I mean is this what so many communities of color have now become, just a plain old shooting gallery, where hood rats whip out guns for any old reason, be it a party, a birthday celebration, a holiday, a family gathering. CHRIST. And then to add more nonsense to the ghetto mess, no one is cooperating with police about the shooting.

AND then you wonder why Jamaica and communities like it are they way they are, and why other people look so down on such communities. IT is this ghetto nonsense that happens on a regular basis and yet “leaders” just keep NOT addressing all the issues that go into this and instead focus on total bullshit.

Hell, these same leaders still have not made a comment about Rev. Flake and company & the Greater Allen Cathedral Church where a 15 year old girl was pimped out by some scum for 4 months in Flake’s Greater Allen Cathedral Senior Residence (

CHRIST, summer has not even officially started and the ghetto is in full shooting/killing mode.


The Daily News:

Man, 21, shot at Queens house party may be paralyzed for life

Rohan Chambers was at a house party in Laurelton, on 232nd St. near Merrick Blvd., when he argued with another man

(Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News)

A 21-year-old man shot at a Queens house party might be paralyzed for life, police sources and his grandfather said Monday.

The bullet that struck Rohan Chambers hit his spine and is lodged in his back, doctors at Jamaica Hospital told police after he was rushed there following the 12:50 a.m. incident Sunday.

Chambers was at a house party in Laurelton, on 232nd St. near Merrick Blvd., when he argued with another man. The fight spilled outside and Chambers was shot. Friends loaded him into an Acura, but police arrived and EMS took him to Jamaica.

“He might never walk again,” said Chambers grandfather, Hillmus Chambers, 72. “He knows the guy who shot him, but he hasn’t been able to tell us his name. He’s in and out of consciousness.

Man, 30, fatally shot in chest after argument on Queens street

Despite the severity of his injury, Chambers’ pals aren’t cooperating with police, the grandfather lamented.

“We want to know why this happened,” he said. I’d like police to catch (the shooter).”

Chambers was one of five people shot in three attacks in a 40-minute spasm of violence early Sunday.



Rev. Floyd Flake, his family dynasty & Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral, the Jamaica religious axis of evil continues to avoid answering or comment on a 15 year old girl who was kidnapped by hood rat Joseph Gilbert and pimped out at Flake’s Greater Allen Cathedral Senior Residence for FOUR MONTHS.

I am sure this whole big money making religious institution would love for this to go away and the local media certainly is helping by completely ignoring this atrocious story involving a 15 year old girl and the powerful, rich Flake dynasty. With the exception of the Daily News, which broke the story on June 1st, no one else has reported on this and dug deeper on why this happened and how this could happen for so long in a HUD senior residence owned by the Flake dynasty. No Times Ledger, no Queens Courier, no Queens Press, no Queens Tribune, no Communities of Color, NOTHING.

When are one of you media outlets going to grow some balls and report on this. How about you Marcia Coxum Comrie of the Queens Press and Senator Comrie’s wife. And I certainly don’t expect one of our shitty local elected officials to even utter one word on this.

Well, Rev. Flake (any yes your health issue is no longer a secret, your hypocrisy is now eating away at you), Elaine Flake, the entire Flake family, the Greater Allen Cathedral administration must come forward and EXPLAIN.

Just because you are some powerful, mega rich religious bullshit institution, does not give you a free pass be held accountable for this criminal act that took place at one of your properties.

Yep, a young underage black girl is completely indispensable because of the Flake dynasty, who seems to be above the law and does not have to answer any questions. Talk about being IMMORAL. Makes you wonder what else is going on at Flake’s Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd.


Rev Floyd Flake all pimped out.


From The Daily News:

Man busted for allegedly kidnapping 15-year-old girl and forcing her into prostitution in Queens

Joseph Gilbert was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and forcing a 15-year-old girl into prostitution from inside the Allen Cathedral Senior Residence in Queens.

