I am pretty sure that F is FUCK YOU to dumBlasio, because I know that is how I feel and so do many Queens residents and others who watched this Mayor flush this city further down the toilet with failed policies, handcuffing the NYPD, allowing homeless to run free all over the damn place and turning our already shitty subway system into a homeless shelter on wheels, not to mention his bullshit progressive agenda, which is not really progressive at all. His idea of progressive is talking about illegal immigrants and trashing Trump. Instead of worrying about Trump, there are at least 100 fucking things at the top of my head and to make NYC better, but you can’t do that when you spend all your time trashing Trump (even though he deserves it) along with SE Queens elected officials and in the meantime, we have a failing infrastructure, a decaying subway system that breaks down every hour, fire hydrants that don’t work, trucks galore ruining our residential streets and polluting the air and a hell of a lot more of shit and nonsense that is not being addressed. AND Mayor if you are such a progressive, why are all the waste dumps in communities of color, SE Queens, North Brooklyn and South Bronx. That is not progressive at all, that is environmental racism.

In the meantime this boob spent a week in the borough he never comes to, because, well, it is election time, otherwise it is a BIG FUCK YOU to Queens (

Toss this clown, along with Melinda Katz, Letitia James and the majority of city council incumbents, especially ASSHOLE Ruben Wills.

I don’t know much about Albanese, except the most important thing, HE IS NO DEBLASIO and that is good enough for me.


From Queens Courier:

Photo by Anthony Giudice/QNS
Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese told the members of the Juniper Park Civic Association what he plans to do if he becomes mayor.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s main opponent in September’s Democratic Primary, Sal Albanese, was at the June 22 Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA) meeting in Middle Village to make his case to residents that he will do a better job as mayor of the city.

Albanese, a former councilman from Brooklyn, said that “the city needs a hands-on mayor” who will address the important issues and problems facing the city such as mass transit, traffic congestion and affordable housing among other major issues.

The mayoral hopeful feels that the de Blasio administration has mismanaged taxpayers’ money and has failed to bring about positive change on myriad issues.

“I am running against de Blasio because I believe major issues are not being addressed under this administration; major issues that are important to the city’s future,” he told those in attendance. “And also, the mismanagement of the de Blasio administration has caused huge amounts of taxpayer money to be wasted.”

Albanese gave the mayor an “F” when it comes to how he has dealt with the city’s growing homelessness crisis, and how he has been virtually “invisible” in helping to fix the problem-riddled mass transit system. He criticized de Blasio’s handling of traffic congestion, the rise of violence on Rikers Island, the failure of the Agency of Children Services (ACS), and the lack of affordable housing, among other issues.

“I think he’s miscast for this job. He’s a terrible mayor, one of the worst we’ve ever seen in this city’s history,” Albanese said. “And we can beat him; we can beat him with help from groups like yours.”

As mayor, Albanese — a former school teacher for 11 years who represented Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights in the City Council from 1982 to 1997 — says he would expand community policing; build more affordable housing units; create supportive housing for seniors, veterans, the homeless and domestic violence survivors; pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act; expand bus service and Select Bus Service (SBS) routes; enhance the highways, roads, signaling systems and streets in order to reduce congestion; and make major changes to the city’s education system.

“Any opponent to Bill de Blasio is a favorite of ours,” said Robert Holden, president of JPCA. “We wish you the best.”

Holden is also running his own campaign against Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley in the Democratic Primary for control of the 30th Council District.



Kind of hypocritical considering that hot dogs contain so many carcinogens and are linked to cancer. Who thought this  bullshit up. Why not go all out and add cigarettes to the mix with a shot of asbestos.


From Queens Courier:

Photo via Shutterstock

Come take a bite out of cancer and support the Middle Village Relay for Life at a hot dog eating contest fundraiser at Pat’s Sports Bar in Middle Village later this month.

Participants will gather on Sunday, April 30, at 3 p.m. at Pat’s Sports Bar located at 73-13 Metropolitan Ave. to put their speed eating skills to the test as they try to eat a set number of hot dogs in the fastest time.

 “This is not going to be like the Coney Island hot dog contest where you see how many hot dogs you can eat in a set amount of time,” said Len Santoro, the event’s organizer and member of the Middle Village Relay for Life. “We will have a set number of hot dogs, probably 10, and they we will see who can eat them the fastest.”

Each participant will compete separately, and each hot dog must be fully consumed to count. The times will be kept secret until all participants have competed.

So far the fundraiser has five contestants, but they are looking for more.

All amateur eaters are eligible to participate in the contest. There is a $15 entrance fee, and the fastest eater will win half of the money raised during the event.

However, if the winning participant is part of a Relay for Life team, their winnings will go toward their team’s total funds. The other half of the money raised will go toward the Middle Village Relay for Life organization, Santoro said.

There will also be a number of raffles and door prizes to be won including a basket donated by Pat’s Sports Bar, a cooler for sporting events, Relay for Life goodies, and a 50/50.

For those who want to enjoy some hot dogs, but don’t want to stuff their faces, Pat’s Sports Bar will be selling hot dogs, all of which were donated by a Middle Village Relay for Life member.

All money raised through the raffles, door prize contests, hot dog eating contest, and hot dog sales will go toward the final prize pool.

Anyone interested in participating in the hot dog eating contest can reach out to the Middle Village Relay for Life.

The Middle Village Relay for Life will be holding their annual relay event on Saturday, June 24, at 3 p.m. to 7 a.m. on Sunday, June 25, at Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village. Anyone who wants to be a part of the Middle Village Relay for Life can contact Carol Palacio at info-carol.palacio[@]

Photo via Facebook/RelayForLifeMiddleVillage


It is fucking bad enough that us hard working tax payers have to pay for our own homegrown homeless, but then on top of that we have to take care of the bill for deadbeats from out of town, like that Ambrose couple from Maine, whose young daughters died tragically in a slumlord building in Bronx.

Time for other cities and states to take care of their own destitute and time for NYC to stop becoming a homeless tourist attractions to the deadbeats all over the country.

Of course Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi attempted to lie to the people saying that the out of town homeless population is much smaller that it really is. I cannot believe that, I am SHOCKED, a NYC elected official actually does not tell the truth.



From Queens Courier:



Photo by Anthony Giudice/QNS
Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi visited the Juniper Park Civic Association to talk about his Home Stability Support plan.

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi and members of the Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA) got into a debate at the group’s meeting Thursday night in Middle Village over the lawmaker’s proposed Home Stability Support (HSS) program.

Hevesi told residents at Our Lady of Hope School in Middle Village that his HSS plan will create a new statewide rent supplement for families and individuals who are eligible for public assistance and who are facing either evection, homelessness or loss of housing due to domestic violence or other hazardous living conditions.

This new rent supplement would be a bridge between the current shelter allowance — which hasn’t seen an increase in decades — and 85 percent of the fair market rent determined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

While JPCA members agreed that the HSS plan was a good idea in theory, they felt that Hevesi’s initiative may make New York a much more attractive option for homeless residents of other cities across the country, enticing them to come to New York for free benefits.

Hevesi did agree that his program, just like any other city program, could be susceptible to people gaming the system, but argued that the number of homeless individuals from out of state are far less than what the JPCA thought.

“From the last fiscal year — which is about from May 2015 to about May or June of this year — we checked to see how many out-of-state families are in the New York City shelter system, the answer is 54,” Hevesi said. “First of all, the people who are saying no, here’s where the data comes from. And I thought the number was low too, but however, that number represents less than half of one percent. The numbers come if you FOIL this, and you can do this yourself, FOIL the data from the Human Resources Administration (HRA). That’s their data.”

