While no doubt we need some type of independent system that looks into homeless services agency, which is known for SHITTY homeless shelters all over that are in major violations, while, major amounts of money fly out the window, courtesy of our tax dollars, we also need an independent council who looks into our local elected officials, many who are corrupt, do nothings and complete whores.

What pisses me off in the article below, this hack Crowley, never mentions how the communities and the hard working people who live in those communities have to deal with all the bullshit, nonsense, crime and quality of life issues that these shelters bring and the bottom of the barrel folks that go into them.

Again, the homeless are not all cute little kids, FUCKING FAR FROM THAT BULLSHIT. They are like these dirt-bag thugs below, lazy ass young man who are chronically unemployed because they are MAJOR FUCK-UPS.

Brooklyn Homeless Shelter residents playing a game of “Crack the Skull”.


From Queens Courier:

File photo/QNS
Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley has introduced legislation to create an inspector general to monitor DHS.

Queens is not immune to the homelessness crisis in New York that is causing both the city and state to scramble to find a solution to the growing number of homeless individuals and families entering the already taxed shelter system.

Now, one lawmaker wants to ensure that these shelter locations are up to code and no longer substandard.

 Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley recently introduced legislation (Introduction 1591) that would create an inspector general for the Department of Homeless Services (DHS), who would be responsible for monitoring DHS policies and practices.

According to Crowley, the DHS’ most recent scorecard shows approximately 16,000 open violations across city shelters.

“Far too many of the city’s shelter population are placed in substandard housing, in buildings with a wide range of dangerous conditions,” she said. “The city contracts with nonprofits for these shelters and pays them top dollar, yet the locations are crawling with thousands of violations that haven’t been addressed.”

The inspector general that would be created from Crowley’s proposed bill would staff an office with a director and personnel to investigating not only DHS but the Human Resources Administration (HRA) as well.

There is currently an inspector general through the Department of Investigation which oversees HRA, the Division of Youth and Family Justice, and the Administration for Children’s Services. This leaves the inspector general little room to focus on DHS’ flawed practices, Crowley said.

“We have a record number of homeless people in the shelter system, and too many families right now are in dangerous situations because DHS isn’t doing its job properly,” she added. “The city must put measures in place to keep a watchful eye exclusively on this crisis.”

The inspector general under Crowley’s legislation would be responsible for monitoring only DHS and the nonprofit organizations that it contracts with to operate city shelters for instances of corruption, fraud, waste, and misconduct.



Happy BLOODY MOTHER’S DAY in Ghetto Jamaica, as yet ANOTHER shooting took place in Rosedale besides the two earlier reported.

No shootings or murders to report in Forest Hills, where people actually are civilized and know how to behave as opposed to ghetto Jamaica where the opposite is.


From The Daily News:

Four shot — one fatally — in streak of Queens shootings

Police at a Mayda Road, Queens home where a 37-year-old man was found shot in the neck on Sunday.

(Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

A 38-year-old man shot in the head in Queens died Sunday — the first fatality in three separate shootings.The victim, whose name has not yet been released by police, was ambushed by two suspects in a Silver BMW at 144th Ave. near 227th St. in Brookville around 8:30 a.m., police said.

The suspects, at least one of whom was armed, got out of the car and shot the 38-year-old twice in the head, sources said. A 40-year-old man was also shot in the torso, according to police sources.

The suspects fled in the BMW and are still at large, police said.

MS-13 gang members nabbed in Queens shooting

Police on the scene after a woman was shot in the head on 78th Road near 144th St. in Flushing about 9:45 a.m.

(Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

The 38-year-old died at Jamaica Hospital. The 40-year-old was in stable condition, police said.

In a separate incident in Flushing, police took a 43-year-old man into custody after he shot his girlfriend in the head on 78th Road near 144th St. around 9:45 a.m., police sources said.

The 32-year-old girlfriend was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Blood is seen on a car after two men were shot, one fatally, on 144th Ave. and 227th St. in Queens around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.

(Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

“I heard it was a domestic dispute,” said a neighbor who gave his name as John. “On Mother’s Day too. Can you believe that? Why have a fight? Just walk away, go out.”

Police arrested the boyfriend at the scene, where cops also found two firearms, sources said.

The final shooting occurred in Rosedale, where police found a 42-year-old man in the vestibule of a home on Mayda Road near 243rd St. with a gunshot wound to his neck. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition around 6:30 a.m. Police have not made any arrests.



In the article below:

A spokeswoman for Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica, which caters to middle- and lower-income buyers, said the effect on the agency’s clients has been bad. “They’re being priced out of the market,” she said.

I have said this before as have others, many of the residents & asshole elected officials and community leaders like the religious sect, should have fucking takeN much better care of their community over the decades as opposed to trashing the fuck out of it and doing all other kind of nonsense that allowed property values to drop like a lead brick. Of course others and the real estate developers were going to swoop in, I mean what the fuck did you think was going to happen. Between the low-class slobs, the gang bangers, the hood rats, the fucked up leaders in this community who looked the other way and allowed bullshit to happen, you all have no one to blame but your fucking selves.

BUT I will tell you who will not be complaining, all the homeowners who for decades watched their property values drop because of the ghetto crew.

So, well,  EAT SHIT NOW and find another place to fucking destroy or better yet, learn to act like civilized people and show some damn pride in your community. I mean, hell, look at what the fucking slobs have done to the recently fixed up Rufus King Park, I mean already they are trashing it.

Homeowners who take care of their property and those who have respect for their community don’t give a shit if the bottom folks get tossed, they are the ones that fucked it up to begin with while crooked and do nothing black leaders sat back and watched.


From Queens Chronicle:

Queens sees strong ’17 housing market

Prices rising, homes selling quickly; interest rates still friendly for buyers

Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2017 10:30 am | Updated: 1:09 pm, Thu Apr 20, 2017.

The Queens housing market made a very strong showing in the first quarter of 2017, according to one of the most pre-eminent residential real estate firms in the country.

Douglas Elliman Real Estate, based in Manhattan, said in its monthly report that median sales prices in the borough were up 21.3 percent over the first quarter of 2016.

The average sales price for a house was $558,259, up 17.4 percent from January through March a year ago.

“Brooklyn and Queens continue to show a very fast moving pace with rising sales and falling inventory,” the Elliman report states. “Price trends are setting new records — the median sales price reached a new high for the third consecutive quarter.”

Queens saw 3,395 house sales in the first quarter, an increase of 34.9 percent from 2016 and the highest total in nine years.

Listed inventory was down 4 percent over a year ago. The firm also says the Queens market is benefiting from a “Brooklyn spillover.” Sarah Burke, a managing director at Elliman, said the market is strong.

“Whether that is good or bad depends on if you are a buyer or seller,” she said.

Steven Pacchiano, a broker with Connexion 1 Real Estate in Howard Beach, and Tom LaVecchia, the owner and a broker with Howard Beach Realty in Ozone Park, concur with that assessment to varying degrees.

“It’s been very busy the last year-and-a half,” Pacchiano said. “If you’re looking to buy, prices are up. But interest rates also are pretty low right now. Interest rates are at about 3.3 percent and eventually they’ll go up to 4 and eventually 5 percent. So right now is a good market for sellers and buyers.” He and LaVecchia confirmed that inventory is down but both said deals are there to be had “if the price is right.”

“Right now, you might put a house on the market for a few days or maybe a month,” LaVecchia said. “In the past you could have a house listed for a year. Right now there are more buyers than sellers, so that drives prices up.

“Finding a mortgage right now won’t be a problem for most people,” he added. “Finding your dream home is, because of the lower inventory.”

A spokeswoman for Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica, which caters to middle- and lower-income buyers, said the effect on the agency’s clients has been bad.

“They’re being priced out of the market,” she said.

Burke said the Elliman report does not deal with rental properties, but that market forces would have their natural impact on that market.

“If you can’t buy right now, you are going to live somewhere,” she said.

LaVecchia, who has been in the business for 43 years, said realtors had listings in abundance as recently as the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

“But the market has stabilized,” he said. “Nothing in this business surprises me anymore. For every downturn, we have an upswing.”


Just the ideal of wasting tax payer money of over $2 billion dollars for some idiotic streetcar to connect Queens waterfront to Brooklyn waterfront , which will not benefit the majority of people,  but those in glass towers along the water and jack up prices that are already jacked up.

Imagine what $2 billion plus can do not only for Queens, but NYC. We have some of the most fucked up infrastructure in the country, a pathetic dilapidated subway system (the worst in the world) were maybe one time a month it actually works without any issues, we have homeless filling up our subway stations, our subway cars and our streets/sidewalks,  but hey, just what NYC needs a good for nothing streetcar that benefits a teeny population, if that.

“A Streetcar Named FUCK YOU FOLKS”.


From Progress Queens:

Van Bramer ignoring impending protest by anti-gentrification group in Queens


The office of New York City Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Woodside) is keeping a lid on its reaction to a planned demonstration by a group of grassroots activists, who are objecting to his refusal to strongly oppose the over-development of real estate, amongst other charges. The group, the Queens Anti-Gentrification Project, has announced a protest march against over-development, and the protest march is planned to pass in front of Councilmember Van Bramer’s District Office in Woodside, Queens. The march is scheduled for the early evening of Thursday, 20 April, according to an event posted on the group’s Facebook page. For this report, Councilmember Van Bramer did not answer an interview request made by Progress Queens.

An advertisement for next week's protest march being organised by grassroots activists. Source : Queens Anti-Gentrification Project/Fair Use

An advertisement for next week’s protest march being organised by grassroots activists. Source : Queens Anti-Gentrification Project/Fair Use

As previously reported by Progress Queens, Councilmember Van Bramer has had meetings with real estate developers, sometimes under the guise of cultural affairs work. Amongst the meetings he has had were with unidentified executives from the development firm Tishman Speyer and with the developer Bruce Ratner. In 2016, Councilmember Van Bramer attended the annual dinner of the Real Estate Board of New York. Information about these meetings were contained in records obtained by Progress Queens as a result of a request made under the State’s Freedom of Information Law. According to Government reform activists, Councilmember Van Bramer’s entreaties to real estate executives is explained by reports that he is running a campaign to become the next Speaker of the City Council. City Councilmembers seeking to negotiate support for legislative leadership positions attempt to establish close working relationships with real estate developers, who are a source of significant campaign contributions and who direct other elected officials to support preferred candidates for leadership. Candidates for legislative leadership positions are also known to make campaign donations to their peers in exchange for support. The role of money in politics, generally, and the role of large real estate donations, specifically, explains why few zone-busting real estate projects are ever defeated by the community. The last time a community-crushing project was defeated, in part, by community activists was in 2005, when a clash between the competing interests of State and Municipal officials ultimately led to the rejection of the planned West Side stadium supported by then Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-New York City). The lack of democratic control over major land use issues is the subject of criticism by Government reform activists, and elected officials with close ties to real estate developers have refrained from reforming the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, or the ULURP process, the review by which most major real estate projects win approval.

Amongst the political demands that the anti-gentrification activists are making of Councilmember Van Bramer, as identified in the Facebook event for their protest, include that the Municipal legislator unconditionally oppose each of : the BQX, the project name for a light rail service with which real estate developers hope to connect the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts, hotbeds for real estate development ; the development and further rezoning of Sunnyside Yards and Long Island City, respectively ; and “the privatization” of the New York City Housing Authority. The demands were made by the activist group in an effort to stem programs or policies that they say will only further the upward spiral of the cost of residential rents that leads to displacement of long-term tenants.

The protest comes as incumbent Municipal officials gear up for reëlection this year. Councilmember Van Bramer is reportedly trying to make sure that he faces no primary challenger in this year’s Municipal election cycle. His support for neoliberal economic policies is calculated on a political gamble that voters in Queens are disconnected from broader, social movements for Government reform that have ousted from elected office political candidates, who support a Big Business-centric agenda. In 2013, a coälition of anti-corruption activists led, in part, by LGBTQ activists, voted out of public office then Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Chelsea), who was, in that year then, a candidate for the Democratic Party primary in the mayor’s race. Amongst the charges made by the anti-corruption activists was that then Council Speaker Quinn was too cozy with real estate developers. In the Democratic Party primary that year, approximately 85% of voters did not support then Council Speaker Quinn’s mayoral candidacy. Then Council Speaker Quinn’s electoral loss was a precursor to the stunning loss of 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former U.S. First Lady. The presidential campaign of Former First Lady Clinton was also opposed for the candidate’s close ties to business interests that activists charged forsook the interests of the Democratic Party’s voting base, according to news reports.

Recommended Reading



CHRIST, out of the 6 women to honor, you could not come up with someone better than these two political whores, Claire Schulman and Vivian Cook. Damn, talk about scraping the barrel. And this after the nauseating memorial accolades for that other hack and former Queens BP Helen Marshall.

Might as well just honor a bag of shit. To honor people like Marshall, Schulman and Cook, who have been so fucking destructive of Queens, selling it out like a whore and in the case of Cook, hanging on for a paycheck, is well, what can I say, FUCKED UP. Keep on honoring the dishonorable. The bullshit never ends.


From Queens Tribune:

Queens Tribune To Honor Six Cracking The Glass Ceiling At Women’s History Month Event


In this day and age there are a few overused and  improperly used words in our lexicon, mostly by mediocre media outlets. Words such as “ICON” & “LEGEND”, so it is no surprise that the word “legendary” is being used to describe the dead idiots savant, Helen Marshall, by none other than Queens Press and Marcia Moxam Comrie, Leroy’s other half.

Helen Marshall, legendary. If you are referring to incompetent, sell-out, real estate lobby whore, stupid, destructive, then yes, she is Queens legendary, but not quite in the league of the other asshole BP’s like Mane, Schulman and the Katz, who seems to have combined all the wonderful qualities of the previous three and upped the ante.

So her is more bullshit on Marshall courtesy of the LEGENDARY QUEENS PRESS and media hack, Marcia Moxam Comrie and right hand woman of the Queens Borough State Sponsored Media, providing legendary bullshit for years. I don’t this there is a toilet capable of handing this much shit.

The team of “Arsenic and Old Lace”.


From Queens Press:

Death Of A Legendary Queens Borough President

A Personal Perspective

Helen Marshall died last weekend on March 4. It seems fitting that she made her exit from this life during Women’s History Month as she was indeed a highly-accomplished woman.

In March 2002, just two months after being sworn in as Queens borough president, Marshall participated in Inner Circle, the New York City media’s annual political roast.

At one point during the show, there appeared an elderly woman in a house dress, ambling across Queens Boulevard with the aid of a walker. Traffic screeched, horns blared and New Yorkers yelled angrily at the woman so recklessly crossing the “Boulevard of Death” as it was then known for the many pedestrians killed while trying to cross the multi-lane thoroughfare.

When the woman had finally made it safely across, she threw away her walker, ripped off her house dress and wig to reveal the perfectly erect, well-coifed Helen Marshall. She chuckled and yelled, “Don’t mess with me.”

Written by Dan Andrews, Queens Borough Hall’s resident media expert, who was among the writers for the event, the skit was a perfect metaphor for Marshall’s political career. She knew how to get what she wanted and people underestimated her at their own risk.

Neither literally nor figuratively was Marshall a smooth-talking politician. But she had a way of getting ahead in the cut-throat world of New York politics without losing her integrity.

She began her career as a school teacher and made her way to a seat in the New York State Assembly, where she served for several terms. In 1991, she saw an opportunity to move into city politics when redistricting opened up new City Council districts. She would go on to represent Council District 21 for two terms.

But she wasn’t ready to give up serving the people of Queens yet. Marshall secured the support of the Queens Democratic Party to run for the Queens borough presidency to succeed the term-limited Claire Shulman, who was fondly known as “The Queen of Queens.” Marshall, to many, did not seem to have what it took to follow in those hallowed footsteps. But once again, she fooled the naysayers.

Helen Marshall, the daughter of Guyanese immigrants, became a formidable borough president in her own right and served her beloved borough honorably in that role for 12 years.

She became the patron saint of libraries, public colleges, K-12 education, the arts and the entire borough of Queens. Much was made of the fact that Marshall was the “first African-American borough president of Queens” and, indeed, there was that. And while she embraced the distinction, it was not enough to rest on. It never is. Helen worked hard and one could argue that she was as diverse as Queens itself.

Losing her mother in early childhood, Marshall was reared by her father and a loving step-mother, an African-American woman with southern roots who was the only mom she knew and the only parent she had after her father died while she was still in her teens. Marshall reveled in the opportunities to celebrate the numerous cultures that made up her Queens domain. There was no group that was more or less important to Helen Marshall. She loved all.

And then there was Don, her beloved husband of umpteen years who, as a respected NYPD retiree, became her primary evening driver. As a result, he became almost as well known as the borough president herself. He predeceased her by mere weeks, so they are together again. May they both rest in peace.


Queen Borough President Helen Marshall. “Dazed & Confused.”

Doesn’t matter Republican or Democrats, but these elected hacks are always stating how great these deceased frauds, like Helen Marshal are, when in reality THEY WERE NOT. Marshall along with waiting for her to drop dead, another Queens BP hack, Claire “Bulldog” Schulman, were HACKS of epic proportions who could care less about Queens or their constituents and who were in the pockets of the Real Estate Lobby and who knows how much in kickbacks these slugs got. I mean below is where dead Marshall spent her last couple of years in California. Pretty nice, a gated community.

The article below states:

Helen Marshall has left a legacy that touched thousands in the borough and reached across the city to the state.

She certainly did, this kind of legacy:

41505 Carlotta Drive, Palm Desert CA

Again here is TRUTH & REALITY, not the bile and BS coming from hack elected officials mouths, like BP Melinda Katz (cut from the same cloth), who praise what a wonderful public servant Marshall was. BUT us folks who are not the typical Queens Sheeple who follow every single word these hacks say and get bamboozled in the process, know better.

So take a look at one of your hack fearless leaders. The legacy of Helen Marshall, Civic Virtue & Steinway Mansion, gone & partial destroyed, respectively. Brooklyn would not treat their history as the a-hole electeds of Queens do. MARSHALL, in a long line of fraud Borough Presidents, who sold this borough out to the highest developer and crapped on the people.


And remember you fucking hacks.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Helen Marshall remembered as champion of libraries

Borough Hall is planning a celebration of life to remember former Borough President Helen Marhall’s life after she died last weekend at 87.


Helen Marshall has left a legacy that touched thousands in the borough and reached across the city to the state.

The funeral for former Borough President Helen Marshall will be private but a New York memorial service is currently being planned and will be announced at a later date. The tribute may be held in the $23 million Helen Marshall Cultural Center, the 11,000-square-foot atrium at Borough Hall which was dedicated last September.

Marshall, who served as Queens borough president for 12 years after many nearly two decades as a Democratic lawmaker at the city and state levels, died Saturday in a Palm Desert, Calif. hospice. She was 87.

A former teacher, she spent her years in public office with a sharp focus on education and expanding library services in Queens.

Marshall was the first African-American borough president of Queens and the second woman to occupy the post in the most ethnically diverse county in the country.

“Helen Marshall was a larger-than-life figure in the civic life of Queens and the State of New York,” said Melinda Katz, who succeeded Marshall as the borough president. “During her decades in public life, Helen fought tenaciously to improve our children’s schools, to address seemingly intractable quality-of-life issues and to secure a fair share of City resources for Queens.”

When Marshall first became borough president in 2001 she had a list of priorities. “We lovingly dubbed it the Marshall plan for Queens,” former Chief of Staff Alexandra Rose said. Rosa said Marshall set up the War Room, a hold-over from the administration of previous Borough President Claire Shulman, where she and her staff developed strategy on how to address overcrowded schools, and the Green Room for working on issues involving parks and open space.

“She spent more than half her life in public service, but she was more than just a politician, she was a wonderful human being,” Shulman said. “She treated everyone who came to her with their problems with great care. She was just a very, very, very kind-hearted woman and a really hardworking woman.”

Born in the Bronx on Sept. 30, 1929, she was educated at Queens College and taught until she became the first director of the Langston Hughes Library in Corona.

“Helen’s legacy as the champion of East Elmhurst, Corona and all of Queens goes back for more than 30 years. Her hard work led to the establishment of many emblematic institutions in our community, including Langston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center and Elmcor Youth & Adult Activities, Inc,” City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland (D-East Elmhurst) said. “Helen changed the lives of thousands of Queens residents, including my own. Helen launched my political career when she appointed me at 14 years old to serve on the Corona Youth Council. She was a mentor, a friend, but most of all, she was family. I am honored to occupy the City Council seat that she once held.”

Marshall was a state Assemblywoman from 1983 until 1991, then ran for a seat in the City Council, where she served from 1992 to 2001.

“Helen Marshall was as big-hearted, dynamic and brave as the borough of Queens, which she represented with such determined grace for three decades in many roles,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Marshall, who was known as simply Helen to her colleagues and constituents, directed the affairs of Queens County from Borough Hall for three consecutive terms from 2002 to 2014. It was often noted that Marshall’s terms were bookended by the tragedies of the Sept. 11 attacks and Superstorm Sandy.

“Our borough lost one of its biggest champions, but she will continue to live on in our hearts and her presence will continue to be felt throughout the countless communities she touched,” U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Jackson Heights) said. “In her more than three decades of public service she broke barriers, embraced the strength of our diversity, and guided our borough through unprecedented growth. She also fought hard to ensure we got our fair share and she is leaving behind an incredible legacy of helping those in need.”

In 2013, the Center for an Urban Future reported that Marshall had directed more funding towards the borough’s library projects that the previous four borough presidents combined.

“Queens Library would not be the world-class library system it is today without Helen,” Queens Library President Dennis Walcott said. “She believed in libraries as places where communities are empowered and inspired, where children can nurture a love of learning and discovery and where adults can gain the skills they need to adapt to a changing workforce. Her passion for libraries drove her to secure a record amount of capital funding to upgrade, expand or improve many of the 62 libraries throughout our system and to continue to open new ones.”

Marshall embraced her time as the chief executive of the nation’s most diverse county. One of her favorite accomplishments was creating the Queens General Assembly, a cross-cultural exchange established in 2013.

“She founded the Queens General Assembly to give every community in our borough a seat at the table and she created the Borough Hall Immigration Task Force to help new arrivals to our country,” Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Fresh Meadows) said. “We are all building on the foundation she helped lay.”

On her page on the History Makers website, the nation’s largest African American video and oral history collection preserving and sharing the life stories of thousands of African Americans, Marshall’s favorite quote is featured.

“If you see Queens, you see the world,” she said.

Marshall is survived by her two children, Donald Jr. and Agnes Marie. Her husband, Donald, died recently.

Donations can be made in the name of Helen M. Marshall to Elmcor Youth & Adult Activities, Inc. at 33-16 108th Street, Corona 11368. Cards and letters of condolences can be sent to the Marshall family at 31-17 Buell St., East Elmhurst, NY, 11369.