From Pamela Hazel:

Well after more than a month of having to bear the sight of mosquito, infested Zika cesspool; relief is finally here. Maybe because Katz and her cronies are prancing around her “World’s  Borough,” Queens as she calls it.
Parsons & Archer, taken today ( 7/19/17)

Thieving Councilman Wills is fuming, also is the garbage in his jurisdiction. Part of the money for his non-profit initiative was earmarked to clean-up his jurisdiction.
Guy R. Brewer Boulevard & 108th. Avenue. Photo was taken two weeks ago.

The last time I saw Wills was at a community affairs meeting. He was cursing me while unbuttoning his jacket and yelling at me; saying that me and my comrade are fuxxking bothering them. A police officer had to intervene.

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Sidewalk/bushwalk still harbouring rats and other human menace. The filthy mattress and the garbage are still over the fence.
Photo was taken about two weeks ago

The dangling wires are still dangling and dragging on the ground. As soon as a child gets hurt; the problem will be fixed with expedience.
Corner of Merrick Boulevard & 108 th. Avenue. Photo was taken more than two months ago.

Neighbours are still living in fear of raccoon dwelling. The raccoons are still tormenting neighbours.
167-05  144 Avenue,

Borough president Katz, can you please contact the appropriate agencies and resolve this ills?

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.



Same old fucking Jamaica ghetto issues over and over again, same shit, same locations, with no permanent solutions and no response from any of the local Queens politicians, including Katz, one of the biggest fake elected officials of all and two-faced. Just more TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. What a bunch of fucking useless Democrats in the area, and they have the nerve to criticize Trump. Sure Trump is a major asshole, but then what do these local Democrats think they are.


From Pamela Hazel:

The abandoned house, raccoon dwelling was cleaned last week. However, only the front of the yard was cleaned. Ms. B. called me last Friday to say thanks to CleanUpJamaicaQueens. She said, that she  noticed the front yard was transformed; the bush was cut and the lawn was the cleanest in years.
Photos were taken on 7/7/2017.  Location, 167-05 144th. Avenue, front yard.



On Sunday, the crew returned to complete the job; or so she thought. She spoke to one of the crew members who identified himself as part of the Wild Cat Program. They are responsible for cleaning up areas. At that point, she wanted to know when they will complete the job. Once again she and other neighbours reached out to CleanupJamaicaQueens.

I contacted Jason who said that he is affiliated with Wild Cat, sanitation, NYPD and other organizations. I asked him why the crew did not complete the job. He replied, “the crew has permission to go in the front yard, but not in the back.”
back yard




I could not believe such nonsense; after a deep breath I responded. “So, the raccoons can live in the back, but not in the front!” He said that he was just telling me the process. Sanitation has to contact the owner. If the owner does not respond within a certain time, then sanitation will get permission to enter the back yard. “That may take awhile,” he said.

This is the kind of idiotic decisions made by the so-called leaders. Those in charge to institute policies that affect voters’ lives.

Meanwhile, neighbours are living in fear; the raccoons have taken over the back yard. Neighbours said that at night the chittering sound from the raccoons are driving them crazy. In the day, they have to keep their children inside. Their children cannot even enjoy the Summer.

Boranian, you are employed at Borough President Katz’s office. You are responsible for resolving constituents/voters problems. Can you please contact the wise guys at the Department of Sanitation? While you at it, please tell them that James Fobb’s area is filthy again, yes again.
Sidewalk, 107-58 164 th. Street


The garage.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


Ah, clean up Jamaica Style, which means totally half ass as Ms. Hazel reports on Jamaica’s famous tourist attraction, BUSHWALK.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

Over the weekend, the corner of 107th. Avenue & 171st. Place was cleaned. But the garbage was placed elsewhere. A neighbour contacted me and he was furious. He said that he was watching outside from his home; when two black men arrived at the site, that had a discarded mattress surrounded by bush. Armed with machetes, the men began chopping down the bush and filled a few garbage bags.


Mr. D. said, that he stared in disbelief what ensued next. The two men hoisted the filthy mattress and tossed it over the wooden fence adjacent to the sidewalk. Then, one by one they dragged the large, bags and tossed them over the fence as well.


I asked Mr. D, “why didn’t you call out to them.” He retorted, “mam, I will not confront two strong, black men; especially when they are holding sharp weapons.”


