Christ my BULLSHIT Level is shooting through the charts and is in nuclear meltdown. I mean what bright future is Lancman talking about. I notice he did not mention how the community has 26 homeless shelters not counting all the group homes and hybrid hotes/homeless shelter like the Comfort Inn on 162 st in downtown Jamaica which has three floors for hotel guests and three floors for the homeless. Guess he overlooked THAT BRIGHT FUTURE.


Rufus King Park

Downtown Jamaica Comfort Inn. Worker inside told me that 3 floors are for hotel guests and three floors are for homeless. Nothing like being greeted at a hotel than by a half naked homeless man sitting in hot weather.

FUCKING SCUM HOOD RATS who gang raped a mother of two in Jamaica July 11th/12 and lived in a group home on South Road.

Ruben Wills District of prostitution, garbage and other ghetto messes. 157 and Tuskegee Airman Way

Rufus King Park

These alcoholic bottles did not magically get place here, our diverse population put them there and I am sure then took plenty of pisses there as well.

Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.


From Queens Press:

The Future Is Bright For Downtown Jamaica


It is an exciting time for downtown Jamaica.

Thanks to the work of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz’s Jamaica Now Action Plan, downtown Jamaica has developed into a growing and thriving community. More families are choosing to live and work here. New businesses are setting up shop, creating jobs and opportunities. Public investment has connected Jamaica to John F. Kennedy Airport through AirTrain and private investment has spearheaded the creation of apartments, hotels and retail shops.

Downtown Jamaica—part of which I represent—is transforming right before our eyes. With Gov.Andrew  Cuomo’s new $10 million Downtown Revitalization commitment, the neighborhood is about to take another huge step forward.

When Gov. Cuomo announced last year that downtown Jamaica was selected for this incredible new investment by New York State, it was huge news. In the months that followed the announcement, a local planning committee composed of community leaders and civic organizations worked with state agencies to identify specific projects to further development and build on the area’s existing assets.

Earlier this month, I joined Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul and Queens leaders as the governor’s office announced the seven winning projects that would be financed by the $10 million initiative.

I am pleased to report that two of the projects are based in the 24th Council District, which I represent in the New York City Council. The first is the creation of a co-working space in the Moda building that will provide affordable and flexible workspace to entrepreneurs and startups. Not only will the workspace help create jobs, but it will help attract new industries to downtown Jamaica.

The other is the expansion of career and technical education (CTE) at Thomas Edison High School. The CTE programs provided at Edison are critical to ensuring our children are taught the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

In order to attract new businesses, along with new residents, downtown Jamaica must have broadband service that is top notch. The committee wisely made bringing high-speed internet and improving broadband infrastructure a priority project. Doing so will make it easier for people to stay connected and help local businesses operate effectively.

As we bring in new services and technology into downtown Jamaica, it is vital that we enhance the physical space that we already have. That is why the transformation of Jamaica Center is such an important project. By expanding the surrounding public space and improving streetscape, we can improve residents’ quality-of-life and make this area welcoming for all.

I look forward to seeing how these projects revitalize this important neighborhood and the local economy. The future is bright for downtown Jamaica.

Rory Lancman represents the 24th City Council district, which covers Jamaica, Jamaica Estates, Hollis, Flushing, Kew Gardens and Richmond Hill.



White Limousine Liberal Councilman Rory Lancman is playing the race card as he always does, but even more so, because, well, it is election time and he wants as many votes as possible,  but is his ploy to constantly play the race card and absolve people from their own actions or behavior going to help him or hurt him.

Lancman like many of these way too lefty liberals does not want people to be accountable for their own behavior or actions and uses the race card in his bid for “criminal justice”. LOOK Lancman, if statistics prove that the majority of turnstile jumpers are Black and Hispanic, then 2+2=4 and the majority of folks arrested will be Black & Hispanic, they are not going to be Japanese or Middle Eastern or Jewish. This is what is known as BASIC MATH, so what the fuck don’t you get Lancman.

But then Lancman lives in a community, where he, like many NYC local elected officials don’t have to deal with all the nonsense that goes on in communities like Jamaica. Constant loitering at all times of the night in front of apartment buildings or bodegas talking loudly, drinking or blasting music. His block does not look like a garbage dump because of low-class people throwing all kind of garbage and litter on streets, sidewalks, people’s yards and in front of their buildings and homes. He does not have to deal with young folks pulling up in a car late at night in front of his place, blasting music at 11pm on weekdays, while they talk to their homies and make noise.

Places like Jamaica and others like it NEED LAWS to be enforced, not “get out of jail free cards” or make people not responsible for their behavior and actions. WHY do white liberals always pull this bullshit, yet their own communities where they live look nothing like places like Jamaica nor do they have all the nonsense and bullshit from people doing the fuck whatever they want. After a day’s work (if you can call it that), Lancman goes home and relaxes for the night, he does not have to hear music blasting, horns beeping, people loitering and talking loudly late at night, while hard working people just want to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

But this is what especially white lefty liberals do, they play the race card while being “out of sight, out of mind”. These “white limousine liberals” actually do more damage to communities of color, especially communities with high crime, than the culprits themselves.

Lancman, part of your district is Rufus King Park. Have you been to the park lately, especially after the $2.2 million dollar upgrades. Well, let me show you a part of your district and what it looks like. Lancman, if you are going to talk the talk, you NEED TO WALK THE WALK instead of making a u-turn to Limousine Liberal Alley and telling people “you are not responsible for your own behaviors or actions because you are Black or Hispanic”. DAMN, talk about a form of racism.

Rufus King Park

Damn, that white boy in the back is cutting up some good shit.


From Times Ledger:

‘Get out of jail free’ Lancman at it again

Here we go again with another bill of so-called “criminal justice reform” from City Councilman Rory Lancman (“Fare evasion data needs close scrutiny,” TimesLedger, July 21).

Mr. Lancman bemoans that the 90 percent black or Latino arrestees for theft of services — fare evasion — in 2017 faced a criminal record, time on Rikers island, or deportation for immigrants. According to the penal law of New York state, theft of services is a Class A misdemeanor (165.15), and should be rightly enforced by the NYPD. But “Get Out of Jail Free” Lancman is again playing the stale race card, assuming that the enforcement is racial discrimination just because the statistics indicate that people of color are predominate offenders. No such conclusion is a sound statistical inference from fare evasion data, but rather a bias of the liberal agenda to blame society for the social ills of autonomous individual miscreants.

 So now that Lancman falsely perceives a racial disparity in mere raw data is “contrary to our values,” and impacting “certain communities unfairly,” he wants to require more wasteful bureaucratic red tape in NYPD reporting of race, gender and age of arrestees.

Then what? Lancman alleges the bill will “rectify this problem” of untimely analysis of trends purporting his racial bias hypothesis. However, the problem is miscreants breaking the law, and is neither the NYPD enforcing the law nor the criminal courts adjudicating the law?

But for Lancman, people of color are to be issued “Get Out of Jail Free” cards, in any which way, since they are not responsible for their criminal actions — but the white hegemonic system is the devil? Lancman’s agenda is fallacious, racist and antithetical to the foundations of criminal, justice.

Our biggest problem is Lancman, not the city prosecution of criminal suspects in an “overzealous fare evasion enforcement.”

District 24 constituents had better closely scrutinize Lancman’s racially tinged record before the next election to see that it illustrates little public safety benefit to this district or to the city at large. In fact, more criminals are at large now because of his obsolete, crackpot and liberal ideology of social engineering, vis-a-vis criminal justice reform. We DONT need this guy in the Council!

Joseph N. Manago



Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

AND this is a major problem with having a city like NYC have this bullshit “right to shelter” law, because our shit load of homeless, which is somewhere in the 60,000 range, has many people coming from elsewhere in the country and immediately placed in the already taxed homeless system. Like this totally delusional hood rat (he dreamed of working for NASA, yeah right), Justin Williams, 17, who came to NYC from Georgia after his crack ho mother abandoned him, moved to the Bronx and stayed with an older brother, till the brother tossed him up (more than likely for doing shit), ends up in the homeless system, then dumped into an awful group home in a residential area of the dumping ground of NYC, Jamaica. Why not in the Bronx, where his hood rat ass was.

By the way, a bike ride over to that area, showed what an fucking awful isolated place this is. Nothing but vacant lots, auto body shops with cars all over the damn place, totally fucked up sidewalks, garbage everywhere, the area pretty much resembles a Mad Max movie, yet several crappy store front churches ( I counted about 4)  had no common sense when they placed themselves in this really desolate awful area.

Just like the kidnapping and pimping out of a 15 year old black girl for for four months in Rev. Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence (, NOT ONE ELECTED OFFICIAL, including Public Advocate Letitia James and Queens BP Melinda Katz, who made an appearance last Thursday (7.13.17) on the steps of the Jamaica Performing Arts Center with other elected clowns to boast of the greatness of Jamaica, have NEVER spoke or commented on either of these issues. TWO of some of the most heinous acts in Jamaica and NONE have commented at all. NOW that is a photo-op or news conference they should be doing as opposed to trying to sweep these atrocities under the ghetto Jamaica rug, while attending dead rapper’s commemorative events or visiting 100 year old elderly folks, who don’t give a fuck about your visit. NOTICE how Mayor duMBO & Letitia James flew out to Jamaica, when a Muslim man was assaulted in his place of religious last year, they could not fly out fast enough and Senator Comrie, Councilman Lancman and Queens BP all had something to say. ON THESE ISSUES, SILENCE. WHY?????????? AND I am the one who some call “racists”, including Councilman Ruben Wills, I mean, this gang rape was in his district, yet have not heard from him on this.

What SPINELESS clowns and what hypocritical BLACK leaders who do not even speak out on atrocities to their own race in their own community, instead trying hard to sweep this under the rug, like BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER. AND where is the Rev. Al Sharpton????


From The Daily News:

One suspect in robbery and sex assault of woman leaving Queens church admits his actions were ‘messed up’


Julisses Ginel (from l.) Brandon Walker and Justin Williams were charged with criminal sex act, sexual abuse and robbery.

(Sam Costanza for New York Daily News)

A teen suspected of robbing and sexually assaulting a woman who had just left a Queens church service says he’s a Christian himself — and he’s disgusted by his own actions.

“I don’t deserve to pray,” Justin Williams, 17, said Saturday in a jailhouse interview at Rikers Island.

Williams, Brandon Walker, 20 and Julisses Ginel, 19, were arraigned Friday on charges of forcing the 50-year-old churchgoer to perform oral sex on two of them behind a parked garbage truck on Liberty Ave. in Jamaica.

Prosecutors say the suspects, who lived together in a group home for homeless youth and had a fake gun, first robbed the born-again Christian Tuesday night.

Queens group home staffer led cops to 4 sex-assault suspects

Then they carried out the heinous sexual attack even after the victim tried to talk them out of it by falsely claiming that she had HIV, prosecutors say.

Justin Williams, is being taken, by Detectives, from the NYPD’s, Queens Special Victim Unit, located in the 112th Precinct. This picture was made on 7/14/17. He is one of a group of men suspected of sexually assaulting a Liberian woman as she left the Celestial Church of Christ on Liberty Ave., near 150th St., in Jamaica on July 11, 2017.

(Sam Costanza/for New York Daily News)

Williams told the Daily News he had no idea at the time of the crime that the victim was heading home from evening services at the Celestial Church of Christ.

“I heard she was coming from church. That makes it worse,” said Williams, who was dressed in a gray jail jumpsuit.

Williams offered a glimpse into his troubled past and tortured psyche in an hourlong interview.

3 of 4 men wanted for sex assault of woman leaving church cuffed

In a soft, steady voice, he made clear he regretted participating in the sex crime.

The four suspects accused of sexually assaulting a woman after she left a prayer service in Queens are pictured in a surveillance video.

(CBS 2 News)

“It was messed up,” said Williams, who says he has suffered from depression for years and is taking anti-depressants.

Williams said he and the others had carried out three robberies in the days before targeting the defenseless churchgoer.

As they zeroed in on their victim, Williams insisted, there was no plan to escalate the confrontation beyond a holdup.

Woman savagely raped, robbed after leaving Queens church

“I thought it was going to be what we usually do,” he added.

Julisses Ginel gave his pals condoms and threatened to shoot the victim if she didn’t comply with their demands.

(Sam Costanza/for New York Daily News)

The teen, asked why he participated in the sexual attack, suggested the victim was to blame.

“He told her to take her clothes off and she did,” Williams said.

Williams said he had a moment of hesitation but went through with it anyway after one of the members of his crew threatened to off the woman.


The victim was leaving the Celestial Church of Christ in Jamaica, Queens, Wednesday when the men approached her.

(Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)

Williams said he had a tough childhood in Georgia where his mother abandoned the family when he was just 3. He moved to the Bronx in November but ended up on the streets after his older brother kicked him out “because of a female.”

Williams landed at the group home about four months ago and fell in with the robbery crew.

He said he agreed to take part — and to even carry the imitation gun they referred to as a “glizzy” — as a “come up” to prove himself to the other guys.

“The rest of (the guys in the group home) would smoke weed with us and listen to us, tell us we’re gangster,” Williams said.

Brandon Walker

(Vic Nicastro/for New York Daily News)

The three suspects were arrested Thursday after a staffer at their group home overheard them talking about the vile crime and called police. The suspects were charged with criminal sex act, sexual abuse and robbery.

Cops are still hunting for a fourth suspect.

In a statement to detectives, Ginel said he fetched condoms for his pals and threatened to shoot the victim if she didn’t comply with their demands.

Williams also confessed to his role in the attack, prosecutors say.

The rape and robbery occured on Liberty Ave. in Jamaica.

(Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)

Cops recovered two fake pistols from the suspects’ rooms in the Jamaica home, one of which investigators believe was used to threaten the woman.

Williams and Ginel were also charged in an armed robbery of three men on a Queens street the day after the sexual assault.

Before getting locked up, Williams said he harbored dreams of a career at NASA.

Now, he’s resigned himself to a life behind bars.

“I’m not getting out,” he said.



Up and Coming Jamaica, a community in crisis.

WOW, I cannot believe I read the below in the Times Ledger.

One of the most intelligent and look at NYC REALITY that I have read in a very long time in this most screwed up so-called irresponsible progressive city. FINALLY, someone in the media is calling out the elected officials on their constantly playing the race card and the whole decriminalizing so many issues like pissing out in public, drinking out in public and noise issues and actually sticking up for the hard working citizens who are NOT law breakers and just want a better quality of life.

Of course one of the BIGGEST offenders of this progressive bullshit is Queens councilman, Rory Lancman, who to get a good idea about him, part of his area is Rufus King Park, that filthy, garbage strewn outdoor homeless shelter that wasted $2.2 million dollars down the drain for improvements to only have it look like total shit.

Lancman is also in favor of one of the most FUCKED UP progressive issues, the closing of Riker’s Island to break it down into smaller  jails put into each of the crowded boroughs, like having a jail in your community is a major upgrade and improvement. Why waste money on this totally fucked up  idea when that money can be used to actually upgrade and improve Riker’s Island, which is where a prison should be, far away from residential areas.

This asshole official is also in favor of decriminalizing “turnstile jumping” because “Eighty-nine percent of the thousands of people arrested for jumping a turnstile are black or Latino. NYC is unnecessarily running people through the criminal justice system and putting immigrants at risk of deportation.”

I have no problem with this particular decriminalization, I have a problem with his LIE that Black and Brown folks are being picked on. HEY LANCMAN, do the fucking math. If the majority of people jumping turnstiles are Black and Brown, then logic states that the majority of people arrested are Black and Brown. In my couple of decades living in a city that has gotten really bad in the last 10 years, every single time I have seen someone jump the turnstiles and I have seem many, they have all been black. SO stop playing the damn race card and stick with FUCKING REALITY.

BY the way, whitey Lancman, how many “diverse” people live on your block? How many homeless encampments are in your local park? How many noise issues do you have on your block? How many illegal sidewalk parties going on near you?

Again, another white limousine liberal blinded by REALITY & TRUTH. Time to take those race baiting  & UNREALITY sun glasses off and move into Jamaica. Buy a house in South Jamaica and then speak. Other wise SHUT THE FUCK UP, we civilized folks don’t want to hear your crap and your fellow asshole city council members who live in the lefty progressive bubble am far away from the maddening ghetto crowd. AND who the fuck thinks pay your damn salary, the homeless, the chronically unemployed, the criminals, the hood rats. GET A FUCKING REALITY GRIP.


From Times Ledger:

‘Diversity’ narrative clouding pols’ judgement

By Bob Friedrich

The City Council and mayor are motivated by a rigid “progressive” ideology that clouds their ability to see the real-life consequences of their actions. As a civic leader, and president of New York’s largest garden apartment residential housing co-op, I have witnessed a steady erosion in quality-of-life protections that we used to take for granted.

The city’s political elite’s obsession with diversity and racially driven data, important as that may be in the proper context, does little to actually promote improved quality of life in our neighborhoods. Their zeal to decriminalize public urination, public drinking, public intoxication, and many other seemingly “minor” violations, puts them at odds with most community civic associations.

 These “minor” violations are not so minor for homeowners and apartment dwellers living near bars or areas where rampant loitering and noisemaking is commonplace. Pursuing the perpetrators who commit these “minor” violations has often led to the capture of serious criminals. But to the “progressive” lawmakers, it’s never about the rights of people affected by the tawdry behavior of others.

At a recent Queens Civic Congress debate at the Queens County Farm Museum, Council members Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) and Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills) advocated for the closure of Rikers Island and the relocation of its 10,000 inmates. The council members insisted that moving this huge inmate population into residential communities would have little impact. Incredibly, Ms. Koslowitz opined that it might even have a positive impact on businesses and the surrounding neighborhood.

The panelists opposing the proposal to shut down Rikers included a representative of the Queens District Attorney’s Office and the president of the Corrections Guard union. These two individuals have firsthand knowledge of the issue, and unlike Lancman, Koslowitz and so many others, they deal with prison populations daily.

The Queens District Attorney’s office presented a report that found 75 percent of the 9,267 Rikers detainees have open criminal cases, and a large portion of them are recidivists. Lancman stated that those inmates were being held unfairly due to their inability to make bail. He advocates that they be summarily released back into the community until trial.

But Lancman neglected to mention that 87 percent of the inmates eligible for bail are incarcerated on felony charges, and 2,007 of them were not even eligible for bail due to the seriousness of their charges.

Elected officials who favor moving the Rikers population to small neighborhood facilities always fail to mention the dangers of large numbers of recidivists being reinserted into the communities where they committed their offenses in the first place.

Attendees at the QCC debate were never told why elected officials would not simply spend the $10-billion-plus that this relocation program is expected to cost on rebuilding and upgrading the current Rikers facilities.

 Rikers’ island location is ideal, as it impacts no residential communities. Unfortunately these council members fail to champion the interests of their own constituents and instead put them at risk.

Now, Councilman Lancman is looking to downgrade the crime of turnstile jumping, making it a simple violation that lacks any real enforcement teeth.

“The data from 2017 is strikingly similar to recent years,” Lancman has said. “Eighty-nine percent of the thousands of people arrested for jumping a turnstile are black or Latino. NYC is unnecessarily running people through the criminal justice system and putting immigrants at risk of deportation.”

By seeing every enforcement action through a racially colored lens, Mr. Lancman never sees the larger picture. His outrage is misguided. Rather than being outraged by the thousands of people, black or white, that broke the law and evaded the fare, he implies that it’s the enforcement that is the problem.

While civic groups beg for funds to improve their neighborhoods, the “progressive” City Council passed a budget that includes a new multimillion-dollar program, funded by taxpayers, to cover the legal costs of undocumented immigrants threatened with deportation as a result of committing serious crimes. Taxpayer money is also being used to provide bail to those who cannot afford it.

The program goes like this: The taxpayer-funded police arrest lawbreaking perpetrators and take them off the street. Then, taxpayer‑funded bail is paid to release those lawbreaking perpetrators back onto the street.

Voters in our city are beginning to realize that this “progressive” ideology has been hijacked by politicians who honor unrepentant FALN terrorists, use taxpayer dollars to help undocumented aliens charged with serious crimes avoid deportation, and plan to move 10,000 inmates into our residential communities.

Common sense has been superseded by a ubiquitous “diversity” narrative, with politicians so complacent in their power and all-too-eager to ignore constituents that will still vote for them even as they use taxpayer funds to finance their grand social engineering schemes.


$2.2 million dollars dumped into Rufus King Park for it to look some ghetto third world dump courtesy of our vibrant, diverse, homeless, drug addict and ghetto slobs whom our elected officials like Queens BP Katz, Councilman Miller & Lancman, Assembly Member Hyndman and Senator Comrie will never call out on their bullshit especially during election time, but none of them would ever comment on the condition of Rufus King Park period. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND


But I would at least expect some vocals from non-elected officials like Greater Development President Hope Knight and her crew there or Rhonda Binda, Executive Director of Jamaica BID, since these groups are responsible for the betterment of Jamaica and are actually trying very hard, but is such an uphill battle since probably at least 50% of the Jamaica population are low-class ghetto slobs and the continuous dumping of homeless shelters and that element into the downtown area (notice how both Rufus King Park & Major Mark Park are becoming outdoor homeless shelters). AND what about so-called other people who call themselves “community activists” or “community advocates”.  I hear some folks from Jamaica say that term to describe themselves, yet NEVER hear them on the quality of life issues except the one true community activist, Pamela Hazel.

NEWSFLASH: If all the Jamaica development happening is just going to bring in this same element, there is no HOPE (no pun intended) for the future of Jamaica. AND let’s be real and honest, just like the Harlem renaissance, if you can not attract middle to upper middle class white people, game over. PLUS, you certainly are not going to attract quality families with school age kids, since the Jamaica area schools are some of the worst in the borough and city, with low graduation rates, high percentage of students not able to speak proper English and  many graduating with 5th grade reading skills. You really want to be considered a “Diverse” community, bring in or at least attract the white, because the black & brown certainly have not been doing any kind of bang up job at all in helping the improvement of the community.

So below is the wonderful Rufus King Park in all its glory. With the exception of St. Albans Park, the other parks rank as pretty shitty due to litter/garbage in this order of SHIT:

  1. Major Mark Park
  2. Rufus King Park
  3. Roy Wilkins Park
  4. Baisley Pond Park

So try using Rufus King Park as a selling point to live here in downtown Jamaica and feel free to use the below photos for your brochures.

Photos from SE Queens resident, The Philster, who has provide plenty of trashy, ghetto nonsense, third world crap photo for this blog.


Well, unfortunately I am back to this shitty city of hell and back in the ghetto bowels of Jamaica, at least temporarily, until my next excursion scouting new locations and digs that will eventually remove me from the worst city in the country. Amazing, when you leave NYC, you realize just how totally FUCKED up this city really is. I mean you don’t have to leave it to realize that, but it becomes magnified 100 times more and you also realize that NYC is not as progressive as the so-called powers that be claim it is, in fact it really is not that progressive, just a load of bullshit & crap, just like it’s elected officials, some of the worst in the country.


Officer Miosotis Familia

I come back to find out that Officer Miosotis Familia, was murdered in cold blood in the Bronx by your typical hood rat with several aliases and a long rap sheet.


As I predicted before I left,  that someone in Jamaica would get shot and/or killed at some 4th of July family gathering, BBQ or party, and sure enough, hood rat Victor Ocasio, pulled out a gun, after his brother, Joseph, was arrested at this party for slapping and pushing a woman. Killed was a mother of two, Jasmine Quattlebaum and Herman Mullings, while a third victim who was shot, survived. All of this took place at 170th St and 107 Ave in the early morning, an area known for much bad behavior over the years, including many shootings and killing.

Funny, that Karen Clements of Communities of Color tweeted this before the fourth, guess she forget to tweet the most important words, “Don’t carry or shoot”.

On a side note, The Daily News article stated: The 28-year-old was allegedly angry that his brother Joseph Ocasio, 21, got arrested there around 1 a.m. for pushing and slapping a woman while she was holding a baby, police said.

WHAT THE FUCK, beside this hood rat slapping a female, why did some irresponsible mother have a baby up at 1AM. I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK. Do you every wonder why certain groups of people’s kids fall so far behind in school and if they do graduate, have the reading capacity of a 6 year old. EDUCATION FOLKS & PROPER PARENTING. AND PLEASE, don’t make some lame ass excuse like “I could not get a baby sitter or I could not pay for one”. RESPONSIBLE parents put their children first and DON’T go to some house party. IF you cannot do that, make sure that dick is wrapped up tight as Melinda Katz’s anus’s stick up the ass. And if you cannot take care of yourself both emotionally and especially financially, get a fucking gold fish, we are over-populated as it is and it seems the lower class are popping out babies faster than a Kardashians taking selfies. I mean it is not like you have a farm where your brood is going to work on it.

AND speaking of nonsense, asshole Councilman Ruben Wills is finally on trial for corruption, stealing money and other nonsense he has participated in, after numerous delays of his trial, including some “undisclosed illness” like being an asshole is an illness. AND of course his lawyer, O’Donnell, is already making up bullshit excuses for this political gangsta like some fucking flood in the office.

In the below article:

O’Donnell blamed Wills’ bad record keeping and a flood in the councilman’s office as reasons for why the elected official could not provide proper proof to the CFB of where the money went for a men’s luncheon. “Think of something you did five years ago that you can’t substantia­te,” O’Donnell said.

What,  Wills never heard of keeping information on a hard drive or USB stick. AND I or others who are not public service don’t really need to substantiate something we did five years ago, but if we did, like say tax information, that shit would be on file somewhere, be it paper or USB stick and considering that elected officials SHOULD ACCOUNT for everything, this is total bullshit just as is the following statement by his attorney:

Kevin O’Donnell, Wills’ defense attorney and Hill’s former colleague, swiftly disputed the prosecution’s claims in his opening statement as sloppy bookkeeping from Wills, a first-time elected official, from the 40s projects of South Jamaica with only a high school diploma.

So now we are going to play the race card that asshole Wills came from the South Jamaica projects with only a high school diploma. I AM SHOCKED, Wills actually graduated from high school,  BUT really, this is an insult to people who only have a high school diploma, I mean they still know that two plus two is four.

Some other interesting tidbits on Wills from other news sources:

Over at NY1: Meanwhile, Wills — who was first elected to the City Council back in 2010 but has been largely absent from council business these last few years — intends to run for reelection this fall.

Over at Queens Chronicle:

In a related matter, a Republican seeking the nomination to run for Wills’ 28th District Council seat asked a room full of Democrats on Saturday why they have not called on Wills to resign. Ivan Mossop Jr., during a question-and-answer session of a meeting with Democratic leaders and about 500 party members, was cut off by U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-QUeens, Nassau), who said the day was “a Democratic event.”

I love how Meeks uses that excuse a “Democratic Event” for not saying anything and not calling out Wills on his bullshit for his entire political career. Well, I guess then Meeks would have to be called out on HIS BULLSHIT as well . So, Meeks, what is your excuse and ALL THE JAMAICA LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS for still not calling out the Flakes and Greater Allen Church on the pimping out a 15 year old girl in Flake’s Greater Allen Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd (

AND to continue on the lines of asshole elected officials from the area, Councilman Rory Lancman is sponsoring some nonsense bill requiring NYPD to provide data on fare evasion arrests, citing that 89 percent of such arrests were either black or Hispanic. I mean what the fuck Lancman, can’t you do fucking math, if the majority of people jumping turnstiles are Black and Hispanic, well, that percentage will be higher than for say, whites or Asians. Again two plus two is four. I mean are you attempting to create something that does not exist. In my couple of decades in NYC, every time I have seen a turnstile jumper, they have been black. AND while I believe that something like turnstile jumping and some other non-violent offenses should be decriminalized (yet still be a crime, a misdemeanor, we cannot continue to have our courts clogged up with minor issues like this while there are way more major crimes that need to flow properly through the system), this continuous playing the race card with local politicians to win votes, distorts the reality of what is going on. If people like Lancman and others want to play the race card, how about first talking about poor quality of life issues in communities like Jamaica and the lack of proper services as opposed to throwing more money down the drain on programs that don’t actually help the poor or the lower-class become more independent but instead become more dependent on government and continue to keep areas ghettoized. Speaking of turnstile jumping, considering how in the last decades the worst subway system in the world just keeps getting fucking worse, we should all be turnstile jumping, because the system is not worth paying a fucking nickel. And for you folks in the area, if you plan on using the F or E during the weekends this summer, you can forget about it, since there is NO E or F service between Jamaica (Jamaica Center & 179 St) and Forest Hills for five straight weekends. NONE. (

My comrade-in-arms and friend, Jamaica community activist/advocate recently sent out an email about the usual Jamaica crap stating:

“Amir ( Amir Abbady/Director of constituent liaison at Comrie’s office), please explain why Jamaica the black neighbourhood is neglected. But Forrest Hills and other non-black neighbourhoods are kept clean and attractive.”

While I will  totally agree that communities of color do tend to be neglected when it comes to quality of life issues, but that still does not mean the people have to make it look like shit either. Hell, the least some of you can do, is just throw your litter in a garbage can instead of the sidewalk, street, park and someone’s yard (well, what is left of yards).

AND another truck kills a 70 year old woman as she was legally walking in the crosswalk in Queens Village in yet another example of the failed deBlasio Vision Zero program. And speaking of Vision Zero, how many of you folks out there still continue to see large trucks driving on residential streets? I am sure many because the proper enforcement, like on most issues, is not being implemented. If that means we need more police in communities, then add them as opposed to spending billions of dollars on some idiotic street car connecting Astoria to Sunset Park along the river to benefit the glass tower people. I mean why put icing on a cake, if the cake is falling apart.

AND the continuous use of ILLEGAL FIREWORKS carries on and a blatant lack of any kind of enforcement on this issue is mind blogging in certain communities like SE Queens, where people anymore are packed in like sardines due to over-development to fill in every single open space with multiple cheap apartments, the kind that can easily go up in flames by such fireworks. I get it, is the 4th of July, but bottom line,  use of fireworks by individuals is ILLEGAL in NYC and for good reason. I will even give a pass on fireworks going off on the 4th, but here in SE Queens and folks from the area can attest, they start during Memorial Day and go all the way to Labor day, going off in the daytime, night time and late in the morning like 1am. NYPD certainly lets you know that they are illegal and to call 911 for fireworks going off immediately or 311 for continuous fireworks, but I know my calls to both 911 and 311 have failed to do a damn thing, even though I have given them the pattern of fireworks, EVERY FUCKING NIGHT BETWEEN 9pm and midnight with pinpoint locations. As usual lack of enforcement of laws in certain communities. Funny, how ghetto folks can’t pay their fucking bills, yet have money for fucking fireworks, which are not cheap.

AND since when is it legal for people to completely take over a public sidewalk and part of the street for them to have a party and on top of it play loud music from afternoon well into the late evening. Well, this is the situation that has been going on with your typical shitty apartment building where people do whatever the fuck they want. Like the folks at the apartment building at 169 St and 90 Ave (which is within ear and eye shot of the 103rd precinct) who during various weekends in the summer feel it is their right to take over a public sidewalk to hold a party with a large group of people as opposed to renting a hall or getting a permit for a space in a a park. Of course years of complaints filed have not stopped this bullshit, which you would never see on Melinda Katz’s block in Forest Hills.

Several 311 complaints filed resulted in the following, even though the music blasted from 4pm till I went to bed at 11pm and had to close my windows and crank the AC to drown out the sound. BUT just the idea that NYPD allowed this large group of people to take over a public sidewalk to have a party (which is ILLEGAL), which is not an isolated case at this spot but an ongoing issue NOT being properly addressed.

Service Request #: C1-1-1431168031
Date Submitted: 07/09/17 6:10:08 PM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition.

Service Request #: C1-1-1431187161
Date Submitted: 07/09/17 7:47:33 PM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded to the complaint and determined that police action was not necessary.

Service Request #: C1-1-1431198541
Date Submitted: 07/09/17 8:47:03 PM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition.

Service Request #: C1-1-1431253021
Date Submitted: 07/09/17 10:57:08 PM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department reviewed your complaint and provided additional information below. handled by previous tour

I get that noise complaints are on the bottom of the list, especially in an area like Jamaica where shootings, robberies, assaults and other nonsense go on on the time, but really, with 7 hours of this going on and my first complaint was filed right at 4pm when they set it up, I think there was plenty of time to correct this, especially since the 103rd precinct just sets across from this. UNACCEPTABLE.

Well, I am back at least for a short while till my next jaunt and I am just so tired with all this bullshit by both some of the residents and ALL of the elected officials, all stupid far right conservative crap, all the far left liberal blindness in this city and all the political clown asshole gangstas of the dirty SE Queens and beyond.

PS: If you have no, you should follow the story of that horrible fire in West London at the Grenfell Towers on June 14th (the unscrupulous cramming of poor people in unsafe cheap high rises – sound familiar), in which at least 80 people were killed (a final count may not  be known until 2018), YOU SHOULD ( This is not just a story about a fire, this is a story about the treatment of the poor, the over-development and gentrification of all major cities, especially NYC and all the boroughs), the widening gap between mega rich and poor with the chiseling away of what is left of the middle class and greedy, unscrupulous real estate developers and the elected officials they keep in their pocket like so many nickels and dimes (The Godfather). Plus the whole after effect of this situation, especially if this asbestos filled tower collapses. BUT it is so hard anymore keeping up with news stories, since there is so much bad shit going on every other minute, especially with idiot Trump and his 1% elitists in the Oval Office helping that gap, while becoming richer and a pretty much cowardly media that focuses too much on fluff bullshit. Example: In The Daily News edition (7.8.17), there was a quarter page about Grenfell in the editorial section on page 18, YET, on pretty much the entire page 10 was a story on some no talent plastic human doll, someone called Blac Chyna (though I find nothing black about here, just another black girl looking pretty much white), another wonderful role model for young girls. The local blog Impunity City has the usual great insight into this tragedy citing it most appropriately “Gentrification’s 9/11” (

CHRIST, these really are the “NEW BAD DAYS” (to quote one of my favorite informative local Queens blog you SHOULD BE READING, Impunity City), not matter how you spin it.


From The Daily News:

Mom of two, man shot to death in Queens amid Fourth of July celebration



Jasmine Quattlebaum, 28, was shot in the head and died at the scene.


A gunman bent on revenge for his brother’s arrest at a Fourth of July party sprayed bullets at a Queens house early Wednesday, killing two revelers, including a young mom, police said.

 A woman, 27, was fatally shot in the head and a man, 28, was fatally shot in the back in a triple shooting on 170th Street in Jamaica, police said.

A woman, 27, was fatally shot in the head and a man, 28, was fatally shot in the back in a triple shooting on 170th Street in Jamaica, police said.View

Photo from DNAinfo/Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

QUEENS — Two people, including a mother of tw

Victor Ocasio fired at least five shots during the drive-by at 170th St., near 107th Ave., in Jamaica around 3:20 a.m., cops said.

The 28-year-old was allegedly angry that his brother Joseph Ocasio, 21, got arrested there around 1 a.m. for pushing and slapping a woman while she was holding a baby, police said.

Mother of two Jasmine Quattlebaum, 27, was shot in the head and died at the scene, authorities said.

Herman Mullings, 28, was shot three times in the back and died of his wounds shortly after 5 a.m. at Jamaica Hospital, police said.

Quattlebaum’s brother Justin told police he got a threatening call from the gunman before the bloodshed.

“I’m going to shoot up the house,” Ocasio told him, according to police.

 Ocasio was seen driving by the home multiple times in his mother’s 2002 red Kia Sport before he opened fire, police said.

Cops traced the car to his mom and confirmed she was related to the partygoer arrested for assault and endangering the welfare of a child during the earlier call from the party.

Quattlebaum leaves behind a young son and daughter, friends said.

“She was a very sweet, kind female. She took care of all the kids on the block,” family friend Christine Trahan said. “I don’t understand why this has happened to her.”

Quattlebaum was a “hardworking single mother” who “loved her children dearly.”

“There’s not a lot of young women out here that take (care) of their children the way she did,” the Trahan said.

Her family was devastated by the senseless slaying.

“They’re destroyed right now,” Trahan said. “I’m destroyed looking at them.”

Quattlebaum was one of five kids, with two brothers and two sisters, the family friend said.

A third victim was struck by the gunfire but survived.

William Watson, 32, was rushed to Jamaica Hospital. He had bandages on an arm and was resting under sedation in the emergency room Wednesday.

Back at the scene, one neighbor recalled seeing Quattlebaum walk her kids to school each morning then take the bus to work in scrubs.

“She works. She’s very decent,” Donna Hope, 58, said. “Whenever she passes by she always says hello.”

Hope said Quattlebaum threw parties for holidays and special occasions.

“I heard fireworks all night long,” she added. “I looked out and saw some of them go off. Never thought the night would end like this.”

Karen posted this Communities of Color

HA, What a joke.

From Times Ledger:

Prosecution, defense issue opening statements at Wills trial

 City Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica) went on trial in Queens Supreme Court Wednesday to fight 12 charges of fraud, falsifying business records and grand larceny brought by the New York state attorney general’s office.
 The prosecution, led by Assistant Attorney General Travis Hill, with an assist by fellow prosecutor John Chiarro, quickly laid out the multitude of accusations against Wills in an opening statement.

Wills, elected to the City Council in 2010, is accused of defrauding both the city and state by creating a shell company to siphon off campaign money for his own personal gain.

In his opening statement, Hill contended Wills stole public funds by using his New York 4 Life charity to issue bogus campaign translation services to Micro Targeting, the shell company which was run by a relative.

NY 4 Life is a charity that is supposed to honor single parents and help the southeast Queens neighborhoods that Wills serves to combat obesity with events four times a year.

“We wouldn’t be here today if the defendant, Ruben Wills, paid for his personal expenses with his personal account,” Hill said. “A not-for-profit bank account is not the same as your own bank account.”

Hill stressed to the jury that not only was some of the money Will used a grant from the state, but that the money from the city was from taxpayers.

According to indictment, Wills allegedly fleeced both the city and the state of $30,500 to go on shopping sprees at several retail stores and for personal expenses. Then he falsified how he spent the money, the indictment said.

 The money was from the New York City Campaign Finance Board and New York State Office of Children and Family Services, which gave his charity $33,000, according to Hill.

Chiarro told the jury Wills used the money to buy coffee at Starbucks, gas at Exxon Mobile, and a Louis Vuitton bag at Macy’s.

The prosecutor called Wills’ disregard for the law “an ongoing systematic state of conduct”and a disgrace to the Campaign Finance Board, which issued matching funds for his unsuccessful 2009 Democratic primary race. He won the seat in a special election the following year.

Kevin O’Donnell, Wills’ defense attorney and Hill’s former colleague, swiftly disputed the prosecution’s claims in his opening statement as sloppy bookkeeping from Wills, a first-time elected official, from the 40s projects of South Jamaica with only a high school diploma.

“No, no, no, no, no,” said O’ Donnell. “I can see why they might be suspicious.”

O’Donnell later explained that NY 4 Life was created in 2006 and honored single mothers with a morning banquet in 2006, 2007, and 2008, which was long before he launched his first Council bid in 2009 and supposedly mishandled campaign money from the CFB that same year. The attorney exclaimed that the event was so popular that men wanted a single father’s luncheon.

According to the indictment, Wills’ charity received money to hold four events a year, instead of one annual banquet, which is all the CFB could account for between Dec. 2009 to April 2010.

 “Yes, Ruben did create that in 2006, because he wanted to provide for single mothers,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell blamed Wills’ bad record keeping and a flood in the councilman’s office as reasons for why the elected official could not provide proper proof to the CFB of where the money went for a men’s luncheon.

“Think of something you did five years ago that you can’t substantia­te,” O’Donnell said.

The prosecution later brought Fritznar Nelson, the director of merchandise protection and former manager of investigations of Macy’s, to the stand to testify.

Nelson described his duties at Macy’s and his understanding of record keeping of transactions at Macy’s, including how to read a point of sales receipt.

As exhibit one, the prosecution had a receipt of a Louis Vuitton purchase, which they believe to be a bag, at the Macy’s in Roosevelt Field Mall in Nassau County.

According to Nelson, it appeared that Wills bought an item at the luxury store with a gift card, credit card and a debit card.

O’Donnell questioned how Nelson could know that Wills paid for an item at the store if debit card transactions are encrypted, and if the bar code doesn’t tell you what an item is.

“I can only tell it was a Louis Vuitton product,” Nelson replied.

Afterwards the prosecution approached the bench and the judge announced a recess.


From Times Ledger:

Lancman bill would require demographic data on fare evasion arrests

Councilman Lancman is sponsoring legislation requring NYPD to provide periodic data on fare evasion arrest.
 City Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest) has sponsored legislation requiring the NYPD to provide periodic data on fare evasion arrests.

Lancman, who also serves as chairman of the Committee on Courts & Legal Services, sponsored the bill in response to new data from the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services that showed that of the 8,625 individuals arrested for theft of transit services so far in 2017, 89 percent were either black or Latino.

 Lancman said the new data confirms that the city’s prosecution of fare evasion as a crime disproportionately affects immigrants and people of color.

“The data from 2017 is strikingly similar to recent years, as 89 percent of the thousands of people arrested for jumping a turnstile are black or Latino,” he said. “New York City is unnecessarily running people through the criminal justice system and putting immigrants at risk of deportation. This is a grave injustice that falls squarely at the feet of Mayor de Blasio for using arrests and criminal prosecution rather than issuing civil summonses for violating MTA rules against fare evasion.”

According to Lancman, the data from the state also highlights the need for his bill requiring the NYPD to periodically publish data on fare evasion stops, including both arrests and civil summonses, by station and precinct, as well as demographic information on those stopped.

From The Daily News:

From Clean Up Jamaica Queens

Tow truck driver fatally strikes 70-year-old woman in Queens crosswalk

Driver Mandip Singh, 29, of Richmond Hill, Queens, remained at the scene and was charged with violating the city’s right of way law and for failure to exercise due care, both misdemeanors.

A 70-year-old woman died after being struck by a tow truck in Queens — and the driver has been arrested, cops said Saturday.Donna Hahl was in the crosswalk and had a walk signal when a Ford tow truck making a left turn off 217th St. onto Jamaica Ave. in Queens Village clipped her about 2:30 p.m. Friday, police said.Hahl, of Valley Stream, L.I., fell and was crushed under the truck’s rear wheels. Medics rushed her to Jamaica Hospital, where she died a short time later.Driver Mandip Singh, 29, of Richmond Hill, Queens, remained at the scene and was charged with violating the city’s right of way law and for failure to exercise due care, both misdemeanors.His arraignment was pending in Queens Criminal Court Saturday.



King Manor Museum in Rufus King Park.

In this corner is the Garbage Champion, RUFUS KING PARK, (with it’s $2.2 million dollar renovation, that could have just been flushed down the crapper) and loads of garbage and litter thanks to many of our slob residents, our homeless folks (since the big homeless shelter El Camino is just a few blocks away and who knows what other little shelters are abound in the area) who have made this “could be a beautiful park” & historic park an outdoor homeless shelter and who cause a good bit of the litter, bottles, shit and piss. On any given day, step right up to see drunk homeless sleeping on a bench, dazed and confused drug addicts walking around or passed out and of course our vibrant & diverse slobs who think nothing of tossing pizza boxes, bottles, plastic bags, cans and other assorted shit on the soccer field and all throughout the park. AND let’s not forget the lousy NYC Department of Parks & Recreation who seem to not know how to trim. Thanks to a follower of this blog and resident for the Rufus King Park photos (6.23.17).


In this corner, our welterweight, but very scrappy little Garbage Challenger, MAJOR MARK PARK, which has the distinction of being across the street from the Opiod Clinic (where you will see the most white people in all of Jamaica, many who arrive from Long Island) and make this little scrapper a place to nod off, hang out and get into that nice drug induced stage of the “walking dead”. Most benches are taken up by them and the countless homeless crew who sleep here over night to wake up to the bright sunshine, take a piss and dump, throw there shit on the ground and begin their hectic jam packed day. Then of course we have our homegrown vibrant & diverse residents who want to feel like they are in their mother country and toss all kind of shit on the ground.

Homeless Drug Addicts in love.

So hurry, hurry, step right up and get your tickets to the 1st annual Jamaica battle of the garbage dump parks.

SO any thoughts from our fearless leaders from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz  & Senator Comrie to Councilman Rory Lancman (Rufus King Park) and I. Daneek Miller (Major Mark Park) and all the others in between.

Speaking of thoughts, still not one peep from any of these hacks about the 15 year old girl who was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS in the almighty Rev. Floyd Flake’s Greater Allen Cathderal Senior Residence on Merrick. NOT ONE WORD or COMMENT ( This underage black girl was just thrown completely under the bus and NOT ONE ELECTED OFFICIAL STOOD UP FOR HER. Maybe if she was an illegal homeless immigrant, someone would have stood up for her.

Rev Floyd Flake all pimped out.