AND here is another Jamaica issue, that is totally illegal. The blocking of sidewalks to hold a party with food, tables, chair and loud music emanating from speakers. AND it is an issue near me that has been taking place for several years now and which is in eye distance from the 103rd precinct.

An apartment building at the SE corner of 169th Street and 90 Avenue has been having parties with large groups of people and loud music on various weekends during the summer on a public sidewalk on 90 Ave between 169 and 170 St. Not only is the sidewalk blocked by tables, chairs and people, but loud music plays for hours from the afternoon to late in the evening past 11pm and public drinking of alcohol. These people act as if the public sidewalk is part of their property as opposed to holding their summer party in a rental hall or getting a permit for a party in a public part.

Over the years several complaints filed to 311 and NYPD have resulted in NOTHING, and the previous weekend was no different, where the party started at 4pm and continued long past 11pm with loud music, getting louder as the evening progressed. The response I got on several of my filed complaints:

Service Request #: C1-1-1431168031
Date Submitted: 07/09/17 6:10:08 PM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition.

Service Request #: C1-1-1431187161
Date Submitted: 07/09/17 7:47:33 PM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded to the complaint and determined that police action was not necessary.

Service Request #: C1-1-1431198541
Date Submitted: 07/09/17 8:47:03 PM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition.

Service Request #: C1-1-1431253021
Date Submitted: 07/09/17 10:57:08 PM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department reviewed your complaint and provided additional information below. handled by previous tour.

BUT during the entire time, not only did the music continue, it never shut off,  and the whole illegal obstruction of a public sidewalk continued.

As much as I appreciate the work that one of the busiest precinct does, the 103rd has in my opinion failed on this major quality of life issue that affects the entire neighborhood and sets a bad precedent for others to engage in the illegal blocking and obstructing of a public sidewalk for parties as well as a major noise issues caused by loud speakers on the sidewalk.

SO, with another hot weekend ahead of us, will myself and other neighbors be subjected to an illegal sidewalk party and loud music that goes on for hours. Because I am willing to file dozens of complaints  if need be, but the solution is NOT to allow this from the get go and when it does take place, to break it up completely.

I get that noise complaints are on the bottom of the list, especially in an area like Jamaica where shootings, robberies, assaults and other nonsense go on on the time, BUT this is more than just a noise issue, this is the illegal blocking and obstruction of a public sidewalk, which is not meant for people’s personal use such as a party. On top of that, with 7 hours of this going on and my first complaint was filed right at 4pm when these folks set it up, I think there was plenty of time to correct this situation, break up this party, shut down the music and disperse the people, especially since the 103rd precinct just sets across from this.

TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. So here is a reminder with sidewalks.

NO where on this list are private parties on a sidewalk.






Just this morning I reported on the filthy disgusting conditions Rufus King park, which just recently had a $2.2 million dollar renovation and has been turning into a homeless encampment in the Pavillion of the Park and all around the park grounds (, where local elected officials have been completely silent on this major quality of life issue and I immediately sent out this post to all the elected officials as well as Hope Knight, President, of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and Rhonda Binda, Executive Director of Jamaica BID. Do you think I got their attention!

Well, CleanUp Jamaica Queen’s roving reporter, The Philster, has been keeping an eye on this situation for some time and just a few minutes ago reported on this story with photos:

I’m in Rufus King Park now and the parks department is taking photos of the homeless shelter in the pavilion. There are 4 or 5 homeless people sleeping in there on mattresses and cardboard. A parks department garbage truck has just arrived and I think they are waiting for the NYPD to start cleaning house. Stay tuned.

Minutes later he reported:

A scuffle almost broke out between these losers and the parks department, but the park police are here and these Dirt bags are being evicted. Good Riddance!!!

GOOD JOB PHILSTER. By the way, I did not notice any cute homeless kids that DumBlasio always likes to put in front of the cameras, when he is talking about the homeless. These folks are look like something that crawled out of a lion’s asshole.

Now we need the same CLEAN UP over at the other outdoor shelter, Major Mark Park at Hillside Avenue and 175 St. SHAME on elected official, including Queens BP, Melinda Katz, for staying completely silent on this major problem that has been brewing for some time. That list also includes Senator Leroy Comrie, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Councilman I. Daneek Miller, Councilman Rory Lancman, Assemblymember Alicia Hyndman and the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and Jamaica BID.



Sometimes my fellow Democrat Liberals piss me off way more than Republican Conservatives because Democratic Liberals should know better and should stop living in their fucking bubble.

One of the things I always hear in NYC is that crime is evenly spread among all races and THAT IS NOT FACT at all as crime statistics show over and over again. Serial killers, no (that belongs to crazy white people), most terrorism (that belongs to radical Islamic fanatics), white collar crimes (that belongs to the folks listed in the word), BUT other crimes in NYC, sorry liberals living in your little bubble, not the case, which I have shown before on this blog backed by statistics (

AND even when FACTS & REALITY are thrown right in Democratic Liberals faces, they still tend to pull a Bill O’Reilly Spin Zone bullshit, like Legal Aid Society Lawyer, Tina Luongo who states

“Until the city terminates broken windows policing, arrests for low-level offenses will continue to plague communities of color in every borough.”

WHAT THE FUCK, NYPD is supposed to ignore low-level offenses and crimes in communities of color because of the color of someone’s skin. I wonder what type of community Tina Luongo lives in and what her block looks like. Seems to be like your typical “limousine liberal”.

Also this whole “At least our preliminary understanding is this is a crime of poverty”. REALLY, your preliminary understanding. So poverty is making people jump the turnstiles. So what are you riding the subway for, to go to your non-existent job. This bullshit logic cracks me up, especially in communities like Jamaica, where folks will live in some shithole third world garbage strewn apartment building, yet have a big ass SUV parked in front of it or the huge 60 inch screen HD TV box they dump in front of their building.

More third world dreck, no green.


And it is this kind of thinking that will keep Democrats out of the White House, Congress and Governor positions and put idiots like Trump and  his clan in office.

Democratic Liberals – Time for a MAJOR REALITY CHECK.

Oh and one more thing, there is a major difference between LEGAL IMMIGRANTS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the clue is in the words, LEGAL and ILLEGAL. Not hard to understand.

Christ, this fucking city and these Democratic Liberals in their bubble DRIVE ME FUCKING CRAZY. And for those who say, then why are you a Democrat. Because I picked the lesser of two evils and back in the day Democrats actually stood for something.



From DNAInfo New York:

89 Percent of Turnstile Jumpers Arrested Are Black and Latino, Data Show

By Gwynne Hogan | June 21, 2017 10:00am

 So far this year 8,625 people have been arrested for theft of services in New York City, data show.

So far this year 8,625 people have been arrested for theft of services in New York City, data show.

DNAinfo/Tom Liddy

NEW YORK CITY — Police have arrested around 8,625 people for jumping turnstiles so far this year, about 89 percent of whom were black and Latino,  according to data obtained from the state.

And of those arrestees, about a quarter of them spent some amount of time in jail for the offense, according to records from the State’s Division of Criminal Justice Services, which includes thefts of all public transportation services including train, subway, bus and taxi fares, though the sweeping majority of the charges occur in the subway.

Around 2,220 people spent some amount of time in jail for the crime this year, with 230 sentenced to jail time and another 1,790 people getting time served as part of a guilty plea, state records from January 2017 through mid-June show.


Sixty-eight percent of the arrests take place in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The approximately 8,000 arrestees represent only about about a quarter of all New Yorkers cited for farebeating, according to NYPD officials, who say that three out of every four turnstile jumper is written a summons and not arrested for the offense.

Times Square and Union Square have some of the highest numbers of arrests, according to Robert Diehl, Acting Vice President of Security of for New York City Transit at a Monday MTA board meeting where turnstile jumping was discussed. He did not give more specifics and the MTA and the NYPD declined to clarify further on his remarks.

Diehl insisted that police don’t go out aiming to catch farebeaters.

“As far as the deployment, we never send people out to do theft of service operations,” he said. “We put people out in our busiest stations based on ridership and crime.”

“What happens there is if they see somebody jump a turnstile; they take appropriate action,” he said.

David Jones, a mayoral appointee to the MTA’s board who has been pushing for better data on who is arrested for farebeating and where the arrests occur to the resistance of the NYPD, argued the MTA and the NYPD ought to put in place more “preventative steps so people don’t even get into this whole morass.”

