Ten days and counting of flooding from water break on Hillside Avenue in front of a bus stop, running down 171st Street and pooling in front of homes on 88 Ave, despite numerous complains from residents and businesses and the situation is getting worse. I have called 911 twice, spoke with FDNY, contacted DEP, as has the owner of the deli at Hillside & 171st. Don’t think this would go on for two days if in front of Katz’s house in Forest Hills or Mayor DickBlasios’ place in Park Slope. New video of Hillside River coming soon.




In other Jamaica Buzz, $2 million dollars and up for upgrades in Rufus King Park, but why, our low-class “diverse and vibrant” population just trashes it.

There is a great line in the Kelsy Grammer Starz series “BOSS”, where they were planning on upgrading run down projects made awful from residents, drug dealers and gang bangers:

“So you want to upgrade the ghetto projects and put the same people back in them that caused the problems to begin with.”

Apply that to Jamaica. Some of you might not like the damn tone, but no denying the photos or the words behind all of this. You folks know the truth, just will only say it behind closed doors.


You cannot have nice things in a ghetto community like Jamaica where at least 50% of your population is low-class ghetto slobs, because they will not take care of anything and even more so they will TRASH IT.

Case in point, Rufus King Park (which I am sure the ghetto slobs have no idea who Rufus King is). The park recently had a $2.2 million plus upgrade to improve the park ( https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20150421/jamaica/22m-rufus-king-park-renovation-includes-restored-gazebo-sprinklers)and when it was done looked beautiful, a nice little gem in the middle of downtown Jamaica, BUT, alas the ghetto slobs around here wasted no time in trashing it to death. Besides the typical low-class ghetto trash the reside here, to make matters worse the park is a hangout for all the homeless, drunks and drug addicts that are in Jamaica. Just three blocks from Rufus King Park on 89th Avenue and 161st Street is a big ass homeless shelter filled with low-class ghetto slobs whose life goal is to just hang out on street corners, make noise and  hang out in Rufus King Park, I mean why bother looking for a job or trying to better yourself when this way too liberal and progressive city and Mayor will house you, even if you are not from the area or from New York.

The below photos were taken from a reader on Monday (4.11.17) and this is totally unacceptable. When we they add park enforcement to issue out littering tickets or at least a warning, so that some of these ghetto slobs know they are no longer in the third world shit hole country.

Statement from our Borough President Katz, April 21, 2015 which appeared in DNAInfo New York:

“Rufus King Park is a neighborhood treasure for families in Queens, and we’re pleased to renovate it for enhanced public use and enjoyment,” said Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.

Hey Katz, certainly does not look like a neighborhood treasure, more like a fucking garbage dump.

Queens diversity my fucking ass and most of you reading this, even though you may not say it, know it is the damn truth. And most of you know why Jamaica is the way it is.


About fucking time, considering the history of this park and Rufus King’s part in American History. So ghetto slobs, STOP trashing every fucking thing you touch.

And why is it that these below immigrants from 1933 knew how to take care of things, but flash forward to 2017 and many of the immigrants today just fucking trash everything. I guess maybe it has to do where they come from or just maybe it has to do with PRIDE or BOTH. FUCKING SLOBS.

Rufus King Park in 1933.

Rufus King Park in 1933.


And Rufus King Park with today’s immigrants, circa 2017.rufus-garbage-jpg3rufus-garbage-jpg2rufus-garbagerufus-diaper




Landmarked Rufus King Park in Queens to Get New Entrances and Other Upgrades

rufusRufus King House. Credit: King Manor Museum.

Most of the big news about landmarked sites comes from Brooklyn and Manhattan. There isn’t much in Queens that makes headlines; for example, only two of the 26 sites designated from the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s 95-item backlog were in Queens County. Today, however, we have news about a landmarked park in Jamaica.

The park in question is Rufus King Park, which encircles the Rufus King House, an individual and interior landmark at 150-05 Jamaica Avenue. The house’s construction dates to 1730, with an addition built in about 1806. The house and grounds were acquired by the Village of Jamaica in 1897 and then fell under the jurisdiction of the new unified city Parks Department the following year. It has been a public park ever since.

Rufus King was an abolitionist born in 1755. He represented New York in the U.S. Senate from 1813 to 1825 and twice served as Minister to Great Britain. He died in Jamaica in 1827.

Rufus King Park in 1933.

Rufus King Park in 1933.