(Google Maps Street View)

A 15-year-old girl was kidnapped for four months by a 24-year-old man who pimped her out from inside a senior affordable housing unit affiliated with a prominent Queens church, prosecutors said.The teen was allegedly forced to become a prostitute by Joseph Gilbert, who was indicted Thursday on kidnapping charges.
The girl was held captive at the Greater Allen Cathedral Senior Residence in Jamaica, Queens.

Request for comment from Greater Allen AME Cathedral and Shinda Management were not returned.


I was actually going to do a post on how long it would take before the Jamaica nonsense kicked in and how many people would be shot and/killed, but I thought, well, maybe not this time. WRONG.

A 28 year old was shot and died at Jamaica Hospital Saturday night, when he was shot in the head at the intersection of 140th St and 120 Ave. What the fuck is wrong with this community and the black community at large. Even though the race is not mentioned, not doubt it was a young black man. And people say the shootings are equal across the board with races. I highly doubt a White, Asian, Middle Eastern or South Asian will be shot and killed in the area this holiday weekend. With as many churches in this community as 99 cent stores and beauty supply stores, you think someone would finally stand up and say enough is enough or has this become the norm in black communities and in Jamaica. And where are folks like Public Advocate Tish James, who make sure she gets in front of the camera when there is an attack on a Muslim or what about Al Sharpton or is there just no money to be made on black on black murder.

And on Wednesday early morning another young man was shot and killed outside Club Dubai on Merrick Boulevard near 127th Avenue. Chad Baldeo, 23 of Flatbush was shot and killed and a bystander was shot as well

Obviously Black power or Black pride seems to be as dead as soul & true R&B music. AND I say this because other races are not blasting each other every other day in this country as much as those in the  black community have been doing for decades.

A very sad commentary. Yet, some are upset about a Chipotle coming to Jamaica Avenue. Another shooting and killing, just the norm in Jamaica and especially South Jamaica.

Well, we still have Memorial Day for some fool or fools to pull out a gun at a BBQ or party.

BUT keep getting all upset about a fucking Chipotle.

GET YOUR fucking priorities together.

And just like the Radical Islamic terror attack in Manchester, you will hear prayers, “our hearts go out to the victims families” tweets from folks and then repeat again when shit happens again and it will happen again. BUT not a damn thing will be done to change conditions and behavior with the nonsense, especially in South Jamaica. So where are all the progressive liberals  on this.


From Queens Courier:

an unidentified male shot multiple times to the head is brought into jamaica hospital where he later died , after being shot on the corner of 140 street and 120 ave in the South ozone park section of Queens. Photos by Robert Stridiron. 05/27/17

Photo by Robert Stridiron
Paramedics are pictured rushing the shooting victim into Jamaica Hospital.

A 28-year-old man died after being shot in the head at a South Jamaica intersection on Saturday night, police reported.

The shooting was reported to police at 11 p.m. on May 27, and officers from the 113th Precinct responded to a 911 call of a male shot at the corner of 140th Street and 120th Avenue.

 Upon arriving at the location, officers found the unidentified man with a gunshot wound to his head. Responding EMS units rushed the man to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His identity has been withheld pending family notification.

No arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing, police said.

From DNAInfo New York:

2 Men Shot, One Fatally, Outside South Jamaica Club, Police Say

By Trevor Kapp | March 29, 2017 8:18am

 The victims were taken to Jamaica Hospital where one died.

The victims were taken to Jamaica Hospital where one died.

DNAinfo/Paul Lomax

QUEENS —  A 23-year-old man was fatally shot and an innocent bystander wounded when a gunman opened fire outside a South Jamaica club early Wednesday, police said.

Chad Baldeo, of East Flatbush, had just left Club Dubai on Merrick Boulevard near 127th Avenue when a gunman hopped out of a car and fired about a dozen rounds, striking him as well as another 23-year-old man who was putting fliers on cars around 3:50 a.m., police sources said.

Baldeo was wounded in the back and chest. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital where he died, police said.

The bystander was also taken to Jamaica Hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Police said they were alerted to the gunfire by ShotSpotter, the recently installed technology that automatically notifies police of the sound of possible gunshots.

No arrests have been made.