“At least our preliminary understanding is this is a crime of poverty,” he said. “Let’s put signage, let’s put everything we can to prevent young people from making this mistake,” he said, adding that getting arrested for farebeating could be gateway into the criminal justice system.

People arrested are not “even aware of how damaging this can be,” he said.

Those charged with turnstile jumping can face fines of $100 as well as “host of collateral consequences,” including even detention and deportation for undocumented New Yorkers, said Tina Luongo, a Legal Aid Society lawyer.

“Until the city terminates broken windows policing, arrests for low-level offenses will continue to plague communities of color in every borough,” she said.

But Diehl insisted that police can’t just turn a blind eye to people who jump the turnstile.

“To see [farebeating] happen rampantly sets a tone of disorder,” Diehl said. “[It’s] something that’s critical to people feeling like they have an orderly subway.”


Three more pieces of human shit off the street.


From Queens Courier:

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
An NYPD police officer’s body camera, similar to the one shown here, helped lead to the conviction of three home invaders in Jamaica.

With the help of video captured by a police officer’s body camera, three men responsible for terrorizing a family during a Jamaica home invasion two years ago have been convicted of their crimes, prosecutors announced on Friday.

Robb Bull, 28, of an unknown address, along with John Hymes, 49, of Manhattan and Aasim McPhee, 35, of Richmond Hill were found guilty on June 14 of first-degree burglary, first- and second-degree robbery, attempted robbery, criminal possession of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child for the June 2015 incident. It was the first Queens criminal court case in which footage from a police officer’s body camera was used as evidence.

 “A nine-year-old child was threatened at gunpoint, but one of the victims had managed to dial 911 and police arrived,” Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said. “One of the officers, who was participating in the pilot body cam program, filmed the apprehension of two of the assailants along with the recovery of firearms.”

Law enforcement sources said the home invasion occurred at 12:30 a.m. on June 4, 2015 at a home on 105th Avenue in Jamaica. A male resident on the first floor heard loud banging and called 911, prosecutors said, but Hymes barged into the home before the victim could tell anything to the operator.

According to trial testimony, Hymes pointed a gun at the man and ordered him to lie on the floor. Bull then raced upstairs, identified himself as a police officer and put a gun to the head of a 17-year-old girl. With Bull following behind her, the girl ran to her mother’s room, where Bull ordered them both to lie on the floor and demanded cash from them.

The teenage girl’s 20-year-old sister, who was in the basement, heard the commotion and someone breaking down the front door. She ran out of the basement through a back door and then headed upstairs, where she was met by McPhee, who pointed a gun at her and ordered also to lie down.

McPhee then heard a 9-year-old girl crying in a nearby room and retrieved her, prosecutors said. He brought the girl into her mother’s room and threatened to shoot the child if she didn’t stop crying.

Authorities said the three bandits ransacked the home for property, stealing a wallet. However, NYPD members — including Police Officer Timothy Brosnan, arrived at the scene, entered the house and announced themselves.

Brosnan was wearing a body camera at the time, which captured 28 minutes of footage showing Bull and McPhee attempting to escape through a window onto the roof. McPhee was seen throwing something away with his hands; that something, prosecutors said, turned out to be a black firearm. A silver handgun also used in the robbery was recovered from a neighboring yard.

Hymes was picked up hours later as he attempted to exit from the home’s yard. His DNA was found inside one of two latex gloves that cops discovered inside the ransacked home. Masks containing DNA evidence was also recovered from the scene.

Bull, Hymes and McPhee each face up to 25 years behind bars when they are sentenced on July 19.


THANKS MAYOR. THANKS CITY COUNCIL. You have said another FUCK YOU to hard working law abiding citizens in this city and as usual are standing up for the law breakers who make life miserable for the rest of us. From dangerous homeless using our subway trains/stations as homeless shelters to major noise culprits who make our quality of life miserable, especially in communities of color.

One of the umpteenth shootings in the Jamaica area since a few days before Memorial Day may have been prevented if NYPD’s hands were not tied on new noise complaints rules which now states the NYPD cannot go on private property of such complaints if the owner refuses. AND that was exactly what happened in Laurelton on June 10th when a neighbor call 311 about a loud party going on next door, which then ended up with some hood rat pulling out a gun and shooting a 21 year old in the spine, because that is how things roll in this community. Party, celebrate, pull out a gun and someone gets shoot/injured/killed.

Another victory for law breakers, criminals and those who love to disturb others with blasting music and loud parties in the community. Isn’t it great to live in such a progressive liberal city where those who obey the law get a big FUCK YOU from our leaders and say “DEAL WITH IT” just as long as it it not in these “limousine liberals” back yard.


From The Daily News:

New NYPD noise complaint rules prevented cops from stopping shooting at wild Queens house party

Cops were called to the wild 232nd St. party near Merrick Blvd. in Laurelton about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, June 10, 2017 after receiving a 311 call about excessive noise, police sources said.

(Molly Crane-Newman/New York Daily News)

A 21-year-old man paralyzed by a bullet after a shooting outside a wild Queens house party would still be walking if cops hadn’t been handcuffed by new NYPD rules on noise complaints, police sources said.

Cops visited the party on 232nd St. about 11:15 p.m. Saturday after receiving an earlier noise complaint from a neighbor — more than an hour and a half before Rohan Chambers was shot in the spine.

“Had we been allowed to go onto the property, we would have shut down the party, there would have been no shooting and he would not be paralyzed,” said an outraged cop with knowledge of the case.

When police arrived at the party, near Merrick Blvd. in Laurelton, responding officers knocked on the door and asked the homeowner to be a good neighbor and keep the noise down. Then the cops then left.

New rules limit cops’ ability to enter private property

A directive handed down by Police Commissioner James O’Neill last month prohibits cops from taking further action because they were not given permission to enter the home, the officer said.

“Last year, this party would have been broken up right then and there without a second thought,” the cop said.

About 12:50 a.m., a fight at the party spilled into the street. A man in a red do-rag pulled a gun and fired a round, hitting Chambers in the back, officials said.

 Chambers’ relatives, who fear he may be permanently paralyzed, declined to comment on the shooting or how it might have been prevented. Cops have made no arrests.

Brooklyn couple’s noise complaints tied to NYPD fed probe

When police arrived on 232nd St., after a neighbor’s earlier noise complaint, there were about 100 people inside the home. But there were no signs of drug use or illegal activity — which would have allowed cops to go into the home.

Several people identified themselves as either the homeowner or the party host. All barred cops from entering.

According to the O’Neill directive, “warrantless entry” into a home or fenced-in yard “is not authorized solely for the purpose of abating noise conditions.”

Once cops get a noise complaint, they must ask permission from the homeowner to go onto the premise to investigate. If a homeowner refuses, cops can offer a warning and return the next day with a summons, according to the new rules.

Public drinking, noise offenses now just warrant civil summonses

An NYPD spokeswoman confirmed that two calls were made to 311 about excessive noise on the block before the party, but the complaints were unfounded.

Last month’s directive isn’t new policy, she said, calling it “legal guidance that is provided to NYPD officers annually before the summer months.”

The New York Civil Liberties Union, which has hailed the directive, said the shooting hasn’t changed their opinion.

“When cops suspect violence, they can force their way in, but officers without warrants have no authority to charge into homes simply because of a noise complaint,” said Chris Dunn, NYCLU’s Associate Legal Director.



“Jamaica’s Element”

First thing is first. I know many people got into a tizzy about this new bill that makes minor offenses like urinating or drinking in public and noise complaints warrant civil summonses instead of criminal summonses, which is what it was and the change makes sense. I mean does one really  need a criminal record for pissing in public. Come guys, how many of us, had to take a piss really bad with  no bathrooms in sight and took a piss behind a tree, near a vacant lot, etc. But too many people thought that one would just get a pass for these minor offenses and that is not the case, so let me break it down:

So instead of getting a criminal summons for these issues, a person will appear before the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, rather than criminal court. BUT, if you get three summonses and ignore them, you will be sent to criminal court. And if you don’t show up for that hearing, a warrant will be issued. PLUS people with open warrants, prior felony arrests in the past two years, and people on parole or probation (which is probably thwo-thirds the population of Jamaica/SE Queens) will still get a criminal summons and have to appear in criminal court. A cop can also cite a “legitimate law enforcement reason” to give a criminal summons, which must be approved by a supervisor who comes to the scene.

So all the conservative right folks, take a damn breather, no one is getting off for pissing or drinking in public.

NOW, on to the major issue and that is with one of our “limousine Democrat Liberals”, Councilman Rory Lancman (24th District), which covers parts of Jamaica, including that filthy garbage strewn Rufus King Park. This ass does not want to see the exceptions to the bill (such as people with open warrants, prior felony arrests in the past two years, and people on parole or probation), using the race baiting card as most white “limousine liberal Democrats” like to play.

His illogical reasoning:

The exceptions for recidivists “will unfairly burden and impact communities of color, because in those communities more people are on parole or probation and more people are arrested.”

NEWSFLASH Lancman from a person who ACTUALLY LIVES in this ghetto ass community as opposed to you, who I am sure do not have a homeless shelter within several blocks of you, garbage all over, illegal immigrants, etc. There is a reason communities of color have a high rate of people on parole, probation and get arrested. THEY DO STUPID SHIT PERIOD. You know how many shootings and killings have been in Jamaica since a few days before Memorial Day and do you know they were all people of color, African-Americans. For whatever the underlying reasons are (and there are many), the FACT is communities of color have much higher crimes than other communities, so they are going to have more arrests, more people on probation, etc. IT IS FUCKING COMMON SENSE AND BASIC MATH. The issue is not the fucking law, it is the FUCKING BEHAVIOR AND ACTION OF SOME PEOPLE and living here, I see this shit all the time as do many others, including people of color, while you don’t see any of this shit in your community or on your block, so GIVE IT A FUCKING REST Lancman.

AND this does not mean that all people of color engage in this shit, most don’t, but there are plenty in communities of color that do, hence the poor quality of life in such communities as opposed to majority communities that are not of color. So keep ignoring this FACT and the problem and these communities will continue with this bullshit.

I mean, your area covers the garbage strewn homeless outdoor park, Rufus King Park. See all those fucking bottles of alcohol on the hand-ball court in Rufus King Park. They did not just magically appear their and I will take a gander that 99.9% of it was done by people of color in the community.

These alcoholic bottles did not magically get place here, our diverse population put them there and I am sure then took plenty of pisses there as well.

SO ENOUGH with the constant justifying of bullshit by playing the race card so you can get fucking votes. When your block has all these bottles in front of your house, then we can talk, otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP, because I pay for you over bloated salary.

AND again, this is why that idiotic, Trump, got put into the White House, stupid progressive liberal bullshit like this from “limousine liberal Democrats” like Lancman. Christ even when you white elected officials THINK you are helping communities of color, YOU ARE NOT, you are causing more issues.


From The Daily News:

‘Minor’ offenses like public drinking, noise complaints warrant civil summonses under new NYPD patrol rules

People who have two or more felony arrests in the last two years, have three or more civil summonses they’ve failed to answer for in the last eight years, or are on parole or probation will be hit with a criminal summons instead, the rules say.


People who commit minor violations — like urinating in public or drinking a beer in a city park — will no longer get a criminal summons, officials said.The new patrol guidelines, which went into effect on Tuesday, have been in the works for about a year since the City Council passed a law that overhauled how cops enforce quality-of-life offenses.

About 96% of patrol officers have been trained on the new guidelines — estimated to reduce the number of criminal summonses issued a year by about 100,000.

Instead, people will appear before the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, rather than criminal court.

City Council approves plan to ease punishments for minor offenses

But if you get three summonses and ignore them, you will be sent to criminal court. And if you don’t show up for that hearing, a warrant will be issued, said NYPD Inspector Thomas Taffe.

People with open warrants, prior felony arrests in the past two years, and people on parole or probation will still get C-summons and have to appear in criminal court.

A cop can also cite a “legitimate law enforcement reason” to give a criminal summons, which must be approved by a supervisor who comes to the scene.

 The new rules say civil summonses can be given out for instances of public drinking and urination, littering, spitting, excessive noise and violating park rules — except under limited circumstances.

“It’s a huge step forward, but I’d rather not see the exceptions that are there,” said Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Queens), an architect of the legislation.

(Angus Mordant/for New York Daily News)

Cops can still ask someone they catch in one of the small-time crimes for ID to check for warrants, and arrest them if they have an open warrant or cannot produce ID.

Taffe said in those instances, cops will allow people to get their ID before making an arrest.

“The last thing we want is for someone to go through the system for drinking a beer and no ID or spitting and no ID,” he said.

Taffe said he did not think the crime rate will be affected.

“As long as police officers are out there paying attention to what’s going on and intervening in these low-level violations, we stopped you from doing what you’re doing,” he said.

Councilman Rory Lancman called the move “a huge step forward,” but questioned the exceptions.

The exceptions for recidivists “will unfairly burden and impact communities of color, because in those communities more people are on parole or probation and more people are arrested, even if they’re not ultimately convicted,” he said, “All it does is perpetuate a cycle of involvement in the criminal justice system.”



Thug Auto Body Shop at 102-80 Merrick

So concerned residents of Jamaica, do you want to be just innocent bystanders who just bitch, but do nothing or are just victims of all the nonsense in the area or do you want to be the eyes and ears of your community and put a stop to the nonsense and bullshit that has been going on way too long in this community,  like the take over of the thug auto body shops of our sidewalks, side streets and the right hand lane of Merrick Blvd.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

WHY are you folks, especially those that live in that area between 104 Ave and 110th Ave, where these auto body shops have completely taken over and cause major safety issues on Merrick Blvd, putting up with this daily and ILLEGAL nonsense. DO SOMETHING.

The other day while driving during rush hour on Merrick Blvd, several auto body shops along that stretch had the right land completely blocked with vehicles, so that cars, buses, etc all had to be bottle-neck into the left hand land causing a major safety issue. BUT this is not a isolated incident, this is a daily issue with these outlaw shops that our local elected officials, including Councilman Miller, whose office is over that way, have done nothing for years on this issue.

So now with the great NCO (Neighborhood Coordination Officers) program, which was put into place in October of 2016, these officers are cracking down on these shops and other quality of life issues, BUT, you need to take a more proactive stance and be the eyes and ears of the precincts to let them know whenever you see such bullshit. For more on this great program, read

Know which sector you live in and which officers are in your sector, but you do not need to live in that particular sector if you see an issue, you can still report it to those NCO’s.

The sector where these outlaw body shops are operating in is Sector D and the officers for that sector are Office Matthew Langone ( & 929.248.0463 and Officer Michael Henderson. I contacted them via email about that issue the other day when I was in a car and they responded swiftly:


            As of right now Officer Henderson and myself have spoken with owners of the auto body shops involved regarding the issues on Merrick Boulevard.  We have issued five summonses and have had two cars marked by sanitation to be towed away. All other vehicles that were double parked or on sidewalks have been moved and warnings have been issued.  We will be in the vicinity frequently and will continue to summons and tow vehicles until the problem is completely taken care of.  Please let us know if you have any further issues, thanks you.


New York City Police Department

103 Precinct NCO Sector David

Cell #: (929) 248-0463

E-Mail: Matthew.Langone@NYPD.ORG

So USE THIS PROGRAM, IT WORKS. They handle all quality of life issues relating to NYPD issues. Issues like those auto body shops, illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal parking of tractor trailer trucks, noise issues such as fireworks and loud music, constant loitering involving drug dealing or other criminal activity. Any issues that falls under NYPD (sorry no garbage issues, that is DOS).

So get to know your NCO’s and attend meetings this month and introduce yourself and bring up quality of life issues that you are dealing with. These meeting are scheduled to be quarterly.

I can personally say that my NCO’s, Officers York and Sclafani have been amazing in my area. They pretty much have put a gigantic dent in the illegal truck driving on my residential street and are now working on the issue of trucks parking in the LIRR overpass tunnels south of Archer.

I cannot praise this program or the officers involved in it. Yesterday, I attended another meeting for Sector B, where the drug clinic on Hillside Ave and 175th has been an issue since it moved there last year.

So just don’t be a victim, take a pro-active stance and take back your block, your neighborhood, your community. Take back Jamaica from those who want to make your life miserable.

There are two more meeting this month:

► Sector Charlie (between the Van Wyck Expressway and 157th Street and between Archer and 110th avenues) — Tuesday, June 20, at the Concerned Parents of Jamaica Early Learning Center at 143-04 101 Ave.(NCO’s assigned to monitor Sutphin Boulevard will also be there).

► Sector David (between 157th Street and Francis Lewis Boulevard and between Archer and 110th avenues) — Thursday, June 15, at the South Hollis Library at 204-01 Hollis Ave. (NCO’s assigned to the South Jamaica Houses will also attend).

All meetings will begin at 7 p.m. and doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

ATTEND THEM. Be active in your community.