King Manor Museum in Rufus King Park.

In this corner is the Garbage Champion, RUFUS KING PARK, (with it’s $2.2 million dollar renovation, that could have just been flushed down the crapper) and loads of garbage and litter thanks to many of our slob residents, our homeless folks (since the big homeless shelter El Camino is just a few blocks away and who knows what other little shelters are abound in the area) who have made this “could be a beautiful park” & historic park an outdoor homeless shelter and who cause a good bit of the litter, bottles, shit and piss. On any given day, step right up to see drunk homeless sleeping on a bench, dazed and confused drug addicts walking around or passed out and of course our vibrant & diverse slobs who think nothing of tossing pizza boxes, bottles, plastic bags, cans and other assorted shit on the soccer field and all throughout the park. AND let’s not forget the lousy NYC Department of Parks & Recreation who seem to not know how to trim. Thanks to a follower of this blog and resident for the Rufus King Park photos (6.23.17).


In this corner, our welterweight, but very scrappy little Garbage Challenger, MAJOR MARK PARK, which has the distinction of being across the street from the Opiod Clinic (where you will see the most white people in all of Jamaica, many who arrive from Long Island) and make this little scrapper a place to nod off, hang out and get into that nice drug induced stage of the “walking dead”. Most benches are taken up by them and the countless homeless crew who sleep here over night to wake up to the bright sunshine, take a piss and dump, throw there shit on the ground and begin their hectic jam packed day. Then of course we have our homegrown vibrant & diverse residents who want to feel like they are in their mother country and toss all kind of shit on the ground.

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

So hurry, hurry, step right up and get your tickets to the 1st annual Jamaica battle of the garbage dump parks.

SO any thoughts from our fearless leaders from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz  & Senator Comrie to Councilman Rory Lancman (Rufus King Park) and I. Daneek Miller (Major Mark Park) and all the others in between.

Speaking of thoughts, still not one peep from any of these hacks about the 15 year old girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in the almighty Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Cathderal Senior Residence on Merrick. NOT ONE WORD or COMMENT ( This underage black girl was just thrown completely under the bus and NOT ONE ELECTED OFFICIAL STOOD UP FOR HER. Maybe if she was an illegal homeless immigrant, someone would have stood up for her.

Rev Floyd Flake all pimped out.


Teddy and Trash7.17.16 022Teddy and Trash7.17.16 023Totally appalling that the smallest park in Jamaica (and probably Queens) is one of the most filthiest and garbage strewn parks considering it’s size. Sure, it is easy to blame the city and elected officials, but I know for a fact that Parks & Recreation clean Major Mark Park on a daily basis, but when you  have homeless living in this park, when you have a big drug testing lab across the street which is jammed packed every single day with people from all over, including Long Island who show little respect for this community, when you have residents here who show even less respect for the community they live in, well, then it becomes MAJOR GARBAGE PARK.

Every morning I walk pass this park on my way to the subway and am so appalled by the sight of this and how so many people have so little respect for a community. People talk about holding elected officials accountable, how about holding people accountable for their behavior. HOW ABOUT THAT. I mean look at these damn photos.

If you heard that magnificent speech by President Obama last night at the DNC, it is up to the people to decide the government they want and it is up to the people to want to make a change and when elected officials are put into office, including Democrats, it is up to people to hold them accountable. The dirty Southeast Queens politicians should have listened to that speech well, including NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viverito and Public Advocate Letitia James, who were in the audience.

But in the meantime, this park, named after a WW I war hero Major John W. Mark, is a disgrace to his honor and a disgrace to the community and speaks VOLUMES about Jamaica, the people and the politicians. It shows a lack of respect for not only Jamaica but the United States of America, but then many have no idea of the man whom this park was named after nor do they even give a shit.

Teddy and Trash7.17.16 017Teddy and Trash7.17.16 009Teddy and Trash7.17.16 007Teddy and Trash7.17.16 008Teddy and Trash7.17.16 014Teddy and Trash7.17.16 013Garbage & Major Mark Park 017Garbage & Major Mark Park 018Garbage & Major Mark Park 003Garbage & Major Mark Park 003

Grab a seat at one of our pristine benches

Grab a seat at one of our pristine benches


Teddy and Trash7.17.16 018Teddy and Trash7.17.16 022With the exception of St. Albans Park, all of the Jamaica parks are a disgrace. Roy Wilkins & Baisley Pond Park always have litter all over them, even though there are several garbage cans, but that is how ghetto trash treats everything, with no respect. Captain Tilly Park above Hillside Avenue is a garbage mess thanks to many of the low-class Bangladesh folks who live in that area, like your home country was not a garbage dump as it is, you had to spread your slob behaviors to this side of the world. Rufus King Park has improved somewhat after the renovation, but the North Side known as the Mexican drunk/homeless area needs improvement. BUT the smallest park of them all, Major Mark Park, is a total disgrace that Parks & Recreation can barely keep up with due to the slob folks in that area, the huge amount of homeless that make that their home and then the druggie folks who frequent the drug testing place, Lab Corp, a block away, where we import slobs from all over Queens and LI as well. You can all say what you want about this language, but the bottom line it is REALITY and TRUTH.

The photos were from Sunday (7.170.16). What a wonderful way to spend your Sunday is a totally garbage strewn park courtesy of the low-class slobs. Amazingly this morning (7.18.16) it was totally clean except for that homeless person with the big sign, whom, I guess this is his home. But by noon-time, I am sure it will be a Jamaica ghetto mess.

Ironic that this park was named after a veteran,  Major John W. Mark, who lost his life fighting for the U.S. Army in World War I. And what an appropriate way to honor him in this “New America”, where folks have shit all over this park and his honor……….and AMERICA.

Low-Class ghetto fucks (many some third world immigrants) BUT the crooked Southeast Queens Dems want that vote, so nothing will ever be said.

Teddy and Trash7.17.16 017Teddy and Trash7.17.16 023Teddy and Trash7.17.16 016Teddy and Trash7.17.16 015Teddy and Trash7.17.16 014Teddy and Trash7.17.16 013Teddy and Trash7.17.16 012Teddy and Trash7.17.16 010Teddy and Trash7.17.16 009Teddy and Trash7.17.16 007Teddy and Trash7.17.16 008


Garbage & Major Mark Park 017Garbage & Major Mark Park 003

Just another drunk in Rufus King Park sleeping it off.

Just another drunk in Rufus King Park sleeping it off.

Yes, Queens Borough President and asshole of the month (well any month), Melinda Katz, made this bullshit statement of all bullshit statements.  I mean, the utter bullshit that comes pouring out of elected officials, especially from Queens is just astounding and many of you assholes out there fall for this, uh, BULLSHIT. We have surpassed the dumbing down of America with such idiotic leaders steering the ship of doom.

Have you seen the conditions of many of Queens Park, they are a fucking mess. Many in poor conditions and unsafe. Flushing Meadows, the national park of third world country crap always has some major crime and problem there. Recently a person was beat with a baseball bat(  Rufus King Park and Major Mark Park are total garbage messes with drunks and homeless folks taking over. I mean how does Katz say this shit with a straight face. Oh yeah, she is a politician with no soul and a political whore with the morals that even former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle would find appalling.

And the line “Part of what defines Queens’ trademark quality of life”. If by quality of life you mean SHIT, then yeah she is right. What fucking quality of life. Quality of life in most of Queens and this city is shit. It is totally okay to throw garbage on the street & sidewalks like it is some slum in Bangladesh, set off fire crackers constantly, drive and park on the sidewalks, park at a fire hydrant, play loud car radios like we are in Tijuana, drag race, drive trucks illegally on residential streets, park huge tractor trailer trucks on residential streets, piss and shit in public. WHAT FUCKING QUALITY OF LIFE.

By the way, Katz, you still have not come clean about why $300,000 dollars was allocated to Roosevelt Freedoms Park that is located in Manhattan. And Ariel Hernandez, the writer of the below article, your job as a reporter, journalist or whatever you call yourself is to ask that question. But then this is Queens Press, just a puppet of the machine.

The utter political bullshit of Queens continues with one of the master bullshit artists, Melinda Katz. And by the way, since you love to talk about our wonderful diversity, just how diverse is your block.




