Queens Borough Katz

The enemy of the people, especially in SE Queens are not the low-end criminal hood rats or the gangs like MS-13, creeping in the shadows, hiding under scaffolding, lying in wait in dark corners,  but they are in our back yards HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT with suit and ties, THEY ARE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, whose corruption, do-nothing attitude, brokering shady deals and inaction has created the low-end criminals, the gangs and the nonsense. to THRIVE.  From the top with the fake progressive Mayor DUMBO and his bullshit Queens circus tour which amounted to nothing more than a publicity stunt and a campaign tour & Queens BP Melinda Katz who has never really even walked around Jamaica, except to stand at the corner of Sutphin Blvd & Jamaica Avenue for the BULLSHIT TOUR or the steps of the Jamaica Performing Arts Center (hell she has not even been to the $2.2 million dollar upgrade to Rufus King Park that she loves to brag about to see what a garbage dump it is and how it has turned into an outdoor homeless shelter complete with public drinking and drug use) t0 all the black hacks like Gregory Meeks, Leroy Comrie, I. Daneek Miller, Vivian Cook and the ones who got caught like Malcolm Smith, Shirley Huntley, Williams Scarbough, & Ruben Wills. Then there are past elected officials and so-called community and church leaders like Rev. Floyd Flake, Archie Spigner, Manny Caughman and other buffoons.

Useless do nothing Senator Leroy Comrie

Former corrupt Senator douche bag Shirley Huntley, one of the local leaders who only looked out for herself. Now she is Big Bertha’s bitch in prison.

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Buddies, Senator Malcolm Smith & Rev. Floyd Flake

Congressman Gregory Meeks

Bill De Blasio (c.) campaigns at Rochdale Village the day before Election Day with Assemblywoman Vivian Cook (second l.), Councilman Leroy Comrie (third l.), Assemblyman William Scarborough (third r.) and state Sen. Malcolm Smith (second r.) What a fucking embarrassment and look, it is useless Assemblymember Vivian Cook, rising from the dead and some of the other assorted Jamaica “leaders”.

AND I point out that these local elected officials are black because black communities and communities of color tend to suffer the most while the same color elected officials fuck over these communities like allowing a well known, documented poisonous, polluting waste dump, ROYAL WASTE, to be placed in the downtown area near thousands of homes and families and across from a park, Detective Keith Williams Park instead of standing up and FIGHTING IT (hell, Ruben Wills actually took campaign donations from this company).

They have all sat idly by while thug auto body shops, especially on Merrick Blvd, have turned the streets and sidewalks into a junk yard with junked and unlicensed vehicles and dangerously blocking the right hand lane of one of the most busiest streets in Jamaica, Merrick Blvd. They have sat quiet while a large number of underage girls of color have gone missing, kidnapped, raped and forced into prostitution like the 15 year old black girl who was kidnapped by St. Albans Joseph Gilbert and pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Church Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd (

Instead of visiting blighted areas of the community, which there are many, they choose instead to do bullshit photo-ops at Senior Citizen places (but probably not Flake’s House of Underage Prostitution), bullshit street naming ceremonies, like changing that awful stretch of South Road (where that group home where the four hood rats with long arrest records were living when they gang raped a mother of two on July 11th) to Tuskegee Airman Way, which is an insult to those brave men who actually DID SOMETHING as opposed to these hack black elected officials who are a DISGRACE.

What’s more is that too many of the Jamaica residents VOTED for this clowns not just once but in the case of useless Leroy Comrie, several times (three for City Council) and once for Senate, somehow believing their transparent bullshit and lies, while not acting in their own best interest and the communities best interest.

Below is a comment from an area resident and his total dissatisfaction with the elected officials past and present. While Clean Up Jamaica has not really kept these clowns accountable as he stated, Clean Up Jamaica has exposed them for the complete udder frauds that they are and the complete and total bullshit and nonsense that goes on in this community with a dosage of FACTS, REALITY & PHOTOS.


Received this from Brendan Birth, a local SE Queens resident, who started a blog called BLIND JUSTICE.

