Jamaica resident and activist Ms. Pamela Hazel and her crew are giving Metro Lumber more shit about cleaning up their act.

We also need some protests on the worst bad neighbor in the community, Royal Waste, that polluting, poisonous dump that local elected officials allowed to set up shop over a decade ago in a residential area. And might as well hit all those thug auto body shops on Merrick Blvd that have turned that stretch into the New Willets Point, while again, local elected officials, including lazy Leroy Comrie, have done nothing about for years.



From NY1:

Protestors Call on South Jamaica Lumber Yard to Clean Up its Property

By NY1 News
Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 11:08 AM EDT
Protestors call on a South Jamaica lumber yard to do its part to make the community safer.

Members of ‘New York Communities for Change’ rallied outside Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware on Merrick Boulevard Wednesday afternoon.

The group says the wood is exposed to the elements and is stored on racks above the store’s fences — which can be dangerous in extreme weather.

As part of their protest, the group spruced up neighboring playgrounds to show the importance of helping the community.

“Just treat us right. Just make sure that our community is not being discriminated against. Just make sure it’s attractive like all the other neighborhoods. That’s all we are not asking for anything that is unreasonable,” said New York Communties for Change member Pamela Hazel.

We reached out to Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware but did not hear back.



You would think that with the years of reporting the same issues, like the vacant James Fobb house garbage dump, courtesy of our low-class slobs, that something would be done, well, like I said you would think, but then, this is Jamaica, the land that not only many slob residents don’t give a shit, but also elected and church leaders.

Ms. Hazel reports AGAIN on the Jamaica Fobb garbage dump and electrical wires doing the Jamaica dangling dance. Us folks who actually care in this community are fully aware of electrical wires, telephone wires and cable wires always doing the Jamaica dangle.

I bet they don’t do the Dangle jig in Queen Katz’s hood or on her block.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

However, it is no concern for Madam Katz. She and her accomplices are busy groundbreaking; what a sad state. Most troubling is the loyal black voters. They vote for these bastards with their eyes closed. They should not expect change if you do not demand services.

Is this the place that madam Katz calls the “World’s Borough?” It is a shame, after years of complaints voters/residents are faced with the same issues.

Meanwhile, James Fob’s garage has taken a turn for the worst.

Electric wires have been dangling from the poles for weeks. Now they are dragging on the ground. Maybe someone has to be electrocuted before any action is taken.

Boranian, you are being paid on false pretense. The ill-gained salary will do you no good in the end. Oh, former borough president/ Helen Marshall just came to mind! In the meanwhile, do your damn job. You are  the person in charge of constituents services.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.

PS: Soon, I will be sending the quality of life terrorists  to Katz’s address.

Queens Borough Katz


Maybe the fucking city needs to do another fucking study, this time, why city agencies and workers are complete morons and never use good old fashion common sense.

Case in point, Jamaica resident and community activist Pamela Hazel, has mentioned NUMEROUS times over the last couple years of the garbage strewn mosquito watering hole cesspool that I guess is a downtown Jamaica tourist attraction on the sidewalk of Archer and Parsons in front of the murals. It seems at some time, but I certainly do not remember, that this cesspool was actually a tree pit with an actual tree (probably dead from the get go when the city did it’s waste of tax payer’s money on the 1 million tree planting under Bloomberg, but forgot one important component, MAINTENANCE.

A year ago, same fucking problem with no fucking solution to a simple fucking problem.

So for years, a sad little stump sat in the middle of “PARCHER POND”, while it would fill up with rain and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and of course a place to dump garbage by low-class ghetto slobs.  So what is a city agency and worker to do, well, either NOTHING (most of the time) or on occasion “drain the swamp”,  but only until the next rainfall.

The common sense approach, plant a tree (but only if it will be maintained) or fill that damn spot in with cement, but then that would mean some actual thought would have to been implemented.

So for the time being, it is now water, garbage and mosquito free, BUT, now it is an accident waiting to happen for someone to trip over this on this very busy sidewalk in front of York College.

NO FUCKING COMMON SENSE and NO DAMN PRIDE of any kind in the Jamaica community. As I said in that most fucked up Community Board 12 transportation meeting the other night that I attended, “When it comes to, there is no actual kind of planning, it is just throw shit against the wall and see what sticks.”

Christ, don’t any of these local elected officials every walk around the downtown area AND speaking of the downtown area, both the Jamaica Greater Development Corporation AND Jamaica BID folks are right there, you mean they NEVER see shit like this or all the other SHIT when they are out and about or 1) they do not give a FUCK and are only collecting a hefty paycheck, 2) are totally incompetent or 3) this is the look they are going for in Jamaica, GHETTO CHIC TRASH.

Another mind numbing episode of “As The Jamaica Ghetto Shit Turns”.

The now classic photo. Andrew Hardy, the Jamaica “human pin cushion”. McDonalds on Sutphin Blvd near the LIRR Train Station.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

Cesspool breeding ground cleanish.

