auto Body Shop at 102-80 Merrick


From AM New York:

willetsStart cleanup to clear path for Willets Pt.

It’s quiet at Willets Point. The New York Mets are at spring training in Florida. And most of the auto body shops on 126th Street, across from Citi Field, are closed, with demolition of the ramshackle buildings underway.

While that’s progress, the former industrial zone tucked away in a corner of Corona is a long way from being the hub of economic activity NYC officials envisioned a decade ago. The 62 acres just beyond the stadium’s rightfield wall could and should be a regional centerpiece, home to a retail mall and a hotel, to jobs and economic development, to sports and entertainment, and to affordable housing.

Besides the seasonal flow of Mets fans, Willets Point would become a destination if the proposed AirTrain to LaGuardia gets off the drawing boards. No matter what the vision, the site remains a cesspool of unsewered property, unpaved roads and land in desperate need of environmental remediation.

Part of the problem with advancing the overall development of Willets Point is that it is mired in legal battles over whether the Citi Field parking lot is parkland and can’t be used as the site of a mall. The state Court of Appeals will hear arguments in the case on April 25.

Still, there is much NYC can do. Beyond ongoing demolition, there’s significant cleanup and infrastructure needed to prepare for new construction. The city’s Economic Development Corp. said most of the remediation will not begin until the lawsuit is settled and final plans are agreed upon by the city and the developers, a combination of Related Companies and Sterling Equities, which owns the Mets.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, who has no authority over the project but has made it a focus this year, asks: Why wait? And she’s right to ask. Environmental and infrastructure work has to be done no matter what. Developers and city officials should do more now. That would hasten an already long-delayed timetable, and would be a sign that they’re committed to the project.

Now is the time to start. The city and the developers have to find a way to move Willets Point forward.



Hala Live Slaughterhouse (92-56 165th St) right in the middle of downtown Jamaica and yes those are apartment going up across from it.

Hala Live Slaughterhouse (92-56 165th St) right in the middle of downtown Jamaica and yes those are apartment going up across from it.

Guest Courier Op-Ed, Julian Phillips, gives some advice to Trump as Black History Month comes to an end, but the advice that needs to be given is to black leaders in communities like Jamaica, for standing on the side lines for way too long allow quality of issues to pile up like 50 Cent’s debt and we are not talking about tough issues that local elected officials have little to do with like unemployment, but every day quality of life issues which have not gotten addressed or solved no matter how many times both myself and Jamaica community activist Pamela Hazel, have brought up the same old issues along with documentation for years. Issues like illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal parking by tractor trailer trucks and other box trucks all over this community, continuous garbage dumping be it the typical Jamaica slobs dropping of litter to the illegal garbage dumping that does on or how about the thug auto body shops take over of Merrick Blvd, side streets and sidewalks with junked and unlicensed vehicles which has actually gotten worse each year to an alarming rate pretty much turning Merrick Blvd into the new Willets Point. And these are just a few issues that have been going on not only for years, but in some cased decades. Long time so-called black leaders like Leroy Comrie, Gregory Meeks, Archie Spigner, Floyd Flake, Malcolm Smith, William Scarborough, Vivian Cook, Helen Marshall, her replacement,  Lilly white Melinda Katz and all the others in this area who call themselves “leaders” or “community advocates” or “ministers”, have done pretty much shit in regards to these issues, which are a local issue and that every single one of them have pretty much ignored.

The James Fobb Estate

The James Fobb Estate

Senator Leroy Comrie, when he was Councilmember, would state that Jamaica has one of the highest asthma rates around and that is true, yet the poisonous Royal Waste company was given a green light to set up shop right smack in the downtown area near hundreds of homes, near a Senior Citizen NYCHA apartment, across the street from Detective Keith Williams Park, where kids play, swim and play football and sorcerer, all during his reign  and to this day is still there spewing poison into the air with their non-stop garbage waste trucks that come from all over the city and these trucks spew their diesel fuel emission in the air 24/7 on residential streets. Yeah, we have a fucking epic asthma problem Comrie and it is because of shit like Royal Waste which these black leaders like Comrie allowed to get plopped in the middle of a residential area. I don’t see Melinda Katz’s hood having a waste station to poison her kids or all the little Jewish boys and girls, but I guess, low-income Black, Hispanic and other ethnic children are expendable in their mind and don’t matter as much as the little white and Asian boys and girls in Forest Hills. Then all of those auto body shops along Merrick Blvd (and who knows what they do with their poison fluids from cars) don’t help the asthma situation either.garbage-1-23-17-003