I just want write this message to say thank you for keeping our politicians in Jamaica accountable. I really appreciate that, and it means the world to me that you all have sought to do this. My family had Anthony Seminerio as my Asssemblyman when I moved to this part of Queens (actually South Ozone Park, but often I get Jamaica pols like Wills, Meeks, etc.). I’ve suffered through Ada Smith, Shirley Huntley, and James Sanders as State Senators. Wills is my councilman, and years ago Alan Jennings was my councilman. Meeks carries a stench too. My long and growing list of people representing me who’s acted inappropriately and/or in a corrupt manner would be funny if it weren’t so sad. The saddest part about all of this is that few people seem to care. Not many voters. Not the Queens Democratic Party. Not Floyd Flake and the blasted political cartel in this area. And not most of the media. Given the amount of corruption I’ve experienced since moving to this area 18 years ago, you can see why I am tremendously grateful though for people who actually….excuse the language…give a shit about the corruption that constituents like me have experienced in this part of Queens for decades now. So I am grateful for Errol Louis and his showing the political cartel in this part of Queens for what it is…the only issue with Louis is that his plate is full trying to also cover the shenanigans in the rest of NYC. And I am most for you all at Clean Up Jamaica Queens, because you all have been such a consistent watchdog in this part of Queens. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work. And hopefully Wills being found guilty will be the beginning of the end of corruption in this part of Queens (though I won’t hold my breath on that).


AND take a wild guess the person whose is speaking to GJDC President Hope Knight.

“Christ, can’t this guy get anywhere on time. And they talk about CP Time.”

Katz & Miller’s lame attempt to do a “Jamaica Abbey Road”

So it is Day two of Mayor Big Show’s traveling circus this week in Queens with his “City Hall in Your Borough” Cavalcade and your the so-called “Tale of Two Cities” Mayor made a stop at 6:30pm (well, deBlasio time, which meant he was late of course) in downtown Jamaica at the corner of Sutphin Blvd and Jamaica Queens with the usual suspects like GJDC President Hope Knight, Madame Bullshit Queen BP Melinda Katz & her deputy, the always sexy Melba Miller and escorting the Mayor around the area, Jamaica’s own Heckel & Jeckel, Senator Comrie and Councilman I. Daneek Miller.

I did not know of this Jamaica tour till the last minute, so I got home, grabbed a bite and headed out on my bike. As I got there, some of the usual suspects were there, but not the Mayor. As soon as I pulled up  to the crowd, I yelled out, “I hope the Mayor is going to see the all the crap in Jamaica and just not a few of the “pretty spots”. Immediately a tall gentlemen in a nice suit approached me and introduced himself as Greg Bishop, Commissioner of NYC Department of Small Businesses Service and I let him have it about Jamaica and that Comrie and I. Daneek Miller certainly are not going to show the Mayor or tell him about the “Jamaica Hot Spots” and he said that the Mayor is aware. AND then I said is he aware of Merrick Blvd and all the auto body shops that have made a mess of the sidewalks and streets with their junked and unlicensed vehicles and he told me he was not aware of that and to send him photos after I told him I have photos and a blog. He said they will have a talk with those shop.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

Well, you know I am going to follow up on this. Anyway, he said the purpose of this appearance by Mayor Big Show, was the seeing some of the small businesses in the area.

Well, eventually Mayor Big Show comes and yammers about some shit that I could not hear, along with Katz and some others saying more shit that I could not hear, but there will be plenty of coverage from the reporters that were there to hear what he and company had to say about ghetto Jamaica. After awhile I left, because if I want to see and hear a bunch of shit, I will just cruise over to the $2.2 million dollar homeless shelter and garbage dump, known as Rufus King Park.

AND speaking of ghetto Jamaica and Mayor “Tale of Two Cities”, here is the perfect example of that. While Mayor Big Show and the bullshit elected officials were spilling bile all over the streets of Sutphin, a few blocks over at Rufus King Park, showed the usual garbage, homeless at the Pavillion with drinking by the Mexican crew, while a white boy in back of them seemed to be cutting up some good drugs to snort.

Damn, that white boy in the back is cutting up some good shit.

“Welcome to vibrant downtown Jamaica and enjoy your stay at the Comfort Inn. ………………………Do you have a dollar?”