Jamaica resident and activist Ms. Pamela Hazel and her crew are giving Metro Lumber more shit about cleaning up their act.

We also need some protests on the worst bad neighbor in the community, Royal Waste, that polluting, poisonous dump that local elected officials allowed to set up shop over a decade ago in a residential area. And might as well hit all those thug auto body shops on Merrick Blvd that have turned that stretch into the New Willets Point, while again, local elected officials, including lazy Leroy Comrie, have done nothing about for years.



From NY1:

Protestors Call on South Jamaica Lumber Yard to Clean Up its Property

By NY1 News
Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 11:08 AM EDT
Protestors call on a South Jamaica lumber yard to do its part to make the community safer.

Members of ‘New York Communities for Change’ rallied outside Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware on Merrick Boulevard Wednesday afternoon.

The group says the wood is exposed to the elements and is stored on racks above the store’s fences — which can be dangerous in extreme weather.

As part of their protest, the group spruced up neighboring playgrounds to show the importance of helping the community.

“Just treat us right. Just make sure that our community is not being discriminated against. Just make sure it’s attractive like all the other neighborhoods. That’s all we are not asking for anything that is unreasonable,” said New York Communties for Change member Pamela Hazel.

We reached out to Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware but did not hear back.



Damn, St. Albans, which is supposed to be the nice area of Jamaica or was, just seems to be getting worse due to ghetto nonsense and typical Jamaica ghetto thugs who beat and robbed a 62 year old man at a laundromat in broad daylight.

Watching the disturbing video, you can tell right off the bat that the hooded black thugs were up to no good, not just by their look but by their behavior and walk.

Time to DE-GHETTOTIZE Jamaica with some kind of Raid Ghetto Spray or traps, you know ghetto thugs check in, but they don’t check out.


From DNAInfo New York:

62-Year-Old Man Violently Beaten, Robbed at Queens Laundromat: NYPD [VIDEO]

QUEENS — Police are looking for two suspects they said brutally attacked and robbed a 62-year-old man at a St. Albans laundromat in broad daylight Wednesday.

The victim was leaving Laundryland at 114-25 Merrick Blvd. around 2:40 p.m., when the men approached him, dragged him to the ground and punched him in the face, authorities said.

The suspects then took his wristwatch and stole about $500 in cash from him before fleeing northbound on Merrick Boulevard, according to the NYPD.

The victim suffered a black eye during the attack, which was captured on surveillance video, authorities said.

Source: NYPD

Police described both suspects as being in their 20s.

One of them is about 6 feet tall and was last seen wearing a black hooded sweater, dark colored sweatpants and black sneakers, officials said.

His accomplice, police said, is approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall and was last seen wearing a black hooded sweater, dark colored sweatpants and white sneakers.


WHY is illegal dumping a challenge for the district? Well, that is the statement that Councilman I.Daneek Miller stated to NY1, “Illegal dumping is a challenge for the district”.

BUT why Mr. Miller, an all white area does not have an illegal dumping issue like Jamaica. Plus this is nothing new, this takes place all over the community and has been taking place for years and decades. But when you have elected officials, community leaders and church leaders who do very little to nothing for their community, when you have bad neighbors, like this shitty Family Dollar store, when you have a lack of enforcement, when you have a low amount for fines (this dollar store was fined a measly $100) and when there is not any kind of common sense (just put up a damn fence and install security cameras), this kind of shit will continue to go on and on and on in this community.

So Sanitation, elected officials and even this shitty neighbor dollar store all say “we are aware of the situation”. Well, that is the standard answer for all quality of life issues. The issue is the addressing and solving of the fucking problem. I love the line from the asshole spokeperson for this shitty Family dollar:

A spokesperson for Family Dollar thanked us for bringing it to his attention. He says he’s gathering more information to quote “address this concern promptly.”

REALLY, FUCKING REALLY. I mean this is your damn property, you mean you needed NY1 to bring this to your attention and you need to gather more information. WHAT FUCKING INFORMATION. Your property looks like it is from some third world country, what more information do you need ASSHOLE.

Clean Up Jamaica Queens, community activist Pamela Hazel and a few others have been bringing this and other quality of life issues to the attention of local elected officials, Queens Borough Presidents past and present and Department of Sanitation long before the local news was doing stories on this, In fact it is because of our perseverance and not giving up is why there is so much media attention on this issue that local leaders and this awful city are not properly addressing.

In the meantime, Rev Al Sharpton, blowhard, do nothing Senator. Leroy Comrie & former councilman for 12 years in the Family Dollar district and Assemblyman Clyde Vanel are attending the funeral this Saturday for the victims of the Hollis fire who died April 23 ( Maybe after the funeral all three of these clowns can take a walk over to 109 and Merrick and then take a tour of the whole area, to see all the SHIT here and what many of our civilized residents (and home owners) have to deal with on a daily basis due to people like Comrie and a lack of enforcement and all the bullshit that is considered normal in this majority black community. BUT then that would not make a good photo op, considering that these conditions are not only due to the bottom barrel folks & businesses in the area who cause this, but the lack of true leadership with people like Comrie and company. And then these clowns, including Melinda Katz, will stand in front of a camera and say how “wonderful Jamaica is and is a good place to live, work and play. FUCK YOU, HYPOCRITES.

Sutphin Blvd between Jamaica Ave and 90th Ave


From NY1:

Jamaica Residents Fed Up Over Dollar Store Dumpster

By NY1 News
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 07:01 PM EDT

Monica Rose is fed up.

Forced to live right next door to a massive mound of trash.

“It was like coming over the fence, ” said Rose.

As bad as it looks she said it smells even worse.

“Guys they come here to urinate, urine, feces, ” she said.

While the trash sits in what’s supposed to be a private dumpster lot for this Family Dollar store near the corner of 109th road and Merrick Boulevard, Rose says people in the neighborhood have turned it into a public dumping ground.

While we were there we spotted an old door, a couch, even an old cracked toilet all tossed in the pile.  Joan Ramberan who lives across the street says it’s ruining the neighborhood.

“It’s not uplifting us just taking us down,” said Ramberan.

Rose showed us this ledger of all the people she’s reached out to for help; from the company to the city’s Department of Sanitation.  She’s even contacted Council Member Daneek Miller’s office and yet the trash remains.

Sanitation officials say they are aware of the problem, in March they issued a summons to the store for dirty sidewalks which carries a $100 fine.  It’s still pending.

The store has also received a summons for not displaying a certificate showing which company is supposed to pick up the trash.

On Wednesday a sanitation worker gave the store yet another summons.

A spokesperson for Family Dollar thanked us for bringing it to his attention.

He says he’s gathering more information to quote “address this concern promptly.”

Councilman Millers office says illegal dumping is a challenge in the district, but his office is committed to working with the community to address it.

As for Rose, she says this all could be resolved if the company just put up a gate, tall enough to prevent the illegal dumping.

“They need to do something the garbage is coming onto my fence. This is not fair to me,” she said.


From Pamela Hazel, Community Activist & Resident:

Metropolitan Lumber Hardware Store is neglecting its responsibilities. This is one of the worst business establishments in Queens.
Metropolitan Lumber has NOT removed snow from its sidewalk; the area is located at the corner of Merrick Boulevard and 108th. Avenue. It is slippery and dangerous.  Residents have no choice, but to use the street.
One part of the sidewalk  was  cleaned however. It is the entrance for Metropolitan storage area.
According to Department of Sanitation policy, snow should be removed four hours  after it snows. Well, the snow started in the wee hours of Tuesday; by Thursday afternoon more than 48 hours later the fallen snow remains a dangerous eyesore.

The store manager does not care about the residents of this black neighbourhood, Jamaica Queens. Residents have asked repeatedly, but to no avail. The reason is clear. Borough president/Katz, Senator Comrie and the other gangsters do nothing, but lip service.

Boranian, you are responsible for contacting D.O.S, on voters’  behalf. Please do your highly paid job. Unfortunately, someone must get hurt before Metropolitan and the gangsters take action.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice