As Jim Morrison sang “This Is the End……………” or Kenny Loggins sang “This is it” or The Animals sang “We Got to Get Out of This Place……………………..”

My plan of getting the hell out of here has finally come to fruition after some long planning that had some ups, downs, obstacles and delays along the way. AND though I have said this is the end before, only for that not to be the case, as I write this final post, I am gone from ghetto Jamaica and shitty SE Queens, so this is the FINAL END with no resurrection. While I have not escaped shitty NY yet (that is the final phase), I have at least escaped very shitty ghetto Jamaica and the dirty SE Queens for a non-ghetto community where I don’t have to see constant mounds of garbage, tons of homeless, walking dead drug addicts, low-class folks tossing diapers out their cars onto the ground, junked cars on sidewalks/streets, huge trucks driving illegally on residential streets and to a community where people actually have pride & respect and do not tolerate all the BULLSHIT that people in Jamaica put up with. AND while all of NYC has the ever presence of corrupt and do nothing elected “Democratic officials”, whom hide under the fake disguise of “progressive liberals” and “care about the people”, they are actually not even close to that, especially the “Tale of Two Cities” deBlasio, who is actually the flip side of Trump, but with actual brains and a hell of a lot more cunning and deceitful. AND nowhere was that more apparent that his pre-election visit to the dirty SE Queens (http://www.qchron.com/editions/queenswide/de-blasio-talks-the-issues-in-jamaica/article_8a8da9ff-b9d7-555d-b6f6-427aa8586ab1.html), where he claimed he was not really aware of the major garbage problem, despite this going on for decades and despite the FACT as Public Advocate I sent him photos of all the garbage in the area in 2012 and his office called me and invited me to the office and speak with them about the situation and then he actually sent someone from his office to come out and have me show him around, while he took photos. BUT NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN he was not aware of the major garbage problem as Mayor and claiming as most politicians do “I was not aware”. Ironic and so transparent that his visit was just a few weeks before election. AND if you are from Jamaica, SE Queens or all of Queens and you vote for this Lucifer, then you get all the shit that comes your way in your community, especially people of color in places like Jamaica, whom he has treated these communities with such disdain, not any different from Queen BP BITCH KATZ or the ebony clown political posse of Jamaica.  AND this Katz asshole has the nerve to put on her garbage political election flyers, “Our Quality of Life Starts With Safe Streets and Neighborhoods”. Guess Jamaica and SE Queens did not get the memo on that. Also on that bullshit flyer, “For her entire career,  Melinda Katz has worked to make all our communities safer”. REALLY, this is typical Trump bullshit, just say anything without backing any of it up with statistics or facts. If my dick grew a quarter of a inch every time one of these political hacks gave bullshit information without any statistics or facts to back it up, my dick would reach out to Hawaii.

SO it is up to the people to make sure the place they live in is up to par and has a good quality of life as opposed to this mess called Jamaica, which bullshit “leaders” are always saying is wonderful, but wouldn’t live in it themselves or even walk around to see their own damn district and what regular people have to deal with on a daily basis, BUT they want your vote, BUT for what. Because they are black and feel that other black people should just vote for them on that basis and because they have been hanging on to a life time job of doing SHIT. I honestly do not get the mindset in run down communities of color continually voting for the same folks who have exacerbated the problem or completely ignored it.  I mean does Comrie or Miller EVER walk (or in the case of Comrie, slowly waddle) around their district, like the new Willets Point, “Merrick Blvd”, where auto repair/body shops have completely not only taken over the sidewalks and streets but actually block an entire lane on busy Merrick Blvd causing a dangerous situation for drivers.  You mean all the elected officials, the community board including city council candidate Adrienne Adams and the church leaders over that way all think that is considered just normal as opposed to GHETTO. As one can see, nothing really has changed from when I first moved here till the time I got the hell out of ghettosville. The Jamaica symbol is still in full GHETTO BLOOM.

Dangerous falling apart vacant homes with garbage

Same Jamaica ghetto crap throughout the years

My experience living in Jamaica was awful (and it did not need to be so) and it mostly had to do with the many bottom of the barrel people who make others quality of life miserable and ESPECIALLY the whole “Stepin Fetchit” clown political posse beginning with lazy obese Senator Leroy Comrie and the other clown assholes, including master asshole who speaks with a fork tongue, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, and that dickhead of a Mayor, the fake progressive DumBlasio. My advice to the civilized folks:  STAY AWAY from communities like Jamaica until they get their shit together, which seems like never. AND even if they do, with all the hyper development, this now crowded congested community will become even more crowded and congested with even more problems. But there will be plenty of people who feel right at home in Jamaica with all the nonsense and garbage pretty much on every block, oh and don’t forget the polluting dump, Royal Waste, that was dumped right in the downtown area near thousands of families (I mean do your elected officials REALLY care about you with that move). THINK ABOUT IT. AND while many out there may not like my language, what I call people and my tone, there is no denying that everything I have said is based on REALITY  (plus documented for years) and you all know it is the damn truth, even if you do not want to accept TRUTH, an issue with both conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans. AND to this day, not one elected official or church leaders have come out to speak of the underage female who was kidnapped and pimped out of the Flake’s Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2017/06/12/11-days-the-flakes-and-greater-allen-church-have-made-no-comment-about-underage-girl-being-pimped-out-of-greater-allen-cathedral-senior-residence-for-four-months-plus-some-new-info-arises/), BUT I bet some of them had something to say about the pig Harvey Weinstein, which actually has nothing to do with any of us, but damn celebrities. BUT who speaks for young females like the one pimped out in one of Flake’s establishments or any of the other females abused in lower income areas. Of course the Weinstein thing (which at least is bringing much needed light to the subject matter) is just another distraction from the real issues of the Trump catastrophe that affects all of us, not just celebrities.

