Spotted this over at Queens Crap.

Damn did this woman gives it to Mayor Dumbo and he does not even have the balls to address her, but chooses to be a fucking coward and not even answer this tax payer’s question. THIS IS A CLASSIC FOR THE AGES.

We NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE HER, not the sheeple that were in the video following the Mayor like they were “The Walking Dead”.


To hear the sound make sure when you click on the video, to move your your cursor down toward the bottom of the video to get the below photo and un-mute and adjust the volume.



Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

WOW, I cannot believe I read the below in the Times Ledger.

One of the most intelligent and look at NYC REALITY that I have read in a very long time in this most screwed up so-called irresponsible progressive city. FINALLY, someone in the media is calling out the elected officials on their constantly playing the race card and the whole decriminalizing so many issues like pissing out in public, drinking out in public and noise issues and actually sticking up for the hard working citizens who are NOT law breakers and just want a better quality of life.

Of course one of the BIGGEST offenders of this progressive bullshit is Queens councilman, Rory Lancman, who to get a good idea about him, part of his area is Rufus King Park, that filthy, garbage strewn outdoor homeless shelter that wasted $2.2 million dollars down the drain for improvements to only have it look like total shit.

Lancman is also in favor of one of the most FUCKED UP progressive issues, the closing of Riker’s Island to break it down into smaller  jails put into each of the crowded boroughs, like having a jail in your community is a major upgrade and improvement. Why waste money on this totally fucked up  idea when that money can be used to actually upgrade and improve Riker’s Island, which is where a prison should be, far away from residential areas.

This asshole official is also in favor of decriminalizing “turnstile jumping” because “Eighty-nine percent of the thousands of people arrested for jumping a turnstile are black or Latino. NYC is unnecessarily running people through the criminal justice system and putting immigrants at risk of deportation.”

I have no problem with this particular decriminalization, I have a problem with his LIE that Black and Brown folks are being picked on. HEY LANCMAN, do the fucking math. If the majority of people jumping turnstiles are Black and Brown, then logic states that the majority of people arrested are Black and Brown. In my couple of decades living in a city that has gotten really bad in the last 10 years, every single time I have seen someone jump the turnstiles and I have seem many, they have all been black. SO stop playing the damn race card and stick with FUCKING REALITY.

BY the way, whitey Lancman, how many “diverse” people live on your block? How many homeless encampments are in your local park? How many noise issues do you have on your block? How many illegal sidewalk parties going on near you?

Again, another white limousine liberal blinded by REALITY & TRUTH. Time to take those race baiting  & UNREALITY sun glasses off and move into Jamaica. Buy a house in South Jamaica and then speak. Other wise SHUT THE FUCK UP, we civilized folks don’t want to hear your crap and your fellow asshole city council members who live in the lefty progressive bubble am far away from the maddening ghetto crowd. AND who the fuck thinks pay your damn salary, the homeless, the chronically unemployed, the criminals, the hood rats. GET A FUCKING REALITY GRIP.


From Times Ledger:

‘Diversity’ narrative clouding pols’ judgement

By Bob Friedrich

The City Council and mayor are motivated by a rigid “progressive” ideology that clouds their ability to see the real-life consequences of their actions. As a civic leader, and president of New York’s largest garden apartment residential housing co-op, I have witnessed a steady erosion in quality-of-life protections that we used to take for granted.

The city’s political elite’s obsession with diversity and racially driven data, important as that may be in the proper context, does little to actually promote improved quality of life in our neighborhoods. Their zeal to decriminalize public urination, public drinking, public intoxication, and many other seemingly “minor” violations, puts them at odds with most community civic associations.

 These “minor” violations are not so minor for homeowners and apartment dwellers living near bars or areas where rampant loitering and noisemaking is commonplace. Pursuing the perpetrators who commit these “minor” violations has often led to the capture of serious criminals. But to the “progressive” lawmakers, it’s never about the rights of people affected by the tawdry behavior of others.

At a recent Queens Civic Congress debate at the Queens County Farm Museum, Council members Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) and Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills) advocated for the closure of Rikers Island and the relocation of its 10,000 inmates. The council members insisted that moving this huge inmate population into residential communities would have little impact. Incredibly, Ms. Koslowitz opined that it might even have a positive impact on businesses and the surrounding neighborhood.

The panelists opposing the proposal to shut down Rikers included a representative of the Queens District Attorney’s Office and the president of the Corrections Guard union. These two individuals have firsthand knowledge of the issue, and unlike Lancman, Koslowitz and so many others, they deal with prison populations daily.

The Queens District Attorney’s office presented a report that found 75 percent of the 9,267 Rikers detainees have open criminal cases, and a large portion of them are recidivists. Lancman stated that those inmates were being held unfairly due to their inability to make bail. He advocates that they be summarily released back into the community until trial.

But Lancman neglected to mention that 87 percent of the inmates eligible for bail are incarcerated on felony charges, and 2,007 of them were not even eligible for bail due to the seriousness of their charges.

Elected officials who favor moving the Rikers population to small neighborhood facilities always fail to mention the dangers of large numbers of recidivists being reinserted into the communities where they committed their offenses in the first place.

Attendees at the QCC debate were never told why elected officials would not simply spend the $10-billion-plus that this relocation program is expected to cost on rebuilding and upgrading the current Rikers facilities.

 Rikers’ island location is ideal, as it impacts no residential communities. Unfortunately these council members fail to champion the interests of their own constituents and instead put them at risk.

Now, Councilman Lancman is looking to downgrade the crime of turnstile jumping, making it a simple violation that lacks any real enforcement teeth.

“The data from 2017 is strikingly similar to recent years,” Lancman has said. “Eighty-nine percent of the thousands of people arrested for jumping a turnstile are black or Latino. NYC is unnecessarily running people through the criminal justice system and putting immigrants at risk of deportation.”

By seeing every enforcement action through a racially colored lens, Mr. Lancman never sees the larger picture. His outrage is misguided. Rather than being outraged by the thousands of people, black or white, that broke the law and evaded the fare, he implies that it’s the enforcement that is the problem.

While civic groups beg for funds to improve their neighborhoods, the “progressive” City Council passed a budget that includes a new multimillion-dollar program, funded by taxpayers, to cover the legal costs of undocumented immigrants threatened with deportation as a result of committing serious crimes. Taxpayer money is also being used to provide bail to those who cannot afford it.

The program goes like this: The taxpayer-funded police arrest lawbreaking perpetrators and take them off the street. Then, taxpayer‑funded bail is paid to release those lawbreaking perpetrators back onto the street.

Voters in our city are beginning to realize that this “progressive” ideology has been hijacked by politicians who honor unrepentant FALN terrorists, use taxpayer dollars to help undocumented aliens charged with serious crimes avoid deportation, and plan to move 10,000 inmates into our residential communities.

Common sense has been superseded by a ubiquitous “diversity” narrative, with politicians so complacent in their power and all-too-eager to ignore constituents that will still vote for them even as they use taxpayer funds to finance their grand social engineering schemes.


Wow, isn’t Queens BP Melinda  Katz a superhero, taking on cable company Spectrum due to their outage.

“Spectrum neglected to properly inform tens of thousands of their customers about this massive outage until 12 hours after it began,” she said. “The lack of timely information from Spectrum on the initial outage, and residual outages post-restoration, is unacceptab­le.”

Sure Katz the Hack, criticize the cable company, which we all fucking hate anyway, but hours of no TV and internet certainly is not going to drastically hurt anyone’s quality of life. Funny, I have not once heard you criticized the Goliath MTA, the Mayor and the Governor for the complete disaster known as the MTA subway system from hell, which DOES affect the majority in Queens in huge way, but sure pick an easy target like Spectrum.

What about all the quality of life issues in the borough that both you and the city council hacks of Queens have IGNORED, not PROPERLY ADDRESSED and have not  come up with any type of plan to deal with illegal garbage dumping, illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal truck parking on residential streets, complete irresponsible over-development, illegally fireworks especially in SE Queens from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the polluting dump Royal Waste which is right in the middle of a residential area & downtown Jamaica, illegal conversions, the corrupt elected hacks of SE Queens like Malcolm Smith, Shirley Huntley, William Scarborough & Ruben Wills or how about a statement from you a mother, about the 15 year old girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS inside Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence, which by the way, the almighty Flake is on your Jamaica Now Action Plan board (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2017/06/12/11-days-the-flakes-and-greater-allen-church-have-made-no-comment-about-underage-girl-being-pimped-out-of-greater-allen-cathedral-senior-residence-for-four-months-plus-some-new-info-arises/).

All of this is what is UNACCEPTABLE, unaccountable political hacks like yourself not addressing the problems that are IMPORTANT to your constituents. But sure go after Spectrum, which  has nothing to do with our quality if life in the borough.

And this is the Katz the Hack Queens Spin Zone that twirls like those idiots pole dancers in the subway cars.

Keep deflecting Katz, that is what incompetent, do-nothing & crooked people do. WHAT DON’T YOU GET FOLKS WHO CONTINUALLY VOTE FOR CRAP LIKE THIS.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Katz criticizes Spectrum customer service after outage

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz criticized internet service provider Spectrum after multiple Queens neighborhoods were left without service or answers Monday.

The outage, which was allegedly caused by vandals, left 60,000 Spectrum customers without internet or phone service.

 Katz tweeted that according to Spectrum, at 2 a.m. Monday, vandals cut fiber optic cable at four major hubs, shutting down service for 60,000 customers in parts of western Queens. Katz released a statement Tuesday afternoon condemning the cable company for not informing customers sooner.

“Spectrum neglected to properly inform tens of thousands of their customers about this massive outage until 12 hours after it began,” she said. “The lack of timely information from Spectrum on the initial outage, and residual outages post-restoration, is unacceptab­le.”

Spectrum’s cable technicians went on strike in March after operating without a contract since 2013.

According to Katz, Spectrum’s partial refund of a few dollars offered to customers only added insult to injury, considering the “extreme inconvenience and disruptions” caused by the outage.

“Besides the obvious question of how to make customers whole, two more important questions remain, to which we still await answers,” she said. “How will Spectrum prevent such an outage in the future, and how does Spectrum plan to better communicate about such outages with its customers?”

A Spectrum spokesman confirmed it was vandalism that caused the outage, but said the company had been in communication with customers from the moment they detected the outage. The spokesman also said Spectrum had crews dedicated to restoring services all day Monday and that there was full restoration by the end of the night. Spectrum notified the NYPD, since tampering with telecom cables is a criminal offense that puts residents’ lives in danger, the spokesman said.

The outage comes a week after IBEW Local 3 union members were joined by City Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest) and other elected officials in front of a Charter Communications location in Fresh Meadows to denounce the company’s use of out-of-state contractors to fill in for striking workers. IBEW Local 3 represents 1,800 cable technicians who work for Charter, which merged with TimeWarner cable, the parent of NY 1, in 2016. Spectrum is Charter’s brand name for cable operations in the city.

According to union workers, Charter proposed cutting workers’ health care and pension benefits, which led to the strike.

At press time, police were still investigating who was behind the vandalism Monday.


You can smell the powerful stench of MENDACITY in NYC as election time rolls along and the hack politicians are doing cart wheels to get your attention of how great they are, how anti-Trump they are and how cool and down with the people they are.

Case in point, lily white Jewish Queens Borough President Melinda Katz gives the “Key to the City” to the  Trinidad beauty, hip-hop star, Nicki Minaj, who Katz probably has never heard a song from her, but I would not give her shit on that. Minaj is pretty much a black Yoko Ono, just a screeching annoying voice that shows how  crappy most music is today and force fed down millennial’s throats who take it and say “thank you sir, give me more.”

But what did Minaj ever do for South Jamaica or Queens to deserve this pretty much toss it away meaningless accolade. WHAT KATZ? Well, more importantly, the same can be said for Katz.

Oh yeah, it is election time and you are looking for votes and thought  you would get down with the hip-hop crew to show you how “relevant” and cool a lily white Jewish political hack can be.

By the way this hack has a competitor in the race for Queens BP.

Queens Borough President
Melinda Katz, Democrat, incumbent
Anthony Pappas (party TBD)

Again, I don’t know anything about Pappas, except the MOST IMPORTANT thing, HE IS NOT KATZ the HACK.

Whenever I read shit like this and it is MASSIVE SHIT or just living in this awful community of Jamaica in this awful Queens Borough in this awful city in this awful majorly corrupt state, I think of the lyrics to “Destroyer by the the greatest rarely heard on radio anymore band, The Kinks:

Dr. Dr. help her please I know you’ll understand
There’s a time device inside of me I’m a self-destructin’ man
There’s a red, under my bed
And there’s a little green man in my head
And said you’re not goin’ crazy, you’re just a bit sad
‘Cause there’s a man in ya, knawin’ ya, tearin’ ya, in to to
Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer. paranoia, they destroy ya’
Self-destroyer, wreck your health
Destroy friends, destroy yourself
The time device of, self-destruction
Lies, confusion, start eruption
paranoia, they destroy ya
(Here’s to paranoia) paranoia, they destroy ya
(Hey hey, here it goes) paranoia, they destroy ya
(And it goes like this)
Paranoia, they destroy ya (and it goes like this)


From DNAInfo New York:

Nicki Minaj Receives Key to The City From Queens Borough President

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | June 27, 2017 12:06pm

 Nicki Minaj received a Key to the City from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.

Nicki Minaj received a Key to the City from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.


Queens will always be Nicki Minaj’s home.

The rapper, who grew up in South Jamaica, received a Key to The City from Borough President Melinda Katz for her “outstanding career achievements in music.”

Minaj, 34, shared a photo of the key on Twitter Monday night.

“This is a #MajorKeyAlert I just got the #KeyToTheCity #ProudQueensGirl Thank you #MelindaKatz Queens Borough PRESIDENT,” Minaj wrote.


Despite losing the best female hip-hop artist award at the BET Awards to Bronx native Remy Ma Sunday night, Minaj remains one the most successful female rappers in the country.

Originally from Trinidad, she immigrated to Queens with her family when she was 5.

Her mother, Carol Maraj, still has deep ties to the borough, where she works with the local community to prevent domestic violence.


I am pretty sure that F is FUCK YOU to dumBlasio, because I know that is how I feel and so do many Queens residents and others who watched this Mayor flush this city further down the toilet with failed policies, handcuffing the NYPD, allowing homeless to run free all over the damn place and turning our already shitty subway system into a homeless shelter on wheels, not to mention his bullshit progressive agenda, which is not really progressive at all. His idea of progressive is talking about illegal immigrants and trashing Trump. Instead of worrying about Trump, there are at least 100 fucking things at the top of my head and to make NYC better, but you can’t do that when you spend all your time trashing Trump (even though he deserves it) along with SE Queens elected officials and in the meantime, we have a failing infrastructure, a decaying subway system that breaks down every hour, fire hydrants that don’t work, trucks galore ruining our residential streets and polluting the air and a hell of a lot more of shit and nonsense that is not being addressed. AND Mayor if you are such a progressive, why are all the waste dumps in communities of color, SE Queens, North Brooklyn and South Bronx. That is not progressive at all, that is environmental racism.

In the meantime this boob spent a week in the borough he never comes to, because, well, it is election time, otherwise it is a BIG FUCK YOU to Queens (http://qns.com/story/2017/06/27/mayor-de-blasio-will-spend-week-queens-july-brings-city-hall-borough/).

Toss this clown, along with Melinda Katz, Letitia James and the majority of city council incumbents, especially ASSHOLE Ruben Wills.

I don’t know much about Albanese, except the most important thing, HE IS NO DEBLASIO and that is good enough for me.


From Queens Courier:

Photo by Anthony Giudice/QNS
Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese told the members of the Juniper Park Civic Association what he plans to do if he becomes mayor.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s main opponent in September’s Democratic Primary, Sal Albanese, was at the June 22 Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA) meeting in Middle Village to make his case to residents that he will do a better job as mayor of the city.

Albanese, a former councilman from Brooklyn, said that “the city needs a hands-on mayor” who will address the important issues and problems facing the city such as mass transit, traffic congestion and affordable housing among other major issues.

The mayoral hopeful feels that the de Blasio administration has mismanaged taxpayers’ money and has failed to bring about positive change on myriad issues.

“I am running against de Blasio because I believe major issues are not being addressed under this administration; major issues that are important to the city’s future,” he told those in attendance. “And also, the mismanagement of the de Blasio administration has caused huge amounts of taxpayer money to be wasted.”

Albanese gave the mayor an “F” when it comes to how he has dealt with the city’s growing homelessness crisis, and how he has been virtually “invisible” in helping to fix the problem-riddled mass transit system. He criticized de Blasio’s handling of traffic congestion, the rise of violence on Rikers Island, the failure of the Agency of Children Services (ACS), and the lack of affordable housing, among other issues.

“I think he’s miscast for this job. He’s a terrible mayor, one of the worst we’ve ever seen in this city’s history,” Albanese said. “And we can beat him; we can beat him with help from groups like yours.”

As mayor, Albanese — a former school teacher for 11 years who represented Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights in the City Council from 1982 to 1997 — says he would expand community policing; build more affordable housing units; create supportive housing for seniors, veterans, the homeless and domestic violence survivors; pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act; expand bus service and Select Bus Service (SBS) routes; enhance the highways, roads, signaling systems and streets in order to reduce congestion; and make major changes to the city’s education system.

“Any opponent to Bill de Blasio is a favorite of ours,” said Robert Holden, president of JPCA. “We wish you the best.”

Holden is also running his own campaign against Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley in the Democratic Primary for control of the 30th Council District.


AND let’s face it, it is this type of shit that pisses many people off about illegal immigration and the influx of certain refugees. I mean, let’s face it, this kind of bullshit was not a problem to this extent decades ago and it is this kind of thing that does heighten the anger over illegal immigration and an influx of refugees from questionable areas. Let’s be honest here and this is where irresponsible liberal progressive agenda’s cause such issues. So while yes, most illegal immigrants and refugees do not engage in this, but plenty do and to say that is not the case is pretty much not being truthful due to the politically correct bullshit that takes place in our country to the extent that we overlook the bad, negative shit that is caused by illegal immigration.

Yes, we had organized/criminal gangs in this country like the Mafia in the past, but they were not tearing up communities and innocent people like gangs such as MS-13, Crips and Bloods do, which have a completely different type of mentality and are mostly composed of young teenagers and young adults.


From The New York Post:

This is the most dangerous gang in the nation

New York Post 15 hours ago

MS-13 is has emerged as the country’s most brutal street gang, and its reign of terror is spilling into New York.

In April, the bodies of four men ages 16 to 20 were found in Central Islip, a working-class community of strip malls and faded clapboard houses at the center of Long Island. They had been beaten with baseball bats and hacked with machetes. Their bodies were dumped in a park.

“This was one of the largest and most brutal mass murders committed in Suffolk County’s history,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said in his testimony last month before a Senate homeland-security panel.

MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, has between 6,000 and 10,000 members in 46 states, according to FBI statistics.

The gang, which takes its name from the Salvadoran peasants who fought in the country’s 1980-1992 civil war, emerged in impoverished Los Angeles neighborhoods among refugees fleeing the conflict. At the time, their main purpose was to protect a nascent Salvadoran community against more established African-American and Mexican gangs, law-enforcement experts say.

Since the late 1980s, the gang has spread to Central American communities across the US. Its members are involved in drugs and sex trafficking. Some are affiliated with Mexican drug cartels.

Pockets of MS-13 operate in Brooklyn and Queens. But the gang is most active among Latino immigrant enclaves in Suffolk County, where more than 400 members are believed to operate.

“MS-13 is unlike any street gang that we have dealt with before,” said Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, who is focusing his group’s anti-crime efforts on down-at-heel communities such as Central Islip, Brentwood and Riverhead. “They are organized and behave like a paramilitary organization. And the violence is incredibly brutal.”

The Central Islip massacre came seven months after the murders of two teen girls in Brentwood. Both were beaten to death in an ambush that involved MS-13 members, Suffolk police say.



An empty, overgrown eyesore that attracts pests…………….well, that pretty much sounds like fat Trump’s idiotic presidency or many spots in Jamaica. Well, actually this property in the condition it is looks way better than many parts of Jamaica.

And of course we have the classic Queens line when the attorney’s assistant for the new owner of Trump’s childhood home was asked about the eyesore:

The office is aware of the problem.”

A line taken straight out of the local politician’s playbook. Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one.



From DNAInfo New York:

Trump’s Childhood Home Has Become an Overgrown Eyesore, Neighbors Say

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | June 2, 2017 4:07pm

 Neighbors complain that Donald Trump’s boyhood home in Jamaica Estates has become an eyesore.

Neighbors complain that Donald Trump’s boyhood home in Jamaica Estates has become an eyesore.

Courtesy of Deborah Ayala-Braun

QUEENS — When President Donald Trump’s boyhood home in Jamaica Estates sold in March for $2.14 million, locals expected property values in their neighborhood to soar.

Months-long media buzz surrounding the sale of the property at 85-15 Wareham Pl. near Henley Road — where Trump was born and lived until he was 4 — included speculations that one day it might become an official historic site.

But a little more than two months after the sale closed, the house appears to be deserted and knee-deep grass which has not been trimmed since March shelters various pests and neighborhood cats, neighbors complain.

“It’s been left unkempt and anyone who sees it is going to consider it abandoned,” said Deborah Ayala-Braun, who lives next door, and worries that properties in the area may now see a drop in value instead.

Neighbors said that power and gas were cut off weeks ago and the only people still interested in the 2,500-square-foot brick-and-stucco Tudor are a group of people who come on a daily basis and take pictures of the property.

The five-bedroom house which also features four-and-a-half bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace and a two-car garage, was auctioned earlier this year after real estate mogul Michael Davis bought it from previous property owners, the Kestenbergs, for $1.39 million in December.

The Kestenbergs, who are restaurateurs in Manhattan, purchased the house in 2008 for $782,500, and decided to sell it because they were getting divorced, according to Misha Haghani, owner of Paramount Realty USA, which handled the auction.

Haghani said that Paramount, who represented the seller, cannot do anything about the current situation, except to notify the buyer’s attorney.

The property, built by Trump’s father in 1940, was purchased by an entity called Trump Birth House LLC, but the name of the person behind it has not been revealed.

According to published reports, the buyer is said to be a woman from China.

Michael Tang, a lawyer representing Trump Birth House, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment, but his assistant said that the office is aware of the problem.

Courtesy of Deborah Ayala-Braun

Haghani said that he still thinks the property will at some point be turned into a museum or library.

“I think long-term something like that will inevitably happen, whether this owner does it or a subsequent owner does it,” he said. “But it doesn’t have to happen today.”

But neighbors, who said they were concerned about their children playing near the house, said they did not want to wait years for the site to be revamped.

“As the summertime is coming, I do not want to be fearful of what’s going to bite them or what’s going to happen if someone breaks in there,” said Ayala-Braun, who has three young daughters.

“This is what $2 million gets you — an abandoned house and a foreign investor in your neighborhood,” she added.