Individual designation, including the full area bound by Jamaica Avenue, 150th Street, 89th Avenue and 153rd Street, took place in 1966. Interior designation for the house took place in 1976. The house is now known as the King Manor Museum and is open five days a week.

The Parks Department wants to make changes to the park’s paths, which have changed over the decades. Two new entrances will be added, one along 150th Street about halfway between Jamaica and 90th avenues and the other at the corner of Jamaica Avenue and 153rd Street.

The corner entrance at Jamaica and 153rd will lead to two paths that eventually make their way to the comfort station. The point where those two paths split will have accent planting and social seating. The other entrance will also have accent planting and social seating.

RufusKingPark_20170207_12 RufusKingPark_20170207_13

Other planned changes to the park include the widening of street corners, reconstruction of the south lawn as well as all fences and gates, signage replacement, and the addition of new lighting and two drinking fountains.

At the LPC session on February 7, LPC Chair Meenakshi Srinivasan wasn’t happy with how many new paths would lead from the new corner entrance. Commissioner Frederick Bland said this application highlighted the “vital role” of house museums.

Nadezhda Williams, the museum’s executive director, testified that previous paving works had resulted in cracks in the house’s plaster and she was worried about the new work’s impact on the historic structure. Overall, however, she was happy to see upgrades come to the park, including the new trash receptacles, signs, and fences. “Bad fences make bad neighbors,” she said.

“HDC understands that the genesis for the several new, paved paths is that these trails already exist as ‘desire paths.’ To minimize the impact of so much paving in this quadrant of the park, we recommend that Parks consider a more permeable, green material such as Grasscrete, which could mitigate the extensive paving,” testified the Historic Districts Council’s Kelly Carroll. “HDC understands that manor house experienced some cracking due to vibrations the previous time paving was installed. We ask that monitors be placed in the house to ensure no further damage is done, regardless of what work is approved today.”

The commissioners approved the plan, though Chair Srinivasan’s suggestion to remove some of the new paths might be followed. We should expect monitoring of the site’s stability, but as Commissioner Michael Devonshire pointed out, once the work is severe enough to cause damage, it will be too late.

View the full presentation slides here:
RufusKingPark_20170207_01 RufusKingPark_20170207_02 RufusKingPark_20170207_03 RufusKingPark_20170207_04 RufusKingPark_20170207_05 RufusKingPark_20170207_06 RufusKingPark_20170207_07 RufusKingPark_20170207_08 RufusKingPark_20170207_09 RufusKingPark_20170207_10 RufusKingPark_20170207_11 RufusKingPark_20170207_12 RufusKingPark_20170207_13 RufusKingPark_20170207_14 RufusKingPark_20170207_15 RufusKingPark_20170207_16 RufusKingPark_20170207_17 RufusKingPark_20170207_18 RufusKingPark_20170207_19 RufusKingPark_20170207_20 RufusKingPark_20170207_21 RufusKingPark_20170207_22 RufusKingPark_20170207_23 RufusKingPark_20170207_24 RufusKingPark_20170207_25 RufusKingPark_20170207_26 RufusKingPark_20170207_27 RufusKingPark_20170207_28 RufusKingPark_20170207_29 RufusKingPark_20170207_30 RufusKingPark_20170207_31 RufusKingPark_20170207_32 RufusKingPark_20170207_33

150-05 Jamaica Avenue Infrastructure Jamaica Parks Department Queens


Would be a good time if you have not been to Rufus King Park since they revitalized it. It actually is a beautiful park now, unfortunately some of the low-class ghetto trash still toss their litter in it, especially near the soccer field. Bad Mexicans, BAD MEXICANS! Clean your damn act up.

Too bad our do nothing elected officials will make an appearance. They fuck up everything. Of course bullshit will be flowing from their mouths.


Rufus King Park Tree Lighting and Caroling Event

December 10 @ 6:00 pm

Cultural Collaborative of Jamaica with Friends of Rufus King Park, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, and other Rufus King Stakeholders will host their annual tree lighting and caroling event following indoor activities at Grace Church (beginning at 3pm).

WHO:     Jamaica Center BID in Partnership with Cultural Collaborative Jamaica, invites the media, and the Queens community to the Rufus King ParkCommunity Tree Lighting Ceremony, located at the corner of the Rufus King Park on 153rd Street and Jamaica Avenue, Saturday, December 10, 2016.
WHAT: The Jamaica Center BID and Cultural Collaborative Jamaica in partnership presents “The Rufus King Park Community Tree Lighting Ceremony.” The tree lighting ceremony signals the start of a holiday season filled with fun and festive entertainment on the lawn of the Rufus King Park. Come view the tree measuring 18 feet in height adorned with lights, and decorative ornaments, with this year’s special guest host Ralph McDaniel’s, media, Hip Hop pioneer, and recently inducted in the Smithsonian African American Museum for his 1980’s ground breaking show Video Music Box, entertainment by: Queens Elite Marching BandDJ Mike Baril, of MediaMakersNYC, and Kid Rapper, J-Boy, from Jamaica Queens, with special attendance from Council Member I. Daneek Miller, New York State Senator Leroy Comrie, and Council Member Rory Lancman.
WHERE:  Front lawn of The Rufus King Park – 153rd Street and Jamaica Avenue
WHY:      The Jamaica Center BID and Cultural Collaborative Jamaica joined forces in this years Community Tree Lighting Ceremony to build a larger audience, and promote the diversity of culture in Downtown Jamaica.
WHEN:    Saturday, December 10th – 5:30pm – 6:30pm


Elderly man's legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

Elderly man’s legs are crushed by dangerous tractor trailer truck in downtown Jamaica, Friday (7.8.6) due to chronic neglect by elected officials and city agencies.

The Queens County Young Democrats had organized a vigil in short order as a place for Queens residents to express the sadness and anger that the brutality of the previous week had stirred. YET useless fucking clown elected officials and leaders like Senator Leroy Comrie, Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman and that total waste of tax payer’s money, Public Advocate Letitia James and of course “church leaders”  made sure they made an appearance to show “they care”, even though many of them have done nothing to deal with major quality of life issues in this community which has caused deterioration and leads to violence and crime in such communities. Typical do nothing elected officials.

That waste Comrie had this to say:

Comrie spoke about the need to return to a more “prayerful community.” “We need to communicate and be honest with each other,” he said. “We are all leaders in our own right. The fact that you’re here tonight means you’re a leader.”

NO COMRIE, you are NOT A LEADER, far from it. You have done nothing to help improve this community and help with the horrible quality of life that exists but which you and your crew keep ignoring.

The newest do nothing Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman had this to say: “When you go home tonight, your goal tomorrow should be to make things better for the next person,” Hyndman said in her brief remarks.

Maybe you Hyndman and all your do nothing and crooked Southeast Queens politicians should take heed of your own remarks.

But next week, it will be business as usual. Elected officials, community and church leaders of this community doing nothing, ignoring the quality of life issues, in other words same old Jamaica, same old bullshit, same old crappy garbage strewn community with no pride.

Enough to make you throw up your internal organs.

Sutphin Garbage



From Queens Times Ledger:

Vigil calls for peace in borough and country

By Patrick Donachie

Photo gallery



Pastor Rimsky Toussaint of Tabernacle of Glory in St. Albans stood before an assembled crowd of mourners gathered at the rear of the King Manor Museum in Rufus King Park in downtown Jamaica Tuesday evening. The crowd held thin white candles, cupping their hands around the wick to shield the flames from the wind.

The crowd was assembled to mark the tragedies of the past week, including the police shootings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, as well as the murder of five police officers in Dallas.

“We know the devil is at work,” Toussaint said, the heads of the crowd bowed in prayer. “And we know that all that can stop him is intercessi­ons.”

The Queens County Young Democrats had organized the vigil in short order as a place for Queens residents to express the sadness and anger that the brutality of the previous week had stirred. Franck Joseph, a youth minister and community advocate, helped to organize the vigil and guided the ceremony. He expressed his grief over the futility of violence by drawing an analogy to the Biblical story of Cain, who killed his brother Abel.

“Cain is forever marked. And when we act out of hate, we are forever marked,” he said, and noted that Queens needed to draw strength from its diversity to act as a beacon for other damaged communities. “Queens needs to be a model for the rest of the United States.”

The crowd grew in numbers as the evening progressed. In addition to community and faith leaders, elected officials such as Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest), state Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-Hollis), state Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman (D-Springfield Gardens) and Public Advocate Letitia James were in attendance. James told the crowd in her brief remarks that the violence should not sway the forward momentum of progress for all communities.

“Though these violent acts may seem decisive or final, we can dictate the terms of our common future,” she said. “Our fight to support police officers and our fight for civil rights are not mutually exclusive.”

Comrie spoke about the need to return to a more “prayerful community.”

“We need to communicate and be honest with each other,” he said. “We are all leaders in our own right. The fact that you’re here tonight means you’re a leader.”

Many at the vigil stressed the need for continued action and engagement, in addition to remembering the dead and injured.

“When you go home tonight, your goal tomorrow should be to make things better for the next person,” Hyndman said in her brief remarks.

Nantasha Williams, who is running in the race for the late Barbara Clark’s vacant state Assembly seat, spoke about the need to stay involved.

“My hope is more people will be more involved in community engagement,” she said. “I think we cannot go back to normal the next week.”

Joseph echoed these concerns. He said that many point to legendary civil rights figures and question where those figures are today. He said the direct comparison was misguided.

“All those great leaders, they were never by themselves,” he said, stressing the need for people to become involved. “It is your duty as a human being. It is your duty to be there in the trenches. We are the people we were looking for.”



HeronIt is astounding how many fucking slob people are in society who have no respect for the environment, communities, neighbors, etc and think nothing of throwing litter and garbage on the ground and nowhere is that more prevalent than in most of Jamaica. Besides the homegrown slobs , we have some low-class third world immigrants like some of the Bangladeshi people and together they all can fuck up a community. Recently Mohammed Shabul Uddin  called out his fellow immigrants who cause the garbage issue on Hillside Avenue in a Queens Courier article:

Mohammed Shabul Uddin has been living in the Hillside community for 25 years. His home is a block away from where the announcement took place. “I see so much garbage on every corner,” Shabul said. “When you walk on the street, trash gets stuck on your shoe. When I go home there’s this smell.” He believes that the garbage problem doesn’t solely fall on the Department of Sanitation. “Our community is a new immigrant community and it’s our job to make sure it’s not a mess.”

It really amazes me when I see dirty diapers and bottle of piss. WHAT FUCKING SLOBS. We really need sanitation officers just walking all through the community and parks and issuing summons. But of course rarely anything in this shit community get enforced.

I walked from work at 57th St/10th Ave in Manhattan to the Bed Bath & Beyond at 64th St/Broadway and I passed some NYCHA housing projects on the way on 10th Ave and I did not see any garbage all around them, did not see overflowing public trash cans with household garbage and a small park near the store, which had outdoor seating around,  it was SPOTLESS. They had a big sign about litter in it, unlike in Jamaica, I mean when was the last time you saw a No Litter sign (and would it even matter to the savages). Granted we are talking oranges and apples, civilized people vs low-class ghetto trash, but come on. It doesn’t help that we have tons of homeless shelters, where most of those folks are fucking slobs, welfare cases, section folks, chronic unemployment folks and people who just don’t give a shit. Then throw on top of that our useless ghetto leaders, politicians and church leaders and well, fuck it.

Yes, this is a diaper in the park in May.

Yes, this is a diaper in the park in May.

This is a pile of clothes, shorts, top, underwear and shoes, guess someone getting some in the park.

This is a pile of clothes, shorts, top, underwear and shoes, guess someone getting some in the park.

This is wads of toilet paper with human shit on it. GHETTO.

This is wads of toilet paper with human shit on it. GHETTO.

The other day walking through the really nice renovated King Rufus Park, which $2 million was dumped into it, already the savages had some trash down on the ground. Hell, it is not like there are no garbage cans, there are plenty. They really need DOS enforcement officer walking around the park to keep the savages in line, better yet, get rid of that trash, the worst trash of all, human trash. Christ, DOS cannot even keep up with this ghetto trash.



Rufus King Park2Rufus King Park3



Just a reminder, especially after the horrendous killing of 50 people in Orlando by a radical Islamic terrorist (many gay Muslims in other countries have been tortured and killed by these radicals), many Muslims are peaceful people, especially those who live in America, where they enjoy the freedom to not be persecuted by radical Islamic terrorist, have the freedom to practice or not practice their religion and to wear whatever they choose without consequences. They serve as police officer and also fight for our country in the military.

Just a reminder.


Ramadan Community Iftar

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most kind. The Islamic Circle of North America and the South East Queens Muslim Collective cordially invite one and all to a Ramadan Community Iftar. Come break fast with your Muslim neighbors. Fast breaking at 8:30 pm. The afternoon will include activities for children. Booths will be near 89th Avenue entrances. For further information, please email seqmc1@gmail.com or call (347) 806-7998.

When: Saturday, June 18th — 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Where: Rufus King Park — 150-29 Jamaica Avenue

How Much: Free