A few blocks over at 89-34 162nd St, right in Downtown Jamaica, is the Comfort Inn, that was put up about 2 years ago, not quite sure of the date. Well, one look at the “doorman” and I contacted the hotel to find out that 3 floors are for hotel guest and 3 floors are for the homeless, which I thought so in the past because some of the “folks” I saw going in. So if you are wondering why there is such an increase in the homeless in the downtown area, between all the homeless shelters, group homes, plus drug clinics, we have this new hybrid of Hotel/Homeless Shelter and nothing screams out “COME STAY WITH US” like a half naked homeless man in some kind of wheel chair thing hanging out in front of it. SO Ms. Knight of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, did you know that one of your downtown hotels is half a homeless shelter. Somehow I don’t think this business will be in the tour of Mayor Big Show nor in one of GJDC’s promotional material, “THE JAMAICA COMFORT INN – EXPERIENCE THE REAL JAMAICA”.



From Times Ledger:

Day Two: Mayor brings top staff to Queens to run city government

After heading to Citi Field to take in a Mets game Monday evening, Mayor Bill de Blasio has a full day scheduled for Tuesday in Queens.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and his commissioners had a busy schedule planned Tuesday on Day Two of City Hall in Your Borough as they listened to constituents, made announcements and toured facilities in Queens.

9 a.m. – noon – Mayor hosts a resource fair with constituent hours, Queens Borough Hall, Helen Marshall Cultural Center, 120-55 Queens Blvd.

1 p.m. — Mayor and first lady Chirlane McCray make an a health care announcement, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, 136-26 37th Ave.

1:30 p.m. — Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks joins Borough President Melinda Katz at Homebase Office, Catholic Charities Neighborhood Services, 161-10 Jamaica Ave.

3 p.m. — Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver, City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland and DEP Acting Commissioner Vincent Sapienza attend a ribbon-cutting on a $1.75 million renovation of Junction Playground, 34th Avenue and Junction Boulevard.

3:30 p.m. — Mayor visits Corona Park with Assemblyman Francisco Moya, William F. Moore Park, 10706 Corona Ave.

3:30 p.m. — Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen and NYC Economic Development Corp. President James Patchett tour S&L Aerospace Metals LLC, 120-12 28th Ave.

6:30 p.m. — Mayor tours small businesses in Jamaica with City Councilman I. Daneek Miller and state Sen. Leroy Comrie, Jamaica Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard.

7 p.m. — Consumer Affairs Commissioner Lorelei Salas hosts a town hall to talk to immigrant business owners, Elmhurst Hospital, Room A1-22, 79-01 Broadway.


This newsletter by Assembly Member Clyde Vanel was sent via email, but I think Vanel and crew need a serious REALITY CHECK.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the winning projects selected for the neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens in New York City as part of the state’s $100 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative. The DRI aims to transform local neighborhoods across the state into vibrant communities where the next generation of New Yorkers will want to live, work and raise a family. Working together with state agencies and the Regional Economic Development Council, Jamaica, Queens has built a strategic investment plan that identifies catalytic downtown projects consistent with the initiative’s goals.

“This critical investment in Jamaica’s downtown will help it grow into a major economic hub that boosts small businesses, expands economic opportunity for residents, and draws new residents and visitors to the community,” Governor Cuomo said. “These projects will help transform downtown Jamaica into a bustling neighborhood, spurring economic development and creating a brighter future for residents and workers across the great borough of Queens.”

Lieutenant Governor Hochul said, “Jamaica is poised for substantial job and economic growth as the Downtown Revitalization Initiative neighborhood for New York City. The projects announced today will capitalize on Jamaica’s higher education institutions, cultural cornerstones, diversity, and status as a transportation hub to increase its appeal to residents, workers, students and visitors, fueling its growth through career preparation, entrepreneurship programs, business creation and downtown improvements.”

Congressman Gregory W. Meeks said, “Without Governor Cuomo’s dedication and leadership, this project wouldn’t be possible. This $10 million investment will certainly improve the Jamaica community and invigorate our local economy. I congratulate the initial winning projects of the Jamaica, Queens Downtown Revitalization Initiative and I look forward to working with all our partners in building a stronger Jamaica.”

Senator Leroy Comrie said, “The DRI has come a long way in recent years—and it’s all thanks to the small business and civic leaders who have put forth this tremendous effort to realize their vision of what Downtown Jamaica should be. Funding these projects will help us unlock the full potential of the Downtown area. I look forward to continuing this work with local residents, my colleagues, and Governor Cuomo, whom we thank for his leadership.”

Assemblywoman Vivian E. Cook said, “Thanks to Governor Cuomo for providing this wonderful opportunity to revitalize and invigorate Jamaica’s diverse downtown. These projects will not only improve public spaces for everyone to enjoy and spur investment in the area, but also place a premium on preparing the local community for jobs through educational programs, as well as entrepreneurship and workforce training.”

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz said, “Everyone has long recognized Jamaica’s inherent potential for smart growth, and the 7 winning projects selected under Governor Cuomo’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative are critical to Downtown Jamaica’s economic growth and development. This is a concerted, strategic investment toward revitalizing Jamaica’s downtown core by enhancing education, entrepreneurship and public space. The selected projects are also consistent with the vision of the holistic and comprehensive Jamaica NOW Action Plan underway, and will make the area even more attractive to residents, businesses and investors.”
Jamaica, Queens in New York City
As a vibrant mixed-use community with a central downtown and a multi-modal transit hub, Jamaica, Queens is on the cusp of a renaissance. Downtown Jamaica is experiencing a wave of private and public investments in infrastructure, housing, hospitality, retail and jobs. The DRI will build on existing public and private investments through a comprehensive strategy that will maximize community assets to become an affordable, livable and sustainable mixed-use community for residents, workers and visitors.



Rufus King Park: $2.2 million dollars spent for improvements and upgrades, but TRUTH & REALITY is the park has become a major outdoor homeless shelter, drug addict/alcoholic hangout and a huge garbage dump. AND this just across the street where the photo above of the major bullshit clowns stood.

Over in that horrendous South Jamaica, at 165 St & 107 Ave, a block where, of course there is a church, this new construction, which looks to be a three family unit, has the spectacular view of, well, a ghetto garbage dump. While taking these photos,  a real estate agent was showing an Indian family the property and they seemed not bothered by the view, even when I went up to them and told the real estate agent, “So, what is your selling point, the garbage dump next door”. Business went on as usual with not even a blink of an eye.

Wait till you see the fantastic view.

Three blocks from here was the Jamaica historic house, the James Fobb Mansion, which community activist Pamela Hazel, just reported on not that long ago about the illegal garbage dumping that has been going on for years, yet no elected officials seem at all bothered by this and just allow this to continue over and over again, like this is what communities of color are for, DUMPING. Needless to say, two black churches are within two blocks of this historic site.

Another dumping ground (171 St and 104 Ave), where you can easily pick up a slightly used mattress, no home delivery, pick up only.

AND this is why communities like Jamaica and other neighborhoods are being destroyed and looking like shit. The piss poor zone that allows neighborhoods to be totally destroyed by allowing crappy third world apartment buildings with multiple families and an absentee landlord take the place of what once contained a 1 family house, destroying all the green space, crowding an already crowded and overtaxed infrastructure, garbage issues, parking issues and none of our elected officials are doing anything to change this laws. Case in point, at 170-19 89 Ave, where sat a small one family house with much green space, is now becoming a 6 story multifamily apartment building on a  small block of small 1-2 family homes. The woman who owns the brownstone next door and has several side windows, will no longer be able to use the side windows, since this building has built an outside wall smack against her building and completely blocked all her windows on that side, probably the only windows in some of her rooms. She paid for a brownstone with side windows and air, now she has NONE. How the fuck does that happen and why does DOB allow such bullshit. Something tells me if this was Melinda Katz’s house or Gregory Meeks or Leroy Comrie or the Mayor, this would NOT BE ALLOWED.

AND one of the most mind blogging situations that have been going on for years and years, yet still continues again and again. The placement oF junked, unlicensed and licensed vehicles from the Merrick Auto body shops, up on sidewalks, the side streets and the right hand lane of Merrick, which causes a bottle neck of traffic on one of the  busiest streets in Jamaica. The sidewalks were so bad, that I could not even get my bike through some of the double parking on the sidewalks. YET, elected officials say nothing about this mess and even though NYPD does ticket and tow every now and then, the problem keeps going on. WHY, because after decades and years of breaking laws with little consequences, everyone knows they can do whatever they want in Jamaica, block sidewalks, dump illegally, have illegal sidewalk parties,  pimp out 15 year old girls at  HUD Greater Allen Senior Residence and  every other nonsense you can think off. Ironically when I rode my bike a few more blocks from this mess, I saw a NYPD patrol car parked and went over to speak to the two black female officers about what I just saw. As the windows slowly went down and the officers had that shitty looking look on their face that you see at the people who work in the crappy stores on Jamaica Avenue, I preceded to tell them about the cars from the auto shops on the sidewalk. Their response, “And what would you like us to do”? I said, “you are familiar that blocking of sidewalks is illegal and said that this would never happen in Forest Hills”, in which they responded “And what would they do in Forest Hills”? I just shook my head and said “I was hoping something better from the two of you” and then just went on my merry way. AND this is another example why shit is the way it is in this community.  NO PRIDE, NO ACCOUNTABILITY and little enforcing of quality of life issues.

BUT I did get this response back, when I filed a 311 complaint:

Service Request #: C1-1-1433864191
Date Submitted: 07/15/17 3:11:07 PM
Request Type: Illegal Parking
Details: Blocked Sidewalk

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.

AND this administration’s constantly attempting to tie the hands of the NYPD, the really one agency that actually DOES WORK, serves no purpose, especially in nonsense bullshit communities like Jamaica, which needs the strong arm of the law. Also if that means getting more police in Jamaica, then do it, because $2.2 million dollars thrown at Rufus King Park obviously did nothing and I mean REALLY, $100 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative. What the hell will $100 million dollars actually get you.  Take at least a third of that to get more police officers to focus just on these quality of life issues alone, because $100 million for the downtown revitalization doesn’t go as far as it did 30 years ago. So while you keep putting up all these buildings and other shit, THE MAIN SHIT in the community keeps going on like the Energizer Ghetto Rabbit.

In the meantime, The Daily News front cover had a different variation on Jamaica revitalization.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.



State Sen. Leroy Comrie honored centenarians and presented them with proclamations at Jamaica’s Chapin Home for the Aging on July 12. Photo courtesy of Leroy Comrie

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz spoke to 30 recent NYPD Police Academy graduates during an orientation session held by NYPD Patrol Borough Queens South at the 107th Precinct stationhouse on July 3. Photo courtesy of Queens Borough President’s office

State Sen. Michael Gianaris (l.) joined Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (second from r.) and Public Advocate Letitia James (r.) for a commemoration of Prodigy, one of the two members of Queens-based hip hop group Mobb Deep, at Queensbridge Houses on July 8. The rapper died in late June 20. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Van Bramer

Councilman I. Daneek Miller (third from l.) dropped by a fundraising event for Councilman Donovan Richards (second from l.) on July 11. Photo courtesy of Khaair J. Morrison

Not one of these fucking clowns above, including BLACK FEMALE Public Advocate, Letitia James, made a public statement about a  15 year old black girl who was kidnapped and pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd, but was able to take time out for a commemoration of rapper Prodigy, who died in June.

Quality of life in Jamaica is AWFUL. Major garbage & litter everywhere including Major Mark Park and Rufus King Park, where you could have taken that $2.2 million dollars and just thrown it up in the air.

The increase of crazy homeless wandering all over Jamaica and making encampments in our local parks has going through the roof.

Illegal truck driving on residential streets, much of it caused by that poisnous, polluting Royal Waste, still continues putting many people at risk for various health issues.

Shootings and killings still continue as July 4th proved with a triple shooting at a Jamaica house party, resulting in two deaths, including a mother of two.

RAPE is increasing  in this  community as the savage brutal gang rape of a mother of two on Wednesday proves.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

Plus tons of other bullshit, but sure do these fucking idiotic photo-ops, like that 100 year old woman even knows who the fuck Comrie is or more importantly does not fucking care. It looks like she is saying, “GIVE ME BACK MY BINGO CARD YOU FAT FUCK & DID YOU EAT ALL THE DAMN DONUTS, I WANTED ONE FOR MY TV SHOW.


On July 12 in the morning, roving reporter “The Philster” was taking photos of Park Dept & NYPD who were removing the homeless encampment in the Rufus King Park garbage dump & outdoor homeless shelter (, while just across the street on the steps of the Jamaica Performing Arts Center at 153-10 Jamaica Ave, Lt. Gove Kathy Hochul and Queens BP were getting ready to blow smoke up everyone’s else and crow about wonderful Jamaica is and all the new upgrades that are taking place. Coincidence of these two events going on at the same time. OF COURSE NOT. This is the classic OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. If we remove the homeless encampment before the bullshit elected officials hit the podium, then there is not a homeless encampment at Rufus King Park

Also this same day in the evening several blocks away at 150 St and Liberty, a mother of two heading to the subway from her church was robbed at gun point and brutally beaten and ganged raped by several Jamaica hood rats, three who were recently arrested and lived in a shitty group home on South Road behind York College (, while on July 4th a hood rat opened fired at 3am at a Jamaica House party, not far from the downtown area, killing a mother of two and another individual, while injuring a 3rd ( AND in June, a hood rat, Joseph Gilbert, was arrested for kidnapping and pimping out a 15 year old girl for FOUR MONTHS at Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd (, which by the way, the almighty Flake is a member of the Jamaica Now Leadership Council.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

So while these limousine liberals, including Leroy Comrie were spilling out tons of bullshit, a crew was hurrying up removing the homeless encampment from the Rufus King Park Pavilion, which they all returned today and a mother of two was brutally gang raped that night several blocks away.


AND why didn’t this Color of Community run by Karen Clements, bring any of these issues to fold instead of being the typical media prop for these clowns. AND Clements, being a black female, should have jumped on this issue of a  15 year old black girl (one of many in the area) forced into prostitution. Communities of Color is no different from pretty much the rest of the local media, no balls, no spine and just a propaganda machine for these do nothing elected officials, never calling them out on their shit or bringing up the poor quality of life issue being ignored and holding these elected clowns accountable.

So when is the area going to get a REAL black owned media outlet or at least a black blogger to report on all the bullshit and nonsense in this majority black community. I mean since some folks like to say I am “racist” or always attacking Jamaica,  and criticizing the hypocritical black preachers and the do-nothing crooked black elected officials who are NOT serving the constituents, then step up to the fucking plate if you dare.


From Communities of Color:

Lt Gov Announces Upcoming Upgrades to Downtown Jamaica

July 13, 2017
Lt Gov K. Hochul on the steps of the Jamaica Performing Arts Center

On a beautiful, hot and sunny day in front of the historic façade of the Jamaica Performing Arts Center, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul announced the winning projects selected for the Jamaica Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI).

In August 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that Downtown Jamaica was the winner of the $10 million DRI, a plan that looks to transform local neighborhoods into the next generation of communities.   The winner was selected as part of a competitive process by the state’s Economic Development Council.

The projects that will be funded under the grant include a space for businesses, pedestrian plazas, infrastructure upgrades, support for dining options, increased broadband width and employment supports.

Greater Jamaica Development Corporation (GJDC) will create a 10,000 square foot shared workspace for approximately 90 local entrepreneurs and independent professionals at the Moda Building.  The LIRR 159th Street underpass will be converted into a pedestrian gateway between York College and Downtown Jamaica.  The underpass will include vendor and event space, public art work and seating.  Pedestrian, lighting and the streetscape will be improved along Parsons Boulevard between Jamaica and Archer Avenues.  Jamaica’s broadband infrastructure, to support high speed delivery, will be strengthened.  There will be funds to invigorate nightlife and dining options as well as an incubator space for new food businesses.  Entrepreneurship training for low income residents to launch and grow their businesses and career preparation at Edison Career and Technical Education High School will help develop a qualified workforce.

“We still have a lot to do,” said Senator Leroy Comrie who delivered remarks at the announcement.  On his to-do list was the initiative to ensure that “promotional dollars” were in place guaranteeing that any development was adequately populated.

In addition to this grant, Downtown Jamaica’s is seeing the infusion of revitalization dollars from the Jamaica Now Action Plan.  Jamaica Now is a $153 million dollar investment from the City which will add upgrades to local parks, provide additional transit routes, redesigned store fronts and add new mixed income housing, retail stores and business incubator spaces.

Downtown Jamaica’s transit hub will be getting a boost as well with $8 million dollars in state allocated funds for upgrades to its transit hub.  The Jamaica transit hub is one of the city’s busiest transit centers hosting the E,J and Z trains, numerous bus lines, the LIRR and AirTrain to JFK.

JFK International Airport, which is located just minutes from Downtown Jamaica, will also be revived with an influx of funds.  Governor Cuomo announced $10 billion in funds last year to transform JFK and its connecting commuter links into a 21st Century airport redesign.

In addition, both the city and state have set goals that 30% of its awarded contracts should be allocated to Minority and Women Owned Businesses.

All this opportunity and redevelopment would seem a boom for local businesses and the area’s high unemployment rate, but challenges remain.  “Unemployment is high,” acknowledged Queens Borough President Melinda Katz in her opening remarks at the podium.  Along with the grant, Katz sited the Jamaica Now Plan and private funding as initiatives that can close the gaps.

But local businesses are challenged when it comes to working with the larger companies that are central in the revitalization of Downtown Jamaica.  Thomas Crater, owner of newspaper ‘The New York Page’, frequently expresses frustration at his attempts to connect with GJDC and York College for possible funding avenues.  It is a frustration shared by this news organization.  “It’s hard,” Crater reported that Hope Knight President GJDC of said of the challenge of working with area black media businesses due to having no money.  Knights’ resume includes as stint with the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone whose chief area, Harlem, has recently experienced revitalization.  Dr. Marcia Keizs, York College President, and Earl Simons, York College Director of Government and Community Relations were eager to set up a meeting, and receive proposals about types of partnerships.

Residents and community stakeholders who participated in the planning and provided recommendations for the Jamaica Now plan provided input stressing that it was vital any Downtown Jamaica revitalization touched the neighboring communities and include the main thoroughfares which connect the neighborhoods to Downtown Jamaica.  A few members of the Leadership Council of the Jamaica Now Initiative did not want to speak on the record of their concerns of the early efforts of the program.

York College President, Dr. Marcia Keizs, serves on Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council and has been credited with helping to secure the grant.  The council was designed as a shift in the state’s effort towards economic development which includes a community-based approach that harnesses local expertise.

For more information on the seven winning projects, click here.


Jamaica is spiraling DOWNWARDS and FAST, especially in the past year and no amount of development nor Chipotle’s or Starbucks or even a massive expansion of Resorts Casino is going to help ( I mean certainly $2.2 million dollars down the proverbial fucking ghetto drain did not help Rufus King Park, that Queens BP Katz loves to talk about. That park has pretty much turned into an big outdoor homeless shelter, with an encampment in the Pavilion and the much much smaller park, Major Mark Park at Hillside Avenue & 175th Street (WHICH WAS A MAJOR DISASTER THIS MORNING), is an utter complete disaster of mounds of garbage, litter, liquor bottles and a big homeless encampment, where not only have homeless taken over the benches, but are now making the lawn their new home. My eyes have witnessed arguments, drug use and shitting & pissing in public. The situation has gotten even worse with the drug clinic, which was moved from Archer & Parsons, to right across the street next to a liquor store (who thought this one through). Last year a shooting erupted by two drug addicts from the clinic in the park. AND the park in is in the district of Congressman Meeks, Senator Comrie, Councilman Miller & Assembly Member Hyndman, who have all been completely silent on the issue, no surprise.

A rise in young black underage girls being kidnapped into prostitution, the latest being the 15 year old girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence (, while not one local elected official, including Queen BP Katz or that wonderful useless black female Public Advocate Letitia James, have not said ONE WORD or COMMENT about this situation which took place in the beginning of June. I mean how does the Flakes, Greater Allen Church or the management of this HUD senior residence have no idea that a 15 year old girl is being held against her will in a senior’s apartment while johns go in an out taking advantage of this young girl, while her kidnapper, St. Albans hood rat, Joseph Gilbert makes this place his home and office. I mean what has to happen to young black girls in this community for elected officials to speak out against this. AND just the other day, a pervert pastor in Queen Village, Rueben Chizor, went to prison for raping two sisters, age 12 & 14 in the basement of his church (

AND NOW comes the most horrifying and atrocious story of a mother of two, who was brutally beaten, robbed and raped at gun point by five fucking hood rats with guns (no doubt all of them from Jamaica),  a block from her church, Celestial Church of Christ (150-08 Liberty Ave) that she attended and was heading to the subway ( AND have we heard from any of these spineless local elected officials on this. You do know this story made the cover of The Daily News.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

Then the usual bullshit and nonsense of constant garbage dumping, that this blog and Ms. Pamela Hazel has been reporting on for years with no solutions or results. The lack of enforcement of so many quality of life issues, like the ILLEGAL sidewalk parties with loud music, going on most weekends on 90 Ave (169 & 170 St) by residents of an apartment building at the SE corner of 169 St & 90 Ave) that start in the afternoon and go well past 11pm. A situation that has been going on for years, despite numerous 311 complaints and illegal issues of sidewalk obstruction, outdoor parties on public sidewalks complete with loud music from speakers.

ILLEGAL Sidewalk Party almost every weekend on 90 Ave by 169th St

YES, we are obviously sliding down the ghetto spiral and heading into the NEW BAD DAYS OF JAMAICA, which is evident in every direction you go.

So elected official and so-called community leaders…………………………what do you have to say?

Douche Bag elected officials on trail for corruption, stealing and falsifying documents, yet still is running for election and backed by the douche bag Queens Democratic Party and it’s leaders.

The media center. We are still waiting for the HD television

Five weeks ago. Jamaica’s Famous Bushwalk that Ms. Pamela Hazel reports on over and over again.

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

Rufus King Park

The face of Jamaica.


$2.2 million dollars dumped into Rufus King Park for it to look some ghetto third world dump courtesy of our vibrant, diverse, homeless, drug addict and ghetto slobs whom our elected officials like Queens BP Katz, Councilman Miller & Lancman, Assembly Member Hyndman and Senator Comrie will never call out on their bullshit especially during election time, but none of them would ever comment on the condition of Rufus King Park period. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND


But I would at least expect some vocals from non-elected officials like Greater Development President Hope Knight and her crew there or Rhonda Binda, Executive Director of Jamaica BID, since these groups are responsible for the betterment of Jamaica and are actually trying very hard, but is such an uphill battle since probably at least 50% of the Jamaica population are low-class ghetto slobs and the continuous dumping of homeless shelters and that element into the downtown area (notice how both Rufus King Park & Major Mark Park are becoming outdoor homeless shelters). AND what about so-called other people who call themselves “community activists” or “community advocates”.  I hear some folks from Jamaica say that term to describe themselves, yet NEVER hear them on the quality of life issues except the one true community activist, Pamela Hazel.

NEWSFLASH: If all the Jamaica development happening is just going to bring in this same element, there is no HOPE (no pun intended) for the future of Jamaica. AND let’s be real and honest, just like the Harlem renaissance, if you can not attract middle to upper middle class white people, game over. PLUS, you certainly are not going to attract quality families with school age kids, since the Jamaica area schools are some of the worst in the borough and city, with low graduation rates, high percentage of students not able to speak proper English and  many graduating with 5th grade reading skills. You really want to be considered a “Diverse” community, bring in or at least attract the white, because the black & brown certainly have not been doing any kind of bang up job at all in helping the improvement of the community.

So below is the wonderful Rufus King Park in all its glory. With the exception of St. Albans Park, the other parks rank as pretty shitty due to litter/garbage in this order of SHIT:

  1. Major Mark Park
  2. Rufus King Park
  3. Roy Wilkins Park
  4. Baisley Pond Park

So try using Rufus King Park as a selling point to live here in downtown Jamaica and feel free to use the below photos for your brochures.

Photos from SE Queens resident, The Philster, who has provide plenty of trashy, ghetto nonsense, third world crap photo for this blog.