However, Christina Wilkinson, an active JPCA member, told Hevesi that the numbers from a FOIL request she made with the Department of Homeless Services’ (DHS) numbers from 2014 show that 17 percent of the homeless in New York City shelters were from out of state. That figure would dictate that as many as 10,200 of the estimated 60,000 homeless people living in New York are from out of town.

Members of the JPCA want Hevesi to work on changing New York City’s right-to-shelter law, which requires the government to provide any homeless individual with a place to stay.

Hevesi said that he is firmly against lifting the right-to-shelter law, and that removing homeless residents from out of state does not solve the core issue of rising homeless numbers, but his HSS initiative does help the bigger problem.


So it is not just Jamaica that has big problems that never get solved, but many communities deal with crap due to poor leadership beginning with the Mayor to a useless Public Advocate and lousy Borough Presidents to waste of money local elected officials.

When I read this article, the biggest thing that jumped out was NO ONE and I mean NO ONE gave any indication what to do about this major problem. I mean how can that be. You have a problem, you look at various solutions and then you put the solution or solutions into effect, but here NOTHING. Nothing from the city, nothing from elected officials, nothing from city agencies. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So pretty much this was a BIG FUCK YOU.

Now I don’t know if this was just shitty reporting by Queens Courier that did not ask the right questions or the fact that New York City is pretty much fucked up and Queens is majorly fucked up.

BUT really, not one answer, not one solution. And Middle Village is no ghetto like Jamaica and the people who live there actually take pride in their community as opposed to most in Shitty Jamaica.


From Queens Courier:

Photos via

Photos via
Trains filled with uncovered garbage were left behind homes in Middle Village over the Fourth of July weekend.

As most Americans were enjoying the smell of hamburgers, hot dogs and fireworks over the Fourth of July weekend, some residents in Middle Village were forced to put up with the stench of open gondolas full of garbage parked behind their homes.

Many people complained when New York & Atlantic Railway (NYA), the company that operates out of the Fresh Pond Rail Yard — which runs through portions of Middle Village, Glendale and Ridgewood — left train cars of rotting waste behind their homes from July 3 to July 5, disrupting their holiday weekend.

“We got reports of foul odors,” said Mary Arnold, co-chair of Civics United for Railroad and Environmental Solutions (CURES). “People have pride in their homes and they have their families over for the holiday and they have this. It’s just insulting. The way [NYA is] acting, it’s unfair, it’s unhealthy, it’s filthy, it’s un-neighborly and it’s totally unnecessary.”

According to CURES, the train cars were slated to be moved out, but due to the long holiday weekend, pickup of the trash wouldn’t occur until after the Fourth of July.

“They park over the holiday when they know they aren’t going to get a pickup, and they take it anyway and bring it into Queens,” Arnold said.

Photo via

Photo via

This practice of leaving train cars filled with waste in Middle Village is nothing new to the residents of the neighborhood.

“NYA has been parking trains behind the homes in Middle Village for years and they have one excuse after another as to why they do it,” said Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA). “I remember a few years ago they parked trains loaded with solid municipal waste during the long Thanksgiving weekend. NYA is the quintessential bad neighbor, a company that does as they please with no regard for the community.”

One local elected official reached out to the train company to find out why the train cars were parked in Middle Village for the weekend.

“My staff was contacted regarding railroad cars full of garbage being left on the tracks over the July Fourth weekend. We immediately contacted New York and Atlantic Railway,” said Assemblyman Mike Miller. “The explanation that my staff was given regarding this situation was there was a new crew working that weekend. New York and Atlantic Railway decided that leaving garbage behind residents’ houses during the July Fourth weekend was acceptable. Residents had to deal with that foul smell while trying to enjoy their backyard for a holiday weekend. It’s unacceptable that this company continues to [disregard] the community’s quality of life, especially on a holiday weekend. After seven years, you would think that New York and Atlantic Railway could get it right just once.”

QNS has reached out to NYA for comment on the situation and is awaiting a reply.