Several neighbours told me that their nostrils urged them to peek through the fence. Animals are living under the mattress and the odor is permeating.


Photos were taken yesterday,(7/9/17). Location, 107th. Avenue &. 171 Place. (Bushwalk/sidewalk) Outside the fence.


Inside the fence.

Inside the fence.

Five weeks ago.

Borough President, Katz and Councilman Miller where do you stand on resolving this problem once and for all? Katz has created an atmosphere; where some people believe it is ok for Jamaica Queens to remain unattractive and stink.

Ms. Boranian, you are in charge of constituents services in Katz’s office. You All are responsible for this mess. Weeks ago I reported the growing bush, but none of you responded. You all waited until the bush, garbage and yes, the filthy mattress engulfed the side walk.

Please tell these two menacing butchers, to return to the scene of their quality of life crime. They have to retrieve the filthy mattress and garbage. It is a violation to dispose of garbage improperly.

By the way, the butchers left the bush about 12 inches high. Please have them cut the bush properly. They should use a lawn mower. Voters in Jamaica Queens deserve the same quality of services.



Former Councilman Hack, Archie Spigner’s famous quote in a Communities of Color article (



Damn Spigner, are you as blind as Stevie Wonder.  Look at those fucking pictures below, is that the epitome of a first class community. Well,  I guess if your standards are low-class ghetto shit, then it is a first class community according to your ghetto view point. In REALITY WORLD, Jamaica is not even a 5th class community.

You clowns must love to hear yourselves talk. Good for me though, since I love to put stupid shit said by elected officials or former elected officials or has beens on my site. SO,  A HECK OF A JOB ARCHIE.

And this is the guy that Assembly Member Clyde Vanel did a bullshit video calling him “THE DEAN”. Dean of what, ghetto crap. AND why do we keep hearing about this clown. OH YEAH, it is election time and he wants to make sure his good ole boys stay in office.


From Pamela Hazel, the TRUE JAMAICA COMMUNITY ACTIVIST & Resident:

Since April, l have been reporting to Boranian about the dangerous, electric wires. They have been hanging off the light pole and dragging on the ground. I have also, contacted 311 and 911. It’s about two months, and  still no action.  Now children must be taking the electric wires for ropes.  Yesterday, children were running, jumping and riding near the pole.
Some were even standing on broken glass beneath the wires. Parents were warning their children to stay clear of the garbage next to the wires.
Photos were taken yesterday, 6/28/17
Corner of Merrick Boulevard & 108th. Avenue
Meanwhile, bushwalk/sidewalk and Zika Park have taken a turn for the worst. Horrible, but not surprising; because the political gangsters have abandoned Jamaica Queens and it’s constituents. That’s until they need you to pull the lever.
Zika Park, 109 Avenue & Merrick Boulevard.

Nonetheless, exposure will continue. Hopefully, Borough President/Katz, her liaison/ Boranian and the rest of oppressors will pay for their ill-gained salaries.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


Jamaica resident and activist Ms. Pamela Hazel and her crew are giving Metro Lumber more shit about cleaning up their act.

We also need some protests on the worst bad neighbor in the community, Royal Waste, that polluting, poisonous dump that local elected officials allowed to set up shop over a decade ago in a residential area. And might as well hit all those thug auto body shops on Merrick Blvd that have turned that stretch into the New Willets Point, while again, local elected officials, including lazy Leroy Comrie, have done nothing about for years.



From NY1:

Protestors Call on South Jamaica Lumber Yard to Clean Up its Property

By NY1 News
Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 11:08 AM EDT
Protestors call on a South Jamaica lumber yard to do its part to make the community safer.

Members of ‘New York Communities for Change’ rallied outside Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware on Merrick Boulevard Wednesday afternoon.

The group says the wood is exposed to the elements and is stored on racks above the store’s fences — which can be dangerous in extreme weather.

As part of their protest, the group spruced up neighboring playgrounds to show the importance of helping the community.

“Just treat us right. Just make sure that our community is not being discriminated against. Just make sure it’s attractive like all the other neighborhoods. That’s all we are not asking for anything that is unreasonable,” said New York Communties for Change member Pamela Hazel.

We reached out to Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware but did not hear back.



You would think that with the years of reporting the same issues, like the vacant James Fobb house garbage dump, courtesy of our low-class slobs, that something would be done, well, like I said you would think, but then, this is Jamaica, the land that not only many slob residents don’t give a shit, but also elected and church leaders.

