hillside-garbage12-4-16-002So who is at a fault for this disgusting stretch of Hillside Avenue, pretty much from Queens Blvd to 179th. The worst being between Merrick and 170th Street and the HORRIBLE between 168th and 170th. Hillside is a mess of litter all over, illegal garbage dumping, dirty storefronts where many owners rarely clean in front of their property and blocked sidewalks by Auto Dealers and some of the supermarkets on the North Side, which one can barely get through, especially between 167 and 168. AWFUL. No doubt the worst stretch in all of NYC and that includes Fordam in the Bronx and 125th in Harlem. Neither hold a candle to this shithole of an area.  Most of the mess surprisingly was on the North Side, community board 8 and Lancman’s area.

So who are the cuplrits:

  1. The slob Bangladeshi population here, since most all of the businesses are Bangladeshi and so are the customers.
  2. Elected officials on like Councilman Rory Lancman & Community Board 8 for the Northside & Councilman I. Daneek Miller and Community Board 12.
  3. Slob visitors passing through.
  4. DOS & NYPD for not enforcing litter laws, blocking of sidewalks by stores and blocks of sidewalks by the auto dealers.
  5. All of the Above.

All of these photos were taken on a Sunday afternoon stroll. Completely third world ghetto and disgusting. Doesn’t even look like America, well the new shitty America.


Just look at this fucking mess of a street!!!!





Though the proposal has not been voted on, the powers to be will not be  happy until they turn the entire SE Queens area into one big homeless shelter and low life community with hood rats running around reeking havoc all over the damn place.

While the talk is for affordable housing, the building if the proposal gets approved will also be supportive housing, the operative word is “supportive housing” which can house mentally ill, drug addicts and homeless. And we know what that would mean for he surrounding area. FUCKING MORE CRAP.

I mean here is this great art-moderne style building designed in 1937 and a chance to turn this into a really nice apartment building for young single professionals and families, but they want to fuck it up with this supportive housing bullshit, which just causes problems in communities. I mean where is Community Board 8 on this issue. I mean, the affordable part is fine, we need more affordable apartments in Queens, but to have some of “supportive housing” is an AWFUL IDEA.  I know I would not want to live in a building that has “supportive housing” and most people feel the same way.

Here are some comments from the article:

Community Board #8 should be ashamed of themselves


Another DeBlasio scam to get homeless off the streets. Jamaica already has the highest number of shelters in the ENTIRE city. They say affordable housing now but then once passed they change it. SCAM!!!!!


Also the building is loaded with asbestos, which during the renovation will blow and settle on all the people and houses in the neighborhood. Who will pay to clean that, the homeowner that’s who


Yes we need affordable housing but the supportive housing is a very very bad idea. We have enough crap going on in the Motel down the block which is now a homeless shelter and we in the neighborhood voted against this.


And my buddy in the area had this to say:


I’m totally on board with the commenter exposing what BS this project will be. Jamaica does not need another glorified housing project for low life’s. What I heard was that the supportive housing is supposed to be for mentally ill tenants. Sounds like this is going to be a giant homeless shelter. I’ve heard residents in Jamaica Hills are pissed about this and they should be.


I just don’t trust these fuckers like Councilman Rory Lancman. Ask him how many fucking supportive housing and homeless shelters he has on his block.

From DNAInfo New York:

Historic Hospital Building Eyed for Affordable Housing in Jamaica Hills

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | December 1, 2016 3:43pm
 The long-vacant former hospital may soon be replaced by affordable and supportive housing.

The long-vacant former hospital may soon be replaced by affordable and supportive housing.

DNAinfo/Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

QUEENS — A former historic hospital, which has sat empty in the heart of Jamaica Hills for many years, may soon be replaced by affordable and supportive housing, officials said.

Brooklyn-based Dunn Development Corp. has proposed converting the 75-year-old building, located within the Queens Hospital Center complex, into 130 affordable housing units and 75 studio apartments designated for supportive housing, according to Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), which operates 11 public hospitals in New York City.

The Art Moderne-style 10-story building at Parsons Boulevard and Goethals Avenue, known as the “T building” for once serving patients with tuberculosis, was designed in 1937 by John Russell Pope, who was also the architect of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

It opened in 1941, but has not been used to treat patients for years. Recently small portions of the building have been used as hospital office space.

Over the past decade, the former Triboro Hospital for Tuberculosis has been the subject of many proposals, including turning it into market rate condominiums.

Some also pushed for its demolition, causing an outcry among architectural preservationists.

Under the proposed plan, Dunn Development will lease the building for 99 years and renovate it, setting aside 12,000 square feet for the hospital’s use, and another 8,000 square feet for use as a community facility in addition to the residential units, according to HHC and Community Board 8.

There will also be on-site social services for residents.

“We are pleased to take this important step to transform the underutilized T Building into a vibrant presence that serves the Queens community,” HHC said in a statement. “The redesign of the former Tuberculosis Hospital will offer modern, affordable, and supportive housing to help residents of the borough live successfully in the community.”

According to the HHC, rents in the building will range between:

• $865 and $1,055 for studios with applicants making $30,994 to $63,500
• $929 and $1,320 for one-bedrooms with applicants making $33,223 to $72,500
• $1,121 and $1,591 for two-bedrooms with applicants making $39,840 to $90,600
• $1,289 and $1,831 for three-bedrooms with applicants making $46,046 to $105,100

Those criteria will not apply to supportive housing where tenants are often selected based on their need for housing and ability to live independently, according to the HHC.

The project, already approved by the HHC’s Board of Directors, was also backed by Community Board 8, despite opposition from some residents of nearby Parkway Village, according to Seymour Schwartz, vice chairman of CB8.

“We are confident in the developer’s proven record of reliability and his commitment to high standards of tenant admissibility and security issues,” Schwartz said, adding that the board has endorsed the plan on condition that the planned community space will provide a variety of programs and activities for residents of all ages.

The proposal still has to be approved by the City Council, according to Schwartz and HHC.

Councilman Rory Lancman, whose support will be pivotal for the project, declined to comment through his spokeswoman.

It was not immediately known when the City Council will vote on the project.



I get so tired of hearing about over-policing in minority communities including black communities like Jamaica from white liberal Democrats like Councilman Lancman, who lives in a nice community on a nice block where shootings are probably unheard of. WELL, does it ever occur to Lancman that the majority of crimes happen in minority neighborhoods, especially black communities like South Jamaica or does that fact just get shoved under the politically correct carpet. Lancman also forgot to mention that just this past Sunday right near Flakes’s Money Kingdom church a person was shot to death (who happened to kill someone in 2001 not far from this spot) and that three killings took place in this same area by this church this year, one being a deli owner. See https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/murderous-jamaica-hood-rat-36-year-old-niheen-donigan-meets-the-grim-reaper-as-he-gets-shot-to-death-on-notorious-jamaica-corner-a-few-blocks-from-rev-flakes-church/

He went on with this convoluted logic. Lancman said some 2,000 summons are issued every year for riding bikes on sidewalks in Bedford Stuyvesant, but in affluent Park Slope the number is only eight. AND Lancman in the past two years how many shootings/killings took place in Park Slope and then tell me how many took place in Bed-Stuy. Also do you know the actual number of people riding bikes on sidewalks in Park Slope, because you know statistics and facts would be nice in this kind of debate.

AND that is why over policing takes place in these kind of areas due to over criminal activity.

Can we be fucking REAL for a change. Because if we don’t, nothing gets solved and ghettos like Jamaica continue to stay GHETTO because of this type of bullshit spearheaded by white liberal Democrats who have no idea what it is like to live in a community like Jamaica or any other community of color but yet they are going to tell the rest of us who live in such shit communities.


From Times Ledger:

Panel at A.M.E Cathedral says city’s justice system weighted against minorities

Councilman Rory Lancman joined a panel of experts on reforming the criminal justice system.

The Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral in Jamaica hosted a panel discussion Saturday on the criminal justice system to examine the roots of the issues facing communities of color.

Among the topics were over policing, stop and frisk, mass incarceration, the “blue wall” and bias in the court system against minorities. The featured panelist were City Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest), civil rights lawyer Royce Russell and Rainece Medley, a representative from the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Each gave their positions on the current state of the criminal justice system and then took questions from audience members.

“So many of the problems that we have in our country, social problems, mental health problems, economic problems, have over the course of a few decades been turned more and more into policing problems,” Lancman said. “On the issue of mental health, about 40 percent of the people in Rikers Island at any given time have a mental health diagnosis. Some of them might also be legitimate criminals. The fact is that we have no real system in New York for dealing with people who have mental health issues that puts them out in the street and puts them in a situation where their only interaction with government is going to be a police officer.”

Lancman also spoke about how over policing is largely focused on minority neighborhoods and then turns young kids into criminals.

He pointed out that in the past a police officer may have reprimanded a young person to stop riding his bike on the sidewalk or to leave the park after dark, but now many people in certain communities are being given criminal summonses to appear in criminal court.

“Failure to appear results in a warrant for your arrest and it’s to the point where in New York City we have over a million open arrest warrants for people who didn’t appear in criminal court for these low-level, quality-of-life offenses. If you look, it’s not very mysterious, who is getting these criminal summons. Where is the focus of this low level criminal enforcement falling upon? It’s in communities of color.”

For example, Lancman said some 2,000 summons are issued every year for riding bikes on sidewalks in Bedford Stuyvesant, but in affluent Park Slope the number is only eight.

Medley spoke about what people should do if they have an unpleasant encounter with police. CCRB investigates and mediates complaints from the public about misconduct by NYPD officers. It handles complaints about excessive force, abuse of authority, discourtesy and offensive language. She encouraged anyone who has experienced misconduct to file a complaint so that investigations can begin.

But, much to the displeasure of the audience, she told them the CCRB holds only so much power. When CCRB finds that an officer committed misconduct the case is turned over to the police commissioner, who has the sole authority to impose discipline. They were reminded, though, that CCRB is able to document complaints and leaves a paper trail that might be useful in the future.

“The value in CCRB is that you need to start to have a record,” Russell said. “If a person choked you one time and got away with it, the likelihood that they’ll do it again is very, very high. And if you skip the process of CCRB, then the record may not be made for which someone else …. in another time, another borough who may come to contact with that officer.”

He said the CCRB by compiling a record can make a small case stronger.

Reach Gina Martinez by e-mail at gmartinez@cnglocal.com or by phone at (718) 260–4566.

Posted 12:00 am, October 31, 2016


Maybe I have been in this shitty ghetto community too long and look forward to ending the blog and focusing on getting out of the area, but I mean really folks, this is what fucking Jamaica get excited about, making over storefronts of crappy stores. I mean isn’t that the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig, except a pig is much cleaner than Jamaica. Granted these few stores on Sutphin Blvd below crappy Hillside Ave look better than they did, but you know what, it still is the same shit stores.

Of course the typical crew of elected officials and community leaders were on-board for the “big” ribbon cutting ceremony. I guess the bar is so damn low in this community that this is considered “a big deal”. In the meantime, garbage is still all over the damn place, including around the corner from this, where ghetto folks keeps dumping garbage like the low-life folks they are.

Sutphin Garbage

Must have been a real slow news day, since NY1 did a story on this crap (www.ny1.com/nyc/queens/news/2016/07/27/sutphin-blvd–stores-get-big-facelift.html)

Yes, it is time to end this all soon and make my plans that I put on hold previously when I had planned on ending the blog last year.

Really folks, this gets your private parts wet. SAD.

I am totally over ghetto Jamaica.


From Queens Courier:

Photo courtesy of Council Member Rory Lancman.

Photo courtesy of Council Member Rory Lancman.
Council Member Lancman and members of the community gather for a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate Sutphin Boulevard’s new look.

A new look is coming to Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica, with many store fronts receiving a makeover.

Council Members Rory Lancman and I. Daneek Miller joined the Sutphin Boulevard Business Improvement District and Commissioner Greg Bishop of Small Business Services (SBS) Wednesday, to unveil the new facades at F&S Discount and Variety and several other stores.

“It’s crucial for New York City to do everything possible to support our small businesses, and I’m pleased the partnership between Small Business Services and the Sutphin BID has resulted in storefront improvements for so many in Queens,” Council Member Rory Lancman said in a statement Thursday. “Our area is lucky to have unique stores filled with hard-working business owners, and I look forward to continuing to work with our local leaders to see how to best serve our small businesses.”

The Sutphin Boulevard BID received a $95,000 Neighborhood Challenge Grant from SBS in 2015 as the only organization in Queens to get this funding. Through the grant, local small businesses were able to to revitalize their facades to provide a more attractive and welcoming environment for the community they serve.

Photo courtesy of Council Member Rory Lancman.

Photo courtesy of Council Member Rory Lancman office

Small businesses are the economic building blocks of our neighborhoods, and SBS is committed to helping them start, operate and grow throughout the City,” Bishop said in his statement.  “We are empowering communities to improve commercial corridors through our grant programs, which provide direct financial support to local organizations that in turn, are improving storefronts and stimulating more commercial investment.“

The Sutphin Boulevard BID is working with Council Members and SBS to completely rejuvenate the storefronts along Sutphin Boulevard. The BID recommends storefront guidelines to interested business owners that include improving awnings, security gates, signage, lighting and storefront windows.



What damn strides. Large tractor trailer & private waste trucks still drive on residential streets (and none should be on Jamaica Ave unless for local business). These same trucks park illegally on our streets. Illegal garbage dumping is still a BIG PROBLEM  not being addressed. No new quality or retail has come into the area recently. Homeless shelters still make a mess of the downtown area. The downtown area is a congested mess.

TALK TALK TALK. That is the only strides, bullshit talk by bullshit elected officials.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Jamaica foresees forward strides in downtown development

After years of protracted conversations about development in downtown Jamaica, many of the players who have been pushing for more robust investment in the neighborhood say change is in the air.

“You just plug along, project by project,” City Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest), said. “And five years later, it’s a whole new neighborho­od.”

About 86,000 pedestrians travel through downtown Jamaica on any given day, while more than 200,000 pass through via the Long Island Railroad and 49,000 people use the subways each day. There are 49 different bus lines.

The area connects New York transit riders to John F. Kennedy International Airport via the AirTrain, which 16,000 people use every day. Despite this traffic, business leaders, community members and elected officials contend the downtown often loses revenue to other neighborhoods for a variety of reasons, including a lack of amenities and services.

“We’ve been seen as an outer ring or an afterthought, and it’s nice to see that the city has done a few things to start innovation in this space and build out,” Rhonda Binda, the executive director of the Jamaica Center Business Improvement District, said. “We already have the foundation. We already have the bones.”

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has been a proponent of downtown Jamaica development during her tenure. Last year she formed the Jamaica NOW Action Plan. The plan proposes 26 actions to be completed in the next five years that will spur Jamaica development. One proposed action is to install free Wi-Fi service along the Jamaica corridor, which Katz said would be available this summer.

“I think that Jamaica has the infrastructure for expansion and investment,” she said. “Jamaica, Queens, is a hub of culture and tourism and job creation. We want to make sure it was given the tools to provide for the future.”

Proposed residential developments have been announced at an accelerated rate in recent years. The Crossing at Jamaica Station, to be located at the intersection of Archer Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard, across the street from the AirTrain/LIRR station, will contain 580 proposed residential units and three floors of retail space. BRP Companies filed a permit with the city in June 2015 to develop the property. U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica) said the The Crossing was a vital part to area development.

“It sends the message that Jamaica is building and the opportunities are there,” he said. “I’ve always said we were a transportation hub, but you can’t be a transportation hub without the retail and the development.”

There is also increased hotel development in the area. Able Management, a New Jersey-based developer, intends to build a 26-story Hilton Garden Inn at the corner of Sutphin Boulevard and 94th Avenue, with completion of construction scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017. A Flushing developer also plans to put up a two Marriott Hotels at the corner of Archer Avenue and 149th Street. The Hilton would contain 210 rooms. while the two Marriotts would contain more than 330 rooms.

A residential/retail development originally intended for 168th Street and 90th Avenue was delayed earlier this year. Greater Jamaica Development Corp., an organization created to encourage public and private investment in the neighborhood, owned the land and partnered with Blumenfeld Development Group in 2013 to construct a 160,000-square-foot retail store with a parking garage.

In February, Hope Knight, Greater Jamaica Development Corp’s president, announced it was issuing a general request for proposals for the location and that Blumenfeld was no longer the property’s developer. Knight said a number of newly announced residential and retail developments, including a new Burlington Coat Factory at Jamaica Avenue and 160th Street, changed the perspective on what was needed at the 168th Street location.

“I still believe we would like to have some retail anchor on that corridor on 168th Street,” she said. “But the urgency is not the same given that other retailers have come.”

Meeks said he liked the idea of having a large anchor tenant occupy the space, but also said there was also an opportunity for mid-size box retail in downtown Jamaica, saying that smaller stores might be more appropriate along Jamaica Avenue.

Binda likened the downtown area to a “sleeping giant” of massive untapped potential, despite a dearth of amenities that was being addressed with increased public and private investment. Binda said it would be vital to improve the infrastructure of Jamaica Avenue and ensure that Jamaica’s transportation options benefit residents living and working within the surrounding area, in addition to commuters from Long Island or JFK Airport.

“We are four separate transportation hubs that don’t necessarily serve the downtown community to get around the downtown community as we’re expanding,” she said, referring to the corner of 179th Street and Hillside Avenue, the bus station on Merrick Boulevard, the Jamaica Center subway and bus station, and the LIRR station with additional taxis, buses and subways. “We need those amenities from the city that are finally coming here and, in some cases, coming here first.”

Katz said the infrastructure inherent to the community made the renewed focus on Jamaica particularly primed for success.

“It all fits,” she said. “It’s the right time, the right plan and the right place.”



Elderly man's legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

Elderly man’s legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

The Queens County Young Democrats had organized a vigil in short order as a place for Queens residents to express the sadness and anger that the brutality of the previous week had stirred. YET useless fucking clown elected officials and leaders like Senator Leroy Comrie, Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman and that total waste of tax payer’s money, Public Advocate Letitia James and of course “church leaders”  made sure they made an appearance to show “they care”, even though many of them have done nothing to deal with major quality of life issues in this community which has caused deterioration and leads to violence and crime in such communities. Typical do nothing elected officials.

That waste Comrie had this to say:

Comrie spoke about the need to return to a more “prayerful community.” “We need to communicate and be honest with each other,” he said. “We are all leaders in our own right. The fact that you’re here tonight means you’re a leader.”

NO COMRIE, you are NOT A LEADER, far from it. You have done nothing to help improve this community and help with the horrible quality of life that exists but which you and your crew keep ignoring.

The newest do nothing Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman had this to say: “When you go home tonight, your goal tomorrow should be to make things better for the next person,” Hyndman said in her brief remarks.

Maybe you Hyndman and all your do nothing and crooked Southeast Queens politicians should take heed of your own remarks.

But next week, it will be business as usual. Elected officials, community and church leaders of this community doing nothing, ignoring the quality of life issues, in other words same old Jamaica, same old bullshit, same old crappy garbage strewn community with no pride.

Enough to make you throw up your internal organs.

Sutphin Garbage



From Queens Times Ledger:

Vigil calls for peace in borough and country

By Patrick Donachie

Photo gallery



Pastor Rimsky Toussaint of Tabernacle of Glory in St. Albans stood before an assembled crowd of mourners gathered at the rear of the King Manor Museum in Rufus King Park in downtown Jamaica Tuesday evening. The crowd held thin white candles, cupping their hands around the wick to shield the flames from the wind.

The crowd was assembled to mark the tragedies of the past week, including the police shootings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, as well as the murder of five police officers in Dallas.

“We know the devil is at work,” Toussaint said, the heads of the crowd bowed in prayer. “And we know that all that can stop him is intercessi­ons.”

The Queens County Young Democrats had organized the vigil in short order as a place for Queens residents to express the sadness and anger that the brutality of the previous week had stirred. Franck Joseph, a youth minister and community advocate, helped to organize the vigil and guided the ceremony. He expressed his grief over the futility of violence by drawing an analogy to the Biblical story of Cain, who killed his brother Abel.

“Cain is forever marked. And when we act out of hate, we are forever marked,” he said, and noted that Queens needed to draw strength from its diversity to act as a beacon for other damaged communities. “Queens needs to be a model for the rest of the United States.”

The crowd grew in numbers as the evening progressed. In addition to community and faith leaders, elected officials such as Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest), state Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-Hollis), state Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman (D-Springfield Gardens) and Public Advocate Letitia James were in attendance. James told the crowd in her brief remarks that the violence should not sway the forward momentum of progress for all communities.

“Though these violent acts may seem decisive or final, we can dictate the terms of our common future,” she said. “Our fight to support police officers and our fight for civil rights are not mutually exclusive.”

Comrie spoke about the need to return to a more “prayerful community.”

“We need to communicate and be honest with each other,” he said. “We are all leaders in our own right. The fact that you’re here tonight means you’re a leader.”

Many at the vigil stressed the need for continued action and engagement, in addition to remembering the dead and injured.

“When you go home tonight, your goal tomorrow should be to make things better for the next person,” Hyndman said in her brief remarks.

Nantasha Williams, who is running in the race for the late Barbara Clark’s vacant state Assembly seat, spoke about the need to stay involved.

“My hope is more people will be more involved in community engagement,” she said. “I think we cannot go back to normal the next week.”

Joseph echoed these concerns. He said that many point to legendary civil rights figures and question where those figures are today. He said the direct comparison was misguided.

“All those great leaders, they were never by themselves,” he said, stressing the need for people to become involved. “It is your duty as a human being. It is your duty to be there in the trenches. We are the people we were looking for.”



truck crushes mans legs

Bloody shoe of elder man whose legs were crushed by a huge tractor trailer truck at 168 St and Jamaica Ave

Bloody shoe of elder man whose legs were crushed by a huge tractor trailer truck at 168 St and Jamaica Ave

WHY is this narrow street and a pedestrian heavy area designated a truck route. WHO FUCKED UP THAT.

WHY is this narrow street and a pedestrian heavy area designated a truck route. WHO FUCKED UP THAT.

A pretty much made up issue like anti-Muslim bullying in Southeast Queens schools and public advocate Letitia James comes running out to Jamaica along with Councilman I. Daneek Miller. A crazy man goes into a Jamaica Muslim and attacks a couple of people (and not seriously) and Councilman Miller & Lancman, James again and others come out to Jamaica to speak to the Muslim community even those this type of act is rare. The 101 and up street naming ceremony in this community happens and community board 12 folks and elected officials come out by the dozen for a photo-op.

BUT and a BIG BUT, an elderly man in his 70’s gets hit on a narrow 168 Street (which is heavy with pedestrian traffic and where the 103rd precinct is located), by a huge tractor trailer and has both his legs CRUSHED and not a damn thing from any of these folks on an issue that has been ongoing in this community for years and decades. And why is 168 St designated a truck route to begin with, why are any streets perpendicular to Jamaica & Hillside Avenue designated truck routes when these area are extremely populated by lots of foot traffic, cars/buses and narrow streets. Where is city council on this issue of public safety, hell, where is the Mayor, the creator of that not working out too well, Vision Zero, our own local elected officials like Lancman, Miller, Wills, Cook, Comrie and our church leaders.  Andrienne Adams, chairperson of Community Board 12,  is running for Senator, attorney Clyde Vanel is running for Councilmember as is several other people in the community, YET NOT ONE OF THEM, have ever mentioned this VERY REAL particular dangerous issue yet. NOT ONCE.

Besides, how many of our residential streets, where children and elderly live, school buses use and people walk are being bombarded 24/7 by large dangerous noisy tractor trailer trucks, which is completely illegal for them to use. I personally have documented for close to 4 years hundreds and hundreds of trucks that have illegally used my street of 170th (Jamaica & Hillside Ave), plus others like 171 St, 173 st 175 St, Foch Boulevard and many other residential streets NOT designated as a truck route. Not only have I documented this for years on my block, I have filed hundreds and hundreds of 311 complaints, sent photos and locations (and videos) to every single one of our elected officials, NYPD, DOT, the Public Advocate, the Mayor, Queens Borough President and others, yet very little has been done (with the exception of my street since I am filing complaints almost daily and have not stopped) and thanks to the 103rd crew.

Many Council Members, church leaders and advocates are taking up a fight that they will never win with on a totally useless crusade of alcohol ads on the transit system, like people really pay attention to what is on the damn subway and buses (http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2016/28/alcoholads_2016_07_08_q.html). But the very REAL PROBLEM of dangerous large tractor trailer trucks on our streets where several people have been injured and killed, and each and everyone of them are completely missing in action. They instead choose to pick a fight they know they will never win and where no one is being affected by this, but one where they can actually do something about, nowhere to be found. I guess they don’t want to stop some of the money from the trucking industry and waste industry from disappearing in their pockets like Councilman Ruben Wills whom Royal Waste/Regal Services have donated to his campaign.

This is a TOTAL DISGRACE and after this latest incident where this elderly man will lose both his legs, if no one with the balls stand up and does something, then we do have what we already know, a broken system and a very corrupt and useless Southeast Queens machine (which we have known to begin with). And folks, you cannot blame the Republicans on this particular issue, only the dirty Southeast Queens Democrats are at major fault here.

And this incident happened early Friday afternoon, yet only one medial outlet picked up this story, The Daily News, nothing so far from any of the local crew and Communities of Color, where are you on this issue, I have yet to read about this in your paper.

And why was this truck driver let go. I mean how do you not see an elderly man with a cane and red shirt on a narrow street where NOTHING is blocking your view and the speed limit is 25.

You know damn well this shit would not take place in LIC or Forest Hills or any white community anywhere. Just more “occasional grumblings from a few residents”.


truck crushes mans legstrucks6.4.16 002

TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists.

TOTALLY FUCKING ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS. Watch crossing the streets tourists.

Trucks 5.27.16 004trucks and garbge7.9.16 003Garbage 1Garbage and Trucks6.24.16 029trucks5.21.16 001

Notice the school bus behind this dangerous truck which is ILLEGALLY using a residential street.

Notice the school bus behind this dangerous truck which is ILLEGALLY using a residential street.

Trucks5.5.16 003Trucks 4.7.16 001Trucks 4.5.16 001Trucks 1.26.16 001

Look at the size of this truck driving illegally on 170th

Look at the size of this truck driving illegally on 170th

And what exactly is in these container that this truck which is illegally using a residential street uncovered.

And what exactly is in these container that this truck which is illegally using a residential street uncovered.

trucks11.20.15 001Trucks11.14.15 002Trucks10.22.15 005Trucks and other stuff9.14.15 003Trucks 8.20.15 004Trucks 8.19.15 004Trucks 8.14.15 001 - CopyTrucks 8.11.15 012Trucks 8.11.15 008Trucks 8.8.15 002trucks7.25.15 004trucks7.25.15 003trucks 7.17 001Trucks 7.16.15 001Trucks 7.9.15 Delinda and Teddy 005trucks 6.30.15 008

1st truck

1st truck

Yes, this truck carrying chemicals almost sideswipes car.

Yes, this truck carrying chemicals almost sideswipes car.

Waste facility truck barely squeezes by school bus.

Waste facility truck barely squeezes by school bus.

A dump truck was driven on 170th Street during Progress Queens’ inspection tour of commercial traffic in Jamaica, Queens. Source : Louis Flores

A dump truck was driven on 170th Street during Progress Queens’ inspection tour of commercial traffic in Jamaica, Queens. Source : Louis Flores



From The Daily News:

Tractor trailer crushes elderly man’s legs in Jamaica Hills, Queens


truck crushes mans legsElderly man is pinned after being struck by a dairy truck in Jamaica Hills, Queens.

(Abbas Fayezi/Abbas Fayezi)

A tractor trailer struck an elderly man in Queens Friday afternoon, crushing his legs under the big rig’s wheels, officials and horrified witnesses said.The unidentified victim, who is believed to be in his 70s, was crossing Jamaica Ave. near 168th St. in Jamaica Hills around 12:15 p.m. when he was hit by a dairy truck, witnesses said.“I saw the man laying down in the street. One leg was under the wheel,” said Abbas Fayezi, 47, owner of a clothing store near the accident scene.First responders used an air bag to lift the tire off the victim, who was rushed to Jamaica Hospital with massive leg injuries. He was expected to survive, officials said.

truck crushes mans legs2Bloodied sneakers of a pedestrian pinned by a dairy truck can be seen on the street.

(David Wexler/For New York Daily News)

“I feel so bad for the guy,” Fayezi said about the victim, who he’s seen around the neighborhood. “He’s an old guy. He was just on his way to the bank.”

The driver of the dairy truck remained at the scene. No charges were filed.

“The driver was so nervous and screaming,” Fayezi said. “He was freaking out.”