Every other day, another homeless shelter is dumped into this community and another hotel is turned into a supposedly “temporary” homeless shelter. Homeless encampments are easily seen at Jamaica Center, LIRR/Sutphin Blvd and 179th Street Station and getting worse every day. The garbage and litter is completely out of control in this community, though the blame goes to the low-class ghetto slobs who have no respect or pride. But then how can one have respect or pride when people like Comrie, Flake, Katz and others have no respect or pride for this community regardless of the bile that comes out of the side of their mouths.

AND then we have the local media, from Times Ledger to Communties of Color who are NOT questioning any of these elected officials and other leaders on WHY. WHY is Royal Waste still here? WHY was it put here in the first place in a residential area? WHY are slaughterhouses right in the heavily traffic downtown area near York College, residents and the shopping district? WHY is nothing being done about auto body shops destroying Merrick Blvd?  I have yet seen any of these local publication ask any such questions and DEMAND and answer. hillside-garbage12-4-16-013

So as Black History Month comes to a close, maybe Julian Phillips has some advice to these Black leaders of Jamaica and SE Queens or the least tell them to hold their heads in shame, oh though at this point, they have lost any type of shame or dignity. In fact they should lose their black card due to the obvious crimes against black constituents to be able to live in a decent, clean and civilized community like most white people do in their communities. No one is asking to shoot for the moon, just a clean and decent area where one can breathe without taking in poisonous wastes and diesel fuel emission 24/7. I don’t think that is much to ask for and local media including COMMUNITIES FOR COLOR, need to start being journalist instead of big jokes pushing the agendas of these do nothings and crooks in the making.

The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

Sutphin Garbagegarbage and trucks7.1.16 010garbage and trucks7.1.16 008



Garbage & Cars6.18.16 068



TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists. Such trucks come from Royal Waste Services.

TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists. Such trucks come from Royal Waste Services.


From Queens Courier:

Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock


Like most of President Trump’s roll-outs in his first two weeks in office, his White House gathering of African Americans to salute Black History Month was a little rough to say the least!

 For starters, not knowing that the world’s best known abolitionist died in the 1800s was a laugher. Perhaps even worse, his gathering of Black ‘supporters’ for the press availability left a lot to be desired.

Let’s forget about the fact that he had to be introduced to more than half of them—and who were these folk? The best known individual on hand was conservative political commentator Armstrong Williams, he himself not a household name in the African American community.

Going back in time, I’ll call them Trump’s version of Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus—a rap star, comedian, football Hall of Famer (I love you Jim!), and the clown Ringmaster himself, Don King, all summoned to Trump Tower to presumably talk about the state of Black America. Really?!

What about some politicians and community leaders who have devoted a lifetime to civil rights and substantive change? Rep. Elijah Cummings says he’s open to meeting with Trump. I can assume there must be others.

Rest assured there are some black politicians that might not want that optic—but many will certainly meet him behind closed doors. Here’s the thing: Trump wants to make good on his campaign promises. How could the ‘messiah’—the reformer of all of America’s ills — not deliver, especially to his African Americans?

Remember we are ‘his’ as he yelled out to that one polka dot in a sea of Whites during a campaign stop as “My African American.”

The fact of the matter is, from building a wall to telling Blacks they have “nothing to lose” by voting for him, this president wants all the glory! He simply can’t help himself.

So what should he do for Black History Month? Trump should invite to the White House Black America’s best movers and shakers from the business world, law enforcement, the political arena and grass roots community leaders and, yes, the Rev. Al Sharpton for a summit.

Something good just might come out of it. Remember, Sir Donald wants to look good. He would have to wind up adopting some proposals thrown at him. At the very least, he might form a commission or something to that effect to seem like he is actually committed to taking action.

To bring it all home, here’s something those network TV executives should do to make it interesting: propose doing a town hall with Trump and Black leaders to be aired in prime time. Can you imagine how many folks would tune in!

From the Alt Right to the Black Lives Matter movement, popcorn and chicken wings would be flying off the store shelves from folks waiting to plop in front of their flat screens for such an event! In what would guarantee to be a lively discussion, folks would want to see who blinks first! Again, maybe something good just might come out of it.

Just some advice from a black guy.