And then you have the ignorant problematic low-life hood rats that make communities like Jamaica miserable, you know the type, hanging out in front of dirty-ass Jamaica bodegas and under scaffolding with no ambition and nothing to do all day but hang out like they are in high school, selling drugs, causing commotions, making noise and other bullshit. AND yeah, yeah, I know some of you will say, “BUT they need jobs”, they have nothing to do, BUT whose fault is that, there are plenty of men of color with jobs in the area. Could the former’s attitudes and ambition be a problem. Then these same fellows get in an outrage when one of their hood rats buddies gets popped in the head due to drug dealing, bringing a gun to a party or other nonsense behavior and then talk what good guys they were and what good fathers and all the other bullshit that these hood rats spout when one of their own gets popped for stupid behavior. Like they  did with my one post ((https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/murderous-jamaica-hood-rat-36-year-old-niheen-donigan-meets-the-grim-reaper-as-he-gets-shot-to-death-on-notorious-jamaica-corner-a-few-blocks-from-rev-flakes-church/) ) when criminal Niheen Donigan was shot and killed in the same notorious area (109 Ave & Merrick), a mere blocks from the Flake’s mega church, where a few years  before, Donigan himself shot and killed Aswald Walker over a drug dispute. Right, good upstanding citizen. AND whose fault is that.

Merrick Deli at Merrick and 109th Ave

AND of course these folks will be the first to claim “gentrification” when some bottom barrel chain like Chipotle’s opens up in Jamaica, like that shit chain is the equivalent of some five star luxury French dining experience. Do any of them even know the definition of gentrification or how it is spelled. AND if they cared so much about their community, then they should take better care of it and clean it up instead of sitting all day on a fucking milk crate in front of a shitty bodega with their do nothing buddies, but sell drugs, make noise and cause problems, the great Jamaica pastime in the hood. But they will blame everyone else for their poor choices in life and the asshole Democratic liberals like Comrie and Meeks, will continue to feed into that narrative and do everything they can to make people like them dependent on others and keep them down. Sure their environment or their upbringing is a major problem, but eventually one must pull up their boot strings and take responsibility for themselves.  BUT certainly “the leaders” don’t want independent free thinking educated people in their community, who may just call out the Comries, the Flakes and the Meeks of this world on their BULLSHIT and actually vote their asses out of office. SO keep them down. How long have these kind of people been down. THINK ABOUT THAT ONE TOO.

Speaking of CRAP, take this video from WPIX below about abandoned cars that have been parked on this one residential street in Jamaica for a long time. Not one of the asshole black elected officials appear in the video to say anything, NOT ONE. This is in lazy Senator Comrie and Councilman Miller’s district, so I assume they like their community being ghetto, but more than likely they are lazy and do nothings with their own agenda. FUCKING TYPICAL and just another reason why Jamaica is low-class ghetto. This is a combination of low-class people with no respect and the corrupt do nothing elected officials and NYC agencies that ALLOW this bullshit to continue in such communities, low-class communities they help to create and thrive.

AND speaking of thriving, I was recently informed by NYPD about the problematic drug clinic located at 175th & Hillside Avenue:

In regards to the methadone clinic on 175 street and Hillside. Our steady sector Boy PO Villegas and PO Sheenan, who patrol the area daily because of the complaints that us the NCOs have received made an arrest for Criminal Possession of a Control Substance. They arrested two dealers and seized a large supply of heroin.

Police Officer Erica Cotto

New York City Police Department

103rd Precinct Sector Boy NCO

AND this is why no one wants drug clinics and homeless shelters put in areas like Jamaica, they become out of control without proper security and rules,  and too many people here just don’t give a shit to care. Hell, the few that even bothered to vote in the recent general election, put Councilman I. Daneek Miller back in office (as opposed to Anthony Rivers who spoke the truth during the debates) and voted for the Democratic Machine puppet Adrienne Adams , when they could have voted for a fresh young intelligent activist like Richard David in office. Not that Adams is a bad person, she is actually a decent person, but unfortunately, the damn Dem Machine will control her like they control Miller. BUT why didn’t Adams put her name on the ballot when that crooked do nothing Ruben Wills was still running. I mean if she cares so much about the community, why wait till after Wills was found guilty, I mean it was not like he did any good for the community when he was in office.

AND then one wonders why Jamaica is so fucking ghetto and a BIG MESS.  Clueless people putting the same crap in office over and over and over again. Good work in keeping Jamaica and SE Queens GHETTOLAND of the STOOPID. NO HOPE for Jamaica or this fucked up city, which gets worse each and every year, which we all have seen the bad change. We don’t need a sequel to Blade Runner, we already have one, it is called NEW YORK CITY.

A glimpse of the future of Jamaica (despite all the development and bullshit that comes out of the powers that be) can be seen on Jamaica Avenue (a cesspool in it’s own right), in the new retail buildings built a few years ago, that houses Planet Fitness (168-40) and which the other spaces were to have nice retail. Well, just like the bullshit Shops at Sutphin, they sat empty and then the only retail that moved in was another damn 99 cent store, Family Dollar. That did not even last a year and closed and recently a sign went up on the door, COMING: GENERAL DOLLAR and NOW, it it is another dollar store, just what Jamaica needs, the 1001 99 cent store. So they replaced one shit place 99 cent store that could not stay open, with another shit store 99 cent store. YEP, the ghetto Jamaica way.

Speaking of Shit, Senator James Sanders is giving away SHIT (http://mailchi.mp/nysenate/sanders-gives-away-24000-pounds-of-free-compost?e=a526e223d5).

Senator James Sanders, Jr.
SHIT stacked on SHIT


To quote crooked asshole former Councilman Ruben Wills, another Jamaica political jailbird, “It’s the people”. The only damn thing that was the truth that came out of his mouth, but a HALF-TRUTH, the other half is “IT’S THE CROOKED POLITICAL OFFICIALS WHO DON’T HAVE THE BEST INTEREST OF THE COMMUNITY OR CONSTITUENTS IN MIND. Some revitalization. Plus take a look at the Sutphin Blvd LIRR station, where much development is going on, that area is worse than ever with drug dealers, homeless, drug addicts and your typical low-class ghetto do nothings hanging around all day. And don’t even get me started on that totally disgusting, filthy low-class third country slum, Hillside Avenue. AND let’s not forget that downtown Jamaica is home to the huge polluting waste garbage dump, ROYAL WASTE, that not only poisons the air in the area where thousands of homes and families are, but the constant noise and destruction of streets caused by 24/7 trucks all over the place and this is located in a residential area and right in downtown Jamaica. AND with Councilman Miller and winning the primary election and the Queens Dem Machine puppet Adrienne Adams winning as well, PLUS the do nothing entrenched folks like Comrie  and Meeks, THIS IS THE FUTURE OF JAMAICA. Ghetto on steroids, JAMAICA GHETTOROID.

So with an election coming up, put in that idiot deBlasio, who has made this city worse, especially communities of color and reelect the same city council members that by regularly permitting all kind of shit (homeless shelters, garbage dumps, etc) and say nothing about it knowing they can get away with it – by throwing the people BULLSHIT like redoing playgrounds that they let get run into the ground, let us engage in the totally bullshit participatory budgeting crap (that always seem to end up with the programs they are going to do anyway), provides bike lanes and ferry boats that helps a tiny minority while others wait on buses and in MTA tunnels, and whom treats Queens voters like stupid silly ignorant peasants that don’t know any better and send these hacks in office every time. SO maybe the Queens voters are stupid, silly, ignorant peasants, I mean the majority of the folks in Jamaica must be, they keep putting these same hacks in office with the same results, that end up hurting them. They have gotten crap dumped on them for decades and then they bend over, spread their ass checks and say, MASTER, may I have another one.

Jamaica is a community and area filled with too many low-class ghetto folks who add to the problems, too many people who don’t give a shit and spineless corrupt do-nothing elected officials who care more about stupid statues that no one has even thought about, probably ever,  than the quality of life in this awful community. I mean half the people of Jamaica have probably never even thought about Robert E. Lee, let alone his statue or can name where one is and the other half of the Jamaica population is like, “Robert who?”  AND this is just one small part of the reason that places like Jamaica exist. I mean don’t focus on the real problems that have been going on forever (garbage/litter, illegal truck driving on residential streets, irresponsible over-development, illegal apartments, garbage dumps like Royal Waste put in residential areas, homeless shelters by the dozens dumped in certain neighborhoods, shootings, crime, rapes and so many other quality of life issues that make civilized tax payers lives miserable, but create new ones on subjects that no one even wasted a second thought on, like fucking statues and other nonsense, like the latest “racist” Kellogg’s Sugar Pops cereal box. Just more distractions to keep elected officials from focusing on REAL PROBLEMS and actually working for a living.

So focus on this:

A sign on the statue of Robert E. Lee calls for the park to be renamed for Heather Heyer, who was killed at in a far-right rally, in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S., August 16, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts – RTS1C15H

BUT not this:

Dangerous falling apart vacant homes with garbage

Focus on this:

BUT not this:


Focus on this:

BUT not this:

FUCKING SCUM HOOD RATS who gang raped a mother of two in Jamaica July 11th/12 and lived in a group home on South Road.

Focus on this:

BUT not this:


AND let’s not forget these fine douchebag folks, who helped the ghetto ball to continue:

Former corrupt Senator douche bag Shirley Huntley, one of the local leaders who only looked out for herself. Now she is Big Bertha’s bitch in prison.

Senator Malcolm A. Smith being carted off by FBI agents. Another douche bag Jamaica local leader.

Asshole Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks

Rev Floyd Flake all pimped out.

State Sen. Leroy Comrie (standing), Manny Caughman and Archie Spigner (THE THREE DOUCHEBAG AMIGOS).

Leroy Comrie stated “We are aware of this and we will clean this up after I order 3 quarter pounders with cheese, 2 large fries and a shake. Oh, throw in a dozen White Castle sliders.”

Queen Borough President Helen Marshall. “Dazed & Confused.”







































In the meantime you have shit like this in Jamaica & SE Queens happening ALL THE TIME, 24/7, just to show the kinds of people who inhabit GHETTOLAND:











“Sex crimes rose to 73 through Aug. 13 from 57 incidents in the same period last year within the 101st, 102nd, and 103rd precincts in southern Queens, according to NYPD crime statistics. ”






Richmond Hill residents want squatters out







And also, the clown posse elected officials (many below in yet another useless photo-op on another who gives a shit moment)  constantly focus on Trump (yes, we know he is an ASSHOLE & DANGEROUS, but so are our local Democratic elected officials as well), taking down statutes that the majority of people have never even thought about or dumping money in more Jamaica parks while these same parks turn into garbage dumps and outdoor homeless shelters (which by the way Jamaica has 26 plus homeless shelters). https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20170821/jamaica/rufus-king-park-downtown-jamaica-litter

The usual clowns and do nothings wasting money and time on dumping over a million on another park while the community has over 26 homeless shelters, a huge polluting garbage dump, Royal Waste and people who don’t give a fuck.


My comrade-in-arms and a TRUE HARD WORKING community activist,  Pamela Hazel (ask to be placed on her mailing list at advocatepam@yahoo.com), will still fight the good fight (a losing battle with no real warriors by her side) and The “Roving Reporter” Philster will take photos of CRAP,  but I will no longer have to waste one more precious minute of my life on a community that is not worth thinking about for a minute, because the majority of folks living here don’t and don’t care (many will vote again for Katz, Miller, Comrie and the Dem Machine puppet Adrianne Adams;  and so Clean Up is no more, but you can follow such great blogs that continue to show that Queens, local politicians and NYC SUCK BIG TIME or one of you, can pick up where I left and start your own blog.  These three below are the best blogs about the REAL ISSUES of New York City:

Queens Crap

Impunity City

Progress Queens

You also might want to hold onto this handy guide for all 311 issues:


AND know who your NCO’s  (Neighborhood Community Officers) in your area are, they are helpful at dealing with many problematic issues (shout out to Officers Marc Costa, Adam Sclafani & Louis York of the 103rd, who have helped me much considering all they have to deal with plus a shitty DeBlasio administration). BUT, a big complaint of late is that while this program started off with a bang, many quality of life issues like ice cream trucks blasting music illegally while idling, illegal truck driving on residential streets and the take over of sidewalks and streets by auto body/repair shops are FALLING TO THE WAYSIDE and laws are NOT being properly enforced. I have noticed this as have others who have been complaining about the NCO program not properly addressing the repeat issues:



I guess it is appropriate to have a huge polluting and poisonous garbage dump, Royal Waste, right in downtown Jamaica and near so many homes, it complements the community, some of the people and it’s leaders, ONE BIG SHITTY CESSPOOL. Talk about a swamp that need major draining. A disaster of a community of epic GHETTO proportions.


And I read this in The Daily News recently, says much:

Memo to the mayor: Income inequality is the wrong gauge for actually improving lives. New York, and all cities, should help those of modest means not by taking aim at the local rich but by providing top-quality public services — schools, parks and recreation, and public safety — for all citizens, rich and poor.

As long as the so-called leaders (especially these so-called progressive liberal Democrats) ignore those basics mentioned above, communities like Jamaica will continue to thrive and create more people who are more uneducated, more slobs, more problematic, more mindless, just like the powers that be want, so they can continue to control the people so they cannot stand up for themselves to see the bullshit and the lies from these crooks who hide under the disguise of “public servants”, more like “pubic assholes”.  At one point, you need to finally WAKE THE FUCK UP, that is if you actually care.

Before Clean Up Jamaica Queens kisses off, I do have to say that I actually had some fun doing this blog (but it also drove me crazy as well) and calling out the people and the elected officials on their bad behavior, their nonsense and their constant bullshit about how much they care about the people and the community, you know like asshole Katz’s motto “What is good for Queens is good for families.” Right, just like all the goodies I have posted after Porky. Jamaica, with a rich history,  once was a great community, many decades ago, and though there were many forces behind the decline, the elected officials and leaders of the community helped cement it’s downfall by ignoring issues, being complacent, having no vision, not standing up for what is right, trying to make a quick buck while fucking over the community and a lack of law enforcement and a attitude of “anything goes”, that still goes on to this day and the “New Willets Point”, Merrick Blvd is a perfect example of that, where there is NO ENFORCEMENT with all those shady auto body/repair shops that litter that boulevard. The motto in Jamaica, “DUMP, DUMP and DUMP MORE”.

I thank you much for your support. And FUCK JAMAICA, FUCK NYC, FUCK KATZ, THE IMMORAL FLAKES, COMRIE, & CREW, THE SMUG LIBERAL ELITES and some of the lousy local media for not calling out the elected officials and blasting them on their bullshit all the time……………. so addio, adios, farewell! MEMO to BLACK LIVES MATTER, might want to actually pay a visit to Jamaica Queens and see how black leaders serve a black community.

“And that’s the was it is in the dirty SE Queens……………..


AND enjoy these “greatest Jamaica hits” from low-class ghetto slobs, hood rats and “taxation without representation” elected officials. Now do these photos look like a community where people & elected officials actually care and are trying to make the community a better place. NO, plain and simple. Communities where people care, don’t look like this, period, EVER.



Downtown Jamaica Comfort Inn. Worker inside told me that 3 floors are for hotel guests and three floors are for homeless. Nothing like being greeted at a hotel than by a half naked homeless man sitting in hot weather.

Bad Mexican Hombres drinking in public, white white boy in background, cuts up some drugs. A few blocks from where Mayor and crew were doing their bullshit publicity stunt.

Damn, that white boy in the back is cutting up some good shit.

Cry-Baby Wills

FUCKING SCUM HOOD RATS who gang raped a mother of two in Jamaica July 11th/12 and lived in a group home on South Road.

I guess he’s waiting for Dallas BBQ to open. Upscale dining in DoJam.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

PEVERT, Rueben Chizor of the bullshit Hope Restoration Ministries in Queens Village. ALL THESE SO-CALLED CHURCHES NEED INVESTIGATING

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

Shooting in Hollis

Rufus King Park

Anwar Hossain (r.) and his son Ali, 11, sit on a bed in the beleaguered Jamaica apartment. (Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)

Rev Floyd Flake all pimped out.

Joseph Gilbert was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and forcing a 15-year-old girl into prostitution from inside the Allen Cathedral Senior Residence in Queens. (Google Maps Street View). This is Rev. Floyd “Big Daddy” Flakes place.

The Black Jamaica HopeLESS.

Over a million dollars and you would think this is some little kid playing the slums of Calcutta.

These large waste trucks SHOULD NOT even be allowed in this area, since they can barely turn on this street, 170th, heading to the Royal Waste dump a few blocks away.

One of Jamaica’s finest

The running of the bulls in downtown Jamaica

Downtown Jamaica, third world shithole. UNBELIEVABLE.

The James Fobb Estate


Royal Waste comprises the entire blue rectangle. As can be seen thousands of homes and a park are at risk.

168 pl at 90 ave in downtown Jamaica

A residential street 6AM. This is the shit that leaders have allowed.

Another ghetto crook, Yolanda Vitulli, the executive director of Tender Care Human Services Inc. has been charged with stealing $100,000 from the not-for-profit company.

Practice games for terrorist. The 165 LIRR Tunnel in Downtown Jamaica.

Commercial vehicle sitting for who knows how long.

This was the deli that closed a few years ago for dealing drug, guess it is opened for business again. SLOBS.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.

She certainly does not look like some starving young girl in Africa.


TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists. Such trucks come from Royal Waste Services.

Is that Assembly Member Vivian Cook addressing her constituents.


Way too common a site in Jamaica.

The unholy Trinity

Problematic El Camino homeless shelter in Downtown Jamaica

A few years back Jamaica BID made a big deal about this store, Cool Cats (cheap jewelry) you see in various neighborhoods, one was in the Village. Here in Jamaica it barely lasted a year and a half, now just a shit store of assorted crap inside with the loud microphone asshole in front (see this shit all on the Ave). Of course owners of this third world flea market leaves the old sign up. SO GHETTO.

Karen Ballard, owner of Q-Kids Day Care in St. Albans, Queens, license revoked after three-month-old infant Amir Millington died in her care July 22, 2013.


Zale Thompson, attacked officers with machete on Jamaica Ave in October of 2014

Downtown Jamaica, UNACCEPTABLE

Royal Waste, a polluting business in our community that is not following proper protocol about using truck routes instead of residential streets and leaders NOT doing a damn thing about it.

Doesn’t get any more ghetto than this, well it could.

Jamaica in the box retail

Is this an example of being on “the right track”.

Supportive housing

The epitome of Jamaica.


Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica

One of Jamaica’s vacant properties.

“Jamaica’s Element”

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

Royal Waste Disaster at the 170th Street/Douglas location where 3 workers were killed by toxic chemicals in 2009

Detectives from the New York State attorney’s office escort City Council member Ruben Wills of Queens in handcuffs to be arraigned in Queens Criminal Court after being arrested on charges of misusing public funds on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake’s parking lot.

Useless do nothing Senator Leroy Comrie

171st PL & 107th Ave

WE ARE AWARE OF IT say our leaders

Not even a bit of green exists in this third world dreck apartment.

Jamaica Leadership

James and Comrie. Seems like somewhat of a conflict to me.

Federal grand jury probes real estate and nonprofit deals for Malcolm Smith, other Queens pols
BY Kenneth Lovett , Barbara Ross , Greg B. Smith
Thursday, April 1, 2010,

June 24, 2014 at McDonalds on Sutphin Blvd. The Crossing residents have this to look forward to.

June 24, 2014 in front of McDonalds on Sutphin Blvd. The Crossing residents have this to look forward to.

Shit retail litter Jamaica Avenue. This display is totally illegal according to DOB rules, yet nothing is done about this.

Shit third world housing just a few blocks from Downtown Jamaica.

Low class ghetto slobs love to toss their filthy mattresses everywhere.

Jamaica, NY

This is nothing compared to what it looked like on Easter Sunday. Jesus H. Christ!


March 8th, 2014

Jn front of one of Rev. Floyd Flake’s parking lots directly across from his church, Greater Allen AME Church

A South Jamaica vacant lot with abandoned cars on a residential street, the same street which as the Rose of Sharon Baptist Church.

More typical South Jamaica. As of 7.14.14, pretty much looks the same.

Another one of Will’s District. South Road, which will be changed to Tuskagee Airmen Way courtesy of Wills. Why clean it up, just rename it.

Comrie’s own backyard of St. Albans. This was under his watch as Councilman. The little league ball field, which he was one of the sponsors of the Little League Team.

This is the REAL Jamaica Revealed. Not too pleasant.

Comrie’s District

Scumbag Senator Malcolm A. Smith “OH SHIT!”

Dress for Mess

168-07 89th Avenue
Filthy Mess for several years.

side of 168-07 89th Avenue. Well at least you cannot see it from the sidewalk/street. Low class will always be Low Class

Property located at 107-58 164th Street owned by James Fobbs who lives at 60 Doughty Blvd, #205 in Inwood (Long Island), NY 11096. March 2013.

D’aja Robinson who life was taken by some punkass with a gun.

Vacant Lot “TAGGED” at 91-22 175th St
June 8, 2013

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

Third world ghetto basketball

All this garbage and people just walking by, a fruit vendor next to it and the typical woman passing of literature of God. Only in Jamaica.

Leroy Comrie, another useless politician next to another Jamaica clown, Council Member Ruben Wills.

Ghetto trash



One side says we have a MAJOR PROBLEM, while the other side says WE HAVE NO PROBLEM, but the REALITY is there is a problem, no matter how you slice and dice it to your base. While both sides lie, the truth is in the middle.


From Queens Crap & Wall Street Journal:

And this is why we need border control…

Robert Capers

From the Wall Street Journal:

Sixteen alleged members of a Central American gang were charged Thursday for a range of crimes—including murder, assault and racketeering—in connection with three brutal slayings that rocked Brentwood on Long Island last year.

The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York accused the alleged members of the MS-13 gang of killing two Brentwood High School students by beating them with a bat and attacking them with a machete in September. Prosecutors also alleged they stabbed and beat to death fellow gang member Jose Pena, also a Brentwood High School student, in June.

“These were terrible, heinous crimes,” U.S. Attorney Robert Capers said.

The 13 adult defendants’ ages range from 18 to 29. Some go by nicknames: “Muerte,” “Big Homie,” and “Smiley.” Three additional defendants are minors.

Prosecutors are considering the death penalty for some of the defendants. Most of the others could be sentenced to life in prison, if convicted.

Ten of the adult defendants are illegal immigrants, Mr. Capers said. He declined to say whether federal immigration agents had inquired about them.


Saw this comment over in Queens Crap and I could not agree with it more. AND why is it always the same kind of people and groups that are unemployed and homeless.

The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

The homeless problem is due to a lack of employment? In order to be employed, one has to have some education. And if you would walk through the halls of NYC high schools, you would see a great number of students walking the hall in droves, cutting class, or not even showing up at school. Parents don’t even know if their kid is in school, let alone when report cards come out. And they don’t know if their kid is doing drugs as many of them are doing drugs themselves. So what kind of housing will these students be able to afford, if they cannot even read at grade level, have math skills way below grade level, and are incapable of critical thinking? Answer: they will be dependent on public funds for housing. The city does not “owe” you employment; you must apply yourself while in school to prepare to support yourself. So the “lack of employment” answer is not valid. It’s more like, the “lack of employable”. Good paying jobs are going unfilled as employers can’t find qualified people to hire. Seeing other people, who DID apply themselves in school and who subsequently are enjoying the fruits of their endeavors in decent places to live, nice clothing, etc. brings about resentment from those who did not, which can lead to domestic violence and turning to drugs to escape a less rosy reality.

The public is not responsible for this. They provided funding to give a basic education. If this was not taken advantage of, you want to make it a public responsibility to supply that which other people have worked toward and earned. Does no one take responsibility for themselves these days?

It is also true that people are streaming into NYC in order to avail themselves of the generous housing/welfare services offered. We are already paying several BILLION dollars to support this mess. There needs to be a strict long residency requirement to get public housing, welfare, etc. and there needs to be a time limit set on this. No more multigenerational cases, so that the few can work to support the many. That’s ridiculous and leads to the lowering of quality of life for all.


Now this is in Kew Gardens, a nice neighborhood, can you imagine in places like Jamaica and lower income communities and communities of color, forget about it, they would be allowed to rot and die in their buildings, which is pretty much what is happening in this building in Kew Gardens. Totally unacceptable. Notice that lack of any elected officials or city administration on this. And where is the Public Advocate. James should have been out there in person.

Perfect example of how this fucking asshole city (far from the greatest city in the world as many have said past and present) treats lower to middle class people, elderly and sick. You can damn well bet that if this happened in one of the glass towers in LIC or in Brooklyn, this would have been taken care of in hours and if not the there would have been plan B to take proper care of the people.

We all have to question why we continue to stay in a city that is so expensive, has the worse quality of life of any major city in the country, is filthy ALL OVER, over-crowded, a shitty subway system, awful roads & major congestion, extremely overly priced, super high taxes and not a damn thing unique that made this city unique in the days. Besides being super expensive it has become super bland with nothing to offer unless you are mega rich.

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From Queens  Crap & WPIX:

Elderly and infirm residents are trapped in their building

From PIX11:Imagine you have no elevator service for a month and you’re a senior citizen or have serious health issues.

That’s what dozens of residents in a Kew Gardens apartment building are coping with.

“We do the best we can,” Sidney Tesher, an 87-year-old tenant of the Austin Street building, told PIX11. “Excuse me for being out of breath.”

PIX11 News reached out to the building’s management company, PSRS Realty Group, for comment, but has not received a response.

Nobody was working on the elevator when PIX11 was there. The realty group told residents in a sign in the building that elevator service will be restored on Jan. 18.


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So much of what passes for journalism today is a fucking joke and the so-called reporters could not get a job for a local high school paper: misspelled words, incorrect facts, wrong photos for the story and a lack of any type of reporting knowledge, not to mention how so many of these local rags are just an extension of the local government or real estate developers, never really reporting IN-DEPTH on major issues in local communities from local government corruption, especially in the SE Queens area or the major amount of quality of life issues that either don’t get reported or just get glossed over, but one media outlet is actually above the local rags and that is the Queens Chronicle which has focused on quality of life issues and problems and goes more in-depth than most and actually does follow-up pieces.

I know personally, Queens Chronicle has done many stories on problems in Jamaica.

Here is another great bit of reporting. While not in Jamaica, it shows the stories that others do not even bother to cover. Spotted this one over at my favorite blog Queens Crap. Another problematic religious institution making problems for the community they are in. Amazing what these charlatan snake oil places get away with, including not paying any damn taxes.

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From Queens Crap & The Queens Chronicle:

Reporter captures food pantry debacle

Great job by the Queens Chronicle‘s Ryan Brady in following up on our original story:

A Queens Crap blog post from last month featured a complaint from an anonymous person about the crowds that come when the synagogue gives out food and block the entrance to a nearby community driveway.

Nisanov said that people who come to the food pantry are encouraged to avoid blocking the community driveway.

“Whenever there’s cars coming by, we always ask the people to move,” he said. “Even when there is no car coming by, we always tell people, ‘Please, it’s a driveway; we don’t want anyone to get hurt.’”

But when the Chronicle went to the location on Wednesday morning during the time of the food pantry’s operation, an entrance to the community driveway was blocked by a number of people waiting in line.

The rabbi added that the synagogue being in the area has benefited it in other ways.

“A house of worship and especially a synagogue in the neighborhood has raised the values of homes tremendously,” he said.

The Board of Standards and Appeals issued a variance for the building to be a synagogue with an accessory apartment for the rabbi in 2007 on the condition that it get a new certificate of occupancy reflecting the usage, according to the agency’s executive director, Ryan Singer. The certificate was necessary for the variance to legalize the building’s usage as a synagogue. The building did not have one by 2011, the deadline to do so under the conditional variance.

The Queens Chronicle:

Synagogue owes almost $130K to city

Kehilat Sephardim of Ahavat Achim has received myriad civil penalties

A synagogue called Kehilat Sephardim of Ahavat Achim in Kew Gardens Hills at 150-62 78 Road has racked up $129,500 in Department of Buildings and Environmental Control Board civil penalties.

Violations were issued because of occupancy contrary to the building’s certificate of occupancy, which is for a one-family residential home, work without a permit and construction violations, the details for which could not be given to the Chronicle prior to deadline.

A partial vacate order meant to stop the building from being used as a house of worship was issued by the DOB on Jan. 9, 2009 after it was determined by inspectors to lack proper fire suppression systems and a place of assembly certificate, according to a spokesperson for the agency. It is still in effect.

Places of worship are allowed in some residentially zoned areas, the spokesman added, but the status must be reflected by the certificate of occupancy, which in the synagogue’s case says the building is a single-family home.

Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov, the head of the synagogue, says that it is working to pay the fines.

“It’s something that we’re trying to rectify,” he said, adding although his group has not asked for a fine reduction, it will.

A Queens Crap blog post from last month featured a complaint from an anonymous person about the crowds that come when the synagogue gives out food and block the entrance to a nearby community driveway.

Nisanov said that people who come to the food pantry are encouraged to avoid blocking the community driveway.

“Whenever there’s cars coming by, we always ask the people to move,” he said. “Even when there is no car coming by, we always tell people, ‘Please, it’s a driveway; we don’t want anyone to get hurt.’”

But when the Chronicle went to the location on Wednesday morning during the time of the food pantry’s operation, an entrance to the community driveway was blocked by a number of people waiting in line.

The rabbi added that the synagogue being in the area has benefited it in other ways.

“A house of worship and especially a synagogue in the neighborhood has raised the values of homes tremendously,” he said.

The Board of Standards and Appeals issued a variance for the building to be a synagogue with an accessory apartment for the rabbi in 2007 on the condition that it get a new certificate of occupancy reflecting the usage, according to the agency’s executive director, Ryan Singer. The certificate was necessary for the variance to legalize the building’s usage as a synagogue. The building did not have one by 2011, the deadline to do so under the conditional variance.

“To date the owners of the property have not been issued a new Certificate of Occupancy, and have not complied with the conditions set forth in the BSA variance,” a DOB spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

A complaint from November 2012, which also is active, says that cars are frequently parked on the sidewalk in front of the building.

Flushing resident Paul Graziano, a long-time critic of the Department of Buildings and challenger to City Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside), says that fines issued over problems at buildings are often ignored and toothless.

“The city does not enforce its own fine collection; it doesn’t enforce its own rules,” he said.



The article in The Daily News below stated this about the Ambroses, who came from Maine and plopped right into a homeless shelter and the other day, their very young daughters were killed due to a slumlord’s faulty building that the city does business with: “Did they come here for medical services for Scylee, who had a rare congenital malformation? Or was it, as their father Peter said, so the girls could grow up in a big city with big opportunities? Or was it because he knew the city must, under law, provide housing for him and his family if they couldn’t afford it?”

Let me answer that, since there has been plenty of information about the Ambroses. Both are drug addicts (not sure if they are recovering or still using), neither had full time jobs and obviously no kind of savings. Yet, with no savings, no jobs, they choose to have not one, but two kids, when they were not able to take care of themselves. He had run ins with the law as reported by The NY Post. There were also issues with child welfare, about 6 instances. They had family and friends in Maine, but none of them took them in. Wonder why, would you.

Then they move from way less expensive Maine and come to the most expensive city in the country with no job, no money, no savings.

ANSWER: They are fucking deadbeats who came to suck off the big NYC government tit, that we the tax payers have to foot the bill for deadbeats like this. This whole right to shelter bullshit is problematic. Look at places that have this in place and look at the size of those places homeless population and the problems: NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, all have major homeless issues.

Lets just be fucking real and speak the truth. The Ambroses should be the poster folks on just how fucked up this whole system is. On one had you have asshole elected officials and DHS who have are fucking up the city and the tax payers and on the other hand you have deadbeats like the Ambrose lining up to suck up that big fat tit.

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Appeared on Queens Crap:

It’s all about the “right to shelter”

From the Daily News:

We don’t know why the Ambrose family moved from Maine to New York City roughly a year ago. What we do know is that Ibanez Ambrose, 2, and Scylee Ambrose, 1, suffered terribly from severe burns before they died from exposure to radiator steam and might be alive today had their parents remained in Maine.

Did they come here for medical services for Scylee, who had a rare congenital malformation? Or was it, as their father Peter said, so the girls could grow up in a big city with big opportunities? Or was it because he knew the city must, under law, provide housing for him and his family if they couldn’t afford it?

It’s unclear how many people enter the homeless ranks only because they know New York City must, under court settlements and state regulations, provide them free housing.

Don’t get me wrong. The law is just, and I don’t oppose it. No one wants anyone, especially children, to be homeless. But given that the number of homeless people in New York City is not stabilizing despite a concerted and well-funded effort by Mayor de Blasio, city leaders should consider a public awareness campaign that lets people know that staying put, moving to a city with more affordable housing or doubling up with relatives may be a much better solution than entering a shelter system bursting at the seams.


Below was from Queens Crap, the ONLY media, that actually broke the whole homeless shelter fiasco in this city and especially in Queens and still continues to dig and dig and dig, which is what the other so-called media outlets should be doing, you know, their fucking jobs.

Yep, this asshole Mayor and this majorly fucked up city agency, DHS, really care about fixing the homeless issue………..SURE……………………..

Queens Crap:

DHS ok with making people homeless in order to house other homeless

From the Daily News:A faith-based Queens nonprofit is trying to boot low-income renters into the street in the midst of the holiday season — in the hopes of converting their building into a homeless shelter, residents told the Daily News.

The New York School of Urban Ministries in Astoria wants tenants out of the 46th St. building as soon as possible and has been using underhanded methods to speed up the process, residents say.

Pastor Peter DeArruda, the executive vice president of the ministry, sent notices out last month informing tenants they must vacate the building by Dec. 31.

City officials said they were approached about using the site as a shelter but scuttled any plans when they realized that there were long-term tenants in the building.

“We’re absolutely, positively not using this place,” said Department of Homeless Services spokesman David Neustadt.

This DHS is something else. They lured a young couple to NYC with the promise of free lodging under “right-to-shelter” and ended up killing their young children. Now they’re ok with evicting low income tenants so that they can stash their homeless there instead – until they get a phone call from a newspaper.