From Queens Press:

$32 Mil for Queens Parks

As part of her Fiscal Year 2016 discretionary capital funds, Borough President Melinda Katz announced an allocation of $32 million for important construction, renovations and upgrades across 37 public parks in Queens.

“Parks are the jewels of our neighborhoods,” Katz said in a written statement. “Part of what defines Queens’ trademark quality of life – especially for the 2.3 million residents throughout our diverse communities — is the ample access to beautiful public parks and open space.”

Among the 37 parks, Flushing Meadows in Corona Park is receiving the most funding with $3 million going towards the preservation of the New York State Pavilion, $2 million to renovate the asphalt field at the World’s Fair Playground and $480,000 for the replacement of the aviary mesh and marsh bridge at the Queens Zoo.

Other parks that are being largely funded for are the Vleigh Playground in Flushing with $1.6 million going towards resurfacing the baseball field and upgrading the play equipment, Mauro Playground in Kew Garden Hills with $1.5 million to install new play equipment and to upgrade the sprinklers and surface, and Glen Oaks Playground receiving $1.5 million which will go towards renovations for the baseball fields.

Overall the funds will be used towards renovating, upgrading, installing, constructing and improving Queens’ parks in efforts to make the 7,273 acres of parkland throughout the border more enjoyable for Queens residents and visitors.

-Ariel Hernandez


The Three Amigos LiveWalk inside the magical Major Mark Park, the gem of Jamaica and wonder at the beauty and well maintained park while you relax and be amazed by Jamaica’s The Three Amigos.

Enter the magic kingdom of Jamaica's Major Mark Park

Enter the magic kingdom of Jamaica’s Major Mark Park

Grab a seat at one of our pristine benches

Grab a seat at one of our pristine benches

Garbage & Major Mark Park 018

Rain or Shine, we are prepared

Garbage & Major Mark Park 017

If it’s chilly, don’t worry, we supply blankets

Garbage & Major Mark Park 008

Spread out on the lawn

Garbage & Major Mark Park 003


More bad political bullshit from the land of Queens and by the Queens Borough President Melinda Katz who is another in a long long line of horrible Queens Borough Presidents that help to destroy Queens.

Last time I looked, Roosevelt Island was in MANHATTAN, not Queens, so what gives idiot Katz. And keep dumping money into Jamaica Parks while most have become homeless camps and garbage dumps like Major Mark Park and Rufus King Park. Start cleaning them up and have laws enforced.Garbage & Major Mark Park 018

Just another drunk in Rufus King Park sleeping it off.

Just another drunk in Rufus King Park sleeping it off.

More political bullshit and another example of why Queens is such a shit borough.


From Queens Crap:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Katz allocates $300K to Manhattan park

The press release speaks for itself. Sending money across the river while Queens parks look like crap.



Major Mark Park sits on Hillside Avenue between 173rd & 175th Street, a small park that honors Major John W. Mark, who lost his life fighting for the U.S. Army in World War I. Mark, a member of the 302nd Engineers, served throughout Europe at Soissons, Chateau Thierry, and Vesle.

But Major Mark would roll over in his grave a thousand times if he saw just what the park named after him looks likes now. A garbage mess of third world quality that our resident low-life slobs treat with such little respect. Making matters even more major (no pun attended), the park has become a homeless camp, where those low-life folks make even a bigger mess than the non-homeless low-life folks. Doesn’t help that a methadone clinic was dumped just a block east on Hillside from the park a few months ago.

This is not the first time I have written about this disgrace of a park, back in June of 2014, I did  a story on it as well (

Such a small park, but such a big mess thanks to our low-class ghetto/third world folks who destroy anything nice in this community, one of the reasons the revitalization of Jamaica will fail (story to follow later on that subject).

So Melinda Katz and crew, want to include this on your Jamaica initiative brochure and highlight this park for your “tourists” to get a taste of a third world park.

Looks like a nice park right.Garbage & Major Mark Park 009

But let’s go inside and look closer.Garbage & Major Mark Park 003Garbage & Major Mark Park 004Garbage & Major Mark Park 006Garbage & Major Mark Park 017Garbage & Major Mark Park 008Garbage & Major Mark Park 018