Ms. Hazel reports AGAIN on the Jamaica Fobb garbage dump and electrical wires doing the Jamaica dangling dance. Us folks who actually care in this community are fully aware of electrical wires, telephone wires and cable wires always doing the Jamaica dangle.

I bet they don’t do the Dangle jig in Queen Katz’s hood or on her block.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

However, it is no concern for Madam Katz. She and her accomplices are busy groundbreaking; what a sad state. Most troubling is the loyal black voters. They vote for these bastards with their eyes closed. They should not expect change if you do not demand services.

Is this the place that madam Katz calls the “World’s Borough?” It is a shame, after years of complaints voters/residents are faced with the same issues.

Meanwhile, James Fob’s garage has taken a turn for the worst.

Electric wires have been dangling from the poles for weeks. Now they are dragging on the ground. Maybe someone has to be electrocuted before any action is taken.

Boranian, you are being paid on false pretense. The ill-gained salary will do you no good in the end. Oh, former borough president/ Helen Marshall just came to mind! In the meanwhile, do your damn job. You are  the person in charge of constituents services.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.

PS: Soon, I will be sending the quality of life terrorists  to Katz’s address.

Queens Borough Katz


Maybe the fucking city needs to do another fucking study, this time, why city agencies and workers are complete morons and never use good old fashion common sense.

Case in point, Jamaica resident and community activist Pamela Hazel, has mentioned NUMEROUS times over the last couple years of the garbage strewn mosquito watering hole cesspool that I guess is a downtown Jamaica tourist attraction on the sidewalk of Archer and Parsons in front of the murals. It seems at some time, but I certainly do not remember, that this cesspool was actually a tree pit with an actual tree (probably dead from the get go when the city did it’s waste of tax payer’s money on the 1 million tree planting under Bloomberg, but forgot one important component, MAINTENANCE.

A year ago, same fucking problem with no fucking solution to a simple fucking problem.

So for years, a sad little stump sat in the middle of “PARCHER POND”, while it would fill up with rain and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and of course a place to dump garbage by low-class ghetto slobs.  So what is a city agency and worker to do, well, either NOTHING (most of the time) or on occasion “drain the swamp”,  but only until the next rainfall.

The common sense approach, plant a tree (but only if it will be maintained) or fill that damn spot in with cement, but then that would mean some actual thought would have to been implemented.

So for the time being, it is now water, garbage and mosquito free, BUT, now it is an accident waiting to happen for someone to trip over this on this very busy sidewalk in front of York College.

NO FUCKING COMMON SENSE and NO DAMN PRIDE of any kind in the Jamaica community. As I said in that most fucked up Community Board 12 transportation meeting the other night that I attended, “When it comes to, there is no actual kind of planning, it is just throw shit against the wall and see what sticks.”

Christ, don’t any of these local elected officials every walk around the downtown area AND speaking of the downtown area, both the Jamaica Greater Development Corporation AND Jamaica BID folks are right there, you mean they NEVER see shit like this or all the other SHIT when they are out and about or 1) they do not give a FUCK and are only collecting a hefty paycheck, 2) are totally incompetent or 3) this is the look they are going for in Jamaica, GHETTO CHIC TRASH.

Another mind numbing episode of “As The Jamaica Ghetto Shit Turns”.

The now classic photo. Andrew Hardy, the Jamaica “human pin cushion”. McDonalds on Sutphin Blvd near the LIRR Train Station.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

Cesspool breeding ground cleanish.

Well, since my report about two weeks ago, the Zika infested cesspool on Archer Avenue near Parson’s Boulevard has been cleaned. However, it was a botched job, yes because this is a black neighbourhood. This inferior cleaning will not stand a chance in Katz’s domain. To start with, a cesspool
will not exist in Forest Hills. Nonetheless, it is an improvement, but certainly not acceptable. Boranian, you are in charge of constituents service in Borough President/Katz’s office. You and your boss are responsible for widespread, quality-of-life terrorism in Jamaica Queens. Can you please contact the persons responsible for this inferior act, so-called a job? It needs to be done properly.
By the way, we do not want favours. Your black voters need to be treated with respect and dignity. The same treatment afforded to
your voters in Forest Hills and other privileged  areas.  Boranian, remember that you are a well paid employee. Do your damn job.
P. Hazel: Social Journalist for Justice.