Well, since my report about two weeks ago, the Zika infested cesspool on Archer Avenue near Parson’s Boulevard has been cleaned. However, it was a botched job, yes because this is a black neighbourhood. This inferior cleaning will not stand a chance in Katz’s domain. To start with, a cesspool
will not exist in Forest Hills. Nonetheless, it is an improvement, but certainly not acceptable. Boranian, you are in charge of constituents service in Borough President/Katz’s office. You and your boss are responsible for widespread, quality-of-life terrorism in Jamaica Queens. Can you please contact the persons responsible for this inferior act, so-called a job? It needs to be done properly.
By the way, we do not want favours. Your black voters need to be treated with respect and dignity. The same treatment afforded to
your voters in Forest Hills and other privileged  areas.  Boranian, remember that you are a well paid employee. Do your damn job.
P. Hazel: Social Journalist for Justice.


The powers that be KNOW this happens on a regular basis with the garbage dumping at the abandon James Fobb House ansd has been happening for years, so how hard is it to catch these folks. You either install cameras or have a DOS sanitation officer stake out the area.



From Pamela Hazel, resident and community activist:

Katz, gave blacks garbage on Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday was a SAD day for churchgoers in parts of Queens; that’s despite a sunny day, with thoughts of Jesus Christ who died to save us all. Churchgoers were faced with terrorism because of Borough President, Katz. She bluntly refuses to cleanup the ongoing eyesores all over Jamaica Queens.
Churchgoers from at least four nearby churches were confronted with an eyesore that was especially disturbing on the holy day. The corner at 108 Avenue & Guy R. Brewer Boulevard was filled with garbage: a piss-filled couch, huge black bags and rotten food accompanied by a parade of rats.
Katz is well aware of this area, but she has done nothing to identify the four legged animals. This gives them the authority to victimize law abiding, residents. Rest assure that this atrocity is not taking place in Katz’s area, Forest Hills.

According to a neighbour/supporter,  a van was parked in James Fobb’s garage; which is located a few steps from the corner. Therefore, the quality-of-life terrorists had to opt for the corner to dispose of their garbage.

Also, Katz has not responded to Zika-zone cesspool. It is located near Archer Avenue & Parsons Boulevard. The cesspool is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They are multiplying at a fast pace.
The breeding ground.
Boranian, you are responsible for serving Queens; as a paid employee in Katz’s office. You were provided with information of the breeding ground. Thus, far you have not taken any action to clean the cesspool.

Please do your damn job.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


The same old ghetto shit in shit ghetto Jamaica.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

Katz and her gang are terrorizing black residents, Part 2

Katz has been reigning as borough president  of Queens for more that three years. She is the leader of the terrorist group that terrorizes the residents of Jamaica Queens They ignore quality-of-life terrorism. One of her members, John Sampson is scheduled to surrender on April 21st. He was involved in foreclosure terrorism.
Residents are terrorized by dilapidated  abandoned vehicles occupying our spaces; even in front of our homes. The owners  are protected by the political gangsters.  A fleet of vehicles has been on 108 Avenue; beginning at Merrick Boulevard corner. Some of the vehicles are registered to residents in Virginia, Florida, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Yea, but vehicles are not suppose to be parked for seven consecutive days in one spot. Maybe the law applies to Katz’s territory only, Forest Hills.
Oh, by the way, a church is located at the side of the abandoned vehicles; about 12 feet away. I asked several of the members what their pastor is doing about the situation. One replied. “We do not get involved in politics.” Sooooo, the man of cloth cannot get involve in abandoned vehicles on behalf of the poor.  Please Lord open their eyes? Guide them to Jeremiah 5:21, “Hear this O foolish people, who have eyes but see not.”
Residents are terrorized by the deplorable, dingy, trestle-wall all along Archer Avenue. Particularly from Guy R. Brewer Boulevard all the way to Parsons Boulevard. More than two years,  ago a crew from the LIRR unit began painting the wall. On the first day, they packed up and left abruptly. A worker told me that they had an emergency. They  have not returned from the emergency which occurred on the first day, September
14th. 2014.
Residents are terrorized by piss-quarters. The area under the trestle near 153 rd. Street and Archer Avenue. It appears to be a forgotten place. It maintains a smell like stale piss mixed with garbage.
Update on James Fobb’s garage. Photo was taken 4/2/17. The area has been cleaned. Two weeks ago. The garbage runneth over, four churches are within three blocks. 
In a New York Post report published yesterday, April 5th, Dr. Anne Schuchat acting director of CDC said, “Zika continues to be a threat to pregnant women across the US. With warm weather and a new mosquito season approaching, prevention is crucial to protect the health of the mothers and babies.”  This disease causes birth defects.  Needless to say, the cesspool at Archer Avenue near Parsons Boulevard is also a threat again. The cesspool is filled with water and garbage. It is a breathing ground for the mosquitoes to continue to spread Zika disease.
It is unfortunate that the political terrorists refuse to find a solution on this small area. Katz, refers to Queens as the “World’s Borough.”  Can you please contact the responsible agency?  Please inform them that part of the world’s borough continues to be a mosquito haven. It is just another issue that this black community has to endure. Please hurry, the mosquitoes are multiplying rapidly.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


The chicken or the egg, which came first or in Jamaica terms: The ghetto residents or the conditions that created the ghetto and the ghetto residents?

Do residents of Jamaica Queens created ghetto and deplorable conditions OR do elected officials and city agencies create ghettos by doing nothing to improve quality of life issues and have residents get used to their surroundings of garbage, filth, poison and crime.  After 6 years of living in the hell ghetto, no doubt the later. Frankenstein could not have been created without Dr. Frankenstein, plain and simple, something our media refuses to bust wide open. Where are the multi-part stories by local media on this issue? You can title it:


Kind of ironic how every single day, you read an article or hear the Mayor, the Queens Borough President and city council talk about illegal immigrants, which there are only 1 million in this entire city, BUT does not talk about the conditions in Jamaica that not only affect illegal immigrants, BUT ALL THE RESIDENTS in Jamaica on a daily basis. So Katz, would you allow a waste facility to be brought in on your block, two blocks from you, 10 blocks from you or anywhere in Forest Hills?

Ms. Hazel goes through another list of the same old issues not being addressed from the Mayor and Public Advocate to the Queens Borough President and city council members. BUT HEY, Jamaica is the HOT hood, that is if you believe all the bullshit and manufactured hype. Besides her issues, don’t forget the illegal truck driving on residential streets along wit the illegal truck parking or the take over of Merrick Blvd by thug auto bodyshops and the grand daddy of them all, the dilapidated, poisonous Tony Soprano goomba company, ROYAL Waste located in downtown Jamaica by thousands of families and a park, which is slowly poisoning the residents. How many waste stations are in the hoods of the owners of Royal Waste?

Royal Waste Disaster at the 170th Street/Douglas location where 3 workers were killed by toxic chemicals in 2009


From Pamela Hazel, resident & community activist:

Katz & her gang are terrorizing black residents, part 1.

Borough president Melinda Katz has been in office for more than three years. What has she accomplished for Jamaica Queens, the black neighbourhood? Well, she and her gang members are terrorizing residents; because they ignore the quality-of-life terror we face everyday.

Despite their fake news about revitalization, initiative, bullshit; residents are terrorized on a daily basis:
Residents are terrorized by the sight and stench of the homeless in the Jamaica Center Station bathroom and in the trains.  Taking the e-train, in-particular is a health risk. Residents are terrorized by the fear of diseases. Straphangers have to stand; but the homeless have the fundamental right to occupy four to five cars. An increase in fare has not improved services.
Bathrooms are closed most times.

Bathroom Gate June 2

Residents are terrorized by two legged animals who use James Fobb’s abandoned garage. They dispose of toilets and its contents, bedbug laden mattresses  syringes, and unwanted foods. Then residents are terrorized by the four legged animals that prowl for survival.
Photo was taken yesterday, 3/27/17. The garbage runneth over. There are four churches within 3 blocks.
Residents are terrorized by Metropolitan Lumber Store’s shabby appearance and unkempt sidewalk. The lumber stands about 20 feet high over the fence on the Jamaica site. In Steinway Queens and other areas the lumber is enclosed.
Metropolitan sidewalk.  Photo was taken three weeks ago.
Residents are terrorized by the church leaders who set-up churches and prey on the weak and poor. The political gangsters support the spiritual terrorists who rob our community of tithes and offering to build God’s kingdom. Yet, our neighbourhood is broken down. Some of the spiritual terrorists refuse to live in the hood.

About three years ago, Joe & I began exposing the gangsters. Then, New York 1 Ruschell Boone’s camera began to roll on the plight. Suddenly the conditions  were improved. Some time thereafter, the political terrorists came back in full force. But Ruschell’s camera is on again. As for Joe & I,  we will keep the fire up your ass.

Katz, these issues will not disappear, so get off your ass; you, fatso senator/Comrie and your terrorists group. Call MTA and all the agencies that are responsible for terrorizing the black neighbourhood of Jamaica Queens.

You are always talking about serving all people and all neighbourhoods fairly. Can you explain why your neighbourhood, Forest Hills is clean and well kept?

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


From Pamela Hazel, Community Activist & Resident:

Metropolitan Lumber Hardware Store is neglecting its responsibilities. This is one of the worst business establishments in Queens.
Metropolitan Lumber has NOT removed snow from its sidewalk; the area is located at the corner of Merrick Boulevard and 108th. Avenue. It is slippery and dangerous.  Residents have no choice, but to use the street.
One part of the sidewalk  was  cleaned however. It is the entrance for Metropolitan storage area.
According to Department of Sanitation policy, snow should be removed four hours  after it snows. Well, the snow started in the wee hours of Tuesday; by Thursday afternoon more than 48 hours later the fallen snow remains a dangerous eyesore.

The store manager does not care about the residents of this black neighbourhood, Jamaica Queens. Residents have asked repeatedly, but to no avail. The reason is clear. Borough president/Katz, Senator Comrie and the other gangsters do nothing, but lip service.

Boranian, you are responsible for contacting D.O.S, on voters’  behalf. Please do your highly paid job. Unfortunately, someone must get hurt before Metropolitan and the gangsters take action.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice